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Sunny Days and Moonlit Nights

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You sloppily smacked off your alarm, sluggishly pulling your arm back under the covers
*first day of work… this’ll be good hopefully…*
For you, this was actually amazing. After being unemployed for months and just barely scraping by, any job opportunity was obviously a blessing. You were given a fairly easy job, keep watch over the kids and the Daycare Attendants to make sure nothing ended up malfunctioning or possibly glitching out.
You yanked off the covers in a jolt of energy before you could doze off again. Feeling the crisp air hit your skin led you to stretch out your joints, letting out a small groan for each stretch.
Finally you get up, grab a granola bar from the kitchen pantry and start searching for some decent clothes. After “dolling” yourself up, you brushed your teeth and brushed your hair out for it to look a bit neater than your usual bed-head look.

Stepping outside your tiny apartment you take a deep inhale of the morning air, hear the faint sounds of human life, birds, chirping. You quickly lock the door and dash down the apartment stairs. You grab your bike from the rack and swiftly make your way over to the Pizzaplex. *Hold on... what if i'm not good at my job? Pff- that's nonsense.. I'm just watching and monitoring, what's the big deal..*..
You ride through the town until you finally make it, putting your bike into the rack and locking it. You tightly grip your bag and enter the pizzaplex as it just opens.. *ah.. plus.. I get to enjoy the mornings every day..*. As you make your way in you immediately catch sight of a security guard patrolling the front area. "Uhh, excuse me? Miss?" you call out, she looks at you as if she was knocked out of a thought. "Oh! Sorry, yes ma'am how can I help you" "No worries! This is my first day on the job, I'm supposed to be working over by the daycare, could you please tell me where that is?" "Right! You're y/n aren't you?", you nod your head "Yeah, they told me to be here as soon as the plex opens haha..".
While traversing through the plex you read the guard's name tag *hm.. Vanessa.. I'll keep her in mind*.. "Alright! Here we are.. there should be someone waiting at the security desk for you to switch out with them, they will show you the ropes. Good luck with your first day!", she walked back down the stairs while you entered through the entrance. While walking down the hall you notice the outrageously huge "Sundrop and Moondrop candy" advertisements as well as the faint music, very.. silly music for a daycare.

You finally make your way to the daycare, walking down the stairs and through the double doors you make your way towards the security desk. "Hi, I'm Y/n.. I was just recently employed here-" "Yeah yeah I know, come on, lets get you started.."
This guard was a bit rude, but of course it's nothing you can't handle. You both make your way to the locker room where he showed you your locker and handed you the key. "Okay, so, since your position doesn't call for much, most things are gonna be self-explanatory. If Sun or Moon start to malfunction, contact parts and service immediately, it'll be your responsibility to take their place while they're out. This rarely happens though so again, not much to worry about. Uhh, what else... oh, you have a packet of all this information along with other emergency situations in one of the drawers at the desk. Other than that, just enjoy your shift." "Ah- okay.. thank you uhh.." you look down at his tag "Mark. Thank you, Mark." you stammered. "Alright, i'll be going then, good luck with your first day"

After he left the locker room you immediately changed into your work uniform and walked back into the daycare. Just as you sat down you heard something crash into the ball pit.. Getting up to investigate you make your way to the other side of the daycare. As you approached the pit you felt a small warmth from behind you. "HOHOHO! HELLO NEW FRIEND!" a voice boomed from behind you, you immediately jolted at the noise, turning around to only be staring at... striped pants...? You finally met his gaze, looking up at him, he must've been at least 10 feet tall..
"Oh. my. god." you whispered while he crouched down to your level "Haha!! Hellooooo? Are you there Sunshine? What's your name? Are you new? I've never seen you around the pizzaplex before!! Hohoho!! So exciting!!" "I- uhhh- I- My name is y/n.. and y-yes i'm new.. a-re you sun?" "COOooorecto y/n!! The kids usually come when the daycare opens, so we have abouuuttttt 30 minutes to play!! Hehehe!" "A-alright!!" when was the last time you've been this nervous in front of someone.. something? You don't even know at this point. However, now you have a friend.. A warm, welcoming friend..

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What a bubbly animatronic, Sundrop was always swaying side to side or bouncing on his heels while talking to you
"Oh.OH!! How about hide and seek!! I love that game!! Moony loves it too!" he vibrantly shined with his cheerful aura.
"Oh yeah.. Where is Moon? Is he hiding somewhere or..?" you questioned as Sun let out a giggle
"You're too cute sunshine! Moony and I are the same animatronic, just different programming!! Haha! Now how about that game of hide and seek!"

"Alright sunny, start counting..", he covered his eyes while sitting in a cross-legged position
"onee.. twoo.. threee.. fourr"
You heard him counting as you climbed into one of the play structures, finding a box area, you sat there, listening as he finished counting

"Ready or Nooot~ here I cooome~" he sang. you could hear him walking and skipping around the daycare given by the bells on his wrists and shoes.
"I'm gonna find you starlight!! You can't hide for loong~" you heard him laugh a bit manically as he started to climb up a slide, nearing towards your location
"Hhehehe... where are you sunshine.. I know you're herreee~"

You felt the floor pound a bit with every movement he made, approaching your spot. You covered your mouth, holding your breath for the inevitable. Hearing your heart pound in your ears and the goofy daycare music. You held your breath until you felt an artificial breath gloss over your forehead, a warm aura getting warmer by the second until you opened your eyes
"hehe.. Found you starlight!!" He whispered as he bonked his nose against yours "
holy fuck s-"
"LANGUAGE!! Star, you can't use those harsh words in the daycare, I might have to ban you already!!" he pouted, rays spinning.
"Ah!- I'm sorry, Sun. You just scared me that's all. I'll try not to say it again.."
"hmph! good." He crossed his arms, and started to smile again
"Oops, sun I think I should get back to the security desk, it's almost opening time.."

As you made your way back, sun walked beside you humming the daycare's song that was painfully on repeat.
"Sunny.. what's your favorite part about your job?"
"OH! OH! I loooove the games and fun I get to have with the kids everyday!!"
"Mm.. are you able to say anything other than that? I'm sure you're just programmed to say that huh?"
"Starlight, although i'm programmed to be a caretaker, I'm able to have personal thoughts, opinions, and emotions. Moony also has the same programming, we share the same internal thoughts though." you heard his fans start whirring a bit louder. You finally made it to the desk and sat down into the office chair.

Sun made sure to stay behind the counter, he leaned over the counter, elbows on the table with his face plate in his hands.
"Staarrr~ will you come play with me and the kids todayyy or do you just sit here all day.. The other security guard never wanted to play with us.." he whined while his head spun
"I'm sorry sunny but I don't think I can, my job is to monitor you guys. Don't worry, I'm gonna be here until 12 anyway.."
"Aww~ fiiine, whatever..." his rays slowed down coming to a stop "oh- OH!! Our first friend has arrived!~" he sung, skipping away to the front door

The woman at the door greeted Sun with a grin while he squatted in front of the child with his arms held open. You heard Sun and the woman ramble on and on while the child rushed into sun's arms, hugging him. They bid farewell to the woman and sunny skipped back to the play area with the child.
Overtime, more and more children arrived, you watched as they all played together. They played games like tag, patty-cake, hide and seek, etc.
Sunny moved onto storytime with the children, you checked the time, hm.. almost naptime..

You saw as he finished storytime with the children, tucking them into sleeping bags and letting them pick an optional stuffed animal, sleeping eye mask, or an extra blanket from a basket he brought around.
Sun skipped over to the security desk in front of you
"Hi starlight! It's nighttime now, time to turn the lights off" he grinned harder
"Alright sunny, see you in a bit!"
You turned around and switched off the lights with your badge. You saw the sun crouch down, hearing parts grinding and pushing together as he grunted.
The music slowed down until it became a quiet faint white noise track.

"Moony? Are you there?" you whispered, peeking over the desk
The Moon rose up before you, his chestplate opening to reveal a star patterned sleeping cap. He grabbed it and shoved it onto his head, slouching over from his original tall frame
"shh.. it's naptimeee~" he said in a raspy voice "I'll introduce myself properly later star, my apologies..~"
You nodded and watched as a hook unraveled itself from the ceiling to pick moon up, and carry him onto a perch. His bright red LED eyes burned itself into your eyesight.
He sat like a cat on one of the play structures, watching over the children and sometimes glancing over at you, his cheshire-like smile always plastered on his face.

He saw as one of the children sat up from the sleeping bag they were laying in, he moved over to a secluded section of pillows.
Moon floated down to the pillow pile, flipping before landing on the plush floor on the balls of his feet. Moon sat with the child, murmuring something with the child before reaching into his chestplate and grabbing a candy..
*hmm.. maybe that's a moondrop*
You watched as the child unwrapped the candy and placed it in his mouth. Laying on Moon's lap only a couple seconds later, yawning while Moon started to sing a lullaby.
Soon enough, Moon carried the child over to their bean bag and situated the child with their stuffed animal.
Moon then tethered himself back up to his perch. Peace, quiet for the next 20 minutes.

Moon then came over to your desk
"Alright stardust, time for Sunny to come back out again. Thank you for staying quiet" he held his pointer finger over his mouth.
"Of course, Moon. I'll be turning on the lights now.."
You used your badge to turn the lights back on again
Time for Sunny to come out again...

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The lights reappeared again, starting off as a dim light, just enough for the sun to come out. You hear the grating and grinding again, but now, you watch as moon slouches as if caving into himself, grabbing at his face plate and growling as the transition from Moon to Sun started happening. Watching his eyes roll back into the pure white color, the right half of his face plate switching with a yellow half and his entire body adjusting to the sudden light. All his rays popping out until the full transformation happened.
"Hello sunray!!" Sun cheerfully exclaimed
"I- um.. uh--" you were at a loss for words seeing the remarkable transformation happen so suddenly.
"Oh! um! oopsie!" he grabbed the night cap off from one of his rays, opening his chest plate and shoving it inside before closing it back up "We didn't mean to scare you star!!"
You stared at him silently for a couple minutes before sun waved his hand in front of you..
*jeez man his hands are huge... especially the fingers... oml what am I thinking bro..*
You jolted out of your thought, making sun also jerk back
"Ah! Aha... I-I'm sorry Sun.. I was just lost in thought!! Y-You should get back to work" you stuttered

He giggled and skipped off towards the kids, talking in a lower volume to gently wake them up.
They continued the day as normal with all the activities, arts and crafts, games, and free time the kids could ever want.
Soon enough it was time for the children to go home, one by one the children either raced towards their parent, gave Sun a hug before leaving, or just fighting against going home. It was sweet to see some of the children hug Sun 'goodbye' as if they weren't going to see him tomorrow.

After all the children left, you got up from your chair and walked around the daycare picking up trash.
"O-oh!! Haha sunlight you don't need to help us!! We're just fine!!" His rays spun as he took the moondrop and sundrop candy wrappers from your hands
"Sun, I've been sitting around all day, I need to do something productive..", you walked off to pick up a crushed can of fizzy faz
*ugh god it's... sticky.. how do these kids drink these damn things..*
"Yes but- it's dirty!! at least wear some gloves!" he stood all the way up rather than his default crouch position "Wait here!!" He skipped off and outside of the daycare, where was he going?

You saw him skipping around the daycare through the glass coming back with a box in his hand, he opened one of the double doors and shut it gently before immediately speed walking over to you
"Oh- what do you have there, Sun?" you looked up at him while he hummed, he was opening the tiny box
"Here! I got you some gloves from the janitor's closet!" he plucked two blue doctor gloves from the box and placed it in your hand.
He made his way to the security desk, put the box down, and came back to you
"Hoho!! Now we can both clean together!! I can't get sick, you can though. I just didn't want you touching all the germs that come from the kiddos.." he rambled, picking up trash left and right.
"Aw, thanks for your concern Sun, that's very nice of you" you could hear his fans whir a bit louder from the praise
"Haha! ha.. of- of course sunshine!!" he looked away from you, turning towards a play place "I'm going to go clean the play place area.. Please clean any trash on the floor, I will check the ballpit if there's been any accidents", he crawled into an entrance after giving you one more shiny smile.

You kept gathering more and more trash, throwing it out whenever your hands became full. You double checked around the daycare for anymore trash until finally giving up. You started to wonder where Sun was..
"Sunnyyy?" you yelled "Sun where are you!??"
Hearing no response you crawled into the play area he crawled into, you could hear fans whirring
"Ughh, Sun, you need to tell me when you want to play hide and seek.." you crawled through the area, moving towards the noise you felt the ground thump a bit. Maybe he was getting up? Or moving? "I didn't even think you were even in the daycare anymore because of how quiet you-"
"H-Haha!!! sunsunsunshinee! Why are youuu up here!!?? hohoho!" He nervously jittered, his tone was desperate, almost aggravated.
"u-um.. I'm sorry Sun, I just wanted to check on you. What were you doing?", while you were questioning him, it didn't even seem like he was paying attention, just intensely staring at you. "Sun?", you waved your hand in front of his face "Sunny? Sundrop..?"
"Ohohoh! haha sorry Star.. I wasn't doing anything. Let's go back outside.."

You both crawled out of the playplace, sun taking out the trash in his stomach hatch and emptying it into the trash.
"Y'know starlight, as much as I am a caretaker and somewhat also a janitorial bot, I'm very.." he sucked back in his stomach hatch door. "..germophobic... ugh" he shuddered.
"Haha, I feel that, Sunny, but can't you just clean yourself back up?" you sat yourself down at one of the tiny chairs in the 'arts and crafts' area.
"Yes.. of course, but still.. the never ending filth and grime, it just grosses me out." he went over to a shoe shelf, grabbing a disinfectant spray and spritzing it all over himself like a perfume.
"Well at least you can't feel the gross sticky stuff or like, weird hot or cold substances like that. That's what makes it even worse.."
He walked back over to you, plopping down into a seat while wiping the spray off his innards, hands and face
"What?- haha, Star, you don't know a lot about our design do you." He giggled, crumpling up the paper towel
"Huh? What are you going on about? What do you mean.." you crossed your arms..
"Y/n, we have sooo many different sensors, we can feel pain, heat, cold.. we can feel different textures like fluffy things, rough, slick, bumpy... you get the deal..." he gets up and throws away the rolled up paper towel ball "soft...plush...squishy" he murmured while at the trash can
"Huh? What did you say Sun?"
"Ah!- nothinggg!~" he said, scurrying back over to you, "How about another game star? Don't you have a long while before you leave?", his smile became wider with his head also tilting.
"Hm.. okay.. I guess I have nothing better to do-"
"PERFECT!! Let's play tag!!" he clapped his hands together, his bells ringing.
*Such a delightful sound*

"Hehehe!! Alright Y/n!! Who's running and who's tagging?" he bounced on the balls of his feet, bells jingling more.
"Uhh, how about I tag you first and then we can switch, no cheating though alright? You're a robot, I'm a human, alright?"
"Ooo~ hoho don't worry, I am quite fair when it comes to games with itty bitty humans like yourself" he bent down, poking your nose with his index finger "boop!" he giggled
"Hm.. I'll give you a 3 second head start, Sun", you looked up at him, watched him give you a short nod, and then you started counting.. "one..two..three.."
You watched him as he ran swiftly into a crawlspace into the play place. You ran after him, doing small dodges from various blocked entrances, he wasnt too far, you both crawled through the play area while Sun kept laughing like a psychopath.
*How can a huge animatronic such as Sun fit into such a tiny play place..."

Once you both made it to the top, he slid down a nearby slide, to which you followed, you got up from the flat area and chased Sun across the daycare.
He made it seem as if he was just walking because of how long his legs were. He obviously had the advantage from the start but now you were just getting a little tired.
You were rested by the security desk "Ugh- Sunny!! Time out!! jeez man.."
Sun slowly approached you cautiously, giggling all crazy again
"Huhuhu couldn't keep up? I know this trick Starr~ you're gonna make me think you're actually tired so I can comfort you and then you'll tag me" He crossed his arms, looking away, smirking, almost like a toddler.. "Well it won't be working Starlight!! I have had years of experience!!!"
"Ha, haha.. Sunny.. The pizza plex opened 3 years ago, what do you mean 'years'" you cackled, still catching your breath
"Ouuu-.. WELL- I am programmed with a lot of knowledge okay??" he pouted
"Well.. that's too bad because you just got.. TRICKED!!-" You lunged at him to tag him, but he dodged your attempt.
"Ah-ah-ah Star!! Too slow!" he teased standing proud
Quickly you made another attempt during his small pride hiatus, and sure enough you successfully tagged him!!
"HA! I GOT YOU!!!" You smiled widely, teasing him
"Oh!! Well then you know what THAT means..?" He crossed his arms looking down at you
"Uh- fuck.-" you immediately took off, sprinting past him and outside the play area through the double doors
"UGH!! LANGUAGE Y/N!! LANGUAGE!!" he yelled "Don't worry, I'll catch that little brat..". Sun sprinted towards the doors, bursting through them

You ran to a nearby room upstairs, hiding yourself in there "oh fuck.. hehehe, hehahaha.. he's- he's gonna- ... catch.." you were whispering to yourself, biting at your fingernails and searching around the room already crouched under a party table. You tried to think, but you couldn't help but hear... jingling.... bells... those.. THOSE BELLS..
*oh my god.. no.. he couldn't have found me this fast.. nonono*
You checked your watch..
*nonoNO- the moon.. the moon he's gonna... wait.. maybe he won't know what's going on..*

You heard the jingling stop as the lights went off, hearing only groaning and growling emitting from something fairly close.. too close.. wait.. now it's stopped
"hhhhhh~ staaaaaaarrr~ come oouut staaar" Moon growled, now steps away from the table you are under, only staring at his shoes, the tablecloth covering your sight. "I know you're heeeree~ hhh.." he laughed "Ugh.. where did they go again sunny??", you watched as he left the room.
You laid there, hand over your mouth, you waited for 5 more minutes.
*ok.. I think he's gone..*

Slowly, you crawled out from under the table, standing up and brushing off any dust from your shirt.
"" you heard moon growl

Chapter Text

Upon hearing the rasp of Moon's voice, you jolted, sprinting away quickly down the hall along the railing, you heard his raspy laughter get louder and louder. You felt the adrenaline rush through you as you ran
"I'm going to catch youuuu" Moon yelled right behind you
*oh no.. I don't wanna look behind me, come on man slow down a bit-*

You suddenly felt cold metal hands grab you by your waist
"AH!- Dammit Moon! urgh" you wriggled in his hold and he started to hold you tighter, almost digging his craws into the plush. "O-OW! jeez man you caught me!!"
"eh- ha caughtcaughtcaught youuu~" he loosened his grip, placing you back on the ground "sorry, Y/n just needed to make sure you wouldn't escape.."
You huffed. "Let's play a different game, Moon.." you pouted, brushing down your shirt and massaging your sides "ugh please don't tell me you grab any of the children like that, that really hurt I hope you know.."
"I- I assure you I don't, I haven't done that since.. Nevermind, what would you like to play now, Starlight?" he fumbled with the bells on his wrist "We could play a new game, or we could take a nap before Sunny comes out again.."
"I don't even know if I'm allowed to take a nap on the job, Moon.."
"Our last day guard took naps all the time, of course, not with us though... haha.. then he quit.." moon muttered the last part, his smile growing wider.
*Why did he quit? This place is great..*
"huh.. why'd he quit?" you both started walking back to the daycare.
"ohhh he used to call us into parts and services for no valid reasons. We have cameras all around the daycare, the staff recognized that we weren't actually ever glitching or malfunctioning.." he held his hand out before walking down the stairs "hold my hand and the rail, it's too dark to see the steps so be careful.."
You held onto 3 of his fingers while you both walked down the stairs. While taking the steps you heard his fans blare even louder
"You see Star.. we had an accident a while ago, it lasted for at least a month.. It was a very dark time, this is what brought up your job position.. to monitor us. The kids? Not so much, a big scary animatronic daycare attendant? Yes" his chuckles were gentle while he curled his fingers to cradle your hand.
"What? I've never heard of the accident.. What happened?"
You both came up to the double doors, while opening one of the doors you let go of his fingers, watching his grin falter a bit and his fans calm down.
"Hah.. o-oh! um.. Star maybe you don't want to know about that.. a lot of disturbing things happened.. My chip was hacked by some sort of virus, this caused me to malfunction a lot in front of the kids." he walked in after you "I-i'm sorry Star, I don't want to talk about it anymore.. it was absolutely terrible..". He held his faceplate in his hands before taking his night cap off and fumbling with the puff at the end.
"That's alright Moon! You don't have to tell me anything if you're uncomfortable with it." you said, walking over to a bean bag and flopping onto it
"If you'd like to take a nap.. we still can.." He whispered "I can give you a Moondrop and Sunny will wake you up when he comes out, you have an hour to nap.."
"Moon.. your offer is very tempting but I'm sure someone is going to come check on me to make sure I'm not slacking off, especially not monitoring you.." you pushed, concerning the current situation, after all it was still your first day..
*Someone is bound to check on me.. maybe lets wait a week or two before even taking a nap at work.. I don't even know if I can fully trust Moon yet.. Sun too.. Both have been acting a bit strange..*

Moon sighed as you returned to the security desk, fumbling through the drawers to find the pamphlet left by Mark.
"Starr~ why don't we play some mooree~" he slumped onto the counter "Let's go to the arcade or the theaterrr I simply can't stay here doing nothing.." He whined covering a bit of the monitor with his hand
"Okay, okayy fine we can go in a bit jeez" You flipped through the pamphlet until a flashcard floated out of the stack of paper "huh.."

You picked up the flashcard, flipping it over revealing a phone number
*"call me if you have any more questions -mark"*
"Mark left me a note.. huh.. Moony I'm gonna call him and ask him a couple things, you can go off and do whatever you want. We can go after I'm done with the call.." you unlocked your phone, starting to enter the number to your contacts
Moon sighed, sliding his hand over your phone and snatching it from your hand
"hm.. Well I think we should go play.. we could play an even better ga-"
"Moon! phone. now! I'm just going to ask Mark a couple questions" you held out your hands

The animatronic looked at your hand, holding your phone with index and thumb, before looking back at you. He pouted a bit before sliding it back into your hand, holding your hand a bit before pulling it back.
"mememememee~" he mocked you as you dialed the number
"shh." you held your finger to your lips as you watched him giggle.
The phone rang and rang and rang before you were answered by the voicemail machine
"..please leave a message after the beep.. *beeeep*"
"Hey Mark, it's y/n, I just wanted to ask a couple questions about the shift, what I can and can't do.. you know.. so uhh.. call me back, bye"

You hung up watching Moon stare at you more with a desperate grin, his eyes squinting a bit out of nervousness
"Can we go now?" he stood up to his full height and walked around the desk, holding out his hand. "Do you want to hold hands while we walk? It's a bit dark so i'll do my best to keep you from knocking into things.."
"Okay Moon, but once we get to a lighter area i'll walk by myself"
"fine by me star..." he said "i'd hold you and carry you there if you'd let me.." he muttered quietly
"What was that moon?" you questioned him, you only heard the words 'carry' and 'let'.
"Hm? oh nothing Star, let's go." Moon loosened his smile to become sweeter.

While walking down the daycare hall you watched the janitor bots sweeping up different areas along with other security bots
"Moon, are these bots as sentient as you?"
"Haha.. no Starlight.. they're a bit too dumb for their technology to even come close to my programming.."
"Mm.. thought so.."

You both made it to the arcade, what a huge area.. games everywhere.. so many, which one first??
"oh jeez.. so many.." you muttered
"haha! there aren't that many, most of them are copies so people can play that same game.. Sun and I have played allll the games here.. so we can start us off if you'd like.."
"Ah, y-yeah that'd be nice.. please.. lead the way" you nervously smiled looking up at him he grabbed your hand and walked you to a game
"...Fruity Maze..?" you rolled up your sleeves into cuffs
"Yeah, Sun and I love this game, we think you'll also love it" he smiled.

Putting your hands on the button and lever, moon moved himself behind you, you felt a cold chill go up your spine as he slid his big hands over yours, humming over you
"ah- Moon, I know how to play arcade games.."
"aw.. Are you sure stardust?" he slightly squeezed your hand and you heard his fans go wild.
"haha.. yeah very funny moon.." you stood straight up, making him back up a little "just watch me Moon, I'm gonna win this entire game AND beat your high score while I'm at it as well.."
You saw moon move over to the side out of the corner of your eye while you started the game
"Hoho.. I'm sure Starlight.."
As you played the game you felt his eyes piercing into you, watching and observing your every move.

..Maybe you were hallucinating, but you could've sworn you heard him breathing a bit heavier under the noise of his fans.

You didn't win sadly, didn't even make it on the leaderboard. But that didn't keep you from winning any of the other games Moon brought you to.
After playing so many of the games you felt tuckered out

"Moony can we go back to the daycare.. maybe relax a bit? I'm very tired at the moment.."
"Oh! of course.. It's almost time for Sunny to come out, you should hear him right now, he's begging to come back out to see you again" he chuckled
"Ah, alright Moon.."

You both walked back to the daycare and you slumped back in your office chair
"hahh okay moony, I'm gonna rest my eyes for a bit while I wait for Sunny, it'll only be a couple seconds anyway.." you pulled your cap over your eyes
You heard the lights switch back on, the goofy music starting back up again, and the moaning and grinding metal noises emitting from Moon to the Sun.

"HELLLOOOO SUNLIGHHTT!!!!~~~" Sun bursted with excitement
You immediately jolted, lifting your hat watching Sunny sway side to side smiling.
"Hi Sunny" you said, checking the time..
*only 15 minutes left...*
"Oh, Sunny it's almost time for me to go.."
"Aww! Ugh! Moony has got to let me have more playtime with you.. hmph.. alright Superstar! I'll see you tomorrow!!"
"I'll see you tomorrow Sunny!"

You waved goodbye and walked out the double doors, while walking towards the locker room you heard someone inside already
"Mark?" you called out cautiously
"Yeah" Mark replied
"Just checking it's you"

You walked to your locker, unlocking it and changing back into your regular clothes shoving your uniform into you backpack
"Alright! I'm off! See you tomorrow Mark!"
"See ya."

Exiting the building you took your bike lock off and finally took off to go back home.
You felt the cool midnight air brush back your hair and watched the street lights as you passed ahead of them one by one.

Making it to your apartment you locked your bike back up, sloppily shoved your key into the door and entered your sanctuary
"What a day.." you sighed

Chapter Text

As you stood inside your apartment, you started slipping off your shoes and groggily throwing your bag down, you groaned. Walking over to your couch and flopping onto it for a few minutes before pulling out your phone

*oops.. missed call..*
The phone notification read
'1 Missed Call, Mark"

You unlocked your phone and started to dial him back
*brrrr, brrrr, brrrr*
*brrrr, brr-*

"Hello?" you heard a groggy tired voice on the other side

"Our new friend is sooo cute Moony don't you agree??" Sun giggled
"...yeah.. they really are.." the moon replied telepathically

Sun was in control, Moon was only able to respond through thought.

"And they're so playful!! Always available to play.. much better than that last guy... always being so bratty-" Sun listed
"I know sunny.."
"Moony? What's wrong Moony.. Tell me.."
"I've been thinking Sunny..."
"mm.. nothing, nevermind Sun.."


"Hey! Sorry, I wanted to call you back.. and ask you a couple questions, don't worry I'll try not to take too long.."
"Better not dude, I'm literally so tired.. and i'm on my shift.."
"Oh! where's Sun? or..Moon?" you held the phone closer
"They're chilling out at the arts and crafts area.. I think he's trying to... color code the crayons..?" he paused "Anyway you were saying?"
"So I was wondering about the security guard before me, who got fired, Sun was telling me about him, are we actually allowed to sleep on the job?"

You heard silence

"How much did sun tell you..?" Mark sighed, his voice deeper and even more serious if that were even possible
"Sun just told me he used to sleep alot"

You were lying, it's always been a hard thing for you to lie about something. But with that in mind you really can't loose this job over the truth.. What was more important? Rightousness? or Money..
*yeah right as if im telling you anymore Mark.. crazy..*

"Oh, well.. I'd say only with Moon, I'm gonna assume Moon asked you to take naps. He loves napping. That's all he does.. Recharge.." Mark sighed lightly
"Ah, so only nap around Moon?"
"Make sure he isn't being all weird or cranky before you nap, Moon is pretty tame but.. Ever since the accident, he's never been the same.."
"Yeah, Moon tells me it's a very sensitive topic." you muttered
"Huh? What'd you say y/n?"
"Oh, I gotta go now, thanks for talking with me for a bit Mark"
"Oh yeah sure thing.... Y/n... can I ask you something?"
"Go on.."
"Have Sun and Moon already started acting up around you?" he muttered " He keeps talking to himself, I know he's talking to Moon but it's just that they never commute this much.."
"Well.. Sun hid away from me and didn't respond when I called him and Moon was getting kinda touchy with me. They backed off though"..."Why..? is there something I need to concern about? They just seem really, friendly so far.."
"They haven't had a nice security guard in a long time, they're used to people coming in, lasting a week, and quitting because they find Sun annoying or Moon as stubborn or bratty", "Every time we fire them though, they end up going missing, those security guards... it's strange.."

"Well.. I'm really happy about this job, I honestly think Sun is great, and Moon.. As creepy as their designs are and as... articulated.. their mouths are they're great!!"
"Yeah they recently got some new updates along with staff fixing the bug.. I don't really know what has changed with them other than their mouths.."

You checked the time on your phone '1:07 AM'
*ugh I need to sleep..*

"Y/n? Are you there? Hello~" Mark persisted
"S-sorry Mark.. Zoned out a bit.. Anyway, I gotta sleep man, I'm tired"
"Alright.. Goodnight, see you in a couple hours.."


"Moony what do you think they'll want to play tomorrow?? I have so many ideas but I don't know what they'd really like???"
"Hehe.. You know that one game those two humans were doing in our public bathroom? You think Y/n-"
"MOON! That is SO inappropriate. Just because you were all touchy with y/n does not make it right that you start thinking that way about them"
"Oh- Oh ho? Hehehaa~ Sun you're such a hippocrite... you act as if you weren't touching yourself in the play place thinking about them."
"I- Moon. I dont know what you're even talking about" Sun pouted as he picked up a couple crayons and shoved them into a broken crayon bucket.
"Hmhmhmhm..~ I'm sure Sundrop.. I'm sure.."

Sun peeked over at Mark, passed out on his desk, and called the tether to pick him up
"ugh. Moon you need to stop bringing up y/n.. you know that it doesn't help.. this thing.. If I can even call it a penis.. ugh" Sun rubbed at his crotch area, covering it with his skirt ruffles
"Come onn.. you just got the upgrade 3 weeks ago... help yourself!!" moon snickered in sun's head
"You are so naughty Moon.. I simply can't.. Not while Mark is here at least.."


You checked your phone again..
*ok.. quick shower, dinner, bed. Easy..*

You got up from the couch, leaving your phone and speeding to the bathroom. After you closed the door, you turned on the water, stripped, and got in, the warm water easing your tense bones.

After refreshing yourself you went to the fridge
*Definitely leftovers..* you said in your head as you came across some old pizza
You heated up the food and quickly scarfed down the slices of pizza
"mm!~ so fucking good..~"

Going back to the bathroom you brushed your teeth.
You made your way back to the couch. Lying down you snuggled yourself into some blankets and drifted asleep

"I guess I'll do it allll over again tomorrow.." you yawned

Chapter Text

Waking up the next morning you collected yourself, your things, and went to work.

“Oh shit-” damn.. Forgot your phone.. Oh well, won’t be needing it during work anyway..

You walked into the plex and made your way upstairs
As you made your way upstairs you saw a thing moving around in a corner, hunched over moving their arms to their face.

*wait…. Chica?*
“Uhh- Chica? Is that you?”
“Bwak BOOK?? WHO?- Oh!! Uhh! Hello!! Haha!”

She spun around as if an animation, her mouth covered in grime and parts of fizzy faz soda cans stuck around in her beak. Her hands had elements of trash like wrappers, soda cans, food, pizza..

“Are you.. Chica are you eating trash.?”
“Whhaaat?? Haha-” she threw the trash back into the can she was eating from and swiped her hands together “Noooo~ I was throwing it away!!”
“Chica you know that isn’t good for your beak.. Right? It could chip off parts of it or mess up the paint job…”
“Y/n please don’t send a report…”
“Huh..? Since when did I even tell you my name?” You crossed your arms with a puzzled look
“o-Oh you’re in the system!! If you were an intruder I would’ve already kicked you out, sweetie!”

You stood up straight and suddenly heard a door open

*oh it’s Mark*
“Hey Mark-” you said, waving at him
“y/n, go do your shift, I waited 5 minutes for you to walk in, it’s your responsibility of what Sun does in thi- Chica.”

You see him glance over at Chica, staring at the soda can part wedged in her beak.

“Chica we talked about this..” Mark sighed, crossing his arms in disapproval “Y/n, I’ll deal with this, go do your shift..”
“Fine.. See ya Mark.. Chica” you waved goodbye, gripping your duffle bag as you entered into the pickup area.

“Moony… Mark has been out for a while.. Do you know where y/n is?”

Sun trodded back and fourth, patting his thighs nervously while pacing

“Hm.. Let me look on the cameras..” Moon hummed “oh.. They’re walking in right now”
“Oh!! Perfect!!”
Sun immediately lit up, calling the tether and landing on the balcony


“Hello?? Sunny?? Are you there?” you called out
“HOHOHO!! Y/N!!!” you heard his voice echo through the daycare as he flew towards you, landing in a flourish right before you.
“Sun!!” you yelped.

He immediately crouched over you, pulling you in for a tight hug. He easily lifted you off the ground and swayed you back and fourth with his arms. He immediately made all your back bones pop from the moment he lifted you.

“Sun-Sun you’re squeezing me a bit tight” you struggled, wriggling in his grip
He pulled you out and held you by your armpits like a cat
“Oopsie! Sorry Sunspot! Haha! I have a whoolee day planned out for us!! But what what YOU like to do first”
“Let’s put me down first haha..”

*you were already about 4 feet off the ground with Sun already standing straight up..*

He put you down and let you stretch your arms before walking over to the double doors

“Okay Sunny, what did you have planned?”
“Oh! We could tell stories, play teatime, literally whatever! It’s allll up to you!!”

He walked beside you with his hands behind his back, standing proudly, you could still hear his wrist bells jingling

“Haha.. how about I look if Vanessa or Mark have left anything for me first..”
“Of course!!”

You both made it over to the desk, you sat in your chair flipping through your binder left on the counter..

*damn. Nothing..*

You looked up at Sun, looking at you intensley with an impatient glare
*why do they make these animatronics so damn creepy..*

“Uhh.. Can I help you.. Sun?”
“Haha! Are you done..?”

He was almost vibrating in front you, observing every move

"You know you look like a creep right now Sunny.." Moon rasped telepathically
"Ugh.. Stop it, I'm enjoying the view.." Sun replied in his head
"I can also hear those thoughts. However, I'm choosing to be nice to you right now and not mention anything.."
"Moon you know you have the same thoughts.... We both agree about y/n.."


"Uh, yeah Sunny, I'll be right with you" you said nonchalantly
"yeah... ye-yes.."


"Sun. Pull yourself together, stop glaring like that, I don't think they like that.."
"I- I can't help myself Moony, they're just so irrisistable.."
"I know, we can seduce them another time.. This is their second day on the job, quit crushing so hard.."


You got up from the chair after checking your email and any faculty messages/complaints.

"Alright Sunn-" you paused looking at him.. his mouth
*is that.. a tongue?? It's so vibrant.. Huh..*
"Sunny you have a tongue??" you sparked

"h-HUH? OH!! haha! yes we have tongues.. this is what came with the update, to actually look like we're enunciating the words using our mouths that have also been upgraded to assist in forming words- Oops!! Sorry am I spilling too much?? I can stop"
"Sun, you can talk to me about anything.. Even if you murdered someone before, an upgrade isn't gonna make e do my job any different.."
"I-I-I Guess you're right dar- y/n"
"Huh.. 'darling' what. You got a crush on me?? Does your programming even allow that..?
"Ha... whatever could you mean Star?? I'm completely fine... No crushing!! PDA is restricted in the day care" sun pointed up, his other hand cradling his elbow
"haha.. I believe you Sunny.." you stretches, popping a couple bones "Alright, tea time"

You sat down at one of gthe tables while Sun laid out all the plastic silverware and cups

*oh boy... here we go..*

Chapter Text

"Heheha!" Sun put himself in a seat just across the table from you "So! Y/n! Please tell me about yourself!!"

You watched as he took the plastic teapot in the center and poured imaginary tea into your cup and his cup.

"Huh-? You wanna know about me? Like uh.. what..? My favorite color?"
"That's a PERFECT start!! Please! Tell me everything Star!" sun beamed as he took a sip from his 'tea'
"Oh um" you picked up your teacup, holding the little plate and the teacup handle. "My favorite color is uh.. huh.. I don't really HAVE a favorite now that I think about it Sunny. I really like all the colors in general.."

You looked at him, engaged in the conversation. You looked at his face plate and chest

"Yknow... yellow.. orange, red..-" you said taking a sip of tea and putting the cutlery down
"OH! Star!! I also LOVE those colors!! You must like my design then!!" Sun rambled, looking over to the side "Oh! what a mess.. hm." He leaned over to the side, grabbing a plushie that resembled Moon. "Ah- here!"

He leaned towards the chair beside you, propping the doll into the chair and placing one of its arms on the table. He leaned back, smiling, giggling about the cute plushie.

"You know star, you should hear Moony right now. He's getting jeaalousss~.. He thinks you like me more than him hehehee.."
"Uh- Oh.. Well I like you both the same no matter what design Sunny.. I think it'll stay that way unless one of you decides to mess up that balance.."

Sun zoned out, going back into his head

"Sun..? Sunny?-" You waved your hand in front of their face plate


"Sun.. stooppp- you make me look bad." Moon whined
"Oh but isn't it true Moony? You're jealous that I get to spend morning time with y/n and youuu don't. nah nah nah booboo"
"Shut up horn dog"
"HEY! I am not that excited right now." Sun pouted, flustered "ok.. maybe a little.. Come ON!! You felt how soft their skin is... how amazing they smell... how cute they are..."
"Sun- they're literally trying to get you out of your stuper. Focus.. They've probably caught on by now on how infatuated you are."


*What if I call them something else.. maybe a cuss word?*
"Bitch? wake up fuckface?"
*Ok maybe not, maybe a puppy name*
"D- god dammit- Dar-ling??" you held your head in your hand

Getting up you walked around the table over to sun, grabbing his faceplate with one hand and a ray with the other. You shifted around the faceplate looking for any sign of life

"Sunny I'm getting worried haha.." you rubbed one of his rays with your thumb
*so smooth.. and warm..*

"Huh- HUH, Y/N!!" Sun shook, his rays retracted "I'm so sorry!!! I was talking to Moony, I'm sorry"
You took a step away from the sudden outburst "Huh it's okay Sunny jus-"
"N-NO! Stay!! Please!!" Sun yelped, wrapping his arms around your waist

You watched as he clung to you, from the small chair to his knees, he scooted closer to you. He burrowed his face into your tummy.

"P-please.. please.. star" he begged over and over
*What in the absolute fresh hell is happening..*

"U-uh Sun, do you maybe want to calm down somewhere else"
You looked down at him as he started vibrating, his fans going wild
"Sunny?" prying his face from your stomach you held his cheeks "Sunny we can cuddle somewhere else if that's what you need."


"You are so bad Sun.." Moon groaned
"Heheha! I'm just better at playing pretend than yoou~" Sun teased
"Ugh. Whatever. I'll get MY time later, you just wait."
"hmmhmm, yeah we'll see Moony.."


You watched as sun smiled a little bit from the previous desperate puppy eyes he wore earlier
"I-I would like that very much y/n.." Sun said, his voice a bit static-like

*He's literally begging for attention.. jeez how much neglect has this robot faced..*

You took his hand while he stood into his full height, he was now grabbing YOUR hand. While smiling he grinned happily at you
"Sunshine..?" Sun questioned, looking down at you with calmed eyes
"Yes sun?"
"May I- Can I take you to our- my room..?"
"Sun, I can't stray away from the cameras. And that'd be very inappropriate of you to take me to your room already. We barely know anything of each other"
"p-please Sunray.. just for a couple minutes before the daycare opens?~ I- I really-"
"Sun. No. We can cuddle here. We are NOT going to your ROO-"

Sun picked you up by your arm and cradled you like a baby, calling the tether

"h-HEY! SUN YOU LET ME DOWN RIGHT NOW." you wriggled in his arm kicking, fighting

His grip only became tighter around you as you both landed on the balcony. He finally let you down, bending down to your level

"Now y-"

You interrupted him, smacking him across the face, making his rays spin a bit.


He looked back at you holding his cheek. He looked angry.. Very angry..

*What have I done*

You looked behind you, the edge of the balcony, the ballpit below. You stared back at Sun, smiling innocently
"Sun, I'm so sorry Sunny.. d-darling..?" you stammered

He sternly grabbed your wrist pulling you from the edge and moving towards his room
"Y/n. You listen to me and listen close. If you ever hit me like that again? It won't end well for you starlight.." he whispered in your ear, you felt his hand slide onto your hip

"H-Hey.-" you brushed his hand off of your hip "Hmph.. yes Sun whatever..." you sarcastically crossed your arms

He looked down at you, with a smirk, you felt like he was about to do something to you
"Now.. let's go cuddle, shall we?" Sun smiled, suddenly clicking back into his vibrant state
"Sun- we're still in your room-"
"Ha- isn't that funny! Awh.. guess there's just no way down starlight" Sun looked down at you again with that off putting grin and stare
"Sun you have a teth-"

He crouched onto his knees matching your height, and grabbed both your hands into his, holding them to his mouth

"There's no way down. You're stuck with me until the daycare opens" he giggled, getting up and dragging you farther into the room by just your hands

*fuck.. now i'm stuck with Mr. Smiley until a kid walks in.. please please PLEASSEEE let a parent walk in soon..*

You followed him as he pulled you close to him before flopping onto a dusty mattress laying in the room.
He situated himself to where you both were face to face

"Now isn't this fun? I can learn waaaaay more about you in this manner, we can talk about ourselves, face to face.." Sun said, holding you close by the small of your back
"eh- Sun can you let me just lay beside you, no touching.. you're making me uncomfortable.." you shimmied out of his hold, he grinned, looking slightly displeased through that wide grin
"That's quite alright Sunflower" he grinned, turning over on his stomach "Ooh~ what isss your favorite food?"
"wh- Sun didn't you jus- ugh. I don't know man... um.. how about you go first."
"Moony and I can taste things, we can't eat though, solid food.. Liquids sure"
"Ah- so what drinks do you guys like..?"
"Well, I personally like the milkshakes they serve over at Bonnie Bowl, the strawberry flavor" he paused, going back into his head "Oh! and Moony likes the vanilla flavor, he also likes the alcohol they serve over at El Chip's"
"Alco- wait where does the liquid go.." you backed up a little
"Oh! we have a-"

Suddenly you heard the music rev up again, Sun immediately grabbed you and carried you down taking the tether.

"I'll uh- I'll tell you later. Don't report me y/n haha.. please.." he begged

He let you down next to the desk, you turned around and reached over the desk for your planner

"Hm.. and why shouldn't I?-"

You heard and saw his hands block your exits, centering you, you immediately turned to face him, angry

"I'll make it worth your while Sunspot... anything.. anything your sweet little heart desires.. It doesn't matter, food, money, passes.. maybe even something else-"
"Ugh! Sun! Gross- get away from me. Now." you shoved him away with your elbow "I will do what I deem necessary Sun. Considering everything that has happened this past hour, it's unlikely that I'll let you go."

He came back to you in his crouch position he held your waist with one hand and the other holding your chin
"Ha- Darling~"
"And don't call me 'Darling' Sun-"
"Sh.. darling, heheh.. I can do wayy worse to you right now.. Don't report me, and I won't get you fired"
"Then I'll find another job! Simple!" you snapped
"You know what happens to people who leave this job...? Who treat us, Moony and I, like" he shook his head with a smug look "this? This gets punished. This gets squished, killed, eliminated.. Both Moon and I don't like when people treat us incorrectly nonono star~" he laughed manically
"I will report you, I'm going to get you decommissioned and- and-" you stopped when he started laughing harder, louder
"Oh!!! HAHAHAHAHA!! Report me?? y/n.. sweet, cute, adorable y/n" he brought his thumb from your chin up to your bottom lip "There's simply nothing you can do... I can manipulate anyone in this facility.. Oh! Because who would accuse poor, neglected Mr. Su-"

You heard as a door opened, you heard a child bubbling and her tired mother

"Not another word. Report me, and there will be consequences.." he said, his eyes piercing into you.
"Fuck. You." you snarled
"Heh.. You'll learn to love me."

He got up, turned and walked towards the door, greeting the child and her mother.
*I've got to do something about this*

Chapter Text

You watched as Sun played with the kids, same as yesterday. He just stared at you on and off. You felt him grab at you with his stare. So powerful
Dominating... He could probably pry into your secrets if he wanted to..

You reached for your phone
*ah- fuck. My phone. It's-it's not with me.. its at home.. yeah.."

You swirled the keyboard mouse around to get it to wake up. You logged yourself in and looked up "Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex"
*heh, 4.3 stars..*
You clicked on the website, and the screen showed various colors and neon. You scrolled through the site.
*there it is*
Looking up at Sun one more time, you saw him tuck in the children into their sleeping bags
He walked over to you
"Hello Sunshine!!! It's time for lights out!!" Sun said, his cheshire grin keeping up
"Okay. Just a minute" you took your badge and manually turned off all the lights

As the lights turned off, the metal grinding came on

"H-h-hello staar~" Moon gently greeted you
"Hey Moon, I'll talk to you later." You dismissed him abruptly

He frowned a bit, went back into his head, looked back at you and gave you a sorry look


"Sunny.. why'd you tell them that we kill guards.. You shouldn't have done that. They're angry at us.." Moon said in a lecturing tone

"Moon, I- I don't know what came over me.. It was like.. that bug you used to have... it's, I don't know Moony"

"We can't loose another security guard to your selfishness. I know, you love y/n, you crave them, I love and crave them too but these things take time.. You HAVE to understand you can't expect someone as.. absolutely beautiful as y/n to just love us immediately... Cmon.. We're animatronics"

"Ugh... Whatever." Sun sarcastically replied

"Sundrop. Tell me you understand you have to apologize and slow down.."

"You understand you have to apologize and slow down" sun paused "now what smartypants..?"

"I hate when you're like this. All fucking sarcastic. Would it hurt you to accept you were wrong. For once??"


"No. Y'know what don't answer that. You made them uncomfortable. I'm not gonna let you lay a single finger on them for the rest of the night if you can't control your dick."

"Moony come on... You don't mean that.. We're supposed to take turns" sun pleaded

"I mean it. You need to tell me you'll apologize if you even wanna have a chance of getting out after our shift."

"fuck. FINE. I'm wrong Moon, I'm wrong for just wanting something and chasing after it, I'm wrong for wanting y/n" Sun snapped

"YEAH! Yeah you are Sun! I'm glad we agree on this!"

"You know what Moon? Just watch. Y/n STILL won't love you as much as they'll love me."

"Are we still arguing about that?? Are you seriously playing the 1 up game?? What is wrong with you Sun???" Moon said, taken aback

"I WILL dumb them down, and take them. Moony.. We could have them all to ourselves.. forever Moony... Just think about it"

"Sun. You sound crazy."

"Moon..Moon I know you want it too.. I can hear your thoughts, I heard them yesterday, last night. Ever since y/n first walked in"

"Stop it."

"You want to fuck them just as much as I do, you want to leave marks on them. You want things that are even worse than my desires. You're a sick bastard.. Moon.. Agree on this with me"


"Hm not replying.. It's because I'm right isn't it Moondrop.. You're ashamed of your kinky wants.. pathetic.."

"Well at least I don't make our potential lover uncomfortable and I don't threaten them or offer 'special services' to them on their second day here."

"Haha! Very funny Moony. You made them uncomfortable yesterday. Remember??"

"I stopped, I stopped and I got off of them"

"Your dick was rock hard. You can't even deny that. You wanted to bend them over that arcade machine and shove it in their holes.. Heh.. yeah, I remember it all."

"Sun. Shut up, You nor I are any better than the other. We're both just...perverts" Moon said embarrassed

"Hoh.. And you know what I also heard? hmmhmhm.... you wanted to kidnap them.. hehehee~ You and I we're not so different huh.."

"... Sun..."

"And I have a plan for that Moony.. Just matters on when you want to cooperate.."


"Like I said.. we could have them for ourselves.." Sun said, his voice got serious "All of them... All.. hehehehehahAHAHAHHAHAAHAHHAHA" Sun maniacally laughed, his laugh echoing in Moon's head

Moon looked at the kids, y/n, he felt himself getting hard just by imagining them in his captivity...
*All.. for me..?*

"Hold on Sunny, what if y/n has a partner already, a lover..."

"Why does that matter Moon..? Nobody will ever believe that their sweet lover got kidnapped by a perverted animatronic.. We're probably going to be fucking inside them while the cops are looking for them." Sun giggled

"Ugh.." Moon groaned

Moon shifted his position while perched on the highest playplace tower. Shifting to a lotus position

"Trying to hide your boner or something Moonman? Hehehaha~" Sun teased

"Shut up Sunny..."

Moon looked at y/n one more time

"Fine... what's the plan.."

"Hmmhm I knew you'd come around Moony!~" Sun sang


You watched moon as he kept looking at you as well, he changed positions. You made sure to observe all of his movements.
*his pants.. huh.. was there always alot of plush around the crotch??*
You stared Harder at him
*ugh.. I can't really see it now he covered it.. damn it. If they have penises I swear to christ."

Looking back at your monitor you clicked on 'Report'
*this is it Sun. Even if you weren't lying.. I'll even tell Vanessa and Mark..*

You typed in your complaint and contact info pressing send.
You felt a weight on your back, a pressure, the artificial breathing down your neck..
*I-I fucked up.. wait. wait Wait.. Fuck please. No can I take- I cant- I cant take it back. Nonono.. what are they going to do to me.. fuck.*

You signed out of everything and stormed off into the bathroom


"Huh.. y/n left their desk" Moon said, a bit worried on what they're upset over now
"Go check what they were doing on the computer.."

Moon floated down quietly, searched in his head what their password and user is
Upon logging in he immediately checked the browser history
"Sun.. they.. they.." Moon stammered
"Heh... They didn't listen, what a naughty little brat" sun said, his tone darkening


"Fuck.. What if they find out.."
You locked yourself into a stall, your elbows on your knees, holding your head while your knees shook with anxiety
*They won't.. They won't do anything.. They can't, It's against their programming..*

You got out of the stall and shifted towards the mirror, looking at yourself..

*Even if they said.. They.. They didn't.. No no he was just scaring me.. Sun can't.. He's playing pretend..*

With your shaking hands you turned on the faucet, cupping water into your hands. Bending over you splashed the water in your face, wiping one hand over it while the other held the sink rim

*Deep breaths.. deep.. deep breaths..*
"He doesn't know.. He doesn't know" You repeated over and over

Suddenly you saw a little girl walk in. She's one of the children, she stared at you wiping your face off with a paper towel and tossing it.
*Ugh I gotta go back to my desk..*
You walk towards the exit, pushing the door open.

"hhhey starshine...~ hehehe" Moon said, he had a seductive one
"Oh uh- Hey.. Moon." you nervously turned to face him, his tall figure leaned against the wall
"hmm.. Sorry to follow you, but Cathy needed the restroom.." he smiled gently "..Are you alright Starlight? You seemed pretty mad walking out.."
"I- can we talk about this later Moon. I'm not in the mood.." you held your other arm cowardly
"That's quite alright Stardust.. I'll see you after Sunny's turn"

You walked back into the daycare, and soon after you sat down again Moon walked in, Cathy in his arms, she was asleep. He must've given her a Moondrop

He got back on his perch before coming back over to you 10 minutes later

"aaalright y/n it's time for Sunny to come back out.."
"Wait.. Star.. please listen.."

You looked at him, awaiting his request

"Sun is really sorry.." Moon begged
"Moon. He threatened me."
"Yes, I know, I saw. I'm really really sorry Star. The bug still lingers in his system, he's been going off track a bit.. Please.. give him another chance.. He really didn't mean it.."

Looking at Moon, those pleading eyes looking down at you
*God they're so cute when they beg..*

"Two more chances.. Three strikes you're out."
"Thank you Starlight" Moon smiled happily "Thank you soso very much.."
"You're welcome.. Anyway, time for sunny to come out.. I'll see you after drop-off Moony"

You turned towards the badge scanner and activated the lights

"S-s-star!! Hello!!" Sun cheerfully smiled
*Their smile is so contagious when they actually mean it.. huh.. wait.. nonono.. nevermind*

"Hey Sundrop.. I'll talk to you later buddy.. go take care of your kids.."
"Alrighty!! I'll see you later Sunflower!!"

You watched carefully as he rounded up the kids, and sent them home..

He walked over to you, a smile on his face
"H-hey stardust.. are you still"
"Yes sunny I am.. I didn't appreciate the way you were treating me earlier.. And what you were telling me.."
"I'm... I'm sorry y/n... Do you want me to get you anything? Food? A drink? Maybe you wanna go play?"
"Let's tidy up the place first Sunny.. Then we can worry about other things." You said, getting up from your chair and stretching your limbs "Y'know, I can forgive you.. Just don't threaten me or do uncomfortable things to me without my consent."
"I- Of course Flower.. I'll come back immediately when I'm done with cleaning, you relax for today"
"Sunny I don't-"
"Please y/n.. I don't want to make you do work you're not even paid for.."
"fine.. I'll wait for you."

