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How did this happen? That question swirled in his head non-stop since he got the e-mail. His first official photography job. His instagram showcasing his own selcas & photos he did for school had garnered some attention which was unexpected but it still felt like he was largely under the radar, certainly not enough to warrant his attention. It must be someone trolling me, no way could he be hitting me up to take on such a huge project or so he thought. A photo book, 200 whole pages. There was no way he'd get such a huge job right out the gate just from some small buzz around his instagram. Especially a photobook for a popular model. One that he was already quite familiar with, having followed him for a few years already & shamelessly liked every post on his SNS, or at least it was shameless when his instagram wasn't also a mode to promote his photography.

When he managed to pick himself up off the floor after falling back in his chair from the shock of the e-mail, his trembling hands replied to the e-mail asking for verification that it was indeed the model contacting him. To his surprise, within minutes he got a DM request on his instagram from the model's official instagram. His heart sped up as he opened his DMs to see that familiar screen name. He opened up the message to see a short video of the model himself who seemingly just woke up & was still lying on his bed, voice still husky, "Hello Hakyeon, yes, it really is me & I would love to have you shoot me for my photobook. I really love your work & would like to meet with you to discuss what I'd like to do conceptually for the photobook." Hakyeon's heart was racing, this had to be a dream. He did not just hear his name from those cute pouty lips that he hasn't imagined lewd scenarios far too often than he'd ever be willing to admit. His nerves were rattling him so much that he almost forgot that Leo certainly saw the read receipt on the DM & he was taking far too long to respond. Oh god, how should he respond? By text or his own video? Would he even be capable of sending a video in his current state? Honestly, no. But knowing that Leo sent him a video shortly after waking up, bare-faced & husky-voiced, how could he not send some video of his own?

He took out his hand mirror to check his hair & face really quick, he still wanted to look good for him. He also had to check that he wasn't blushing excessively as that would be very embarrassing. He held up his phone to his best angle & started recording his reply - his face still flushed but he hoped it wasn't too noticeable, "Hello Leo, I would love to work with you on your photobook! Please let me know when you're available to discuss what you have in mind for the direction of your photobook." He sent the video then his eyes widened in panic as he muttered to himself in his office, "Shit! I'm going to meet him in person. Oh god! I'm going to make a complete fool out of myself in front of him." He hadn't clearly thought this through before agreeing. How does one cope with meeting their celebrity crush & sexual fantasy?

Taekwoon pouted as he waited for a reply, the minutes ticked on with the read receipt taunting him. The username was a favorite of his that appeared in notifications frequently. A few months back, achahakyeon was no longer appearing with each post he did. After a couple of weeks, he got restless & even tried posting more pictures that were clear thirst traps that should have gotten his attention unless his favorite fanboy suddenly decided to become a monk. He went to check his profile to ensure if there had been any recent activity. There were his usual boyfriend-style pictures that always made his heart flutter, sweet daydreams of dates with him too tempting to ignore but now there were some other pictures as well as some re-branding. achahakyeon was no longer a very aesthetic personal account but now a promotional tool for Hakyeon's photography. It wasn't surprising that he'd be a photographer, he had such a great eye for his own posts. He must have thought that it wasn't appropriate to like all his posts now that the account was a business tool. Taekwoon knew that this new development could be to his advantage.

He dropped his head to his bed with a whine as the silence dragged on with no ding of a notification to alert him of a response. Did Hakyeon find a new model to spoil with his attention & affection? Was that the real reason why he no longer appeared in his notifications? He whimpered at the thought. He tried so hard to get him to come back around & yet none of those posts had gotten a single like or comment. He really shouldn't be so attached to this one fan but damn did he feel like a daily dose of sunshine, beautiful, warm, & comforting. The flirty sexually charged comments he had gotten made him weak. He couldn't help himself, he had a praise kink & he had been starved for so long that he had to do something in hopes of getting that back. His head snapped up at lightning speed when the ding of a notification hit & a wide smile spread his lips as he saw a video response in return. He noted the rosy shade of his skin & melted at the sound of his voice, it felt like a gentle caress against his ears. Had he ever heard his voice before? There were hardly any videos on his profile. He quickly typed out a reply, "Are you able to meet me today in a couple of hours?" He licked his lips as he thought of the perfect outfit to reel him in.

The little dots taunted him as he saw that Leo was typing & he squeaked when he read the message. He wanted to meet him today! Could his heart even handle this much excitement in so little time? Two hours was hardly enough time to prepare for this! But he certainly couldn't say no either, this was an amazing opportunity. He bit his lip nervously as he typed, "Sure, just pick a place & I will be there." He had to go shower, doesn't matter that he still smelled perfectly clean & fresh, he had to be sure that he looked his best for him.


Hakyeon arrived at the cafe right on time, wearing a white button-up shirt tucked into black slacks with his sleeves rolled up. He had been here before & quite liked it. He looked around to find Leo over by the drink pick-up counter, he was wearing a sleeveless white t-shirt tucked into torn jeans with tears going down nearly the entire length of his legs. Jesus Christ! So much pale skin peeking through all those threads that were barely hanging on. He gulped as he realized that the tears went all the way up to about the pockets. Oh dear god, is he even wearing underwear? Did he go commando for this meeting? Placing a hand over his heart with a whimper.

Taekwoon collected the drinks from the counter & looked over to see Hakyeon by the door, frozen in place as he checked out his attire. He smirked, he knew this was the right choice to work him up thinking back to an old comment of his that claimed he was teasing his fans with all that skin on display. He confidently walked over to the other & handed him a drink, "Hey Hakyeon, let's go to the couch over there to talk." Hakyeon looked like he was barely breathing but at least his hand still cooperated enough to accept the drink even though his brain was still malfunctioning as he followed after Taekwoon.

