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When dream comes true

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„God i hate these official events” Jane said to her companion as she enterded the ballroom.

„I know but as a studio owner you need to be here. Who knows maybe you meet the love of your life” Frost said with a smile.

„Yeah right, after Grace i’m done with love. I don’t need romance in my life. I’m not gonna be this stupid again. They all want just the same thing, to jump into my bed to get better roles to elevate their careers. I won't fall for it a second time” Jane only sighed at the memory of the disaster with Grace.

„I’m just saying, anyway i’m gonna grab a drink. Want something?

„No, I'll take champagne from one of the waiters, make a few rounds, chat with the guests and get out of here”

„Ok” and with that he was gone.

Jane just took a glass of champagne from a passing waiter and took a sip. "At least the champagne is good," she murmured to herself. As she looked around the room, wondering who to talk to first, her gaze stopped on the most beautiful woman she had ever seen.

She knew she was staring but couldn't take her eyes off her. She was just about to go to her to say hello when a man appeared in her field of vision. He came to the woman and kissed her on the cheek. The few guests who had separated her from Jane stepped aside and she saw that the woman was pregnant. The woman smiled at the man and then her gaze met Jane's. She smiled back and returned to her conversation with the man, who embraced her affectionately.

"That's enough, I've had enough," she thought as she looked around looking for Frost. She found him at the bar and went to him.

"Frost, I'm leaving. I leave it to you to take care of the guests. I'll see you at the office on Monday."

"What happened to you leaving so suddenly? I guess this will be your new record."

"Nothing happened, I'm tired and don't have the strength to pretend how much fun I'm having. This is your domain, you are like a fish in the water among guests. Use your charm and we'll get some new investors for our projects."

"ok see you on Monday. Have a great weekend and get some rest. And remember you will still tell me what bailed you out of the party so suddenly."

"I know, but not now" her gaze went to the place where she last saw the woman but she was no longer there.

Jane left the room and got into the car, ordered the chauffeur to drive her home, then leaned her head against the window and closed her eyes. As soon as she did, she knew it was a mistake because all she saw was this beautiful woman. She smiled at the thought of her but immediately remembered the man kissing her.

She opened her eyes and sighed. This is going to be a long night. „I have to get her out of my head because nothing good will come of it. I need to forget about her, more work will be a great for me now."

After a rough weekend and sleepless nights, Jane showed up at the office in a foul mood. Frost immediately noticed that something was wrong.

"Tough weekend? Want to talk?"

"No, nothing happened, I couldn't sleep, nothing new, you know it happens to me sometimes."

"Yes when something worries you or you have too much stress at work or something happens in your family. Is everything okay with your loved ones? Because it's definitely not work-related."

"Ok, I'll tell you, then at least you will stop bothering me. With my family everything is ok, they are fine. It's about the party or rather someone I met at the party."

"Who did you meet? Don't tell me Grace was there? I didn't see her on the guest list. I made sure she didn't get an invitation."

"No, it's not about Grace. I saw the woman of my dreams there."

"That's great" rejoiced Frost. "I told you that you would finally meet someone".

"Yes, there is indeed something to be happy about. Yes I have męt her, but she is not only not single, but she is also pregnant. And that happiness in her eyes. This is something I will never forget"

"Gosh, well it's indeed not the best, but don't worry you'll meet someone eventually and you'll be happy."

"Forget about it, I have to take care of work, that's always the best solution to such problems. How's the party, do we have new investors?" asked Jane.

"Yes, and some interesting scenarios and ideas for the future."

"Great, then get to work."

"Jane, one more thing, do you at least know the name of this mystery woman?"

"No, maybe it's better," she sighed.

"I looked through the photos from the event, there was only one pregnant woman. Her name is Maura Isles and she's a TV actress. Great but a bit underrated. She might be worth keeping an eye on for future projects."

"Maybe, but that's your job."




"And this guy?"

"He's her fiancé, a director and screenwriter. From a well-known family, in the movie business for generations."

"ok, let's get back to work, it won't do it itself".

Frost looked sadly at Jane. After the disaster with Grace, she is not herself. Just when it seemed things would get better now this happened.

Frost returned to work with Jane in the back of his mind.

The rest of the day went by without any incidents. So did the next one. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and so three years passed.

Jane nevertheless followed from time to time how Maura's career was going. There were ups and downs but the most important thing for Jane was that she was with her husband for the Wiolę time, gave birth to a beautiful daughter and was happy. At least that's how Jane thought.