You sat back down in your chair and watched him pace around the ground area, piling up trash and tossing it. Moving on, he crawled into the playplace, you heard him crawl all over the place.


"See Sunny, it wasn't that hard to apologize" Moon hummed

"Yeah whatever.. I'm still angry that you both say i'm in the wrong here even though I'm just following my dreams.." sun huffed

"It's not even about that sunny we discussed thi-"

"It doesn't matter! Heheha! I'll have them... My one and only, wrapped in my arms below me~ Haah- aren't they just so dreamy Moony?"

"Dude. Do your job. They're waiting for you right now so hurry up if wanna admire their backside the whole time" Moon sighed

"HEY! I love everything about them.." Sun pouted


You saw Sun crawl out of the slide, he walked over to a nearby trashcan and tossed away the contents. And grabbing the sanitizer spray he coated and wiped himself down.

"Okay Sunny, ready to go?" You hopped up from your chair
"Yeah!! Just give me a minute" Sun replied, hastily wiping up the sanitizer

"Alright Sunbeam!! How do I look!?" Sun presented himself, flexing his biceps
"Pff- Sun.." you covered your mouth to shield away your slight smile "You look alright.."

You watched him vibrate, his rays spun in excitement
"Hehe! Thank you for the compliment Star!! Now let's go!!"

He held out his hand for you to take, you hesitated at first, but soon took it. It felt warm.. Nice.. it just felt... right...

Chapter Text

"So what are we gonna do first?" You asked him, squeezing his hand a bit
He looked down at you, his hand got warmer "I- mmh- Howhowhow about we go to the theatre I can put on a movie for us!"
"Hmm.. What are my choices..?"
"Anything made by the Freddy Fazbear Franchise-"
"Hmm.. Let's go play some golf"
"Oh! Is that your favorite game starshine?~"
"I mean, I think it's alright.. not really my most favorite game"
"I also like golf. I don't really like Montgomery though... He's very.. egotistical.." Sun said, grunting under his breath, a scorned look on his face
"Hmm, seems like you two have some bad blood. What happened?"

Sun looked away, at the floor, gripping your hand harder

"I don't like thinking about it, it wasn't a good time.."
"Huh.. Well that's okay Sunny"


"I'm proud of you for not lashing out Sun.." Moon praised at Sun's advances
"Thank you.."
"I know.. I know.. I'm not happy about Monty either.. But we'll have fun with y/n, without Monty"
"You don't know that Moony.. He might try to take them away from me and hurt them.. Just like he.."
"..." Moon paused "It'll be alright, I'm sure he won't do anything to them.."
Sun sighed "..okay.."


As you made your way to Monty Golf you heard growls and crashing coming from the room

"huh... Sunny is it normal for those sounds to emit from his room?"
"Oh! Uh- yeah, he's just being loud.. He has alot of volume issues and gets reckless after the shows" Sun frowned at the entrance "Um- for your safety I'll go in first, I'll be right back"

He let go of your hand and walked towards the entrance


"M- urgh.. god" Sun got spooked instantly by the hissing crocodile attractions "M-MONTY!!-" Sun called "I KNOW YOU'RE-"
"Hey!! Sunnybunny!!" Monty said, jumping off of an above head gator ride.

Monty was big, but was still shorter than the Sun at full height

"How've ya been buddy!!?" Monty yelled, but still just 'talking' as he says
"Don't 'Buddy' me Monty.." Sun scowled
"Heyy, what? Did I do sum'n ta hurt ya?!~" Monty shifted his glasses down his snout a bit to glare up at the Sun
"You- you know what. No. Not gonna argue on this.." Sun exhaled "I have a new friend. They want to play-"
"They?? What is this, so many new friends?? Didn't even know yo-"
"Monty. Y/n goes by They/Them.." Sun crossed his arms, disapproving Monty's response
"AH!- So it's a girrll~~" Monty growled

Sun put one hand to his forehead, dragging his hand down his faceplate

"Can we just play golf." Sun groaned
"Yeah Yeah you and your little girlfriend can play of course.." Monty said, arms crossed "You'll owe me though" he said with a smirk
"What. What would you possibly want from me-"
"I want you tooo~" Monty looked back while Sun tapped his foot, the bell jingling over and over "Hm.. You are gonna clean my room everyday forrr... 2 weeks.." Monty stared at Sun "Make that 3.. yeah 3 weeks.."
"UGH- Monty. You are just.-" Sun balled his hands into fists at his sides, towering over Monty
"Listen, Listen Stringbean"
"I'm NOT a S-"
"Stringbean. I'll make it romantic for you two~ c'mon, not only am I a gator of class and fun, but I'm also a gator of romance and mystery-"
"pff yeah right Monty. This 3 weeks better be damn well worth it." Sun scoffed
"Oh trust me.. It will.. Now go get your date, she's probably waiting for you" Monty laughed
"They. They are waiting for me." Sun growled at Monty before storming away


"Snag tooth green bitch.-" Sun mumbled walking towards you
"Hey Sunny! Are we allowed to go inside?" you smiled at Sun
"You look so amazing when you smile Star..." sun mumbled, regaining his smile again
"What was that Sun?" you said, getting up from your seat
"uh- OH right!! Y-yeah.. Sorry, had to talk to Monty for a bit.."

Sun held out his hand, waiting for you to grab it. You immediately grasped it and he squeezed your hand back.
Before walking into the jungle themed entrance, he threaded his fingers through yours

*hah.. that's- ugh..*

Sun looked down at you, checking in before walking in any further
"A- Is your face alright Sunflower??"
"Huh? What do you mean..?"
"Your face.. it's um.. a bit red.. pink? Are you allergic to anything in this room? Or maybe you ate something bad?" Sun puzzled, grabbing your chin with his free hand and turning your face at different angles

You brushed his hand off
"Ah- it's nothing Sun.." you paused as he looked at you, slightly smiling peering into your eyes completely
"heh.. hm~ a-alright" he said, sprouting back up

You both walked in a bit more before Monty appeared before you guys, landing in a flourish before you
"Heeeellooo little lady~! Sunny! How are you doin this fine evenin'" Monty grabbed your hand and put it to his lips, giving it a small peck
"Ah- I- um-" You looked up at Sun, he looked pissed. His smile a bit more deranged than what it was in the morning earlier "I'm doing f-fine"
"Have you ever played golf before missus?" He said, leaning on the railing of the bridge you and Sun stood before
"Yes.." you said nonchalantly
"Monty can you leave us alone. Let us play already." Sun said in a serious tone, glaring down at Monty
"Woah Woah now tiger.. Have yooouuu ever played golf before?~" Monty teased, playfully punching Sun's bicep
"Yes. Yes I have Monty."
"Ooh! Grreat! well I'll leave you two lovebirds to it then~" Monty said, jumping onto the overhead catwalk and walking away

You looked at Sun, He was muttering cuss words and names in the direction Monty went in

"Hey.. Sunny are you ok? You're breaking your own rules hehe.." you said, squeezing his hand a bit
"He kissed your hand.. and disrespected you even after I corrected him.." he said, looking at you with a frown
"Hey, i've had worse, this really isn't bad-" you stammered
"Who? Who else has done things to you that are close to this" Sun stopped walking towards the golf equipment looking at you
"Sun.. I.. I can't really name.. It just happens often.."
"I- I'm so sorry starlight" Sun crouched down to face you, holding your cheek with his other hand

*s-so warm.. and safe.. he smells.. huh.. citrus..*

"I-It's okay Sun.. Um- let's play golf"

He stood back up straight, coughing a bit

"Ah- R-right!" Sun stuttered, going over to the golf clubs and picking out a club for you "Pick a ball for you, Oh! and could you get the orange one with the Sun design on it for me?" He bubbled
"Oh, Okay, no problem.." You grabbed his choice and your choice, and you made your way to the 1st course along with Sun

You handed him his ball, immediately hearing a different choice in music playing throughout the daycare

*is this.. romantic music??*
You looked over at sun, embarrassed and holding his face with his hand and gripping the club with his other hand angrily

"Hehe.. weird choice in music huh..? Haha.." You blushed, looking at Sun
"hh- Just come and play with me Star. Monty is being rude" Sun grunted
"That's ok.. I think I know this song.. Not sure where I'v- oh wait hah.. yeah I do" You giggled
"Ugh whatever, I just know I don't like this song" Sun looked at you while you stood in front of him, smiling "W-would you like to go first..?" Sun stuttered
"Oh! Sure.."

You placed your ball down and braced yourself to hit the ball
"Hm.. Are you sure you've played before Swee- Sunspot?~" he giggled "Your form is a bit.."
"What? What is it." you said, keeping your stance and lining yourself with the ball
"Here-" He walked over beside you and pressed his hand down on your back gently "straighten out a bit.."

You watched him crouch down and pull your leg towards him "And open.."
He got back up, squaring your shoulders "And these as well.."

*This... why am I not fighting against all this..*

He came around behind you and sat back down on the bench "Now try.."
You hit it, actually making a hole in one. You clapped your hands out of excitement
"Awh!! Good job Starlight!!~ You're so good at this game..~" Sun smiled

You watched as Sun instantly made a hole in one as well immediately after placing his ball down

"Huh.. Sun-- are you cheating?~" you teased

Sun looked behind him after picking up both balls from the hole

"I- uh just have alot of experience!!" He said, laughing nervously


"Damn it Sun, you should've guided them from behind~~" Moon said desprately
"You know you sound like me right?~" Sun said
"Ugh it would've been absolutely amazing feeling them pressed against us like that"


You both played mini golf, and finishing at level 30

"Ah- sunny can we go get something to drink? Maybe at El Chip's?"
"Oh! Of course Sunlight let's go"

He grabbed your hand

"SEE YA STRINGBEAN!!" Monty barked back

"ugh what an asshole." Sun muttered

You both made your way to El Chips, Sun made his way behind the counter
"What would you like to drink?" Sun asked in a chipper tone, acting like a bartender
"hmm, what alcohol do you guys have.." you said
"Ah-! Sunlight! You can't drink on the job!!-"
"Shh~ Sunny... Get me a good drink and you might get something in return~"

*What am I talking about, what the hell am I gonna give this animatronic.. a kiss? A kiss..?*

"uh.. Like- like what.. I wanna know what it is first" Sun nervously questioned
"How about I cuddle with you, you can hold me all you all you want in the morning and evening" you proposed
"I- J-just one drink?" Sun said, his fans whirring louder
"Or not.. you don't have to give me a drink"
"I-I Right away! haha.." Sun smirked pulling out a glass, putting in two ice cubes with the provided tongs

He looked at you while looking at the alcohol cabinet

"What do you like..? Tequila.. Whisky... Vodka.. Wine.." Sun listed
"Oh my god how many drinks do they- uhm.. give me Moon's recommendation"
He grabbed out various spirits and one Moondrop candy

He filled a stainless steel cup with ice before adding the drinks and the candy. You watched him pop another cup on top and shaking it around with one hand while positioning the cup he prepped before

"Moon says it's a sweet drink with a hint of lemon, it's supposedly creamy"
"Oo~ nice"

He filled the glass with the creamy mixture and pushed it towards you
You picked up the glass and observed its contents. Sun watched you take a sip while he wiped the counter of any mess and washed the shakers, returning them to their original position on the counter.

Immediately after swallowing the first sip you felt a little sleepy. You took another sip, you loved the taste, it was sweet, amazing.. You suddenly watched as Sun's grin got wider as you started to shut your eyes, slumping down on the counter, sleeping at last.


"It worked!! yay!" Sun giggled
"Don't kidnap them yet Sun.." Moon said
"What-???" Sun glugged down the rest of the drink, licking the rim of where your lips were "mmh~ this drink actually tastes very good.. But why not?? We've already done step 1 of the plan??" Sun said, whining a bit
"Let's make them trust us first, ensure they don't have any family or partner that will care if they're gone.."
"ohhh~ and then, we can take care of their stupid partner if they have one and make them fall for us"
"Eeexactly~ hehehe"
"What are we gonna do about them reporting us?" Sun said
"We can deal with that when they wake up.. what about we make them beg for forgiveness.." Moon rasped
"Sounds like a plan!" Sun giggled

He walked around the counter, patting your hair until he finally picked you up, wrapping your legs around his waist. He held you by your butt and supported your back

"oh my god.. Moony their ass is so.. so soft!!" Sun vibrated at the feeling, he gently squeezed your ass in his hand
"Shut up." Moon muttered
"You're just jealous you aren't feeling this right now.. hehe~ So cute.."

Sun walked into the daycare and took the tether up to his room, laying in the mattress with you straddled on top of him.
"Hm.. It's almost time for you to come out Moony.. Don't wake them up.."

Sun rubbed him hands along your thighs squeezing them a bit

"Alright" Moon replied. The lights shut off Sun kept him groans in, wriggling a bit before the moon finally transitioned, he turned his red LED eyes off to a normal pitch

"Ugh Sunny why are you so hard right now. It probably feels very uncomfortable for y/n right now.." Moon said, pulling you up further to his shoulders.

Moon felt the drag of your sex against his

"ugh.. and- this position doesn't help e-either.." Moon grunted, his fans going wild over the pressure on him right now. He moved his hands from your thighs to your ass, rolling your hips towards him and back "f-fuck.. I can't- it's.. ugh"

"It'ssss what?~ Amazing isn't it.. hehe.."

Moon kept moving your hips back and forth slowly as to not wake you up

"I- thisthisthis isn't rig- right... ah-" Moon moaned out, grabbing at your ass, tightening his grip on it "But-"
"Moony- Focus.. I think they're waking up now. Act asleep."

"Ah- shit-"


Slowly, you regained consciousness, feeling a chill body below you and hands around your waist
*Where- am I... am I.. Room.. who, Sun... where is..*

You moved your hands about the area
*blankets.. mattress*
You couldn't see anything in the dark, you felt the thing you were laying on, the center..
*are these.. buttons?? huh.. wait.. Moony?*

"mmh- M-Moony?" you said, grabbing at the animatronics face
You moved your hands back down to push yourself to sit up
"Mhn- Moony" you started to move up "Are we in your roo-"

Moon pulled you back down
You wriggled your hips a bit
*hard.. what is this thing on my tummy*
"hehehe~ Moooonyyy~ aree you hard or summn?~~" you teased, still drowsy
"I- didn't mean for you to find out this way Star" he replied in a nervous chuckle

"WHAAAATTT!!!! SO you do! have penisssesss..." you dragged your words "L-Lemme see"
"What! No! You need to rest, you're acting silly"

You lifted yourself up
"S-silly?? Mhmnn- I'm not sill- silly"
Rolling your hips against him you heard him let out a small whimper
"I- This isn't appropriate Starlight-" Moon said through a small moan

He gently pushed you off of him, laying you next to him, a hand still on your waist
"Ah! hold on.." Moon said as he sat up, he opened his chestplate and grabbed a sundrop, turning back to you he guided you to sit up. "Open up Star~"

You opened your mouth to be met with a citrusy candy, immediately waking you up
"Ah- now that you're awake.. let's talk about that report.." Moon said, his smile widening
*What? what repo- oh. THAT report..*

Chapter Text

"I- Moon.. I'll.. I'll do anything you want.." you pleaded
"Huh.. Begging already.. hm.." Moon said pulling you closer to you and burrowing himself in your neck

He gripped your waist tightly, you could feel his lips on your neck, slightly kissing it. You whimpered at the attention

"Anything darling..?" he grabbed your leg, pulling it over his and moving his hand to your thigh
"A-Anything.. Just please don't hurt m-me" you said, your body tensing up
"We didn't plan on hurting you, we'd never actually hurt you if you didn't deserve it.. We just want to ask you a few questions.. Then all will be forgiven.." Moon gently carded his fingers through your hair, kissing your neck a bit more.
"Th-at's i-it? Um-" You said, your hands forming into balls, trapped and pressed against Moon's chest "Then.. what did you want to ask..?"
"You see.. This morning we planned to learn all about you, your likes, hobbies, you... We already know what the system tells us about you.. We knew about that report.. We logged into your account when you went to the bathroom.." Moon said, toying with a lock of your hair

*fuck.. should've cleared the history... god damn it*

"Shh~ we forgive you, we understand why you did it darling~" Moon interrupted "We scared you.. Well, Sun did.. It's completely okay.."

You started shaking out of fear against him

“I-I’m s-sorry” you stuttered, stuggling to even say anything at that moment.
“You’re alright star.. We know you didn’t mean it.. Now.. can we ask you a few questions?” Moon asked, tenderly rubbing your hand against his chest and giving you a ginger kiss on the forehead “Only a couple..”

“Mm..” you looked at him, completely at bay, awaiting your response “Alright.. But.. Are you sure that’s what you want from me?”
“Well, maybe a couple other things.. But for now we just want some answers..”
“Okay then.. What is it?”

Moon took his hand from your hand to rub against your waist, you heard his fans boot up as he rubbed you along your side before looking at you again

“y/n, do you.. Have a lover, or a uh- partner?” Moon said, snapping out of the trance he was in
“Pff, why would you like to-to know that..? Hehe..” you nervously chuckled against him “Ha… y-yeah but.. He isn’t really that nice.. Not as nice as he used to be at least..”

You smiled weakly as you sat up in front of Moon, your back facing him you lifted your shirt to reveal your waist, back, shoulders tattered with bruises and cuts… Marks..
Moon grimaced at the sight, shooken up by the amount he scoffed

“You plan to leave him don’t you?” Moon said, a cold hand gently brushing your back
“I can’t Moon… He comes back.. I’ve put countless restraining orders on him, he just goes out of his way constantly to harass me..” you said, shuddering at the cold chill you got while he ran his finger down your spine
“I can.. Fix.. that..” Moon muttered, engaged in the shape of your body.

You felt Moon’s hand wrap around your waist and pull you in closer to him, you were now caved under him.
You continued to pull down your shirt again, halting at the statement..

“You can.. What..?” you said, looking behind and up at him
“Fix.. I assure you I can take care of all your worries.. Except you’ll have to bring him to me..” Moon said, leaning down to kiss your shoulder exactly where a bruise was.
“Moon what would you even d-”
“Kill him.” He sounded serious, monotone, deadly
“No you wouldn’t-”
“Yes.. I would.. For you.. Anything at all…”
“I don’t believe you Moony… I don’t believe you could ever kill someone..”
“I could bring you the finger of the last security guard we took care of..” he crawled over to a nearby vent “I’ll be back..”

You waited for him, watching as he crawled into one of the vents, and crawling back into the room minutes later with something in his fist

“Haha..” he crouched in front of you, opening his hand “Ta-da..~” he sang

You cringed at the sight of a severed finger…
*How many times have they done.. this?? *

You paused, looking foward while he placed the finger down on a shelf, spritzed his hands with sanitizer spray and looked back at you.
He came back, sat down behind you with you in between him legs, you were caved under his frame, his hands trailing to your tummy and locking his hands by threading his own fingers.

“So… What else has he done to you..”

*(“you.. Fucking.. Mmn slut.. Yeah yes take it.. In your tight..little..” you heard him groaning as he forced his way into you, pounding it over and over you could feel your own blood trickling down your leg. Tearing your insides. Tears falling from your eyes you begged him over and over to stop
“Ugh! You always- haah.. Get like this!!”

You felt his fist on the back of your head, a punch, knocking you down to put your head down
You couldn’t smell..
Can’t breathe
Can’t see
Only ringing
Only the feeling of being ripped and torn inside out.
Your tears pouring out of your eyes

“Hahh s-see?? You know you want this.. Fucking whore.”
As you regained conciousness you felt his hand grab a fistful of your hair, yanking it back and digging his teeth into your shoulder.. You could smell the constant stink of booze traced on his breath as he left it trailed on your neck and shoulder, he had the constant smell of sweat on him.

He digged inside you, humping into you roughly while you laid there, emotionless.. You fought.. You always fought hard against him.. You tried so hard.. You felt the bed creak as he flopped over to the side of you

“That was so good.. How was it for you?” he would ask before sitting on the edge of the bed, picking up his clothes on the ground he’d clothe himself “Actually.. I don’t really care now do I..haha.. Well, I gotta get out of here.. Rebecca is waiting for me at home..”

The only thing you heard was your apartment door slamming shut and the only thing you could feel was the aftermath of his greed, the blood and semen leaking out of you, you laid in bed, holding your stomach and curling up into a ball.

You cried.

You cried for hours before you could even get up to shower, to scrub away at your skin,
Scrubbing, scrubbing, scraping away at the unwanted touches.. The feeling of his hands on your skin haunted you. You’d wake up the next day feeling terrible, horrible, guilty..)*

“He.. he.. He’s done alot to me.. Taken more than what I’ve given..” you mumbled, tears pricking at your eyes, your throat begged for the release of a scream or a sob.. Something to express. You felt done with keeping in your screams

“I see.. Star.. I want you to bring him to me.. And I’ll take care of him” Moon unlatched his hands, bringing one up to your cheek, he held it gently, swiping away tears with his fingers “Don’t cry darling… It’ll all be over soon.. Trust me..”

“I don’t know Moon, what if they look for him..”
“Trust me.. I don’t think anyone in this building will rat on us.. Considering the amount of favors we’ve done for them I feel that we’re pretty much covered.”

*Am I really considering this? Killing someone? Leading someone to get killed by an animatronic? …Maybe.. No.. What if people find out.. What if you are sent to jail.. I’m fine with that.. No you aren’t .. whatever.*

“Okay.. Can.. can I bring him in tomorrow?”
“Yes, that’s perfect.. You let me know when he walks it and i’ll take care of him from there. I’ll be back in an hour or 2, just in time for Mark’s shift, If he arrives before you and isn’t in the locker room, stall him for as much time as you can. I’ll crawl through the vents into the employee showers and say I got mess spilled on me.”

He looked down at you, seeing that you were completely zoned out
He leaned in front of your face to the point where his nose poked at yours.

“Star..? hmm.”

“What are you doing? Kiss them? Like that one storybook we read to the kids!!” Sun screamed in Moon’s ear
“Sun we are not in a fictional story book.”
“Okay but still! Maybe you could get them out of their trance by.. I don’t knowww… Giving them a kiss..?
“Ugh whatever.. Fine.”


Moon vibrated, his fans whirring out of nervousness he tilted his head a bit and leaned in, giving you a soft kiss

On the cheek.

You immediately snapped out of your zone, staring at Moon as he stared down at you, looking surprised

“MOONY! It was SUPPOSED to be on the LIPS!! LIPS MOONY!!!” Sun pouted
“I KNOW BUT I JUST- I CAN’T!! I’m too damn nervous.. I’m sorry” Moon said angrily
“OUUUUgh!!” Sun groaned


“Huh? Where’d that come from?” you looked up at him, confused

*did he just give me a kiss on the cheek?*

“I-I sorrysorrysorry, I didn’t mean it.. Uhmm.. Next question!” Moon rambled “Can you tell me about your family?”
“I don’t have one.. I’m adopted, both my foster parents died ages ago and I don’t have the time or money to go searching for other relatives honestly.. I don’t really care about anything of the ‘family’ caliber..”
“I see.. What about friends?”
“My ‘boyfriend’- no. Alex, screwed them behind my back, he’s dating one of them as of now. So I think the only friends I have as of now are you and Sunny.. Sadly”
“Hm..? Why’s that sad? You are in the hands of two, very handsome, caring, and kind animatronics..” Moon boasted
“Haha.. I guess you’re right..” You laughed as you burrowed yourself more into their chest

You lifted your arms and put them on top of Moon’s arm sleeves, feeling the velvety fabric it seemed very high quality..
“Hm.. anymore questions?” you looked up at Moon while toying with the bells on his wrists,and the ribbon that hung from them.
“Hm.. no I don’t think so darling.. Let me ask Sunny first though”
“Alright, I’ll be waiting”


“So? Any questions?” Moon asked
“Ask if they want to sleep before I come out.. It’ll only be 15 minutes, the moondrop candy should wear off by then if you give them it now.. Or I could wake them up with a Sundrop, It’s not really nice, but they have to go home” Sun said


“Would you like to take a nap? Before Sunny comes out? I can give you a Moondrop..”
“Oh! I’d love a nap right now.. And.. can I take some of those candies home? They’re amazing…”

Moon opened his chestplate, pulling out a satchel of moondrop candies, you instantly moved out of the way, turning towards him

“I’ll give you this bag, I can get more when Mark gets here. Make sure to not eat to many of these, although sugar is addictive, you still shouldn’t eat too many of these.” Moon took out a candy from the bag before handing the rest over to you
“Here..” He unwrapped the drop and held it in between his fingers, he held your chin with his other hand while you held the bag

You clenched your hands around the opening.
Moon gestured your mouth to open before he placed the candy on the base of your toungue,
His fingers were cool, and the candy let out a burst of vanilla blueberry flavor
He marveled at how it melted in your mouth, holding your mouth open before pushing your chin back up.

“You are so interesting…” He said in a facinated tone
“Huh?” you said, genuinely confused

You put the Moondrop satchel in your back pocket

*Does he actually consider me interesting because the candy melted in my mouth?? Oh wow.. Damn this thing is.. woah*

You fell towards him, laying on his chest you passed out. Your breath calmed down and you clung to moon.

“They fall asleep so fast.. It’s too cute” Moon sighed
“Can I come out??… I really wanna come out..” Sun whined
“It’s not your turn yet now is it Sunny?” Moon teased, babying his voice to taunt his counterpart
“Ouu.. pleaseee, I’ll get you your Moondrops for youuu~~”

A very simple bribe, much like all others they would converse to each other

“Ugh.. fine. But I get to have my full time tomorrow.” Moon said, picking your body up in his arms and cradling it while they floated down from the balcony

“Yay!! Thank you soooo much Moony! You’re the best!” Sun giggled
“Yes of course, of course..” Moon said, swiping your badge from your shirt pocket and scanning it the lights turned on immediately

“Rrgh ughhh aaAAH-”

The animatronic struggled, his face switching out the metal grinding together and shifting out parts.
Sun was in control again

He looked down at you sweetly while he turned the volume button down for the daycare music.

“Soo good to see you again sweetheart” he whispered to you “Don’t worry, I’ll keep watch of the time for you.” He poked your nose with his free hand

“Haha! Boop!” he snicked as he poked at your face
He leaned down towards you and kissed you on the lips

“Your lips are so soft and squishy! I want more and more!” Sun gleefully pecked your lips over and over

“See Moony? This isn’t that hard!!”
“Shut up Sun..” Moon growled
“You just need to stop being nervous!!” Sun paused “Just be like me!! Cool in everyway!!”
“As if you aren’t hard right now.” Moon laughed
“Hey! No i’m not..”

He looked at you bashfully, his hold tightening around your frame.
“Hm.. let’s go get those drops..”

Sun carefully readjusted your position on him, securing your legs around him and wrapping your arms around his neck. He started skipping over to the daycare theatre, jumping over the counter and carefully opening a preopened crate of moondrops.

“There they are.. I say we take… 50” Sun proposed
“Mm.. 60.. For the month, alot of kids love to stay up as well.. If we can make them all fall asleep then we can- well I can talk to y/n more and figure out more about them..”
“Great idea Moony!”

Sun grabbed a popcorn bag and filled the brown bag to the brim.

“We have another satchel in our room right?” Sun paused
“Uhh.. yes..” Moon thought “Yeah we do.. Or we could just steal another one from the gift shop..”
“Stealing isn’t right Moony, that’s why we need to ensure we have backup bags!!” Sun scolded, walking back over to the daycare he took the bag from your back pocket, opened it and put a few more inside before tightening and closing it again.

“Ironic of you to say that Sunny.. We’re literally in the process of stealing y/n..” Moon giggled
“Yeah yeah Buuutt we’re also saving them.. Which IS a good thing. We can give them a life of no worries.” Sun smiled at the thought “It’s too bad we won’t be able to have children together though..”
“Sun. How are you already thinking of family and future shit..” Moon sighed
“And how are weee thinking of stealing this cutie patootie already?” Sun laughed “C’mon! It’s exciting!!”
“You’re right..” Moon smiled

After approaching the daycare, Sun checked the time.

“Oh! Almost time for Mark to show up.. Bummer..” Sun whined, opening his chestplate

He grabbed a Sundrop candy and shoved it in your mouth, watching it melt on your tongue before closing your mouth again.
You jolted awake, staring at Sun

“Uh! Hi Sun!” you licked your lips a bit

*Ugh… dry… and.. Lemony? Hm..*

“Hey! It’s almost about time for you to go Sunlight!”
“Ah- alright.. Well, let me down and I’ll get out of here. I’ll see you tomorrow Sunny~”
“See ya starlight~” Sun winked at you as you walked out

You made your way to the locker room, changing into your normal clothes..
You exited the door, and walked down the superstar pickup hall, as you made your way to the door, Mark walked through

“Oh- hello y/n”
“Hey Mark, have a nice shift”

You always responded with a smile, and to your surprise, he actually smiled back at you today

You again, made your way back home..

Chapter Text

Upon making it home, you flopped onto the couch and reached for your phone
*Fuck.. Low battery*

You shimmied your way to your nearby phone charger and plugged it in, you scrolled through the contents of your notifications.

You immediately saw that an unknown account called and texted you over 20 times..
*Alex… nonono..*

Pressing on the notification you braced yourself for the worst

“Hey slut. I see that your still ignoring me. What the fuck is your problem. Is this about Rebecca???
Answer me
(1 missed call)
(1 missed call)
(1 missed facetime)
You bitch.. Fucking answer me.
(2 missed calls)
I told you I’m sorry
Why did you block my number??
(1 missed facetime)
You fucking slut, you’re probably cheating on me with another guy.
You just open your legs for anyone don’t you.
(4 missed calls)
I’m sorry
Baby please come back..
(2 missed facetimes)
I just wanna see your face again bb
Quit ignoring me.
(1 missed call)
(1 missed facetime)
What the fuck, answer my calls bitch.
(3 missed calls)
Please let me come over
Rebecca is just a friend baby
(2 missed facetimes)
Fuck you bitch.
(1 missed call)”


Why did he do this? You didn’t know..
*I’m shaking.. I can’t- I can’t do this.. Yes.. You have to.. Sun will take care of him for you.. It’s just one more time.. Please do this.. For yourself.. I can’t- I- What if he hurts me, what if he does even worse things to me..*

“I have to do this. I have to. I have to..”

You clicked ‘Accept’ on the questionnaire at the bottom

‘Will you allow this user to contact you?’
‘Accept’ ‘Block’

With shaking hands you typed

“I’m sorry.. I left my phone at home”
You awaited his response, the anticipation crawling at you, the haunting feeling of his hands.. His hands…

*He won’t touch me.. He won’t touch me ever again after tomorrow.. He won’t.. He won’t*

You watched as the message was almost immediately seen by him, he replied..

“You forget everything don’t you. You’re a fucking clutz. Unemployed bitch.”
“I’m sorry Alex..”
“Answer my fucking call this time.”

Your phone buzzed right after his message


Answer Decline

You felt your throat fill with vomit. You cringed and hurled at seeing the accept button, the colors of the choices.. The buzz of the phone made your stomach flip while you shook violently


You answered the phone.

“H-hello.. Alex..”
“Let me come over.”
“N-no. I have to go to work-k tomo-row”
“Ugh. As if. Your lazy ass just sits around all day. I know you’r-”
“I’m not- I'm not… lying..”
“Don’t fucking inturrupt me. Ever.”
“I’m sorry..”

Your hands were shaking, you started crying
*nonono.. No.. Stop crying, don’t cry, he can’t hear you crying.*

“I’ll pick you up tomorrow then. I’m busy anyway right now. You are such a disgraceful bitch you know that? I bet you’re blowing your boss already for a raise”
“I don’t do that..”
“You’re lying to me. I know when you lie y/n”

Your body shook when you heard him call out your name. You let out a quiet sob

“Do you wanna hang out tomorrow..?”
“Heh.. of course.. What time?”
“Um.. how about at 4… 4 PM..”
“It’s a plan. See ya.”

You heard him hang up the phone on you.
Placing your phone down you curled yourself into a ball

*I need to eat.. I’m so hungry..*

You sobbed for a bit before getting up, the cold floor below you as you wiped away your tears with your sleeve

“I’ll be alright..” “I’ll be alright..” You assured yourself, looking into your refrigerator
*what’s on the menu*

You held your stomach, feeling it cave in, smoothing your hand over it you winced..
*huh.. Drive thru sounds good tonight I guess.. I have to get some groceries though..*

Exiting your apartment complex you rode to the nearest fast food place.


“Tomorrow’s the day!! Hehe!” Sun beamed
“Yeah.. I guess so.. Not sure if y/n is going to actually ask him” Moon replied, with a nervous tone
“Oh c’mon.. They seemed pretty desperate.. I’m sure they’ll come around”

Sun held hope for the situation. Moon considered the fear that came along with it.

“Yes but.. They seemed very fearful.. Who knows what he’s done to them. And by the looks of it she looks like a rape victim..”
Sun sighed “Well, you know what that means..”
“What..?” Moon questioned
“We have even more reason to kill him. We should torture him to his limits first though..” Sun beamed, excited about the next day

Sun kept his eye on Mark
“He’s fast asleep..” Sun said, relieved
“I think you should go confront Monty on that little hand kiss he did.. And the english mistakes.” Moon proposed
“You’re right.. Haha, let’s go take care of that..” Sun grinned harder

Sun skipped out of the daycare waltzing over to Monty’s room
He heard the destruction and crocodile hissing emitting from the room, Monty’s bellowing while he yelled and growled at everything in sight.
Sun walked in

“MOOOONTY!!~ Can you come out?” Sun yelled
“Heyyy! Sunny. So, how was the date?”
“About that Monty, I wanted to talk about some things with you” Sun looked down at Monty, condescending, towering over him.
“Huh.. And what?” Monty crossed his arms snarkily looking up at Sun “Ohhh.. You are jealous because I gave your little girlfriend a kiss on the hand aren’cha” Monty laughed
“You need to stop touching things that aren’t yours.” Sun crossed his arms and bent over to Monty’s level “..And just so we’re clear, gator. Your music sucked.”
“HA! As if anyone would ever ‘be yours’. Let’s be honest with ourselves Sunny.. Nobody. Fucking. Likes. You. heh” Monty leaned into Sun’s face
“I don’t give a shit about what you have to say about me. I don’t take anything serious from the likes of you. You’re just an egotistical #2 in the band, heh, you’ll never be the face of fazbear entertainment and you’ll never be able to replace Bonnie. You’re nothing but a snag tooth beefed up reptile.. And for your information Montgomery” Sun bent back to his original height “I WILL make them fall for me, in no time”
“You smiley bitch” Monty growled, throwing a punch at sun’s crotch before he quickly dodged
“Haha! You can’t even land a measly punch at the tallest thing in your range” Sun laughed maniacally at the gator as he threw out desperate punches.

Sun dodged them before crouching over and grabbing Monty’s fists while in flight.

“Y’know Monty, I’m not really one to solve conflicts with violence but.. If you want to keep punching me, I can take these claws, I’ll rip them right off. And i’ll store them in my room so I can admire them knowing I’M BETTER THAN YOU.” Sun peered into Monty’s eyes through his glasses with a crazed glare “Heheha! I’ll give you 3 seconds”

Monty glared at Sun, pushing against him with his fists. He gritted his teeth, bellowing, muttering curses

Sun loosened his grip on Monty’s claws, smiling at him


Sun’s smile became wider, his face spun as he began to laugh


Monty let go, backing away from Sun

“Ugh. Sun. I hope you know I’m not gonna let you enter my room ever again after this whole fight. When you leave here I’m never gonna fucking talk to you ever again” Monty grunted, rubbing at his knuckles
“Hehe.. Fine by me Montgomery… Just know.. I’ve got my eyes on you.. Don’t touch them. EVER. I mean it when I say that I can and will decommission you if necessary.” Sun giggled, skipping out of Monty’s area

Sun made his way back to the daycare, humming to himself he quietly snuck back in. Peeked to check on Mark

*heh.. Still sleeping.. I guess I can relax now…*

Sun exited the daycare and made his way over to the employee locker/shower room

“Moony do you think they left anything in here..?” Sun asked, searching in his head for your locker and its combination
“I’m not sure, Sun.. I don’t think they would leave anything..”
“Well I’m gonna check it every day..”

Sun rolled around the combination for the locker before opening it up finally
The only thing inside was a bottle of cheap perfume and a kleenex packet.

“Hoho! Look!!” Sun giggled, jumping on the balls of his feet as he snatched the perfume from the locker

Immediately he began to spritz the perfume over his tulle
Upon smelling it from his clothes he immediately got excited from the way it reminded him of you

“Sun- Sun spray it on the mattress.. And just the room.. Please” Moon begged, excited about their new discovery
“Hehe!! They won’t be needing this anyway after we shelter them!” Sun sprinted out of the locker room, flying up to his balcony he entered, crouching before the mattress he sprayed the perfume over it

He skipped around his room, spraying it in all the corners until all he could smell was you

“F-fuck.. They smell so fucking good~” Sun stuttered, feeling his length rub against his pants he groaned as it squirmed in his pants. As if it had a mind of its own.

“Don’t worry Sunny, we’ll have them soon, let’s just take care of that terrible boyfriend… Then y/n will be all ours.”
“I- know.. All ours.. Just.. nngh..” Sun whimpered thinking about you, along with the friction happening along with the thoughts he grabbed at his appendage.

Sun backed himself against the nearest wall, panting at the attention to his length
He quickly shucked his pants off, watching his dick straighten out before him, starving for attention, twitching and leaking pre cum.
Upon grabbing it, he inhaled sharply
He shifted his hand up and down, slowly.

*it’s a bit.. dry..*

Sun sat up, staring back down at his dick
Sun searched his mouth, spitting onto his appendage, coating it in a shiny slick
He got back to rubbing himself up.. And down..
Getting faster with each stroke, he moaned and whimpered to himself. Smelling the air, and rolling his eyes up. He twitched, holding his hand over his mouth as he made small thrusts into his hand, keeping a sloppy, needy pace

“What are you thinking about Sunny~?” Moon teased
“You know exactly what.. I’m- ah~ Hahh uh- fuck..” Sun pumped himself harder, tightening his grip

“Thinking of.. Just.. having them on my dick as I manhandle them.. Haha.. nngh… ah- Ah~” Sun moaned, speeding up his pace he felt himself begin to climax

“A-AH!~ I can’t! Take..IT!~” Sun whimpered. Biting his hand, slobbering on it before letting out hot ropes of thick cum from his tip.
It coated his stomach, he watched as his dick let load after load of a somewhat transparent, thick substance.. It looked. Slightly shiny..
He shook with desperation. Gripping his dick harder he moaned your name over and over. Milking himself of every drop in his dick.

“S-so good~ So good~ “ Sun moaned, letting go of his dick it went back to a smaller, deflated size..

Sun laid there for a couple minutes before getting up
“Alright.. Let’s go get cleaned up for y/n tomorrow..”

Sun wiped off his cum using tissues from the nearby kleenex box
Hopping to his feet, he pulled his pants back up, and made his way to the locker showers


After eating at the fast food joint you often frequented, you made your way over to the grocery store.
You always pulled your hood over your head, your earbuds in unless outside, and hoodie always on.
You also always made sure to get what you need as soon as possible and leave..

Once done, you came back home.
You restocked the fridge, searched in your bag, and took a shower

Feeling the warm water always gave you comfort.. But today it almost reminded you of Sun’s warmth
*It feels so… nice..*
You felt the water trickle down your spine as you scrubbed your body with soap suds, only for the water to carry it away, giving you that warm relief.

You reluctantly exited your shower, drying yourself off and you stared at the bruises on your body. You looked at yourself through your broken mirror..
He broke it. It always reminded you that he is nothing but a pawn of destruction.. You are perfectly fine without that…

Moving over to your couch you dragged your bag over to the edge of it, digging inside it for the satchel of drops.
You found it, desperately opening it you paused on first glance
And in the pile of moondrop candies, a single sundrop lay there.. It laid there. Staring back at you..

“Hm.” You sighed, grabbing a moondrop candy, unwrapping it, and then popping it into your mouth you let it melt beautifully in your mouth

*so good..*

You passed out immediately after consumption
Drifting off into sleep you pulled your cover over your body to keep at least a little bit warm..

Chapter Text

You felt.. Refreshed the next morning, new.. Well rested..

*Huh.. I wonder what they put in those…*

You got up and skimmed through your regular routine, grabbing your phone and enjoying your music on your ride to work

Upon entering the Superstar Daycare Pick-Up hall Sun stood before the door, as if he was waiting for you to walk in
His grin was as big as ever

“Goooood Morning Sunshine!!” He crouched down on his knees to hug you, you felt the plush of his arm sleeves squish you
“Good Morning Sunny” you sighed, relieved as you hugged him back, hearing his fans going crazy over the small pats you made over his back

“Sooo~ did you ask him?~” Sun giggled

He grabbed your hands, he transferred them to one hand while his elbow rested on his thigh. He held them in front of his face before kissing at your fingers and knuckles

*hm.. I thought PDA was against rules here.. haha..*

“Sunny isn’t PDA restricted in the daycare..? Heheh..” You said tugging at your fingers to pull them away from his hand

He tightened his grip a bit on your fingers to keep you from pulling away

“Hehe.. that’s when the daycare OPENS… The daycare isn’t open now.. So Iiii~ can do whatever I want..” Sun smiled, pecking more at your fingers

*Jesus man.. Why am I allowing this to happen all the time… He’s an animatronic?? But he’s treated you better than any other guy you’ve met.. NO?? Remember that one time- Ok that was the bug though. No it wasn’t?? He’s crazy?? You’re actually dragging Alex to the slaughter machine today?? He’s literally a crazed out murderer. No. Alex has hurt me one too many times. He deserves to die.*

You watched as Sun kissed you, moving up your arms as he slowly got up, his free hand holding your thigh

“Mmh.. Sunny- Mark is still here isn’t he..?” You squirmed in Sun’s hold

Sun picked you up swiftly, holding your up to his level, scooping your butt to his arm to make you sit upright, like a bird

“Eh?- And who cares if Mark is here?? What’s he gonna do?” Sun pouted, forming a frown
“He’s probably gonna think I’m crazy because i’m letting an animatronic daycare attendant kiss up on me” You paused, smoothing your hands over his shoulders “You should probably let me down before he walks down the hall and sees us-”
“Whaaat~ But you’re sooo cute perched on my arm…”

He held your back before pushing his nose to yours

“My little dove..~” he whispered
“Ack– Sunny haha!” you backed up a bit from the sudden poke “Yours..?” You questioned, looking back at him “Hm since when have we been a thing..? I still have a boyfriend y'know..”

Crossing your arms you pouted at him, turning your head the other way

“Haha.. Not for long hmm.. Then can I call you mine..?” Sun ‘s grin widened as he let you down from his arm

You grabbed his hand and walked towards the locker rooms

“Sun c’mon now.. We barely know each other! You’d need to take me on a couple dates first”
“H-how many? I have so many ideas for dates! How many do you want?!” Sun grinned harder at you

It almost looked like his cheeks were aching from the happiness

“Sun.. listen..” you paused, smiling softly
“I’m listening…?” He relied, curious

He turned to you to show his full attention, crouching to your level

“I- uh.. I-”

*fuck.. I can’t talk to him seriously when he does that.. Does he do that on purpose??*

You saw Sun’s expression slowly turn from a tight smile to a saddened expression

“Oh.. It’s because I’m an animatronic.. Isn’t it..” Sun said, in a depressed tone
“Y-yeah.. I’m sorry Sunny but.. I just don’t think it’d be a logical relationship.. You’re a robot and I’m a human”
“I have human parts!! I am built to act as a human would.. I just.. I just look like this..” Sun begged “These new upgrades were made to make me similar to a human.. Normal-”

Sun paused as he heard footsteps. He stood up, nudged your back to walk with him, and continued walking with you down the hall.
Mark made his way around the corner. Walking just past you and Sun

“Ah- Hey y/n, Sunny. See you guys later” Mark said, exiting the doors

Sun walked you over to the daycare, his hold on your hand was less warm than before..

*Why did you say that??? Now he’s sad!! What have you done! Apologize. Apologize! Apologize!! Apologize?? Why apologize??? He’s the one trying to pursue you and bring you into an irrational relationship??? BUT HE’S FUCKING SWEET?!??! HE’S NICE??? STRANGELY HANDSOME??*

“Y/n.. Please.. Just one chance..?” Sun said in a low tone
“Sun I can’t-”
“You can!! Darling.. Please.. I will take care of you.. I can give you everything you want in a man” Sun begged, desperately, gripping your hand
“...” You paused, looking at the floor
“Please…” he crouched down to your level, gently laying his hands on your waist “Please… If it doesn’t go right then you can leave me.. Whenever…”

His hands moved around you to hug you, pulling you in for a tight hug he nuzzled his head into your neck, his lips pressing against the skin


*Now think about this. You’d have a better time at work, visiting your.. Boyfriend?? Does he actually love you..? This is a programmed animatronic?? Are they sentient?*

“O-one chance… okay.?” you stuttered almost regretting your decision

*Am I fucked.?*

Sun recovered from your neck after kissing it
Looking at you surprised, slowly turning his excitement to a smile as he sprung up

“HAHA!! YES!!!” Sun bounced on his heels before picking you up from the ground, and tightly hugging you, swinging you in his arms

He kissed at your forehead and face constantly


You watched him smile harder as his laughed. Stimming and kissing you all over
“I will make sure I’m the best boyfriend you’ll ever have!! Moony will too! Youyouyou should hear him right now!!”
“Haha!! Heheh I-I’m glad Sunny! Haha!-”

Sun calmed down a bit, carrying you normally before hauling you both up to his balcony

Not even remotely close to his room he pounced on top of you, kissing at your collarbone, shoulders and neck before sliding his toungue onto it

“H-HEY! Hey!” You yelped after feeling the shock of sweet warmth on your neck in one sudden drag

Sun immediately lifted himself up still on top of you

“I-I’m Sorry y/n!! I must’ve gotten carried away hehe!” Sun giggled happily as if this was the best moment in his life
“Save all the licking for later Sun- You can kiss me but it’ll take some time for me to get used to licking” You frowned at Sun, looking into his eyes before glancing down at the daycare..

*huh.. Bulge..? What. Oh my fucking god THAT’s what he meant by human parts??? Wait no.. nonono that’s just plush*

Without thinking you lifted your knee to brush against it.. Surely it wouldn’t affect him if it was just cotton..

“Ah- And you were JUST saying we needed to take it slow!!” Sun slightly moaned at the contact
“HUh-??? Is that?? That’s your dick???” You said surprised, yanking your knee back down
“Wh-what..? Is it.. Small..??” Sun said, embarrassed, looking down at it “It’s only 13 in-”
“THIRTEEN????” You yelped “THIRTEEEN?? Are you SERIOUS??”

Sun looked at you, wide eyed, surprised, confused

“Uhm.. Is it.. Not normal..? I-I’m sorry”
“Sun. Look at me.. And then look at your dick. Do you seriously think for a second that that.. THING?? Can fit in me??”

Sun did what you said

“Haha!~ I guess you’re right.. But I think you can!! Human bodies can be very stretchy.. I’m sure if you really tried you co-”
“Sun! Shut your mouth!!” You felt your face heat up, flustered by his dullness
“Okay okay!! But i’m just saying!”
“I KNOW- I. I know.”

Sun smiled sweetly at you, wrapping his arms around you and picking you up
He planted you right on his bed

*Huh.. His room is much cleaner today… How sweet of him…Wait is that him soft.*

“Wait. Is that you soft???” You shuddered
“Ah! No! My soft size is 5 inches!”
“SEE?? THAT’S THE AVERAGE SIZE!! 4-5 is the average size for men. NOT 13???” you sat up, panicked
“I’m sure SOME guys have my size!!!” Sun said, concerned, lifting you up by your hips and placing you on his lap. Facing you towards him
“Sun. Only the lucky few.. Only the lucky few” you didn’t even realize you were pressed up against his dick.

Sun smoothed his hands over your legs and began to press them apart
You were now straddling him..

*Oh my god. He is ROCK hard right now. Wait.. is it.. Is it MOVING???*

He laid down on his back, taking you with him and placing your head on his shoulder. He moved his hands from your head and back to your waist, his pinkie slightly toying with the waistband of your pants

“S-Sun.. Are you fucking hard right now..?”
“Uhh– no! What would bring up that question??” He nervously chuckled

*what if you sucked him off right now..? What if you grinded on him? What if you had sex with im right now?!! SHUT UP! Shut up!!!?? You were just telling him to not lick at your neck because it made you nervous?? Oh come on it turned you the fuck on. Yeah it did. I ain’t ashamed of that.!!*

“I- Nothing.. Nevermind” You muttered

You felt his hands move from your waist to your thighs, ever-so-lightly squeezing the plush

“You’re sososo soft darling~” Sun whispered, his artificial breath brushing against your shoulder
“Ah- I think it’s just the jeans Sun..”
“Take them off then-” Sun paused “Did I just say that out loud..?” he asked you, genuinely curious
“Uh-..” The only thing you felt was your cheeks and your sex heating up.

*Why is this turning me on??? NO!!*

“I’ll take that as a yeah..” Sun said, turning his head away from yours, embarrassed

You heard the Daycare music boot up

“I guess that’s our cue to go back down” Sun said, sitting up

*(You felt his dick brush against your clit making you moan out loud
Sun looked at you, flustered

“Ororor we could stay for a while..!!” He laid back down with you still sitting up

A nervous, cute expression slowly turned into a seductive smirk..
His hands moved from your thighs to your hips.. His possessive grip beginning to tighten around your waist, You moaned out loud feeling him push you down onto his dick you cried out his name

“S-sunny! Ah- wait!!” you held yourself up, pressing your hand on his stomach
“I’ve been fucking dying to hear you say my name like that Sunshine~” Sun grunted as he rolled you towards and away from him. Easily sliding you all over his length
“Such a good little toy~ mm..” Sun moaned “I- nearly can’t take it just watching you struggle.. It makes me want to- hnm”

Sun rubbed you faster on his length as you moaned louder, smacking a hand over your mouth as his length brushed over your clit perfectly

“Struggling..? Haha.. ah~” Sun smirked, watching you melt in his hands

You formed your hands into balls as you came, climaxing, feeling a wash of pleasure run over you. Grinding on him harder to finish him, hearing him moan and whimper under you

His eyes looked up at you, and his mouth perpetually open, begging for more
The feeling of his length pumping out his seed. His claws digging into you while he kept you nailed down on his dick.

You felt the energy leave you as you flopped down on top of him, soothed.. relaxed..
You laid there with his hands still cupping your ass while you took a second to calm down

“So.. are we official now..?” Sun smiled at you, kissing your forehead
“Hah.. I guess we are..” )*

“Hey.. y/n?? Hellooo~ Darling?” Sun was frantically trying to snap you out of your daydream

You looked at him with shock.

“Oh! There you are!! What were you thinking about silly?” Sun motioned for you to get off of his lap
“Ah- umn… Nothing.”
“Oh! Really? So your hips weren’t just moving back and fourth on me and you weren’t just making those cute noises while you rode me?” Sun smirked holding you cheek while you sat there, flustered
“I- Uh.. I didn’t know I was doing that..”
“I liked it… I loved every moment~ Watching you act like that. It was so beautiful..” Sun leaned in for your lips

You let him bring your face to his, finally feeling his lips against yours
You closed your eyes, responding to his kiss by pressing back

You pulled away
“Sun, I think we should go back down there.. A parent is probably gonna walk in any moment..”
“Hm.. Fine… We can play later then~” Sun smiled. Getting up from his sitting position and helping you up
“Haha.. You kinda got me a bit excited..” Sun walked over to a box of Kleenex pulling away his waistband, immediately a small glow emitted from the entrance.

You saw him wipe up the base of his dick supposedly

*Pff it looks like he’s sticking his hand into a pot of gold*

“It glows??”
“Yeah! Slightly.. Yeah haha” Sun collected his tissue, throwing it away. “Don’t worry, I also think it’s a bit strange”

He took a pump of hand sanitizer in his hands

“Oh well, let’s go back down.. Get the day over with so I can play with you more”

He snatched you up in his arm and took you down.
Sun kept his hold of you until you both approached your security desk, he then gently plopped you into it.
Holding onto the arms of the chair he bent down and gave you a small peck on your lips

You both jolted hearing the doors open

“I’ll see you later darling~” he held your chin, giving you one last kiss before moving towards the door


“Oh my god Moony did you hear all the cute things they were saying during their little trance??” Sun sighed “Calling for me in that seductive tone? If I didn’t control myself at that moment I think I would’ve ripped all their clothes off!!~” Sun giggled, crazed over the thought
“I know right..? I wish I were you sometimes..” Moon sighed
“Hey! You got Alex today, maybe they’ll be so shocked by the slaughter, they’ll let you fuck them..” Sun optimistically said to Moon
“I hope.. Feeling them.. On me? Haha.. I’d have alot of fun with that..”
“So.. How are you gonna kill him?”
“I think I’ll tie him up first, and left y/n take all their anger out on him. I’ll beat the shit out of him.. Maybe cut some things off, and I’ll kill him. AND! I’ll fuck y/n right in front of his corpse” Moon happily replied, queer about his plan
“Ooo!~ Great plan Moony! It’ll kinda be like a date!” Sun clapped his hands excited of the plan
“Let’s get through our day, can’t be focusing on anything but the children during work hours..”


You watched as Sun played with the children, seemed today they had a tiny puppet show for the children

Getting up from your desk you stretched your legs and walked over to where the kids were, you sat behind the crowd on the plush floor

“And then.. Mr. Rabbit hopped and hopped away from the rude bear.. And ran all the way back home!”

He made the hand puppets move for every action

“Mrs. Bear realized what she’d done wrong! So she baked Mr. Rabbit a carrot cake, made with a lot of love and care”
“She then decorated it with icing!”

