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Steamy Encounters of the sexy kind

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He could not believe he was about to do this.

He really really didn’t want to do this.


Izuku closed his mouth, shut his eyes, plugged his nose, latched his ears, secured every single pore on his body and puckered his buttocks so hard that he could feel All Might’s words running through him. Hell, One for All seemed to agree, and was putting far too much power into this kick.

Shit *quite literally* was going to go everywhere.

He didn’t so much feel his foot hit something as much as he felt his foot pass through something, something gross, unsanitary, and overall just the most repulsive thing in the world. His entire body seemed to shudder at the simple idea of whatever it was that was on the other side of his costume.

Mei would be happy; he’d need a new suit after he burned this one. Sure, she claimed that it was fireproof, but, was it sun proof?

He felt all the built up power inside One for All flowing along his leg as the fractures along his arms remembered all too well what this power had once done to them. Then it was released in a torrent of power and revulsion. He felt the boom that followed as much as he felt it. His foot hit the ground, the substance he had entered parting to make way for his impact as he landed on something that was equal parts sticky, slimy, and crusty.

He tumbled, unwilling to expose any more senses than he needed to to the surrounding area, and then slowly stood up.

Slowly he opened himself up again.

Ears first.

He heard the muttered cheers of everyone within the entire city of Tokyo, and the deep sloshing sounds of stuff falling.

Then he heard the collective eew that seemed to carry along the wind.

He shook his head, clearing away what he could, and then opened his eyes.

That was a mistake.

He was going to take a week off.

At a bathhouse.

And scrub, soak, and bathe until everything felt clean again.


Izuku brushed his hand against the recently trimmed side of his head. While he hadn’t gotten a full shave, more a simple undercut, he still kind of missed his extra fluffy hair; it was a shame that most of it had to be cut off. “Still though.”

He ran a finger from his hair and along his jaw. His skin felt as smooth as always felt, which clashed with the stubble that had been growing since his last shave. He was still a long way away from anything even resembling a beard, and he might never really get there, but the clash of textures just felt nice.

He looked at his reflection in the vending machine as he waited for it to deliver him his after-bath milk. As a kid, he had hated the stuff, but ever since someone told him that he might break his bones less if he started drinking more milk, he’d steadily gotten a taste for it. Who told him that again?

Mei? No, he was pretty sure Mei’s understanding of biology was limited to, well, the limits of the human body.

Ochako? No, she’d probably just say bath houses were a waste of money.

Maybe it was Momo? It’d make sense.

Izuku leaned down and grabbed his bottle swiftly, opening it and standing to the side to allow the next person in line to get their drink. He caught his reflection in the window. The light snow outside had made the bath just an extra bit more special, though he couldn’t really say the chill outside was pleasant. It was amazing what a haircut could do; his face looked less round, and, for perhaps the first time since All Might had shown him the before and after pictures, he felt like his body had changed.

He looked more mature, less like a kid, and more, well, like the 22 year old he actually was.

It still felt like he needed to wake up and go to school at times.

Izuku tossed the milk back, swallowing it whole and then letting his body relax before stared at the last drink of the milk.

Come to think of it, it wasn’t Momo that had told him about the milk. It had happened at lunch during the school festival, and Eri had asked him why he didn’t get milk.

“Nejire,” Izuku smiled as he remembered that pseudo lecture she had gone on, and how she had gotten way too close for his teenage heart to handle. He always had a giant crush on her. Then again, he had a crush on anyone that gave him the time of day for the first year, but Nejire’s seemed to linger just that extra bit more than the others. Maybe it was because she was an upperclassman?

“I wonder what she’d think of me now?”

“Huh?” A streak of blue hair popped around from the corner, wide blue eyes looking around with a curious look on her face. Their eyes met, and her entire face lit up like the summer fireworks. Nejire bounced around the corner, a large captivating smile on her face that drew him in and held him. “Izuku!”

That smile, that smile had to be why that crush was still around. His heart felt like it was revving up just by looking at her.

“Nejire?” Izuku asked, nearly taking a step back from both the shock and the fact that she had gotten as close to his face as she could. “What are you doing here?”

