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Surrogate (Sanzu x Fem!Takemichi)

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-I want a baby- Mikey exclaims with a neutral tone, her black eyes are fixed on Sanzu, her second in command and the only company she has in her office at the moment.
It's a very strange request for Bonten's second-in-command, so he leans a little closer to Mikey, as if he hadn't heard the light-haired woman's request correctly.

As awkward as this whole situation might be, Mikey remains pretty nonchalant...

-Could you breed Takemitchy?- One of the most powerful women in Japan "asks" her 'old friend' (or rather servant, but it depends on how you see it - and actually, more than a question, Mikey is giving a discreet order to her right hand man).

The long-haired man takes a moment to fully process the information.
Takemichi is Mikey's wife, usually Mikey is very possessive of her wife, but the idea that they both want a baby is not unreasonable (or maybe it's just Mikey's new whim, Sanzu doesn't know the details yet)...But leaves Sanzu with some doubts, because Takemichi and him definitely don't get along at all (they tolerate each other, but beyond that there isn't much) -...Why me?- Sanzu asks.

Of course he wasn't going to refuse, it was Mikey's request...but at least Sanzu was going to try to distance himself from the matter, as if it were simply business.

Mikey's eyes are still embedded in Sanzu's face -Takemitchy says you have beautiful eyes- Mikey answers as the only reason, Takemichi's words...
Sanzu's stomach sinks though, because that woman is definitely going to cause Mikey to kill him or something.




-If you do something out of the agreed, I'll know- Mikey warns Sanzu with total calm, as if her most loyal dog needed threats and warnings...
-Of course my Queen- Sanzu respectfully nods towards the leader of Bonten.
Nearby is Takemichi, who is still holding on to Mikey's arm, before she has to leave to attend to business of the Bonten organization.

Sanzu would like this to be simple, a simple donation of sperm and he could get over this, but no, Mikey decided that she wanted a more natural conception of her baby.
So her orders were for Sanzu to 'take care' of Takemichi for a few weeks, until her pregnancy was finally confirmed.

As Mikey leaves, saying goodbye to Takemichi many times with kisses and hugs (and giving Sanzu a odd look), Sanzu glances sideways at the blue-eyed woman, who looks frail and delicate but at the same time has a battle-hardenedbehavior.


-There were no other options?...- Sanzu asks Takemichi shortly after Mikey left the property where she leaves her wife and her right hand -Like adoption?- The long-haired man mentions.
-I told Mikey about the possibility of adopting, but she wants a baby that is related to at least one of us- Takemichi responds with a slight blush due to a certain embarrassment that still comes to her when she talks about it.

Of course, Sanzu should have expected it.
Mikey is very weak with her wife, and soft on the idea of family.
Takemichi is one of the few things that the Bonten's leader has left. Adding to the fact that Mikey had a rather 'traditional' upbringing by her grandfather, it made a certain amount of sense that it would all lead to this curious situation...

Sanzu feels that it would be more 'proper' for his Queen's lineage to continue, and not Hanagaki's, but he keeps the comment for himself.

-And there weren't any other… candidates?- Sanzu asks once more, trying to have some tact towards his Queen's wife.
Sanzu is almost certain that Kakucho, Kokonoi, the Haitani or others would have accepted...with much more pleasure than Sanzu. Maybe that's one of the reasons, Mikey doesn't want anyone to go too far with Takemichi after the proposal.

-Yes. But it would be less awkward to ask you than other of our friends- Takemichi admits with the surprising recklessness that has characterized her since adolescence, it would be one thing to ask Kakucho (who is Takemichi's childhood friend and Bonten's number 3) and another to ask Sanzu (who is a childhood friend of Mikey, but also a loyal dog, with less room for feelings or recklessness than the rest of the candidates) -Besides, you are always with Mikey, and you never deny her anything either...- The woman with rebellious black hair adds.

-...I understand...- Sanzu mentions neutrally, thinking that they were pragmatic, acceptable reasons.