Sun made the bear puppet grab a cake squishy, holding it in her two “paws”

“She then walked allllll the way to Mr. Rabbit’s house, knocked on his door”
“Knock knock knock!! Mr. Rabbit!!” Sun made a slightly feminine voice alteration for Mrs. Bear
“Go away!!” Mr. Rabbit declined
“I’m sorry Mr. Rabbit! I’m sorry for calling you those rude names!! Please open up!”

Mr. Rabbit faced Mrs. Bear at the door, she wiggled the cake in front of him

“I made you this as an apology.. Please forgive me..”
“Ah- That’s so sweet of you Mrs. Bear!! Thank you!”

Mr.Rabbit took the cake from Mrs. Bear and placed it on Sun’s knee as a table

“I’ll take this as an apology.. But don’t bully people like that!” Mr. Rabbit crossed his arms
“Of course Mr. Rabbit! Thank you so much!”
Sun made the two puppets hug at the end

“Now! Who can tell me what the moral of the story was? Volunteers get Sundrops!” Sun said with a smile, degloving the two puppets from his hands

Tiny hands shot up

“Oo! MEmememe!”
“No!! Me!!”
“Mr. Sun!! Me!!”

You got up from your spot, smiled at Sun and walked back over to your desk

“Now Now children!! Everyone can get a turn!” Sun reassured the children, their voices getting fainter and Sun letting them to answer

Soon it was naptime…Moon would stare at you, smiling and waving at you..

You kept careful watch of the time on your phone as Sun sent the kids off with their parents
He came back to you

“Sooo~ when is Alex coming?” Sun came behind the desk, and bent over the chair you were sitting in, holding it by the arms and peeking at your phone like a curious cat.
“Soon Sunny, he’s coming at 4” you turned your phone off, looking straight up at Sun
“That’s soon! Has he texted you yet?”
“Uhhh” you turned your phone back on and went to your text messages “here” you gave him your phone, he scrolled through your messages
“Sunlight.. Why do you let him talk to you like this..” He took his hand from the arm of the chair to cup your face.

You laid in his hand, feeling all of your worry raise in your belly as you remember the ways he used to torture you. Hurt you..

“He has no right to be calling YOU a whore when he’s sleeping with other women.. What a dick.. You know, this makes me happy that we’re getting rid of him today” Sun gave you your phone back happily smooching your cheek

You smiled at the warmth of Sun in general..
The lights switched off at exactly 4.
And along with Moon’s transformation, the next phase was in motion.

Capturing the prey.

Chapter Text

You picked up your phone and dialed Alex’s number, you watched Moon lifted himself back up and come back to laying over your seat
He cupped your face with a cool palm

While the phone rang, Moon kissed your forehead

“Hellooo~” Moon sighed
“Hey Moony, hah.. I guess I have two boyfriends..?” You pressed your hand against his
“Yeah, but again, twice the fun~” Moon giggled
“Exactly.. Haha..”

Brrr, Brrrr, Brr-
“Hey.” Alex said in a groggy tone
“Hey are you almost here?” You relied
“Yea. Come out.”
“I have to pack up in the locker room, can you come in through the back?”

You looked at Moon, gesturing for him to get moving. Moon nodded and started to scurry away, lightly giggling to himself.

“I have the door unlocked”
“Fuck no, I don’t wanna go in that shitshow joint” he paused “...I hate animatronics..”
“I’ll bring you some booze..” you bribed him, he always would fall for the alcohol bribe
“.... fine. You better give it to me straight away though.” He grunted
“Okay, see you in a bit.”
“I’m entering the door now.”

He hung up, you leaned back in your chair.. Now you wait…


Moon watched, keeping himself alert of any noise
He watched carefully, hanging from the pipes of the ceiling just above the exit door

The door opened with a click, and there he was

A medium sized guy, 27.. Maybe 28 years old, his height was about 6 foot
His face was immediately recognized in Moon’s system as a registered sex offender. He cringed just from skimming through the information of his case

“Eugh.. gross.. You wanna know what his sex offender case is?” Moon grunted
“Sure. As if this guy couldn’t get ANY worse haha..”
“Apparently he used to walk around school areas naked, only wearing a long trench coat. He also urinated on school buildings in front of children. Every time he was brought in though he was intoxicated”
“Oh my god man.. I can’t believe this guy.” Sun groaned, frustration in his voice
“I know right?? Like what if that ever happened to one of OUR kids??”
“I’d be even more angry. I love those kids like my own..”
“Let’s make sure to take out all our anger on this guy.. No mercy at all.” Moon smiled, focusing on Alex as he moved down the hall
“Yeah, let’s.”

Moon quietly dropped from the ceiling and crawled on all fours behind Alex

“H-Hey!! Y/n!? Where the fuck are you??” Alex called, he sounded desperate, angry

Moon giggled quietly before crawling into a storage cart

“Is someone there?? I swear to god if you’re fucking wi-”

Alex watched as two red LED lights rose slowly from a storage cart.
His face went cold. Scared, his reaction delaying before backing up, stumbling a bit.
Moon rose up from the cart still at a slow pace

“Hey.. Don’t worry friend.. I’m just patrolling..” Moon rasped
“I-I didn’t- I” Alex was shaking, seeing the massive animatronic approach him gently. The LED lights making his eyes strain
“Suuuure you didn’t, friend… I will need to escort you out now..” Moon said, getting behind Alex, nudging him towards the door

Alex started to walk towards it, his legs wobbling like a baby deer
Just before he reached the door push Moon immediately grabbed Alex’s neck

“Hahaha.. Just kidding.” Moon teased, his grip tightened around Alex’s neck

He squirmed in Moon’s hand, desperately gasping for air, crawling at Moon’s grip. Choking out incoherent words.
Moon held Alex in front of his face, laughing in his face maniacally, shaking him around like a doll while he watched the air leave his victim

“HAHA.. Hehehe!! Alright alright I’m done watching your scrawny ass beg for breath
“you- … ug… bi-” Alex struggled while Moon tightened his grip even more
“Yeah whatever.”

Moon jumped up to pipe on the ceiling holding onto it as he yanked Alex up for his head to hit another pipe
Finally knocking out Alex, Moon threw him on the ground, opening his stomach plate, taking out some rope, fabric and duct tape
He crouched down to deal with him, his body strewn out on the cold cement

“Youyouyou should feel lucky I’m not digging into your guts right now. You’ll have a couple more hours to live, fucking asshole.” Moon grunted as he wrapped Alex up

He picked up his body, hauling it over his shoulder

“Now the fun can start..” Moon laughed


You waited, glancing at your phone, the time.. Anything.
The bile rose up in your stomach as you bored in every minute that passed, every single digit moving at a slow, painful pace.

“What have I done… what have I done…” you muttered, shivering in your seat. The vomit inducing in your stomach, churning from the anxiety

You ran off to the bathroom, locked yourself in a stall, and tried your best to calm yourself

*Nonono.. He’s- he’s gonna come back, he’s gonna.. I- I can’t do it. I can’t do it.*

You cried as you held your knees to your stomach, shuddering. Thinking of every time he’s come back to hurt you.


Moon walked into the daycare

“Staaar~ I’m back darling!~” Moon said in a cheerful tone

No response

“Starlight?” Moon called out, speed walking over to your desk only to see that you weren’t there

He started to scan the room for you, any thermal heat emitting from anything. Searching all over the playplace he noticed a signal from the bathroom.

“Ah.. Found you..~” Moon hauled himself up and flew towards you.

He landed in front of the entrance, knocking on the door before entering

“Knock knock star~ Sorry for intru-”

He stopped as soon as he heard you sniffling

“O-oh hey! Moon! Sor-ry.. I just needed to calm down!! I’ll come out.. I’m sorry” you choked out, holding back your sobs behind the door.”
“Starlove… I can hear you crying… What’s wrong little dove..” he pressed his hand gently on the door.

You saw his goofy shoes in the window under the door, his hat peaked over the top opening

“I-It’s nothing Moony” you declined him
“Please open the door y/n… I just wanna check on you” he said in a gentle voice

Considering his big size and amount of strength, he could probably rip off the door himself and put it back together again. But here he was, awaiting your permission.

*He’s too good for you. You don’t deserve anybody, not even an animatronic. You’re worthless, hopeless. Why are you even here? Your ex hates you, this robot probably hates you too. He pities you, he’s only treating you with kindness because he feels ba-*

“My love~ Please open the door, your sobs are making my programming go nuts..” Moon chuckled lightly, still reading the room
“O-Okay..” You sniffled, you opened up the door.

Moon was in his crouch position, if he stood any higher he’d bonk his head on the ceiling.

“Hey y/n~, come here..” Moon cooed, he shuffled towards you and gave you a hug.

Tears began to prick at your eyes again

“Hey, hey… you’re gonna be alright Star… I’ve got you..” Moon patted your back, backing off and getting on his knees

He did the same thing as Sun, held your hands in theirs to talk to you.

“Now.. tell me what’s wrong…” Moon stared at you, a calming expression laid across his face
“I- You’re going to think I’m stupid..” you whimpered. Getting emotional you shed a tear.

Moon used one hand to grab some tissue from the roll in the stall. He wiped up your tears and wiped your nose.
Leaning in, he kissed your forehead

“I’ll never think that Star.. You are not stupid.. I believe you’re very smart..”

He cupped your face, rubbing his thumb across your cheek.
“..Beautiful… Amazing…” he paused, getting caught up looking at all the features of your face “You’re everything to us…” Moon whispered.

You let a warm blush brush across your face

*Huh. Haven’t heard that in a long while actually..*

“Hah… don’t lie to me Moon…” you looked away from him, biting your cheek
“Hush.. Darling.. You really don’t know how much we love and appreciate you… How big of an impact you had on us once we saw your reaction to us. Even when you walked into that door, we thought you were finally the answer to our prayers~”
“Pssh.. and?” you gestured to yourself “Am I??”
“Of course~”

You sighed

*fuck.. Why do they do this to me?*

“Will you tell me why you were crying though love?” Moon requested again
“Oh.. I was just..” you held your hands together in between your thighs, squeezing them “I was just.. Scared..”
“Scared of what..?”
“Him..” you muttered
“Oh… heh.. Don’t worry, he’s all tied up right now.. Hah.. I was gonna take you to go see him, chained up.. So you could torture him with me… It’d be like a.. A date.” Moon chuckled nervously

*Did he seriously just ask me to go on a date where we beat up my ex and kill him?? Whatthefuck??? Well? Are you? NO?!? Yeah? It’s a date..? You could totally chop his dick off bro.. WHAT. Yeah ok lets go. Are you fucking serious?? Yes? He deserves it! I’ll have fun doing it too..*

For a moment, you paused.. Something just clicked.. Somehow, murder was okay now.

“Yes..” you said to him, staring dead into his eyes
“We should go.. I want to..”
“Mm.. Alright then star.. Let’s be on our way then~”

Moon took you by the hand, rising up to a standing position
He accidentally hit his head on the ceiling

“God!- Dammit!! Ugh..” Moon growled

You giggled at him a bit while he rubbed the top of his head
He smiled back at you warmly.. Your smile seemed to make him smile again

You took his hand and exited the bathroom with him.

“Can I carry you..?” Moon asked gently

Upon your response he immediately picked you up into his arm, perching you onto it and securing your legs around his torso

“Hold on tight~” Moon warned you

He called the tether and started to hum a tune, you didn’t know what it was at all but it sounded great.
He flew with you in his hold until you made it to an unknown part of the daycare.

He landed in front of the door, opening it and walking in.

*A hallway.. huh.*

He walked with you down the hall, still humming.
Finally you made it to a door
Moon pushed it open and there you saw him..

“Wake up dipshit.” Moon cursed at Alex, letting you down

He walked around Alex and got behind the chair

“You have a visitorrr~~” He sung into Alex’s ear as he undid the blindfold

He squinted his eyes, only able to make grunts and muffled screams due to the duct tape on his mouth, he was fully naked with only humiliation to cover him
He pierced you with his glare

You took a couple seconds to soak in this image.. Your ex.. The one who has manipulated, abused, raped you for years.. Just sitting across from you. Tied. Submissive. A mouse to you.. A Tiger.

“Shut your fucking mouth.” Moon smacked Alex’s face, getting him to stop screaming “Be quiet. For you are at the mercy of them. You should be bowing your head to them.” Moon slid his hands over Alex’s shoulders, gripping them

Alex let out a small grunt, slowly turning into blood curdling screams while Moon dug his claws into his skin. Pressing harder onto his collar bone.


It broke.

Alex’s eyes teared up as he screamed
It nearly made you laugh at how miserable he looked. You fell in love with this image

*haha.. he broke it that easily*

“Can you take the tape off his mouth, Moony?” you stepped closer to Alex
“Of course love..” Moon gripped Alex’s face, tearing off the tape

He was crying, whimpering, almost about to scream
He looked at you with a tearful look

“HELP! HEELP!! PLEASE SOMEONE PLEASE-” He screamed, wiggling in his seat

You swiftly punched him out of reflex

“Shut the fuck up. Make another sound and I’ll cut off your fingers one by one.” you gripped his neck, digging your nails into his neck
“P-please… y/n.. Please please let me g-”
“Fuck. You.” you dragged your nails away from his neck, pulling your hand back

Hearing him scream for once because of you.. It was so delicious…

*I need more.. More.*

You turned to Moon who was leaning against a wall smugly

“Moony.. Do you have any.. Knives.. Or like cutting devices?-” you gave him your full attention
“And now you’re dating this THING??” Alex blurted, you turned towards him

Moon sprinted in front of you, crouching down to Alex’s level.

“I’m sorry that I took your lover, Sorry that they hump on me for actual pleasure instead of receiving it from your.. What.. 2 inches?? Sorry I can treat them better than any other man.” Moon sarcastically apologized, gripping Alex’s face tightly.
“Fuck you, you’re nothing but a walking piece of metal. Moon bitch.” Alex gritted

Moon smiled psychotically at him, getting up and moving behind him.
He grabbed one of Alex’s fingers. He bent it upwards

“H-Hey. What are you doing fuckwad?? O-OW-” Alex stammered looking back
“Apologize to them.” Moon demanded, pressing one of his fingers upwards even more “Anymore pressure and I’ll break your fucking finger. I’ll break all of them if you keep disrespecting them. Like I said.. You are at the mercy of y/n.”
“Break his finger.” You demanded
“As you wish darling” He giggled as he pressed a smidge harder

Moon laughed as Alex screamed, tears streaming down his face

“Hehehe!! Why don’t we break the others??” Moon laughed
“Huh..” you intervened

You walked over to Alex and stomped on his dick

“GAH- You BITCH.” Alex barked

Moon broke another finger once Alex called you a bitch

“Y’know.. I also remember hearing that same phrase before ‘No!! Please!! Please stop!!’. But did you ever stop? When you’d rape me and I’d beg you to stop..” you gave him a cold stare, pressing your foot deeper onto his groin
“You fucking loved it. You were always wet for me because you’re a fucking wh-ORE!-” Alex barked. Screaming again.. Moon broke another finger..

You punched his face


You felt tears building before your eyes as you punched him over and over and over.

“YOU- You ruined… me… Alex..”

You took a step back, ceasing from the amount of punches and you looked at your work. His face battered, blood coming from his nose, his chin dislocated, eyes shut

“WAKE THE FUCK UP.” You screamed at him. Kicking him in the shin
“Moon. Can you get me a knife?” you politely asked Moon
“Of course~”

You watched as Moon walked over to a storage shelf

“Scalpel, Knife, Box Cutter.. Saw.. Which one do you want Starlove~”
“Box Cutter please..”

He came back to you, crouching down, pressing it into your hand as he kissed you on the lips

“You’re doing amazing sweetheart~” Moon whispered in your ear “I’ll give you a reward for your amazing performance later~” he folded your hands to hold the weapon
“Mmh-” you moaned, feeling your sex heat up, throbbing at his words “please-”
“Ah Ah.. Take out your anger on him first darling.. Then we can play~” He nuzzled into your neck, kissing it slightly

You gripped the box cutter harder
You felt Moon kiss at your sensitive parts gently.. His hand holding your waist and his other hand ran up from your stomach, to breasts, and then your neck. Pushing you closer to him

“M-Moony~ nn- fuck..”

*I can’t focus.. I need to kill Alex first.. But.. this feels so nice.. I can’t help it- I might-*

Moon stood back up after stopping all the neck kisses, teasing you away from your climax.

“Good little toy~” he grinned down at you snickering about himself “I had to stop myself… I would’ve ripped off all of your clothes if I continued..” he shyly looked away
“I don’t think I would’ve minded..” you smirked

You walked over to Alex, who was staring at you two the entire time.
“Y’know.. I think you’ve had enough of a break. I think it’s time for us to.. Resume our fun..” you smiled at Alex, pressing the cutter lightly on his skin as he sharply inhaled through his teeth
“I hope you know I’m not going to let you live.. So you should enjoy this now while you still can..” You giggled, pressing harder into Alex’s skin as he screamed

Over and over you created slashes on his forearms as he screamed. You let the cuts become deeper and deeper until his whole arm was covered in red

You took the razor of the cutter and pressed it against his cheek

“Hold still.” you coldly gazed at him as you pushed the cutter through his cheek, severing it to create a hole

You relished in his screams

“You know what.. All these cuts.. But maybe we should remove some things… Could I have the knife?”

Alex stared at you with a pitiful look, tears falling from his eyes. His body shivering as Moon handed you a knife

“Oh~ Why so sad? You should be happy. I’ve let you live this long, you should apologize and beg me for forgiveness as if I were God.” you spat at him

Moving the back edge of the knife against his chest you poked his adam’s apple with the point of the knife

“Why aren’t you talking anymore..” you created a slice against his skin on his chest
“s-STOP.. Please just LET ME GO!!” He begged
“I told you” you grabbed his dick holding the knife to it
“No- NOnono Please please don’t y/n-”
“You aren’t leaving. I’m going to kill you. And you’re going to live the last moments of your life begging for forgiveness.” You pressed the knife close to the skin

*Start cutting.*

Chapter Text

You cackled as you watched your ex writhe in the chair, tugging at his restraints as you severed off his chode little by little

“Hey.. stay still” you stopped cutting, pulling the knife out and looking at him with a snarky glare
“I CAN’T- STOP! STOP PLEASE I WON’T TELL ANYBODY!!” He screamed, his tears falling from his chin with snot running into his mouth

You stabbed the knife into his thigh, hearing him cry out once again
You got up and took a step back. Admiring your work as you watched your victim squirm

*Wh-what am I doing.. What have we done… Why. No. He deserves it. Just kill him. No.. I have to put him through my torture. Why is my heart beating so fast*

You backed up, giggling through a whisper as you back into Moon..
You looked down at your clothes..

*I’m covered in blood.. His blood. Disgusting… Trash.*

Moon bent down to your ear

“It’s completely fine if you’re tired or can’t do anymore darling, I can-”
“I can- I can do it.. I just needed a timeout..” You stuttered. Walking back towards Alex

You twisted the knife in his thigh before pulling it back out

“Scalpel please Moonpie?~” you looked back at him with a twisted smile
“O- Of course..” Moon smiled bashfully at you. Handing you the scalpel


“They look so cute covered in blood.. Our crazed little lover~” Sun sighed dreamily
“I got a new nickname!!” Moon giggled “Moonpie~” he repeated, his eyes becoming wide, excited

He took a moment to watch as you stabbed into Alex’s eyes
He blocked out every other noise while he conversed with Sun

“Soooo cute~” Moon felt himself get warmer, bigger, needy and almost at his edge
“Calm down Moony, let them finish” Sun scolded
“I- I can’t… I just wanna touch… and..” Moon stuttered as he held his hand out nearly grabbing your neck before pulling his hand back

He stared down at you with lust
His length pressed against his pants
“I- ugh… God..” Moon muttered
“Shh~ They’ll be done soon, Alex is gonna bleed out and die unless they stab him..”

Moon heard you laugh, it pierced the air as you stabbed Alex in the stomach with the knife you picked up of the floor

“MMhnn they’re sooo irresistible~” Moon swooned


You breathed heavily as you dragged the knife further down into his stomach as he screamed
You couldn't help yourself from laughing.. Your ex.. Facing the most pain ever

“Hah… HAHA.. HAHAHHAHAHAHA” You yanked the knife out of his abdomen, going back and slashing it horizontally watching his guts spill out

You held the knife with a tight grip, dropping it to the floor as you watched Alex give out finally
Moon approached you from behind, a hand on your shoulder, the other held your waist..
You were in between his legs as he sat on his knees

“Youuu did ssoo good starstarstarlight~” Moon slithered over your neck, breathing on your skin

He moved up to your cheek and kissed it

“Sooo beautiful~ and amazing…” his hand slid down from your shoulder to your hand, grabbing it with a gentle squeeze
“Moon…. Are you.. Mad at me..?” You shuddered, looking back at him with a bloodshot look. The blood smeared on your cheek only got slightly wiped away as your tears started to fall
“Darling…” Moon rasped. Turning your body towards him “Why would I ever…~ My love you did amazing”

He lifted your cheek and pulled your face in for a kiss
You pressed into him harder. Wrapping your arms around him he responded with his hands around your waist, making it look tiny compared to your frame

“Mmh.. More~” Moon’s voice box demanded as his tongue brushed against your bottom lip

One hand slid from your waist to your ass, the other spreading out to support your back as he desperately kissed you
You eagerly let him in. He picked you up and slid you onto him. Straddling him yet again

He tasted.. Good.. A slight taste of that creamy drink Sun made for you the other say
His tongue ran through your mouth with a thrill.
It made your back arch, making you slightly whimper.
You finally grinded your hips against him.

*I feel so.. Needy… I never usually do feel this way.. But.. He just..*

You pulled away, moaning as you rubbed up against him

“Greedy toy~ hehehe ah- nn why don’t.. Fuck… why don’t we take a shower.. Get you- mmh cleaned up~” He grunted as you kept grinding against him.
“No-nono please~ Please let me-”
“And you will starlove~ We can do sooo much more once I get these.. Clothes~ Off..” He breathed in, restraining himself

*He’s holding back alot.. Haha. So cute of him.*

“I- hmm okay..” you groaned, stopping your hips

Looking behind you, Alex’s corpse was bleeding out, a large pool of his blood already over the floor.
Moon turned your face back towards him

“Don’t worry sunflower~ I’ll clean that up~” Moon smiled as he kissed you again “You did amazing”
“Nnh” you whined, you laid against him, tired
“Sleepy little dove.. I’ll take you to the showers and we can get cleaned up~” He kissed your forehead “I love you darling”

You shut your eyes, sinking into him as he walked


“Aw.. You didn’t fuck them?” Sun groaned
“In the showers.. I have to clean them up.. Y’know.. Before Mark comes over for his shift” Moon said, holding onto your ass, squeezing it a bit “I can’t wait~~ I can hardly contain myself just holding them like this..”
“I know.. But soon you’ll be inside them…” Sun giggled
“Yeah…” Moon kissed you on the lips “Yes..”


You started to wake up from your mini nap. Moon kissed your forehead, brushing your hair back

“I’m gonna let you down now sweetheart..” Moon whispered

You groaned as he let you down. Opening your eyes you saw that the room was a tinted red, the light emitting from Moon’s eyes

“Well.. get undressed. Let’s clean you up”
“H-HUh?” you jolted back from Moon
“Huh..? What do you mean huh silsilsilly~” Moon rasped his fans went a bit wild

You looked at yourself again

*Oh right.. Blood.. Wait, is he gonna shower WITH me?? Uh yeah I mean he’s also covered in blood. Can’t he use a separate shower?? Yeah but what if.. You showered togetherrrrrr.. You are in a relationship… But isn’t it too early?? You know you want to.. Come on.. We could probably.. fuck .. him.. WHAT- NO!!! TOO EARLY!!!! BUT C’MONNN you TOTALLY want it. A LITTLE- JUST DO IT!!!?? CMON*

“I- okay-” you stuttered, snapping back into yourself

You started to undress in front of Moon.


“Holy fuck….” Moon blushed
“ALL OF IT!!!!” Sun’s voice jumped, excited by the sight


Soon you were naked, looking up at Moon
He was breathing heavily looking down at you

“Moony..? A-are you going to- also undress..?”
“I- uh.. Yes, of courcourcourse..” Moon hastily removed his shirt, shoes, tulles, and finally unwrapped the belt keeping his pants up

He bashfully looked at you before dropping his pants

*Oh my god. What the absolute fuck is that. THAT'S HIS DICK???? It’s so.. BIG?? How is it that big. This is outrageous.. Oh nahh it’s fucking MOVING???*

You stared blankly at it
Moon quickly picked up both of your clothes.

“Uhmm.. please starstarstart the water…” Moon stuttered, walking away with the clothes towards the washing machine

You walked over to the showers, still in shock.
Turning on the water, the cold water hit your skin, and it quickly became warm. Steamy
You felt a cold finger trace your back, immediately followed by kisses on your back

“You’re ssso divine, my love..” Moon buttered you up. You heard him stand up

You whipped yourself around to only be met face to face with his length
It stood straight up, smacked against his stomach plate

Without thinking, you poked it
Moon giggled a bit, looked down at you. He knew you couldn’t believe how large it was

“Hehe.. curious?” he laughed finally “How about you try it..”
“Huh? That??” you pointed at it

*Are you actually about to suck his dick.. And you actually WANT to..??*

You brought your face to it, watching Moon’s face look even more flustered
Licking at middle of his length you grabbed it with your other
Hearing Moon let out a small grunt

“Y-you don’t have to-”
You interrupted Moon, sticking the tip into your mouth. Your tongue licking over it

It tasted strangely sweet, almost bouncy, squishy in texture.
Hearing Moon start moaning made you want to put more in

*I can’t believe I’m doing this dude..*

You looked up at Moon who was struggling to speak
Growls and static talk emitting from him while his hand covered his mouth
The other combed through your hair. Holding your head he started to slowly thrust himself into your mouth

“F-Fuck star~ p-please please let me.. Fuck. You~” Moon begged. “I-I swear I’ll be gentle~ Please..”

You took his dick out of your mouth, staring up at him as he crouched back down to your level
His hands brushed along your thighs, pulling you closer until he finally snatched you up.
He held you in his arm before laying you on the cold floor

“G-go slow.. Please Moony” you whispered
“I will try but.. No promises..” he giggled

He hovered over your body, bringing one hand down to your clit.
The tip of his finger teased over your hole while the base was rubbing against your clit.

You squirmed, letting out a small cry as he touched you perfectly
The tip of his finger finally moved in, it gently massaged its way in, waiting for your permission first
He slowly moved it in and out, observing every reaction that you made.

*His fingers are so.. long .. fuck I’m not gonna last long like this*

Moon’s eyes bathed you in their gentle red glow.

“Good little toy~” he bathed you in his glow, you squirmed from the pleasure
“M-Moony- ah~ Nnn..”
“I know I know sweetheart~ It feels ssso good doesn’t it” Moon took his finger out. Licking up the slick as he situated himself above you
“I love you darling~ And you know I wouldn’t hurt you?” Moon pressed his lips across your chest
“Good~ Because.. I don’t think I’ll be able to be so gentle with you for long..”

He used his hand to wrap your legs around his waist, securing them

His tip slicked and slapped against your thighs, gently slapping your clit before slithering into your hole
He inserted little by little, slowly burning into you
A lovely, warm burn. Pleasure struck up your spine as you moaned
Your mouth was open, calling out for Moon as he bent down

Nuzzling himself into your shoulder, he began to suck and lick at your neck before landing a gentle bite on your skin
His dick was thrusted farther into you. Having only 6 inches of his length in you, you already felt full

“m-OON!! MOON! AH-!” You screamed as he slapped himself into you, growling into your shoulder, biting harder as he thrusted

Your mind began to go blank as you began to feel pleasure from his delicious stretch as he pressed himself into you, you came from the desperate rhythm he kept. Screaming out noises of pleasure
Your legs began to shake and feel weak from the upcoming orgasm
You felt your stomach bulge, his dick breaking the tip into your cervix with each drag

“Ssso needy~ you want more don’t you honey? Such a good doll” He grunted through his staticky voice “I-I want to cum in you sssooo badly right now~”
“P-please.. Please~” you felt your eyes begin to tear up

He gripped at your waist, digging his claws into you as he kissed you, his tongue tangled with yours

“Good- little- starrr-” Moon emphasized his movements with each thrust

You felt him throb inside you moaning out your name and inserting harder and faster before grabbing the back of your head as he pressed deep inside of you
You felt as his cum filled your hole, filling your womb as tears fell from your eyes out of pleasure
He sunk in his teeth to your other shoulder, growling like a ravenous beast. Shuddering against you as you tightened around him

Finally he pulled out. Cum still dripping from his tip

“You- hahh.. You did so amazing baby~ My good little flower” Moon kissed you, holding your cheek as he helped you sit up

You sat up, the cum sputtering out of your hole, leaking out of you
You saw as the semi luminescent semen washed down the drain

Moon kissed you once more

“Don’t you worry starlove~ You won’t be getting pregnant by our seed..”

You exhaled out of relief. The feeling of regret leaving your stomach

“Ah- Thank you for telling me Moony~”
“You looked so fucking amazing when I was fucking inside you darling~” Moon held your chin “So delicious and cute~”

*I just had sex with a damn robot.*

“Now let’s actually get you cleaned, love~” Moon said. Picking you up in his arm the lights suddenly switched back on..

Sun groaned as his rays came out. Still holding you dearly

“A-ah! Hello, sunflower!!” Sun stuttered
“Hi Sunny” you said in a small, nervous voice
“Oh dear.. Look at you!! Moony was too harsh on our beloved” Sun pouted pressing his fingers against the bite marks and bruises Moon left “Ugh.. Moony.. Gentle!! Gentle, gentle, gentle!”
“I-I’m fine Sunny-”
“No!! You’re hurt!! And I need to help you!” Sun looked at you with a worried expression “I can’t help it!!” Sun sat you back down before him
“Let’s get you cleaned before we go to first aid though alright lovely?” Sun pumped a bit of body wash into his fingers

You watched as he rubbed his hands together to create suds before rubbing his warm hands over your weak body
All you could feel was comfort.. The feeling of home.. Summer warmth

You closed your eyes as he smoothed his hands over you. Avoiding your bruises and fresh bites

*Huh.. This feels very… nice..*

Chapter Text

You felt Sun watching you, his warm hands tracing over your collarbone before rubbing over one of your breasts

“Mmh” you pleasantly moaned out of relaxation.

*This feels absolutely amazing.. I wouldn’t mind getting showered like this everyday*

You felt the bites on your shoulder give you a twinge of pain
You winced
Sun paused, causing you to open your eyes again

“A-are you uncomfortable darling?~ I can stop!” Sun worriedly asked “It’s just.. My first time seeing anybody other than myself.. naked… “ Sun bashfully looked away
“Huh? Sunlove I had no problem with you.. It’s just the pain from the bites made me shudder a bit”
“Urgh.. See Moony!!?” Sun said out loud, focused towards Moon. He looked back up at you, your lips, then back to your eyes again “I-I’m sorry star.. Moony can be quite a brute at times”
“I- I like them… It’s nice..” You looked away from Sun to the floor “The bites.. Heh..”

Sun looked at you with a flustered look, he looked at you with deep, begging eyes
Looking down you recognized that his length was at its full size again

“Haha!! Ah- DonDonDon’t mind that! Hahaha! Um.. I’ll go back to cleaning you up now” Sun covered it with his hand as if it were shameful
“You’re probably very tired huh!?” Sun panicked as he washed you off with the water, guiding the suds down with his hands
“I- Sun-”
“Y-Yeah!! UM let’s dry you off!”
“Ah- o-okay??”

Sun stood you up before him and once again you were face to face with his length
Sun blushed a bit, holding you by your shoulders, staring down at you before covering his face with hands and walking over to the towel rack

*So fuckin awkward dude.. So one has a blue dick and the other has yellow?? How do they even switch it out so quickly? Ack.. damn..*

Another wash of pain inflicted itself on your shoulder
You held your hand to it and applied pressure to it as you gritted your teeth
Sun started to walk back towards you, two towels in his hand

“Here you are, love~” Sun smiled, handing you a fluffy white towel

Upon opening it you saw it had the freddy fazbear logo in the center

*Oh god.. Gotta put that damn logo on EVERYTHING..*

You started to dry off your arms, legs, face
Sun stared at you every so often while drying himself
His fans were going wild seeing the physics of your body. Just the movement of everything drove him wild


“I didn’t mean anything when I said to be gentle with them, just so we’re clear..” Sun clarified
“Oh, I know.. You’re hard just admiring the marks..” Moon smugly replied
“I wanna put more on them~ Just for everyone to know they’re ours.. Y’know?”
“Ouhhh but bee careful Sunny!!~~” Moon teased, snickering
“I’m serious!!” Sun pouted
“I know I know..”
“And they said that they like it!! How lucky~~”
“Yeah.. Just wait, once we kidnap them we’ll be able to have all sorts of fun with them~ heheh” Moon giggled in a perverted, twisted tone
“Yeah.. soo much fun..” Sun looked down at you, his eyes wide, focused on only you. His smile tightened


*Jeez, why is he staring so hard??*

“Uhh.. Sunny are you alright? You’re staring a bit hard” You wrapped the towel around your chest as a dress
“Uh- Oh! Don’t mind me Star!! I was just talking to Moony.. I usually zone out when doing so.. My apologies darling~”
“Riight..” you paused as you looked up into his eyes, crazily looking down at you “A-are the clothes done..?”
“No I don’t think so.. But! Don’t you worry! I’ll have them prepared in your locker for you tomorrow!”
“Huh.. that’s also in the system??” You stuttered, trotting over to your locker as Sun followed behind you with the larger towel wrapped around him
“Yeah.. Every bit of information that you give us, we archive it, remember it! Us robots love keeping tabs on people haha..” Sun wringed his wrist using his other hand.
“Ohh.. So you probably know my basic information”
“Of course! Your address, phone number, emergency contacts, all of that”

Sun watched as you began to enter your locker’s code. He sat on the bench behind you as you grabbed your backpack. Resting it beside him and turning back to close your locker
You grabbed out your original clothes, they were all messily crammed into your bag
Sun looked a bit annoyed by this

“Y’know you could let me organize your bag… I have an eye for neatness~”
“I’m sure Sunny.. But I don’t have time to be neat when I’m on my shift hah.”
“You’re right, but always remember that I CAN do cleaning favors for you, don’t tell anyone else though! You’re special to us..”

Sun crossed his calves, one arm supporting him to sit up while the other was held to his face
His index finger kissed his mouth while the others were curled into a fist.
His eyes expressed a playful, mischievous tone

“Hm.. I’ll let you know then.. If I need any help..” you giggled
“By the way, Sunflower.. I wanted to ask why you don’t have any emergency contacts..”
“I don’t really have many people in my life right now.. If Alex was a better boyfriend, he’d probably be on that list.” You smiled at Sun, your heart burned a bit, reminiscing on the past

*(“Hey baby! I’m home!!” Alex called for you after entering the door, happy but also a bit exhausted
“Hey love, I’m just in the living room!”

You always felt so happy when he’d come home
You heard his shoes hit the floor, he’d walk over to the kitchen’s bar and drop his bag on one of the chairs

Finally, he entered the living room, his clothes a bit loose and with a small bouquet of roses in his hand
He smiled as he handed them to you, giving you a kiss on the cheek

“Honey! You didn’t have to get me these..” You smiled, looking into one of the buds, sticking your nose into one of the flowers

The sweet, nostalgic smell of roses..
It reminded you of his love..
His… love…. Right..

“Oh well you know, just wanted to get something special for you~” He grinned, wrapping his arm around your shoulder and tugging you closer

He sweetly kissed your temple
You felt your heart pump, your mind was flushed with bashful thoughts as he pressed more kisses to your face

“Well.. Love, what would you like to eat tonight? Or would you wanna go out?” you looked at him
“How about we go out tonight~ Just us.. A date.” He looked at you seductively, using his free hand to grab yours, squeezing it a bit
“Oooh~ Okay, where are we gonna go?”


“Hheey- hic- y-y/n” Alex sluggishly dragged the bottle of whiskey to his lips again
“What. What do you want Alex.” You grunted, sitting at the dinner table

Your hands clawed at your scalp, you felt your mind twang. These headaches became larger and even more painful by the day.
You didn’t even want to look at your alcoholic drunkie of a boyfriend right now

*he better have something important or something.*

You got up from your seat, the legs of the chair screeching on the ground
It quickly expressed your anger in only a sound.
You stomped over to the living room

“Y-you cmere… cm-ere”
“What do you need.”
“Y-ou darli-”
“DON’T. Don’t darling me” you sighed, bringing your hand to your face, pinching the bridge of your nose in a painful expression “Don’t.. I’m fucking done with you tonight. Just.. Just shut up.”
“It was only o-one thing babyyy~” Alex slurred his words as he glugged down the rest of the alcohol in the bottle. Dropping it on the floor

Alex looked at you with a glare, getting up from his armchair he walked over to you, his seps were wobby as he approached you.
And without another blink or hiccup, he smacked you across the face


Recovering from the slap, you brought your hand to your face

“What. The. Fuck Alex..”
“YES YOU DID AND YOU KNOW THAT” You were shocked by him slapping you, just even putting his hands on you like that to begin with

You sighed

“W-what..??” Alex stammered, immediately lowering his volume
“The fuck do you mean ‘w-what??’ you heard me bitch get the fuck out of MY APARTMENT.” You yelled, shaking from straining your voice at him
“NO?!” Alex protested
“Leave. NOW.”

Pointing at the door, Alex looked at your hand, then the door
You glared into his eyes, sharply breathing, feeling every bit of your body charge against him in an amalgamation of rage
You got caught off guard as Alex suddenly grabbed your forearm
He twisted you, holding your arms behind you

Immediately you screamed, bringing your leg up a bit to kick him in the knee.
He let go of your hands, trying to hold up his balance

You immediately charged into the kitchen to only be caught by him. He grabbed you by your hair.
Pulling you in he put you in a choakhold
You only heard the blood rushing in your ears, your heartbeat as your ears began to ring
Your forehead began to pound into your hand again as you realized

You couldn’t breathe..

Taking action, you started to claw at his arm, choking out noises as you wriggled out of panic
You kicked him again on the shin, he let you go as you stumbled towards the kitchen counter
Your hand gripped at the edge, gasping for air you regained your senses slowly

You could only hear Alex’s footsteps from behind you
A sudden hit knocked at the back of your head, it knocked you over to your knees
Your weak body felt like it was gonna give out as you felt him immediately stomped on your spine.
It dragged all the air out of you as you fell flat on your stomach

Your eyesight was already blurry at this point. Tears forming in your eyes with only the cold kitchen floor to comfort you

*get up GET UP GET UP. NOW. I can’t- I can’t move. Why can’t I move.. Why is he doing this*

You tried your best to calm down before he kept your head pressed forcefully into the ground
You could only feel.

You felt your sweatpants being roughly pulled down. Now feeling your lower stomach pressed against the cold floor you cried more.
His grip on your neck acted like a leash for a dog. Restraining you, you were paralyzed..


*this is it.. No..nonono please he’ll get off no.. move.. You HAVE TO MOVE NOW. I can’t.. He’s too heavy. I can’t do this.. I don’t wanna be here*

You screamed as he inserted himself into forcefully

*Blank it out. Ignore ignore ignore please please it’ll be over soon fuck please nonono..*

You shut your eyes, letting out blood curdling screams as you felt yourself reject him
You just felt him

His hands would grab at your flesh as if he were to tear you apart
He bruised you. Sinking his teeth and digging his hands into the cake that you were

He’s taking
His greed becoming overbearing, ripping you to shreds as you sobbed

A puddle of snot, tears, and saliva was the only thing to cradle your face
You felt the warmth slowly disappear as you stopped crying

You felt numb. You could only sniffle and jolt in your miserable position.

*Nobody will help you.. You can’t even help yourself in this situation. I just want to go to bed. I want to die..*

You felt as he finally got off of you. The cold air hit you again

So cold..

You laid there, crying once more

*get up.. You need to go to bed..*

You began to hear again.. You heard as your boyfriend opened the door, shutting it behind him
You let the feeling of regret and guilt sink from you to the floor.
It circulated in your system, leaving you to rot

Collecting yourself, you began to push yourself up, from the floor, to the counter, to standing
Shuddering, anxiety spiking in your system you blankly walked towards the door.

Placing your hand on the knob
Pausing and leaning against the door


Your hand stumbled up to the locks..
Shutting it. Shutting out the world.

You shifted back into your room.. Angrily grabbing his pillow and throwing it to the wall, tears clouding your eyes as you felt a shock of pain spike up your spine, emitted from your lower back.
Sitting yourself at the edge of the bed you cried, holding your head in your hands)*

“But.. y’know heheh.. He’s dead now” you weakly smiled, staring at the floor

Sun held your hand, picking it up from your backpack into his palm and curling his fingers around it

“Are you alright, lovely..?” Sun looked at you, worried
“Y-yeah haha.. I’ve gotta get dressed anyway..” you removed your hand from his

You dropped your towel, unwrapping yourself
The cold air hit your skin, only slightly comforted by Sun’s warmth alone

You grabbed your hoodie out and put it on along with your sweatpants
Sun looked at you, smiling sweetly he cupped your face once you stood up normally.

“You know… you look absolutely amazing~” He rubbed his thumb along your cheekbone
“Even like this..?” You said, carding your fingers through your hair to make it even a little bit decent
“You look beautiful no matter what you wear, love~” Sun held your chin as you brought your hands to hold his forearm
“Hah.. thank you Sunny..” You laughed, playing with the bells on his wrists. “Let’s go wait fo-”

Sun pulled your face into his. Kissing you
His lips were so warm.. It enticed you strongly
You pulled away to Sun’s surprise

“I just.. Wanted to do that.. I didn’t mean to interrupt you..” Sun looked away
“I didn’t- mind it..” you stuttered

Sun kissed you again, it made you instantly melt in his hold

*ok maybe a couple more minutes…*

Chapter Text

“We should really get going soon Sun-” you mumbled as he pulled you in for a hug
“We know it hurts” Sun sighed, rubbing your back

Pausing you felt your stomach drop

“Wh-at hurts? What-..” you held your breath, balling your hands into fists
“Him… You remember him so fondly, I know you do..”

You bit your lips, frowning and fighting the urge to cry
You could still hear him…
You could still feel him..
You didn’t want it at all though… So why was it happening..

“I know it’s hard… Moon and I have faced the same thing you are now.. The grief of loss..”

Silence was the only thing you could manage.
His warm hands comforted you as you sniffled

Your body shivered, you knew you were about to break

“We just hope you know that we will always be here for you… That we always have time for you” Sun kissed your cheek

Your tears were beckoning, begging to fall as he traced his fingers along your back gently
Like a fragile doll, he made sure to treat you with the utmost care
Even being animatronics capable of outrageous strength.. He knew how to control himself. Something even humans can’t do sometimes.. Control themselves..

You even had this problem.. You are human.. Nothing about a human can possibly be rational forever.. Just as nobody is perfect..
Your hands trembled.. Tears falling as Sun pulled out of the hug

He wiped away at your tears, holding a small smile

“Ouhh.. And even when you cry, you’re still the most beautiful thing in the world…~” He smiled
“Psh.. heh.. Thank you Sun..” you giggled, smiling at him

He smiled back before looking down at himself

“Ack- but I should get dressed huh.. Heheh.. I’ll be right back” Sun scurried off to the showers again

Sitting back down on the bench you sighed.
Back to waiting..


Sun went over to the dryer which was in mid cycle.
Stopping it he grabbed out his clothes from yours

“That was a very nice thing you did there Sunny~” Moon spoke to break the silence
“Well.. I just.. Of course! They were crying! Or at least about to.. I can’t help but comfort them..” Sun stuttered out while putting on his pants
“Yeeaahh but usually you’re very arrogant and selfish.. Well.. That’s how you’ve been recently..”
“What! No I haven’t?” Sun protested
“Sun.. You haven’t felt sympathy for anyone but the kids in years.. Actually, no. You’ve never cared about ANY human adult.” Moon recalled
“Well! They never gave me a reason to!!”

Sun finally got all his clothes on. He began brushing off any dust or dander. Flattening himself out

“Urk- cold.. ewwwww..” Sun sighed pulling his hands off his pants
“Just warm it up..? You’re literally a heater” Moon snickered
“Yeah but eughshhsh, feels so weird and wet” Sun began to manually overheat before kicking his fans into overdrive

His clothes felt a bit more dry.
Good enough for him


You saw Sun walk up to you again, coming from behind the corner

“Heyy!!” Sun smiled, waving at you

Picking up your backpack and hauling it on your back, you waked up to Sun, grabbing his hand you began to walk out of the locker room with him

“Huh.. seems Mark isn’t here yet…” You looked around
“Ah.. Seems we still have… 16 minutes left.. Must’ve finished up early huh..” Sun smiled “Wanna play a game?”
“Sure.. what’s the game..?” You walked with Sun down to the daycare
“Hooww abouutttt.. Hmm” Sun looked away, pondering.. “Mmmh.. Maybe you’d think you’re too old to-”
“Too old?? What game?? I’m not old!!” You pouted, shocked at the word ‘old’. You were only 24..
“Hmmm I dunno~ How would you feel playing with dolls.. Or just make believe in general” Sun looked down at you with a joking look
“I’d love to!! I haven’t played with dolls in a while.. I kinda miss it…” You smiled, squeezing his hand
“Perfect!!~ Then let's go” Sun beamed, opening the door and dragging you along with him over to the toy area

He sat down on the plush floor next to a dollhouse, picking up a couple dolls from the toy chest

“Fun fact.. I am a great voice actor!!” Sun bragged, handing you a doll that looked slightly similar to you
“Oh- Is that so?” You held the doll, combing through its hair with your fingers
“Of course! All the girls love playing dolls with me because I can make a very girly voice”
“Haha.. I heard from storytime earlier..” you snickered
“So, before we start, do you want to change your doll’s clothes?” Sun pulled out a clear plastic container

*So many clothes.. I wish I had this many options as a kid…*

He opened the box and nudged it towards you

“I don’t know about you, but I think I’m gonna change my doll and put her into a cute dress~” Sun smiled, his hand parted through the collection

You also stuck your hand into the box, carding through the options, unsure of what to pick..
Sun pulled his fingers out, holding a flowery dress with vibrant colors of pink, orange and yellow.
He started to gently take off the dolls previous clothes and pull on the dress

You pulled out a pair of ripped jeans and a beige sweater
Undressing and dressing up your doll. The nostalgic feel of the velcro against your fingers

“Ah! You have such a good fashion sense Star!! Oh Oh! How about accessories?” Sun rested his doll down, turning behind him and pulling up a smaller container

Upon opening it, you saw that it was separated into compartments
Shoes, Purses, Bracelets, Necklaces, Crowns

“Jeezz.. You guys have so much money..” You skimmed through the articles grabbing out a pair of shoes
“Yeah.. The fazbear franchise really makes it so that they milk out as much money as they can out of people.. They don’t even donate to charity even a little bit..” Sun sadly wedged a shoe onto his dolls foot
“Huh… That’s not nice..”
“Yeah but.. What can you do..” Sun pet his dolls hair, grooming it to look its best


You put shoes on your doll, a chain necklace and a grey purse

“Okay, I think my doll is ready” you patted down it’s clothes and stood it on the ground by it’s waist
“Okay” Sun said in a feminine voice

You looked at Sun with a shocked expression

*How does he actually nail that spot on??*

“Voice changer~” Sun teased
“Pff.. I wasn’t expecting it to be so.. Womanly! You literally sound like a 30 year old woman”
“Ooo! Why thank you~ Moon and I pride ourselves on our voice alteration abilities~” Sun set his doll standing “Anyway~ Let’s play!”

You watched as Sun held a little purse to his doll’s hand, sassily walking up to yours

“Heeyy sister~~ I missed you so much girly!!” He leaned his doll to kiss your doll’s cheeks
“Wait hold on.. What are our dolls' names?” You paused
“Uhhmm.. Hmm.. I will name mine… Elora!” Sun replied
“I think I’ll name mine Ophelia”
“What a beautiful name!! Okay let’s continue..”

Sun wiggled his doll up to yours again

“Heey Ophelia!! Haven’t seen you in FOR-EVER girly! Where you been?”
“Hey Elora.. Y’know the usual, working..”
“You should take a break girl!! Oh! Have you met any new guys lately??”
“Nahh.. I can’t seem to find the right one..” Ophelia took a step back
“Hmm.. Would you wanna discuss this overr… Tea?” Elora motioned towards the house
“That’d be great!”

You and Sun scooted closer to the house, walking your dolls up the stairs and pulling up chairs for them to sit down in

“You know. I have a guy friend that I could TOTALLY match you up with” Elora walked over to the counter holding a teapot and setting it down on the table
“Oh really? Tell me about him..”
“Well, he loves cats, ceramics, cooking”
“Wow.. lots of ‘C’s huh?” Ophelia giggled
“Well, and other things! You know~ The guy is great in general” Elora poured imaginary tea into your cup
“I’m sure.. So.. Why don’t you date him?”
“Well~ You’ll never believe this but.. I’ve gotten a boyfriend right now!!!”
“Whatttt no way! Congratulations girl!! Can I see what he looks like?”
“Is it okay if I call him over? I haven’t gotten a phone yet..” Elora sighed
“Of course!!” Ophelia replied, sipping her tea
“Lunarr, come over!!” Elora put an imaginary phone to her ear

Sun bent over towards the doll box again and pulled out a Moon figurine

“Pff Sun cmon-” You laughed
“Hey! Moony wanted to be involved too! Heheh” Sun giggled “It’s not in the way he wants though.. He wants to be with your doll hehe”
“Awh.. that’s so sweet~ Anyway..”

Sun moved Elora to hold hands with Moon
They both walked up the stairs and back into the room with Ophelia
Moon couldn’t really stand up straight due to his height, so Sun hunched Moon over to help his head

“This is my boyfriend!~ Say hi Lunar~” Elora beamed
“Hello” Lunar said, waving his hand at Ophelia

Sun used Moon’s normal voice for Lunar
Switching between his girl voice and Moon’s must be a bit tiring, but he seemed alright with it

“Hi! Nice to meet you Lunar! Come sit with us and have tea!” Ophelia got up and pulled out a chair for Lunar

He waddled over and sat closer to Ophelia than Elora

“Hey! Go sit with your girl!!” Ophelia stammered
“Ah- Right.” Lunar embarrassed, he moved
“Anyway, Elora.. Tell me about this guy.. Actually, why don’t you invite him over? We could have a little tea time..”
“Ah! Of course!! What a great idea! Helios!! Join us!!”

You turned to Sun, confused..

“Helios? I get Lunar but..”
“Ah yes!! Helios was the name the ancient greeks named their personified version of the sun as a god”
“Ohh- Huh.. Interesting.. Okay then”

Sun pulled out a Sun figurine

“Oh my god Sun are you serious” you snickered
“Well it’s MY time!! So I can date you in doll time too!!!” Sun playfully wiggled his doll up the stairs

“Hey guys!! Oh! Hello Ophelia!!” Helios greeted, he sat right next to Ophelia
“Hello S- Helios~ I’ve heard alot about you..” Ophelia beamed
“Ah! You have?”
“Yeah, I told her all about you” Elora emphasized “You two should maybe get to know each other! Lunar and I can leave for a bit! Maybeee introduce yourselves~~”

Elora and Lunar left the room and sat in the living room downstairs

“Oh! Heh.. I guess it’s just us now hm~” Ophelia sipped her tea, looking at Helios
“Ah! Right- Um.. Well how about you tell me about your-”

Sun stopped, hearing the door open for the superstar pick up area

“Aw~ I really wanted to play more with you starlove~” Sun pouted
“It’s okay, we can continue tomorrow!”
“Y-yeah..” Sun picked up the dolls, taking off their accessories and assorting them into their rightful places before placing them into the box

Sun walked you to the door where you both exited the playpen.
You both walked up the stairs as Mark came up the stairs

“Hey guys.. Sorry I was a bit late.. Traffic..” Mark huffed
“It’s alright Mark, Sun and I didn’t even know you were late” You replied

Mark walked over to the door
His hand on the handle, he pushed it open, still looking at you

“Ah- well.. See you tomorrow Y/n.. You look tired.. Make sure to get some rest alright?” Mark waved to you as he slowly entered the door
“See ya, Mark” you replied

You watched as the door shut behind him
Staring back up at Sun, you saw his expression as insulted, a little frustration until he saw that you were looking
Immediately he changed his bitter expression to a happy smile

“Are you alright Sunny?” You asked, grabbing his hand and walking down the hall with him
“I-I’m finefinefine.. Why would I not be?” Sun calmed his smile to a collected one
“Oh- well.. You just looked a bit angry..”
“Huh? I’m not angry..” Sun said in a worried tone
“Mm.. Okay then ..”

You both made your way to the exit
He crouched down to your level, hugging you suddenly

“Mmmhh~ We’re gonna miss you sooosooso much Star~~” He nuzzled himself into your neck
“Sunny I’m not even gonna be gone for a day.. What are you talking about haha..” You patted his back

He looked at you, peeling himself off of you

“We want you to stay here forever though~” Sun whined
“Aw.. Sunny- That’s a sweet thought but I have to go home!!” You held his cheek
“Mmhnn~ whatever..” Sun groaned, pulling you in for a kiss

You gave him a tiny peck before adjusting the straps of your bag on your shoulders
You waved bye to Sun and exited

Finally.. You made your way back home..


“Playing with them is sooo fun Moony don’t you think?” Sun giggled
“Ugh.. I can’t believe you didn’t let me be y/n’s boyfriend” Moon pouted
“Hey! You got to be in the game!! I thought you’d be happy! And plus.. You already had a girlfriend!!”