Hakyeon tried to take some calming breaths before sitting down on the couch, though it was more like a loveseat. Far too small for how unsteady Hakyeon was right now. Taekwoon sat down next to him, their thighs touching & sides pressed against one another. He wanted to pray to every god there was that he could make it through this meeting. He took a sip of his drink, humming at the familiar taste, & blinking in surprise. He had gotten this exact drink at this cafe before. "Thank you for the drink, I quite like this one actually. How did you know?" Taekwoon's tongue peaked out between his lips to lick them before answering & Hakyeon watched with rapt attention. "I saw the post you did & ordered the drink you mentioned in the caption." Hakyeon blushed & unconsciously raised a hand to cover one of his cheeks. He looked nervously at the floor with a small smile, "That was very sweet of you to look into my drink preferences and get me something I like."

Taekwoon looked at the blushing man next to him, he was just too cute. He almost felt bad about trying to work him up so much but he was enjoying the sight of the beautiful tan man with a rosy flush. After a few months without his attention, he surely had to make up for the lost time. Hakyeon cleared his throat & managed to raise his head to turn to Taekwoon, "So uh, what is the theme for your photobook?" Taekwoon took a slow sip of his drink, noticing how the other's eyes fell to watch his lips. He held back the smirk that was trying to tug at his lips as he pulled the drink away to answer, "The photobook will be called Romanticism. I want it to have the boyfriend aesthetic but not just exclusively cute slice of life kind of pictures." Hakyeon nods in understanding, which would explain his interest in his work as the boyfriend aesthetic pictures he did were quite popular. Despite being single for all of those pictures, he certainly knew how to capture that sort of aura in photos both for himself as well as for others. "Other than cute photos, what else would you like to have?" Taekwoon's long slender fingers caressed his neck as he spoke, drawing Hakyeon's eyes to watch. "I want a sensual vibe and some spice as well." Hakyeon's eyes betrayed him & went to looking at the pale skin of his upper thighs peeking through all those tears. Sensual & spice, the model seemed to be expressing that sort of vibe quite naturally. He licked his lips, his brain conjuring up thoughts of marking up those pale thighs with hickies as the man trembled with the need for more direct stimulation between his legs. Hakyeon blinks a few times to try to shake those thoughts from his head, his eyes still looking a bit hazy when he turns back to Taekwoon, "Spice? What exactly did you have in mind?" The model swings a slender leg over the other & Hakyeon gulps before pulling his gaze back up to his face, "Guess that depends on what I feel in the moment during the shoot." Hakyeon bites his lip wondering just what he may be subjected to and how he will survive Leo seducing the camera. He nervously takes another sip of his drink, "When would we start shooting?" Taekwoon smiles, staring straight into Hakyeon's eyes, "We would start next week. My company is still scouting out some outdoor locations. They've already reserved a house as the main location of the shoot." Hakyeon hums in thought, "How long do they expect shooting to take?" The other takes a sip of their drink, "About two weeks is their estimate. We do need 200 pages worth of pictures. We'll have to take much more than that though & then narrow down to the best photos of course." He nods in understanding, it was likely that he'd take several hundred pictures. The thought of it made him smile, he had saved so many Leo photos over the years. He never expected that he'd get to take some himself & would get to have hundreds more than all the other fans as a result of being the photographer for them.

Taekwoon watches him smile & can't hold back his own, "I look forward to working with you Leo, I hope that my pictures will do you justice in capturing your beauty." Taekwoon licks his lips & smiles, looking away with a pink flush to his own face. To finally hear the praise from that smooth voice, he felt like he was melting. "Thank you, I trust that you will do me....I mean the photobook, a great service in providing your talent to put out the best pictures for the theme." That pause after 'do me' had Hakyeon's heart-stopping as his brain raced with thoughts of sliding in & out of Taekwoon as he pants out moans below him. He closed his eyes & bit his lip to keep himself from making an embarrassing noise as he fought with his body to keep his blood flow from going south. "I aim to please, would not want to disappoint you, Leo." Fuck, why did he say please? That is too close to pleasure which is something he really shouldn't be thinking about when he is discussing a business matter. Taekwoon places a hand on Hakyeon's, "I don't think you'll disappoint me, I'm glad that we get to work together. I hope we both enjoy ourselves to the fullest with this project." Hakyeon gulps as his mind whirls with more thoughts of Leo's arms wrapped around him & moaning in his ear or teasing his neck as he thrusts into his tight ass. Fuck, his dick won. He was hard, so painfully hard. He nods as he takes a long gulp from his drink, "I will certainly try to provide the best that I can to be of proper service to you." Taekwoon squeezes his hand before letting go, "I'm glad that we finally met & I look forward to having you shoot me next week." He got up from the love seat & then held out his hand to help Hakyeon out of it as well & Hakyeon tries to get up without drawing attention to the prominent bulge in his pants, staring down at the floor self-consciously while Taekwoon unashamedly stares at his crotch & licks his lips. He draws his eyes back up to Hakyeon's face before he looks up, "I should get going but I'll let you know more details once everything is finalized." Hakyeon nods with a soft smile, blush adorning his face, "Of course, thank you for considering using me for this photobook." Taekwoon releases his hand with a smirk, "See you next week."

Hakyeon watched the model walk away & out of the cafe, he was still frozen in place. Boy was he fucked, spending two weeks with that man when he couldn't even handle twenty minutes without his dick betraying him. The photoshoot will surely destroy his sanity with Leo eye-fucking the camera for the spicy pics. How does one portray professionalism when their brain is thinking of deliciously impure thoughts in much too graphic detail?