Takemichi was silent for a moment, looking into Sanzu's pretty eyes... -Do you want to eat something?- Takemichi finally asks.
It was better to go at her pace, so Sanzu agrees.
Simply taking her to bed,pump her full and abandoning her wasn't really an option...



Sanzu found himself sweating quite a bit, the sheets are now quite sticky and he is suffering a bit from the heat.
Catching his breath, Sanzu tries to leave the bed for a moment, but when he tries to move away Takemichi's hands stop him...

The woman is silent, and stronger than she seems.

Sanzu slowly inhaled and exhaled for a moment, before returning to snuggle up with the black-haired, blue-eyed woman.
Takemichi is a person who not only offers a lot of affection, but also needs it.

She usually gets it from Mikey or hre friends, but with Sanzu it's different...she demands it.




With their 'activities', it didn't take long for Takemichi to get pregnant.
The first to find out was Mikey, who obviously dropped everything to go celebrate with her wife.

Sanzu was there too, his back to the wall, without Mikey giving him even a glance. And maybe it was better this way...

-Can I have him a bit longer?- Takemichi asks her wife, pointing to Mikey's loyal mad dog (Sanzu).

Sanzu feels a shiver run up his legs and up his back when Mikey finally fixes her gaze on him for a moment: Did Takemichi really want to kill him that badly?

-Why?- Mikey questions, although she keeps a rather sweet tone for her wife.

-I don't want to be completely alone while you take care of Bonten's affairs- Takemichi insists, as if she normally wasn't already protected and watched over by many Bonten members (these last few weeks were an exception, for obvious reasons...).
Mikey is silent for a moment, which seems like a whole century to Sanzu.

-Fine. Until the baby is born- Mikey mentions as she holds Takemichi's hands and kisses them, listening to the giggly laugh of the blue-eyed woman.

Shortly after, when Takemichi was away, Mikey almost shattered Sanzu's side with her kicks.
Simply to indicate that obviously their arrangement had changed.
Takemichi was off limits again, but if anything happened to her or the baby, Sanzu would pay...




A few weeks later, Mikey 'properly' announced that Takemichi was expecting a baby to the rest of Bonten (obviously not mentioning Sanzu's involvement in the matter).
This meant that Bonten members and old Toman members were surrounding the blue-eyed, black-haired woman as the world's greatest novelty.

A bump was just beginning to show in Takemichi's belly, and the others were already pretty dumbfounded.
Sanzu for his part kept his distance in absolute silence, behind Takemichi and Mikey as always.

-And who is going to be the godfather of the baby?- Kokonoi gossips with obvious interest in the position...

And chaos breaks out among most of the men present.

-Obviously it must be me, I'm Takemichi's best friend- Kakucho and Chifuyu say at the same time, staring at each other afterwards and starting to hit each other almost instantly.
-Can it be me, please?- Rindo asks, pretending to be polite, while Ran pushes him to do the same thing.
-I promise to shower the baby with gifts- Koko naturally tries to buy the position.

Takemichi laughs a little and looks at Mikey -Did you think of someone?- The woman asks her wife, after all she has the final word at the end of the day.
-...Ken-chin- Mikey admits simply, pointing to one of the only men who maintains some composure and silence.

-Thank you very much- Draken exclaims as he receives jealous looks from most of his companions or ex-companions.
-Congratulations- Inupi and Mitsuya mentions keeping calm, even though they are hurt...

-Aren't you interested?-Takeomi curiously asks his brother, who was Mikey's new right-hand man since some time ago...
-...No- Sanzu answers simply, preferring to close his mouth before making any comment about gangsters fighting to be godparents of a baby... his baby?




Over time Takemichi's belly obviously grew...
She began to wear more comfortable clothes, but it still obvious that the baby's due date was approaching.

-Do you want to feel it too?- Takemichi asks Sanzu curiously.
Making Sanzu and Mikey meet eyes again.

The black-eyed woman's hands were around the curve of her wife's belly, feeling the little life that was growing inside her...
Almost complete opposites, unlike Takemichi (who is about to bring a new life into this world), Mikey is more of a Grim Reaper, with a pale appearance and black clothes.

