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Izana waits by the lockers for Takemichi, just to greet him good morning before they go about their day. And even though he's gotten weird looks for this and even questioning glances from his friends, he ignores them all because they don't matter.  He just needs to see Takemichi to be in a good mood today. There's bound to be an annoying person thats going to ruin it and he won't see him until lunch time. 


Emma is the only one who smiles about it when she's seen what happened. She thinks it's sweet like he has an omega. And he should correct her about that because Takemichi isn't his omega. He's a...friend. Probably. There's no simplification for what they are because Izana does feel intense about everything in his life and the omega's gotten a spot in his little box of collections that he's preserved ever since he was a child. 


He didn't have many things before he'd been adopted into the Sano family, so he's possessive and greedy over what he owns and never let's go even if it's broken. It's his. And that's the reason why his belongings are significant to him. 


His bonds and- 




The omega who has the sweetest pheromones, sunny smiles that he freely gives to Izana and he's so soft and delicate that Izana has the instinctive urge that's all pure alpha to protect him. And he didn't even think he was capable of that. 


Yet here he is waiting for his fairy. He's effectively scared away everyone else too so they wouldn't stare too much like they have in the first few times that it happened. Even after weeks, people are so surprised. The ones who stare enviously at Takemichi though are the people that Izana makes sure he glares at the coldest. 


So they have the place all to themselves except for a few stragglers. 


And the omega does arrive as usual but he doesnt even look up at Izana right away as he stares at an evenlope in his hand, biting his lip anxiously. 


Izana is irritated that a piece of paper is getting more attention than him so he stomps away from his spot to make it to Takemichi. 


Takemichi startles at his presence and his smile is a bit timid this time. "Good morning, Izana-kun." 


But Izana is too busy staring at evenlope in the younger boy's hands because he's so familiar with getting them or seeing Mikey come home and dumping them out of his bag, so he instantly recognizes the purpose of it. 


And it hits him suddenly as memories of their more recent conversations come back to him in a flash. About how they've spoken about Mikey previously. The omega had sounded bashful about it too. Then he'd ask Izana that hypothetical question. 


'If an alpha like Mikey ever got a love confession from someone like me, what do you think he'd do?'


It had irritated Izana to hear that but he honestly just thought the omega was curious since he always seemed to have these type of questions, so he believed the boy just needed a confidence boost so he'd replied sincerely from his own heart.


'Unless he's stupid, then he'd give you a chance.' 


Izana would've. But he doesn't want to ruin the purest friendship that he has right now. It's the closet he's ever been to anyone else besides Kakuchou. Someone who doesn't judge him and tries to understand him, and just accepts him for who he is. It'd been even better when he found out that Kakucho and Takemichi knew each other too.


"What's this?" He asks despite already knowing, but he snatches it from the omega's hand harshly and instantly crumbles it up in his hand. The omega releases a sharp gasp as tears fill his eyes. 




"Love letters are so outdated," he says in a detached voice, sounding truly unkind but he doesn't care. Even if it's Takemichi he can't bring himself to be gentle.


Who told the omega to have a crush on Mikey of all people?


If it had been anyone else....well no, he might still be aggravated about that. But he can't stand the omega for being like the rest of the commoners who are captivated by his brother because he's a charismatic alpha. And pining for him doesn't make anyone special as they hold the same romantic feelings as a bunch of others, and with no shortage of admirers, Mikey doesn't even care for them. 


He only ever has time for his friends and family. Anyone else wouldn't even be put in his eyes as he snubs them. People don't realize how cold Mikey could be. 


Yet it is Izana who is openly cruel. 


Because he crushes hopes before they can fester. He doesn't try to make anyone fall in love with him despite how attracted they might be to his looks then somehow they'd find it in themselves to like him for whatever reason. Maybe he vaguely smiled their direction once and they've fooled themselves into thinking he was their prince charming. The worst are the people who think they have the ability to change him if even a chance. He's overheard some betas giggling about it in the courtyard as he walked by. 


About how Izana just needs to be smothered in as much love as possible to get his heart thawed out and his prickly behavior can be soothed by a warm gentle touch. Such nonsense made him want to puke and he'd glared at those girls when they noticed his presence. 


He's not going out of his way to be popular but as Mikey's brother he naturally is. And because he's one of the prettiest alpha according to the rankings some stupid fanclubs had put out. 


