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Dragon My Heart Around

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"The thing you have to understand," Carlos said, miserable, "is that this is purely instinct."

"Mmmmppphh!" Cecil said, and Carlos hurried to unwind the blanket that covered his body and head.

"Sorry about that," Carlos said. "But I had to have something to grip to carry you here."

"Where is here?" Cecil said, his head popping into view, disheveled and so beloved Carlos could just eat him up. Wait—no, no eating, Carlos, there would be absolutely no eating going on here. "Wait, carry me here?"

Carlos held out one large claw in silent explanation.

Cecil blinked at it. Then his eyes traveled up the scales covering Carlos's arm, and shoulder, and head, and back, and tail.

"Wow," Cecil said. Carlos had been prepared for fear, or worse, disgust, but Cecil sounded awed. Amazed. And maybe... a little turned on? A scientist could hope.

"You don't mind?" Carlos said, just to be sure. "That I'm, uh..."

"A dragon?" Cecil finished. "Of course not, you're a very beautiful, large, shiny, large... dragon." He coughed.

That was definitely a turned on kind of cough. Carlos preened.

"But to go back to my previous question, where is here? And to add an additional question, why?"

"Well," Carlos started. He'd rehearsed this speech once or twice or a dozen times in his head. He could do this. "As you know, I am not always a dragon."

Cecil nodded, clearly on board so far.

"However, I am occasionally a dragon."

Cecil nodded again, slightly less certain.

"The times when I am a dragon coincide with certain instinctual urges linked to normal and expected, although infrequent, biologically driven lifecycle events."

Cecil's nod was very slow this time.

Carlos sighed. There was nothing for it. "It's my mating time." He braced himself for the reaction.

Cecil's face cleared. "Oh!" he said brightly. "So you've brought me to the highest point you can reach to secure me before your instincts drive you to take your mating flight and then fuck me?"

Carlos blinked. "Yes," he said. "You don't, uh, mind?"

"Not at all," Cecil said, his voice like a cup full of hot chocolate on a chilly morning. Or steaming hot blood. Wait, no, not blood. "To be honest," he said, his voice dropping even lower, as he not-so-subtly wiggled closer into the curve of Carlos's scaly arm, "I've always wondered, you know. What it would be like, to be with a dragon."

Oh, that was... that was good. Still, Carlos had to double check. "You really, truly don't mind that I've kidnapped you and dragged you to my mountain lair, where I will shortly be driven by my dragon instincts to leap into the air with you and my claws and fly as far and fast as I can, until my instincts take over and I fuck you with my giant dragon dick, which will swell inside you as I come, stretching your body to the limit and knotting us together, solidifying our bond as lifelong mates?"

Cecil's mouth had dropped a little and his eyes were very dark. "I don't mind," he said, a little breathless. "Except, Carlos—"

"What?" Carlos said, wincing.

"It's just—we don't need to play pretend. We're both adults here, we can stick to realistic discussion of the facts."

"What?" Carlos said again, blankly.

"I can't be in your mountain lair," Cecil said, patting Carlos's claw a little patronizingly, "because mountains aren't real."