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Nude Modelling for rent

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Lena can’t get used to the subway. It’s loud, overcrowded and it always smells but it still beats living in the country. It’s been 4 months since she ran away from her conservative family and she loves her newfound freedom. She loves being able to wear knee-length skirts, or shorts if she’s feeling brave, and short-sleeve shirts. She loves visiting museums and seeing uncensored art, especially art of the female form. Most of all she loves the freedom. Living in the City that never sleeps people are free to express themselves!


But everything comes with a price.


She can barely keep up with the living expenses of the City. She has donated plasma, walked dogs, babysat and cleaned public toilets but it’s still not enough. Last week when she was leaving the hospital, after donating her plasma, she came across a modeling job for $2,000. She ripped the poster down, she didn’t want competition! The tagline said: “ Young female model wanted. Partial nudity involved .”


That kind of money could cover her rent and food! And she might even have some left over to buy some decent winter clothes. The photographer on the phone sounded friendly enough and he gave exact directions to the studio. He also had a website and a LinkedIn… everything Lena needed to see to know she wasn’t walking into a dangerous situation.


Lena rides the subway to downtown where Studio Red is located.


When she arrives the photographer Brian greets her and tells her to change outfits in the back room while he sets up the lights.


He looks at her cardigan, “Aren’t you cold wearing that?”


“No, I prefer the cold,” Lena smiles. Her arm is governed with gooseflesh.


“Always good when temperature isn’t an issue for a model. I’m going to finish setting up the lights, why don’t you go into the back room and get dressed in the lingerie,” the mention of the word lingerie makes her heart beat faster, “we can take some shots of you before the other girl arrives.”


“Other girl?”


“Yeah sorry I forgot to mention, this shoot is for like a ... a kama sutra type of book.”


“Karma Sutra?”


Brian laughs, “No, Kama Sutra. Look just go back there and change. I’ll let you know when Kara is ready.”


The backroom is messy but Lena easily finds her “outfit”. The underwear, if you can call it that, is a silk white thong with a butterfly on the front. As Lena steps into the thong her heart drops. It has two strips of fabric which she places between her pussy lips. She didn’t need to look at her reflection to know that she is flashing everything! She feels the cool air on her pussy making her shiver. She places her hand over her mound-Jesus!-her hand covers her privates better than the fabric does. Thankfully she shaved in anticipation of the shoot.


The bra is even worse! The bra is white, just like the panties, it has support to lift Lena’s breasts but no fabric to cover her tits or nipples.


If only her mother could see her now–wait no, she doesn’t want that. She doesn't want anyone to see her like this.


Lena checks her bank balance…




She brainstorms ways to raise money that don’t involve nudity.


Maybe she could donate plasma again? Maybe get injected with some unknown disease for science? She runs her hand over her face. There was no other way to get quick money.


Brian knocks at the door, “Hey Lena, are you ready?”


“Ahh-just a moment! I’ll be out soon.”


“Alright. Don’t forget the makeup oh and just to let you know Kara is here.”


“Okay! Thanks!”


Lena rushes to put on the shimmery eyeshadow and lipstick. She can’t put on eyeliner so she skips that step to put on hosiery and high heels. She feels like a stripper not a model as she slowly exits the back room covering her breasts with her hands. She takes small steps so she doesn’t expose her pussy. Well, not expose it more than it already is.


Lena joins Brian and Kara in the main studio area. There’s a rug on the floor and other furniture: a desk, a dining chair, a couch and a bed. The items of furniture are separated by a few feet.


Kara is tall. She’s a tall tanned blonde with abs and toned muscles all over. Kara has her hands on her hips, on her Clavin Klein underwear (which is the only thing she’s wearing) and she’s laughing with Brian. Her perky breasts bounce slightly as she laughs.


“There’s the star,” Kara says in her husky voice. Kara pivots to face Lena and Lena has to hold in a gasp. Kara has a penis. It bulges out stretching the fabric of her underwear.


“Good to see you’re ready. We’ll get started with Lena first then Kara and then we can start the couples section. Think you’ll get lonely Kara?”


“I know how to keep myself entertained.”


The tall blonde sits on the couch next to the set which has a robe on it but Kara ignores it. Kara plays on her phone and Lena feels relieved that Kara isn’t looking at her.


“Lena, I’m gonna get you to start on the mat and then it’ll be Kara’s turn.”


Lena nods and struggles to walk in heels. 


“I’m going to need you to let go of your boobs. Lay on your side,” Brian instructs Lena.


The first poses aren’t too bad. Lena has to lay on her back with a leg up. Next, Brian has her arch her back. Soon he leads her into raunchier poses. She is laying on her back with her legs in the air spread in a V shape.


“Yes! Look at the camera like it's your boyfriend,” Brian encourages her.


Lena does her best seductive face but it feels unnatural on her. The lights flash… someone is taking photos of her privates and she’s letting him… She savors the moments when she can lay back and close her eyes. She imagines it’s Kara snapping her pictures.


For the next shot she is on her elbows and knees with her ass facing the camera.


“Ok now look back at the camera,” Brian instructs.


Lena looks back at the camera but the first thing to catch her eye is Kara. The blonde isn’t on her phone anymore. Kara is reclined on the couch, her legs spread out, one hand on the back of the couch and the other massaging her… leg ? Lena doesn’t see because she instinctively looks away.


Brian stops and lets Kara know it’s her turn. As Lena walks to the couch Kara hands her the robe.


“Here, you seem cold,” Kara pats Lena’s lower back before she walks in front of the camera.


Lena wraps the robe around her little body but it does nothing to protect against the cold.


Kara follows Brian’s instructions perfectly and she has an amazing body which she isn’t afraid to show. But with abs and toned legs like that who wouldn’t want to show off their body? 