He just never expected Takemichi at all. The omega who'd found him alone in a classroom when he was trying to get some solitude then he'd sat there and shared his bento with him.


At first Izana didn't think the boy was anything but a nuisance and even tried to chase him out. Because he was no doubt a fanboy, one of those who had the belief that they were the one Izana needed to be romantically involved with to be happy. 


Yet Takemichi had smiled at him and started talking about a lot of uninteresting things. About his daily life, his friends, but with so much enthusiasm that Izana couldn't resist listening. And the boy doesn't stare at Izana with adoring eyes. He wasn't a fanboy at all it seemed. And Izana didn't know why. But he continued going back there in the hopes of keeping this routine. 


Hanagaki Takemichi was an omega that was under everyone's radar despite being so pretty with blue eyes and black curly hair that was as fluffy as a cloud. It was probably because of the way he carried himself so small, to be unnoticed. Or truly, it took a while to even appreciate him because he's just another face in the crowd until after you've gotten to know him. 


Like Izana had over the course of the past few months. And he might have gotten a little more than attached to him too.


But it turns out Takemichi is no different from anyone else. He'd fallen for Mikey. Or had even schemed to get closer to him by trying to befriend Izana. It's just the first time in his life that someone's dared approach him under false pretenses. 


It causes anger to rise with him along with betrayal. So if he's mean it's because the boy deserves it. 


"Really?" He asks after that since Takemichi is quiet.


But his face says it all. He's hurt. His eyes wet and wounded and his face ashen as he stumbles back like he'd been attacked. 


And he doesn't take his eyes off the boy as he uncrumbles the paper and makes it as flat as possible again as he smooths it out.


Then his eyes flicker down to take in the first few lines. And he laughs coldly. 


"Such poetry, yet you couldn't even bother to spell the words correctly," he says, and he knows that Takemichi isn't the brightest in class and he's been rather insecure about it since he's studied so hard with a tutor. But he can't find it in himself to be merciful. He wants the hurt the boy for using him. 


For having the audacity to have a crush on Mikey when he's around. 


He glances up because Takemichi releases a distressed whimper and his pheromones have leaked out, soured milk and he ignores the instinct blaring inside of him. To stop before he goes too far, when he can still possibly make this right. 


Because he's already gone on the stupid omega but he continues anyway as he quickly looks back onto the letter so he isn't focusing on that round face of distraught. "Eyes like orchid- ha, what a lie. If you're going to confess at least be honest. White hair that glows like a halo-" 


Izana stops and skims through the whole letter. Once. Twice. Then three times. His eyes taking in every single word yet he needs to double check to make sure his eyes aren't playing tricks on him. That those block of characters are actually describing someone that is clearly not Mikey. 


Even Takemichi won't make mistakes like that. White and Blond are two completely different colors. 


Its when he sees the words, Kurokawa Izana, I'm sorry but I like you too much. I just wanted you to know. I hope this doesn't change anything, that he freezes as he stops breathing, but his hands tremble so badly that it's a wonder he's not ripping apart the paper. 


Takemichi likes me? He thinks but it sounds distant. Like he's sinking into the ocean. He wrote this for me. And I...


He startles when he feels warm skin brushing against his hands, and it takes a belated second for him to realize that Takemichi is trying to snatch the letter back but it rips into two pieces as the omega sobs so hard that his face is red and he's having trouble breathing, with his chest heaving and the sounds coming from him are so wretched and it even tugs at Izana's heart. 


But he can't do anything but stand there and stare as the omega takes the piece he'd been able to grasp and holds it to his own chest like it's the most precious thing.


And the omega doesn't stare at Izana as he says brokenly through harsh breaths, "I'm s-sorry. I w-was wrong. P-please don't h-hate me."


Then he doesn't give Izana the chance to say anything because he turns around and runs way. 


"That was very cruel of you," he hears a moment later, and he shakes out of his shocked state and turns to stare at Emma.


He hadn't realized she'd been standing there but her eyes are teary and her lips pressed into thin lines. "I can't believe I encouraged him to confess, I thought you liked him enough to not publicly humiliate him." 


"Shut up," he snaps but Emma just glares at him. Usually she's so patient and sweet. 


But not now. "If the one he'd like was Mikey then it probably would've been better."


Izana growls sharply and misses the satisfied smirk on Emma's face as he turns to run after the omega. He has a whole lot of groveling to do.


Hopefully Takemichi will still want him after this.