Taekwoon swings the door open quickly to his apartment that he shares with Hongbin, "Work your magic on me, I'm on a mission!" Hongbin chuckles from his spot on the floor in front of the couch, "I take it the meeting with your fanboy photographer went well." A giant smile spread across his face with a sure nod, "He still wants me & I WILL have him!" Hongbin shakes his head with a laugh, "You take that Ariana Grande lyric too seriously." Stomping his foot like a petulant child, "I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it! I want that big dick inside me damn it!" Hongbin's face scrunches in confusion, "How do you know it's big?" He licks his lips as he thinks back to the prominent tent in those already tight slacks, "He got hard, I saw the bulge & I want it." He tilts his head in understanding, "Well if he is getting boners around you then yeah, I guess it won't be difficult to get him into bed." Taekwoon sits down on the floor across from him, "Yep, so I need you to make me look irresistible. Make-up & hair must be perfect." Hongbin chuckles, "All this because of your praise kink? Really? You that desperate?" He scowls at him, "Praise kink is only part of it, the man is gorgeous. Even with him being a nervous ball of restrained energy today, I just know that man glows as if he holds never-ending sunlight within his very being." Hongbin just raises an eyebrow in disbelief.

He walks over to his room & Hongbin says over his shoulder, "Just remember to blast some music if you're going to jack off to fantasies of your fanboy." Taekwoon takes off one of his slippers & throws it at Hongbin's head, "You're just upset that you thought I sounded hot when I was moaning & panting." He scrunches his face in disgust, "You're my best friend, I don't want to think about you like that." He squints his eyes at him, "You fuck Wonsik & he's your friend." Hongbin stutters, "T-that's different. We're fuck buddies. He just happens to be a very convenient dick to have around the house......for stress relief." Taekwoon scoffs, "Yeah, sure. I'll let him know that you think he is a convenient dick to fuck." Hongbin raises his fist in irritation, "Yah! Don't go interfering with my sex life just because you don't have one right now." Taekwoon comes back over & grabs the front of Hongbin's shirt, pulling on it "You're going to help me ensure that I have one soon or I'm stealing your convenient dick." Hongbin's mouth drops open at the threat & Taekwoon lets him go, "Be ready to take pictures of me for instagram after I get off. I want that post-orgasm glow to tease Hakyeonie with."

Hakyeon rushes to get home, his mind plaguing him with visions of a wanton Leo moaning his name & panting as he begs to be fucked harder. He opens the front door, after repeated failed attempts to get in only to realize that it was unlocked the entire time. He runs to his room & quickly slams the door behind him. Once inside, he opens up his pants to finally take hold of his throbbing cock to start jacking off. Hissing in pleasure as he establishes a firm grip & starts to pump his cock, throwing his head back against the door as he moans 'Leo' over & over. He re-emerges from his room two hours later, having jacked off three times. He felt exhausted & despite all those climaxes, stress relief was certainly not possible. How the hell was he supposed to work with Taekwoon for two weeks when he was so easily excitable? Has he really gone so long without sex that he has reverted to insanely horny teen levels of hormones?

Hyuk laughs at his disheveled hyung that slumps into a chair at the dining table in the kitchen & puts his head down on the table. "What's got hyung so worked up? Does it have anything to do with why you had to take an extra shower this morning?" Hakyeon just whimpers against the table, "I got my first official job as a photographer." Hyuk's face pinches in confusion, "Shouldn't that be good news?" He shakes his head as he groans into the table, "It's a photo book, it needs 200 pages & I have two weeks." Hyuk pats his hyung's head, "Still don't see what the problem is." Hakyeon pulls his head up to look at his dongsaeng, "The Leo." He says with the saddest pout & glistening eyes as if he is about to break down into tears. "Wait, isn't that.....he's that model you've had a boner for, for years." His nose scrunches in disgust, not really wanting to hear such terms from his beloved & innocent dongsaeng but he nods nonetheless. "So that's why you had a marathon wank." Hakyeon's face pales & his eyes widen, "Hyung, these walls are thin & you weren't exactly holding anything back." He groans loudly as he covers his face with his hands in embarrassment. "My poor baby shouldn't be hearing those things. I'm defiling you!" Hyuk scoffs, "Hyung, just cause you aren't getting laid doesn't mean I'm not." Hakyeon stares at him as if he sprouted two additional heads & screeches, "MY BABY HAS BEEN DE-FLOWERED! WHO IS THE HARLOT THAT STOLE YOUR INNOCENCE?" Hyuk winces from the sheer volume & pitch, " of your business. But wow, my god, this Leo thing, wow! Hyung, you poor thing." Hakyeon narrows his eyes, he knows that he is trying to change the topic to avoid revealing the perpetrator.

He visibly deflates, allowing Hyuk this slice of mercy because he was still in fact a wreck over this project. "I barely spent twenty minutes with him & yet he made me utterly weak. How the hell am I supposed to work with him & be professional for two weeks!" Hyuk ruffles his hair at the back of his head, trying to think of what he could say or even do, "Does hyung need an assistant to keep him in check? To make sure you don't jump the poor guy." Hakyeon looks up at him, eyes shining with hope, "Would you? Pleeeeeaaase Hyuggie, I can't screw up my first job by trying to fuck a model." His dongsaeng places a hand on his shoulder, "I'll keep you from...." His sentence was interrupted by a notification on Hakyeon's phone, he pulls it out of his pocket & sees the post notification for Leo. He gulps as he taps it & is greeted by a handful of pictures of Leo in the clothes he met him in. However, the model looked like he had been freshly fucked. His hair was disheveled, lips swollen & red. His pale skin was marred by a rosy tint that screamed post-climax glow & bedroom eyes tempting him to succumb to his desires for more. His breathing sped up, eyes glazing over, & he ran out of the room as his dick betrayed him yet again.