“Relaxing!” Nejire grabbed the sleeves of her kimono and spun around, her feet barely touching the ground. Her hair, while not as long as he originally remembered it being, was getting close. “The thing is, I was supposed to come here with a bunch of friends, only we were supposed to go to the ski resort, not the hot springs, so I got reservations to the wrong place, and I ended up here alone!”

She bounced up and stayed up. “What about you? Oh wait, I bet I know, you don’t smell nearly as bad as I would have thought you would have after—”

“Can we please not talk about that?” Izuku scratched the back of his head and smiled softly. “I still don’t really feel like I’m ever going to get clean.”

“Oh! Is that why you got a haircut? Nejire swerved to the side, her feet never touching the ground. The light zipping sound of her quirk echoed through the hallway. “It looks good on you! And wow! You’re so much bigger now!” She clapped his shoulders and landed in front of him, still looking up at him.

“You used to be like,” she slid her hands along his chest to about where she imagined he used to stand. He wasn’t really that small when they first met, right? “But now you’re like Boom!”

She clapped her shoulders again and looked up at him, eyes sparkling. The silence that lingered would have been awkward if he had been a teenager, but, now as an adult, he knew what to do with it.

“You look great too, Nejire-Senpai,” it was easy to say because it was the honest truth. Though, Nejire certainly wasn’t the same as she had once been. Someone had once said she was more the cute type than the sexy type, but now, it was like cuteness and sexiness was in an arms race. “Somehow even more beautiful than I remember.”

Nejire blinked at him, her mouth slightly open before it spread into a smile. It wasn’t her normal cheerful smile that felt like it was designed to spread pure joy around the world. Rather, it made him feel like a bashful teenager again with how his knees went weak. “Oh? Really?”

She spun again, this time slowly, and then placed a finger on his chest and slowly traced the folds until she reached the bare skin of his neck. “Like what?”

Somehow, as if they had a will all on their own, her breasts made themselves known by creating a peek of cleavage. His memory of U.A. might be a bit fuzzy, but there were a few core things burned into his mind, none more so than seeing Nejire in that dress where her proportions were on full display. He could say without a doubt that they had gotten bigger, curvier, hotter, sexier, so many -ers that he couldn’t even begin to list them.

“Your face,” he said softly, reaching for a single strand of her hair and pushing it behind her ear. She let out a small eep and pulled her hand back from his chest. “You’ve gotten so much more beautiful.”

“Careful, Izuku.” Nejire took a step back and smiled at him. “If you keep that up, I might get the wrong idea that you have a crush on me.”

“I mean,” he scratched the back of his head and shrugged at her. “I kind of had a massive crush on you in highschool?”

“Really?” Nejire was in his face again. “Why didn’t you say anything, huh?”

“Cause I was a socially awkward teenager that couldn’t even maintain eye contact?”

“Oh right, you were super shy, weren’t you?” Nejire tapped her chin and hummed as she went back down to the floor. She took a few steps away and then glanced back towards him. “I still remember watching you get interviewed that one time. It was cute watching you mutter everything.”

“That was honestly torture.” Izuku knew exactly which one she was talking about. He still hadn’t lived that down. “But, I’m a lot better now.”

“Then,” she spun, placing both hands behind her back and leaning forward, a bit more of her cleavage revealing itself, “if I were to invite you to my room for drinks tonight, you wouldn’t be missing any hints?”

“No Ma’am.”

“Great, let's go!”


“So, I spent like a good minute screaming as I was falling to the earth after that,” Nejire hummed as she stared at her beer bottle, the same one that she had been nursing for a good twenty or so minutes. “I totally would have like splatted if I didn’t remember I could fly.”

Izuku let out a chuckle at that, “But you flew up there!”

“I know!” Nejire let out a small pout that wavered as she broke out into a grin. “But somehow it just completely escaped me after the fight! I blame the super sonic cannons they were using.”