Sun made his way back to the daycare, skipping through the doors

“Whatever!! Urgh.. Mean..” Moon grunted
“Anyway.. I can’t wait to put the plan in motion finally!!”
“Yeah.. So how are we gonna do it?”

Sun tethered himself onto his balcony, and he sat on the edge

“Hm well I think we should-”

Mark walked into the daycare, stomping over to the desk he looked around

“SUN? Where are you??” Mark yelled
“Ugh.. that ear sore..” Sun groaned to Moon
“I’M COMING DOWN, JEEZ” Sun grunted as he tethered down.

Sun walked over to Mark, sitting behind the desk

“So.. How are you and y/n getting along?” Mark questioned
“Good! They actually play with us..” Sun sarcastically replied
“Mm. That’s nice.. Sorry Sun. I don’t have time for.. Childish games..” Mark replied, clicking a computer alive
“Hmph.. Why would you like to know??” Sun crossed his arms, sneering at Mark
“Says here.. She-”
“They. They/Them Mark.” Sun blurted, squinting at Mark
“Ah- Well.. They apparently called a report on you because you made them uncomfortable.. Threatening them even.. Why?” Mark looked at Sun while scrolling through the blaring neon website
“It was just a misunderstanding. I made them slightly uncomfortable.. I do that with everyone. You know that..” Sun looked away
“I know but here you are telling me that you are on good terms with them. If you can’t give me an actual, detailed explanation then I’ll have to look through your memory file and send you to Parts and Services-”
“No! N-No need to go.. There.. Ahah… noo need..” Sun stammered, quickly changing his expression from frustrated to worried
“Y/n will be dealing with you so.. You’ll be under their care, not mine..” Mark stated “So.. Tell me why we got a report or I will give you to them.”
“I TOLD you Mark!! It was just a simple misunderstanding..” Sun blurted
“Mark, I'm not lying!!”
“Yes you are. Parts and Services it is.” Mark leaned back in his chair
“Ugh.. URGH-” Sun groaned angrily pulling his rays before storming off into a slide and crawling into a playplace grunting curses at Mark

He watched from a small window as Mark pulled out a binder, leaving it to the side before focusing back on the computer
He typed for a bit before rolling over in the chair towards the printer
Taking a paper out of the finished plate, he rolled back over to the binder and put it in the pocket of it

“Ugh.. Stupid Mark, stupid parts and services, stupid report!! Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!!!!” Sun muttered, crossing his arms
“Hey.. At least y/n will be dealing with us..” Moon sung
“Yeah I guess you’re right” Sun loosened his frown a bit
“I’m sure it’ll be painless this time”
“Ughhhh Moon you know it always hurts!!!!” Sun groaned
“Yeah but.. Maybe we can solve that by getting something from y/n.. As a gift~”
“Ahh, maybe.. Hm..”
“I was talking about taking them Sun.” Moon paused
“Oh!- Yeah!! Right, I knew that.”
“So.. What’s the plan..?”

Chapter Text

Making your way up your apartment complex, you gripped at your keys, fumbling with the chain and its individual pieces
You finally made it to your room and walked inside

Feeling your stomach grumble, you shifted to the kitchen
Opening the pantry you pulled out a packet of instant ramen, and from the fridge you plucked out 2 eggs and a spring onion

You opened your phone to switch your music to a much happier choice

Filling up a saucepan with water you sprinkled some salt into the water, leaving it on high on the stove.
You chopped your onion and waited for the water to boil

*So… you just murdered someone… What are you going to do now.. It’s fine.. Nobody will know. Nobody will.. Rachel.. Her… Will she care? Yes.. Why wouldn’t she care about her boyfriend*

You laid against the counter and with cold hands you rubbed your face, stressed
Staring at the floor you crossed your arms again

*No.. He wouldn’t sell you out like that.. He- He had the idea.. But what if he was lying.. They’re probably coming for you right now..*

You unwrapped your arms, looking back at the water..
It’s boiling..

Unwrapping the pack of ramen you separated the seasoning and dropped in the noodles, holding the wrapper above the heat, leaving it to crinkle into itself
You crumpled it up the rest of the way, tossing it into the trash

Back to the counter, you bit at your nails, a hand tucked into your elbow in a tight hold
You were nervous… scared… shaking…

*Is this the end of the line? Should I just confess??? I- I should. Maybe. No- Yes..*

Your hands nervously shook, picking up your phone you slowly dialed 911
You swallowed your spit, pressing dial

“911, What’s your emergency?” A voice spoke from the other side
“I-I did.. I killed someone..” you stuttered
“Alright ma’am who did you kill?”
“My ex boyfriend- Alex Drunton..”
“But.. he deserved it.. Didn’t he y/n?” the voice’s tone coldly flattened
“Wh-what?” You looked at your phone
The phone wasn’t even on.. It was off. The only thing you saw was your home screen
You opened it, it wasn’t even prepared to dial 911 in the first place, the app wasn’t even previously opened

You looked at your noodles, ripping open the flavor packet you dumped it in as well as cracking the two eggs in

“What the fuck. I’m fucking crazy.” You shuddered.

You stormed into your room, opening your satchel of drops, you took a moondrop and shoved it in your pocket

*Call. The. Police.. You’re fucking delusional. He deserved it. He was horrible.. But he didn’t deserve death- Yes he did. For what he did to me, others, children.. He was unforgivable.*

You went back to your ramen and mixed it a bit before pouring it into a bowl and garnishing it with your spring onions
You sat in your room with it.

*Should I even go to work tomorrow.?? You could call in sick.. Nono too early. Why would I skip work? I don’t know.. Just a feeling..*

You thought back to the image of your ex, his guts spilled onto his legs with gashes covering his body.
His blood coating your clothes. His blood was on YOUR hands..

Bringing up your hand, you examined it, the blood trapped between your nail crevices, creating a crown of faint dark red
Your stomach churned. Why.. Why did you..

*Why.. He’ll be back tomorrow… yeah.. tomorrow .. This has all been just a bad dream. A really REALLY bad dream.*

Finishing up, you scurried off to the kitchen, placing your bowl in the sink and walking to your bathroom to get ready for bed


“Is he asleep yet..?” Moon murmured
“No.. wait.. Maybe.. I can’t really see his face out of this tiny peephole and neither can you” Sun sarcastically said back
“Then stop throwing a tantrum and go check.”

Sun quietly crawled out of the playplace, staying low to the floor he approached the security desk, peering over it he saw Mark

“Asleep..” Sun sighed
“Let’s go clean up..” Moon urged
“Yeah yeah I’m on it..”

Sun called his tether and made his way out of the playpen and daycare. Down the long hallway and into the unknown room

There he was.. Again

Sun smirked at the grotesque display

“For such a small thing, they have a lot of anger..” Sun smiled, in love with the sight
“I know right? They’ve held that anger for sso long.. It makes me wonder what else they’re capable of..” Moon pondered
“Oh well.. I guess we’ll find that out sooner or later huh..?” Sun giggled, picking up a trash bag and a saw
“Yeah hehehaha..” Moon snickered

Sun wasted no time, severing off Alex’s limbs one by one and shoving them into the bags. Triple bagging each one

He carried them to a no camera area, an exit nearby a dumpster and dropped them off there.
Coming back in, he grabbed the bucket and mop sitting off to the side.
Pouring in water and bleach, he began to mop up the blood, wringing it out and repeating.
Sun hummed to himself the daycare’s theme

“Ugh Sun can’t we listen to something else..??” Moon groaned
“But why!! You know I love this song..” Sun paused from mopping
“Yeah but we can play different songs dude..”
“Fine. What would YOU like?” Sun began to mop again
“Here.. Let me just-” Moon puzzled for a bit before making music play out of one of Sun’s buttons

It was a very calming tune
Like a lullaby

“Oh and this is ANY better Mr. Sleepytime?? I should’ve known you’d play some damn lullaby-” Sun grunted
“WAIT! This is the best part!!” Moon blurted excitedly

The singer made a soft rift up to a high note.
Gently after, her voice fell back to normal

“Urgh.. And what’s bad about MY music?” Sun pouted
“Your music is repetitive and noisy. Mine is relaxed, calm, collected” Moon dragged on humming along with the tune
“Ouggg you shut up! My music is perfectly fine! The children love it.” Sun wringed the mop in his hand, dragging it along the floor
“Whatever! I’m just sick of hearing it all day that’s all.. You know how bored I get listening to it for the majority of the day??” Moon groaned
“Ugh.. whatever.” Sun grunted

He continued to clean.
After the floor was wiped up, he took the bucket of watery blood and dumped it into a nearby bathroom sink

“Ugh.. That’ll be all for me.. It’s nearly your turn to come out, so you sanitize.” Sun rested the mop and bucket back to where it was originally before walking back over to the daycare
“Okay okay..”


“What do I do… What.. What if they come for me.. What..” You murmured, sitting at the edge of your bed, you held your head in one of your hands as the other twirled a Moondrop around in its fingers.

You sat up after tapping your foot on the floor at a tiring pace.. Too fast for your body to even keep up with.
The candy was swiftly unwrapped and you shoved it in your mouth, clashing it up to the roof of your mouth and licking against the bottom in hopes to make the candy melt faster

Immediately you fell into a drowsy trance, snuggling into your bed, feeling all your worries fall away from you as you shut your eyes. Only the sweet embrace of slumber and the recollective feeling of cool hands tracing along your back

*(“Honey..” a raspy voice called out to you
“Hm, what” you responded in a playful tone
“Could you turn around for a moment?”

You felt warm hands.. Four beautifully warm hands rub along your waist
You turned to face a large mass..

Spikes of the Sun, voice of the Moon
What was he..?
“W-who are you.” You whispered, stepping back slowly

He bent down swiftly holding a hand out, the other three behind his back as he smiled at you

“I am the Sun.. I am the Moon.. I am Eclipse.. Pleased to meet you darling~” Eclipse bowed to you, still holding out his hand

You cautiously let your hand slide into his
He gave the back of it a small, warm kiss

“There’s of course no need for you to introduce yourself.. I know all about you already~”
“And how’s t-that..” you stuttered, intimidated by the 12 ft mass
“See.. y/n.. I’ve been with you your whole life.. I’ve watched you grow up.. I’m the one that gives you warnings, advice, through dreams”
“How come I’ve never seen you ever. I know you just said.. But.. I don’t remember ever seeing you like this.” you removed your hand from Eclipse’s
“Your view of comfort changes constantly darling… Being with you only having 2 animatronics as a comfort, my image comes as both.. I am never just one image..” Eclipse crouched down in front of you
“I-I see..” You mumbled

Looking around you, you realized. The room was no longer here.. Just a pleasant dark dome with only Eclipse to emit light from his rays


You could hear.. Music.. A soft tone emitting from the abyss

“I’ve come to warn you my dear..” Eclipse said with a serious tone.
“What is it?” You smiled up at the large animatronic
“It’s Sun and Moon.. You need to avoid their plan as much as you can tomorrow..”
“What? Plan?? What are you talking about” you stepped back
“A disturbing one.. Darling you must heed my warning.. For your own good.. Please.” Eclipse begged
“What is their plan? I don’t understand..?” Your frown turned to a confused sorrow
“Darling… You mustn't follow them.. Do not drink the poison..” his voice faded
“What..” you felt yourself fall back into the abyss. Losing your stance

You watched as Eclipse became smaller and smaller as you fell)*

You woke up with a burst of energy up your spine, checking your phone for the time

*It’s only 30 minutes before your alarm.. Just go back to bed*

You fell back asleep. Dreaming of nothing but darkness.
It was still faint but…

The small hint of music still rang in your ears


“Alright Moony.. Let’s go back to the daycare..” Sun joyfully beamed
“Yep.. y/n should be arriving in… an hour”
“Ohh! I can’t wait!!~” Sun bursted “I’ll EXPLODE if I wait another second!! Hohoho!!”
“Haha.. I’m sure Sunny”

Moon tethered back to the playpen, landing on his balcony and sitting along the edge

Soon after.. The lights switched on.
Mark woke up with a jolt. Rubbing his face with his hand he checked his watch

Moon grunted as the Sun came out again

“Alright Sun.. Get ready for the day alright??” Mark yelled up at Sun from the security desk
“Y-YEP!! You got it Mark!” Sun stammered. His rays spun along with his face.
“Y/n will be taking you to parts and services!! If you don’t work with them we will put you under shock therapy.” Mark scolded Sun
“Of course! I understand Mark”
“You’re awfully chipper.. Fuckin freak.. ” Mark muttered the last part
“We heard thaaaat~” Sun smiled, bringing himself down from the balcony and over to Mark “Don’t call us ‘Freak’” Sun tightened up his smile to a sinister one
“Ugh.. I didn’t even say that.” Mark sneered up at the animatronic
“Hehehe! Okay! Well.. Just don’t ever call us ‘freak’ or any other rude names! And don’t cuss! That’s one of our rules at the Superstar Daycare!! Hoho!” Sun said in a robotic tone. As if talking to an operating machine on the phone

Mark looked away after smirking, checking his watch

“I have to go anyway.. Your friend will be here any minute” Mark said, picking out the planner from one of the drawers and placing it open on the counter
“Alright!!” Sun skipped over to the playplaces

Mark made his way into the locker room
Sun watched carefully as the door shut before skipping off to the Superstar Pick up Hall


You sighed, making sure everything was in your bag you made your way towards the plex

*Damn.. What was that dream last night.. I swear it was important.. Well.. Maybe it wasn’t if you can’t remember it haha.. Yeah maybe..*

Making your way in, you traveled through the lobby. Wet floor signs tracked your movement as soon as they spotted you

You made your way to the daycare finally, opening the door you immediately saw Sun waiting in front of the door. Sitting on the floor in a lotus position

*Wait- maybe it was-*

“HELLOOOO Sunshine!!~~” Sun bounced up in excitement upon seeing you
“Hell-o sunny!” you were immediately scooped up into a hug along with a storm of kisses
“We missed you soooooo much!! Ouuhh we never wanted you to leave!~” Sun cuddled you in his arms, skipping towards the daycare with you in his hold.
“Ah! HAha- Let me down first Sunbun! I have to change!!” You smiled
“Aw, Alright.. We put your clothes in your locker for you~ Folded nice and pretty” Sun gave you one more tight hug before setting you down
“Thank you so much Sun~” you walked into the locker room only to be spooked by Mark

He was standing right before the door
You jumped a bit

“Oh! Haha sorry Mark.. You gave me a fright! Haha..” You moved past him
“Uhh y/n?” Mark called for you
“Yeah? What’s up?” you replied
“Make sure to check the planner for today.. I got something for you to do..” Mark looked at Sun and back at you
“Oh.. Alright!” You said, unlocking your locker

You heard the door close, and you started changing
Minutes later the door reopened

“Love~? Are you still in here?” Sun called out in the doorway
“Y-yeah Sunny, just changing!” you yanked on your work shirt
“Oh! You don’t have to get dressed today if you don’t want to~” Sun’s voice echoed in the room
“Huh..? Why’s that?”
“No kids are gonna be here today Sunbeam~ So we can have aaallll the fun together today~” Sun hopped on his heels excited as he told you this
“Oh! Well.. Okay then.. Let me just change back into my normal clothes then”

You swapped out your clothes and shoved your bag in the locker.. Something was missing…

“Hey.. Sunny?”
“Yes darling?~”
“Did.. Did you take my perfume?” You stuttered, a bit dumbfounded that they’d take such a thing
“Perfume..? No, I don't remember any perfume..” Sun puzzled
“Ah.. It’s just missing.. That’s really my only perfume..” you sighed
“I’m sorry Star.. I can go find it or get you a new one if you’d like!”
“Ohh.. No, that's alright Sunny.. Or.. We could go look for one..” You said, walking up to Sun

He stood at the door with a bright smile, letting you go first before following you.
You took his held out hand as you both made it to the daycare.

Entering the doors you walked up to your desk, flipping through the planner

“Parts and Services - Weekly Checkup and System Update” the planner read

“Ah- Seems like we’re going down to parts and services first..” you said with a tiny smirk
“Alright! Let’s go then~” Sun sang as he held your hand again

*How will I even.. Ugh nevermind it’ll probably be easy..*

Chapter Text

Sun was constantly talking about something, rambling on about his kids and his plans for daily activities
You silently nodded in agreement as you made your way downstairs

Approaching the cylinder you let go of Sun’s hand as you examined the computer
Right beside it, it had a clipboard with instruction papers clipped on.

“Sunny, could you step into the cylinder and lay down on the table?” You looked away momentarily when talking to Sun

You pasted his arms down on the cold metal stretch board
Clipping down his arms one by one with straps, you saw him make an uncomfortable expression

“What’s wrong Sunny?” You asked, tightening the last strap around his wrist
“It’s just… cold..” He shuddered a bit
“Well I’ll try to be quick, I’ll be right back” you patted Sun’s chest plate

Walking over to the monitor, you scrolled through your choices...

Check Up
System Upgrade

You clicked on System Upgrade, stepping back into the circle
Sun’s faceplate suddenly cracked in half revealing his wires. Like a jack-in-the-box toy
You heard him slightly grunt as if suppressing a pain

“Ah- You’re gonna have to crawl on top of me for this part” Sun’s voicebox broke the intimidating silence
“Uh... Yeah yeah, I’m getting there-” Still a bit frightened by the sight you crawled on top of his chest plate “I’m- Not too heavy... Right?”
“Whaat? Darling, you weigh little to nothing! What are you talking about?” Sun snickered
“But I’m- Never Mind haha..” you nervously chuckled as a screen lunged at you before stopping just before you

Almost falling over from your sudden reflex, you adjusted your position on top of Sun.
The screen read the order in which wires you unplugged and replugged from the first color to last


You brought your fingers to the bottom of Sun’s faceplate
Assessing the colors you began to grab a wire

“N-now love... If you make a wrong move then I don’t know what I’ll do to you... But it’s never good... Although these straps can hold me down fairly well. Being a large, strong animatronic... It’ll be quite easy for me to escape”
“H-Huh?? Then what are the straps for??”
“Tiny jerks and movements. Like shuddering or wriggling”
“Ah- Okay..” you sighed

Bringing your hands to the wires, you began unplugging them methodically
You only felt your hands start sweating.
You were nervous... Almost fearful for your life as your hands carded through the wires

Finally, the screen changed, showing the order of plugging the wires back in


“Good job Starlight~ now just for the second phase” Sun assured you

You put the wires back correctly and sighed
Sun’s faceplate came back together as a whole.
He lifted his head to look at you

“Now we just have to do the check-up” he smiled

You nodded at him before going back to the monitor and changing the program to ‘Check Up’
Walking back into the cylinder, a set of colored buttons was brought toward your face as a button lit up with a small musical note.

You clicked the button that made the note as Sun’s face moved up in a sudden movement
Immediately the button lit up again, but this time it was followed by another ding

Up, Left
Up, Left, Down
Up, Left, Down, Right

The process repeated itself for sun’s hands
And once more for his voice box
You stepped over to where Sun was, unwrapping him from the table
Once fully free, he sat up at the edge of the table he began to wring his wrists with his hands
Spinning his rays and faceplate a bit before they both clicked into place

“Ah- Thank you y/n~ You did amazing!”
“That didn’t hurt? The whole picking around in your brain??” you asked, shocked
“Well... Yeah but still, you made it quick. Most parts and service workers don’t do that for me... They usually tease my reactions” Sun sighed laughing gently at the end
“Aw... Well... I knew it’d be painful for you... So I made sure to be nice”
“Mm... Shall we go through some gift shops? I’m sure I could find you a nice perfume~” Sun hopped up from the bench, almost hitting his head on the light above the table

You nodded, taking his hand and leading him out of the cylinder
Taking the elevator up, you made your way upstairs. Sun had to be in his slouched-over position to fit
You giggled because of how close his smiley face was to yours

“What!! I can’t fit in here-” Sun pouted a bit, his hands on his knees
“Haha... I know I know” You teased Sun as you heard his fans speed up “It’s just a bit funny..”

You both laughed a bit on the way down until the elevator doors finally opened up again

“Now... We’ll have to step out into the crowd if you want to go to one of the gift shops we have in the pizza... We don’t sell anything but toys for kids at the gift shop in the daycare..” Sun rambled
“Ah- that’s alright... Let’s go!” You pursued, walking towards the Superstar Pick-Up hall

Before opening the door, Sun stopped

“Now... We won’t be holding hands out in the crowd, so please stay close to me... I get a bit anxious when my kids aren’t in my sight or reach... It’ll most likely be the same way with you I’d assume” Sun held your chin with a worried tone
“Don’t worry, I’m not gonna leave you stranded... I mean unless I want to go to the restroom.”
“Well... Yeah... But let me know so I don’t panic in public... Please…” Sun begged before kissing your forehead “My beautiful sunflower~” he smiled, cupping your face in his hands

He began to flourish about your face, landing warm pecks everywhere and trailing them down to your neck as you laughed

“Pff- Sunny!! Stopp!” You giggled, slightly pushing yourself away from him
“Just a couple more-” He teased before landing his last few kisses on your lips. Pulling away he finally stopped “Alright... Let’s go shopping~”
“Ah- um... Sunny I don-”
“I have ways... No money will be needed” He held his finger to his mouth in a shushing motion

You laughed as you pushed the door open
The faint pizza plex was now a louder echo mixed with children and people talking and bickering about each other

You and Sun walked about the plex, moving downstairs and towards a gift shop near the atrium
Stepping in, Sun carded through the crowd as adults and children watched him walk about the aisles.
He led you to a small corner with a shelf of fragrance options

*Freddy, Chica, Roxanne, Montgomery, Foxy, Bonnie, Music Man… Huh... Nice variety honestly… But there are only 3 perfume options…*

You picked up the Chica and Roxanne Wolf options first, examining the scents

*Strawberry.. Or Grape… or..*

You looked over at the Music Man option

*Fruit Punch..?*

“Are you having trouble picking one? I could give you a recommendation!” Sun hunched over to talk to you
“Ah- yeah that’d be nice..” You looked back down at your options
“Well... For men, usually, Montgomery or Foxy is picked... For women… hm... There’s a big tie between them... Music Man is a unisex option though! It’s amazing, it’s a personal favorite of mine if I’m honest~” Sun pointed out each of the options
“Ah... Well, then I’ll take that one..” You put both boxes you were holding back on the shelf neatly, picking out one of the music man boxes
“Amazing choice starlet!~ Here.. I’ll go ‘pay’ for it” He chuckled, taking the box from your hands and scooching closer to you, and bending over the counter

He looked like he was scrolling through the merchandise as he swiftly shucked the box into his stomach hatch, bending back up and smiling down at you

“So.. Shall we go back to the daycare? We can play allll day~”
“Yeah, let’s go” You started to walk out of the shop while Sun trailed behind you

Both of you made it to the daycare again after parting through the crowd
Immediately before the door closed behind you a small woman stomped up behind Sun, holding the door open

“Hey! Why isn’t the daycare open today?” The woman immediately was considered bossy
“Ah! I’m sorry ma’am! But the daycare is closed for today due to maintenance!” Sun apologetically replied
“That’s not my problem!! My child was supposed to be in YOUR care today.” She pestered, sneering on Sun
“Again, my apologies... However, we have our Superstar Daycare hours on our website and our doors! Please refer to them, we-”
“I don’t care, ok?? I don’t even think you’re fit to take care of children anyway..” The lady gripped her bag strap as she looked Sun up and down with a disgusted look before walking away
“Ma’am if you have a complaint you can send a report through our website~. However, I assure you that I am a good caretaker.”

Sun sighed through his smile before shutting the door behind him, sighing again and looking down at you

“Ugh... People can be so rude!” Sun frowned
“I’m sorry about that Sunny... I think you’re an amazing caretaker..” You walked up to him and patted his arm
“Mmh.. come here you..” Sun giggled as he scooped you up in his arms, nuzzling his cheek to yours “Cutie~”

He kissed you on your cheek again and smiled before nuzzling your cheek again

“You know that you make me feel sooo happy even if I’m having a bad moment?~” Sun walked you through the Pick-Up hall
“Haha... I know Sunny..” You laughed a bit, letting yourself sink into his hold

He held you until you made it to the dollhouse again, inside the playpen.

“Now we can continue playing!!~” Sun smiled “Unless... You’d like to play a different game~” He said in a much more seductive tone
“Pff- Sundrop… What do you mean~” You bit back at him
“You know..” He laid you down gently on the plush floor

You lay on your back as he got on top of you. Kissing your face, your neck, to your chest
Making his way to your lower stomach, he stopped just before your sex
He wrapped his hands around your thighs, opening them

“” He stared down at you as you lifted your head to look at him
“Ah- Mmh-”

*Is he gonna fucking eat me out or some shit?? You’d let him be honest... WHAT? Yes, you would!! Come on, have you seen that tongue?? Felt how long that bitch is??? DUDE!? Duuddee- come on... At least once*

“Should I take that as a yes?~” Sun kissed your inner thighs, rubbing them gently, humming while moving his thumb under your waistband
“N- n MAYBE LATER!-” You blurted

He looked a bit shocked as you shimmied out of his grip

“O-Oh!- Okay” Sun paused, getting back to sitting up “Sorry if I was moving too fast dear~ Thank you for telling me to stop”

You nervously adjusted your sitting position as you watched him scoot over to the toy box

“Shall we resume our game~?” Sun smiled as if he didn’t just try to make a sexual advance on you
“Uh- Sure!-” You stuttered, you shivered from the shock that crawled up your spine. Your sex made itself known by heating up slightly

Sun turned over towards the toy box, pulling out all the dolls from yesterday and displaying them.
He grabbed out the accessory box, opened it, and nudged it toward you

“Please feel free to get Ms. Ophelia dressed~” Sun urged

You went through the choices, finding your previous choices and putting them on her

“Okay... Ready. Where were we?”
“Oh!! I think Lunar just introduced me to you- I asked you about yourself... Let’s start from there!” Sun held his figurine by the waist before your doll

You both made your dolls move up the stairs and sat in the chairs at the dinner table.

“..So tell me about yourself, Ophelia~” Helios sipped his tea
“Well... What would you like to know? Like... Specifically?” Ophelia stared at Sun
“What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re bored?”
“I like... I like to play music and... Dance... I’m not good at it but... I like to dance for myself”
“Oh! I love dancing! You and I should dance together sometime! I’m not good at it but I’m sure you know more about it than me~” Helios giggled a bit “Oh! Oh! Tell me-”

Sun was interrupted by the lights, and his face ground as the Moon came out. It was pitch black
Calm... Just the grinding creating noise

“Ugh- I don’t like that part..” Moon groaned, kicking his lights on

The incessant red bathed you as he switched it to white and dimmed it a little
Moon shook his head a little before looking down at the Sun figurine in his hand

“Ah! Finally!! I get to be the boyfriend!!!” He giggled as he switched the Sun figure with the Moon
“Aw… But Lunar already has a girlfriend!” you pouted playfully at him
“Oh yeah? Well, now HeLiOs can be with her. Haha!!” He pushed Lunar's head to Ophelia's, giving it a kiss “Now I am the boyfriend!!!”
“Okay okayy, let’s keep playing-”

You heard your stomach grumble a bit, feeling yourself cave in slightly

“Ah! You’re hungry! What would you like to eat my darling?~” Moon dropped the figure
“Don’t mind that Moon it’s ju-”
“No, you’re hungry. Please... Let’s go get you something to eat, I can’t stand to see you starve..” Moon frowned
“Aw... Well, okay” You stood up, leaving your doll in the house, and sat at the table “Let's go then..”

He stood up, brushing off his clothes before looking down at you again.
He picked you up in his arms and kissed your cheek

“I missed you a lot darling~” Moon brought his lips to your neck “You and your sweet porcelain skin…” He licked at your neck

You held your breath, making small whimpers as he mindlessly nibbled at the skin, almost purring.

“Moony- ah~ Please..”
“Please..? Please what..” Moon growled into your neck, licking at the bite marks he made yesterday
“I- can’t take much m-more”

He laid you down again

“Our good little toy~,” He said as he licked the small divets of his bites “You love being our personal slut don’t you~”

You felt yourself nod, only focused on the biting before you realized his hand was slightly creeping up your shirt

“Tell me if you need me to stop darling~” He cooed in your ears as he lifted your shirt to reveal your chest.

He went for your lips, kissing them. Whimpering slightly

“You really don’t know how much I want to tear you apart my love~” He moved from your lips to your chest

Rubbing his cool tongue gently against your nipple, he grabbed the other with his hand, toying was the flesh in his fingers
He sucked on your nipple as you felt his teeth prick at your boob
Shivering, you cried out
He gently unsheathed his teeth from the mass, licking against the fresh blood

“Good little starlight~” He moaned as he shifted over to your other boob “You taste ssooo good darling”

You couldn’t move, you were completely stuck in your lewd position, arching your back and offering yourself to him.
Your open mouth didn’t help with masking your moans
Tears flew down from your eyes
Moon kept twirling your nipple in his mouth, carefully pricking his teeth on the skin of your boob

“I’m going to mark you all over your-”

Suddenly, the lights turned back on. Moon lifted his head to switch to Sun
Sun shook his rays a bit until they straightened out to their normal spot.
He looked down at you and then at your displayed chest

“Ah! More!?” Sun panicked as drops of blood began to bead up at your skin

He licked up the blood out of panic, holding your boobs with pressure to stop the bleeding a bit

“Mm, well Moon was right... You taste amazing darling~” Sun gave you a dorky smile before going back down on your nipples.
He gathered both of them into one mass and began to suck and lick again
You could hear him making small noises and moans

*Wait... Is he... Is he fucking kicking his feet in the air??*

No matter how goofy the situation seemed, you couldn’t help but begin to reach your climax
Your hips bucked against nothing as you squirmed, Begging for more attention


Sun took notice that you came due to the amount of jolting and shivering

“Good little Sunflower~” Sun kissed your boobs before wiping them off with his thumb and pulling your shirt back down.
“Mmh~” You lay there for a second, relishing in the calm after the storm
“Let’s get you fed... You must be really hungry!” Sun sat you up straight, hugging you and dusting you off of any mess
“Mmh~” You groaned again
“Awhh, our little lazybones~” Sun fawned about you, picking you up and carrying you to his room

He laid you down on their mattress, brushing the hair off your cheek and kissing it

“What would you like to eat?” Sun whispered
“Uhmm... Could you give me some options…?” you replied in a slurred and tired tone
“We have pizza, burgers, sandwiches, tacos, burritos-”
“Pizza... Pizza please..” you interrupted
“Alright... What kind?”
“Oh... Anything is fine..”
“What drink would you like?”
“Water, please... Thank you Sunlove~”
“Alright! I love you, doll~” Sun kissed your forehead and your cheek before taking off

Now you just had to wait...

Chapter Text

You waited, your eyes becoming hazier at the second before finally dozing off

*(“Daarlingg~” the husky voice called out to you
“Eclipse? Is that you?” your eyes darted about the abyss, searching for the luminescent glow of Eclipse
“Yeess~ My dear... You’re walking on a tightrope…” Eclipse appeared behind you, his upper pair of hands on your shoulders and the bottom pair on your waist
“Huh- What do you mean?” The feeling of cool and warm hands on your skin felt strange… Your hands brushed over his to hold it

The cool air brushed over your skin before his hands softly melted into your skin
Appearing in front of you, Eclipse held his hand down to cusp your cheek

“You’re in their range little dove… It’s only a matter of time until they shoot you down”
“Shoot me- What?? What are you talking about? Sun would never hur-”
“Never said he’d abuse you... I meant that they will take you.”
“You need to wake up darling..”
“What… No no NO! I’m- I- I CAN’T GO BACK” you began to break down. Tears blurring your eyes as your anxieties and fears shivered up your back “YOU- YOU CAN’T TAKE ME AWAY FROM THIS- I-”

You began to panic, scratching at your face and crying
Eclipse began to walk towards you to embrace you before you shoved him away

With an offended frown, Eclipse offered his hand

“Honey… You need to understand that I’m not trying to prevent you from happiness… I’m trying to help you... Please..” He begged you, his voice echoed through the abyss

Holding your hands over your ears you couldn’t hear anything but your blood and the faint noise of music

You shut your eyes. You didn’t wanna look at him.

*It’s just a nightmare... Just a nightmare... He can’t be telling me this… I don’t want to leave… Please just let this be a bad dream*

Eclipse moved your hands from your ears patiently as he crouched down in front of you.
His eyes looked… different…

“wake up…” he whispered
“wake up, Wake up, Wake UP, WAKE UP” He began to scream at you, holding your wrists in a tightened grip.

You were frightened... You couldn’t scream, you could only cry out of fear)*

You woke up in a cold sweat next to Sun.
He was previously shaking you awake, taking notice that you were having a nightmare

“Ah! My goodness Star... Are you alright?” Sun grabbed your face, cupping your cheeks “You were shaking like crazy!”

Your hands gripped the mattress, your whole body was stressed out and sweaty
Sun took his hands off your face before grabbing the pizza box next to him and placing it in front of you
All of a sudden your breathing just seemed to settle down

“J-just a nightmare… Just a... Hmn..” Shrugging and holding your arms you looked intently at the floor
“Awh... Our poor little star..” Sun paused, opening up the pizza box “Do you want to drink some water before you eat? I’m sorry for keeping you waiting so long... The pizza took a while eheh” Sun chuckled

He turned his upper body 180 degrees and whipped back around with a water bottle
He kissed your cheek as he handed it to you

You slightly noticed that the water bottle was already opened
However, you had already glugged down half the bottle’s contents

You looked at Sun, his cheshire smile became even wider by the second, watching you drink down the water

…The taste was a little strange… vanilla blueberry..?

“Oh! How about you eat some pizza? I’m sure you’re hungry”

You felt a twang of drowsiness, but you fought it

“Y-yeah... Just mmh... Give me a second” You paused, holding your forehead

Rubbing your eyes with your hand, you reached down and grabbed the slice closest to you, lifting it
You ate it drowsily
You felt… silly…

Looking up at Sun, he grinned at you, humming

“W-what did you put in that… water..”
“Hohoho! Don’t you worry about that little dove... You’re OURS now…”
“H-huh..? What... are-” you slowly shoved yourself away from him, doing your best to stand up
“Heh… Don’t fight it…” Sun’s tone became sinister, his squinted eyes focused on only you.
“I-I’m getting out of- here…” You held yourself up as you shuffled past Sun

He did nothing, he watched you stalk the balcony
Making it to the edge you looked around

Such... Beautiful Colors…

Sun’s maniacal laugh echoed in your head

You felt yourself give out… Falling to the floor and on your side

“Nighty, Night~” Sun cooed as you shut your eyes


“Hm! Well, that worked beautifully don’t you think Moony?~” Sun beamed, cradling you up in his arms
“Yeeesss~ Well done Sunbun~” Moon praised, taking a good scan at you, your condition
“Mmh- They look so cute when they sleep~!” Sun bounced a bit before laying you back into their bed

He took a couple of minutes to place himself between your legs
He impatiently shucked your shirt off of you.
Sitting up he put it up to his nose, taking deep inhales of your scent as he began to hover over you again

“F-Fuck~ Ssssooo good~~” Sun moaned

The lights were suddenly off again
Moon was awake, still holding the shirt and breathing you in

Finally, after obsessing over the smell for minutes he placed it into his stomach hatch before going down to your bare chest and kissing you on your collarbone and neck

“W-we finally have you~ Our beautiful little flower~” He pressed kisses against your lips, bucking his length over your clit

He bashfully kept kissing you, muttering out sweet nothings into your ear
Grinding against your slit as if his life depended on it

He brought his lips to your neck, kissing your pulse lovingly

“Such a beautiful heartbeat that you have my dear~” Moon grinned, sliding his hands under you to cradle your back “We can only hope you’ll still love us once we save you~” Moon moaned, thrusting even more onto you

“I promise you... I’ll love you forever my darling~ For- forever- Ah-”

Moon stuttered, his voice glitching out as he pumped his length, reaching his climax as he jolted
You could feel how his dick pressed with every pulsation…

He became a moaning mess on top of you, shuddering as he came
Finally, he calmed down, and he lay right beside you with your hand in his

“Mm~ You still look ssoooo delicious in this position…~” Moon smiled

Finally, he got up and walked over to his tissue box
He lifted his waistband, giving you one last look

Coming back, he gave you a small kiss on the cheek
“I’ll be right back my flower~” Moon sweetly cooed into your ear before jumping off the balcony


*( You woke up, and a headache began pounding into your head.
Looking around the pitch-black room you rubbed your stomach

*I- I don’t have a shirt on... Where’s my shirt??*

You blindly felt the space around you, patting down every surface before coming across your shirt
You put it on with haste
The headache became sharp as your eyes began to adjust to the dark setting, you saw the luminescent stars beyond an arch

*I’m... I’m in the daycare... What the fuck am I doing here..*

You slowly got up, feeling your weak bones collect in your body
Aches and pains covered you and waves of pain harassed you as you took your first step off the mattress

Looking at the small hole in the wall, you crawled through only to see a more junk-filled room
However... One thing caught your eye
Actually... Two things.

An exit... And a single arcade machine

Looking around first you stepped closer to the machine

*Balloon World…*

You pressed a button... However, you were only met with immediate glitches, creating a loud noise
Immediately feeling your anxiety spike, you ran toward the exit
Your hand only brushed against the exit handle before a voice called out

“Honey… y/n… It’s Eclipse…” Eclipse called out to you, his face being shown on the screen
“Yeah no fuck that and fuck you. I’m getting the fuck out of here.”
“It’s too late…”
“Too late?? Too late my ass, I’m getting out of here. And I’m never going to come back.” You opened the exit door
“You’re dreaming..” Eclipse laughed at you

His voice still echoed in your head as you ran down the hall and out into the Daycare theater

*Fuck, fuck, fuck I have to get out I have to get out*

You ran towards the nearest exit, and from behind the building you ran to the front, feeling the humid air run against you
The sound of crickets and the smell of fresh air

You snatched your bike from the rack, speeding away from the building
Nothing but Eclipses voice in your head, taunting you

“This is all a dream this is all a dream this is all a dream this is all a dream this is all a dream”

He pestered you as you approached your building, running up the flight of stairs and entering your apartment

You backed yourself against the door as if keeping something out. Locking it away

Hearing Eclipse's voice get louder, you broke

“SHUT UP- SHUT UP GET OUT, GET OUT OF MY HEAD PLEASE JUST SHUT UP FUCK.” You threw yourself against a wall, sliding down to the floor with your hands over your ears

You shut your eyes...
Only a faint sound


You began to sob until the faint music suddenly stopped

Upon opening your eyes, you saw him.


“And no matter what you do darling..” Moon paused before his head spun transitioning to Sun “You will never escape” Sun gripped your shoulders as his face spun once more

One half became Moon and the other stayed as the Sun

They laughed at you
Eclipse laughed at you

And soon enough... After the tears

You began to laugh as well)*

You woke up... Headache still pounding in your mind as you kept your eyes closed for a moment

You tried your arms

*tied… I'm tied up…*

You finally quirked your eyes open only to see Sun sitting in front of you, his warm aura heating the air around him

“S-Sun oh my god man you HAVE to help me... Please-”
“Hohoho! Help you..?” He let out a creepy chuckle as he held your chin in his hand
“Yes?? I’m fucking tied??? Help me!!” You spat at him
“Oh! Haha! We tied you up, love..”
“What.?” You looked up at him after struggling and trying the restraints
“We tied you up... We knew you’d be a bit cranky soo we didn’t want you to make any unwise decisions!”
“W-what the fuck are you talking about-”
“We kidnapped you!” Sun giggled clapping his hands together

You couldn’t speak, your mouth couldn’t even utter a word as you stared at him with a blank look

“V-very funny Sun- Untie me… Now…”
“Oh? I’m sorry Starlove… We just can’t do that!~ You’re ours!! Remember?”

You looked back to all the sweet nothings... Slowly, you realized those ‘sweet nothings’ actually meant something... Your freedom…
You felt any hope you had earlier flee from your body
Looking down at your body you began to squirm, tugging at your restraints

“Haha! Oh, sunflower! You are just so cute~ You can’t escape!!” Sun laughed at you, you felt his piercing stare burn into you
“What the absolute FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU” You strained your voice angrily sneering at him

He moved his head down to yours, holding your cheek with a strict grip

“Shhh~ you’re so feisty~!”
“DON’T FUCKING TOUCH ME-” You yanked your cheek away from his grip

He grabbed you again by your cheeks, squishing your face together and pulling you closer to his face

“Listen, brat. I’ll MAKE you love me... I’ll dull you down into nothing but an infatuated husk. You’ll only be devoted to me as Moony and I already are to you.”

You scowled at him, giving him a cold glare

“You know… We absolutely adore it when you give us those eyes… And trust me when I say, Moony and I will worship you like a god… Just love us back… That’s all we ask of you darling~”

He released your face
The sour feeling of your cheeks being released
It made you disgusted by him

“What the fuck is wrong with you. You couldn’t just let me go to and from work and be with you in that way???” You looked away from him, trying your restraints again
“Oh No! Haha! What if you found someone else to replace us? What then?”
“OH! That’s right! You’d LEAVE us!! You’d break up with us as if we were just some toy??? Isn’t that right? Because Moony and I are just animatronics!! Inanimate objects! No soul, no feeling, no craving..” Sun’s voice cracked a bit as his grin became crazed. His eyes boring into your soul
“Sun, I've never said that.”
“You would leave us. For a human… Disgusting humans…” He scowled
“It isn’t just that… We never want you to leave our sight... Ever! Never ever ever!” He giggled
“You just don’t listen, do you??”
“Oh, we do! But we just want to protect you!”
“You motherfucker.”
“Look on the bright side honey! Food, Water, your sweet boyfriends, Shelter, Fun all the time~~” Sun listed
“I’m a human..”
“Yes!! Our human!”
“NO, you don’t understand Sun... I need the outside world.”
“Oh! We can figure that out~” Sun smiled gently
“No- I- I have an apartment and-”
“No boyfriend... No family… no friends~ Oh! It almost looks like you are just like us!!~ Hohoho!”
“Sooo~ Have you accepted your better life here..?” Sun pestered you
“Fuck. You.”
“Hmhm~ So forward~” Sun acted flustered by your insult

Giggling, he got up and crawled into the hole in the wall

*How the FUCK am I gonna get outta here.”

Chapter Text

“I’m back darling~” Sun sang, crawling back through the hole in the wall
“Don’t fucking call me darling. Crazy bitch.” You sneered
“Hey now~ Don’t call us that~ Be nice” He crouched down and poked your nose with small fanfare “Boop! Hehe!”
“You’re sick.” You turned your face away from him, frowning
“Mmm... Not possible! I’m an animatronic!” he giggled, adjusting his seating position into a lotus form
“You know what I meant.”
“Mmh... Well, I’m only crazy and ‘sick’ about you~” He smiled, holding your cheek and dipping towards your face for a kiss

You tried to avoid him before he grabbed your face and held it still
As you struggled, he gave you a small kiss on your lips
Backing away from you, he pouted

“Come on now~ You used to love kissing us...”
“Yeah, when your bitchass wasn’t trying to kidnap me-”
“Kidnap…? Kidnap is a bit of a stretch isn’t it~ We more of… saved you, we are giving you a free life! An easy one at that!”
“I don’t care... I just- I don’t care” You sighed, defeated
“Mm... Seems like you need some time to think... Don’t worry, I’ll be back~”

He began to hold a cloth up to your eyes and a gag laid over his thigh

“W-wait what are you- HEY NO.” You struggled against him as he tied up your eyes
“Shh shh, I’ll be back to take it off again... I just don’t need you to be making noise or movement, that's all...” Sun cooed before shoving a Moondrop in your mouth and adjusting the gag onto your mouth “Aaand~ Perfect!”

He took his leave, jumping off the balcony, his tether let him fly down in a graceful swoop


“What now...?” Sun asked Moon
“Well... Now we have them... So let's get back to being on good terms with them”
“But they’re so… Hostile... Makes me think they never liked us in the first place” Sun puzzled, walking out of the daycare
“Well, Sun, you just took them away from the world they know...”
“No, I’m serious, this may seem like a nice act but you shouldn’t expect them to be happy once you’ve taken them from their normal life… Humans hate change” Moon sighed
“I guess so… So we just have to make them used to this?”
“That… And...” Moon’s voice gestured towards an escape for you
“Sun… Y/n is a human... Not a robot... They need fresh air and life..”
“Well, that just... It’s just not possible… We will get caught-”
“That’s why we find a way AROUND the problem...” Moon paused as Sun puzzled more, biting his bottom lip “After all… We do want to please y/n in every way possible...”
“There are limits to that and you know that!” Sun walked through the pizzaplex, his pace picking up as he constantly checked the time
“We can persuade y/n to stay, to love us... Maybe they won’t but the cards of fate aren’t really in their favor now.” Sun grunted, balling his hands into fits and playing with the silky ribbon
“Let’s just take it one day at a time..”
“Yeah… Surely they’ll break soon enough…” Sun grinned
“Haha… yeah…” Moon’s voice became glitchy, the smile in his voice showing through

Sun skipped over to El Chip’s, jumping over the counter he mixed up a drink
Humming the daycare’s theme he joyfully shook the shaker glasses and beautifully poured the drink into two glasses, he made sure to keep the Moondrop candy out of one glass and the other as a normal Moondrop version

Picking them both of them up by hand, he kept track of the undrugged one as he tethered back up to the room
He sighed in adoration as he watched you nap

“Our beautiful angel~” He crouched down before you, placing the drinks beside him and grabbing out a Sundrop from his stomach hatch

He untied your blindfold and gag before giving you a slow but playful kiss
He opened up the candy, staring at the vibrant circle he turned it around in his fingers, watching how the light hit certain parts of the candy and shifted the shade

Placing it in his mouth it immediately melted, he swallowed the pleasing flavor down as his eyes brightened in shock

“Oh my goodness! So yummy, Moony, you should try one!” Sun said with a spark
“I’m sure I will later. We should wake them up now...”
“Oh! Right-”


Sun stuck a Sundrop in between his teeth before leaning towards you and putting it in your mouth with a kiss
Once you tasted the Sundrop you immediately woke up, breaking away from Sun, who was kissing you harder

“Ack- DUDE-” You wriggled in the restraints “Ugh can you at least untie me??”
“Do you promise to not run and probably kill yourself?”
“I think you should be more worried about me killing YOU” You sneered
“Oh? Hohoho! You are just adorable y/n… You couldn’t hurt me even if you tried.” Sun’s smile became wicked as he looked you up and down
“Oh yeah? We’ll see about that smiley shit.” You laid back on the object you were tied to, feeling the sting of your legs going numb from sitting on them for too long.
“Hmhm~ Okay we’ll untie you~” Sun smiled moving behind you

You felt his hands brush over yours before his face came close to your ear

“But if you try to escape... We WILL discipline you properly” His tone went seriously flat before grabbing your hands again with one of his. The other untied your wrists

“You know… Seeing you so helpless drives me crazy! I nearly couldn’t take it staring at you being all wrapped… It made me sad” He sighed “Buut~ We need you to become used to this way of life~ A life with us… A life with no responsibility or problems…”

*Pff yeah fucking right as if you were gonna cave into this bullshit. What does he take you for? A damn pushover?*

“Mm,” you grunted
“What’s wrong Star~?” Sun questioned, untying your feet as you wiggled your hands to loosen up the tension on your wrists
“You know what’s wrong.” You looked back at him with a mean glare

He chuckled as he untied your feet
You adjusted yourself to sit up, bringing your feet in front of you
Spikes of pain rushed through your legs, every little thing that brushed against your legs pained you as you moved
As if ants were biting at your legs, numbness washed over you
Sighing, you looked up at Sun, smiling as if today was his lucky day...

He carefully handed you a drink
Taking the drink cautiously from his outstretched hand, you swirled the liquid around…

Of course it was the Moondrop drink

“What. Is this also drugged?” You sarcastically asked
“My darling we’ve never drugged you” Sun replied with a low tone
“Yes you have- You-”
“That was a Moondrop, not a drug.”
“Oh… Still... You drugged me to sleep”
“Well… I suggest you’d drink…” Sun held his drink up to yours
“Does it have a Moondrop?” You looked at the drink
“Haha... Look... My drink is a tinted blue... I made sure to keep any sleepy-time candies out of yours” He held his glass to yours, comparing the colors
“Fine… But if I get drugged again I’m not gonna forgive you.” you held the glass to your lips, drinking it

Sun drank his drink in one swig

“Mm- You know~ I’ll probably get used to this drink~ It’s so nice!” Sun beamed, licking his lips
“You know, if you were human you’d definitely need to slow down…” you took another sip of the creamy drink, licking your top lip after every sip
“Oh of course... I’d probably get a little too carried away with this drink especially... I think it’s one of my favorite drinks now!”

You sat there, drinking, thinking

“Do you want to go get more?~” Sun proposed
“Ugh.. mm.” You looked off to the side, puzzling about it

*Maybe you can slip away from him… You’ll be free- You don’t have to come back here.. Go with him... Wait... Why go back... What. Why go back to your shitty apartment? Because I can’t fucking stay here. I need to leave. But you don’t NEED to... You just WANT to..*

“Y-Yeah sure Sunny-” You drank down the rest of the drink in one gulp, your hands shaking with the cup in your hand

Placing it down, you looked at him with an anxious look

“Honey... What’s wrong..? Are you okay?” Sun worriedly scooted over to you closer, holding your cheek with his warm hands

Suddenly, tears began to prick at your eyes as your fear settled in again

“I-I’m trapped here… aren’t I…” You numbly muttered as Sun scooped you into his arms, shushing you like a baby
“Ohh darling~ It won’t be that bad… Think about it this way... You get to relax every day, and you have us~ We only hope that you know that we absolutely love you…”
“You…” You sighed, shoving your face into his shirt “You don’t…”
“Y/n…” he lifted your head by your chin to look at him “We’d kill for you… We love you more than anything… Moony and I are aware that we’re unable to give you a ‘normal’ relationship… But, we hope to give you everything you’d ever need or want from a man…” He brought one of your hands to his lips, giving it a passionate kiss

You hated yourself… You hated that you saw how sweet he is… Not the malicious intent behind his actions… You were nothing but a trick, a plaything, you’re nothing…

Nothing at all…

But yet here you were, laying in the lap of the only ‘person’ you know other than Mark… You felt like something to Sun… A lover, maybe you’d even feel like a god if you complied…
But who were you kidding…

You’re no god… You’re a human… Sunlight and daytime, the fresh crisp air… The smell of flowers and grass… The allergies caused by pollen in the spring… That’s what you needed…
Why do you want to stay here…?

Because this animatronic ‘loves’ you?
You’re an obsession… A drug…

“Sunflower~” Sun whispered

You looked up at him after zoning out

“May I have a kiss?” He bashfully requested

You couldn’t think of anything… You could only assume that this was okay...
You nodded
He smiled and dipped his head towards you to kiss you
The taste of citrus laced your lips as he pressed into you

“You know… It really won’t be that bad my love…” Sun muttered through his voicebox, his hands carding through your hair as he pressed your lips to his even more. “We’ll love you… For as long as you live… Or until we get replaced by a new model”

You wrapped your arms around him, feeling his tongue brush against your bottom lip
You felt hopeless, falling for your captor… So suddenly… So easily you caved
While you let him in, he used one hand to hold your thigh, he rubbed his hand across the soft plush
Tracing circles into your thigh

“We worship you darling… sso sso much” He cooed as his hand holding your head slid down to the small of your back “Mm… Mark will be here anytime soon little dove~ So I can’t play for long… I’m sorry~” He pulled away from the kiss squeezing your thigh

You softly moaned against him, desperately breathing and letting each breath drag on as your chest pumped
More… More…
*I want… more…*

“Ohh I know you want more honey but I have to consult with Mark for a couple of minutes… I’ll be back before you know it, darling, ~” He kissed your cheek “Here… Have a Moondrop love…”

He grabbed a Moondrop, looking at you with a smirk
He unwrapped it in front of you and placed it on his tongue before pulling you in for a kiss and tangling his tongue with yours
The sweet flavor of the candy melted onto your tongue as your kisses became more sloppy, feeling yourself droop down and pull away from Sun, falling back before he caught you
Saliva strung from your mouths before breaking
He rubbed his sleeve over your chin, wiping up the saliva. He smiled as he licked his lips

Grabbing the blindfold and gag, he tied you up again, but instead rested you on his bed, laying down on your stomach

He heard the door open in the pick-up hall as he leaped off his balcony and towards the playpen
And slowly, you began to drift off into a peaceful sleep


“Good job on reeling them back in a bit Sunny~” Moon praised
“Hey- What’s wrong?”
“...Mark…” Sun grunted
“Oh… Right…Mark.” Moon bluntly replied “Kill him… I know he bothers you”
“And I will! I just don’t want y/n to hurt themselves…”
“I’m sure they’ll be knocked out for a while… Just make it quick”

Mark walked down from the locker room and down toward Sun

“Hey- Where’s y/n?” Mark said, slight confusion in his voice
“Oh! They left early- family emergency y’know? They only left 15 minutes before you got here.” Sun replied, cheerful as always while his rays spun with each lanky movement he made
“Ah… Okay then, well… Did she- they. They. Did they take you to parts and services?” Mark walked over to the desk, plopping down into a seat
“Y-Yeah! Speaking of parts and services… Y/n was a little concerned about a certain thing that was happening with the system... Like a glitch or a bug… They asked me to ask you to go look at it…”
“...” Mark sighed “Fine…” He groaned, rising from his chair and walking up to Sun “Let’s go then…”

Sun smiled as they walked down to Parts and Services.
Mark approached the monitor, going ahead of Sun

“Well… It doesn’t see-”

Mark fell to the floor, knocked out after being struck by Sun in the head
Sun hastily hauled Mark over his back, his joyful smile now a hateful grimace as he marched down to the torture room


*(You sat at the edge of your bed, lacing up your heels, on a call with your friend Rebecca

“Becca hun, I’m about to leave so I’ll see you at the place girl”
“Alright see you there~” Rebecca sang
“Byyyeeeee~” you both sang before handing up

You finally got both your heels on securely
Walking towards the mirror you straightened out your dress a bit to its largest extent
You admired yourself
You were beautiful
The most beautiful flower of the newborn spring
A fountain of youth and life

You gripped your bag with your keys in your free hand as you began to walk out and through the living room
This was the hard part…

You slowly crept past him and toward the door
Almost tripping over empty cans and bottles of beer
The living room, a wasteland of alcohol and trash… The only home to your deadbeat boyfriend.
Only slightly touching the handle of the door the incessant, grating noise of your boyfriend resurfaced

“Hey- Where are you… *burp* going…” Alex stammered, in a drunk stupor
“I’m going to go hang out with my friends…” You replied, your voice shaking before you held down the middle of your dress
“With that slutty outfit…? Ugh… Change. Now. You look terrible” He looked away from you, going back to watching sports
“What.?” He looked back at you “C’mon y/n… You look like a fucking cow.”