On the first day of the shoot, Wonsik escorts them in the van to one of their 'date' locations. The photo book is all about the boyfriend aesthetic & its aim is to simulate dates with Leo as well as living with him. The company went so far as to create scripts of the dates that will be used for the photobook's DVD. Hakyeon's dialogue will be edited out & instead will be presented as text so then it has more of an Otome game vibe. Hakyeon had to admit that this photobook concept seemed like a fangirl/fanboy gold mine. He'd probably pay an outrageous price for it too just to indulge in the fantasy.

Once they get out of the car, Hakyeon sees that they've arrived at a cat cafe & he melts at the thought. A bunch of cute little kitties all over Leo, such nice, soft & pure thoughts. Today, it seems, he will be spared. He walks into the cafe that has been rented out to them for the day & greets the few staff that are around to ensure the safety of the cats & their establishment. Hongbin double-checks Taekwoon's makeup to ensure everything is still holding up properly after his earlier application. His hair was down & straight. The model's clothes for the day were a pair of black skinny jeans with rips only at the knees & a pullover grey sweater with a cowl neck. He looked exceptionally snuggly which would surely compliment cuddling the kitties. Thankfully his camera was already prepped to go when a small orange & white kitten started to climb Taekwoon like a tree, Taekwoon yelped from the sudden claws digging into his leg but smiles when he sees the little guy climbing up. The camera clicks rapidly, animals can be especially difficult to get good shots of. Once the kitten ascends high enough for Taekwoon to take him into his hands, he kisses its little head & more clicks of the camera echo around the cafe.

Over the next hour, cats of various fur lengths & colors come over to sniff the new people in their domain. The kitten curled up in the cowl neck of Taekwoon's sweater which made for an adorable picture. A short-haired black cat plopped into Hakyeon's lap for a nap as he sat on the floor in front of Taekwoon as he waved a feather toy around for a couple of the kitties. Once the kitties got bored, the model moved forward to pet the black cat in Hakyeon's lap which made him freeze. Feeling very aware of his hand being in the general vicinity of his crotch. Hakyeon stayed very still & stopped breathing altogether when Taekwoon leaned down to kiss the cat's head. He gulped as he tried to not imagine Taekwoon's face having unhindered access to his crotch. Taekwoon pulled back a bit & stared up at Hakyeon's face, "Your lap must be really warm." Hakyeon blinks in confusion, "Cats like warm things, this little guy got into your lap & fell asleep because they were so comfortable." Hakyeon lets out a breath as Taekwoon finally pulls back to sitting upright & the cat wakes up to go trotting over to a water bowl.

Taekwoon rolls down onto his back & an older fluffy white cat settles itself on his chest. Hakyeon moves into position further away to get a good side profile of the cat lying on Taekwoon as he pets it & gives it scratches. These cats seem to love Taekwoon or were just much more sociable than most cats in these cafes. After getting a few good shots from that angle, Hakyeon stood up & nudged Taekwoon with his foot to open his legs so he could get a view from above. Taekwoon raised an eyebrow & smirked, opening his legs to give Hakyeon space.

The fluffy cat hopped off of Taekwoon, who just let his eyes rove up & down Hakyeon's body before licking his lips. "Are you going to show me?" Hakyeon hums in question, "The pictures you've been taking. Can I see some?" Hakyeon nods then settle down on the floor though not moving away from Taekwoon which puts him right between his spread legs. The model lifts himself up to sit, their faces within mere inches of each other. Hakyeon twists the straps of the camera to show Taekwoon some of the shots & Taekwoon smiles widely, admiring how these look more personal than a typical photoshoot. He certainly knew how to portray the angles of the shots to look more like someone taking pictures when they're out with you rather than taking pictures of you, giving the viewer the illusion that they are there with him. "I knew you'd be perfect for this." Taekwoon smiles at him, for the first time - it almost seemed kind of shy & Hakyeon sat there absolutely mesmerized. Biting his lip as he blushes from the comment, "I.....don't want to...disappoint you Leo." Taekwoon raises his hand to caress Hakyeon's cheek & Hakyeon closes his eyes as he leans into it without realizing, "You're such a cute fanboy." Hakyeon's eyes snap open in shock, "Did you think I forgot about you?" Hakyeon pulls back, blushing bright red as he recalls all the various comments he left on his posts. Oh god, he wasn't just lost in the sea of comments - he had been noticed & remembered. How many times did he call him a 'good boy' & 'kitten' or tease him for showing skin?

One of the cafe's staff announced that their lunches had been prepared. Wonsik & Hongbin went to a table with four seats. Hyuk would join him after he transferred all the photos from their memory cards onto a terabyte & checked the battery. Hakyeon would still need to film during the lunch to provide for the DVD.

Hakyeon snapped out of his mini panic & went over to the small table with two seats set up for them with their food. He took his seat at the table, choosing the chair that will give the best lighting for Taekwoon's face as he films him. They both got katsu curry rice. Hakyeon looked over the script & smiled softly, it was rather cute.