“Well, you’ll be happy to know that I saw the news report on that, and it totally didn’t look embarrassing. If anything, you looked like a badass free falling like that until you swooped through those buildings.” Izuku took a sip of his own beer bottle, which was nearly empty. Once he had arrived at Nejire’s room, they had just started chatting, the flirting they had done just a few short hours ago still lingered in the air, present in every single one of Nejire’s breaths.

“I know, right!” She slammed the table, a great big smile on her face that extended from ear to ear. “My rating went through the roof after that! Like, I hadn’t seen a jump that big since I first debuted! I think I’m going to finish in the top ten easy this year!”

“Easily!” Izuku cheered and raised his glass towards hers. They gave an awkward clang. Though, given how his own ratings kind of went downward after the latest incident, he’d probably be giving up his own spot right behind Hawks and Endeavour. “Keep it up and you’ll beat me to number one.”

“Pfft, yeah right! You got into the top ten before I did!” She clapped on the table and glared at him. “And I’m your super cute senpai!”

“Isn’t it a bit weird to call yourself super cute?”

“Is it wrong?”


Nejire let out a small chuckle and crawled around the small table they had been using. Her Yukata slipped just enough that her shoulder came free, and she rested her head against his shoulder. The gesture was small, tender, and warm.

But the look in her eyes was hot.

He stared at her, taking her in, more and more of her left breast was being exposed with each and every one of her breaths. They seemed to be begging to be touched, to be grabbed. Her right breast pressed against his arm, he could feel their warmth, weight, size, and sensualness. Her yukata seemed determined to come off all on its own as she wiggled her legs beside him, revealing more and more bare skin.

Shapely was the word.

Thick was another.

Every single part about Nejire just seemed to be wanting him to grab her.

Especially the look in her eyes.

“Well?” she asked with a small pout. “Are you going to kiss me?”

He didn’t need to be told twice.

His hand wrapped around her, sweeping past her thick hair, and pulled her close, his hand guiding her chin upwards as he moved down. Eyes shut, he moved in, the sweet scent that was going to be burned into his memory as Nejire was mixed with whatever peach alcohol she had been drinking.

Even before they actually kissed, he could feel his lips tingle with anticipation, his entire body getting ready for the impact. Her hand grazed his neck. Her fingers were surprisingly cool, and her nails clashed with the softness of her touch. His closed mouth met her slightly open one. Before, he would have pulled back at that moment; a kiss was just that lips touching, after all.

But he knew better now. He opened his mouth slightly as well, kissing her harder, deeper, more sensually. He felt her moan into the kiss, their lips moving in rough, awkward passion as neither one of them wanted to be separated for more than a second.

Her hands found the back of his head, her fingers diving through his hair, sending a shiver down his spin and urging him forward. In just a few short breaths, she had gotten him more aroused than he had ever been before.

His hand slid between the folds of her yukata as he pushed it aside to grab a handful of her breast, thumb finding her already stiff nipple. He teased it gently, rubbing a small circle around and around and pinching it lightly. The motion was all he could manage while still trying to keep up with her kisses.

His efforts were rewarded as Nejire let out a moan that passed through his body, her fingers weaving through his hair with more intensity than before. She pulled him down, her fingers sliding along his face as she landed on her back. She looked up at him, a wry smile on her face as her Yukata was now exposing half of everything to him.

“I had a feeling you’d go after my boobies first.” She began to tug at his own yukata, slipping it from his shoulders and smiling up at him.

“I can’t help it,” he leaned down, half-whispering as he kissed her lips. This time it was a peck, a smooch, a dainty little kiss, but there was more to come. He kissed her jaw, earning some giggles, giggles that turned into moans as he continued downward, kissing her neck, collar bone, the top of her breast, the middle of her breast.

She gasped when he took in her nipple, using his teeth to pinch at it, while his tongue, well, he had no idea what he was doing with his tongue beyond moving it, but, the effect was still there. Nejire’s hand went to her other breast, pushing aside her yukata so it was more a blanket than actual clothing, her entire body was naked beneath him.

He wanted to look, but she grabbed his head and forced his face down into her breast like she was trying to make him put the whole tit in there.

For the briefest of seconds, he wondered if he might get smothered to death by tit, but, that wouldn’t be such a bad way to go anyways.

