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I refused to put you in the danger

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When Kevin woke up, the first thought came into his mind was pain. His head and neck had such dull throbbing pain, it reminds him of one time in his childhood when he accidentally falls from a tree. He doesn't remember why he climb the tree in the first place, but because he doesn't experienced pain that often, so he remembers it every single time. And he was certain he would remember this time as well, if he ever lived.

He looked around and all he could see was dark, its reminding him how he came to this situation. The ground underneath him was cold and hard, like a concrete ground, he tries to move his body only to find out that his hands are tied together as well as his feet, make him feel like the mummy from ancient Egypt.

'Click' A click pops into the air with some footsteps, suddenly there is a beam of light shoots towards him. He kept blinking to adapt the source of light but there are tears surrounds his eyes due to sudden sharp light. When he tries to focus his sight, he saw two men are standing on top of him.

"Good morning, Professor. " A man with deep voice, he recognized the voice from the park, had dragged him up like dragging a dead animal, and then he throws him against a wall with such great force, Kevin thought he was going to crash through it.

Kevin gritted his teeth through the aching pain to avoid having to moan, he does not want the criminals to witness his weakness, thought he felt as if he will not have a choice soon.

"... What do you want? " The criminals must want something from him to threaten Raymond, they make it clear in the park that he was just a tool for them to get to Raymond. Kevin hated himself for that. He hated himself for being a weakness to Raymond, like Achilles's heels to Achilles. Raymond is the most courageous man he ever knows, he is brave, never hide from confrontation and always ready to fight. Yet he had become such easy target himself, that the bad guys can just use him to against Raymond.

No one knows but throughout the 8 years of Raymond's PR career, he was secretly having relieve over it. It is not that he doesn't want Raymond to have his dream job or desired career, but he could not deny the peace of mind that he felt whenever he knows that Raymond will come home in a piece every day in those 8 years. That he does not have to worry over his safety anymore, unlike back in the day when he was a detective, back when he was worried, anxious every single day. Every morning when they greet each other with a productive day ahead, he also secretly praying that Raymond had a safety day ahead.

'I hope you have a productive day today, Raymond. ' And Please Be Safe. He always added that piece himself, in his mind, with his heart.

Unfortunately, the prayer was not listened every time, Raymond had endured a lot of injuries throughout his career as a detective. However, he survived through those, he is also the toughest man that Kevin ever knows. Raymond will not bat an eye even if he got stabbed, while Kevin might have tears in his eyes over a cut in the kitchen.

"What do I want? Right now, I'm thinking how to tell your husband that I have you with me. " The man grabbed a chair and sitting in front of him, and he was playing a knife in his hands, he pointed the knife at him while speaking.

"You are a smart guy, aren't ya Professor? Any suggestion? " He continues to taunt him, with an evil grin on his face.

Kevin tries to stay calm, he could not be panic, there are sweats dripping from his head, but he could not let these criminals knows that they got him. He swallowed hard and thinks rapidly, tries to think of a way, even if it seems impossible, to escape from this.

"I say just take his ring. Send it to the cop husband, can you imagine the look on his face? " Another voice chimed in, there was another guy who was holding the light and stand behind the man.

"Good idea. Just by thinking it makes me thrilled. That fucking cop. " The man agrees with his partner swiftly.

Kevin's eyes widen at the conversation. No, not his wedding ring. It is the one significant item that symbolizes their love throughout the hardships, it is not just a symbol of love, but also their sacrifices, their journey, their hope and their determination. Everything, everything they had gone through ever since they'd been together.

The man was coming closer to him and tries to take away his ring. Kevin is a smart man; he knows in this moment he best relent and not try to fight back. But if he was not even try to fight back, even a little for this, he will despise himself forever.

"No... " He tries to move away his hands from the man, with his both hands tied his actions has not been a success.

"If you move again, I will cut off your finger rather than just take away the ring, old man. " The man lose patience very quick and kicked him at the ribs while threatening him. The sharp pain from his ribs had him seeing stars for a while, and by the time the man already took his ring.

"There it is. " The man was reading the ring, the initials.

"Hah even got that cop's name here. How about we smeared it with some blood? Not enough thrilling if we only send the ring right? " That evil voice continues, Kevin already had tears in his eyes and he is trying very hard not to cry. But it was so painful, he never had this in his entire life and it was unadaptable, not at this moment.

The next thing he knows there's a stabbing pain came from his right arm, he couldn't help but yelp a little at the sudden pain.

"Nice, now we can ship this thing out. " The man smeared the ring with his blood, while Kevin was using all his effort to endure the pain from his head, his body and his arm, his minds wants to say something but he could not voice a single thing.

Before they walk away, the guy that holding a light came forward, grabbed him by his collar and smashed him against the wall again. And this time he blacked out.

'These hurts so bad... ' This is his last thought before his mind went completely dark.


There were a tension surrounds the 99 today. Ever since their captain stormed out and came back in a terrible expression that they never saw before, the precinct had been in a tense mood. No one jokes around anymore, even Cheddar just lied down on the floor looking upset. Everyone is checking every clue they have, which is not much, and going through Captain Raymond Holt's past record is just too much of a work that could not have done within a couple hours.

"Maybe focus on those who just got out from the jail. They are the most likely want to get revenge to Captain Holt. " Amy suggested, which seems like a good start.

"And also, those whose family are recent caught, especially those that got jail time. It might not be the criminal themselves but their family. " Jake chimed in, he looks very serious and unlike the usual goofy self.

Terry divides the records based on years and each of them take about 5 years' worth of record to go through, where Scully and Hitchcock will focus on older paper document which they were more familiar with. Raymond Holt had over 30 years in the force and there are tons of criminals fallen on his hand, it is not an easy task.