He picked up his camera, switching it to film video, "Finally managed to come here, I know you've been wanting to for a while. I'm sorry it's taken so long." Taekwoon pouts cutely & bows his head in apology for the long wait. Hakyeon had to fight the urge to coo over how adorable the other is. "You owe me, I've been waiting months for this!" Hakyeon says flirtatiously with his own pout & Taekwoon smiles back at him happily, boy did that smile make a man weak. "I think I know of a way to make it up to you" Taekwoon picks up a spoonful of curry & rice to eat. "Oh really, what did you have in mind?" The model finishes chewing & swallowing down his food, "We can adopt one of the kitties together? I know how much you love cats & now that we have our own place...." This incredibly domestic script was pulling at Hakyeon's tender heart, "Leo, you really want to adopt a little fur baby with me?" Taekwoon smiled softly at him with what felt like genuine affection, "It'll be good practice for when we have kids in the future." Even though it was just a script, Hakyeon couldn't keep the blush from forming at the idea of a future with Leo - of having kids. It was so tempting to get lost in that wishful thinking.

The script was short for this date but it left a hell of an impression. Once they finished filming, they could both eat their meal properly. Hakyeon couldn't get his brain to stop thinking about how much he would have loved this as an actual date, considering adopting a pet together & thinking of making a family with Leo. Though Hakyeon didn't know the other very well, or really at all, considering they'd only just met. But there was no denying that he was attracted to Leo both physically & sexually. However, as men, the only way they could truly have children together was through adoption which was not easy for gay men. Hakyeon was getting ahead of himself though, he wasn't sure if Leo was even attracted to men let alone having any interest in him.

Taekwoon snuck glances at Hakyeon's face as they ate their lunch. After reading the script, he had hoped to see the other man smiling & blushing but instead he looks sad. Where had he gone wrong with his plan? Is he not a cat person? He couldn't hold back his pout at this turn in the mood.

After lunch, Hakyeon & Hyuk looked over the pictures taken so far, trying to determine if they had enough good pictures to warrant ending the shoot for the day. Leo still had other obligations elsewhere, tonight it was supposed to be a fashion show. When they color tagged their favorites, they realized that they had enough with different poses & cats to call it a day.


[A/N: This hairstyle (not necessarily the color, your choice on that) & this eyeliner.]


On the second day, Wonsik drove the five of them to another date location - this time, they went to a forest. The drive out to the forest took longer so they weren't expecting as many pictures from this date. Hakyeon felt that was a disservice to how fuckable Leo looked today. His hair parted far onto the right side of his head with the smaller section flattened down while the other side with more hair looked a little more voluminous. Hongbin styled him in a black leather jacket though the left arm was red, a white t-shirt & abnormally tight black skinny jeans that made those long legs look even more ridiculously sexy than usual. The eyeliner exentuating his sharp eyes, he had to bite his lip to hold back a whimper when he saw him. Hyuk had also demanded to take the back seat of the van which left Hakyeon sitting next to Taekwoon as the couple took the front seats much like yesterday. At least he wasn't wearing ripped jeans today but the impossibly tight jeans were a temptation in their own right. The urge to touch & rub his thigh was strong but he needed to control himself.

After a couple hours trapped in the car pressed against the model's side, they finally made it to the forest location the company had decided on. They wanted some shots by the trees, a wooden bridge over looking the river & on the rocks down by the river. The scenery was beautiful. They started off with some pictures on the bridge. Taekwoon placed his hands on the railing of the bridge & Hakyeon took some shots of him from behind. He told Taekwoon to turn around. Taekwoon rested his elbows on the railing & leaned back. Though he looked absolutely gorgeous, his facial expression looked too stoic. "Remember the theme of this photobook. Look less like a model posing for a picture & more like a boyfriend staring at their lover while on vacation." A small smile graced Taekwoon's lips, staring down at the bridge. He looked adorable, Hakyeon snapped some more pictures & then gasped as Taekwoon looked up at him with a soft smile. Damn, he was beautiful. A few more snaps of this position before moving closer to take pictures from the side. Some with him looking at where Hakyeon had been & then some with his face turned towards him with a small grin. He moved again to face the river & Hakyeon snapped some more pictures of his side profile. Taekwoon placed an elbow on the railing & a palm to his chin, a slight head tilt as he stared at Hakyeon affectionately. These would make for excellent shots.

Hakyeon decided the bridge was a nice scenic place for the day's script & switched to film mode after he went over the script. Taekwoon rests an elbow on the railing, fully facing Hakyeon this time, "Doesn't this seem like a nice place for camping? Should we try that?" "But we don't have any camping equipment & I'll freeze out here." Taekwoon looks up & down Hakyeon's form with a smirk, making the photographer blush, "I know of ways to keep you making a campfire & snuggling. What did you think I meant?" He feigns innocence as if he wasn't trying to lead into perverted territory, he chuckles & Hakyeon pouts, "Why must you tease me?" The model smiles brightly, "Because I love you & I know your weakness." The other gasps, "What weakness?" Taekwoon slowly licks his lips & whispers seductively, "Me naked, playing with your body till you're writhing in pleasure & moaning my name wantonly." Hakyeon whimpers from the words & the pictures they paint. Taekwoon raises an eyebrow suggestively & smirks, biting his lip as his eyes travel all over Hakyeon's body again.

Hongbin calls out, "Hey, if you guys are done flirting - we need to move to the other spots the company picked." Hakyeon clears his throat & starts to walk away from the railing - Taekwoon casts a glare over at Hongbin for interrupting some delightfully engineered sexual tension. The first picture they take by the trees, Taekwoon is leaning back against the tree pouting with his arms crossed - he looked so cute. He got some pictures of him crouching down by the tree, sitting against it. They got some shots of him in the center between rows of trees on either side, both facing towards & away from the camera. They finished up the day with some pictures on the rocky shore by the river.