While her hands had kept him distracted, Nejire’s legs had been doing work as well. He felt one wrap around him, followed by a small burst of her quirk, loosening his yukata from his lower body as she wrapped her legs around him.

After what felt like minutes of playing with her breast, she finally let him go.

Her blue eyes flashed towards him, a look that was both pleading and demanding on her face.

“Izuku,” she said slowly, her legs lowering as she all but presented herself to him. “I want you inside.”

“Condom?” He asked slowly, reaching back?

“No,” She grabbed his hand and looked at him with desire. “I want you raw, and besides, I’m safe and I can’t get pregnant right now.”

Nejire wasn’t the type to lie.

“I’m safe too,”

She snorted, “I know, you’d have said something before we even got this far.” She let out a huff and glared at him. “Now are you going to—”

He tossed his yukata free from his shoulders, and in one swift move, managed to pull his boxers completely off and tossed them to the side.

“Holy shit,” Nejire leaned forward, looking between her breasts to stare at his crotch. “You’re fucking huge.”

He blinked and looked down. Evidently, his dick was even more aroused than he was. In the cool night air, it felt harder and larger than ever. He smiled and looked at Nejire, a small bit of worry spreading across his face, “It’s umm, not too big, right?”

“It’s kind of hot.” Nejire wiggled into position, sliding her hips further towards him and presenting herself to him. “But, there’s only one way to find out, right?”

“Right,” He shuffled awkwardly on his knees and lowered himself just a bit. He reached down with two fingers and gave a curious probe of Nejire’s pussy. She was wet. He pushed in, and she responded by moving her hips forward again. She was responsive.

“Izuku,” She said with half-lidded lies, “I want it.”

“Right,” he repeated with a nod and then guided his dick to the entrance of her pussy. “I’ll go slow.”

He pushed forward as slowly as he coul, a task that was far more difficult than it seemed, as from the very moment he was inside Nejire, he wanted to go all the way in. She was warm, enticing, and sensual. His hands found her hip and thigh, where he held her steady as he slowly moved forward, inch by inch.

Nejire moaned, back arching, hands pressing on the mat behind her as she bit her lip, eyes fluttering. She moved her hips towards him, their quick gyration sending a shiver running up and down his spine as she plunged him deeper into her. He pressed forward, moving just a bit faster to match the speed she wanted, and in a matter of seconds, he was in, all the way in.

“Holy… Shit.” Nejire’s back arched, and she looked at him with a lopsided smile that seemed like she was barely able to speak. “You feel amazing.”

His mouth elected now to stop working. Instead, all he could manage was a grunt and a small head nod. He stared at her for a moment, waiting for her to give him the okay. Instead of confirmation or anything like that, she began to move her hips, grinding against him in a sensual circle while he still managed to hold her tight. She was smiling, head arching backward as she continued to do all the work.

Something snapped inside of him, a brief moment of realization that he knew exactly what to do, that his body knew what to do. He leaned forward, holding her hips firmly enough to not shake loose, but still allowing her to do her own motions. He matched her, a grunt with every single combined thrust that seemed to bring her closer and him deeper as the impossibly wonderful sensations he was feeling began to spread through his body.

He let out a gasp, releasing her hip and slamming his hand onto the ground as he leaned over her, his hips matching her increasingly frantic motion. Nejire let out several long moans that seemed to come from the deepest parts of her body as she continued to arch her back, her large breasts moving frantically as each wave was interrupted by another thrust that caused them to jiggle again and again.

Her legs tightened around his waist, holding him in place as she snapped forward, reaching for his head. She pulled him down, right on top of her, his hand slipping from her hip and finding the same breast he had sucked just a moment ago. He squeezed softly before he found her nipple and began to tweak. She gasped.

“Kiss me.”

He wasn’t entirely sure if she said that or if that was just his own thoughts when he saw the look in her eyes. Not that he had much choice, as Nejire’s lock on his neck doubled as she pulled him into a kiss, her moans moving through his entire body and causing him to reach his limit faster than ever.

His hips couldn’t stop.