Brian takes multiple pictures from low angles making Kara look bigger but she hardly needs it. Lena doesn’t see Kara’s cock but she can tell it’s big by looking at its shadow.


“Alright ladies, halfway through. Time for the couples shots… Lena you’ll have to take that robe off,” Brian says.


For the first couple’s pose, the girls have to stand in front of each other and look deeply into each other's eyes. Kara’s hands are soft and from up close she smells of men's cologne. Lena can feel Kara’s strength in her grip, images flash in her mind of Kara gripping her breasts or inside her. The way Kara stares at Lena makes her feel vulnerable. Like Kara could swallow her whole and the attention from a beautiful woman makes Lena’s pussy flutter.


For the second pose, Lena has her back to Kara and the top of her ass rubs against Kara’s cock. Lena focuses on her breathing, she can’t let Brian or Kara know how much this is affecting her.


“Lena can you tilt your head and kiss Kara.”


Lena puts her hand on Kara’s thigh for support as she reaches for Kara’s lips. Kara grabs Lena’s chin and closes the distance for a kiss.


“Close your eyes amateur,” Kara guides her.


“Perfect. Kara can you lift Lena onto the desk? I gotta grab a drink of water.”


Without hesitation, Kara lifts Lena up and places her on the desk. Kara separates Lena's legs, when she sees the two straps of the butterfly panties between Lena’s pussy lips she slips a finger under the butterfly and pulls until the straps are out. Lena shudders. Kara places the thin strips of fabric, now slightly wet, on Lena’s outer lips. The fabric is tight and squishes Lena’s pussy lips together making her vulva look plump.


“Excited?” Kara asks but she doesn't need a response.


Brian returns and begins taking photos guiding the girls through the poses. In one pose Kara stands between Lena’s legs and grabs two handfuls of Lena’s ass while they kiss. She squeezes the milky white globes hard leaving two faint hand marks. That leads to a pose where Kara is standing with Lena’s legs around her waist. Lena can feel Kara’s cock pushing at her pussy.


Next Brian has Lena sitting on the desk with her legs over Kara’s shoulders and Kara’s face is dangerously close to Lena’s pussy.


Brian takes photos from behind Kara’s head giving the illusion that Kara is eating Lena out.


Lena can’t take her eyes off Kara who is eyeing her like lunch. Kara smirks and slithers two fingers between Lena’s lip unbeknown to Brian. She separates Lena’s lips and smirks before blowing cool air on her sensitive bud.


The sensation makes Lena jump and she accidentally hits Kara’s shoulder with her heel.


“Ow!” Kara exclaims.


“Sorry! I didn’t mean to–” Lena begins apologizing.


“Eh accidents happen on set. Why don’t we move to the chair? It’ll be safer without Bambi's heels next to your head,” Brian laughs and Kara laughs along.


There’s a pit in Lena’s stomach. She struggles to the chair where she stands awkwardly as Brian gives the girls the next set of instructions. For the first set of poses, Kara sits with her legs apart while Lena is on her knees in front of her. Brian makes Lena put her face against Kara’s cock and smile into the camera.


“She should give it a kiss,” Kara adds.


Lena isn’t shocked by the suggestion but she is surprised that Kara is confident enough to suggest poses to the photographer. Evidently, Kara wants to sexually torture Lena.


“Great idea, go ahead Lena,” Brian agrees. Kara smirks at Lena and looks down at her cock as if to say “go on.”


Lena kisses Kara’s dick through the fabric. The cock is hot against her lips. She gets a whiff of Kara’s musk and it’s mouth-watering but she pulls away.


“That didn’t quite land. Can you do that again?” Brian asks.


“Sure she can,” Kara says and points at the mushroom head, “kiss here, the lighting is better.”


“I think one is enough,” Lena speaks up for herself.


“When the photographer asks for a better shot, you run it again,” Kara grips Lena’s hair and guides her head to the mushroom tip.


“And make eye contact when you kiss it,” Brian adds.


Lena looks into Kara’s steely blue eyes as she plants a kiss on Kara’s cockhead. Kara pushes her head against the dick until there’s a lipstick mark.


“Onto the next set, Kara you can take it out now.”


Without warning, Kara pulls the Calvin Klein band down. Lena barely has time to react before the dick flicks her nose as it springs up.


“Sorry,” Kara chuckles before she puts her hand on Lena’s head again.


“As I said ladies, accidents like this happen in shoots all the time,” Brian snaps photos of Kara gripping Lena’s head while her dick points at Lena’s lips, “I don’t like this shot. No offense Kara but Kara Jr. curves up a bit.”


“No offense taken, you know some girls like that.”


Brian laughs and then instructs Lena: “Grab the dick and point it at your mouth.”


“I don’t… Feel entirely comfortable with that,” Lena knows she sounds silly but touching genitals was not in the advert!


“No, I understand. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable, we can move to the next set of poses but I’m willing to pay $200 more if you do it. You’d only be grabbing it, nothing more,” Brian put his camera down.


“Only touching?” Lena asks.




“Okay,” Lena gently grabs Kara’s cock. It is hot to the touch and tanned like the rest of her body. Having grown up in a conservative background she imagined she would only be nude in front of her husband. She imagined she would have missionary sex with a man. She never pictured herself on her knees before a hot stranger holding their masculinity in her palm.


Kara’s cock, like the rest of her, is girthy. It twitches in Lena’s hand.


“Perfect now point it at your mouth while you look at your lover,” Brian snaps pictures of Lena on her knees, her hair is gripped by Kara, and she is holding the pink mushroom head an inch away from her mouth. Kara is staring at Lena like they’re the only people in the room as if it were a domestic scene.


“Alright, next photos, Lena I need you to sit on Kara’s cock,” Brian instructs.