For the third day, Hakyeon & Hyuk met them at a nearby mall. Naturally at some point, a boyfriend would take their lover to the mall to shop, either to buy them things &/or to carry all the shopping bags. As Taekwoon already had contracts with a particular luxury brand, he could not offer free advertising to stores he was not affiliated with. This resulted in several bags from that brand in particular as if they'd gone on a haul for that particular store alone, an extremely expensive one at that. As the store was already aware of Leo's plan to do a photoshoot here, they already had bags prepared to not only use as props but to give Leo to wear for his SNS posts to promote the brand. He had already changed into one of the outfits that Hongbin had picked out before Hakyeon & Hyuk had even arrived.


[A/N: Informal twitter poll resulted in a tie for this outfit so pick your poison between the two.]


Hakyeon took pictures of Taekwoon as he walked through the store browsing items, holding some up & at the counter as if he was paying for any of the stuff he was getting for his lover. They took some more of him outside the store as if waiting for his lover to finish shopping, shots of him leaning against the store, sitting on a bench outside & leaning on the railing overlooking the floors below. They found a spot to take some photos of him sitting down surrounded by shopping bags & some of him holding all the shopping bags too.

Wonsik carted the bags off to their car to continue on with the shoot. After filming the video in the mall, they'd then go grocery shopping to provide a domestic feel. The mall video is supposed to be a conversation before they start shopping but the store opened early for them to shoot in so that had to be done first. They sit down on a bench to film, Hakyeon looks over the lines quickly. Taekwoon smiles softly & says, "I'll buy you anything you want." Hakyeon hums, "Even something expensive?" Taekwoon taps a finger to his lips, "Define expensive." Hakyeon says cheerfully, "An engagement ring." Hakyeon seriously wondered how extensive all these scripts were for this photo book, especially if there were spicy versions too. Taekwoon hums in thought, "I won't buy that for you today but maybe I'll do that soon, or perhaps I already did. Guess you'll have to wait & see." He says with a teasing grin & laughs.

They grab a cart to start filling it up, apparently they will actually be buying stuff today. They'll need food props for the house they'll be renting next week. Yet again, because of modeling contracts - they need to stick to brands that Leo endorses. Thankfully he had quite a few ads with different products so it at least seemed like a bit more variety. After that, any other food would need to have their branding blurred or completely out of focus in photos. Hakyeon got pictures of Taekwoon in front of the cart picking out items & also steering the cart. This photobook really wanted to play up the first person perspective of the photographer as if they're actually dating & living with Leo. Granted, taking pictures this excessively of your lover would probably be deemed compulsive.

The fourth day was a bit different, Hakyeon & Hyuk went to Leo's company as they would be borrowing suits to attend the wedding of a staff member. The staff member is very fond of Leo & were thrilled that their wedding could be used in the photobook as one of the dates. Their CEO offered to pay for the catering for letting them use it for part of the photobook. They had to arrive at the company a few hours in advance so that they could find them some suits in their stock that would fit them accordingly & it would give Hongbin time to do their makeup as well. Hakyeon had said it wasn't necessary but Hongbin insisted as the bride was a fellow stylist, she wanted everyone to be at their absolute best for all the wedding pictures. The other stylists in the company were working on the other guests that were less cosmetically inclined with makeup.


Even though they weren't real guests at the wedding & weren't intended to be in any of the wedding photos, the bride was rather strict on the need for everyone to look their best or the bridezilla within her would unleash havoc on anyone that did not put in the effort. Hongbin adorned Leo's, Hakyeon's & Hyuk's left lapel with a decorative chain loop to help single them out for the actual wedding photographer to keep them out of any candid shots.

Taekwoon came into the dressing room as Hongbin was finishing up Hakyeon's makeup. He took a shallow breath in, the man looked absolutely gorgeous with his hair feathered out & fluffy. The navy pin stripe suit was perfection on him too. Taekwoon smiled softly, Hongbin had done such a great job styling the man. His eyes travelled to Hyuk, the young man also looked really good in his black & blue suit. Naturally his attention diverted back to Hakyeon as he opened his eyes after Hongbin had set his makeup. Hakyeon smiled at his reflection, "Ah thank you Hongbin. I knew you'd do well, Leo always looks so good because of you." Taekwoon pouts, "Excuse you, I always look good whether Hongbin had anything to do with it or not."

Hakyeon gets up from the chair & looks over at Taekwoon, his eyes examining the full outfit with a soft smile - the red & black combo worked very well on him. "Well, aren't you confident." Leaning against the door jam, "I am a model after all." Hakyeon hums, "Yes, however models also get the benefit of makeup & photoshop to enhance their looks." He decided to tease the other for a change & Hongbin cackled at the comment while Taekwoon's jaw dropped. "YAH! Don't stand there spouting such nonsense when I KNOW you've thought of me naked!" Hakyeon would probably be blushing right now if it weren't for the layers of makeup but he still acted bashful at the retort, looking away & unable to offer a suitable comeback. But then, feeling a little full of himself too in this outfit, "Are you saying you haven't thought of me naked?" Taekwoon's eyes get a bit hazy as he breathes out when Hakyeon approaches & nudges his chin up gently with his fingers, one of his brows raised in question. Taekwoon gulps, he felt helplessly silent & still in this moment. The other just looked too damn good for him to formulate a proper response & Hakyeon just smirked as he left the room. Taekwoon just slumped back against the wall as he took in a deep breath. "Damn, he made you speechless! You've got it bad." Hongbin teased & Hyuk realized that perhaps Hakyeon's crush wasn't as one-sided as he had thought.

The wedding was lovely & the reception hall was dazzling with fairy lights. There were star decorations all over the place. It honestly looked like something straight out of pinterest moodboards. Hakyeon could see why they would want to use the stylist's wedding as it had its own charming aesthetic.


