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History is Written in Permanent Ink.

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Grian joined the game

That was the message everyone received in their comms. Grian had left the server game a few days ago, no one knew exactly why or how.

Neither did they know why he returned. Why would he? No one really wanted to be there, trapped in a world with very narrow limits to grow fake alliances that will be later broken by their hunger for conflict.

Optimistic hopes were that Grian had perhaps returned to save them. Take them to wherever he had been those three days. Save them from the misery it means to have and kill your friends to win a game without an end. Sadly for them, it was not the case.

The first thing Grian noticed was that he was falling and a hot air, characteristic of a desert, made his hair cover his face. His wings flapped in a desperate try to stop the fall, but Grian didn’t really have enough energy to stay in the air. Because they consumed it all, just so he couldn't remember.

So he let himself fall. Waiting to hit something or maybe just stay there, with closed eyes and a bright sky in front of him.

And it felt like he had already done that. And he had. But he was not supposed to remember. He won't remember

He didn't feel the impact. His body laid in smooth sand, and when Grian opened his eyes, he found himself looking up to a clear blue sky with a shiny sun right at the top, indicating noon.

Grian’s comm started buzzing as quickly as he stood up, analysing his surroundings and trying to figure out where he was. The sand apparently wasn't part of an island or a little coast beach as he initially thought. Instead, Grian was in a large and hot desert. In front of him there was a world border, an infinite barrier that separated the piece of land he was in from the rest of the world. When he turned at his right, it was just endless sand, cactus and a building that seemed way too familiar to be unknown. There was a name in Grian’s mind, but it could not be possible. Third life ended a long while ago. But somehow the building he once built with Scar's help stood there, intact and perfect as it had once been.

He began walking towards the forest around the desert, debating with himself if walking to the place he and Scar once lived in was a good idea while his mind was trying to come up and give a coherent answer for a question way too complicated for Grian’s knowledge. Had he somehow returned to the old map? Even if so, the castle would've been entirely destroyed due to a failed trap made by Grian. It didn't make any sense. Nothing made any sense. He was back at Spiky fort just a few.. hours ago? No. Definitely more than a few hours. Grian didn't know exactly how much, though. Time worked weirdly in the void and he gave up trying to keep count of how much time he spent there after a few minutes.

As he considerated approaching the tall building, his comm started buzzing again. This time, he decided to go under a tree's shadow to read it.

Grian joined the game.
<BdoubleO100> Oh he's back 
<EthosLab> How did he leave 
<Smajor1995> He's alive? 
<ImpulseSV> I thought Grian died?
<GoodTimeWithScar> No, he just somehow left 
<ImpulseSV> Oh

As he read, he noticed Bdubs’ and Impulses’ names were in different colours- while Bdubs was yellow, Impulse's was green. He took a moment to look at their names and realised he was somehow back in third life. He didn't know how he ended up here or how he was going to get back. He didn't even think he wanted to get back in the first place. He could change everyone's fates. He could try and rewrite this already finished history. He could save Scar.

As he was lost in thought, Grian's comm made a soft 'ding', indicating someone whispered to him. However, as he looked down to the chat, he realised that he forgot to read the entire conversation.

<GoodTimeWithScar> Has anyone seen Grian?
<GoodTimeWithScar> I went to check spawn but he wasn't there
<ImpulseSV> Have you tried going where he disconnected?
<GoodTimeWithScar> I wasn't with him when he disconnected. He was lighting up the desert
<ZombieCleo> Try whispering to him
<GoodTimeWithScar> Right! I'll try
GoodTimeWithScar whispers to you: G? Where are you?

Grian didn't really know how to indicate to Scar where he was, he remembered little to nothing about the desert, and it seemed way bigger than he remembered it. Third life had been so long ago and Grian had been trying to forget everything but comforting memories with Scar. So instead, he offered to meet in monopoly mountain, which was easy to get given the fact that he could see the building from the tree he laid in.

When Scar replied, Grian was already on his way to monopoly mountain.

GoodTimeWithScar whispers to you: Okay then! I’ll be there in a sec

He turned off his comm and kept walking under the hot sun towards his and his soulmate's old place.

Apparently, Monopoly mountain was more far than he had initially thought since when he finally got to the top of it, the sun was not in its old spot anymore. Grian calculated he had walked around 30 minutes. When he arrived, Scar was waiting for him, nervously looking up and down to his comm repeatedly. Grian slowly approached Scar from behind, carefully stepping so he wouldn't make any noise and scare his friend. As he got closer, he decided to talk.

“Hey Scar.” The elf’s ears twitched. His head turned to face Grian, their eyes meeting.

“Hey Grian.” Scar smiled and Grian returned the smile as he walked towards his friend, this time without caring if he made a sound or not. When he stood up right in front of him, Scar stood up to hug his partner. It was a warm hug, and even though there wasn't an apparent reason for it, both clinged to each other. Grian’s wings wrapped around Scar, a familiar feeling drowning the both of them.

And the hug lasted for long, maybe too long given the pain in Scar's legs as he sat again. But it felt nice, it felt like home. Because the hug was as long and warm as they were used to. 

As Grian was used to.

And maybe, just maybe, he could get used to live once more in a game he already won.