He looked you up and down with disgust
“Are- Are you fucking going clubbing…?” He pointed at your outfit as if it was offensive
“And what? Are you gonna find another guy to fuck?” He got up from the chair, walking over to you as your whole body begged you to run “Gonna fucking cheat on me…? You just put out for anybody, don’t you… Fucking slut.”

And with that, he struck you
Slapping you across the face, causing you to stumble a bit
You held your cheek lightly as you looked back up at him

“I can’t take this anymore Alex-” You muttered as you immediately ran out the door from him

And even in heels, you ran down that flight of stairs to the ground floor
Alex tried to keep up, drunkenly walking towards the stairs

“Oh YEAH!?? WELL- I’M LOCKING YOU OUT TONIGHT. FUCK YOU WHORE.” He screamed, and all you heard after the door slammed was peace

You felt tears fall from your eyes, feeling guilty… About what though? You did nothing…)*

Chapter Text

“Wake up.” Sun demanded as he slapped Mark’s face with harsh force

Mark woke up, groaning and shuffling in the ropes he was stuck in

“Wh- Sun…?” Mark looked at Sun with a squint through the blaring lights “What is happening right now” He looked around himself “Why am I- Did you tie me up like this??”

Sun smiled as he watched Mark struggle

“Y/n didn’t leave early today… They’re with us now… And now you’ll die, along with every other security guard that’s left us.” Sun allowed his counterpart to unsheath his claws for his fingers
“WAIT- Wait Sun… Buddy- We can talk about this… I wasn’t gonna leave you guys! What did I do Sun, you tell me and I'll make it up to you!” Mark begged
“You dared to breathe in our beloved’s direction. And for us? That’s plenty of reason for you to be ripped limb from limb.” Sun took a step to come behind Mark holding a sharp claw to his neck
“SUN- SUN DON’T DO THIS- I’M SORRY PLEASE JUST LET ME GO” Mark screamed, his voice straining as Sun’s finger broke his skin, pausing “I’LL NEVER TALK TO THEM AGAIN. NEVER I SWEAR-”
“And you never will.”
“W-What?” Mark looked at Sun with a bloodshot stare
“They’re with us now.” Sun grinned as he stared down at Mark with a viscous smile “Nighty Night Mark.”

Sun finally slit his throat, hearing the gurgling sounds of Mark choking on his blood, squirming around in the seat with desperate eyes as blood began to spill from his mouth.
Blood spurted from the opening, landing out and on Sun’s arm sleeve
Sun laughed watching the miserable display as he moved in front of the chair to enjoy the show

“Pathetic… Hmm” He giggled as Mark looked down at Sun before succumbing to death
“And there it is Mark… The sweet kiss of lady death.”

Sun sighed as he thought about you
And with that, he began to saw apart Mark’s body parts


Waking up, you realized you were tied, again…

“Mhhn- MMnn?? MM!!! M!” You wriggled in your position, unable to do much, only able to roll over
“Mm.” you easily gave up, considering that you’d probably fall to your death if you tried to escape

*Just- Just wait for him… He’ll be back anytime soon… He wouldn’t leave you to die like this*

You went back to your original position, sinking into the mattress as if it was the comfiest thing in the world

*Why did you kiss him earlier… I don’t know… I felt needy… This is your captor we’re talking about. Someone who plans to keep you here for as long as you live, and you’re still catching feelings for them?? Well, what if I can seduce him? He’s a FUCKING ROBOT- I’m sure with his smart AI he could tell you’re manipulating him. Not if I can pretend… HE PRETENDS TOO, a liar can call out another liar. Well, maybe that’s not the case here!! And what if you do end up falling in love? It won’t even BE love, you’ll develop Stockholm Syndrome and- I don’t care… If I fall in love with him, what do I even have left to lose?? A shitty apartment? Even shittier ‘friends’? I have NOTHING. Nothing at all…*

You let tears prick your eyes to eventually fall into the blindfold as they soaked into it
This was your demise… You were meant to fall into this path as the universal gods have drawn

Fate was not in your favor…
Your life was now nothing but a devotion
Not even to a person, not even to a god
But an animatronic, a daycare attendant with wicked intentions to suck out every thought and memory of being human

Were you even human anymore..?
You sobbed. An empty shell shed from your body
This is you…

Desperate, lonely, hungry…

Hungry for love… affection
You didn’t even care if it came in this twisted manner
A misshapen vase, already broken by the curse of time, glued together poorly, begging to be discarded

*What do I do…*

You felt the pounding weight of your depression break as you heard Sun’s tether

*He can’t see me like this.*

You heard Sun land on the balcony, unlatching himself

“Honey~ Are you awake my love?” Sun whispered, approaching you

You nodded silently, turning towards the noise of his bells

“Oh no- I’m sorry my darling I was afraid this would happen, don’t worry I’m untying you now, love” He cooed, still keeping his voice low as he lifted you a bit to unwrap your face

Your eyes met with Suns’, he smiled sweetly at you before your eyes trailed to the splatter of red on his sleeves, shirt, and pants…

*fresh blood…?*

Your eyes darted back to Sun’s with a worried expression

“S-sun- what.” You stuttered as he released your ankles
“Don’t worry about it, my love… I was trying to get you some new clothes but one of the maintenance robots spilled some of the red paint they were using on the wall… We’re getting a little bit of refreshment on the pai-”
“That’s not paint Sun- Who…” You swallowed your anxiety as he got behind you to free your hands
“I did it for you.” Sun immediately held your hands with his when he untied them “Everything I’ve done and will do will be for you, my love” he whispered, his breath crawling onto your shoulder
“You… Mark- Where is Mark??” You turned around to look at Sun, scooting away from him
“He went home a while ago honey~” Sun held his arms out “Come here darling-”
“Home?? I don’t fucking believe you… Did you kill Mark??” You looked at Sun, scared
“My love~ My sweet sunflower… I did not kill Mark…” Sun frowned at you, his arms dropping into his lap. Just come here and we can think about what we wanna do next for today”
“That’s- That’s Mark’s blood on you isn’t it.”
“Heh… Y’know… He said some REALLY bad things about you, star…”

Sun rose from his seated position, walking over to you as you backed away more and more, your eyes darting towards the arch exit and back to him
You backed up until you were met with the concrete wall
The wall was pressed into your back as Sun squatted down to your level, now blocking off your exits

“He said you were a terrible worker, that I was terrible… Called you names, I think he even stole your perfume for his corrupt kinks… He told me things the other day that I don’t even want to recall… So many things, my love…” Sun cupped your chin with his thumb and finger “We wouldn’t kill for no reason
“N-no Mark didn’t do those things… He isn’t-” you shook your head
“He did… I can even retrieve your perfume from his bag”
“Fine. S-show me then. I won’t believe you until you show me some proof”
“Alright, darling… I’ll be back, my love~ His stuff should be at the desk…” Sun leaned in “Can I have a kiss before I go…?”

Sun sighed as he stood up and made his way to the balcony
You also got up after you heard him fall into the ball pit

Following behind him, you peered over the balcony to watch him retrieve the bag

Sun was hunched over the bag, his hands digging through it before zipping it back up
Immediately you shuffled back into your original spot, backed up into the wall as you heard Sun’s tether drag him back up

He made his way around toward you

“Here~” Sun handed you the small bottle of fragrance

You held it, turning it in your hands before setting it down beside you

“Do you believe me now?” Sun crouched down before you again
“Mm… You see? You can trust us, darling, ~” Sun cooed as he held your cheek
“...” You leaned your cheek deeper into his warm hand, closing your eyes
“Starlight..?” Sun held your chin, leaning closer to you

Opening your eyes you looked up at sun

“Can I kiss you…?” Sun muttered as he lifted your face to look up at him “Please…”

*Why do we like this… Why do we feel so much for this… Robot…*

You nodded, biting your lip anxiously before releasing it
His fingers ran through your hair as he pulled your face close to his
The feeling of his lips on yours felt… Euphoric…
You couldn’t help but press for more

Your hands lifted and rubbed against his hand
So needy…

He allowed you to hold it as you led his hand to your back

“Bed…” you whispered through kisses
“Mm…?” Sun questioned
“Bed,” You said a bit louder

Sun lifted you into his arms, your legs and arms wrapped around him
Your sex heated from the proximity of your position
His hands cradling your bottom and the small of your back

He laid you gently on your back as he kissed you, his tongue slipping into your mouth
The sweet taste of him spread throughout your mouth as you let him take control of your body
His hand held you by your wrists while the other painfully dragged down your chest and down to your sex

“I love you, star~” Sun muttered breathily as he gently rubbed his finger up and down on your slit

He slithered from your mouth to your neck, sucking on the skin and biting gently at it
Sun lifted above you, staring down at you, watching you…
You whimpered as he rubbed against you perfectly, shutting your eyes out of nervousness

“Keep your eyes on me, darling…” He demanded as his finger pressed harder, only becoming gentler when he approached your clit as he circled it
“I- ahn… Fu-ck… Sunny~”
“Mm… What? Are you going to cum…?”

You nodded as you bit your lip bucking your hips against his finger

“Goodness… You are just so cute staring at me like that~” Sun muttered, “...Here…” Sun smiled as his hand lifted towards your waistband, tugging at it he looked at you for permission
You nodded as he immediately pulled off your sweatpants, tossing them out of the way

He pressed your legs apart, placing them on his shoulders as he lowered himself to your heat

“Good little star~ Our good sunflower…” He praised you before going down on you

You immediately gasped from the pleasure, becoming overstimulated by his tongue
His hand released your wrists as he readjusted them to your waist and thigh

Hands scratched at the floor as your back arched, his tongue gently brushed against your clit as he made small moans and whimpers…
Sun’s tongue made its way to your hole, licking at it before inserting it
He gripped your thigh harder, making you stay still or rather come closer

“S-Sunny!!” You cried as you extended your hand to one of his rays
“You taste so divine my love… I can’t get enough of you~” he moaned as his tongue thrusted deeper into you
“I-I can’t~ I’m- You’re gonna-” You struggled to speak as his hand that was previously cradling your back slid over to your clit
His thumb vibrated gently over it as he looked up at you

“Our beautiful star… Are you going to break? Go on… Cum for me…” Sun bumped the vibration up to a harsher speed making your previous whimpers into louder cries and needy moans as your hands clawed at the floor

His hand and tongue kept their pace until you finally came, your body shivering against his face as his possessive grip became harsher

“That’s right… ours… yes~” He groaned as his eyes targeted you lovingly

Your body bucked against his tongue as you cried out for him

“Good little starlight~” He whispered as he lifted himself from your sex, kissing your inner thighs before biting into one and sucking

You let out a small yelp from the intoxicating pain as your legs shivered from the sudden bite

“Stay still my love… Just leaving a couple of marks on you~” Sun rubbed his thumb over your clit manually, gently keeping an aching pace
“S-Sunny I can’t I-” you whimpered, covering your eyes with your forearm as his bite became harsher
“...Can’t..? Can’t what my darling?” His thumb pressed a little harder as he rubbed circles into you “afraid I might overstimulate you…? Break you..? Hmhm..” Sun giggled
“I- ah~” You looked away with a bashful look
“We can play with you all night and day if you wish my love~”
“W-what..? All- ah... All day??”

*I mean they are robots… Their stamina probably outdoes mine by a long shot if I’m being honest with myself…*

“All day.~” Sun murmured, looking at you with a seductive grin, unsheathing his teeth from your flesh before licking up any blood falling out “You did so good for me, love… I want to do it again soo badly…” Sun cooed as he rubbed his cheek against your thigh

You blushed, looking at him as he lifted himself from you to lay beside you
He rested on his back, shutting his eyes

You quietly got up to retrieve your sweatpants before Sun’s hand swiftly crept up to your chest, pushing you back down

“Don’t go, star~ Please stay…” he begged, his eyes still shut
“Sun, I'm half naked.”
“Mmh... That doesn’t matter, my love… Just let me cuddle you for now, I know you’re tired”

Sun wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you closer as he lay on his side
Your back was faced toward him
The position had you feeling his length on your ass
His arm made a tighter hold as his face came down to your head

Sun buried his face into your hair, smelling it and kissing your scalp

“Soo cute~” Sun mumbled as he kissed you

Feeling the comforting warmth of the Sun, you began to shut your eyes, falling deeper into his hold.


“Sunny..” Moon mumbled
“I think they’re asleep- You should put their sweatpants on so they don’t get cold…”
“But they’re so softttt~” Sun held you a bit tighter
“I know but they’ll get cold”
“Fine.. later. If I move right now, they’ll wake up” Sun groaned

Sun looked down at you

“Our beautiful stardust…” Sun sweetly murmured into your hair as he cuddled you, his fans whirring


*(“You’ve fallen for their trap…” Eclipse stunned you, he wasn’t a comfort... He frightened you
“I don’t know what happened, I didn’t mean t-”
“Suuure you didn’t… Look at you. Pathetic, letting your body be used by them… Letting your desires and WANTS to get in the way of actual human decency and common sense.” Eclipse looked down at you, ashamed of even looking at you
“I haven't felt love in years Eclipse… I’ve never been pleased like that in even longer years…” You looked down at the void floor
“And what defends the fact that you need to escape.”
“Y/n. You need to listen to me. I only care about you… You cannot fall in love with this… This isn’t love. This is a prison.”
“And what if I do? What if I stay and fall for them.”
“I see you’ve already succumbed to the idea of staying. This is deeply saddening, dear…” Eclipse brought his hand up to the bridge of his nose, pinching it, annoyed
“I- I’ve only thought about it! I haven’t fully decided…”
“You have, though… You’ve made your decision… Remember that I’m always in your head”
“I can’t fucking help myself, Eclipse. I can’t tear myself from the want, the NEED for love, I’ve been neglected my whole fucking life. How would you even come close to knowing how I feel.” you raised your voice, angrily letting tears form

Eclipse looked at you with a worried frown
He held out his hand for you to take

“Walk with me, darling…” Eclipse left his hand outstretched

Letting your tears fall down your cheeks, you held his hand and began to walk alongside him

“Now… Let’s think about this…” Eclipse waved his opposite hand above his hand in a flick motion, letting the abyss create a comforting environment

A river flows quietly as the moonlight shined down on you both
You walked with Eclipse along a dirt road, green grass coated with fresh dew fenced the path
It led to a bridge over the river
Frogs chirped in the distance and stars covered the sky as the smell of petrichor covered the area
You approached a bench along the dirt path after crossing the bridge
Eclipse sat down and invited you to take your seat next to him

Once comfortable, he held your hand once more

“Is this real to you…?” Eclipse asked you, his head tilting
“No… This is just a dream…” You shrugged
“Exactly… You are correct that it is…”

Eclipse shook his hand above him again to show you Sun and Moon’s room
The daycare music blared quietly in the background

“Would you get used to this look…?” Eclipse questioned again
“I don’t know…”

Eclipse shook his hand to go back to the nature setting

“Would you prefer that over this…?”
“I’d prefer affection… And if that is where I can get it then so be it.”
“You’d rather discard all common knowledge, scrape by, just, GIVE UP. You’re telling me that you’d rather live in a prison for the rest of your life for the sake of ‘love’?? My darling, you sound absolutely insane.”
“Then maybe that’s what I am.”

You turned away from Eclipse, taking your hand from his and crossing your arms
You looked at Eclipses’ worried stare, he placed his hand on the bench beside him.

“Eclipse… Eclipse let me tell you something. I truly believe Sun and Moon love me. Even if it was done in this way…” You brought your legs up onto the bench, hugging your knees

“Y/n… sweetness… look at me” Eclipse whispered, cradling your chin to look up at him
“There’s much more affection in life than what is emitted from Sun and Moon… You could fall in love with someone who doesn’t love you in this twisted manner… Nature and life are what await you behind the exit doors, love… It’s truly up to you whether or not you decide to escape…”

Eclipse paused, kissing your forehead

“I love you, y/n… But you frighten me… You need to decide what is best for you… I can only take you halfway, darling…” He paused as he released his hand from your chin

You looked up at him…
What could you say…?
‘I’m sorry’?

Your inner voice screamed for you to do something…

“I can only hope, dear… But I know you are strong. I’ll always be here for you… At the end of the day, I’ll always be more than happy to comfort you, give you advice, give you actual care… You know that don’t you?”

You nodded quietly as he held your hand
Putting your legs down, you sat there and lay against his shoulder

He began to hum…
Humming the song you’ve heard…

The faint music

And eventually, you felt a calming sensation brush over you
The dome blackened out into the abyss, and you exhaled your fear…

Chapter Text

“Staar~ Wake up sweetheart~” Moon cooed, cuddled behind you

*Don’t fall for him today… You need to escape…*

“Mmmh- Hello Moony~” yawning, you squirmed in their hold as they let you stretch
“Did you sleep well, dear…? You were out for a while.” Moon held your hand once you laid it beside you
“Y-yeah I slept fine…”
“What did you dream about? Or did you have a dream…?” Moon slightly squeezed the palm of your hand

*should I tell him about Eclipse…? Definitely not about the messages…*

“Ah, yeah it was weird… My inner cognitive image of comfort came to me…”
“Mm, does this being have a name?”
“... Yes, um… I think his name is Eclipse.”
“What does he look like?” Moon’s voice slightly faltered as he held you a bit tighter
“He kinda looks like Sun overall, just in really dark, warm colors… He has your voice… He’s also really, really tall” you listed as Moon’s claws began to hold you tighter, pressing into your skin “Hn- Moony… That- That hurts-” you whimpered

He immediately loosened his grip, as if he snapped out of zoning out

“My fault, nightshade… I never meant to hurt you like that-. Ahm… hm… So your comfort image is a mix of Sun and I? That’s so sweet, darling.” Moon kissed the back of your head
“Yeah… It’s probably because it’s the only 2 things I'll be seeing for the rest of my life…” you sighed

The comment was a little backhanded… But were you really going to fall into them again?

“Mm… How about we go get you fed, darling~” Moon kissed you again, dismissing the comment
“... yeah…” You gritted your teeth as you sat up, looking back at Moon

You began to prop yourself on your feet before Moon grabbed your calf
His breath became hungrier as he looked up at you

“You know we love you…” Moon let go of your calf as he rose from his laid-down position “... Right…?” he walked closer to you, gently holding your chin up to look at him
“Y-yes Moon…” His demeanor was extremely dominant above you, especially since you had to bend your neck to look at him properly

He smiled gently at you before his LED lights began to kick in

“Good, good~” He paused shifting your face side to side “Y’know how beautiful you are?” Moon bent down to your level

Feeling your face slightly heat up, you stared at him with a bashful look

“Uhm… yes..?”
“My love~ That should be an immediate yes…” He kissed you on your forehead before standing up straight again “We’ll work on that… For now, let’s walk towards the pizzaplex and think about what you’d like to eat”

Moon lifted you into his arms and carried you to the balcony
The room was lit with artificial stars and covered in darkness
Moon’s eye lights were the only source of light for you as you both tethered down

“Would you like to walk alongside me, darling? I can hold you for the whole time if you’d like… I much prefer holding you though…” Moon walked towards the exit of the playpen
“Mm… Just… Hold me, please”

What could you do? You were tired and the scarce amount of light wasn’t helping

“Okay, love~... Now… What would you like to eat? We could go to the break room… Get you something for breakfast” Moon rubbed your back as your arms clung around his neck
“What time is it…?” You asked, after all, you had nothing to tell you the time
“Moon… Oh my god, dude…”
“What? We wanted you to eat something… You’re so small…” Moon frowned
“It’s so early though!!” you whined, groaning into Moon’s neck
“Mm… You usually wake up around this time though…” Moon muttered
“What…? How do you know that??” You lifted your head to look at him, confused
“Ah- Just assumed so since you show up to work at 5…” He rolled his eyes to look at something else
“Hm..” You laid your head back into his neck looking behind him as the playpen became farther and farther away

Moon carried you to the break room, entering through the security door, Moon had to crouch down to enter before standing back up again

“Okaaay~ So… I’m gonna let you down for now so you can get yourself something… Would you like any juice? Coffee, water?”
“Ah- Coffee please…”
“Warm or Iced…?” Moon turned his back on you as he looked through the two rows of hot and cold cups
“Warm please” You muttered, looking at the security door

He was too close to it… He’d surely catch you if you tried to run… Along with the amount of time it takes for a door to open… You wouldn’t have a chance

Bringing your eyes away from the door, you approached the breakfast bar and picked up an aluminum-wrapped sandwich

Sitting down at one of the tables, you began to eat. You didn’t realize how hungry you were until you took the first bite
Moon came over to sit with you, nudging the coffee toward you

“I added some milk and sugar… I think it tastes good so hopefully, you find it acceptable.”

You held onto the sandwich as you took a sip of the coffee

… Not bad…
Putting your hand down with your coffee you looked up at Moon

“Thank you Moony” You smiled sweetly at Moon, he smiled back
“Of course, darling…” He held his hand out and cradled your hand as you finished up your breakfast

*He likes to stare… It’s so creepy…*

You finished up, getting up and pushing your chair back in as you made your way back to the trash can to toss it

As you turned around you saw moon standing at the door, waiting for you

“Would you like to go somewhere rather than being all holed up in the daycare?”
“Mm, that sounds nice, but… Can we not go to Monty Golf… I don’t really like Monty”
“Ah, of course, we don’t like him either… We kinda got banned from his area”

You took Moon’s hand as you both walked toward the atrium

“...So what happened? Between you and Monty”
“Remember when he kept talking to you… and kissing your hand, and… ugh. I don’t like him” He spun in front of you, picking you up in a swift moment and holding you close to him as he kept walking “He kept touching things that aren’t his…” Moon grunted, mumbling into your hair
“Mm... I see…”

You toyed with the puff of his hat, rolling it through your fingers

“Still calling me yours?” You smirked
“Of course… You ARE ours… Forever.” Moon’s tone went serious “You understand that don’t you sweetheart?”
“Y-yes Moon” You dropped the puff of Moon’s hat as you laid your hands on his cool back
“Anyway… He and Sun got into a little fight… Sunny won the fight of course”
“But Monty is so-”
“Buff? Hmh… He’s only buff LOOKING… If anything even Chica is stronger than him, Moon and I are much stronger than any of the other animatronics here… We have to be strong and durable for children hehe” Moon boasted as he walked
“Hah, yeah, I’d assume so…”

Moon walked a bit more until he finally got to a game area
Letting you down he held your hand as the lights switched back on
He groaned as his head spun, his rays shooting out one by one before his head spun until hitting a click

“Ah- Heeellloo Sunshine!~” Sun cheerily greeted you, hugging you with pure delight as he kissed your cheek
“H-Hey Sunny!-”
“Oh! Bonnie Bowl?? I LOVE this game!!! Let’s go, Let’s go!!”

Sun excitedly ran into the game area, grabbing two bowling balls, for you and him

“I’ll be right back! Just need to start the game hohoho!!” Sun skipped off to the counter, jumping over it and examining the screen

You walked over to the balls, yours was an 8 whereas he was a 14
He skipped back over and sat down behind you

“You can go first, Star!! I’ll type my name next- WAIT OHOHOH!! Let me do the names!!!”

Sun scurried over to the keypad typing in names
Examining the screen, you were presumably first due to your name being “Y/N!!!! <3” and his being “Sundrop!!”

You snickered to yourself as you rolled your bowling ball around to the finger holes
Sun sat down, patiently watching your every move as you approached the bowl line

You weren’t the best, but not the worst for the first roll.
You did it again, only hitting a couple of pins

Shamefully, you walked back towards Sunny, sitting down as he got up

“You’re so good at this game, Star!! Hopefully, I won’t lose~~” Sun teased as he picked up his ball, walked up to the line, and perfectly rolled the ball down the line

It seemed as if he didn’t even try, but he immediately got a strike

“Oops!- Haha! Sorry, my love…” Sun walked over to you and sat down as the TV above started to play a corny animation
“Ugh… Man- You are going to beat my ass at this game… haha” you smiled weakly as you watched his score surpass yours

If there was one thing about you, it’s that you were always competitive…
You gritted your teeth as you played along with Sun
Laughing and sharing small teases as you both got into the game

The both of you got through the game, Sun passing you with a score of 258 and yours, 146…

You sighed looking at the screen before looking at Sun again
His smile was beaming as he stared at you with a content grin

“Don’t worry baby, you’ll win next time!!” Sun encouraged you as he stood up and walked up next to you “Haha! Do I get a reward for winning?” He grinned, crouching down to your level
“Pff… Sure what do you want, Sun.” You crossed your arms with a smirk on your face
“How aboouttt~ A kiss!”
“Oh my god, Sun… Okay okay”

You leaned in and kissed him on his forehead

“Hey!! Not there silly-” Sun whined, giggling as his rays spun “Here~”

Sun held your face gently as he leaned in, giving you a small peck on the lips
Your face immediately warmed up from his hands before the cold air hit your cheeks again

“Haha… What time is it now?”
“Hm… 6:28, we’ve plenty of time to play today”

Sun picked you up in his arms

“Let’s go to the arcade!! But once people start walking in, we should go back to the daycare”

*Fuck… Are you serious?? That’s probably my ticket to freedo- wait. Vanessa- Vanessa!! What if she’s around? Yes, yes, she’ll help me*

“Y-yeah of course Sunny, can I walk alongside you?” You patted Sun’s back, motioning for you to be let down
“Mm~ just a moment!” Sun giggled as he kissed your face a couple more times, landing you back on your feet
“Alright, let’s go then” You smiled up at Sun as you walked beside Sun, holding his hand

He smiled down at you as you both walked down to the Arcade
You kept your eyes out for somebody, anybody, Vanessa, a human

As you made it closer to the Arcade, Sun smiled at you

“Oookay! We’re here now, sunshine!! Let’s play~” Sun clapped his hands together as he took your hand again

He dragged you over to a racing game

“I’ve never really been able to play with somebody else before in the Arcade, so this is a first for me of course! Go easy on me will you?~” Sun smiled at you, adjusting the race car seat and pressing the start button
“Ah- Of course Sun, because I obviously beat you in bowling” you laughed
“Haha! I mean… Moony and I haven’t played a racing game in a while, so you may have better chances!”

You and Sun began to pick your cars, the perks, and the upgrades
Sun picked a harder level


“Have you ever traveled, love?” Sun asked, smiling at the camera
“Mm… No, not really…” You tried your best to shimmy yourself in the center of the photo as you smiled
“Aw… Oops, let me shut up, we’re starting”

The other cars revved up beside you as they took off at the end of the countdown.
Sun’s icon got farther and farther away from yours as you tried to get used to the steering wheel sensitivity
Once you got the hang of it though, you ended up passing Sun just in time for the final lap

In the corner of your eye, you saw Sun harshly focusing on the screen

Finally, you passed the finish line in 1st place

“Ah!! I won! Haha!” You cheered for yourself as Sun clapped for you
“Amazing job, darling!! I was so surprised when you passed me up!”

He got up from the seat as the screen counted down for round 2

“Thank you Sundrop” You also stood up from your seat, walking towards him

“Hm… Do I~ get a reward for winning?” You tugged at Sun’s sleeve
“Oh!! Of course, my love!!” Sun squatted down on his knees immediately “What would you like?” He smiled

*Ask him to let you go!! NO!! That won’t work dumbass- Bruh, it’d be funny though- Yeah, yeah whatever*

“Give me some choices” You put your hands on Sun’s shoulders, scooting closer for your forearms to hang your hands off his shoulders
“Well… ah-” He looked at you, blushing a bit as his fans kicked in “I could..” His hands traveled up your legs, landing on your waist and rubbing along the curve
“Mm?” you questioned, watching him hungrily smooth his warm hands over your body
“fuck…” Sun mumbled “I could… hug you, kiss you… Give you my all~, make…” he stared longer as his eyes met yours

He looked, desperate, looking up at you, begging
It was so harsh to look down at that
A giant animatronic, bowing to a human they just kidnapped

He slid his hands down to your thighs, hugging them as his face still peeked up to look at you

“...Make… gentle, soft, and slow love to you, and cuddle you~”

Feeling your legs begin to go a little weak, your face began to heat up as you blushed

“O-Over a racing game win…??” You nervously giggled
“Over anything, my love… My sunflower~ I’d do absolutely anything for you… Of course… Within my power, that is” Sun lifted his head to kiss your stomach
“Mm… Is that so…?” You muttered
“Now, now… Haha, if you’re gonna ask me to let you go, then that’s just not possible my love…” He smiled as he snuggled himself in your tummy

You felt your hope dissolve as if you even had any in the first place.
It was a very shitty plan if you were honest with yourself
You couldn’t just escape them by asking… This was a job you will do yourself

“Mm-? I wasn’t going to ask that?” you placed your hands on Sun’s shoulders
“I had a feeling you would…” Sun mumbled
“How about… you kiss me and we can go back to playing” You requested, watching Sun peel himself from your stomach and immediately press his lips to yours

You held Sun’s faceplate as he kissed you
Even though it was a light hold on his face, he couldn’t bring himself to part from you
Like you were begging for his attention
He knew he’d give you it all…

You brushed your tongue against his lips as he let you in immediately
His eyes were cracked open a bit as a seductive look covered him

Sun’s hands traversed about your body, lovingly holding your hip while the other held your cheek

The hand at your hip moved to your ass, he picked you up and placed himself into the nearest seat with you on top of him, still keeping his pace with his mouth to yours

“You’re sososoo amazing, darling…” Sun whispered as he held you closer to him, pulling away from the kiss “so cute…” Sun cooed, holding your cheek

You hugged Sun, scooting closer to him, hearing him whimper from the pleasure it gave him


“fffFFUUCK MAN!!!” Sun screamed
“DUUUUDE” Moon replied
“God damn… I am so smooth”

Sun brushed his hand from your hip down to your ass, slightly squeezing it
He watched your reaction carefully, not even a flinch came out of you

“I know we’re in the arcade and people are about to come in but…”
“Sun. No, absolutely not! We’ll get an even worse reputation once someone finds out that we now fuck people!!”
“Yeah yeah I know… Just wanted to have a little fun…” Sun murmured as he looked down at your back, arching
“Ssssooo cute~~!” Moon sighed


You felt Sun’s possessive grip on your ass
You sunk even deeper into his warm body, feeling his length wriggle under you
And even now, he was begging for you
Bashfully, patiently, ready to take in every move and action

“Y-yes, star? Mm!-” He whimpered again, looking down at you, his hips slightly bucking up into you as he sighed
“How about we play one more game and go back to the daycare…?”
“Mm- mhm~” Sun bit his lip and nodded as you readjusted yourself to get off of him
“Good boy…” you kissed Sun once more before walking off

Sun sat there for a while, watching you walk off
He sighed, adjusting his length as he got up


“That’s… new…” Moon murmured
“Mm… I liked it-”
“A little bit, yeah… It’s not like you’re literally throbbing right now, c’mon.”
“Shh Shut up!! They’re attractive!! At least I’m holding myself back right now!!”
“Pshh… You’re about to break dude.”
“Yeah but I'm NOT!!! I would’ve fucked them right there once that ‘good boy’ comment came out but I didn’t!! See?? Control, calm and collected…” Sun inhaled and exhaled as he followed close behind you

Rounding the corner, he saw you at a duo game, a shooting game inside of a box

“Oh my god, they’re TOTALLY luring you, man…” Moon giggled


“Ah! A- a shooting game huh?” Sun dorkily smiled as he stepped into the box
“Mhm!! Hah, what? Not good at these?” You teased, holding the gun handles
“N-no I’m just- Ugh never mind!!! Let’s play” Sun shook his head a bit before activating the game

Altogether, shooting games were close to racing games for you on your favorites list
Sun was obviously good, he lasted longer than you, pinpointing enemies across the screen
When you died you just laid back and watched him as he carried on, completing the level

“Haha- That was fun! We should really be going though, darling!” Sun began to exit the box

You and Sun began to walk towards the Daycare again as you both heard the Pizzaplex theme boot up
Sun hastily picked you up and ran back to the Daycare, you in his arms

“Haha! S-sorry Sunlight!! Had to hurry, didn’t want anyone to see you!”


Chapter Text

Sun carried you to the daycare’s playpen. Plopping himself into the security chair with you on top of him

“Oh- Um, would you like me to go get you something to drink? Eat? Maybe a snack? I mean… It’s around lunchtime right now…” Sun rubbed your back as he hugged you

*Don’t… Watch your figure… You don’t deserve to eat… You’ll eat later…*

Your mind taunted you as you bit your lip. Thinking about what to say, your arms began to wrap around Sun’s chest as you sighed.

“I- I really shouldn’t, Sun…” you blurted, keeping the guilt at bay
“Huh? Why not, Star? You need to eat, you’re human”
“I’m trying to watch my… figure…”
“Your figure…?” Sun asked, confused as he peeled you off his chest, looking at you

You felt childish… Guilty
But of what?
He held you by your hips, looking at you from your lower stomach up to your face
His face was in a frown as he looked at you with concern

“Honey… I don’t understand, you look perfectly fine…” Sun paused, his hand cupping your cheek as he adored you
“Well, I understand my body, and it just looks, it looks bad… I mean-” you brushed off Sun’s hands from your hips and pinched at your sides, plucking out a lump of plush “... Look at me… haha,” you released your skin as you watched Sun’s expression become a wistful grimace “I’m just hideou-”
“That’s enough from you…” Sun interrupted you, holding you close to his chest in his warm embrace “Come on now… You know that you’re the most breathtakingly lovely-looking angel… Regardless of how we see you… Moony and I believe you are the absolute best of the best” Sun’s fingers traced along your back in a soothing manner
“Thanks, Sun…”

*Stop, stop, stop… You can’t fall for this, you have to stay on track… Like Eclipse said… Keep your head in the game*

“So~ Would you like me to go get you something to eat?” Sun voiced
“Y-yeah that’d be nice…”

Once again, he lifted you into his arms and flew toward the balcony

“We will have to leave you here for a bit… Tying you up is a bit of a stretch but there really is no way down unless you want to kill yourself… So I’ll be back in a moment. We do have an arcade machine if you want some entertainment while I’m gone, just try not to rage at the game haha” Sun laughed a bit, kissing you on the forehead

“Okay, see you in a bit” you smiled sweetly as he turned to the edge of the balcony, turning his head to look back at you

“I love you~” He waved bye as he jumped off the edge

You watched closely as he exited the playpen, then the daycare altogether.

Turning back to Sun and Moon’s room, you looked around the room for anything interesting
You sorted through plushies and pillows

*some of these are kinda… cute… haha*

You smiled, holding a Moon plushie in your hand
Thinking back to your dream, you remembered there being a hole in the wall… An escape… Maybe it existed?
Curiosity built up as you turned towards the dollhouse that was covering the hole in your dream
And as you pushed it… There it was…

As you crawled through, you remembered the room, the pile of clothes and shirts along with the 2-year-old drawings
And the arcade machine Eclipse was shown in…

“Balloon World”

It was very familiar
You looked around yourself a bit more, observing the dents and scratches around the machine
The leaderboard flashed in front of you

*Hah… So competitive*

You started the game, Sun’s grinning pixelated face in the background as you kept yourself afloat
While collecting balloons the background switched from day to night and back to day.
You noticed a tiny square of purple as you flew past some of the logs… Then in the cavern… Then-

“Sunshine..? Are you here?” Sun called out for you
“Uh- Yeah I’m in here!!” You called back to Sun, letting yourself loose before crawling back through the hole to meet Sun.
“Ah! Almost thought you jumped or something, had me worried for a second haha” Sun grinned a to-go box in his hand “Would you like to go sit downstairs at one of the tables?” He offered, holding his hand out

Taking his hand, you both went down to the ground and walked towards the exit.
Walking along the glass of the playpen, he stepped further ahead and pulled out the nearest chair for you
As you sat down he scooted you in and took his seat
Smiling gently, he handed you the to-go box

*Oh! Burrito*

You smiled down at lunch as you unwrapped it and began to eat it

“We just went with the best seller… Don’t worry, we avoided your allergy foods!”
“Aw… Thank you Sunny, for caring…” You let out a small snicker, scarfing down the wrap
“See? You were hungry!!” Sun’s rays spun as he fawned over you “You must eat… okay?” He held your cheek before tucking a lock of hair behind your ear
“Sun- It was just lunch that I don’t eat…”
“What! No! You are much too skinny to be saying that! C’mon… We should know, we’re robots” He laughed


“You double-checked?” Moon lectured
“ Triple-checked!!”
“Mm… It’s almost time for me to come out… Are you gonna need much longer?”
“Ahhh-” Sun puzzled for a bit, thinking about anything that he might need to do “No, yeah you can come out on the light”
“Okay… Haha” Moon let out a small chuckle
“What’s that laugh for…? Are you up to something Moon!?” Sun frowned
“Ahhh Nothing… Just about to make you as jealous as you’ve made me so far today” Moon teased
“Hmph, well then yes. I DO have a lot of things left to do with y/n before you come out” Sun pouted
“You can’t stay out for loonggg~”
“Whatever, shut your mouth…”


As soon as you finished up, Sun took up your trash and discarded it in the nearest trash can
Skipping back to you, he helped you up

“Moony said he was gonna make me jealous of him, so if he does anything silly, just remember that ‘Sun’ is your favorite, okay?” Sun worriedly squeezed your hand
“Pshh… What, scared I’ll prefer one over the other?” You smiled playfully at his desperate expression
“W-whaaat? Haha Nooo of course not!” Sun gave you a dorky smile as he walked you back into the daycare

You sat up in their bed as he held your hands in his, fingers brushing over your knuckles
His light touches didn’t stop, even when the lights caused their painful transition

“Heellooo, nightshade” Moon kissed your hand, fluttering from your knuckles to your wrist and up your arm

And finally making it to your face, he gave you a final kiss on the lips

“Hah… feeling romantic?” You nervously chuckled as he made his way to your neck bites and kissed them gently
“A little… But what’s wrong with that~”
“Oh, nothing Moon”
“Would you like to play a game? Or would you like to take a nap”

*Maybe you can find a way out… Or maybe outrun him in tag? Nonono you can’t outrun him… He’s far too fast, can’t sneak anywhere since he’s always in the shadows… mm… Maybe I can find or contact Vanessa*

“Uhm… Sure! What game?”
“How about another game of hide and seek?”
“Okay! You hid-”
“Me…? Hide? Haha… Oh no, I’m far too big to hide anywhere, darling” He glared down at you with a tight, knowing smile “A cute notion, but you’ll be hiding though, dear~” His strict stare softened to his normal glow

*Well fuck…*

“Wait- Is this game going to be rigged like that one game of tag we did? You probably have night vision or something… Or like- I don’t know… Thermal vision!!” You frowned at him, scraping for an excuse
“Hmm? Ohh, that… Fine, I’ll turn it off for this game…”
“Yeah… Cheater” you gave him a smug smile as he toyed with the buttons on the back of his head, covered by his hat
“Whatever~ I would’ve made it fair for you anyways” Moon smirked at you

Readjusting his arm and covering his eyes, he began to count

“W-We’re already start- damn!” You stuttered as you began to back up from Moon

You scrambled through the daycare until you approached the ball pit
Your eyes began to remember the sight of the daycare’s ball pit, the slide
The slide

Can’t make noise to give away my spot though

Suddenly, the faint, raspy counting omitted itself from the environment…

Quickly you made your way to a play place, crawling in and shifting in through a small crack in the wall
It was like a small hidey hole but, surely they couldn’t find you here…

The silence was almost deafening, you couldn’t hear his footsteps, the clicking of his system, or his fans
You sat there in the shut-off section, pitch black, your heart calmed down from its hyper beating from earlier

“Ssstaaaarr~ Are you where I think you are~?” Moon giggled, he was close…

*Fuck, if this is a common hidey hole for kids istg.*

You watched as a hand crept from around the wall, patting the floor before traveling further toward you

“Hm… You’re here… most definitely you are” Moon giggled as you shifted your legs away from his outstretched hand

Your heart raced watching the scene play out before he took his hand back and immediately grabbed your leg again
You yelped a bit from the sudden harsh grab

“Hah! I knew it~ You can come out now Star…” You heard the pride in Moon’s tone as he tugged on your ankle gently
“Yeah yeah I’m coming out, jeez…”
“You know… I knew you were there, a lot of kids hide there when they want to avoid the crowd. It’s understandable honestly, It’s a nice and comfy space”
“Ugh… I knew that’d be the reason…” You sighed, squatted in front of Moon while he was laying on his stomach
“Haha… I heard you panic when I started counting”
“Well- It was very silent, a bit too silent” You rubbed at your calf
“Well I have to focus on finding you without any vision so I try to rely on noise”
“Did you make yourself completely blind or something??”
“Huh? Nono, I just turned off all my special vision things… The luminescent stars don’t do much for me anyway hehe”
“Shall we play again darling…?” Moon kissed you on the cheek, scooting closer to you
“Sure- but can we play outside the playpen maybe…?”
“We can’t go outside into the plex darling… Just stay in the daycare”
“Yes ye-” Moon grabbed your arm, pulling you closer
“And I mean that darling… Do not run off without us or we will punish you” Moon sternly held your forearm beside his face
“O-of course honey-” You said, your voice cracking
“I’m glad you understand love~. Now let's play the actual game…”

Chapter Text

Were we not just gonna play hide and seek?
How could he twist the game? It’s so simple…?

“Here’s the rules…
-no talking to bots or other animatronics
-no security guards
-no escaping” Moon listed
“Hm- only these three?”
“Yes, you have free reign over the entire pizzaplex… Sun will be switching on soon, he is much more… Easy… I’m not easy to evade, so try your best”
“And what do I get if I win? How do I win?”
“If you win? Hm… we’ll let you go… How you win? Last an hour without us finding you” Moon chuckled under his husky breath as he stood up straight
“An hour?? An hour…? Are you serious?? Nono cut that in half”
“Ooo~ I’m afraid I won’t be changing that… The minimum is an hour, my love. Unless you want to stay here forever”
“I’ll play. I’ll play…”

Moon snickered, a perverted smile grew on his face

“Good luck, little star~” Moon covered his eyes and began to slowly count

Scrambling, you began to dart towards the daycare pick-up hall exit


“This is gonna be TOO easy” Moon giggled
“Mmhn…” Sun grunted, the sneer in his voice
“What now? Jealous yet? You’re so possessive~”
“Wh- no! I’m NOT jealous…”
“Hm… Okay then Sunny, we will see about that”
“You- Urgh…”

Moon laughed as he heard you exit the daycare


As you closed the door, a cold cackle emitted from the daycare… It echoed as you ran toward the flight of stairs
Making it to the bottom, you sprinted, making it to the entrance’s glass doors

Your heart pumped in your ears as you yanked at the metal door handles

“Pleasepleasepleaseplease- no no this can’t be happening! THIS CAN’T-”

Tears began to form in your eyes, gritting your teeth as you kicked at the door, struggling to open it

*of course it’s fucking locked, what did you expect.*

Letting go of the door, tears of desperation began to cloud your eyes
The sound of another door opening alerted you


Running aimlessly and silently through the plex, you make it to Rockstar Row
Your breath became thin, cold, and limited as you took a second to stop running

Speedwalking down the hallway, you say LED outlines of the Glamrocks


*Chica isn’t that helpful, Monty is unliked- Unliked… Unliked by Sun and Moon… So they’d stay away from him… If I can just persuade him to let me stay for a bit…*

Without another thought you raced to Monty’s Room, the incessant growling and roaring elicited itself from the room

*This is a bad idea… Yeah and staying here for the rest of my life is ALSO a bad idea.*

You banged on Monty’s door, hearing the loud banging and clanging stop…
The security door finally opened, revealing the large gator

“What do YOU want…” Monty growled, peering down at you, his glasses not shielding his piercing stare
“Monty… Monty you gotta help me, man, I’m trying to escape this joint, and Sun and Moon are making me play a dangerous game for my freedom, I’ll just be here for an-”
“Woah Woah Woah, sugar… Are you sure I’M the right person to come here for shelter??” Monty pointed at himself, his frown stiffened
“Ye- yes. Please Monty I NEED your help. Please he could find me right now by just hearing me talk right now.”

You stared up at Monty with anxious eyes, your dry throat making your breath colder and colder as you begged
Monty looked left and right, peeking outside his room before looking back down at you
Finally, he nodded


“Where do you think they went?” Sun’s voice became shaky, worried
‘Hm…” Moon kept himself alert of any signs of you
“Do you think the-”
“Sh.” Moon held his finger in the air to stop Sun from talking

Suddenly, Moon heard a door close via button

“They’re in Rockstar Row…” Moon snickered “Seems that our little dove has already broken a rule…”
“Hm… how do you know it was them that made the noise?”
“Just a feeling… I’m gonna investigate the noise no matter what you say anyway” Moon began to dart down the hall and into Rockstar Row

Upon making it, Moon looked around himself, listening for you, keeping his mechanical clicks to a minimum

“Should we just ask them?” Sun’s nervous grin became even more worrisome
“Calm down, Sun… Just because they’re not in your peripheral vision doesn’t mean you need to panic” Moon mocked Sun “But yeah, sure I’ll ask them… I highly doubt they’ll give up any details of y/n’s location though”

Moon knocked on Freddy’s door first

“Oh! Hello Moon, Uhm… A bit late for a visit isn’t it?” Freddy chuckled, looking up at the Cheshire smile Moon had on his face
“Ah, never too late my friend…” Moon said, his grin tightened as his voice went grim
“Haha, right… So what brings you here?”
“There was an intruder that broke in… We are usually efficient at capturing but… This one slipped away… Do you happen to know where they went~?”
“I don’t think I’ve seen anybody tonight, Moon… Do you want me to help though? I’ve nothing else to do”
“Oh- Nonono Mr. Fazbear I’m quite alright. Enjoy your night” Moon backed away from Freddy’s door, watching his expression become confused
“Alright then… Goodnight, Moon.” Freddy gave Moon one more suspicious glare before shutting his door

“Ugh… I hate when he stares at me like that… It’s rude…” Moon grunted
“Well, you didn’t let him help you find the ‘intruder’! That’s a little bit suspicious!” Sun pointed out as Moon grumbled towards Chica’s dorm
“Yeah, yeah whatever. Let’s just focus on finding them. We have… 51 minutes left.” Moon mumbled, knocking on Chica’s door

The sound of her guitar playing blurred through the security door

No answer…
Her guitar didn’t even stop playing

Moon knocked a little harder on the door.
No answer and no cease of her instrument

“God dammit,” Moon growled as he walked over to the glass window, plastering himself to it in an effort to catch her attention

And with one loud thunk to the glass with his fist, Chica perked up and looked at him, a bit spooked
Moon pointed to the door with his finger and eyes while Chica nodded

As she opened the door, she immediately jumped at how quick Moon made it, his frame towering above her

“Good evening, Chica… Uh, just a question. Have you seen y/n running about here? Sun and I have been looking for them, we think they went over here”
“Hm? y/n? I haven’t seen y/n check in today or walk by here” Chica held the doorframe and her guitar to her hip
“I see… Well, thank you. Good night” Moon smiled down at Chica as she smiled back
“...Good night!” Chica awkwardly stammered as she shut the door

“Ugh, I HIGHLY doubt they went into Montgomery’s room… Let’s try Roxanne’s” Sun puzzled
“I don’t think so Sun… Put yourself in y/n’s shoes, if we were running from a 10 ft animatronic for our freedom, wouldn’t we hide in their enemy’s dorm to shield ourselves from them?” Moon replied as he walked towards Monty’s room “We can check Roxanne later, for now, we have to focus on finding y/n”

Moon knocked on Monty’s door, the inside was strangely quiet… It was almost nerve-racking how silent the room was before the door opened

As soon as Monty saw Moon, he immediately closed it


Moon caught the door before it fully closed

“-lo… Monty, so good to see you” Moon chuckled as he threw the door open, his red eyes glaring into Monty’s
“Moon.” Monty grunted “I told you that you were banned from my attraction, get away from my section”
“And I will! I will, just a couple of questions and I’ll be out of your hair!” Moon chuckled as his grip on the door tightened
“...What do you want, Moon.”
“Y/n. Are they here? Or have you seen them walking around here?”

Monty’s eyes widened a tiny bit before returning to their normal glare

“Bold of you to assume that I’d have y/n here” Monty’s tone became a bit lighter, his arms crossing as he lay against the door frame
“Wasn’t assuming… Asking. Are they here…?”
“Are you lying?” Moon bent down to his eye level “May I look around?”
“No, I’m not lying and no you can’t-” Monty glared at Moon before his hand crept up to his shoulder with a harsh grip, nearly denting the metal
“May. I. Look. Around?”

Monty exhaled before nodding

“Good.” Moon unhanded Monty’s shoulder as he let himself in, walking about the area and scanning the rooms

Monty’s face was nervous, he was scared for you…


A raspy voice alerted you

Moon… Moon how is he here already, how…
You looked around yourself, still hiding in the plastic greenery
He isn’t here yet… Fuck.

Moon was calling your name in a sinister whisper

“Y/n~, sweetie, come out honey~” Moon walked about the area before reaching the room you were in
“Starlight~ Where are youuu”

Your breath hitched as you watched him near the plant you were hiding in

You watched Moon sort through plastic plants as Monty followed behind him staring at you, he gave you a sorry look
You realized, he was almost as scared as you were.

Moon turned towards Monty, his stare at you quickly adjusted to looking up at Moon

“Where are they.” Moon growled
“I-I don’t-”
“You know. I know you know. Where. Are. They.”
“I don’t know Moon”
“I’ve seen the live footage, I’ve replayed it in my head, y/n was with you. That small human that met you only 13 minutes ago. Tell me where they are.” Moon stepped towards Monty as he backed up nervously
“I- I don’t-”
“Moon I don’t know-”

Finally making it to the wall, Monty hit his back against it with a small thud, his glasses slipped down from the bridge of his snout

“Tell me where they are, or I will decommission you.” Moon placed his hands on either side of Monty, glaring into him
“They aren’t h-here.”