Hyuk had disappeared shortly after the reception began, leaving Hakyeon alone with Taekwoon as Hongbin & Wonsik actually wanted to attend as guests. After all the work Hongbin put in that morning with makeup for who knows how many guests, he deserved to enjoy himself. Hyuk had noticed a familiar face as they emptied out of the church & moved towards him, the other pointed at him accusingly as he shrieked, "What are you doing here?" Hyuk gestured to him, "I could ask you the same thing." Jaehwan shakes his head, "This is MY NOONA'S WEDDING! Of course I'D be here!" Hyuk's eyes widen, "Oh! Uh, wow, did not expect that." Jaehwan tapped his foot impatiently waiting for an explanation with a big pout on his face, "I'm here with Hakyeon hyung, he's doing this photoshoot thing with Leo." Jaehwan pauses in thought with his mouth agape, "Oh right, noona did mention something like that. She loves that guy so she loved the thought of her wedding being part of the photobook that he has been telling her about for several weeks." He smiles brightly & wraps his arms around the taller man's neck, pecking his lips, "I've missed you this week."

Hakyeon took pictures of Taekwoon near the galaxy colored tiered wedding cake with golden & silver stars scattered down the tiers. It was a beautiful cake, at first Hakyeon smiled when he saw it but it faded a few seconds later. The reception hall really was beautiful with all the fairy lights, the star decorations throughout. It looked so much like something that Hakyeon had wished to have, if only he ever could. Taekwoon noticed the somber demeanor of the other & had his suspicions for what brought it on. He wanted to try to get the photoshoot stuff out of the way to help cheer up the other.

He suggests filming the video for the day & has Hakyeon look over the script. He switches the camera to film mode, "What do you think of the venue? Would you want to use it for us?" Hakyeon hums, "It's nice but I don't want to use the same venue as my friend, this is their place." Taekwoon smiles, "We'll have to find our own then." Taekwoon reaches up to caress Hakyeon's cheek, around the camera which has him blushing, "You planning on proposing to me, Leo?" Taekwoon stares straight at him, "Maybe I am. What would your answer be?" He asks cheekily, "You'd have to ask to find out." Hakyeon giggles & Taekwoon smiles affectionately, "They're about to throw the bouquet, go on & try to catch it." They finish the video & yet again, Hakyeon's smile starts to fall. It hurt to imagine, to dream of something that could never be.

Now that the church is empty, Hakyeon & Taekwoon went to take some pictures at the alter. Hakyeon snaps a few pictures of Taekwoon in front of the arch adorned with blue roses & vines. "What kind of wedding would you like?" Hakyeon blinks at the sudden question, "Uh, I....I haven't really thought about it." Taekwoon tilts his head to the side, "Is that because you're gay? So you think you'll never have one, so why bother?" Hakyeon lowers the camera with a frown & nods slightly, "I don't expect that I'd get the chance it just hurts to dream about it." Taekwoon walks towards him, slowly removes Hakyeon's hands from the camera & holds onto them with a soft smile, "How about we indulge in the thought, just this once." Hakyeon takes in a deep breath, looking at the alter, "I'd like an outdoor night with a clear sky so you can see the stars shining above." Taekwoon squeezes his hands gently, "Beach wedding or garden wedding?" Hakyeon smiles warmly, "Garden wedding.........or out in a forest. I'd prefer to avoid sand & beach weddings are just...." Taekwoon nods, "Very common." Hakyeon nods & smiles up at Taekwoon, "Thank you, it was nice to imagine for a moment." Taekwoon releases one of his hands to caress Hakyeon's jaw. He leans into the hand on his face with his eyes closed, he felt at peace for a moment. Weddings were always so hard on him, wanting to support the happy couple but still envying them for having something that was a legal impossibility for him.

After Hakyeon had gotten the photos he needed & the video was filmed, he was kind of eager to leave. Weddings were just so overwhelming for him & if he stayed longer, he'd just continue to seek the comfort that Leo seemingly wanted to give. The temptation was strong but he still had another week to work with the man, they still needed to maintain some boundaries. He went looking for Hyuk, he checked the church, the dance floor, the guest tables, food tables & the bathrooms. He couldn't find him anywhere. Taekwoon followed after him on his search, "Just try calling him." Hakyeon sighs & takes out his phone, calling Hyuk. His eyes narrow as he hears the Galbijjim Song from a room nearby in the hall. He goes over to the room & opens the door to find Hyuk but he was not alone. He was with another man who was topless as Hyuk had been teasing his nipples, while Hyuk's shirt was unbuttoned & pulled out from his pants. They both had kiss swollen lips & what looked like newly forming hickies on their necks.

Hakyeon gasps then shrieks loudly, "YOU'RE THE HARLOT THAT DEFLOWERED MY PRECIOUS BABY!" Jaehwan's eyes widen & he holds his hands up to defend himself. That doesn't stop Hakyeon from smacking his chest & shoulders before repeatedly chopping his neck, the other whines at the sudden attack. He turns to Hyuk & starts chopping his neck, "What the hell are you doing? We're here for work!" Hyuk bites his lip, "Technically, you're here for work - I just happen to be assisting." Hakyeon smacked the back of his head, "How the hell have you been assisting? You disappeared hours ago!" Taekwoon covers his mouth to contain his chuckles at how the other overreacted to this little tryst in the closet. Taekwoon moves forward to gently bite Hakyeon's neck playfully, the photographer freezes as Taekwoon wraps his arms around the other's waist. "Let's leave the children alone, whatever they were about to do - you've already killed the mood." Hakyeon shudders as he feels the words ghost along his neck. Jaehwan sees Hakyeon's reaction to the attention, "Leo hyung, I think you should be careful there. Looks like his neck is quite sensitive." Hakyeon's eyes widen at the comment & his face flushes a bright red before he glares at the half-naked man who seemingly decided to get revenge on him for this incident. Taekwoon's eyebrow rises & he hums, "Is that so?" His arms tighten around Hakyeon as he kisses gently up the other's neck, making Hakyeon squirm & whimper. Hakyeon fights to get out of his grasp, fearing what else could happen if he let this continue. He managed to escape & fled from the venue.

