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Lethal Justice

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“Shit,” a young voice muttered. Allison hazily opened her eyes, and slightly winced at the flickering street light. Five was leaning on a mailbox and panting heavily. Allison looked around lazily and saw Luther and Vanya passed out while Diego started to stir awake.

“Five?” Allison whispered into the darkness. Five turned his head, still leaning on the mailbox, and sighed. “Five,” Allison repeated, a bit more firmly, “Where the hell are we, now?” Five scoffed, “Don’t you think I’m trying to figure that out,” He snapped back sassily.

Diego eventually fully sat up, waking up a bit more thanks to his sibling's bickering. Vanya calmly slept on his right, while Luther was curled up on his left. “Hey,” Diego whispered. He began to shake Vanya and turned to do the same to Luther.

“Ugh.” Vanya groaned out. She slowly sat up and glared at Diego, then looked at Five. “Five, where are we?” She muttered. “Can’t anyone see I also just fucking got here too!” Five yelled out in frustration.

Allison wobbly stood up and turned to Vanya. “How about we actually try and find out, unlike some people.” She said, sending a glare to Five. He sent an eye roll in response as Vanya stood up, using Allison as support for a moment.

While this was happening, Diego struggled to awaken Luther from his deep, deep slumber. “Hey guys, I think Spacemonkey had some sort of concussion. Hell, maybe he’s in a coma.” Allison turned to him and raised an eyebrow.

She began to walk towards him and suddenly sent a kick to Luther’s stomach. He quickly sat up and grabbed his stomach while wheezing loudly. Diego smirked and glanced up at Allison, “Thanks.”

“It’s fine. I want everyone to come and check out the place before we actually do anything.” No one had truly decided to take a look at their surroundings until now. They were on a sidewalk right in front of a shitty alleyway. Blood on the brick walls, overflowing dumpster, and it absolutely reeked of weed.

Of course, the (second) biggest problem was that Klaus was nowhere in sight. But yeah. First, know where they are, then worry about their dear brother.

“Klaus?” Vanya asked, basically shouting at the air, “Klaus!” Her voice echoed and everything abruptly went black.


Klaus's eyes slowly opened and immediately closed from the bright light that shone on his face. He moved his hands to cover his eyes but found them cuffed behind a chair. He groaned loudly at the inconvenience.

He tried moving his legs, but they were as well, cuffed to the chair. The room was dark except for the bright static light from the CCTV that glared directly at him.

“You arrived from some sort of portal if Robin was correct.” A voice spoke in the dark, “Where do you come from? I’ve scanned your face, nothing, your fingerprints, nothing.”

“How about I ask an even better question, where the hell am I!” Klaus yelled back. “And who are you?”

The figure stepped out of the darkness and boy was this good. The one and only, The Batman.