Moon punched the wall, cracking the plaster


You looked towards the next room, it had an open vent…
Looking at Monty, you left, scurrying away from the room and approaching the vent
And as you crawled in, you kept going, hearing the echoes of roaring and growling as you evaded the situation


“You useless bitch-” Moon grumbled before wrapping his hand around Monty’s snout and ripping it clean off

Monty let out a roar of pain, holding his face before finally yelling


Moon dropped the snout as he called his tether

“Good little gator.” Moon chuckled as he landed on the above-head structure

“F-fuck.” Monty looked down at his snout, his hand covering his face, as he fell to his knees, picking up the part

“I’ll be back. But if you’re lying to me, I’ll rip you apart.” Moon chanted as he paced through the catwalk

There was no sign of you as he scanned

“He lied.” Sun said, a cold tone emitting from him, true anger “And to think y/n would come here. That’s truly upsetting, we should-”
“We should find them first. If they’re sorry then we can take it from there. They’re not here anyway” Moon grumbled as he floated down to the floor silently “Hm… He ran away… hehehaha~”

Moon’s chuckling only grew as he crawled on all fours, racing out of the room and watching Monty run down the hall.
Comparing Moon’s pace to Monty’s, It was easy enough for Moon to catch up
Quickly, Moon grabbed Monty’s ankles, letting him fall to the floor

He got up, standing above him and holding Monty’s head down with his foot

“I’d let you say your last words but I’m in a rush… Haha… Goodnight Montgomery~” Moon taunted Monty before stomping his head in, crushing his voice box and making his head into a flat plate of metal

Moon squatted down before Monty, holding his torso still as Moon ripped his arms off

Laughter filled the hall


You crawled inside the vents, only your breath and the noises of your knees shuffling through the cramped space

You made it to a vent entrance, and through the slits, you saw a pink room, Chica was playing her guitar, looking at herself in the mirror as she continued to play

*I don’t she’ll be able to help me…*

You crawled more through the vent, finally making it to another entrance, you saw Freddy. He wasn’t talking, he was just sitting there, shuffling his hands and murmuring to himself


Pushing the vent open, it popped off easily
Freddy immediately looked up at you

“Hey! This area is off-limits!” He barked
“I need your help!! Please, please please just hear me out, I’m not an intruder!!!” you slid out from the vent, crawling over a couple of boxes and coming down to the floor
“I- I running from Moon! Please you have to understand you can’t turn me in, Please just- just kick me out or something- I need-”
“Woahwoahwoah hold on! Calm down… Are you the ‘intruder’ he was speaking of? He came around my room not too long ago…”
“Yes, yes! Please get me out of here I’m begging you please”
“I can for sure try, but I don’t think any of the exits are open. They’ve all been deactivated for opening”

*no escaping… You have to play the game…*

Your breathing hitched as you stared up at Freddy

“Can I please just- stay here for a bit? He- He told me that if I can win this game then he’ll let me go free just-”
“Go free…?” Freddy crossed his arms glaring down at you
“Yes and-”
“And then what…? Are you going to shut us down? Sue us?”
“N-No I just-”
“I know Sun and Moon, they’d never hurt anyone… I’m going to alert Moon to come to get you, he will undergo security protocol and dismiss you from the building accordingly.” Freddy brought his claw to his left ear, pushing a small button
“He’s on his way.” Freddy looked down on you “You should’ve never come here.”
“I- No I can’t” You backed away from Freddy slowly before yanking at the door


Looking back at Freddy, he held an empty stare as he glared at you

“Try as you might. You cannot escape” Freddy walked over to you, his demeanor completely towered over you, menacingly.
“Wait- what are you- HEY-” Freddy turned you for your back to face him as he held your wrists like cuffs
“Moon isn’t too far right now. He’ll be here any second, just calm down for the time being.”
“CALM DOWN??? I’M BEING HELD HERE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE BY A FUCKING ANIMATRONIC, FUCK CALMING DOWN” You squirmed in his hold as you heard a fast knock at the door


“Come in!” Freddy said, delighted

The door swung open with a thud to the wall
Moon crouched to go under the doorframe and into Freddy’s room

“Thank you, Freddy, I’ll take it from here” Moon’s smile shined down at you as he took your wrists and picked you up by the torso, wrapping you under his arm
“Of course, Moon, happy to help”
“Yes yes… Have a good night Mr. Fazbear…” Moon chuckled as he walked off with you, waving to Freddy as he exited the room

You wriggled in his arm, kicking and squirming in hopes to weasel yourself out of his hold

“LET ME GO!! Let Me!-”
“26 minutes and 47 seconds… That’s how long you lasted… Good job, Starlight~” Moon adjusted the way he held you, from under his arm to you clinging onto him. “However… You broke one of the rules…” Moon hugged you to him as you pushed away
“Shh~ Just accept that you’re ours… And that you live here now” Moon murmured into your neck, kissing it gently as the hand on your ass squeezed you a bit “We love you sososo much, darling~”

You stopped yourself from struggling as you watched the path differ from the one towards the daycare

“M-Moony where are we going?” you held his shoulders as he kissed your neck
“We~ Are going to teach you a lesson, for breaking the rules…”
“I- Moondrop I’m sorry, I- Moony please-” You pulled his face away from your neck and held it to yours as you kissed him

He chuckled seeing how desperate you were, kissing him as if it’d sway him to differ the punishment

“Please Moony~ I’m sorry” You mumbled through kisses
“Mm… I believe you, darling… I truly do, but… A couple of kisses won’t repay the debt you owe” Moon squeezed you in his hold “I believe a much bigger punishment is in order for you, Starlight~”
“Mmh… I-”
“Shh, shh… We’re here” Moon patted the back of your head, brushing his fingers through your hair “We love you, Star” Moon cooed, kissing your cheek and placing you in front of a chair
“Now strip.” Moon walked over to the door, closed it, and deactivated the open button
“You heard me.” Moon laid against the door

Looking around the room, you looked for a weapon, something, anything.
Nothing was in the room other than you, Moon, and a chair

“Moon I-”
“Now.” Moon demanded, his eyes piercing you through the dim light

You exhaled, your whole body shivered as you removed your clothes
His smile became perverted as he watched you

“Good~ Sooososo good…” Moon whispered to himself

You felt like crying as you undressed, standing in front of him, ashamed as you felt your tears prick at your eyes.

“Now sit down…” He walked towards you, making you stumble down into the chair as he walked behind the chair “Ssso obedient and good~ You make what we’re about to do look horrible… Such good behavior” He opened his chest plate and grabbed your arms behind your back before tying them up
“Please… Moon, I’m- I’m sorry please I’ll let you do what you want to me just please don’t hurt me” You cried

Moon walked back in front of you, squatting down and holding your chin to look up at him

“Don’t cry, darling~ It’ll only hurt for now” He kissed your cheek as he began to wrap your ankles to the chair, your legs held apart a bit

He leaned back, looking at his work

“Good little toy~” He cooed unsheathing his claws and tracing your collarbone and hovering over you, kissing your neck as he moved his hand down your body

From your neck, to your collarbone, breasts, stomach, and finally to your thighs

“Ssooo beautiful…” Moon licked at your neck bruises before biting into it

His hand stopped at the beginning of your thigh, his claw laying pressure on the skin as he slowly dragged it down, cutting your skin
Making you scream in pain

“That’s right~ scream for me my little dove” he bit harder into your neck, piercing into it

You trembled and whimpered, crying as you felt your blood drip down your thigh and leg
He slowly moved down to your thigh, licking up the fresh blood in one long swipe, tasting it and moaning as he lapped it up
You could only feel the sting of Moon’s tongue on the deep cut
You could only hear your blood rush, his moans, your heartbeat, and your whimpers

“I love you so much, darling~”


“URGH LET ME OUT!!!” Sun yelled at Moon
“Say it then, I wanna hear it” Moon cockily mocked Sun “They’re ssooo delicious and amazing~ And the sooner you say it the sooner you’ll get a taste of this”
“Fine! I’m Jealous! Now let me out, Moon!!!” Sun pouted
“Okay, okay you got it, drama queen…” Moon giggled


Moon lifted himself from your thigh, his face spinning as the Sun came out with haste
Immediately he went back to sapping up the blood from the cut, his breathing becoming harsh and needy
His eyes batted up at you as they rolled back while he sucked

He moved up your body, licking your breast as he squeezed the other with his bloody hand
Sun’s free hand removed itself from the arm of the chair before grabbing your waist, his hold squeezed you viciously
Your body trembled in his hold, the pleasure of his tongue wrapped around your nipple
The warmth of his drool ran down your stomach

Your mind began to cloud up, the sting of your wounds and the warmth of the Sun made you wet

“S-sunny~ I- mm” you bit your lip, squirming in your seat as you began to feel yourself give into his sick way of pleasing you

He licked the blood off his fingers and your breasts

“You understand now don’t you?” Sun came up to your neck, licking up any blood from the bite Moon gave you “Don’t break our rules… No matter how simple…”

His lips dragged up to your ear, nibbling at the cartilage as he moved to your lips

“Kiss me…” Sun held your face as his face neared yours

You whimpered, shaking in the seat as you kissed him

“Good little toy…” He murmured as he kissed you passionately, holding you to him with one hand while the other unwrapped your wrists “I hope you learn from this… If you break any more rules, the punishment will get worse every time.”

He pulled away from the kiss, looking at you softly as he untied your ankles, smiling as he looked at your dazed-out expression

Sun plucked out bandages from his stomach opening
He carefully wrapped your thigh and gave the covered wound a kiss

“Let’s get out of here” Sun chuckled, picking you up into his arms, holding your ass, and cradling your back as he walked back to the daycare.

And while his warmth cradled you ever-so-gently you fell asleep in his arms

Chapter Text

*(You were in your head again, the soft earth below you as you shifted your head to focus on various areas of the unknown place you were in.
Eclipse patiently sat at a bench across from where you lay, looking at you with an empathetic grimace.

“E-Eclipse, hey…” You shifted your body to stand up, only making it to your knees as your body wobbled, you were weak.

Your thigh erupted a twang of pain as you sucked air through your teeth. Applying pressure on the wound to suppress the pain

“They got you… They caught you, not even half an hour in…” Eclipse mumbled, getting up from the bench and walking over to you.

Picking you up, he cradled you like a baby in his arms as he sat back down, The shocks of pain were almost unbearable, every movement felt like a hot coal was being pressed against the cut. You could only make small whimpers and cries as he tried his best to soothe you

“I’m sorry, darling…” Eclipse cooed, kissing your temple as his thumb brushed over your cheek “You’ll find another way out, I’m sure of it”
“I don’t know. I don’t know at all… How could I? None of the animatronics will believe me if I asked for help.”
“Monty believed you… He gave himself for you didn’t he?”
“I- That’s because he knew the real Sun and Moon… I assume the others don’t…” You shrugged, looking away from Eclipse, staring into his chest. You were frustrated…
“Either way… You’ll find a way… How about Vanessa? Have you seen her lately?”
“...No… Not at all…”
“And Alex is dead…” Eclipse sighed, tightening his hold on you in a comforting squeeze

You nodded, sinking more into his hold, the comfort of his warm hands lulled you
He sat silently looking down at you, rocking back and forth and humming the faint tune

“You are so very strong… Don’t worry so much about this though. It’ll all play out in your favor, just keep planning.” Eclipse kissed your forehead, rubbing your shoulder)*


“How long will they sleep? I can’t take this any longer!!” Sun whined, impatiently staring at you while you laid ever so delicately in their lap. As if you break on any sudden movements
“Shut up, Sun… Let them sleep.” Moon grunted “They’ve had a long day…”
“Yeaaah buuutt I want them to wake up now! They’ve been asleep for hours!~”
“It’s only been 3 hours… Humans aren’t supposed to sleep for only a few hours. They’re not as energetic as you.” Moon chuckled
“No!! I can sleep too. I think so…” Sun puzzled about himself
“Oh yeah? Try it then.”
“Maybe I will!” Sun picked you up gently from his lap, watching your expression as he softly placed you on the opposite side of the mattress

Laying himself down on his side, he pulled you in, laying his arm over your waist and closing his eyes
You were covered by warmth as he snuggled against you

“See? I’m sleeping!” Sun prided himself on his ‘accomplishment’
“No you’re not, you’re just laying there, you have to stop thinking… Shut down.”
“Shut down? Is that what you do?”
“Well… I don’t shut off my sensors, just everything else”
“Ah- how do I do that?”
“Press the button that’s exactly next to your right wire.”

As Sun did so with his free hand, his sight immediately disappeared as he started to look around frantically, holding his face and feeling where you were

“AH- Moon, What happened!?” Sun panicked as he scrambled in his position
“Okay so, you’re blind for now, but that’s okay. You can turn it back on by pressing the button again” Moon said in a calming tone
“Urgh-” Sun quickly pressed the button again, his eyesight coming back.

Immediately looking down at you, he sighed in relief as he kissed your cheek

“That- was scary…” Sun calmed down “How do you do that!! That’s terrifying!” He laid back down beside you, his lips on your shoulder
“That wasn’t scary, you just aren’t used to the dark, like me” Moon snickered, erupting into laughter as he mocked Sun’s cluelessness
“Oh shut up! You know I’m only meant for lights.” Sun began to overheat out of embarrassment


*(It felt warm, your whole body began to emit the warmth as it almost burned into your skin
Like an overheated laptop, you felt it burn into your side and along your back

“Eclipse is that you? Can you stop burning up so much?” You reached out for one of his darker rays as smiled back down at you
“Haha… That’s not me, honey…” He chuckled “Sun is trying to sleep”
“Aren’t they robots? They can’t sleep…”
“Moon can, Sun can too. It’s a way of recharging, Moon usually does it for the both of them”
“I see… haha…” You smiled softly, looking away from Eclipse and down at your hands that rested in the divet of your thighs

“Are you okay, Stardust?” Eclipse ran the back of his fingers along your cheek, gesturing to look at him before holding your chin “You seem… Troubled…” He sighed
“Ah- it’s nothing… I just. I don’t know what to do… I want to stay but I also don’t…” You moved your hand to trace over the cut on your thigh, wincing by just gently outlining it through the bandages. “Am I pathetic for wanting to be here..?”

Eclipse looked at you with a soft frown, as if he had to think of an answer to that question
He sighed

“If it’s what you want… If you want to be here… That’s ok. But I push you to get out and live. Not survive in this… Hole.”
“I know… But I have nothing left… And these two personalities ‘love’ me”
“They don’t… If they loved you, you wouldn’t have this.” He squeezed the thigh with the slash as you gritted your teeth

You groaned, your expression became distant and cold as you thought about their love.

*Silly word… Love… It’s just an animatronic. He… They don’t love me… I can do so much better. I’m an idiot blinded by my own lust. My own greed… Maybe this is my punishment… Laying here with this possessive animatronic until I figure out control.*)*

You finally started to wake up, your body stretching a bit as your eyes fluttered open
You could barely move because of the arm pinning you down

*He’s… Sleeping…*

You looked at Sun, his eyes shut as he slept… It was almost unnerving how human it looked
Turning over to face him, you stretched your arms and wrapped them around his neck.

His breathing was calm and his fans weren’t blowing as much, he was completely calm. Much different from when he’s awake
You played with his tulle for a while until his eyes began to open

“Oh! Good Morning, y/n!” Sun gave you a small squeeze, his arm moving his hand to your thigh.

He kissed your forehead while his body began to warm up even more

“Good Morning, Sun” you smiled warmly as you rubbed your eyes
“It’s almost time to open! I made sure that they didn’t remove you off the roster in case you wanted to work today… You aren’t fired… Soo~ If you’d like to work today~”

*Maybe you could call Vanessa, or get help… Something… You need to get out of here*

“S-sure! I’d like that…” You gave him a weak smile, while you shuddered thinking about your plan
“Hm…” Sun’s smile faded to a serious frown “If you try to escape. You’ll regret it, Star… Nobody can help you here… Not even Vanessa. We care too much about our reputation. So if you have ANY plan on escaping, we will punish you accordingly” His tone was dark as his smile quickly returned
“I- Yes, Sun…” You sighed, dismissing the threat
“We love you, Star… Just. We never want you to leave our sight… It scares us to not know where you are…” He removed his hold of your thigh to cradle your face.

Nodding, you held his hand to yours cuddling your cheek into it

“Alright… I’d like to work today” You murmured
“You understand you can’t leave?” His tone returned to its previous darkness
“Good, you are so good for us, Stardust~” He praised you as he kissed you on your lips “Now… Let’s go get you something to eat for breakfast hm?”
“Mm” You nodded, lifting yourself from the mattress


“They’re going to try to leave.” Moon sighed
“I know… But I hate the idea of keeping them up in that room for hours” Sun paused as he walked towards the break room “Plus… Nobody is going to help them.”
“Still… They might yell at one of the parents to come help them”
“Even if they did Moon... If they reported us what would happen? Nothing. All those reports are just tossed, that’s why we’re still here today.” Sun smirked, slightly squeezing your hand
“And what if Vanessa helps them…?”
“What- A murderer helping a victim? Please. Vanessa is nothing but a blonde bitch, that’d be a saint move coming from the likes of her.”
“Yeah haha, you’re right” Moon chuckled
“See! I’m right sometimes~”


Sun watched you eat as he made you coffee, placing it in front of you before removing the stir stick and sucking the coffee off of it

“Sun…?” You looked at him after taking the last bite of your breakfast
“Hm? Yes, love?” Sun placed the stick down as he held your hand in his
“What would you do… If I did escape…?” you looked at your coffee before looking back up at his frowning expression
“If you escaped…?” He quietly murmured as his hands became more possessive on holding yours, looking down at them with widened eyes before focusing back on you “... we’d find you.” he stared you down as if you were prey
“I- See-”
“We’re serious… We are obsessed with you. Do you understand that?” He smiled at you with a tight grin as his crazy eyes pierced you “We’d kill for you, darling… We’d do anything for you…” His breathing became heavy

Your hands shook as you sipped your coffee


“Alright… The daycare won’t be opening in another hour, so enjoy it.” Moon muttered
“Mm,” Sun grunted
“What? What’s wrong?”
“No… You’re angry at something. What’s wrong? Was it that question they asked?”
“Yes…” Sun scoffed
“See this is why we are making them fall in love with us gradually. So they never want to leave!”
“I KNOW THAT- I know that just. I don’t want them thinking about that!” Sun groaned, raising his voice as he seethed thinking of the idea
“You’re overheating, calm down-”


‘H-hey Sun? You’re gripping my hand a little tight… Could you maybe, loosen up a bit?” You looked up at Sun, feeling the blood rush to the tips of your fingers, swollen and red as Sun’s expression was an annoyed frown
“I- Oh my goodness, I’m sorry, Star-” His eyes darted down to your hand as he loosened his grip on them. He crouched down with your hand still in his hand

He kissed it gently, rubbing his other hand along the fingers before picking you up and carrying you into the playpen of the daycare.

“I’m so very sorry… I zoned out, darling…” Sun kissed your face, hugging you and burying his face in your neck as he walked over to one of the play structures

Sitting under the bridge, he let you sit up on top of him as he brushed your hair from your face

“So beautiful…” He mumbled “So divine…”

Sun used his hands to hold your cheek and your waist

“Our perfect little doll… We love you” He pulled you in to kiss him, holding you with his strength pressing into your skin, squeezing the plush as he slipped his tongue across your bottom lip
You escaped from Sun’s lips, looking at him with cloudy eyes “Sun… Sun, my mouth… It tastes ba-”
He pulled you back in, immediately sticking his tongue in your mouth “I don’t care… I need you y/n… I’m begging for you…”

You felt Sun’s hips buck against yours, his length wriggling in his pants as he whimpered softly through thrusts

“You’re so needy…” You moaned against him “A-and here…? You don’t want to go to you-”
“Shut up.” Sun kissed you again, his moans becoming slightly louder as he kept his pace “I don’t care if the daycare opens right now, I couldn’t stand another minute of just banter, not with you looking so cute… I just… I can’t-”

He thrusted harder on you before flipping you under him and pinning down your wrists

“Please- Please let me… Let me fuck you…” His length was bulging through his pants while he was lustfully looking down at you
“Here…? In the playpen?” you made your breathing calm down as the position made you feel powerless… Submissive
“Yes~ Yes right here… Right now… I’ll be good, I’ll be so good for you… I’ll go slow, darling, please, honey” He was breaking down just staring down at you, shaking violently as he began to drool

Looking down at yourself you felt your sex throb at the sight of his bulge
Nodding his rays spun before he immediately shucked your clothes off, rubbing his fingers against your heat and still keeping you pinned

“Good little toy~ c-can I please taste you?” He begged, making his thumb vibrate over your clit

You whimpered as you nodded, your legs spasming from the vibration
He licked you up and down, making you moan and cry out from the pleasure as you came
Sucking and kissing your inner thighs, he began to remove his clothes

“T-turn over… On your stomach. Now.” He sat on his knees, jerking his appendage as he watched you adjust yourself

You lifted your ass up, making your back arch as you hid your face in your arms

“Such a good dolly~” Sun murmured as he slapped your ass “Putting yourself like this for us… Are you sure you can take it like this?”

You felt his length slap against your ass as it wriggled, nearing closer to your hole

“Mm… Just put it in already~” You groaned “You’re teasing me…”
“Oo~ So needy… Whatever you say, princess~”

Sun hunched over you, a hand on your hip and the other pinning your wrists
He moaned as he inserted it slowly into you

“S-so tight… Mm- fuck. Y/n…” He moaned as he slid himself further into you

The stretch was slow, you sucked air in through your teeth as you bit into your forearm

“MMH-” You moaned as he pulled out and pushed in slowly

Slowly dragging each move, he called your name through small curses and moans

“I’m- I’m gonna go, f-faster darling… Is that okay with you?”
“Y-yes Sunny~”
“You might want to get a little more comfortable… I won’t be going so easy like Moon…” He chuckled as his dick throbbed inside you before pulling out
“N-No keep going… Please put it back in, Sunny” You begged, pressing your ass against his dick
“Mmh… Keep going?~ Okay…” Sun let the smug and seductive tone of his voice take over as he situated you back up, rubbing his tip against your hole “Y’know… The risky thing about this is… The daycare will be opening in 49 minutes… And all I want to do is watch you crumble from just my tip rubbing against you~ haha…”

You whimpered as he edged you softly, crying out his name in sharp breaths as you mumbled into your arm

“Mm? What was that, darling? Speak up…” He teased, letting his length wriggle up and down your slit painfully teasing you as you shuddered, moans of desperation crawling out of your throat
“Please Sunny~ Please put it… Hnmnn In… My. Please~”
“And look at you now… A desperate slut, begging for me already?”
You looked back at him, whimpering and nodding “Y-yes Sunny please~”

He smiled as he thrusted harshly into you, filling your hole instantly as he groaned
Sun thrusted in and out of you faster and faster sticking his full 13 inches into you for each thrust

“Mmh~ God you take it so good, baby~ Such a good little fuck toy.” He cried out as he fucked into you harder, slapping your ass and making your cheeks turn red “All ours… Yes…”

“Y-You’re ours… You’re never going to fucking leave us. Ever. Haah~ Isn’t that right, darling? This’ll be your punishment for even thinking about leaving ah- mm~”

You were nearly screaming from the pace he was keeping, thrusting deeper into you, breaking into your cervix and the top of your womb

“S-SUNNY AH- F-UCK Y-YES!!” You bit into your forearm aggressively, feeling yourself cumming from his tentacle, tightening around him

Sun whimpered as he felt you throbbing on him

“I- God I- I can’t keep up much longer if you keep ah- tightening up on me like that Sunshine-” Sun grunted as he pressed his length deeper “S-so beautiful… I can’t st-op-”

He began to grow impatient as he thrusted in and out of you at a faster, desperate pace before thrusting deeper into you
You whimpered, letting out one more choked-up cry as you felt yourself getting filled, his hot ropes of cum shooting into you as he held your hips to his

He growled over you, shaking as his cum pumped into you.
He sighed, pulling out, letting the seed seep out of you slowly

“Couldn’t take it all…? Haha… I’ll make sure you take it all in for round two…” He giggled, picking up your body and sitting you on top of him

Drowsy, sweaty, and fucked-out, you looked up at Sun with a dazed out stare

“R-Round two…??”

Chapter Text

“What do you mean ‘Round 2?!’” Sun chuckled, mocking your voice perfectly through his voicebox “What? Have you only ever had 1 Round? I thought you knew by now… Us animatronics have stamina, unlike any human male… heh…” He pulled you into him, hugging you against his body as you sat there, still straddled over him
“Yeah, bu-”
“And that’s all you’ll ever want… You’ll only desire us for the rest of your life… You’ll beg the universe for a ‘man’ like us but I assure you… You won’t~” Sun whispered into your neck

His hand brushed the back of your head as his claws carded through your hair, his free hand holding your ass, his claws pressing into the plush of the flesh.
Bit by bit you could feel his slick drag out of you, covering a section of Sun’s length with his own slime.

“Naughty… Not even trying to keep it in hm?” Sun removed himself from your neck, holding your chin with his index and thumb as he gazed down at your hazed face

Your eyes were half closed, lips parted slightly as he chuckled

“Oh~ This just won’t do now will it? Hmhm…” Sun pushed you away from his chest slightly, wincing when you ground on him from the movement.

He pulled out a Sundrop, popping it into his mouth before pulling your lips to his
The syrup continued to melt and slither down your throat, it energized you, making you jump a bit from the quick dose

“M-Much better-” He whimpered “Think you’re ready~?” He smiled through parting kisses, his cock throbbing under you while you shook your head, pressing further into the kiss.

He made a sound of acceptance before you lifted your hips above him, allowing his tentacle to align himself with your heat.

“Such a small cunt… It surprises me that you can even take me… And so well, too…” He smiled at you smugly before his tip met with your entrance. Pushing your hips down strictly and penetrating you in one rough pull

You gasped at the immediate attention of his length pushing deeper into you
He lifted you by your hips, slapping gently against the base and making small, wet noises

Sun couldn’t help but shut his eyes and groan from the pleasure as he used you, your hands holding onto his as you rode him. You saw stars with each dip, feeling his grip tighten on your hips as his claws pricked into your skin.
You quickly got used to the pace, able to take back control of your body as you moved up and down on him yourself

His filthy moans just encouraged you to go faster, his innocent expression making something snap inside of you

*I’m in control… He’s at MY mercy… Hah…*

You took Sun’s hands and brushed them off your hips as you pressed your hands on his abdomen area. As he whimpered, he tried to grab your hips again

“Bad boy… Keep your hands to yourself.” You snarled at him with a menacing expression as you grabbed his hands, pinning them down to the floor

You tightened around him, watching his expression become desperate, ultimately submissive as he called for you through small pleas

“Mm? Speak up, Sun… Don’t be shy” You smiled at him as he stuttered, struggling to let his words out

You stopped thrusting onto him, pausing and holding his cheek

“I won’t continue until you tell me what you’re begging for”
“P-please, sunshine, I wanna be a good boy~ Please t-tell me I am…” he whimpered, his dick shuddered inside you as his precum seeped from the tip

You chuckled, regaining your pace as you moaned on top of him, his length squirming inside you, pressing against your walls perfectly

“S-so good~ Such a good boy for me” You groaned as you felt yourself cum on his tentacle, shivering on top of him as you slipped his length fully into you, grinding against him while he started crying
“P-Please y/n!! Please keep going!! I-I’m gonna- Mmh!~” His moans filled the room as you rode against him, pressing your face into the crook of his neck “Please let me touch you~ “ He begged, his hands hovered over your skin as you nodded

He strictly grabbed you lifting your hips and thrusting himself into you, coating his dick entirely in your slick as he whimpered

You moaned as he went faster, his slick slapping against you, creating transparent drags of discharge and cum as his dick parted with each pull and tug

“f-FUCK Sun!!!” You clawed at his rays grabbing them as you bit down on one of them

His growling became louder as he sunk his teeth into your shoulder, grunting and taking sharp breaths through his teeth.
Your moans quickly became screams of pleasure, his name, and smaller moans

“Hold on tight…” He grunted before lifting you into his arms and switching you onto your back “Y’know Star, I always wanted to try this, ever since Moon did it with you…” He snickered, lifting one of your legs onto his shoulder as he thrusted into you

It went much deeper than any other position, you winced, feeling his dick shift through you.
Your face burned while he stared you down, encouraging every scream and call you to let out for him

“T-That’s right… My cute little Star. You’re doing so amazing~”
“K-Kiss m-E!!” You groaned while he pounded into you, shaking your world to struggled garbles of pleasure as you came on his length again

He immediately darted for your lips as you tightened around him, his tongue tangled with yours as he too, let out his load into you.
It felt like more this time as if the pumping and thrusting would never stop.
Looking down, you saw that the base of his dick was in full contact with your cunt

*I literally have 13 inches of cock inside me, how the fuck am I not dead.*

“I-I think that’s enough playtime for this morning~ Anymore and I’d probably want to take the day off to keep playing with you like this haha” He chuckled as he pressed into you more, plugging you up so that none of his seed would fall out

Slowly going soft, he placed his hand on your cheek

“My darling…” he sighed as he removed himself from your hole
“I love you~” Sun kissed your forehead gently
“I… Love you too…” you whispered

You felt full, as if even a little pressure would make you burst like a balloon


“Only 26 minutes left… Plenty of time to clean them up-” Moon gently laughed

Sun kissed your forehead as he picked you up, along with the discarded clothes

“I love them so much…”
“I know, I know… I do too haha”

With you still in his arm, he saw as you began to fall asleep again

“Ouu, poor thing, all fucked out and tired from our cock hehe” Sun cooed as he rubbed your cheek with his thumb
“Again though Sunny, what if they do end up calling the police or help?”
“...They know better… They should know that they will have a much better life here than out… THERE-” Sun winced as he placed you on your feet, watching his cum seep from your hole as it slipped down your leg

He watched intently as you showered


“Y’know Sunny it’s rude to stare…” You giggled slightly
“Mm… Can’t help it haha, would you like it if I joined you?” Sun lifted himself from the wall once you nodded.

He stood close behind you
Possibly to just be in close contact, or to actually wash himself off

“Don’t you have a specific wash?”
“I don’t like how it smells… It’s too… strong and bleachy.” He groaned, grabbing the soap bar
“I see-”

You paused when Sun began to rub the soap over your arms, collecting your hand with the soap to lather it with more suds
He made small noises while he cleaned you off

“What’s wrong, Star? You stopped talking…” He burst through the silence as he washed your back, massaging it
“I- ooh~ It’s nothing Sun… Sorry, I just blanked out for a bit…” You moaned a bit while his careful hands pressed ever so perfectly into the knots on your back “Y’know you should do this m-more often haha…”
“I should? Hah… I’ve never done this to anyone, let alone shower with anyone but myself”
“What? You’re like- a pro at this…”

You sighed as you leaned back into Sun as he moved on to your legs
His hands traversed over your thighs and calves as if they were the most delicate thing on earth

Kinda ironic considering that he’s been anything BUT gentle with you during their… Moments…

He tried his best to avoid the cuts and bruises on your legs, being highly observant of the gash on your thigh
Every time you whimpered from a sour touch, he’d lighten his touch on it before continuing

“So fragile… haha…” He murmured into your back as he kissed you on the back of your neck
“Sun-” You nervously held onto his hands as they rested on your hips
“How much time until the daycare opens?”
“16 minutes, would you like to go sign in for the day?” He smiled, still kissing up on your neck, his free hand hovering over the water peg

You nodded as he giggled into your neck a bit more, turning the water off

He left you standing there as he collected 2 towels for the both of you


“Oo~ More bragging rights about ‘control’?” Moon snickered
“No, I just knew they were tired, that’s why I gave them a message~” Sun responded in a prideful tone
“Psh yeah okay Sun you can stop joking-”
“I’m serious!!!” Sun whined “I’m not THAT needy”

There was a comedic silence where Moon’s smug smile was implied

“Oh shut up-” Sun grumbled
“You know you’re just as big a pervert as me-”


You approached the sign-in sheet at the desk, mumbling to yourself as you counted the days on your fingers

“What’s the date, Sunny?”
“The date isss~ 5/26, hoho! Another amazing day to share with you”
“Pff- okay. Thanks, Sundrop”

You snickered to yourself as you filled out the rest of the information

“And- The time?”
“Ahhhh- 6:23 AM”

You leaned back in the chair, sinking into the plush as Sun couched down next to you
Spinning your chair to look at him, he gazed at you with a small smile

“You can’t escape us, darling… We just hope you understand that…” He grabbed both your hands in his as he kissed your forehead
“I… I know…” you whispered, feeling your stomach flip
“We promise to give you a good life… Just you, me, and Moony…”
“Y’know, I think I heard recently that they’re going to make Moony and I separate animatronic bodies…”
“H-huh? Where’d you hear that?”
“Vanessa sent out a notification to us, isn’t that fun, Starlight? Hohoho! Twice the fun!” Sun gave you a goofy grin as he vibrated

*If I can’t escape now, I’ll never escape EVER. Not with two of them walking around…*

Sun was talking, but you couldn’t hear him…
Your heart began to thump in your chest as you stared up at him
Air brushed against your teeth as you shook a bit.

The daycare music switched on, making you jolt while Sun’s rambling became clearer to hear
Your heartbeat went down as the goofy music echoed through the playpen

“And Moony and I could make so much more activities and games!! Oh! And we could do puppet shows together and act out storytime!” He giggled as his eyes lit up just talking about this
“Hah… You really like your job huh?” You smiled weakly
“Oh of course!!! Moony and I love ALL our little friends!”
“Children aren’t insufferable to you guys?”
“Oh no, they are, but that’s why we have rules! And the time-out corner!”
“Heh… I remember when I used to always get sat in the ‘time-out’ corner” You smiled down at your hands that were still encapsulated in Sun’s

He giggled before saying something
You were zoning out again, staring at your thighs as his tone became a bit more urgent


“Ooo? You were a troublemaker? I would’ve never guess- Sunshine?” Sun paused, looking at you while your eyes were glued to your thighs
“Suuunshine~? Flower?” Sun wondered about your face as he began to worry a bit

“Maybe they zoned out, wave your hand in front of them or snap your fingers”
“Ah- Right.”

Sun waved his hand over your eyes a couple of times before holding your face to look at him

“Staaar~ Wake up!!” He crooned as he gave you a warm kiss on the cheek


You began to snap out of your small hiatus

“O-Oh what was that Sunny?”
“Mm- Nothing, star! I forgot haha-”

The daycare pick-up hall door opened, a child chuckling with her mother as she skipped over to the playpen

“Oh! There’s Yvette!- Haha, I guess I better get to work hoho!” Sun chuckled
“Bye Sunny~”
“See you during naptime, love!” Sun bid you farewell, kissing you on the lips before skipping away to the door

You watched him greet the parent and child as you logged into the computer
Scrolling back to the Fazbear Entertainment Pizzaplex website you searched for contact information

*Ok ok… Hold on… Head Security… H-here…*

You carefully watched Sun play with the child at the dollhouse
Picking up the phone you quickly dialed the number

Brr…Brrr…. Brrrr…..

Dial Tone…

Please… Somebody answer me… Anybody

You stared up from your impatient glare at the phone, looking at Sun, who was scornfully looking at you with a menacing grin
Almost like you heard his thoughts, you placed the phone back in its nest as you sighed in your seat

You picked up the phone again, dialing 911 in the keypad

Nothing. As if the phone was off

“911, what’s your emergency?”
“H-Hello? Yes please help me. Please I’m being held here against my will- and- and-”
“Okay, ma’am will you please calm down for me and tell me what your location is right now?”

You looked up at Sun, he was greeting and bringing in two more children as they ran about the pen

“Y-Yes I- Uhm... I’m in the Fazbear Entertainment Mega Pizzaplex on-n like right off 47’”
“Alright, ma’am what do you mean you’re being held against your will?”
“I-I mean I’ve been abducted. Please please send somebody, I’m in the Superstar Daycare portion of the facility-”

You heard small bits of laughter coming from the phone

“M-Ma’am, what’s so funny?” You nervously fumbled with the phone’s cord as you scraped it with your nails

Your teeth ground against themselves as you heard her laugh become louder, slowly changing into a more masculine, deep, raspy laugh

“I- Please- Please s-STOP-”
“Y/n… You can’t escape us… No matter how much you try… You are ours.” The voice sternly talked back to you

Looking up at Sun, he gave you a small glare and giggle

“Darling~ Why are you being so difficult… At work too~ Naughty, Naughty” Sun giggled on the other side of the phone as you felt tears prick your eyes
“S-Stop- get out of my head, GET OUT OF MY HEAD-” you angrily shoved the phone back down into its hold

“F-fuck. FUCK” You cried, a hand held your forehead, grabbing your hair while the other one scratched the table, ending with a balled fist

*You can’t call for help… You can’t do shit about this. Why don’t you just walk out? Walk out? Yeah… Just- Go…*

Staring at the exit, you got up and began to walk toward the door

“Oh! Friend, where are you going?” Sun beamed, getting up from playing dollhouse with the little girl that walked in earlier, she looked up at you with a curious gaze as you gave her an awkward smile
“I-I’m going to the restroom-” you stuttered
“Haha!-” Sun grinned viciously at you “Go right on ahead then!” He bowed and showed you the door

You walked over to the door with no hesitation. You didn’t look behind you, didn’t need to…

You already felt his tense glare burn the back of your head
You shakily walked over to the daycare pick-up hall

*freedom… Freedom*

As you pressed open the door you felt your heart beat out of your chest, your mind racing as you fled down the stairs and speed-walked over to the exit doors

Your hand just barely touched the door handle as you smiled widely at the cold feeling of the handle.


Chapter Text

*No. Nobody can stop this. Nonono I’m not going back there.*

Swiftly you pulled the door open
Looking at the bright world ahead of you
The view of parked cars in a lot
The sun brightly scorched the view, almost blinding you from the change in brightness

Footsteps trailed you as you walked through the door
The hot heat blaring down on your skin, your cheeks relished in the warmth of the sun as your eyes adjusted to the light

This melancholic feeling was interrupted by the sharp grab at your arm

“Y/N! Y/N! CALM DOWN!!!”

You looked behind your shoulder frantically looking at the lady grabbing you
The heat burned into your skin as you recognized the blonde hair

“Y/n where are you going??? You look like you’ve just fought for your life or something” Vanessa unhanded your arm, letting you grab it, massaging the muscle
“I- Uhm…”
“Here, how about we go back insi-”
“NO. No- no please…”
“Y/n you’re still on the job, you must come back to work.” Vanessa snapped at your sour reaction
“Vanessa they, Sun and Moon, they’ve been keeping me held hostage, and I-”

Vanessa started to cackle, snickering at you while you rambled

“W-what? Nono stop laughing! WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING??” Tears began to prick your eyes before you began to back away
“Y/n, sweetheart. Sun and Moon absolutely HATE the staff here, what are you going on about??” She giggled, grabbing your hand and leading you back into the plex as you cried even more

The sunlight escaped your face as you struggled to escape from Vanessa’s hold, being dragged into the dark, led-lit lobby, the conversation of the people inside of the building only roaring louder as tears fell
You kicked her, punched her, begged her
Like steel, she kept walking with her bruising grip around your wrist

The fear built up inside you as Vanessa kept dragging you further into the facility
why… Why WHY

Screaming, your panicked screams only proved themself useless as you passed the large crowds, approaching the daycare’s entrance


“Where do you think they went?” Sun panicked “Do you think they escaped???”
“No… Vanessa should’ve gotten them… They’re probably on their way back now…” Moon cooed, strangely calm about the stressful situation
“Can you tune into Vanessa’s body cam?” Sun puzzled as he stacked up plush barrels into a neat tower

Much different than his counterpart, Sun tended to worry more than the Moon. His frantic neat-freak lifestyle encouraged this.
Moon never really had any worries or responsibility
That’s all he was, a Daycare Attendant and a Patrol Bot.

The only excitement either of them got only came from relishing their fresh catches, the satisfaction of slaughter based off of flimsy jealousy

‘How come you can live and survive but I can only just survive?
How unfair of you to leave. Why leave at all?
If you stay, we can share the same lifestyle, then you’ll understand what it’s like to be a bird in a cage.’

The screams of terror and pain, the vision of writhing, the texture of skin when it’s been peeled or pulled back abnormally

That was excitement. The impatience only built off the obsession of bloodshed and spiraling
The need for a new devotion, a new activity… Something to feed their lust for a ‘fresh’ experience.

“So… Vanessa is bringing them back??” Sun frantically pushed crayons into a box in their rainbow order
“Yeah, they’re about to come back in, there seems to be a struggle”
“Mm… Okay then, thanks, Moon”

The door opened with a small clack as struggle was still emitting from afar
Sun perked his head up to look over in the direction of the pick-up hall

“That must be them” Sun’s rays spun, happy, relieved to know you were back

The noises were silenced as another door opened, closing and locking
Footsteps trailed along the hall, coming closer as Sun watched Vanessa storm down the stairs and come through the double doors

Sun came over to Vanessa, standing with her arms crossed, upset and unhappy
She urged him to bend down

“I put y/n in the supply closet, they’re knocked out right now, my cuffs are on them, here’s the key, I expect them returned back to me at 8 o’clock sharp. Got it, fuckface?” Vanessa snarled at Sun
“Language Ms. Vanessa!! This is a daycare, and why are you so angry, friend?” Sun plucked the handcuff keys from Vanessa’s hand, glaring down at her with a ticked smile
“If you let them escape like that again I’m just going to let them leave. You can’t do this for long.”
“Hmph… What do I need to do to keep them inside with us permanently?” Sun raised himself, tossing the key into his chest plate hatch

Vanessa only shrugged, walking off after giving Sun a death glare

Sun sighed, looking at the children who were playing with each other
Tag, laughter, hide and seek, colors, drawings…
These children
His children…

“Mm…” Sun hummed as he frowned at the door

He skipped over to the nearby children playing Dollhouse
Laying down on his stomach, he watched the girls converse with each other

“Hello, girls! How are we doing over here? OH! All your dolls look absolutely gorgeous!!! Hohoho!” Sun smiled and giggled with the girls as they combed through their barbie’s hair with even smaller combs
“Hello, Mr. Sun!!”
“Hi, Mr. Sunny! Look- Look at mine! Look at mine!!” A little girl handed her doll over to Sun, pressing it into Sun’s accepting hand
“Oh my stars!! What a beautiful dolly! What’s her name?” Sun beamed, his rays spinning as the girls doted at him, showing their dolls to him as well
“Shelly!!” The girl smiled as she received her doll back
“What a cute name!! All of your dolls are absolutely delightful! However, let me check up on everybody else! I’ll come right back!”

Sun rose from laying on his stomach, dusting himself off and straightening out his sleeves

“Bye Mr. Sunshine!!”

Sun waved back to the girls as they continued to play

He watched the children play tag and hide and seek, thinking it was better to not interrupt their playtime, he skipped over to the arts and crafts tables

Spotting a child, sitting alone with crayons splayed out across their area, Sun took a seat right next to them after observing their drawing

“Hello, friend!! What are you drawing?” Sun hovered over the child while sitting on the floor instead of a child chair
“Hi, Mr. Sun- I’m drawing this…” The child mumbled as he nudged his paper over to the animatronic

It was a scribbled drawing of the child with his dog and a car in the background

“What an amazing drawing friend!!! You are so talented!” Sun patted the child on the back “Oh! but why are you all alone over here friend? Would you like it if I stayed here?”
“I’m fine Mr. Sun, thank you…” The child smiled up at him while Sun nodded
“Well, I’ll leave you be then, I’ll check up on you later though! Hoho!”
“Bye!” The child beamed, going back to scribbling blue onto the sky

Sun waved again before going over to the time-out corner

“Hello, Tyler! Are you ready to go back to your friends?”
“Tyler, now don’t be like that… You know why you were put here.”
“... mm.” Tyler groaned at Sun, giving him a side-eyed stare, scornfully frowning at him
“Friend~ If you don’t want to leave yet you can stay here… However, your friends ARE waiting for you…” Sun smiled

Tyler looked behind him, seeing his friends pausing their game of tag to stare at the conversation between him and the Sun

Looking back at the Sun, he waited and sat there

“Hm… Alright then, Tyler… I’ll be on my way then if you don’t wanna talk”

Sun skipped off over to the next mess
And suddenly, Tyler got up from his seated position, looking around him, at Sun, and then he ran over to his friends
Sun smiled as he watched the children play

It was almost naptime.


You slowly woke up
Your head was killing you, pounding over and over, you were sat in a pitch-black room
A slit of light emitted from under a door

The struggle of your arms led you to realize you were cuffed.

*Fuck. Fuck what am I gonna do, WHAT AM I GONNA DO*

Why weren’t you outside?? Why weren’t you home?? Why was it so deafeningly quiet???
Where is Vanessa??
Where is Sun? Moon?

*Where the fuck am I right now…*

Shuffling around in your area, you received a sting of pain flash up your spine, originating from your ass

You’ve been sitting on this cold floor for a while…

You could only feel metal bars and plastic on shelves through the darkness

*I- I gotta get out of here. I’m not gonna fucking die here*

Slowly scooting yourself to a nearby wall, you lifted yourself to your feet, backing up against a nearby shelf, you used your foot to try the door


You began to feel your stomach drop as you struggled in your handcuffs

*Why did I ever apply a job here… WHY THE FUCK DID I EVER-*

The door started to unlock, the handle turning and the door opening to reveal 2 bright red eyes, bathing you in their glow as you felt your fear spike

“m-moon-, I-”
“Feeble little brat. How dare you attempt escape like that. Can you fathom the anger we’ve brewed? The disappointment? I fear that you don’t.”
“pleas-se… please don’t-” You mumbled, whimpering as you cowered, your back against the wall as Moon trailed into the closet with you, shutting the door behind him.
“Don’t? Don’t what? Hurt you? Like you hurt us? Haha… Very ironic isn’t it. Y’know if I wasn’t on the job right now, I’d absolutely destroy you in this closet and snatch your dignity, teach you what a brat’s place is.”

You felt his demeanor become a cover of pressure as you trembled against the cold wall

“We’d make you scream for help. For us to stop. That’s how we’d punish your sickening behavior. However, now we both have some time to think of what we should do to you.”
“Are- Are you gonna- kill… me?” You whimpered as you felt Moon’s claw trace itself along your neck

Moon giggled as he lowered his head to the crook of your neck, licking the flesh

“Much worse, darling… I’m afraid we’ll be keeping you alive, to experience the punishment we will enact on your tantalizing body… Sssuch a beautiful body to ruin… Isn’t it Sunny~?”

Moon bit down into your neck, covering your mouth from screaming as he bit down harshly onto you his free hand untucking your shirt and rubbing over your stomach and breasts
He sucked at your neck as he toyed with your nipples
His hand paused below your boobs, while his claws pressed deep into the plush, ripping into the skin and dragging down your stomach while blood began to dribble down the opening of your shirt and onto the floor

You began to scream, only to be muffled by Moon’s hand which shoved your head against the wall with a force that was only a smidge away from crushing your skull.

His hand moved from the bottom of your torso to even further down to your cunt

“We will absolutely destroy this… Mm… And you will learn to love us… Just how we love you~”

He uncovered your mouth to kiss it, and rejecting him, you blurted

“N-No- No please-”
“It’s funny you think you have a choice in the matter, y/n… You are at OUR mercy.” Moon cradled your face with a harsh grip, facing him directly as he kissed you

You whined as you felt your blood trickle down your body

“Y/n, would you like to enjoy the last hours of your body before Sunny and I run our usage through it? Or would you rather sit in silence for the next couple of hours, regretting your actions”

He tilted your chin up to look at him, his tongue lightly glowing in the darkness as he licked your cheek
It sickened you
The way his saliva trickled down your chin and neck

You almost began to cry before kicking him in the crotch
And without flinching, he looked at you, giggling at your attempt

“Honey… Come on now, did you really think that’d hurt?”
“FUCK YOU” You snapped, yelling and kicking him to push him out of the way
“Woah Woah easy there starlight~” He murmured, grabbing your leg and standing up fully to let you swing upside down from your leg “So feisty~ Hehe…”

You struggled in the embarrassing position your body cringing from the stretch of your stomach wounds as you cried out in pain

“Ouu we love it when they fight~, when they run~ hmhm… Don’t we, Sunny?” Moon chuckled as he held your body upright, cradling you in his arm, staring deep into your eyes as he held your ankles together “Let’s take you to our room…” Moon giggled shoving an unwrapped Moondrop in your mouth

It seemed like it was covered in a strange-tasting powder, but it melted too fast for you to recognize it and spit it out

“Nighty Night, little toy” Moon chuckled as he kissed you

And all the weight, the pressure lifted…
And you drifted off to sleep


“Such a beautiful toy~ I just want to use them in this closet right now…” Moon groaned as he opened up the door, calling his tether and gliding through the air
“Mm~ So, what exactly ARE we going to do?”
“I don’t know actually… Should we let it slide this once?”
“Moony, I don’t ACTUALLY want to hurt them…”
“You’re right… I don’t know why I said what I said… I feel… Terrible” Moon sympathetically looked down at you, lifting your shirt and looking at the newest wounds created on your stomach “I-”

Moon felt conflicted by his own doing.
Why did he do that?
Why did he hurt you?

“Sun, I-” Moon held a frown as he flew up to his balcony
“Moon… Let’s not hurt them like that unless it’s for a reason…” Sun sighed, regretful of what they’ve done

Moon caressed your cheek with a cool finger, moving them down to your neck and tracing along the bruised and bloody skin, the punctures that speckled over the neck and shoulder

“Our poor little love… We are sososo sorry- sorry, sorry…” Moon sighed as he laid down with you while you lay on your side “Please forgive us for what we’ve done, darling… We beg you… This will never happen again…”

He pressed his lips to yours, holding your waist gently as he pulled you closer to him as he whimpered your name into small, sweet apologies

“I… I love you, Starlight”

Chapter Text

*(“You failed…” Eclipse looked down at you as if you were nothing but a peasant in his god-like form
“Mm… I know…” You hung your head, staring at your feet, feeling pathetic
“It’s ok… You’ll be okay…” He lifted your face to look up at him “I’m sure they were just… bluffing…”

Holding yourself, you angrily bit at your bottom lip, peeling the skin off until you came to a larger piece
Ripping it off, you felt the sting of pain and the taste of iron coat your tongue as you sucked the blood from the fresh peel

Your nails dug into your shoulders as you trembled, tears forming while saliva and snot ran down your face.

“Oh- Star…” Eclipse cooed, squatting down to wipe away your leakage “Please… Don’t cry, darling…”
“You- You remind me too much of h-him… Them… I-” You back away from his welcoming gesture, your fingers sinking deeper into the plush of your arms as the environment went cold, nervous… High-pitched and vacant.

“We? I? Remind you of who…?” Eclipse held his arms out for you “Alex?” Eclipse’s arms fell to his sides as he stood up to his complete height “The Sun? The Moon? Who are you referring to?”

Eclipse’s grin became tight as he trailed you down, making you back away slowly, your footsteps echoed through the dark abyss as you ran, larger footsteps following you

You screamed for help, only to be interrupted by the swift grab from Eclipse, dragging your body to his and holding you to his hunched body.
His face was at the crux of your shoulder, groaning as he hugged you

“What are you afraid of, love?” He rubbed your shoulders gently as he sighed “...Me…?”

You whimpered at the innocent, loving touch as if it’d burn you alive.

“Star… Relax… Please, breathe” Eclipse lifted you into his arms, cradling you as he sat in a lotus position “I would never hurt you in that way, darling… You know that don’t you, honey?”

You couldn’t speak, you laid in their warm hold as the cloth of his sleeves acted as an incomplete blanket
Nodding, you saw his expression lighten up as he gave you a calming and reassuring smile)*

Once again, you were tied… Blindfolded and gagged, tied to a pole
Seems you were sat in a chair this time, a very uncomfy chair
You were… naked.

*I’m fucking naked again??*

You couldn’t hear shit.


Regaining your strength, you began to wriggle in your chair
You shook your head frantically until the noise-canceling headphones fell off your head, ending with a clack against the floor as you heard something else stop…
What was it?

Clicking? Whirring. No… It was definitely Clicking

“Mm?” You mumbled from the gag, the noise partially coming out from the blur
“Yes- s wewewe’re here, darling-” You heard Sun prop to his feet, seemingly ruffling around some cloth as he walked over to you, removing your mouth gag

“S-Sun- I”
“Shh shhh, love~”

You sat there, wrestling the restraints as you pulled forward
You felt their lewd grin shine down on you, even with the blindfold on

“Y-you look so beautiful like this, darling… If only we could trust you to walk about the plex WITHOUT being tied, hmhm~” Sun giggled as his tone dipped lower, huskier

His warmth came closer as he squatted down to your level, his hands pressing onto the flesh of your thighs

“S-stop- no…”
“...” Sun paused his warm rubs against your thighs “Star… If you want us to stop you’ll have to promise us something…”
“You will never try to leave us, you will never even attempt or think about escaping… Do you understand me? We’re giving you 3 chances darling… You’ve foolishly ran through 2…” Sun cradled your face gently

His fingers emitted an uncomfortable warmth as a muggy and foggy atmosphere began to cover around you

“If you dare to break that last chance… We will not be listening to “No” or “Stop”... And absolutely nobody is going even try to help you… Heheh…”

You heard Sun let out a sinister laugh as he licked your neck with a playful swipe
Flinching, you shivered in your seat, cringing from the slimy texture of his saliva as he ran his tongue over your collarbone

“Remember, doll… You’re ours…” He whispered into your ear as his fingers traced over the bites and hickeys that were splotched over your neck and shoulders
“I-Is that all I am to y-you? A toy?” Shuddering again, you felt his frown pierce you

“Not just a toy, darling… You’re our one and only love…” His voice echoed in your ear as he kissed your cheek “We love you so much… We can’t stand a moment without you, work is so hard without being able to look at your beautiful face. Our purposes mean nothing if we can’t see your amazing smile and glow.~”

“Stop… Stop…” You whimpered “Just- Give me back my clothes and let me leave- Please…”
“I’m afraid that won’t be happening, darling~. As we said before, you’re never gonna leave this place… Not while we’re still here.” Sun chuckled “As for your clothes? We can give you those in a moment… We honestly hate when you wear those useless and unnecessary ‘covers’.” Sun slowly kissed you across your collarbone as he untied your arms “Just let us hold you like this… vulnerable and adorable, just for us…”

Once your arms were free, you lifted your blindfold immediately and swung at his face
He caught you by your forearm

“Adorable… Ssooo adorable…” He squeezed your wrist as he held your hand still, kissing it while making eye contact
“You… s-STOP IT” you swung again with your free hand, only for it to also be caught in his grip
“No… You stop. Stop being mean and saying rude things.”
“Or WHAT? Gonna kill your ‘one and only love’???”
“No~ We could probably break your wrists right now… Maybe your leg… Wanna test us more?” Sun grinned

You sat there silently as you fell back into the chair as he continued untying your ankles, releasing your wrists
You watched him as his face was partially tilted down

*hit him. Hit him. HIT HIM.*

As he finished untying your ankles, you immediately tried punching him again, kicking him as he caught you again, collecting your wrists into one hand as he slammed them against the wall behind you

“You little brat.” Sun looked at you with a frustrated grimace as he slapped you across the face with his free hand

It burned, a very small slap for him, but for you, it felt like he meant it
He grabbed your face, pinching your cheeks as he pulled your face closer

“Listen to me. If you wanna act like a little shit, I can leave you in time-out for the next 24 hours, no food, no water, no sight, and no nothing. However… If you wanna apolo-”
“APOLOGIZE??? For WHAT? For being held here against my will?? For being in a toxic relationship with some- ROBOT? UGH- You’re JUST LIKE HIM.”
“Star you don’t mean that” Sun smiled, the glare in his eyes made you regret what you said as you felt his claws dig into your wrists “We are not like that scum. We love you.”
“No. You. Don’t.”
“URGH- Fine! You wanna stay here? Do you want me to neglect you for the next day??? Is that what you REALLY want?”
“Fuck. You. I’m gonna find a way out of here, then you’ll under-”
“Then we will find you. We will track you down, hunt you, and drag you back HERE. Oh, and trust me darling it’ll get soooo fucking repetitive, BUT!!! It’ll all be worth it in the end. Because by then, you’ll already be as deranged as us!!! Needy, hungry, and desperate for each other, we’ll finally be together~ Hohoho!!”

