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Sunny Days and Moonlit Nights

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You sloppily smacked off your alarm, sluggishly pulling your arm back under the covers
*first day of work… this’ll be good hopefully…*
For you, this was actually amazing. After being unemployed for months and just barely scraping by, any job opportunity was obviously a blessing. You were given a fairly easy job, keep watch over the kids and the Daycare Attendants to make sure nothing ended up malfunctioning or possibly glitching out.
You yanked off the covers in a jolt of energy before you could doze off again. Feeling the crisp air hit your skin led you to stretch out your joints, letting out a small groan for each stretch.
Finally you get up, grab a granola bar from the kitchen pantry and start searching for some decent clothes. After “dolling” yourself up, you brushed your teeth and brushed your hair out for it to look a bit neater than your usual bed-head look.

Stepping outside your tiny apartment you take a deep inhale of the morning air, hear the faint sounds of human life, birds, chirping. You quickly lock the door and dash down the apartment stairs. You grab your bike from the rack and swiftly make your way over to the Pizzaplex. *Hold on... what if i'm not good at my job? Pff- that's nonsense.. I'm just watching and monitoring, what's the big deal..*..
You ride through the town until you finally make it, putting your bike into the rack and locking it. You tightly grip your bag and enter the pizzaplex as it just opens.. *ah.. plus.. I get to enjoy the mornings every day..*. As you make your way in you immediately catch sight of a security guard patrolling the front area. "Uhh, excuse me? Miss?" you call out, she looks at you as if she was knocked out of a thought. "Oh! Sorry, yes ma'am how can I help you" "No worries! This is my first day on the job, I'm supposed to be working over by the daycare, could you please tell me where that is?" "Right! You're y/n aren't you?", you nod your head "Yeah, they told me to be here as soon as the plex opens haha..".
While traversing through the plex you read the guard's name tag *hm.. Vanessa.. I'll keep her in mind*.. "Alright! Here we are.. there should be someone waiting at the security desk for you to switch out with them, they will show you the ropes. Good luck with your first day!", she walked back down the stairs while you entered through the entrance. While walking down the hall you notice the outrageously huge "Sundrop and Moondrop candy" advertisements as well as the faint music, very.. silly music for a daycare.

You finally make your way to the daycare, walking down the stairs and through the double doors you make your way towards the security desk. "Hi, I'm Y/n.. I was just recently employed here-" "Yeah yeah I know, come on, lets get you started.."
This guard was a bit rude, but of course it's nothing you can't handle. You both make your way to the locker room where he showed you your locker and handed you the key. "Okay, so, since your position doesn't call for much, most things are gonna be self-explanatory. If Sun or Moon start to malfunction, contact parts and service immediately, it'll be your responsibility to take their place while they're out. This rarely happens though so again, not much to worry about. Uhh, what else... oh, you have a packet of all this information along with other emergency situations in one of the drawers at the desk. Other than that, just enjoy your shift." "Ah- okay.. thank you uhh.." you look down at his tag "Mark. Thank you, Mark." you stammered. "Alright, i'll be going then, good luck with your first day"

After he left the locker room you immediately changed into your work uniform and walked back into the daycare. Just as you sat down you heard something crash into the ball pit.. Getting up to investigate you make your way to the other side of the daycare. As you approached the pit you felt a small warmth from behind you. "HOHOHO! HELLO NEW FRIEND!" a voice boomed from behind you, you immediately jolted at the noise, turning around to only be staring at... striped pants...? You finally met his gaze, looking up at him, he must've been at least 10 feet tall..
"Oh. my. god." you whispered while he crouched down to your level "Haha!! Hellooooo? Are you there Sunshine? What's your name? Are you new? I've never seen you around the pizzaplex before!! Hohoho!! So exciting!!" "I- uhhh- I- My name is y/n.. and y-yes i'm new.. a-re you sun?" "COOooorecto y/n!! The kids usually come when the daycare opens, so we have abouuuttttt 30 minutes to play!! Hehehe!" "A-alright!!" when was the last time you've been this nervous in front of someone.. something? You don't even know at this point. However, now you have a friend.. A warm, welcoming friend..