"I know now is not the time but oh my god captain had so many cases! And so many arrest! " Charles looked at the pile of documents feeling weak.

"No time to complain, chop chop and get into it already. " Rosa already quickly flipping through the records and search the name in the computer. Although in recent years most of the cases are digitized but most of the cases that Raymond Holt had his hands on are from the 80s and 90s where almost all of them are not digitized yet. Part of it might be a thanks to the slow progress of Hitchcock and Scully.

"Is Captain Holt okay? " Scully looked at the firmly closed captain's door worriedly.

"I don't think so, he didn't even come out after he briefly told us what happened. " Terry was stressed out, he even stop refer to himself as third person.

"Guys, let Captain Holt do what he wants, we will have his back. Let's focus and solve this, bring Kevin back! " Jake clapped his hand and started on his pile.

Inside the captain's office, Raymond was staring into blank behind his desk. In front of him is a piece of paper, he is writing down the name of the criminals that he thought was most possible to do this, start with those that having records of kidnapping.

He only got through the third name and his mind went off like a stallion. Writing down those name takes him back to the cases, and how those criminals treat their victim, it makes Raymond sick by just picturing Kevin in those.

He takes a deep breath and rubs his face with his hand, then he forces himself to keep thinking, keep writing. Most of the kidnap have a golden 48 hours, if he can solve this within the time, there are high chance that he can have Kevin back. There is no time to waste.

While he is writing down the fourth name, someone had knocked his door. It is Santiago, and she knows better than disturb him now if not for very important things. And by that he means the squad out there probably got a clue.

"Come in, Santiago. " Amy poked her face behind the door, and her expression is not happy. No, the squad probably got nothing. Then why she knocked on his door?

Tension builds between them even before Amy talks, but she said: "Captain, the precinct receive something. You need to look at this. "

Maybe it's the kidnapper, sending his/her message. Raymond stands quickly and follows Amy out to the bullpen. The rest of the squad had their eyes on him when he picked up an envelope from Terry's desk.

It is a common brown envelope that used everywhere, especially in post office. But this one does not have stamp, meaning they are sent in person.

"Who send this? " Raymond hold on to the envelope, it only writes RAYMOND HOLT on it, no address, nothing else.

"Officer Bailey said he found this in front of the precinct door when he was going out. " Terry replied, he had almost interrogated that police officer, but he got nothing.

Raymond looked at the envelope, hands shaking a little. He so wants to know what is inside but also so don't want to know what is inside. It torn inside him. A few seconds later he swallowed hard and open the envelope in a swift with a pocketknife.

Inside there was a piece of paper. It only had one sentence, it says: 'DO YOU REMEMBER US? ' in crimson red. Just by looking at it Raymond knows immediately it was blood. Whose blood is the real question here. He dares not to think but the logical part of his brain already sickens him to the core.

"Is it... blood? " Jake whispered very low to Amy while Amy nodded, deeply troubled by the fact that the blood that is used as ink could very much possibly be Kevin's blood.

After the initial shock, the squad decides to turn their focus elsewhere. Raymond looked at the handwriting, he tries to ignore the red colour which almost shines in front of him.

"This is two man's job. " The kidnappers use a plural term to represent them, they are a team.

"The kidnapper had more than 1 people? " Charles noticed the plural term as well.

"That narrows down the suspect a lot. We can even compare the handwriting! Captain, may I? " Amy wanted Raymond to pass her the paper, he relent and the next thing he does is turn the envelope around to observe the handwriting that writes his name, whether it is the same as the paper or not.

It is that moment when he turns the envelope, he noticed something at the corner. There are more inside the envelope, it feels like an object, a round object.

It feels like a ring.

The realization hit him like a truck, he could not breath for a few seconds there. Terry noticed his face changes: "Captain, do you notice something else? "

Raymond's hand is shaking, his body was trembling a little, he had never been so afraid in his life before. He can face any challenge, any criminals in the world but he could not bear to think that Kevin was the one that facing them, he did not dare to think what had happened to his Kevin.

"There's... something else in this. " He turned the envelope upside down slowly, and the object falls on his hand.

It is a ring.

It is the ring that Raymond will not recognized wrong, he knows the shape, the looks, how it shines under the light and what had written inside. But the ring looks different, it is not shining gold like it used to be, instead it was smeared, almost coated with crimson red and looks dimmed by that.

Kevin's blood. On Kevin's ring.

The truth is like a hard-swallowed pill, he will not mistake this. This... This was Kevin's ring, with his blood on it.

Raymond brings the ring closer, and he caress the ring until his hand are full of red, he cleans the inner side so he can see his initials on it. RJH.

He almost burst to tears the moment he saw the initials. All the worries, anxious, distress are too much emotion for him and he never knows how to deal with those positively. He keeps his tears in his eyes, but the rest of the squad still can see it.

"It was Kevin's... ring. " He blinked a few times, take deep breaths a few times to try to calm himself.

"Captain... we will find him. " Jake came up and gave a light hug to him.

Raymond looked at the ring again, and although he knows that this should be bagged in as an evidence, he wants to have it a little longer. The ring is cold, the red on it is also cold, just like how he feels right now.

"Yes, we will find him. " He nodded and the rest of the squad started their investigation.

Raymond closed his eyes in the middle of bullpen, he did not corrected Jake. That it was a rookie mistake, to promise something in front of... victim's family. A rookie mistake that he himself was willing to have right now.

He will find his husband and bring him home, safe and sound. He will not have other possibilities.

Raymond brings his fist to his side, with his left hand still holding the ring, he can feel his own ring touching it. And he feels determined.

"Squad, I have a few names on my mind. "

There isn't a lot of team kidnapper, he can find them last time, he can find them this time.

And until then... Please be safe, Kevin.

He thinks that piece himself, in his mind, with his heart.