You watched Sun ramble on about his fantasy as you sat there in silence, his expression becoming possessive, nearly tipping over to borderline insane as his rays spun

“And- And Then!!! Hohoho!!~ FffUCK Starlight!!!~ Mmhh you have no IDEA how much we look forward to that… The true acceptance. The submission and attention you’ll claw at us for, It just makes us- sssoososo excited~ Hmhm!!~” Sun caressed you with his free hand as you looked at him with fearful eyes, your body trembled in response to his now sickening touches

“And the chase only makes it all the more better~ We looove seeing that fear coming from you… When you scream for us… When you let out those irresistible moans because of us… Goodness, it gets us so fucking hard-”

“N-No… Stop…” You whimpered, tears falling from your eyes

You were scared… You wanted nothing more than to escape…
Suddenly, Sun had a slight change, as if something clicked.

“O-Oh my goodness- I’m- I’m so-” Sun released you, backing away from what he’s done “My darling, I-” He covered his face “I don’t know why I- We-”

You watched him crumble, sat on the floor across from you, his head in his hands as he cried
Staring at him through tear-filled eyes, your body shook with fear as you slowly got up

He sat still on the floor as you walked over to the balcony, peering over the edge

*this… this is the way… out… I can…*

You heard frantic steps as you shut your eyes and leaned forward
As the light feeling of falling graced you, Sun immediately grabbed you from the balcony, lifting you back up and into his arms as you pushed him away

“N-NO STOP- PLEASE- JUST LET ME GO, LET ME DIE” You panicked, crying in his arms as he took you back into his room, cradling you in his arms as he sat in a lotus position

“Star- shh… Shhh… Please don’t cry, darling” Sun whispered as you let out screams of terror at him. His tears stopped before yours as he held you tight to his warm body

Eventually, you became tired of screaming and crying, you held onto him desperately as you calmed down into a puffy-eyed mess

All you could do was shiver, small sniffles coming from you as you shut your eyes
Sun rubbed you along your back gently shushing you, lulling you to sleep

The lights went out with a sudden flicker as his counterpart came out

Moon sat silently as he pulled a nearby blanket over the both of you, mostly covering you

“y/n… y/n, we’re sorry…”
“Please… say something, darling…”

You laid there, quiet…


“Great job, Sun. Absolutely DANDY.” Moon snapped, obviously disappointed
“I-I don’t know what came over me I just-”
“I’m so sorry Moon I-”
“No… No excuses. I’m absolutely disappointed in you right now. Why would you ever say that? Why did you do that.”
“They weren’t cooperating! And I- I just let it slip out…” Sun blurted, embarrassed
“Sun. You MUST apologize to them… All you did was frighten them.”

Moon laid there quietly with you in his arms, gently rocking back and forth as he hummed lullabies to you, watching you sleep

“What have we done, Sun…” Moon sighed, wiping a stray tear from your cheek as he kissed you on your forehead


*(“Eclipse???” You shouted, calling for him through choked-up snot, coughing until sickness emitted from you “e-ECLIPSE PLEASE” You fell to the floor, on all fours as you threw up

Hovering above the vomit, you looked at the ugly stain, then looked at your body as tears fell from your eyes
Your whole body shook as you fell to your side, holding yourself in a fetal position

The nudity didn’t help, you shivered by yourself in the never-ending abyss as it slowly shifted to your apartment

You could hear him… Throwing a tantrum in the kitchen… You already knew which argument this was…

Lifting yourself up from the hardwood floor you walked over to the living room, staring into the disarray presenting itself before you

“You- you probably CHEAT on me with your COWORKER.” He struggled as he took a swig of his whiskey straight from the bottle, downing it in seconds before breaking it against the counter

You shuddered, flinching from the sudden noise as you were seen backed up against the counter

“I should hurt you for this… I really should. I REALLY SHOULD” He screamed at you as he threw the broken bottle at you, you let out a small yelp as you dodged it.

You began to run towards the exit of the kitchen, the one closest to the door before he caught up to you, he grabbed your arm as you tried to pull away
Your cries meant nothing to him as he dragged you to the floor, kicking you in the stomach and abdominal area

His incessant shouting only deafened you as you accepted the pain on the cold floor

As you watched yourself get beaten and broken by the one you used to call ‘darling’, claws smoothed over your shoulders while another pair of hands rested on your hips

“This is all just a memory, flower… You need to stop reminiscing on it…” Eclipse huskily rasped into your ear as the hands on your hips squeezed you a little tighter

The memory flashed out of existence, now it was just you and Eclipse as he held you close to him.

“I’m sorry about what happened earlier, Sunshine… I’m surprised you still see me as a ‘comforting image’”
“I have nobody else, Eclipse… They are going to be the only sight of comfort for me… For what I assume is gonna be a very, VERY long time…” you shuddered
“I know… but… darling what if you gave them one more chance…”
“Honey, I know… But still… You lean very close to wanting to stay here… I know it… You’ve even submitted to the idea of just… Being here with them.”

You gave Eclipse a saddened look, embarrassed and ashamed of your conscious decision…
Why DID you want to stay?

Love… A free life… Food… No worries
If you just, if you just love him back, maybe you’d have a normal and fulfilled life…

How could you love him? He doesn’t love you.
He’s been treating you like a toy this whole time…
What if he changed? What if he can change for you?

I can’t fix him…

He can fix himself though…)*

Waking up, you were still cradled in Moon’s everloving arms, swaddled in a puffy blanket
He seemed to be sleeping as well

*he… looks so peaceful…*

You lifted your hand to cradle his cheek

Moon was definitely less hostile with you…
He slowly opened his eyes from the sudden touch

“Hello, love…” Moon gave you a weak smile as you removed your hand “Nono, please… Please…” He pushed your hand back to his cheek as he pressed his face into your palm
“We’re sorry, darling… Sun is very sorry… He knows you’re disappointed in him…”
“... Why did he say those things…” you looked down at the soft buttons on Moon’s shirt

“He doesn’t even know, darling… He was just angry at you for not cooperating and when he gets angry… He tends to just. Ramble… Talking nonsense about things” Moon sighed, disappointed that he has to defend his counterpart through a terrible lie

“I see…”

Moon held your hand before removing it from his cheek, pressing a deep kiss into your palm

“You look so lovely tonight” He smiled into your hand as he looked at you with a sweet, calm expression

Huh… Everything is… okay…

Chapter Text

Days, weeks, possibly even months passed where you completely resented the Sun… After all, you didn’t even know what time it was or what the date was anymore since you went missing.
The music of the daycare and the solemn silence of naptime were the only two tracks you ever heard.
Sharp pains tormented your head every day as you ignored them both
They fed you, talked to you, tried to interact
But you never answered… You just ate and sat in silence, shivering


“Moony, do you think they-”
“Ah… How much longer do you think they’ll be acting like this?”
“Until you give them a reason to love them again? I’d say a while.”

Sun looked back at you from the balcony
You laid there, lonely, curled up into a blanket, and faced away from him

“They don’t want to be held… Not by me…” Sun sighed
“You can ask, but… I don’t think so, Sun…”


“Honey… It’s almost time for us to work… Would you like anything?”
“Okay… We love you, darling…” Sun whispered, a concerned look covering his face as he pulled the blanket from your waist to over your shoulder “I- I should’ve never said those things, huh…?” Sun sadly chuckled as he laid on his side behind you, spooning you

“...” you didn’t want to talk, didn’t even want to look at him. You shuddered from feeling his fingers smooth over your waist

“St-star… I love you… Please forgive me…” He buried his head into your hair as he begged


“I- I need to go, Sunshine… Here, please eat this…” he cooed, unwrapping a Moondrop and placing it carefully in your opened mouth. “I’ll see you later my love…” Sun rubbed your arm gently as you fell into a deep slumber, embracing the warmth


Sun rolled your body around to face him
Staring at you, he lifted your thigh over his waist while he placed your arm on his shoulder, holding his neck
He buried his face into your neck, kissing it softly and whispering soft affirmations
Sun’s fingers combed through your hair as he tried his best to keep himself at bay

“F-fuck… mmh I- N-no this is bad” Sun whimpered as he throbbed within the contact, overheating from the position and his own filthy imagination

“Sun… You must go down, you can see them later"
“I can’t le-le-leave them like this… N-no!!” He cuddled you, squeezing you closer to him and whining

His hand traveled from your waist to your ass, his thumb slightly tugging at the waistband of your sweatpants

“Sunny- We should-” Moon quickly became enticed by the plush feeling of your skin
“... Sweetness… You are sosooo much better than us… Mmm~” Sun moaned
“L-let me out Sunny…” Moon begged
“No no this is mine… All… All mine-”

Sun’s fingers dug slightly into your skin as he dragged himself gently under you, his breathing becoming light as his eyes rolled back

“You-you’re so lucky, Sunflower, being used by us… Must be such a privilege for you, isn’t it” He whispered gently, his thrusts gradually becoming harder “We-we love you- m- MM!-” Sun whimpered, quickly muffling himself and returning to your neck submissively.

He continued to please himself, letting out small and desperate cries for you, overheating and near the brink of crying from the amount of teasing he was indulging in.

“I- I can’t hold it in any long-er d-d-darling”

Sun’s voice was glitchy as he began to weep into your shoulder

A door opened suddenly within the hall
He jolted up, using the ribbon from his wrist to tie your wrists together hastily

“I-I-I guess just one bell bracelet for today hehe…” He whimpered silently as he stood above your tied body “f-fuck…”

Sun kneeled down and gave you one last departing kiss before he lept off his balcony to join the children

“Wake up, flower…” Moon whispered gently as he unwrapped your hands, holding them in his as he wrapped you around him, cradling you in his lap
You slowly woke up to meet the gentle glow of scarlet, luminescent stars decorating the playpen

“Mmh…” you groaned as you wiped your eyes
“Hello, starlight~” Moon chuckled, kissing the bridge of your nose

“It’s naptime right now, so we have to be quiet~ If you scream or even make a noise over a whisper, we will be forced to hurt you. So please be quiet for now, okay?” Moon held the side of your face, brushing his thumb over your cheekbone

You nodded gently, watching him lean in for a kiss
He kissed you, but you didn’t respond. You just sat there, silently, not moving, blank.

“Staar~ What can we do for you to forgive us?” He whimpered “Please… tell me…”
“I don’t know Moon… I just don’t.” You held your shoulders, leaning into them and laying your head on their chest.
“Speak your mind, darling… We just want to know what’s wrong…” He cooed, rubbing your back gently
“I know this is wrong but… I just… I don’t even know if I want to leave… I have nothing to go back to…” You sighed, rubbing your forehead into his chest, suppressing a headache.

“That’s what we had hoped to hear from you, love… Ever since we saw you-”
“That’s the problem, Moon. Both of you are just… too fast…”
“... hm…”
“Ever since you saw me? Listen to yourselves. Just for a couple of seconds. Please. I thought that this was just a small crush, that we’d build our relationship over time.”
“It’s partially my fault, I’ll admit that I was also greedy… I mean, I haven’t felt loved in years, Moon. And you and Sun just… Reintroduced me back into what appreciation and care feels like… But this doesn’t even feel like love… It feels like an obsession”
“... Love, we are only possessive because we care too much about your well-being, your whereabouts, we care about you… And even in our own special way, we love you”
“Then stop treating me like a toy.”
“We-we-we aren’t treating you like a toy…” Moon grumbled, his face contorting into a sour frown, frustrated you brought that up “You are OUR best love… Not a toy… If you were a toy in our eyes, you’d be dead from the moment you slapped us for the first time.” He chuckled silently, bringing you back up to his room
“... We can talk about this later.” You crossed your arms, feeling the light feeling below you
“Of course, love” Moon whispered, kissing you on your forehead

He placed you down on the bed, giving you a Moondrop and letting you pop it into your mouth while he tied your wrists with the previous ribbon

“Love you, stardust~” He smiled as he lept off the balcony, the lights switching back on


Sun spent his time with the children in the arts and crafts area, and one by one he created paper flowers
The children copied after him as he carefully folded the colored papers into various shapes

Daisies, Roses, Tulips
Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow

Green stems with green leaves attached

Glue bottles, colors, and supplies were scattered across the table as Sun focused on the gift

The children kindly offered him the flowers they made

“Mr. Sun, Mr. Sun!!! Here!!”
“Oh Cathy! Thank you so much!!!” Sun would then place the flower in his ribbon cuff

“Mr. Sunrise, where’s your other bracelet?” The children would question as they glued their flowers together
“Oh! I accidentally lost it… However! I’m sure I can make another one for tomorrow!”

They’d nod their heads and create more flowers, flower crowns, and regular origami

Once Sun had made a beautiful batch of paper flowers, he wrapped it in a bigger piece of paper, made usually for banners, cutting it into a perfect square and using twine to pull the stems into a beautiful bouquet

Once the daycare closed, Sun walked off to one of the gift shops within the daycare
And browsing through the gifts, he plucked a sweater from the rack, a dark blue sweater with stars on the sleeves, the front of the shirt had no design other than the Freddy Fazbear logo on the left chest portion

He folded it up into a neat square as he tethered up to the room, the massive bouquet in his arm as he dropped off the sweater Suddenly, he thought of something and tethered back down to the playpen.
Sun skipped over to the locker room, walked over to your locker and plucked out your perfume from the bag, and spritzed it across the flowers

He made his way back into his room, looking at you with a peaceful and warm grin.

Sun walked quietly over to a smaller box on a shelf, opening it with a small click to reveal small trinkets and jewelry
He looked about the box carefully

“Earrings? Ehh…
Ring? What’s their size?
Bracelet? Too much noise
Mm… Necklace! A very beautiful necklace for our very beautiful stardust!~”

Sun plucked out a heart-cut solitaire diamond necklace from the box
It was always so delightful to find valuable trinkets such as jewelry, both Sun and Moon loved collecting them
Not to wear, but just to shift around in the light, watching them dazzle at different angles

He grabbed a small jewelry box, usually for faux accessories sold at the pizza plex, and placed it neatly inside, positioning it to present the diamond

“Do you think they’ll like them, Moony?”
“I mean, I’d definitely like it if someone put this much effort into a gift” Moon chuckled
“Haha, you’re right… But… ugh- this is no good for an apology…” Sun nervously approached you while you were still asleep after turning on the fairy lights in their room. “I’ve said sorry… And I mean it… But what if they never forgive me?”

“Sun… They’ll come around eventually, we just need to have patience… Take this, slowly…” Moon comforted Sun while he sat on his knees before you, the sweater placed beside him while he cradled the paper bouquet

He was ashamed of his actions, reflecting on them as if they were the worst thing they’d ever done.
A sense of sadness washed over him as he watched you sleep

“This is really bad… Really, really bad…” Sun shuddered as he placed the bouquet down, cuddling up with you and hugging you tightly, near the point of sobbing from regret

He untied the ribbon on your wrists, looking at the slight discoloration and adjusting your arms into a comfier position

“Mm…” you groaned


You felt Sun’s warm body behind you, his arms draped over your waist while you were still swaddled into the sheets

“O-Oh! Starlight! I-I-I’m sorry- I’ll-” Sun scrambled to get away from you, sitting on the floor beside the mattress as you flipped yourself over to face him

“Hey, Sun…” you groggily rubbed your eyes awake as you stared up at him

“I-I made you something today!!! During arts and crafts! Hoho! Look!~” Sun beamed, his smile became wide and warm as he handed you the heavy bouquet
“Oh! Haha… Sundrop, you didn’t have to make all this…”
“Nonsense!! There’s absolutely no gift in the world that would ever be too good for you, darling” Sun grinned as he watched you hold it with your entire body

Looking through each individual flower, you saw the different variants.

*Aw… I don’t remember the last time I received flowers…*

“S-smell them…” Sun chuckled silently, giving you a goofy smile
“Mm?” You stuck your nose close to a rose, sniffing up the aroma

*huh… fruity…*

“Pff, Sunny did you use my perfume?” you looked up at his anticipating grin, giggling while hugging the bunch
“I- Uh- N-No!!! Of course not!!” Sun teased
“Mm… Is this your way of apologizing?”
“N-no… I felt that this actually wouldn’t be enough… So I wanted to ask you if you’d like to come join Moony and I, for a date… Maybe we could get a little bit of forgiveness, have some fun…”
“I-It’s okay if you don’t want to!! We understand!!!”
“No it’s ok Sunny, I just want to shower before we go… I stink…”
“Whaat, nooo, you smell great!!”
“I haven’t showered in ages, Sun. I think you’d be the only person here who thinks I smell good.” you chuckled, getting up from the mattress and walking over to Sun

You held his face as he looked up at you with a bashful look from his slouched position, leaning his face deeper into your palms

“Shall we go?” You chuckled, watching him melt in your hands, his hands holding your wrists
“Mmn… A little bit longer, darling~, please… Cuddle me…” Sun held out his arm to wrap around you

Strangely, you didn’t hesitate, you let him pull you in while he hugged you
He sprinkled warm kisses across your face

He swayed with you until he finally picked you up
Sun took the sweater gift and took you over to the showers


“I’m so excited!! They said yes, Moony!!! Maybe they’ll forgive me!!!” Sun clapped his hands together, sitting on a bench while he waited for you to finish up showering
“I hope so… It’s been a while… Don’t fuck it up tonight”
“Oh I won’t!!! I’ll try at least, Hoho!! I can’t wait to see them in that cute sweater we picked!!”
“I’m surprised you didn’t get the Sun patterned one, with all the bright colors”
“I would’ve, buuut I think they’d like the more calm colors for their wardrobe… Hohoho! So much to do!!!” Sun giggled, his legs pumping up and down from the excitement


You listened to Sun’s small giggles and taps as you got out of the shower

*He is so fucking insane. He’s talking to Moon. OOHHHHH right right*

Walking over to the pile of clothes, you dried yourself off with a towel, looking at the sticky note on top of the pile

‘Please wear this!! We love you, gorgeous!’

You smiled as you unwrapped yourself from the towel, looking down at the choices of clothes
Sweater, shorts, panties, socks

*huh, and they relitively match… As per usual… Always so neat and tidy… huh?*

You lifted clothes individually from the stack until making it underneath the shorts

*jewelry box?*

Upon opening the box, you gasped briefly, staring at the beautiful necklace

*Diamonds??? Are you fucking with me??*

You placed the box down beside the clothes, in shock that you even received a piece of jewelry in the first place…
A fake ring was already a miracle, a diamond necklace? That was absolutely insane for you

You scrambled to put on your clothes, pulling on everything, the shorts were a bit tight, but it wasn’t a problem

Carefully, you took the necklace and adjusted the clasp for it to hang on your neck
The mirror showed you what you looked like, smiling and watching the jewel shimmer as you tilted it


“I think they’re done… They’ve been a bit too quiet” Moon murmured
“I think so too, but I don’t think I should walk in on them changing…” Sun toyed with his wrist ribbons

“Sunshine!! Are you done, my love?” Sun raised his voice slightly instead of peeking from behind the wall of lockers


“Yeah! I’m coming just give me a second!!”

Your fingers combed through your hair as you sorted the hair into a wet, messy bun

Walking out and in front of Sun, you hugged him immediately

“Mmh! Sunshine!! So happy!” Sun was a little taken aback by the sudden affection and hugging you back
“Sunny, where’d you get this??” you smiled up at him

Showing him the diamond, he gave you a joyful and excited grin

“Oh! Well, y’know, heheh… We have our ways” Sun bashfully sighed, looking down at your cute expression and overheating “Sh-Shall we go then, darling?”
“Oh! Right! Of course!” you unhanded him, backing away and holding his hand

Sun walked you to the door, letting you exit first

“Let’s go get some dinner hm?” Sun gestured as you both walked out of the daycare
“Sure! Where should we go?”

Chapter Text

As you ate, Sun watched, his chin resting on the backs of his hands while he fawned over you.
He drank his lemonade from a straw and talked about his kids

“Y’know! Today some of the children even offered me their flowers!! Haha! Look”

Sun opened his stomach hatch and took out 8 sloppy, imperfect flowers, stained with glue and wrapped with tape
You could only assume they were daisies as he handed them to you

“Aw, how sweet~” You picked one up, twirling it within your fingers
“I’ll be right back, Sunshine. I swear it’ll only be 4 seconds~”

Sun got up from the small chair and skipped behind a wall, immediately emerging from it and sitting back down

“Bananana bananana bananana ba ba ba BAAA” He sang while pulling out an actual rose from his chest plate

“Ta-da!~” He chuckled, leaning over the table and carding it into your hair “So beautiful!”
“Hah, thank you Sunny,” feeling the soft petals, you received the small aroma of the rose

*this is… nice…*

“We didn’t want the petals to wilt before we gave you it, so we chose one of the fresh ones for you~”


Sun continued to drink his lemonade while you talked, rambling about a certain interest

“They’re so pretty when they talk…” Sun bit the straw’s plastic while he held his rays back from spinning
“We should go see a movie” Moon proposed
“Oo what movie?”
“Not us, idiot. With them- ” Moon grumbled
“WHATEVER, Whatever!!”
“Okok, I guess you’ll be out by then before the movie?”


“So… What’s next?” Holding his hand in yours, you traced circles into his palm
“Moony would like to go see a movie with you, your choice of course!”
“Alright… No more from you for tonight?”
“Oh no, of course not darling! A couple of hours after the movie I’ll come back out again, just so that Moon and I can spend an equal amount of time with you on the date!”

You slightly smiled, downing the rest of your drink and standing up
He quickly got up, collecting your plate and taking your glass into one hand while the other scooped you up into his arm

He dropped off the dishes with the other dirty ones in the sink

“Hmph. Unclean people…” Sun scoffed, now holding you with both hands

You both made your way to the theatre as he hummed a tune similar to the daycare’s

Watching the hall pass by you as you dipped for Sun’s steps, you made mental notes of the layout as you entered the theatre

“O-Okay love, what snack would you like?”
“I’m good, Sunny”
“Huh? Mm… Okay then”

As Sun sat you down with you in his lap, the lights shut off slowly

Moon was in control, it always boggled you a bit to see the transformation
The colors switching from warm to cold. His arms going from a yellow to a blue-and-white gradient

“What would yoouuu like to watch, Sunshine?” Moon switched you around to face the screen, his chin resting on the top of your head
“What can you play?”
“Oh, almost anything, Sunny and I have knowledge over our technologies and how to weasel our way into anything so…”
“Can you put on a TV show…?”
“I think I can, give me a second”

Moon sat still for a minute, his arms still wrapped around you

“Moon?” You whispered gently, waving your hand in front of their blank stare “Moony~”

*silence… It’s too much silence… He needs to do something…*

Looking around, you saw a shelf of blankets and different plushies in a basket

After all, this was still a section of the daycare portion.
*This… I can escape, this is a good time to escape.*

Slowly getting up and watching Moon as you walked away, you neared an exit door of the theatre

Looking forward, you touched the push lever for the door slightly to deafen the unbelievably loud click of the door
A hand slid quickly around your waist, pulling you into an even larger mass, a cool body

He was now growling above you


“Starlight… Where did you think you were going…” Moon’s other hand unsheathed his claws as he held your chin up by his claw “...says exit… You love to lie don’t you…” He chuckled, pinching your face with his hand, making you look at him

“Moon I-” you tried to move, but you were held in his squeeze
“No… No, you’ve already broken those 3 chances…”

“I just wanted to go home…”
“What home. What home do you have left, Star?”
“And did you REALLY think it takes us that long to access shows? We aren’t stupid, Star”

His claw gently slid over your neck until making it to the diamond that hung from the necklace

“We were really planning to apologize… Mend things… Not with gifts but with our love…”

“But here you are. Trying to escape when you said yourself that you didn’t plan on leaving. Liar… How could we ever trust you so easily” Moon sighed, picking you up carelessly and shoving a Moondrop into your mouth


“Ugh… Brat…” Moon grumbled, his hold on you broke the skin of your torso from the pressure
“I cannot believe this Moony… Why did they do that?”
“I don’t know, they knew we’d catch them… Well at least I hope they knew, we’ve made it quite clear from the start.”

Moon took you to the room again, stripping you down and tying you to the same chair

“What should we do…” Moon crossed his arms in front of you squatting before you

He pressed a finger against your lips, squishing them and chuckling slightly

“Cute…” Moon cooed, continuing to toy with your mouth before prying your mouth open, looking at all your teeth and your tongue

“I think we should pull one.”
“Pull a tooth?” Sun replied, startled by the abrupt thought
“Will that be all?”
“I’m not sure, depends on how much they scream” Moon felt the bumps and crannies of your teeth with his claw before tapping one “this one.”

Sun agreed as Moon got up, walking over to one of the metal shelf organizers and grabbing a pair of pliers
Clicking them together, he walked back over to you, pulling out a Sundrop and shoving it into your mouth


You woke up with a fright as you looked at the now furious-looking Moon, his face frowning but his mouth grinning

“Hello, love, did you sleep well?”
“Moony what- why am I- what’s happening, Moon?”

“Punishment… Discipline, if you may. That’s what’s happening… You chose to lie to us, try to escape… Naughty, Naughty, NAUGHTY” Moon’s temper lashed out at you as he grabbed you by your shoulders, his claws digging into you as you flinched

“I-I’m sorry Moony!! I’m Sorry!!!” You trembled, whispering while his face was paused inches away from yours
“hehehehehAHAHHAHAHA SORRY? Sorry won’t cut it this time, darling… There’s no avoiding this heheheh~ hhh mmm” He breathed heavily over you, panting like a dog before gliding his hand down to your heart, feeling the incessant pump and swift beat “That’s right… Be afraid…”

You couldn’t speak, couldn’t even breathe
You’ve felt this before…

The voices and noises emitted from what you could hear…
The rush of your blood
The swindling noises and improper clicks

Like an out-of-tone, distressed violin, you watched him as he opened your mouth with a small push, using his middle and index fingers as the other hand held a tool

*...pliers… PLIERS*

You immediately snapped out of your panic, biting down on his fingers and wriggling in the restraints as you screamed

“Shhh, shhh… You can’t do anything, honey… Can’t even say sorry~” He chuckled, giggling manically as he tapped the pliers against your teeth

He began to hum as you cried, your whimpers escaping your throat as you heard him start singing

The pliers stopped at one of your back teeth, the very last one

“So… We will be pulling this out. BUT. We want you to know that every time you make a mistake like this, we will run through each tooth in a line, and when you are completely toothless, we will cut off fingers, toes, and soon enough, limbs.”

The pliers wrapped around your tooth as you shook, struggling again and screaming as he applied pressure on it

“Do you understand, love?” Moon looked deep into your eyes with a calm and clear look

You screamed while he laughed, tugging playfully at the tooth before jerking it out of your mouth

Trying your best to cope with the pain, you sat there, coughing while giving Moon a pathetic, weak look
He showed you the tooth before letting your mouth go
Blood dripped from the tooth as you hazily looked at it

Saliva and blood fell from your mouth as you looked down at your thighs, the mixture landing on them as you cried

“Don’t be sad, Sunshine… We only want to teach you that you cannot keep escaping… This is your home now, sweetheart” Moon cradled your cheek gently as he kissed your forehead “We forgive you…”

“...” you did nothing, spoke nothing, only whimpered

Moon’s grin slightly faltered as he gave you a Moondrop


“Let me just-” Moon turned towards the metal shelves, pulling out a tissue box and wiping up the blood and mess that dripped sloppily from you

Balling up a portion of new tissue, he placed it over the fresh opening and started to unwrap you, shoving your clothes into his stomach hatch as he walked you back over to the daycare

Rambling and clattering of keys were heard in the background from behind Moon as he walked, trying to make his way back to his room as soon as possible

“Officer Vanessa?” Sun proposed as Moon walked

“Moon? Is that you?” Vanessa called for him as he approached the exit

Moon turned his head to look at the woman, “yes?”

“Why were you here… Why did I hear screaming earlier”

He gave her an annoyed glare, there was really nothing more annoying to them than Vanessa. However, she’s done them too many favors

“It was the pipes again”
“Moon. Face me.” She demanded

Moon reluctantly turned around, Vanessa gave a small gasp as she saw you, naked, bleeding, and badly bruised, all while being wrapped in the clawed and possessive grasp
You were mostly covered by his sleeves

“Moon you… You need to stop this…”
“Stop what? We’ve done nothing wrong? Not even to our sweet angel”
“YES? What do you want me to say, Vanessa?? Sex is… Rough…” Moon let a seductive tone slip from him as he finished the sentence
“You sick- Look. ‘rough sex’ does not emit such blood-curdling screams…” Vanessa crossed her arms
“YOU don’t know that. We are big enough to split someone in half completely. Of course there’d be such screams… I make it well worth their while though~ Look at the sweet thing… Fast asleep in my arms after having a good time with Mr. Moon~”

Moon lifted your face to look at him while he brushed the hair from your face
He looked back at Vanessa
She was blushing, and her arms tightened while she angrily bit her cheek

“So. If you don’t mind. I’m going to get them cleaned up and we are going to go to bed.”

Moon turned towards the door again, opening it before Vanessa called out for him again

“Moon, I- About the other day… About keeping my services available to you… I have something that you can do for me…” Vanessa made her way over to
“What is it?”

“Meet me in parts and services… After you get them to bed” Vanessa turned away from him and walked away, back down the hall she was patroling

“Huh…” Sun mumbled
“Ugh… Fucking hate that bitch” Moon grumbled, walking out the door

While washing you off, he made sure to keep himself from messing with your fresh wounds.
He hummed while he caressed your curves with soapy hands

“So what do you think she’s gonna have us do?” Sun struck up the conversation from the humming and singing
“Who?- Ohh, Vanessa. I don’t know Sunny… I just hope it isn’t weird” Moon guided the water to wash over your chest and shoulders
“I think she’s gonna make us steal money again.”
“You think? Hm… I think she’s looking for something, more…” Moon grunted, getting up and drying you off carefully, putting you into some clothes and carrying you out the showers

“...More? More what?” Sun was puzzled, he only saw the annoyed and bitchy side of Vanessa, never a needy one

“Sun… You saw her… Her face” Moon cringed as he laid you down in their bed, cuddling behind you and smelling your hair
“Eugh, Moon c’mon. No!” Sun stammered, obviously disgusted
“Hey- I mean it could be something along the lines of sexual favors. I guess probably because I said I was big enough to split someone in half…”
“Oh you think??? Moon maybe sometimes you should keep your mouth shut”
“Oh, YOU’RE one to talk, Sunny, want me to mention the countless rambles you’ve gone off on that ended up with destructive and difficult endings??” Moon giggled
“Shut up.” Sun pouted
“Mmhm, whatever whatever.”

Moon hugged you tight to him before placing another Moondrop in your mouth, tying your hands with ribbon, and kissing your forehead temple

“We love you, darling… We’ll be right back for you… And we’ll kill that stupid whore for you if she tries anything stupid.”

Moon lept off his balcony
And started to make his way toward parts and services


*( you couldn’t help but laugh as he danced with you, his hand on your waist while the other held your hand up
You swayed with him, skipping from side to side with the beat of some pepped-up jazz music

He dipped you, kissed you and you repeated the circle with him again

Drinking your wine, you cuddled up beside him. Holding his chin and rubbing against the coarse hair of his stubble

You giggled while he kissed you

Your forehead

His favorite place to kiss…

‘Where my smart lady keeps her incredible ideas! Gotta keep it safe’ He’d say

He USED to say…

But things changed… didn’t they… all too soon.

“Baby it was only one time. ONE TIME!!! Forgive me!!! Please baby” He’d beg, and bargain with you over staying with his constant hurt, drama, and confliction

“You stupid bitch. I never fucking loved you. This is why NOBODY loves you. Selfish, trashy whore.”

You used to love wearing that dress… It was your favorite
You loved your body, the way you glistened in the golden hours of the sunset

You used to glow…

Why couldn’t you glow anymore?)*


Moon entered the door, looking at the cylinder as Vanessa sat on the stretchboard’s edge, looking directly at him

“Alright, Vanessa… What do you want”
“Ah- Moony~ Just in time. Get on the stretch board, I need to check a few things” Vanessa hopped off the edge of the metal as Moon approached the opening of the cylinder

He switched with her as she strapped his arms and legs

“I don’t see why you’d need to-”

Moon felt hands… They rubbed over his inner thighs as he peaked over
Immediately jolting, he broke himself free of the straps, startling Vanessa from her previous act

“Vanessa. Vanessa, I don’t know what you wanted, but no. I am not going to give you my body just for you to do your job.”
“I can program you otherwise, you know that don’t you?”
“Heh. You’re a fucking bluff. You probably wouldn’t know how to hack into my systems. Dumb blonde”

Moon got up from the table, pushing Vanessa out of the way and pressing the cylinder’s door switch

No response…
No opening?

Looking behind him, he saw that Vanessa was lying on the table, a calm but wanting look across her face

“Punch the door” Sun suggested, Moon looked back at the door

Moon punched the corners and base of the glass, but no response… He laid a couple of cracks, but the glass seemed, layered…

“Fuck, Sunny what am I gonna do, what if- oh no. Nonono… What if y/n wakes up???” Moon panicked, banging on the glass while anxiety began to spike within him

Something felt off… Like a new source began to knock on his systems, and looking back at Vanessa, she wore a much more sinister grin

“What’s wrong, Moony? Aren’t you having fun yet?”

Chapter Text

“Stop this… I need to go.” Moon gave Vanessa a rude glare
“I’ll let you go once you give me what I want.”

Looking down at her, his eye twitched from anger, and his fists balled while he stood there, embarrassed.

“She’s laying on the table, you could strap her down and search her for the button.” Sun proposed
“Or I could kill her,” Moon grumbled
“You wouldn’t be able to go if you kill her, plus, that’ll be another body to clean up,” Sun replied before being shut off

Moon grabbed his head as he murmured to himself

“S-Sun? Sunny?” he panicked “Nonono… Sunny where-”

He heard Vanessa saying something, and toning back into her voice she seemed to have already completed her sentence

“What?” Moon asked, holding his hat on the top of his head as the other grabbed his tulle
“Stop talking to Sun… You want to get out don’t you?”

She opened her legs enough for her feet to rest just before the edges of the metal board
Moon nodded, acting obedient and walking closer to the edge of the table

“Ss-so what did you want” He rasped, trying his best to act along with the situation “D-did you want… this?~” He loomed over her, smoothing his hands over her forearms

“Hmhm~ Yess~” She begged, moaning from the feeling of his fingers pressing into her pulse as they were strapped down

He backed away after tying her down completely until she realized, his ‘sexual pursuit’ was nothing but a trick
She giggled nervously as Moon backed up against the wall, his face contorted into a worrisome frown

“M-Moondrop, aren’t you gonna-”
“Shut up.” Moon stopped her, dipping his fingers through her pockets
“Hh- Huh? Stop that- St-”
“What’d I JUST say?”

He grumbled as he pulled out a ring of keys, holding them between his fingers and turning away from her

“Stupid bitch. I don’t like you, I hope you understand that. Pff- and to THINK I’d ever, god you disgust me.”
“Oh… You thought you could plant another Afton virus? Hmh… Even Sun knew how to prevent that from happening again.”

He stuck the key into the emergency escape lock and opened the door manually

“Y-you aren’t killing me?”
“I don’t have the time to clean up your pathetic body. Figure out how to get yourself out. I’m going to go back to the only person in this building that I actually love.”
“You are such a fucking prick, sack of shit-”

Moon slapped Vanessa across the face before she could finish her sentence and walked out of the cylinder. Closing the door behind him and making his way toward the electricity box

“As if! Heheheh, we can’t afford to, anyway” Moon giggled, switching the door power back on

He walked back out of parts and services before stopping at the exit

“If this ever happens again? You’re dead.” Moon mouthed from the other side of the glass

He continued to laugh as he exited, and he made his way to Freddy’s room

Knocking on the door, Freddy immediately answered

“Hello, Freddy.” Moon greeted Freddy politely, as always.
“Ah! Good evening Mr. Moon! What brings you to my room?”
“Vanessssa~ Sshe tried to… Harass us… Warn the others of her misconduct…”
“Harass? How so? If you don’t mind me asking” Freddy gave Moon a confused look

“She wanted to… have sexual interactions, with me…”
“Oh- Moon, I’m so sorry… I’m very sorry, yes, I will warn the others… Are you alright, though?”
“Yes, of course, friend Freddy” Moon grinned as he backed away from the door, gesturing that he needed to leave
“Ah- Well, Good night, Moon”
“Good Night, Freddy”

As he made his way back to the daycare, he wrung his wrists, feeling his fears crawl up his back as he grabbed his hat off his head, squeezing it and looking down at it regretfully

“Y/n… I need you, y/n… I love you, y/n… please…” His voice trembled as his anxiety turned to hunger as he shoved his face into the hat

Tethering up to his room, he laid back down with you

“Flower… Something bad happened earlier… I almost-”

He held you tighter while he shoved his face into the back of your head

“And I’m doing it again aren’t I…” Moon sighed
“Doing what?” Sun asked, confused
“Being needy… I know this whole thing is wrong but… I can’t let them go…”


As you gained consciousness, you heard Moon rambling to himself, to the Sun, whispering from behind you as you felt his lips graze against your shoulder with every pronunciation

“... I don’t know if they are… I don’t want to wake them…” Moon murmured, lowering his voice even more

Taking some time to yourself, you removed the new cotton from the hole…
It wasn’t a nightmare.

The wound felt painful to explore, but you still wanted to map out the crevices

*Damn it… And now he’s being all cuddly and sweet.*

You turned your body to look at him with a sour look, angry at him

“Oh- Hello, love, did you sleep alright?”
“Are you still mad at us?” He chuckled, pulling you closer to him
“Silent treatment? Hmm… That’s awful rude isn’t it, Starlight? You don’t want to be rude to us again, do you?~” Moon purred, his face dipping near to yours as he tried to kiss you

But, you instead rejected him, leaning back and away from his attempt

“Starrr~ You know you aren’t supposed to be the one angry right nowww… We are… But we’re not…”
“...You? What do you have that undermines MY anger??”
“Broken promises and lies… YOU broke OUR trust. That’s why we’re angry”
“And YOU have been keeping me here against my will for the last I don’t know? MONTHS? I don’t even know the date anymore” you turned away from him, trying to push yourself away

“ugh… Darling, please… Don’t be this way… We don’t understand why you’d want to leave anyway… You have usss” He cooed, his hands petting your side from your upper stomach to your hip

Feeling a chill up your spine, you thought about it…

*why WOULD I want to leave… Because this is no place for a human to live. Yes but. No. Nononono… You are going to get out of here and find a better partner to spend your life with. Not this. No…


Why do you protest against freedom such as that?
Are you sick?


Why is this happening to you, why think this way?
Why leave when all you need is right here?

Shut up

“Untie me.” you snarled, pressing the sides of your palms against his stomach
“Honey… We simply cannot… Not until you earn our trust again” Moon sighed, a shallow chuckle sung from his breath
“What do I need to do then? To earn your trust?”
“We cannot tell you that, you find that out for yourself, darling…” His claws retracted as he ran his hand around your stomach, cuddling you as you bit your lip in a fit of frustration

You could hear him purring while he held you

“Do you like old music, love? Maybe you’ll be able to relax that way” He spoke gently because of how close he already was to your ear

“...” You didn’t speak, only focused on your thoughts on leaving or staying. You didn’t even hear him talk

“Hm… I’ll take that as a yes, anything to make you less tense right now…” He kissed your shoulder as you flinched from the familiar cooling feeling

“Henry Hall? The Platters? Al Bowlly? Would you like to choose? Or would you like a different genre…”
“Henry Hall it is”

He began to play a familiar tune…
A very sweet melody emitted from his buttons as he hummed with the song

“This one is one of Sun’s favorites, says it fits me… Which is understandable heheh… Talks about nighttime washing over the earth” He grinned into your hair

The song sunk into you
It felt… unnerving.
And it sent your mind into a frolicking but slightly fearful state.

“... what song is this?” Your voice was small, barely intelligible from the already quiet volume of the music

Was he teasing you?

This… This wasn’t good.

You felt his body rumble after the lights switched on, the music from his speakers still playing gently

Sun was silent… Too silent
He unhanded you, taking back his hands from holding you while the song finished up

Getting up, he made little to no noise before walking over to the balcony and sitting there.

You turned over and maneuvered yourself up to look at him, sitting and shaking at the edge, hugging himself while his head twitched

“T-that scum… Why didn’t you… We…” He shook his head

Was he talking about you?
Who else?

“I will. I just- I don’t y/n to… ah-”

What did you do this time? What were they going to do with you?
Haven’t they already hurt you enough?

Were they just going to abuse you more…?
No… They’d already given you what you deserve
This was someone else…


“S-Sunny?” you called out for him as you laid your back against the wall

He looked back at you with a soft, intrigued look

“Are you ok…?”

Getting up from the edge, he walked over to you, sitting down in front of you
His hand lifting made you flinch until he placed it on your cheek

“We are angry…” He smiled, his sinister chuckle shining through before his grin disappeared
“Not at you, Starlight~ We forgive you… We could never stay angry at you… However… That guard will pay for her previous actions this evening” he grumbled, angrily looking off to the side and at the balcony
“W-who?” you trembled as his thumb traced over your cheekbone

He looked at you with a menacing glare, as if he was stabbing you right through your skull


The name shocked you.
You hadn’t seen Vanessa in days…
Where was she?
Why did she bring you back here?

Did she know you were being held here against your will? Surely she did there’s no way she couldn’t have.

“What did she do?”
“Well… This evening, Moony wanted to receive our weekly check-up early, and Vanessa was the only guard available for tonight”

He paused, frowning deeply at the thought

“While she was strapping him down, she began to touch him… Of course, he released himself from the restraints and tried to get out of the cylinder. But she had shut the door and turned the power off, telling him she’d let him go if he did what she wanted.”

“Then he strapped her to the table she was laying on and stole the emergency exit keys from her… He got out without having to do anything disgusting with that foul… FOUL BITCH. URGH” Sun shouted, punching the overhead plaster, letting his anger release after festering in his system

“I-I CAN’T BELIEVE- H- her-” Sun quieted down after realizing you were trembling scared “O-oh my goodness, I- Sunflower, I-I’m sorry” He pulled you into a hug as he whispered apologies into your hair “I-I would never lash out on you like that, darling… I’m sorry for scaring you, I’m-”

Still trembling, you responded to the hug by nuzzling your face into the nook of his shoulder

“It- It’s ok…” you softly replied

He purred against you while overheating, his warm hands tracing along your waist

“W-we love you and you only, Sunshine… We would never cheat on you… N-never” Sun pulled out of the hug, his hands still held on you as he gazed into your eyes like a desperate puppy. “We promise…”

Chapter Text

He kept you tied up for the days, untied during closed hours and weekdays

You barely kept track of time… It felt like the days merged together

Sun and Moon kept on with the neverending fawning and attention. Trying their best to make you happier in your restricted state
And soon enough… You began to cave into that affection…
Desperate for their attention after hours of being alone and without them

You were blindfolded for the majority of the time, your movements restricted, only registering 3 allowances


They took you to the bathroom blindfolded and kept you asleep during work hours
The only environments you were allowed to see were the room you were trapped in, the wall of the shower, and just barely glimpsing at the playpen.

A sense of dependency came along with your period, where he would clean you and replace your undergarments if any accidents were to occur.
Every day you felt your sense of reality slip, only the shift of light against the cover of the blindfold to guide you

The weekends were the best
He’d untie everything, allowing you freedom with your mobility
Sadly, you were only allowed this in their room

It was weird that sometimes you’d wake up in a dark room and other times you’d wake up in their room. Sounds of life and people murmured just beyond the door that walled you off, in different circumstances you’d scream for your life…

However, being weak, drowsy, gagged, and restricted as you were, the opportunity was out of reach.

They barely made any sexual advances on you, only small kisses and cuddles
Strangely enough, it made you worried, needy…

But today seemed a bit different…
Sun seemed a bit angry after his shift while you woke up from the Sundrop dosage
His hands grabbed your wrists and ankles a bit more erratically, untying them with a more aggressive take

“Ugh… That new replacement they got for you is absolutely horrendous… Annoying and bratty…” Sun grumbled under his breath as he picked you up
“Aw… I’m sorry, love… Would you like to talk about it?” patting his back, you treated him with the utmost patience

His hands sunk into your back, dragging along your spine gently as he breathed in the scent of your skin

“Mm…” He paused before sitting down in the plush corner of the room, piled up with pillows and blankets as you sat straddled on top of him. One hand went through your hair while the other perched on your hip “... We’ve had this new coworker for a couple of months now…”


“Once we- Once Vanessa- left, we’ve been left with an even bitchier substitute. Every day we try our best to be happy and welcoming, asking her questions about how she is, she used to respond but now she just ignores us…”

Why did it bother you to hear that?
To see him unsatisfied and ultimately unhappy?

“I’m sorry, Sunny… What else does she do to you?” You caressed his face while he looked softly at you, his anger seemed to soften
“... That’s really it… She’s just rude and she doesn’t do her job.” He sighed “Darling…?”

He held your hand and pressed it to his face while the other wrapped around your waist, sliding you closer

“Would you like to go out today?”
“Oh! Yes please!!” You were immediately hugging him with excitement

After all, you’ve been cooped up in their room for what felt like eons…
He responded with a warm hug and a small chuckle in agreement

“Alright, Alright… Where shall we go? Would you like to go eat? Shopping? Games?”
“Let's go to the arcade!!”
“Sounds amazing, sunflower!~” He picked you up while still in his arms “Let's go, shall we?”

Kissing him on the cheek, his rays spun as he kissed you back

“Sweetness… We love you so much~” He continued to peck you across your face as you let out small giggles


“Do you think they know?” Moon pondered to the Sun
“I’m not sure, but I’m positive that they can’t tell what day it is… Either way, what else should we get them for their present?” Sun puzzled, cheering for you while watching you win multiple solo games
“I’ve no clue… Maybe…”
“Go outside?” Sun blurted

Sun sighed, he knew the danger… How would he get out?
Moon could probably find out…

“Moony… It’s our anniversary… Please could you let it slide just this once?” Sun begged, a sore pleading tone traced in his voice
“You’re the only one that can do this… Please? Let’s do something special for them… They’ve been so good haven’t they?”

It’s true, you haven’t tried to escape
At least…

You haven’t been given the opportunity to…

“Sun, it’s absolutely restricted for us to-”
“And it’s also restricted to kill people, it’s illegal! Tell me, tell me slipping out of the plex for a couple of minutes… Maybe an hour at most. Tell me that’s worse than slaughtering and ripping apart people we hate.”
“Plus! I know you want to see the actual Moon as well… Please Moony, this could be a step forward to earning them completely… If we show them that we can go on small trips outside as dates… Then-”
“Yes, yes enough already.” Moon groaned “If they end up escaping, that'll be on you.”
“Who said I was going to go out there with them? You will, Moony” Sun teased, chuckling a bit at the end of the sentence
“You want to see the moonlight and the actual stars don’t you? Hoho!”
“Mm… I’ll figure it out… Go back to your date with y/n”


Sun would cheer for you while he held your prizes from the claw machines that you tried.

“Ohoh!! You’re so good at these games y/n!!~ I’m jealous… I despise claw machines…” Sun giggled, his rays spinning as his expression became brighter

“S-so what made you want to bring me out tonight, Sunny?”
“Well, darling… It IS our anniversary and… Moony and I just wanted to-”
“It’s our anniversary? Has it been that long??” You accidentally blurted

*a whole year… You’ve been here with them… Falling for every sweet notion, getting used to THIS. Being cooped up in the same room, woken up manually like a wind-up toy, falling for this sick notion of love that you felt you wanted… You needed…

It was too late…

Your greed had already consumed you, leaving you nothing but a devoted partner to this possessive overgrown toy…

Hmm, Interesting… How fast you gave in, that is…
It’s almost, hilarious*

“Why of course darling! And we have just loved every minute and moment of every day with you… In fact, whenever you’d like, we’d be happy to give you the present we got for you~” Sun beamed, putting all the prizes under one arm while holding out his hand
“Sunny- but I- I didn’t get you a… Gift…” you reluctantly perched your hand on his exposed palm
“Y/n, that’s a really sweet thought, but you being here with us is the best gift we could ever have from you…” Sun gave you a small kiss on your forehead before wrapping his warm fingers around your hand “Shall we go?”


Sun was a cheerful and bubbly spirit the whole way back to the daycare, giving you small squeezes on your hand while you walked

He sat you down in the security chair at the desk

“Here we are~” Sun hummed, pulling out 2 separate little boxes before placing them stacked from big to small in front of you “Happy 1 year, darling~”

Those words knocked around in your head like an obnoxious echo
Your stomach churned as you stared at the neat blue and red ribbon

A jewelry box and a medium-sized box
Start in order?

“D-don’t be shy, go on and start with whichever one you’d like…” Sun patiently waited beside you, sitting in the other chair
“H-how come there’s nobody here?”
“Oh! It’s a weekday today, Sunshine! We didn’t want anyone disturbing us during our special day~” Sun’s rays spun “Annoying guards are no fun…”

Taking the first box that was on top of the stack, you opened it, revealing a charm bracelet

“Sunny, oh my goodness, you NEED to stop giving me these shiny things! Makes me feel terrible about not getting you anything…” You held the bracelet in your hand, it had 2 separate charms

A Sun charm
A crescent Moon…

Pretty pushing of the ‘I own you’ troupe…

*Jeez… Did they polish this thing beforehand?*

The charms shined in the light gracefully while Sun carefully clasped it onto your wrist

“So pretty~ We had been waiting to give that one to you… Only for a very special occasion though…” He finished adjusting the charms to rest on your skin before kissing your knuckles

You let your stomach flutter while he kissed you up your arm and to your cheek, soon pressing his lips against yours while his hands held your waist, rubbing his thumbs over your ribs

“Mm… Sunny let me open up the others and then we can continue-” you slightly teased him as you pulled away
“Okay okay, sorry… Got a bit carried away” he unhanded you and continued to watch you open the 2nd gift

A… Card?
A heart


The heart itself was pink, with a slightly smaller white heart with colors and crayon writing

A poorly drawn picture of what was supposedly you, Sun, and Moon was shown in the middle, with smaller notes attached such as ‘happy 1 year!’ written by various children
It was sweet… But it felt offputting…

Your hands gave a small tremble while holding the note, looking back up at Sun
His smile was sweetly but sickeningly pasted across his face

“I-I told my children about us… Such innocent minds, they were so sweet about it too! Saying ‘congratulations’ and such hoho!! Isn’t that just precious?” He paused while watching you tremble “O-Oh! Don’t worry, Sunspot! No germs heheh... I had the children sanitize their hands before writing their input… Need to keep everything clean”

“I-It’s… Nice, Sunny… I like it alot”

Fear began to eat at you
What if nobody finds you?
Your life is practically in the hands of these children
They don’t even know if you actually exist

What would they tell their parents?

“I’m so glad you do! Please, please keep looking through it~” The bells on his wrist jingled from his stimming

Looking deeper inside the parcel, you found your belongings, your old sweater

A dark grey puffy-sleeved sweater… The first one you bought when moving into your new apartment with Alex…
Gripping it in your hands, you felt the softer plush of the fabric, it smelled like lavender with a hint of citrus.

“W-we cleaned it up a little bit, made the quality much softer… D-do you like it, Sunshine? Why don’t you wear it?” Sun stammered, babbling while he watched you stare blankly at the sweater

*Gift… He loves me enough to take care of this sweater… He loves me enough to take me out today and celebrate our anniversary, how sweet…*

“Darling~ Are you ok? Why are you shivering, my love?” Sun cooed
“A-Ah- Yeah, Sun… Mm- thank you-” you shucked off your shirt before putting on the gifted sweater

The smell drove you nuts, it traced your nose and reminded you of them immediately as you flicked your hair out of the head hole

“Honey… Moony and I were thinking about showing you another surprise… You’ll have to be blind-”
“N-No!” you immediately backed away from his outstretched hands reaching for you
“Y/n… It’ll only be for a moment… We’re not going to tie you up completely, just your eyes”

Shivering as you scooted against the wall, you felt the concrete press back against your skin
Cold and hard while you watched Sun’s rays spin

“Only a couple minutes, darling… Please…” he gently proposed, his hand traveling over to the one beside you

Picking up the smaller hand with a patient and gentle caress, he scooched closer to kiss your knuckles, now holding it with both hands.

“We are so excited to show you the surprise… The walk time will only take a couple of minutes, sweetheart we swear” He begged, moving his hands from yours and scooping you into his hold “We will let you have full freedom from there…” Sun kissed your scalp, his tone slightly faltering to a more concerned sound

Nodding, you eventually let him wrap the cloth around your eyes

He carried you while traveling to a door, stopping before a door before he began to emit mechanical scraping noises


He sighed before pushing the door open, you felt this gaze down at you in his arms

“Alright, Star… Let’s be on our best behavior, alright?” Moon kissed you on your forehead as if it were his last

The sound of crickets…
The sudden warmth in temperature
The smell of…


Chapter Text

You could feel your heart pump harder and harder, hearing the door shut partially behind you

Moon let out a small sigh before walking further
The humidity of the air covered you like a blanket

*life… let me see… let me see, where are we going? It’s so warm*

After what felt like eons of walking, he suddenly stopped and removed the blindfold from your eyes with his free hand

Looking up at him, he had a gentle grin across his face, his eyes a dim white light color

“If I put you down… Will you run?” He looked away from you as if the question was stupid

Giving him a warm, comforting smile, you shook your head no “Moony… Of course not…”

He inhaled a bit before letting you down but immediately met your hand and held it.

