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I refused to put you in the danger

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"Today is a chilling day, don't you think so? Mr Cheddar? " Kevin bent down and rubbed Cheddar's ears before setting him free to run around the dog park that they frequently visited.

He stood in the middle of the ground and look after Cheddar who runs happily around the benches and trees, chasing squirrels or butterflies or any moving object that he saw. It was a lovely morning where Kevin do not have his first class until 3 hours later, so he had plenty of time here.

"Hi Kevin, how do you do? " There are occasional pleasantries exchanged with some of the other dog's owner happening in the scene as well, which Kevin somehow enjoyed, and they will talk about their dog's recent behaviors or anything that need to look out for.

"Cheddar? Where are you? " At one point after he said goodbye to another lovely German Shepherd's owner, he turned around and found himself losing sight of his fluffy boy. And then he spotted the creamy-white colored Corgi is running towards a bush that near to the side of the road.

"Cheddar, why are you there? Come back please. " Kevin walks over there to follow his fluffy boy without thinking, only intend to bring back his dog.

"Cheddar? " Kevin approached the bush and squatted down so that he can have a better view of what is in front while calling Cheddar.

Until he felt something was on his back, something unusual and dangerous, at least to him.

"Good Morning, Professor Kevin Cozner. " A deep voice came behind him, a voice that sounds hoarse, definitely not someone he knows.

Kevin swallowed slowly to pull himself together. He cannot panic, not at a place like this.

"Good Morning, I... believed that I do not know you. " He speaks calmly, however if Raymond were here, he will recognize the trembled and fear underneath it.

"Yes, you do not know me. But your husband does, now how about you walk with me? Hmm? I need you to do me a favour, and I am not asking. " The man push the gun deeper into his sweater, likely to push him move forward.

"... Okay. " Kevin stands up slowly and moving forward one step at a time, slow enough but not enough to draw attention. He could not afford to have this gunman going rampage at a dog park, at a place that is full of people, not to mention a bunch of kids are here.

"Good. Professor. It is so easy to talk to smart people, they always know what not to do... and what to do. " The man keep pushing him and eventually they end up at the car park where a car had its door opened. There is no one in the car park, so no way for Kevin to ask for help. They stood by the car, and he can feel there is someone else in the car.

The next thing he knew was this sharp pain that came from the back of his head, and then he was drawn to darkness.

"Quick and clean, your skill is improving. " The man from the car poked his head out while the other man dragging Kevin to the back of the car.

"Help me tied him up, don't just sit there and use your mouth! " Soon after, the car was driven away.

"What ya do with his dog? "

"I shot him with a dose of drug I stole from vet. "

"Why not just kill it? "

"Kill a dog and attract attention? What do you think the people at the park will find after they found the dog dead? "

"Mmm hmm alright. But this guy is a professor, his workplace gonna find him anyway. "

"I checked his next class is in another 3 hours, and trust me. " "3 hours is more than what we need. "


When Cheddar woke up in a bush, he was confused.

"Woof? " He stands up, he looked around. He recognizes this place, this is the place where he can run around and play with a lot of things. Usually he came with his dad, the one that smelled like one of the room in the house. The books.

But where is he?

Cheddar follows the smell until he reached the car park, he did not see his dad. But he remembered he was the one that took him here. And now he is gone, with the smell stopped at here.

Cheddar moved his ear, something in him tells him it is not right. Dad will not leave him here.

"Woo... " And his right back foot is hurt, someone... someone hurt him. That someone might hurt his dad, too.

"Woof! " Cheddar perked up his ear and starts running, he needs to find the other dad. He knows the road back to the house, and from there he knows the road to the place his other dad always brings him to. Usually is fetching some weird stuff, but he gets treats afterwards.

Somehow Cheddar knows, something is not right. This is not what it usually is, this is not what it supposed to be.

He had to get to his other dad, quick.


It is a bright sunny day over at the 99th precinct. Jake is whining about Wario as usual and the only listener he had is Charles.

"I told you it was not fair! " Jake was taking the elevator while he spotted a certain fluffy boy was running towards them.

"Oh hi Cheddar, did captain bring you to work today? " Jake pets the dog while walking into the elevator.

"That is strange, today is not heist day, isn't it? " Charles was always happy to see a dog, but it is unusual for captain to bring in Cheddar at a normal day.

"No, if it is heist day I will be the first one to know... Oh he ran off. " As soon as the elevator door opened, Cheddar dashed out.

"Oh Hi Cheddar, why are you here? " Terry asked, but Cheddar did not stop and run right past him.

"Woof! Woof! Woof! " Cheddar stopped at the front door of Captain Raymond Holt's office and start barking.

The whole bullpen are watching as the scene unfold.