-She asked you a question, Sanzu- Mikey emphasizes to her right hand man, who had remained silent waiting for his Queen to give him permission or orders.
Was there a correct answer to the question?

Mikey could be offended whether Sanzu accepted or rejected Takemichi's proposal...

-...Yes- Sanzu accepts whatever fate the gods have in store for him.
Mikey remains silent, and Takemichi is beaming as always...

Sanzu slowly approaches, leaning toward Takemichi and putting his face and hands close to Takemichi's belly.
Mikey is breathing right above him, and a lump forms in his throat for a while...

But then he begins to notice Takemichi's warmth, and a kick from the baby.

A strange feeling of pride washed over Sanzu for the baby's health. For its existance really...



When Takemichi's water breaks, Sanzu is in charge of taking her to one of Bonten's facilities and notifying Mikey...
The hours were a bigger hell than Sanzu expected.
Like the rest, he couldn't see Takemichi during the event, but unlike the rest, there is a strange feeling weighing down Sanzu's stomach.

Until it is finally announced that it was finally over, Takemichi and the baby were fine.

Sanzu, like many, released a certain breath of satisfaction knowing this.
But Sanzu's spirits quickly sank again, Mikey barely giving him a glance before entering the room where Takemichi and the newborn baby were.

In a few hours, every one of Bonten's top officials was able to get in to see the mother and baby (before leaving, because obviously Takemichi and the baby have to rest)...except Sanzu.

The long-haired man thought that when everyone was gone it was finally his chance, because his Queen approached him...
-... You did a good job.- Mikey tells Sanzu when they are alone, is all she says before going back to her wife.

That's the signal for Sanzu to leave.




Mikey took a few days off to be together with her wife and her baby, leaving Bonten in charge of Sanzu for a while...

-What's wrong with Sanzu now?- Rindo asks after seeing Sanzu more irritable, more irritable than usual that is. Adding that he obviously seemed to sulk when he believed he was alone...
-No idea- Takeomi responds with indifference.
-I'm sure it's just stress and Mikey's absence or something- Kakucho, number 3 of the organization, mentions calmly.

And most agree with him.

Ran and Koko have their doubts, but to ask Sanzu directly would literally be like the cat dying due to its own curiosity.




When Mikey returns, she doesn't comment on Takemichi or the baby for a while, as if neither existed. Making her right hand despair at the slightest sign...
But at the end of the day Sanzu can only be silent, speaking simply when necessary.

It's almost like being a living dead for a few moments...

-She wants to see you.- Mikey tells Sanzu with her usual cold expression.
Sanzu nearly bit his tongue until he drew blood at those simple words.


After finishing 'working' (as a criminal really the job never ends, but everyone has to go home at some point), Sanzu escorts Mikey to her house.
The servants greet Mikey and Sanzu in a line, with all the established protocol.

This is normal, but this time Sanzu can't fully control his hands. His fingers tremble, until finally Mikey points him to her room...
For a moment Sanzu fears that his own Queen will shoot him in the back, but his instinct makes him move towards the door.

The shot never happens, instead Sanzu opens the door and finds Takemichi in bed, holding their son in her arms.

Sanzu remains silent, practically paralyzed -...Do you want to hold Kentaro?- Takemichi mentions with a smile, almost instantly understanding what Haruchiyo wanted.
Of course the man approaches the woman in bed, and receives the baby as if he was the most delicate thing in the world.

Sanzu for a moment doesn't know what to do anymore, but decides to snuggle Kentaro on his chest for a moment. He is so small, and he just knows how to cry a little when he is separated from his mother...

-... I wanted to tell you, thank you very much Haruchiyo- Takemichi mentions with some tears like pearls running down her eyes, for one of the greatest happinesses of her life.
Sanzu can't help but cry too, because he will soon have to leave his child again to his mothers (one of whom, like an eagle, is watching Sanzu from the door frame, waiting for him to behave or make a mistake).

Mikey was taking such a big part of Sanzu that even he himself didn't know that was possible. He thought he had already given Mikey all of him for years.
Kentaro has his eyes.