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Vacuuming Sucks

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“What in the Titan’s name is that beast!?” Hunter screamed, clinging tight to Willow’s arm and pointing frantically at the roaring vacuum cleaner Luz had just pushed into her room.

She blinked at him for a moment before hitting the power switch and letting the loud noise of the vacuum motor die down. “Um... It’s a vacuum cleaner,” she explained, showing him the machine and that it wouldn’t hurt him. “I need to clean the carpet.”

Hunter’s grasp on Willow eased and his shoulders melted back down into a more natural position. Willow pat his hand gently to soothe him. “Gus, you know how a vacuum cleaner works, don’t you?” She asked her much more knowledgeable friend about the device.

“Of course I know what a vacuum cleaner is!” Gus squealed excitedly. “But I’ve never seen one in action before! I was so jealous when Amity told me Miss Camila taught her how to use it when we were out... Could you show me how to use it, Luz? Pretty please? With a cherry on top?”

Luz let out a bright laugh. “Vee’s been teaching you new human words, hasn’t she?” She asked, grinning proudly at Gus. He nodded fervently at her. “I figured. That’s her favorite phrase. Come here, I’ll show you everything I know about this old thing.” She waved him over and turned her gaze back up towards Hunter and Willow. “You might want to take him outside. It’s going to be loud for a while.”

Willow nodded and gently guided Hunter out of the bedroom they were all sharing so Luz and Gus could take care of getting all the dust out of the carpet.

“So the first thing you want to do is make sure it’s plugged in to the wall. We’re already plugged in down the hallway. I know making sure you’re plugged in to central power has been hard for all of you. It’s weird when you don’t have to worry about wires. I almost had to get used to it again,” Luz explained, running her hand down the power cord. “Anyways. This is the power button. When you turn it on, the motor starts pulling in air, so when you put the head on something, it takes the dust with it. It also takes anything else small enough to fit in the machine, so be careful to not run anything over, okay?”

Gus nodded enthusiastically, his eyes sparkling. “Sure thing!” He chirped.

“Cool!” Luz confirmed, switching the vacuum on. “So then once it’s on, you just push it back and forth. Like this.” She slowly moved the vacuum across the carpet and brought it back to its baseline. “You try!”

Gus took the handle on the vacuum and mirrored her motions at a similar speed. He looked like his mind had just been opened. “I feel like I’m living out everything I’ve ever dreamed of,” he gasped softly.

Luz chuckled and placed her hands on her hips casually. “If you do a good enough job in here, I might even give you the privilege of doing the whole house next.”