The door on Captain's office opened, and the captain looked confused: "Cheddar? Why are you here? "

"Captain, isn't you the one who bring him here? " Amy was moving her chair so she can stay away from the dog, stupid allergy.

"No, at this time he should be walking in the dog park with Kevin. Did Kevin bring you here? Where is he? " Raymond looked at his dog, Cheddar appears to be a little disheveled, his fur is dirty, like he ran outside for a long time.

"Woof! Woof! " Cheddar can't talk, but he looks at Raymond with an expression that signs danger.

"... Is Kevin in danger? Is that why you are here? To tell me? " Raymond had a bad feeling about this. This is unusual, and Kevin is nothing but a routine man, he will not break their routine if not for something emergency happened. Or something bad happened.

He brings his dog to his arm and that is when he noticed the dog winced when he touched his right back foot. He checked and found a short needle there, the one that looks like used by the vet.

Kevin will never leave such things on their dog. Kevin will never let Cheddar runs at outside for too long without cleaning him. Kevin will never let Cheddar came to the precinct alone. There was only one explanation, only one possibility.

Sudden panic arised from his inner side and made him feeling dizzy for a second. Raymond took a deep breath to try to calm down. This is wrong. He knows that. He knows from his gut feeling.

Kevin is in danger.

"Squad, pardon me. " There is no time to waste. Raymond sprinted back to his office to pick up his jacket. He had to go to the dog park, right now.


When he rushed to the park, Cheddar lead him to the carpark, where there is very few car right now due to it was almost noon. Cheddar barked at the same spot that he last smelled his dad, but there were nothing.

"Cheddar, is this where you last saw Kevin? " Raymond petted Cheddar who was obviously upset at the spot. Then he looked around. He does not came to this park very often, in fact most of the dog walking task are done by Kevin. He knows this park but not "know" this park.

"Cheddar, can you show me where you injured your foot? " Kevin is no fool on the safety precautions, he must be tricked and took by surprise so he could not perform his self defense skills against the kidnapper.

Cheddar lead him to the nearby bushes, he found the rest of the needle under one of the bush. This must be where Cheddar got attacked, maybe Kevin got lured into the bush and that is how he got kidnapped. Maybe the kidnapper threaten him with a gun so he did not fight back.

It is a bright sunny day but Raymond felt cold, he looked at the needles and its surroundings. He could not find anything. Kevin did not left anything behind.

He had nothing to begin with. Yet Kevin is still gone. How will he find him? How can he find him? He's a detective yet he had not a single thing.

Raymond felt as if a cold hand had squeezed his heart and leave him breathless. He hated being passive but this is all he have. He had to wait for the kidnapper to contact him, presumably they would. Else...

No, do not think that right now. Be tough for Kevin. Raymond swallowed hard and thought.

"Woo... " Cheddar is barking softly, in a sad way. He knows his dad is incapable of bringing his other dad home right now.

"I'm sorry, Cheddar. I had nothing. We have to wait for them to call. " Raymond could not believe he is thinking this but all he could do now is pray. The kidnapper must want something from him, not Kevin. Never... never Kevin.

His nightmare is becoming true. Ever since Kevin was with him, he had this tiny voice, little thoughts lingering around his mind, that his job will cost safety even from Kevin. He taught him self defense, but he knows it was not enough. It was never enough. The world had too much Seamus Murphy and Raymond could not protect Kevin from them, not if he is still a cop and still messing with the criminals.

He always convinced himself, that the criminal will go after him rather than Kevin. He never want them to have anything to do with Kevin, but it seems like this is his pipe dream after all, where in reality the criminals will get what they want using any way.

His mind could not help but playback to a few kidnap cases that he worked before, he had an exceptional memory, he remember clearly for the case details. And... how the victim looked like in the end of the case. They are...

Some tears are rolling down his face when he was driving back to the precinct while thinking all of these. He mentally warned himself not to picture Kevin as those victims, because his heart could not take it, and a breakdown is the least he needs right now. It is the least Kevin needs right now.

He stopped at a red light, but he could not stop his trembling mind. He felt almost flooded by the emotions, he felt uncontrollable to the emotions that is drowning him like the waves.


Raymond force his mind back to the reality, leaving those dark thoughts behind. He looked at Cheddar, who was sadly looking him from the side passengers seat, then he looked at his wedding ring. The simple golden wedding ring that they chose together, it has never been brought down ever since their wedding day.

He turned the ring with his fingers, he knows Kevin's initials are inside of the ring, his fingers can feel it. The KMC, the love of his life.

The traffic light is turning green, the car is moving.

'Kevin, I will find you. Please... ' He thought while he depressed the pedal.

'Please wait for me.'