He could feel it building with each and every thrust, kiss, moan, and motion that they shared. She was getting tighter by the second, her fingers were scratching at his back and neck.

Then, she ran her hand through his hair, and he felt himself come to swift release.

All the fight in Nejire seemed to vanish just as he found himself cumming deep inside of her. She leaned forward, grabbing his head and kissing him again, slowly this time, almost like she was thanking him as her large blue eyes fluttered constantly. He could feel the stupid look on his face as he stared at her, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

“Don’t let this go to your head,” Nejire traced her finger along his chest, “But, that was easily the best orgasm I’ve ever had.”

He could only grunt and nod. His mouth had gone dry and his brain was still barely there. He swallowed and then smacked his lips, still watching Nejire beneath him. “Yeah, it was something else.”

“Mmm, I’ll say.” She touched the side of his face and gave him a small kiss again, and then again along his cheek before she pulled away. “How long does it take you to get hard again?”

“I, uhh, I don’t know, a couple of minutes?” When he first got One for all it was less than a second, not that he ever talked to All Might about that.

“Hmm,” Nejire pushed his shoulder and rolled him over. She straddled him, her hips still moving as she looked at him with a hunger in her eyes that had him wondering if he was going to be able to walk tomorrow. Her chest pressed against his as she slithered towards his face, and then cupped it slowly. “I bet I can get that down to thirty seconds.”


Nejire’s room came with a private bath. It wasn’t a full on hot spring like the other baths, it was just a large stone tub that was big enough for two. It was open air, and gave a great view of the scenic countryside without any privacy.

He sat in the warm water that clashed with the cool early morning air, and watched as the sun slowly rose over the horizon causing the white snow to shimmer. He turned his attention back to Nejire, who was sitting in his arms, one of her large breasts idly resting in his hand while the other held onto her waist.

She leaned back her head, brushing his cheek again, and gave him another soft kiss.

“You know, when people say they’ve fucked all night, I never thought they meant it,” she said slowly before turning to look at the horizon again, her hand not leaving his cheek. “I’m not even sure if I’m going to be able to walk tomorrow.”

“Me either,” Izuku muttered into her hair and kissed her scalp.

“Seriously, I lost count of how many times you made me cum, like, wow.” Nejire laughed as she patted his arm. “I still wanna do it more, but, I don’t think I can, like, even if its just slow cuddle sex.”

“Mmm,” Izuku nodded slowly. The lack of sleep and the near constant physical demands Nejire had put on him had taxed him more than any fight had. Part of the struggle was doing everything quiet enough for a hot spring.

“Hey, hey,” she pinched his arm and turned to look at him. She twisted in the water and was straddling him once again. He kept his hands in roughly the same spot he had them before, one touching her boob and the other wrapped around her waist. She placed both arms around his neck and stared at him. She looked so different with her hair up in a bun, almost like an entirely different person, but it beat having to dry her hair later. “I wanna know what its like to sleep with you.”

“Did we just?”

“No, that was sex, I meant like, cuddling you in bed and stuff. I wanna know what that’s like; what do you say? Wanna sleep with me? You can touch my boobies all you want.”

“Sure, I was kind of planning on that already.” He really didn’t even think going back to his room was an option at this point.

“Great! Now this is the part where you say when we wake up we should go on a date. Right?” She turned her head to the side, and pouted. “Like, you wanna see what it’s like too, right? If the sex is like that, and the kisses are like—” She kissed him again, softly, slowly, her fingers running through his hair again and almost making his body forget about any fatigue he might have. “—this, then what’s everything else like? Is it just as good? Better? Don’t you wanna know?”

He pulled her waist close, raising her up due to the confines of the bath, and looked up at her, his face nearly level with one of her breasts.

“I wanna know. So, do you wanna get dinner tomorrow? Well, when we wake up, and then, uhh, do as little physical activity as we can.”

“Cuddle and watch a movie.” Nejire nodded. “Yes, what’s your favorite movie?”

A week later they were official.

A month later the media found out.

Six months later and they were moved in.

Two years later and they were married.

Three and they had their first kid.