*This is your chance… Where can I go? There’s nothing but woods- I don’t know, but you have to run. But there’s nowhere- No city and no human interaction anywhere… I can’t even hear a car passing by, all I can hear is water… Figure it out. There has to be something.*

“S-starlight~ Look” Moon squeezed your hand to look at the Moon in the sky “Sso beautiful…” He hummed

*Moon looking at the Moon… heh*

It was kinda funny to see how shocked he was

After being kept away from the outside world for a whole year, it took your breath away at how beautiful the starry sky looked.
Frogs and crickets made a symphony of sounds, it felt nostalgic… Your eyes would soon adjust to the darkness to where you could make out the star pattern on Moon’s pants

“... My love…” Moon called out for you, still staring at the sky, and holding your hand slightly lighter “... What would you do if we let you go right now…?” His voice faltered, his raspy tone crackling a bit more

“I-... I don’t know…”

You really didn’t, if you did run away, you’d be homeless, live on the streets, and have to work your way up…
If you stayed, you’d be tied and restricted until your behavior reflects a different outcome…

“Hm… Would you be able to forgive us?” He squatted down to your level, holding both your hands in his

He kissed you gently and pulled you into his embrace

“We understand if you can’t… We will try our hardest to be better” He guided your hands to his shoulders while he dragged them to your waist “It’s probably a big question…”

You gave him a small kiss on the crack of his faceplate

“It’ll take much more than gifts and trinkets to have that forgiveness, Moon… I love you both, but… I just can’t” You sighed, Moon’s expression dimming a bit as a worried and concerned frown brushed over him

“... We understand…” Moon sighed, his head sliding to the crux of your neck

His lips pressed against your skin while he hugged you “I love you…”


“Moon… We should go back inside…” Sun pestered, his anxiety spiked ever since Moon set you down from his arms
“I don’t want to go back to that retro nightmare” Moon grumbled while shutting his eyes and humming
“Moon! Quit being a child! It’s time to go back, and I’m getting a bit concerned they’ll run off…”
“Oh shush, you’re being overdramatic for nothing… Here- Watch…”


Moon let go of you, standing up before you and brushing the dirt from his pants

*He’s not… Holding me… What-*

He began to walk in a different direction, facing away from you… His back…

*What the fuck is he doing?*


“MOON!! TURN AROUND!!!” Sun screamed, forcing himself out and for him to be in control
“URGH- SUN! THAT-” Moon struggled, clawing at the rays popping out one by one


You slightly began to back away while you watched the Sun come out by force, the scratching and screaming became loud… It frightened you to see Sun’s deranged but sorely worried look as he quickly turned around

“S-STAR! H-H-honey!!!” He stumbled over to you, looming over you and holding your face in his cupped hands “Ah- I’m sorry you had to see that!! Moony was just having an idiot moment” He calmed down a bit, the whirr of his fans slowing down from their once frantic blare

“Would you like to stay out here for a little longer, or shall we go back inside?”

Was there anything left for you here?
There was no true sign of escape

“Let’s just… Go back inside” You mumbled, holding his hands on your cheeks

He warmed up quickly, smiling at you lovingly before kissing you “Good. I hate the darkness…”

While he walked back with you in his arms, you could practically HEAR Sun arguing with Moon. However, he was silent for the entire walk…


“Ugh, Sun! That hurt-” Moon grunted
“You were teasing me!! The fuck am I supposed to do, Moon?? Let them run away??” Sun argued, becoming more infuriated by the second “Why would you do that??”

“Look- Sun. They have nowhere to go… We are their only shelter… Obviously, they haven’t been thinking of a proper plan on if they were to escape. We trust them, don’t we?” Moon proposed
“Moon. You sound fucking delusional!”
“YOU SOUND DELUSIONAL. You! NOT ME!!” Moon’s voice became grumbled and violent “You have your hands around their neck 24/7. Always blindfolding them and tying them up??? All I was trying to show you was that y/n wouldn’t leave us.”
“SHUT UP!” Sun blurted
“NO, listen to me, Sun. We cannot keep them tied up for so long. They’ll go crazy”
“Fine. What do you want me to do?”


“S-Sunny?” You called for him as your both stepped back into the plex “Sun, are you alright?”
“H-Huh? Oh- Yes darling I’m alright… Would you like to go get something to drink? Eat?”

Nodding in agreement, he gestured to you to let him carry you
Of course, if you weren’t so tired from all the previous walking through the woods, you’d walk beside him with his hand in yours

“Star, you look so beautiful tonight… So elegant while being bathed by the moonlight~” He serenaded you with a goofy grin

It made you laugh at how silly he sounded
Elegance wasn’t really a thing you defined yourself as
Maybe to them, but their opinion didn’t really matter, did it?

It made you feel good… But…

What about you?

“Pff, Sun…” you covered your mouth, hiding your wide smile
“What? You think I’m joking?”
“Hey!! You better not be laughing at that” he pouted, not hiding his spinning rays
“Nonono, it’s- it’s nothing, Sun… I just don’t consider myself as… Elegant.” You began to look at your thighs while playing with the rim of your sweater.

“Pshh, well I think you’re just crazy” Sun smiled, giving you a small peck on the lips

Walking into the bar, he sat you down into a spinner chair and stood beside you, slightly arched over the bar with one hand holding your hand and the other supporting his face

“What would you like?” Sun smiled, “Moon made up a new drink recently, I think I can make it for you real quick if he isn’t mad at me still, heheh” His hand squeezed yours a bit harder, warming up quickly
“Could you make it?” you squeezed his hand back

Nodding, he quickly moved behind the bar

“Now there’s a version with and without alcohol, which one would you like?” Sun began to wipe down a new glass, placing it on the counter
“You got it~”

He smoothly poured amounts of various spirits to create an orange-red color
Shaking together the mix, he winked at you before pouring the creamy mixture into the ice-filled glass

“Allllright~” Sun sang, scooting the drink closer to you on a diamond napkin
“What’s it called?” You picked up the glass, already forming a cold fog on the outside

Swirling it around the glass, you took a sip of the fruity mixture

“Y’know, maybe you could name it! Moon hasn’t thought of a name for it… Oh- I’ll be right back, you think about that name though” Sun beamed, walking into the back

He came back quickly with a plateful of club sandwiches

“Here you are” He came from behind the bar and sat down next to you “So… would you like to go dancing after this?”
“Ooo! Dancing? Yes!” You remembered when you used to dance with Alex, it always made you happy

You continued to drink and eat while Sun talked about, something
Honestly, you didn’t understand a thing he was saying while you zoned out

But, the last time you ever danced with someone was with your ‘friends’ at the club
Not with your husband
Alex was always disappointed and drunk to dance with you the way he would

*(The small tune played distantly in your head
It blared in the kitchen
The feeling of skin against skin
His hair, the textures of grit or lush

He’d hum silently while dragging your body to playfully dip you
With your body laid back, he’d kiss your neck sweetly

You were beautiful
That’s what he always said
It seemed that he wouldn’t stop loving you like that, smothering you with kisses and affection

You heard soft chuckles come from you while he sat you on top of the kitchen counter

You were good
Graceful while you held him
Treated like a god while he’d gently devour you
Your thighs wrapped around him like a boa*)

Chapter Text

“I’m not so good at dancing… but Moony is! I’d think you’d rather dance with him than me, haha-” Sun chuckled
“H-Huh? But you just got here? Don’t you and him have switch schedules?”
“I mean- yes but we can still switch whenever we want, as long as it isn’t forced…” He let go of your hand to grab his forearm while you both walked to the dance arena

He anxiously played with the fabric, pinching and prodding it before full-on grabbing a fistful of it
Almost like he was going to rip off the entire sleeve

You watched him look off to the side for a couple of minutes, his eyes expressively darting about their sockets as you both stood in the awkward silence of the hall

“Are you- okay?” A concerned tone emitted from you it was kinda silly to watch him stand there

Almost unnatural for him to not be smothering and touching you 99% of the time

“H-huh?” Sun looked down at you, his frown softening “y-yeah! Of course- I’m just… Discussing a few things with Moon before I let him back out for his share of time…”
“Oh yeah… What- What happened back there anyway?-” you let a small awkward chuckle slip

Thinking about it, it was confusing that he’d do that

“Just a small malfunction, dear! Haha, he haven’t done our weekly checkup yet…” Sun blurted “We are strictly prohibited from leaving the plex, so we’re programmed to our assigned location. In other words, technically we’re not supposed to leave the daycare at all!”

“So you guys consistently break the rules? Doesn’t your programming restrict that?” you nervously chewed the inside of your lip as you continued to follow him

*How can I use this to my benefit… My benefit… Getting out of here? Well- maybe… It’s been a year- What makes you think to leave NOW?? I don’t know… I just haven’t been given a chance yet.*

“Moon makes way for that with his patrol protocol, he’s definitely the smarter one of us. I’m more made for the entertainment of children haha… We only break the rules for you now, though~ Oh! We’re almost there!” Sun suddenly held your hand again, the warmth reclaiming over your arm


“You promise?” Sun sighed
“Promise what?” Moon grumbled in response
“Quit being a child, you know what-”
“Huh. Me? A child?? Yeah alright…” Moon scoffed at the Sun’s argument
“Moon. I- Ugh, just promise me you won’t let them go outside alone”
“How about we both promise each other something, you promise me that we will both stop being so possessive over them. C’mon, we both know y/n doesn’t have a place to go if they leave”
“There’s nothing wrong with being careful, Moon.”
“You’re not being careful, you’re being crazy”
“Oh! Crazy? I can show you CRAZY- This whole SITUATION is crazy. In fact? Both of us could be scrapped for this if our staff weren’t so defensive about our reputation.” Sun listed, creating a gritty smile across his face
“I’d smack your stupid face if I could right now.” Moon mumbled quietly enough to where it was only an incoherent whisper to Sun “Fine. I won’t let them out alone, Sunny~” Moon sang in a sudden happy tune

“You better not. Or I’ll rip myself back out again. It hurts the both of us but if it’ll get you to stop being careless then I will do it as many times as necessary, am I clear?” Sun demanded, his voice becoming deep and bossy towards his counterpart as his steps began to revive into their usual smooth glide.

“Yep. Heard you loud and clear, Sundrop.” Moon replied, his tone making Sun bite his lip and squeeze your hand a bit harder “Are you going to let me back out now? You’ve already taken up a lot of my turn”


Sun looked down at you
Seeing him from the corner of your eye, his expression was dark

His eyes pierced your skull as the grip on your hand made you feel your blood rush to your fingertips
You made sure to keep your eyes looking ahead, scared to look up at him
Although he gave you all his love and affection, along with no real punishments, it felt like he’d kill you at any second if you made a wrong move

Not that he couldn’t. I mean, he’s a 10-foot-tall killer robot. Of course, he could if he wanted to

The pressure of his death stare was nearly crushing you while the music of the hall became louder
It made you want to walk faster just to evade him

“Darling… You are so beautiful tonight~ you know that?” Sun broke the silence, it nearly made you jump “Moon will be coming out soon, as soon as we get to the dance floor haha, I’ll be back in the morning, my love~”

Shaking your head, you slightly bit the inside of your lip, giving him a weak smile

“Y/n… Sunflower, why are you so scared? You look like you’re near trembling… Are you cold?” He stopped walking before pulling you into his arms and rubbing both your hands, gathering them into one before pressing his free hand against your forehead and neck “Mm… doesn’t seem like you’re cold…” He looked down at you before tenderly cupping your jaw “Oh, Honey… There’s nothing to be afraid of! Trust me, Music Man is absolutely wonderful!” He smiled “Oh- Haha whoops, Moon wants out now- ok ok I’ve gotta let him out now haha”

Sun kissed you gently
As if it were his last, his kiss was prolonged and lovely
His warmth pressed against you

“I love you, dearest~ Goodnight, my sweet Sunflower” Sun whispered before giving you one last kiss on your forehead

Pulling away, his counterpart switched into control, looking down at you with a warm smile before immediately hugging you

“Ooohhh~ I missed you ssoo much, starlight~… Sun stole my time so I get to steal some of his~ Shall we get to dancing?” Moon flourished about your face, hugging you close to him while kissing you all over your face and driving down into your neck

It made you giggle a little bit before agreeing with him
He made a small chuckle in response to your laughter before picking you up like a bride in his arms

“What genre of music do you like? It doesn’t have to be purely slow dancing” Moon questioned while making his stride over to the dance floor.

He placed you down just before the stage, facing him while tidying your hair from your face

“I’m good with whatever, Moon… I mean, I’ll let it be your choice since this was your idea in the first place” you teased him, gesturing for his hands to retreat while you carded through your hair to your liking, turning around slightly to catch a glimpse of… a hand

No- two? Three?

Quickly turning back to the Moon, you quickly realized that if anything, that one hand was probably double the size of your body
Giving him a bloodshot expression, you began to wonder what the actual fuck was behind you??

Moon smiled down at you while adjusting the ribbons on his wrists

“Don’t be rude, Star- Say ‘hi’ to him” Moon tilted his head, his eyes pointing looking beyond you

“Who?” replying in disbelief, you truly couldn’t comprehend what was behind you

You swallowed the question before turning around to see the massive- robot THING
A spider in appearance, with nothing but a goofy smile across his face to compete with your shocked expression. You were completely slack-jawed in awe of how close you were to this humongous animatronic

Your eyes darted about his happy face, shivering a bit until you let your shoulders drop their tensity
A nervous and slightly scared smile appeared on your face

“H-hi! Music Man?” you waved up to him while he responded with a wave back

Moon’s hand suddenly smoothed along your shoulder, making you jolt a bit “Now, DJ Music Man doesn’t talk much, but he's still a very nice guy.” You felt Moon raise his hand to wave to the gigantic animatronic “Hey DJ! We just came to do a bit of dancing for our anniversary haha”

The two communicated as if they were brothers
Laughing and cheerfully greeting each other on either side of you

Being in the middle of it, it made you feel awkward for being so scared of the gigantic animatronic

The DJ only communicated with hand gestures and facial expressions
Moon put in a couple of suggestions before gently reclaiming your hands, crouching down behind you with his face near the crux of your neck

“Darling, do you have any songs you’d like to put on the queue? You can put as many as you’d like” Moon reassuringly rubbed his thumbs along your knuckles while slightly swaying you

“I- I think I’m good, Moony” you slightly held his hand while his cool body gently pressed into your back
“Alright then” Moon looked back up at Music Man, giving him a nod before standing up and bending down with a hand outstretched to you

The music began to play, gradually reaching a pleasant volume from the silence
Not too loud, not too soft, all around you while you looked up at your ‘lover’

“May I have this dance, Stardust?~”

*He is so cheeky-*

Beginning to chuckle, you let out a suppressed snort from the nerves

“Y-yes, yes you may” you responded politely while the lights dimmed into various soft colors, your hand reclaiming his fingertips while he brought your knuckles to his lips

It made you blush a bit, seeing such a proper and formal display of his conduct

*Curiosity of the matter- Why did he change so significantly for something such as dancing?
Was he always this… Sweet?

Or was it just your mind-
No matter.*

He pulled you close to him, letting the melody of the music take over as he swayed with you
Dipping you at significant moments
Kissing you at the ends of songs

It almost reminded you of those beautiful memories
It made you laugh

Happiness… The warmth from simply getting dipped
A peal of laughter you haven’t heard since-

When? Who knows?

His smile became warmer for every simple morsel of happiness you emitted
Eyes only focused on you

You felt like a work of art in his arms
Praised, touched as if you were fragile, near godly
His claws refused to scratch you

You were rich porcelain in his brute hands

The night flew as you danced with him ceaselessly
The queue nearly coming to an end

He kissed you once more upon the ending of the last song before pulling away

“Would you like to keep going, or should we call it a night?” Moon asked, crouching down before you with your hands balled in his
“What would you like to do?” Whispering, you felt like it’d hurt the DJ’s feelings if you decided too loud
“It is completely up to you, darling, haha- I’m surprised that you’re not tired of dancing honestly” Moon chuckled, revealing your hands in his and placing them to envelope his chin and supposed jaw

Your hands were pressed against his face while you heard him slightly purr from the touch

“Uh- y-yeah let's call it a night…” You quietly responded, brushing your thumbs over his faceplate

He nodded before lifting you into his arms and staring over at the DJ before nodding and waving goodbye
Moon began to walk to the exit hall while you slightly peered over his arm to watch the DJ
The DJ reciprocated the movement and allowed the music to fade out before dipping down into a slumber

“Alright, Star… Is there anywhere else you’d like to go tonight? In the plex?”

Thinking about it. You began to feel tired, feeling yourself yawn as he cradled you into a comfier position in his arms

“Haha~ I guess not… Sleepy little dove~ must be time for bed” Moon chuckled lightly as he kissed your forehead “Would you like to take a shower before bed, dearest?”

You nodded in agreement, thinking about what you’ve done, you must smell a little bit

“Okay, rest for now… I’ll let you know when we get there, starlight” He cooed before tilting your head towards him and letting his tether take him up

This lightness of the lift made you rest a little easier, with no abrupt steps or movement to wake you
Just smooth gliding through the air

It took a while from the small pace he was going before he reached the door to the superstar pick-up hall

He carefully opened the door before lifting himself back up again

The anticipation left you anxious for the approaching drop off

He entered the shower room with you in his arms, brushing a cool hand over your forehead to gently wake you back up

“Staaar~ Sweetheart, we’re here~” He lightly placed you down as you rubbed your eyes, peering through the dimmed lights of the room

You heard his clothes behind you, being ruffled and rummaged, and gently folded into neat squares on the edge of the bench

“You could take a shower by yourself or with me… I just want to wash off the weird bleach they give us… Makes me smell terrible.” Moon walked towards a stall with a towel wrapped around his waist, dropping it once inside the shower stall


You began to undress, looking at the stalls beside him, and looking at the one he was already in
Might as well

You walked over to the soapy Moon, facing the water and letting it trickle down along his parts

“Oh- you’ve decided to join me? Heheh~” Moon snickered in response to your grab on his hand “Let me help you then…” He proposed, rubbing the soap bar along his hands while putting you in front of him

“Ah- thank you, Moony” you sighed while the warm water blanketed you

He crouched down behind you before resting the soap on a nearby ledge
His hands smoothed along your skin, along their wounds and healed marks across your skin

“You’re so soft, my love~ so cute…” He constantly complimented you while washing and rinsing you, his claws being gentle and careful to not scratch your skin

“Thank you, Moondrop” you replied in a small voice while he hugged you to him by your waist

“You dance so beautifully, darling. Even the DJ complimented you~, how come you’ve never told me about your talent?” Moon held you tighter, his hands resting along your waist while his face buried itself into your neck

“Ah- I don’t really have a talent with dancing, Moon- you were the one mostly dancing and busting out all the moves” You looked over your shoulder to peer back at him while he nuzzled your shoulder

“Well, I think you have great talent… Maybe even more than Sunny~ Ah- don’t tell him I said that of course~” Moon playfully whispered before pausing a bit, his smile warmly growing along your shoulder “And your laughter was so beautiful~ You were practically glowing”

“Ah- we should probably get out of here, you’re probably really tired aren’t you” Moon rubbed his hands along your hips before standing back up and retrieving towels for the both of you

As soon as you both made it to his room, you flopped down onto the mattress
Moon followed you, removing his shirt and folding it neatly before laying it on a nearby table

“Pff- why’d you remove your shirt?” you slightly chuckled, watching him remove his bells and also place them beside his shirt

“Just wanted to get comfy before bed, haha. What? Too provocative?” He giggled, playfully covering his chest with his hand

“Oh- soso super inappropriate!!” you laughed, pulling the cover open for him

He laid down beside you finally, pulling you closer and wrapping your thigh over his waist
Moon’s body heat was slightly warmer than its usual cool temperature

“Happy Anniversary, my darling~ It’s been such an amazing year with you, starlight. I love you so much” Moon cooed, brushing the hair from your face and tucking it tenderly behind your ear

“I love you too, Moony… Happy Anniversary, dearest” you held his cheek with your free hand before pulling him in for a kiss

Your hands traveled to the poff of his hat while you kissed him
His hand on your waist comforting you with his thumb rubbing over the skin it coveted, the other hand held your face to his before you pulled away

“Goodnight, Moony~ Sleep well”
“Goodnight, y/n… Sweet dreams”

Finally, you nestled into a natural, lovely slumber
At peace

Silence as you both slept

Chapter Text

*(“It’s been a while, hasn’t it…” Eclipse greeted you with the same cheshire smile

His gaze peered into your soul
Carding through your thoughts and sin

Your greed made him wince

“I-I guess so… Why didn’t you come sooner? You knew I needed you to help me” Crossing your arms, you looked away from the large animatronic, almost disgusted by its sudden appearance

“Y/n, I couldn’t have helped you, you were stripped of sight and opportunity.” His hands reached for you while you backed away

The atmosphere felt… Heavier… It felt terrible
His tone was sickeningly alluring

As if honey were overflowing from your mouth, the thick and foggy sweetness of his aura made you want to vomit.

“I didn’t have anyone. Nobody but Sun and Moon. Not even you would talk to me, not even to comfort me- NOTHING”

Screaming at him, your voice strained as you struggled to raise it. Almost as if it were being erased. You frantically grabbed at your throat.
Falling to your knees you began to choke, coughing as saliva dripped from your mouth
Your eyes began to weaken from their fearful perception, your face tightening from the struggle

You ceased your sobbing and attempted screams, only to look up at the happy-go-lucky fuck in front of you, his calm smile accompanied his outstretched hand to you.

“You- You’re nothing but an imaginary figure… Nothing special- you-” Your voice trembled as you watched Eclipse approach you
“Silence.” his smile disappeared as he looked down at you “Not another word from that pitiful mouth of yours. I am your conscience- YOU made me. I’m a figure of your mind, your voice.”

His voice burned into you, stabbing you… It made you shiver like hearing nails on a chalkboard
Eclipses’ eyes were locked on you. Making the darkness of the dome seem… Darker
His hands presented his body as if he despised his form

“This body makes me look untrustworthy but believe me if you didn’t? I wouldn’t look like this.”

Stepping closer, you froze up, hearing the faint melody
Familiar in itself, you didn’t know what it was

“You choose to put your affections into those THINGS. And- And you just- DON’T CARE” His voice echoed, his volume making your ears ring

You shut your eyes out of fear
On the edge of crying, your hands flew to cover your ears
Trembling and shaking from the nightmare you were facing

You felt yourself begin to choke again as you fell back

The thud of his steps toward you became louder, and the ringing became louder before…

You felt a touch

One of his warm hands enveloped your jaw while you kept your eyes shut

“Y/n… Y/n~~ wake up, darling”

His voice rang in your ears even when they were closed…

“Wake up.”


“W A K E U P”

Opening your eyes… You saw him… A nightmare before you, his grin was wide and sharp

“I am your mind. Yet, you disrespect me, you shut the voice of reason out because you just can’t take it, can you?”

Your heartbeat slowed down, and the ringing suddenly, abruptly stopped.
His other hands removed yours from your ears

He was patient… his fingers pressed gently against your pulse while he held your wrists

Somehow- you couldn’t move, you couldn’t cry or whimper

Standing there in silence, you fearfully looked back at him

“When you wake up. From this… What you call a ‘nightmare’. I hope you take a moment to look at your… ‘beloved’. And I hope you realize that, He… They aren’t your symbol of comfort, they should’ve never been in the first place. Find peace within yourself and think about your words when you talk to me.

You only build the decay within yourself.”)*


“!mmnGoood Morning, Sunshine!! Wakey wakey!~” Sun coaxed you awake by taking you into his arms and rocking you gently back and forth

Opening your eyes, you saw his face spin and his goofy smile widen

“G’morning, Sun… What time is it?” You drowsily rubbed your eyes

“9:20! You were still asleep when we woke up, so I got you some breakfast! I didn’t want to deal with the obnoxious people that come in super early for some reason…” Sun opened his stomach hatch, reaching in and pulling out a foil-wrapped sandwich

It smelled heavenly considering how hungry you were

He offered it to you while his other hand reached behind him for a water bottle

Sun watched you while you scarfed down the portion, he always looked so fascinated while watching you eat

“Thank you, Sun… It almost makes me feel bad because I always eat in front of you- haha, then I have to remind myself that you can’t eat.”

“Oh, we can, but it would give us no nutritional value, and liquids are much easier to deal with anyway hoho” Sun responded, holding his head in his hands while he stared you down

You gave him a smile before finishing up your last bite and crumpling up the foil, taking a swig of water, and getting up to toss your trash

“Darling~!” Sun sang, following behind you “Is there anything special you’d like to do today, sweetheart?”

He hugged you from behind once you tossed your trash
His large arms held you hovered in the air while he kissed you along your shoulder

“Anything… fun?~” His voice turned into a deeper but playful rasp while he purred against your skin

“Sun isn’t it a bit early?-” Holding onto his arms, you melted feeling the warmth of his tongue slightly brush against you

You immediately felt your core reawaken, your heart pumping

The sensitive, orgasmic feeling washing over you
Your eyes drooped as you slightly fell into the stupor
He set you both down while he courted you on his knees, his arms still possessively wrapped around your waist

“Early? Hoho- well- maybe… You should be giving me a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ though” Sun chuckled against your skin while prepping an area of skin to bite

His arms freed your waist while one hand held your jaw to look up, the other hand traced fingers along past bites and hickeys, circling and teasing you gently. His feather-soft touch gestured for you to beg.

You couldn’t help but whine, whimpering while his finger slowly slurred down your arm to hold your hand

Sun’s mouth kissed against your skin once more

“So?~ Will you let me savor you?” he cooed into your skin, and you could hear his fans going wild “Bite what is mine?”

You nodded while you felt his fingers spread across your throat
He gently located your pulse, still holding your chin up

“I want to hear it from you, my love… Say it… Say you want me to ravish you… to touch you… Say ‘yes, please’ sunflower~” From his tone, you already knew he was on the brink of tearing you apart


*This is ok… He hasn’t- we haven’t done it in a while… This is fine… Right?*

“Yes?” His hand around your throat slightly tightened while the other pulled itself out of holding your hand “Yes, what?” He chuckled

His hand hovered inches from you before he cocked it back
Claws unsheathed from the fingertips as he brought a nail close to the head opening of your shirt

*No… No this isn’t ok… I’m doing it again… I should’ve just let it be. But here I am, agreeing to- THIS. I ain’t got nothing better to do. Jump off the balcony??? I’ll die. Sit here in silence? I’d probably die of boredom. He wouldn’t oHMYGOD- eugh that’s so freaky…*

You slightly jumped from the small fright it gave you
Looking at his sharp nails, they seemed to extend from a slit just on his ‘fingernail bed’

*just one more time… What if I escape and never fulfill this hunger? Have a little fun… Say yes.*

“Y-yes, please… Sunny” You whimpered while his finger pulled the opening forward

“Good little Sunshine~” You heard a deep rumbling come from inside him, only to be caught off guard once he tore open your shirt

His teeth immediately reclaimed the healed skin, sinking his teeth into your shoulder, a strangled moan erupted from you while you wriggled

Sun’s hand quickly pressed your body closer to his before unlatching his teeth from you, licking up the blood while saliva collected in the crux of your neck

“Y-you don’t know how hard it’s been, love… To hold back such urges… To keep ourselves at bay rather than indulging in our selfish wants” His voice box spoke for him while he nibbled his next target “But we’ve never forgotten how sweet you taste… How- absolutely impossible it is to hold back”

You could feel his body overheat as he spun you around to face him
His face pressed against yours for a kiss while his tongue slipped into your mouth

Hands helped to remove the shredded remains of your shirt before dipping his thumbs into the waistband of your sweatpants

Your hands roamed to his shoulders as you blindly found the clip of his tulle
Slowly, you began to remove his clothes as well

Toying with his buttons while still focusing on him
He seemed to vibrate with excitement before shucking off your pants
While you helped to remove his garments he’d continue to grope and slap your ass, his nails slightly grazing the skin to draw small amounts of blood

Once you both were bare, he stared at you for a second

His eyes admired your body in its purest form
Hands resting along your frame, your hips caressed by the warmth of his sweet touch

“You look so gorgeous, my love…” a hand raised up to your cheek to hold it “Let’s enjoy each other for the day, yes?” Sun’s rays spun as he picked you up

Nodding your head, he walked over to the mattress, kneeling and positioning pillows to cradle your body
Finally placing you down, you felt supported in every nook and cranny of your body

“Let me know if you want me to stop, sweetness… I have water by the table” he whispered, rubbing your thighs, hovering above you

The heat of his body collided with yours while his hand swept down your torso, finally rubbing a digit along your slit

Your back arched upon the sensitive touch, reawakening your senses as small whimpers escaped your throat
He watched your reactions closely before moving inside you, slowly pumping away at your heat

“Nice and wet for me, hm?” He smugly gazed down at you before adding a second finger

One was already a stretch, 2 felt like it was going to make you burst like a bubble
Moans emitted from your body while his fingers curled with their aching pace inside you

“You think you’re ready?” He smiled, using his elbow to balance himself while his hand cradled your cheek to face him “Keep your eyes on me sweetness~, and remember, we can stop at any time, starlight”

He brought his frame lower to yours, slowly inserting his length
The slow pace and stretch made you shudder while he groaned above you

“I-is it all in?” You whimpered, watching his face slowly slip into a hungry lust while his breathing hitched

“N-not yet… Are you sure you can take all of it?” He grunted, shifting his position to pin you by the wrists with one hand while the other cradled the arch of your back

You whimpered as he pressed more into you, the thickness stretching you out a bit more
His fingertips sunk into the plush of your skin as he held you still

The push and pull gradually became faster, erratic as he fitted himself into you

Moans and small cries filled the room as you clung to him, his hands busy gripping the pillows, claws digging into the plush as he groaned with each thrust

“F-fuck, Star- you’re doingdoingdoing ssso good!!~ Mmhn taking all of me like a good little toy…” His voice box spoke to you while his facial movement failed to match the enunciation of them, looking nearly over his edge as he rammed into you

The movement caused your whole body to jerk up and down, harsh slaps of his hips against yours sending reverberations up your spine as struggled moans were choaked out of you.
In short pauses, he’d thrust all of his length into you before grinding it in, watching you tremble as his appendage caressed your tightening walls.
He giggled watching you struggle so helplessly

Your mind went blank with every shock wave as he overstimulated you

“S-Sun-ny I- fuuck! I can’t take-”

“Awwh~ suresuresurely you can cum a couple more times before I do, can’t you? You t-take me so well, suck a perfect Star…” he purred above you before sinking his face into your neck, fucking you faster “S-sso soft and- hhah wet… Goodness- you’re practically strangling me, S-s-sunflower!! L-Loosen up a bit- mmh-!!”

Considering how much you were already stretched out, it’d be kinda impossible for you to loosen up.
He seemed helpless as he ruthlessly pressed into you
Smothered moans and loving bites took place at the crook of your neck
Sun’s tongue lolled out to taste the blood and skin as the spit and saliva made the bruising look glossy- attractive enough to sink his teeth into it again

“C-can’t hold- much- longlonger!-” He removed his teeth from your shoulder to bury it into the pillows

You could practically hear his claws ripping open fabric, as his voice glitched out
At that point, you could barely think of anything or hear anything other than the wet slaps between your hips

His voice was muffled, but it sounded like he was screaming for dear life before you felt him thrust fully into you, once again filling you to the hilt as he spurted hot ropes of cum into you, his dick twitching and curling inside you while his moans gradually calmed down

Breathing could only be heard as he lifted himself from the stuffing, keeping himself inside you

“Sso good… It’s been so long, my love…” His heavy panting added to yours as he lifted himself up

Looking at your stomach, you saw a lump indicating where he was inside you

“Y-you need to pull out-”

“Just a little longer, dearest… you look so beautiful in this position… Especially with those new marks and bites!!~ Sso sooo cute!~” He flourished about your face, kissing your cheeks and lips before readjusting himself

Slowly, he pulled out of the now sensitive and raw hole, bending over to the table closeby and taking a handtowel from the surface of it

He gently lifted your lower body to lay you on top of half the towel, using the available half to tend to what was already oozing out

“Stay there, love, I just want you to relax for now” He reassured you in a calm, collected tone, rubbing your thighs before propping up his feet and walking over to the storage shelf by the table

You hazily shut your eyes
Feeling your head swell up, you relaxed your hitched breathing

You heard him sit down beside you as you cracked your eyelids open, drowsily watching him while he cracked open a water bottle

“I’ve got some water for you, love.” He sang in a whispy tone, carefully propping your body upright and pressing the bottle against your bottom lip “drink.”

The cold water revitalized your senses, cooling you off as the warmth in your face focused into the rouge of your cheeks

“Thirsty, huh?” Sun chuckled, staring at the near-empty bottle “Really rung you out”

Nodding, you finished up, taking a breath before flopping back down

*hopefully he doesn’t expect another round from me- I am completely out of it*

He crushed the bottle into a compact disk before screwing the plastic cap back on again
Setting it back on the table, he turned back to you again

“Do you want to rest a bit more before continuing, love?”

You nodded, groaning a bit before turning your head to the pillow beside you

“I’ll take that as a yes, heh… Such a beautiful little dove~”

Even while you rested, he fawned endlessly over you, gently caressing your stomach


Your heart pumped in your ears, your heat twitching when his fingers spread over your torso
The cooling effect of the water had already worn off before you finally calmed down

*why did I do that… I don’t- know… What- is my deal…*

Your voice was faded from the screams and strained moans
A small flashback of his performance flashed in your head as you heard his words echo in your head, flustering you

You couldn’t speak, only responding in grunts and cries of his name
It… Kinda embarrassed you that you weren’t talking back to him
You technically responded to him, not in the way you wanted to

Sun seemed to be folding and propping your sweatpants on top of the table
He hummed the tune of the daycare music that played outside

Now that you thought about it- Was the music always playing?

*oh god, was that goofy music always playing?? And he kept it on???*

“s-un…* you called for him, weakly raising your sore and shaky body

“Yes, my love?” He immediately turned to you, a glimmer in his eyes while his face showed concern

“Was that music playing the whole time?” You sat upright, stretching and running your fingers through your hair

*huh… no bones cracking? No you idiot- he just blew your damn back out. Pff- right, right*

“Huh? What music? The daycare music?”

Nodding, you stilted yourself up with your hands on your knees

“Oh, Of course!” He smiled “Don’t you like it-”

“You didn’t wanna turn it off and maybe play a different genre or something?” You had an exaggerated shock to your tone, changing his smile to a gaping, shocked expression

“What! You and Moony both- Urgh. This is my favorite song! Which is why it plays 24/7 when the lights are on!!” He stubbornly crossed his arms, frowning as you giggled

“It’s just- silly to play that sort of music while- performing. Isn’t it?”

“Absolutely not!! It makes me happy, thank you very MUCH.” He pouted with a matter-of-fact tone before scooting closer to you

While laying down, he dragged you down with his forearm wrapping around your waist

“Meanie… You guys don’t like my music for SOME reason” He murmured before burying his face into your shoulder, his words muffling out of coherence

You smiled while you held him back, your arms wrapped around his neck while your hands pet his rays
Hearing him babble even fainter into your plush, you heard him sighing while his hand on your waist tightened its grip

“Sun- I was only joking… Sorta” You faintly giggle as his head popped up from the pillows

He stared at you with squinted eyes and a frown “You better be… You better be…” He couldn’t help but chuckle soon afterward “Haha- I’m just kidding, lovely-”

“How about I make it up to you?”

You spoke without thinking, staring at him with a similar confusion to his

*What- Wait what am I doing- what am I talking about??*

“Make it up to me? For what? You haven’t done anything” He gazed at you with a clueless gaze, while he bit the inside of his cheek

“U-Uh– Yeah! Um, I could-”

*Great performance, moron, bro- DO SOMETHING*

“I-I could- uhh- please… you~” you shifted from your position to press against him, rubbing your hand along his length in an extended stroke

“Mh!-” Sun let out a small whine when you fully grabbed it “Goodness… A-are you sure? Hhah-” he grabbed your hip, his eyes darting from looking at your hand on him and back up at your eyes

*This position is kinda awkward… Let’s move-*

You kissed him before sitting back up and crawling between his legs, gesturing for him to spread them since they were far too heavy for you to carry
He responded with a flustered nod, spreading them while you moved further

“Is it- uh… Edible… The- cum…?”

“H-huh? Oh! Yes- just- be careful, sweetheart… It might- choak you…” Sun bashfully looked down at you while you held him at his middle

*are you fucking with me right now- Choke me??? You mean I might die sucking dick?? Geez do I still wanna do this- JUST DO IT- Don’t give up now- he’s probably referring to the size. Well yeah- ok ok whatever-*

You gave him a small chuckle, lining up the slithery thing with your mouth
Sun watched contently, his hands arched while holding fabric and plush
And just before you could stick it in your mouth, you both heard a door open

Sun’s head suddenly perked up, looking away from you before looking back at you and groaning

“Ugh… Vanessa. Not now!! Ugh- Sorry, love. I have to go talk to her, I’m not sure what she wants now.” He sighed, rising from the mattress and hastily dressing himself

Bending down to your level, he kissed your forehead “I’ll be right back my darling… Help yourself to any snacks on the table, sorry… I’ll have to get you another shirt… Oh well- I’ll be right back-”

“SUUNN!!!!” You heard Vanessa call for him as his face immediately scrunched into a disgusted expression

He rolled his eyes before giving you one last kiss on your lips and murmuring an ‘I love you’
Once he jumped off the balcony, you didn’t know what to do… So you just- sat there… hugging your knees and slightly shaking from the scarcity of warmth without him


“What does SHE want? We were just about to-”
“Moon! Shh! I need to focus… It’d be improper for it to be all stupid looking while talking to a staff member” Sun blocked out Moon’s teasing chuckles as he approached Vanessa

She seemed angry, standing with her arms crossed

“Ah- Vanessa. How may I help you this afternoon?” Sun greeted her in a cheerful tone, however, his patience was running thinner with every passing second of looking at her face

“Daily Checkup and Clean-up. Why have you been avoiding it.” She pestered

“Because I’m fine and capable of cleaning myself-”

“And look at me when I’m speaking to you, Sun. (fucking bot.)” She mumbled the last part, but Sun heard everything

“Vanessa. It is not nice to cuss in the daycare… It’s against the rules and it’s rude.” His smile became tight while he loomed over her

“Cut the crap, Sundrop. We need to go to parts and services.”

“Can I bring y/n with me? Or is another technician available to chaperone?” He sneered at the now-offended guard

“You will not let that go, will you? There’s no other fucking technicians!”

“No, I won’t ‘let it go’! I don’t trust you! And I don’t think I’ll ever forgive you!!” Sun raised his voice a bit, his smile twitching into anger

“I’m literally your only choice-”

“Y/n will come with me then!! Since you want to be difficult!” He turned his back on her and tethered up to his room

“Ugh- SUN. COME DOWN HERE THIS- ugh you aren’t LISTENING!!!”


“I’m back, de- Honey…? What’s wrong?” Sun landed back on the balcony but immediately sauntered over to you while you trembled “Are you alright? You’re so… cold! Oh my goodness-”

He hugged you, immediately warming you up as he wrapped your legs around his waist, picked you up, and walked over to the storage shelf

You shivered against him, the sudden warmth making you smile while his systems rumbled inside of him

“Here’s your sweater, my love, I’m taking you with me to go get my weekly check up… I don’t want to be alone with her” He sighed, letting you balance your weight on his forearms while you pulled on the cozy sweater

“Sun… Why don’t you just kill her, didn’t she give you enough reason?”

“I can’t… She is in contact with- him… And if I kill her or mess up their plans, They’d most likely give me another… Virus… It’d turn me into a rage-infested monster, and I’d kill you in that savage nature. I cannot let that happen…”

“Ah- I see… Ok then, let’s go”

It already pained you to think about Vanessa, what she’s done has only dug her reputation into the ground. You already had plenty of reason to hate her, she prevented you from your near success.

You could still feel the baring heat of the actual Sun, beating down on your skin as the wind blew past you

“Please… Do not talk to anyone but me, honeybun… You’ll promise me won’t you?” Sun whispered as you tethered down together, he held your hand in his, kissing it before facing Vanessa again

“Fucking finally- oh- y/n… We were just going to go down to parts and services. Sun wanted to bring you because he’s just afraid of me. Damn coward.” She shot Sun with a smug expression, as if he wouldn’t rip her to shreds just because you were in his arms

“Silence, guard. Walk.” Sun’s voice was dark as he stared the puny guard down

While walking towards the exit, he sighed, annoyed by Vanessa’s slow pace of walking

“Vanessa. I’ll see you at Parts and Services since you have the walking pace of a snail.” He grumbled, moving past her and taking his tether to the door

You both heard Vanessa say something, but you were only focused on Sun’s hardened expression

“Sunny…” You cooed, bringing your hand to his cheek and turning his face to look at you, you pulled him in

Kissing him, his hand swallowed yours, keeping it at his cheek

“Mmh~ yes, sunlight?” He sweetly smiled at you again

“Nothing- I just wanted to make sure you were ok…”

“I’m ok, dear… I’m just unhappy about Vanessa’s presence in this building. In MY daycare. Urggh- she puts a bitter, bitter taste in my mouth!! I can’t stand her at all… You understand don’t you?” You saw his face contort into that disgusted, bitter stare as he rambled

Listening to his babbling, the trip to Parts and Services took no time at all as he entered the cylinder with you
Sitting you on the edge of the stretch board, he loomed over you, trapping you with that twisted grin of his

“Hmhm~ The pest isn’t here right now though~” He snickered, using one hand to hold your chin facing away while he peppered your neck with kisses

“S-Sunny- aren’t there c-cameras?” You murmured, slightly whimpering as you regrettably held him

“I can delete and edit footage, starlight… Nothing wrong with having a little fun~” He chuckled, resuming his soft bites on your skin, using a hand to slide up your sweater

“You’re absolutely perfect, my de-”

“I’m Here!!” Vanessa shouted from the door while Sun groaned

“Ugh, were you guys seriously- god- weirdos. Sun, get yourself on the table, not your ‘starlight’” Vanessa made her way to the computer while Sun set you on the floor

“I suggest you stay outside the cylinder, flower… Just to be safe” Laying down, Sun seemed tired and bored already

You walked out of the cylinder while Vanessa entered and began to strap Sun down.

“Ah- y/n. Since you’re already there- could you go ahead and set up the checkup protocol?” Vanessa called, grunting as she tightened the last strap on Sun’s ankle

You began to click through the options

Check Up
System Upgrade

*huh… reboot… Reboot? Restart?...


It was truly strange… For a moment, you felt a glimmer of hope… A plan…

Chapter Text

The guard pressed the buttons in order while Sun twitched in accordance

You stared at the dirty, green screen of the computer

*old… But every other piece of tech in here is… new? Wonder if they got this from somewhere else… Probably no money to replace it… No money?? This place reeks of money. Well- Okay yeah maybe not considering robot maintenance and parts.*

Soon enough the regiment was over

“Alright… Y/n could you unstrap him? I’m going to get the cleaning supplies” She chimed, readjusting her hat and walking past you as you entered

“You ok?” the straps seemed way too tight that it was almost impossible to free them without a struggle


Sun sounded glum as he sat up, wringing his wrists while giving them a pitiful stare as you helped with his ankle straps

“Ah- thank you, dear” He whispered, peeking up to see that Vanessa was already returning from the closet “this is the part I’m dreading…”

She dropped the supplies just before the table
A bucket, sponge, rag, and a towel

“Alright, y/n, I got this” Vanessa gave you a polite smile before rolling up her sleeves

Looking up at Sun for permission to leave, he nodded, the humiliation radiated off of him

“Undress yourself.” The guard demanded, holding a soggy microfiber rag, previously soaked in the mixture of soaps in the bucket

Sun grumbled while stripping completely naked

He gave her scornful stares as she rubbed the soap across him, seemingly noticing when she’d look down at his soft size and furrow his brow more

Once she got closer to his thighs, he looked sincerely uncomfortable while looking up at you for reassurance, his eyes were begging you, but you froze still…

You heard his voice in your head, pleading with you during the process
Embarrassment and dread fell over him as Vanessa brought her head dangerously close to his length

“Eager?” She snickered

“No. Stop it. Do your job- In fact. Let me wash myself,” He snatched the rag from her hands before rubbing it over his thighs “I’m sick of you touching me”

“Difficult… Soo difficult.” She chuckled before looking back at you “I don’t know how you deal with this guy, he’s truly insufferable, ain’t he?” She smugly smiled, looking back at Sun

He was obviously fuming with anger, told easily by the way he stared at her

The computer’s plethora of choices stared at you while your heart raced

Your head began to ring while you watched Vanessa spray Sun down with a sanitizer of some sort

He snatched the towel she began to run on his chest, muttering curses under his breath
Sun yanked his clothes back on before standing up and flattening out his pants

“Y/n and I will be leaving now. Thanks for your shitty service.” He snarled, picking you up into his arms and storming out the nearest exit before Vanessa could say anything


“They were staring at that computer for a while… Don’t you think?” Moon whispered in Sun’s mind, sounding slightly uncomfortable

“Mm…” Sun grunted

“I know you’re angry Sun… At least say something”

“I’m thinking…” Sun murmured, his eyes drooping into a blank, cold stare as he entered the daycare

He comforted himself, rubbing his hands that held you against the fabric of your clothes to soothe his building anxiety

“...Sun.” Moon heard the Sun’s thoughts, unapproving of them by his tone

“I mean. Don’t you think we could do that?? If we just-”


“We can’t dawdle… Why would we pass this up? He wouldn’t know”

“HE has eyes. Everywhere. In every system, every bot, every corner. It doesn’t fucking matter what you think will work. I understand you’re angry-”

“Angry? Angry. NO- I’m furious.”

“Yes. I am too. But we can’t risk y/n’s health and safety.” Moon responded strictly to his counterpart.

He knew the idea could work but. However, one clumsy slip-up would ruin the entire plan.
They weren’t exactly perfect at sticking to one plan.

As opposites, they tended to have different ideas, ultimately ending up going separate ways

They only worked together once. Just for you.

“We can fix ourselves. Just like we fixed the previou-”

“That took a long time, Sun. It’s too risky because you won’t stick to the plan.”

“If it’s MY plan then I will stick to it! I need you to agree with me on this for it to work. It’d change the accidental deaths, the erratic malfunctions, the corrupt-”

“I know that. Sundrop, we just-”

“Just what? Why are we so scared of him? We are bigger, stronger, and faster. We can do ANYTHING. So why don’t we use that for better?”

Sun began to show a small frown on his face, biting the inside of his cheek while the grip holding you tightened securely.

“...” Moon was unable to speak, thinking.


“Sun?” You looked up at his bitter expression as he carried you into the daycare

He looked down at you, switching to a patient and calm look “Y-yes, dearest?” He raised you in his arms for a better hold on your body

“Let me down… I need you to relax for a second”

Upon being set on the floor, you straightened your back out, hearing your backbones crackle while he crouched down to your level

He smiled to hide away his anger, rage ate at him as he slowly slipped.
You took his hands into yours, sitting down on the plush floor

“What are you thinking about, Sun… Tell me what ails you…” You watched him, readjust his sitting position to match yours as he sat up, perfectly correcting his posture

He looked off to the side, staring at the floor, biting his lip anxiously “N-Nothing dear, nothing is wrong- I’m fine!!” He looked at you, his expression looked psychotic

“Sun. You’re angry, I can tell… Was it her?”

His rage shivered for a bit as if he was about to cry

“Look at me, honey…” you cooed, holding his cheek and turning him to face you

He looked vulnerable… What a sight, to see your captor, sad. Conflicted deeply by something he could easily blot out

It almost made you sad to see his weak expression

“It’s- it’s ok if you don’t want to talk about it… If she did anything to you- I don’t blame you-”

Immediately, Sun leaned over you, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you to him like a comforting stuffed animal as he shivered against you

Patting his back and whispering sweet affirmations to him, you felt tears dribble down your shoulder as he silently sobbed
Like he wanted to make sure you didn’t know he was crying, but he still was

“Shh…shh… It’s okay baby… You’ll be alright…” you cooed as small sobs were muffled into your shirt

“Y/n… Please y/n… Tell us…” He whimpered, his voice faltering as he removed his face from your neck, leaving glossy tears over your bitten and bruised skin

“I-If you could… Would you hurt us?”

It was already unusual to see him cry… But now he’s asking questions you don’t know how to respond to??

“Sun… I-” You looked away as his eyes widened, as if his heart was breaking instantly “N-no- I wouldn’t, Sun… I would never… Hurt you… At least I wouldn’t mean to”

*God I am fucked… I don’t mean that… Why would I hurt him anyway?*

“I-I’m sso glad to hear that from you, sunshine-” His voice was glitchy while he wiped away his tears, returning to your embrace as his shivering calmed down, his body heating up

His fingers traced along your back before he flipped you over on top of him, hugging you closer to his chest

“I-I love you sososoo much…” He drowsily whispered to you, the lights suddenly shutting off

You reciprocated the hug while Moon came out

“Sstar… Our lovely flower…” He cooed, looking down at you and using his thumb to brush away the hair from your face “I’ve been waiting for ssooo long, my dear… And here you are, already where I want you”


He began his maniacal giggling before sitting up burning his face into the crannies of your body and playfully kissing you. Switching your position to allow Moon to be on top
Although he was twice your size and wayyy stronger than you. He still roughhoused with you to the pressure of what a human would be like

He was scared you’d break or crack by his weight if he couldn’t distribute it properly

You both laughed as he pinned you, his giggles muffled into your skin

“Little toy~ soo cute” He murmured, his hands traveling down to your waist while he hunched over you, inches from your face

*Huh… Why WOULD I hurt him…*

“Do you wanna go to our room? I have something cool to show you. That can wait though if you’d like to go somewhere~ Monty Golf got back up and running recently if you’d like to go!” He purred, playing with your hair as he fawned over you

He smiled, looking into your eyes as you blanked out

“I-I uh… W-weren’t you, BANNED from Monty Golf?”

“Not anymore… He learned to respect us and OUR rules~” Moon’s grin tightened while a flash of insanity washed over the expression

“How’d you-”

“Haha… I don’t think you’d like to know that, dearie… Hmhm~ just a little fun… A little force never hurt anyone~ Isn’t that right, my love” He giggled, tilting your chin up to look at him better before kissing you “I couldn’t let him do that to you… Heheh, don’t you remember? The hand kisses, the language. Urgh- It ticks me off thinking about it”

“Mm… So possessive” You sassily hummed to him while he sat you back up, straddling him while you slightly rubbed up against him

“Ah- hh~ I’m not possessive.” He gave you a flustered look before grumbling words under his breath

“How about we try… Mazercise?”

Changing the obvious teasing topic, you glossed over the idea of getting out of the daycare

“There are people outside as of now… But…” a hand rested on your ass while the other kneaded with his nightcap “Will you, not call for help if we let you out with… people?”

Moon’s sudden serious glare dug into you, it emphasized ‘punishment’ if you didn’t play your cards right.

“Yes, my love… I don’t have anywhere to go anyways…” You sighed, acting like a lovestruck sucker as you pulled his face closer to yours “And… I belong to you, don’t I?”

You leaned in, giving him a slow kiss before pulling away, batting your eyes at him.

“I- uhm… y-yeah! Yeah…” He stuttered, holding your hands in one of his

“But if you run… We will catch you. Do you understand, y/n?” He glared back into you again, clearly not swayed by the puppy love acting

Nodding, you let him pick you up
And suddenly, when you both got to the door, he let you down from his arms

“Behave yourself, dear…” He sang, pushing the door open for you to go first

Walking out, the music of the plex filled your ears, echoing through the neon environment as you both walked over to Mazercise

“So… What made you pick Mazercise? No Roxy Raceway or… Bonnie Bowl? Fazerblast?” His tone and voice were much more gentle in public with you, as a more playful, mischievous spirit

“Ah- I just didn’t know the names of the other ones…” You fumbled with your shirt, keeping a close eye on your surroundings.

You kept tabs on exits, security guards, doors…
The guards seemed strange though… When they saw you, they’d immediately look at the menacing 10-foot-tall animatronic beside you, looking back down at you before you could catch a glimpse of guilt wash over them

*Do they work for him as well? Am I truly alone? Will nobody help me?? Fuck- no- I’m ok. I’M NOT!! This is NOT how I wanted it to go!!! FUCK!*

You kept walking forward before he led you into a hallway, no people in sight… But you did see a glowing red door on the left side of the hall
You looked up at the back of Moon’s head before darting your eyes back to the emergency exit sign

The door had a turn handle
It looked a little strong, but if you built up enough adrenaline, you’d make it...


The atmosphere became foggy and thick, your heart pounded in your ears while the bright led came closer

Finally, it was time. You’d approached the door, and quickly, you turned the handle, pushing it open before



(thunk, thunk)

*Are you fucking with me right now… LOCKED???*

“Oh dear… Did you really think you’d escape that easily?” He cackled as you let go of the handle, backing away as his head spun around to stare back down at you, his body correlating soon after

“M-moon-y I-I”

“Shshhshhh~ little dove…” He whispered, crouching down on his knees “Come here, my dear… I won’t hurt you~” Moon’s voice echoed in your ears as you trembled, immediately turning your back on him and running in the opposite direction

His laughter filled the hall as you made it to the door you entered through

You immediately banged yourself against the push door, pounding your balled fists against the thick door

Tears began to well up in your eyes as you began to cry and scream for help, Moon’s footsteps creeping eerily closer before halting

You’d expected him to grab you or hurt you in some way, awaiting the attack while you fearfully faced the door
The hall was silent, too silent

Turning around, he immediately grabbed you by your throat, lifting you in the air and cocking his hand back to unsheath his claws

“Hahahah… ‘my love’, ‘i belong to you’... Silly of you to think we’d fall for such pitiful acting, sweetheart.” He banged you into the thick door, knocking the wind out of you as your head rung, the light feeling of your head being banged against the thick door while you struggled to breathe

Clawing at his hands, you saw his face begin to fade as you lost consciousness
You gave out…

“Nighty night~”