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Fuck that Eel

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Tears. That’s all that surrounded Oz. Cries. It was all he could hear. Pain. It’s what he could see on his friend’s faces. And himself was guilty. He caused everyone to be like this. Even the Interdimensional Prince was there, crying his eyes out.


When Oz walked up to her casket, he fell to the ground. “It was my fault.” Everyone turned their heads to look at him. “I could have saved you, kept you from dying.” Oz put one small hand on top of the casket. White eyes disappeared.


“I knew that eel was bad news. He told me everything that he wanted to do. . .and yet. Even after trying to change Miranda’s mind, nothing worked. I could have protected her, kept her from going out the way she did.” Oz sighed out; he felt tired.


“I didn’t. I was too late.” His form shook from under him as he tried to stand up again. “I couldn’t do a thing. And yet, Pheel got away with it. He wasn’t caught as people thought. He was- I was-” Oz choked up while crying harder.

Vicky walked up to Oz before hugging her friend, and soon Brian and Amira did the same. The Fearling couldn’t stop crying, white tears running down his face. The others looked at the four on the floor before their eyes went to Oz. They didn’t notice that someone was trying to stop all this from happening and suffered the worst. They didn't know that someone knew what was going on and tried everything they could to stop Pheel.


Laudanda, Bellanda, and Amanda slowly walked up to the group before Laudanda put a hand on Oz’s shoulder. “We understand that you tried to protect our younger sister the best that you could. For that, in the name of the Vanderbilts, we thank you for your bravery. However, we are ashamed to know that you had to take things into your own hands because our sister didn’t understand the danger before her.”


Amanda, ordinarily quiet and shy, gently put Miranda’s crown within Oz’s hands. “We trust you with the youngest Vanderbilt crown. We are in your de-” “Hold on now.” Vicky stood up, heartbroken but angry. “Oz doesn’t need a group of royals to tell him that they are in a royal promise with him. Do you not see how broken he is at the moment?”


The three looked at the Fearling, who was now trying to keep his tears in but failing. Gently the crown was taken back. “Ah yes, sorry about that. We forget that sometimes it isn’t the right time to be a royal. We shall talk about this later, Oz.” Bellanda said as all three sisters bowed and walked away from the monster.

“Thank you, Vicky. Means a lot.” Vicky hugged her best friend tightly before helping him up. “What are friends for? Now go; I’m sure Damien needs to speak to you. I’m going to go comfort, Scott.” Oz gulped before walking over to Damien, his head down in shame. Vicky walked over to Scott, hugging the werewolf.

“Don’t ever leave me, Vicky.” The Frankengirl hugged Scott tighter, more tears leaving her eyes. “I won’t. I promise.” Scott smiled a bit before rubbing his eyes more. For once, his cousins weren’t teasing him. Good. He couldn’t be able to handle his anger if they did. Vicky knew her boyfriend needed as much support as he could get from her.

Brian, on the other hand, was standing near Liam. Both monsters know that hugging isn’t the way to comfort the other. “Brian, as mainstream as it is for me to say this, I’m happy that we met each other, and do you want to grab a coffee later.” The zombie knew this was Liam’s way of staying and that he didn’t want to be alone tonight. Which was understandable for what happened. “No problem.”

Amira was hugging Vera and Valerie. She knew the girls wouldn’t be able to live with themselves tonight. “Amira, as my adviser, you are invited to our home tonight. My sister could use the company.” Vera explained, but Amira knew the truth. “Yeah, I can come over.” The cat nodded before sniffling. "Thank you, Amira."

Damien quickly hugged Oz before the other hid his face within the other’s shirt. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” The demon hugged the Fearling tighter, his tail wrapping around the other’s leg. “It’s bullshit that you had to go through that and watch her die. Fuck that Eel.” Oz kept sobbing within Damien’s shirt while Damien tried to look strong in front of his dads and boyfriend; failing every moment, he tried to wipe away his tears.

Nothing could change facts. Miranda was dead. Nothing would be the same. The people who wanted Miranda dead rejoice in freedom. While those close to her, those who knew her past the royal crown on her head, cried in sorrow that the pink-haired girl would never be seen again at Monster High. 


Besides, tomorrow was a new reset.