When they arrived to pick them up on the last day of week one, Taekwoon went up to the front door of the house he rents with Hyuk. His hair was parted slightly off-center and wavy. He was wearing a yellow raglan style shirt with three-quarter sleeves & beige Dickies shorts with a pair of flip flops. This style was much simpler & made him look more like a regular person. Much less like an unattainable model & more like someone's boyfriend. Hakyeon greeted him at the door, "Hello Leo." The model smiled softly then rubbed the nape of his neck, "Can you help me with something?" Hakyeon nodded without considering what the request might require of him. "We're going to the beach I need to apply some sunblock." Hakyeon listened but there was no request yet then he realized what was implied, "You want me to put sunblock on you?" He gripped the door a little tighter at the thought of his hands touching Taekwoon's bare skin. Taekwoon nods, "Hongbin & Wonsik refused to help." Hakyeon wanted to ask why they would refuse but opted to stay quiet. He moved to allow Taekwoon inside & Hyuk raised an eyebrow but greeted him anyway. The younger started on packing the supplies into the van.

Taekwoon stepped into the living room & pulled off his shirt before taking the sunblock out of his pocket. He handed the bottle to Hakyeon with a small smirk, "Please do be thorough, I burn easily." Hakyeon looks over the bare torso with mildly restrained lust & gulps, taking the bottle offered to him with a deep breath. He uncapped it, squirting some out onto his hand & then started to apply the sunblock on his shoulders. He had to remember breathe in & out calmly, to not let his mind wander - just focus on his task. He gathered some more sunblock & began working his way down his back. When he made it down to his lower back, the model let out a small moan & Hakyeon froze. "Sorry, guess I could use a massage. Haven't had one in while." Hakyeon nods quietly as he tries to not imagine giving the model a massage to pull all sorts of little noises from those cute lips. Once he finishes up his back, he squirts out a small amount of sunblock to work into the nape of his neck & onto his ears. "All done." Taekwoon turns around & smiles, "Thank you." He takes back the sunblock & then starts applying some onto his own chest, Hakyeon gulps as he watches & eventually realizes that he's been staring at his nipples because he wondered if they were a sensitive spot for him. He shakes his head & pulls his gaze back up, "So what will we be doing for the beach date?" Taekwoon finishes applying sunblock to his abdomen & arms, "There is a picnic, going on the ferris wheel at the pier around sunset & then using sparklers after it gets dark." Hakyeon nods then goes off to wash the sunblock off his hands before they leave so as not to make handling the camera difficult.

They start off with the picnic on the beach, towels laid down on the sand with a picnic basket on top alongside a small cooler of drinks. Hakyeon & Taekwoon settle down on the towels, they get shots of him partaking in the food & drinks. Once he had his fill though, he started to pull off his shirt which Hakyeon managed to get some shots of as it came off. His pale skin glowing in the sunlight, his wavy hair flowing in the wind - he was breathtaking. Taekwoon laid back on the towel, closing his eyes to block out the sunlight & Hakyeon snapped some more pictures. He spread his legs a bit & pointed between them for Hakyeon. The photographer stood between his legs to get some more shots but Taekwoon shook his head & told him to squat down in a position much like they were in the other day at the cat cafe. Hakyeon slowly crouched down & Taekwoon leaned up, wrapping his arms around Hakyeon which made his eyes widen in surprise but then he squeaked as Taekwoon suddenly pulled him down on top of him. Hakyeon's lip trembled as he bit it, hoping his dick wouldn't betray him at this most inopportune time.

Taekwoon whispers softly against Hakyeon's neck, "A boyfriend would certainly lay in the sand with their lover, I needed you closer to position us for a better picture." Hakyeon shivers as he feels the words grazing the sensitive skin of his neck & before his brain could catch up with him, a soft moan of "kitten" fell from his lips. As if that little slip up wasn't bad enough, his cock twitched against Taekwoon's thigh & started to harden. He bit his lip as he fought the whimper that almost escaped, he pulled back from Taekwoon with a bright red blush while the other just smiled up at him & rubbed his arm. Hakyeon gulped as he took hold of his camera again to get some shots of Taekwoon's gorgeous smile.

The model licks his lips as he thinks of a way to really rile up the photographer, "I think we should do the beach script." Hakyeon gulps, "Right now? I-in t-this position?" Taekwoon chuckles, "I have another position in mind actually. Switch places with me." Hakyeon chokes, "Ex-cuse me!" Taekwoon pulls himself up & moves around Hakyeon to then ease him down onto the towel, Hakyeon's eyes widen as he is laid down on the towel. Without any warning, Taekwoon sits on Hakyeon's lap & squirms a bit to get comfortable - Hakyeon arches up with a whine as Taekwoon's ass rubs against his very hard dick. Taekwoon smirked down at him as Hakyeon panted, he felt his cock throb with interest at this position & before his mind caught up with the situation fully, his hips bucked up & Taekwoon moaned softly, feeling his own shaft harden. The model eased his way closer to Hakyeon's face, "Check the angle, is it good for a very intimate feel for the video?" Hakyeon whimpered as he pulled the camera up to his face as he seriously considered if death by hyperactive dick was possible, he felt as if all his blood was going to his cock - leaving the rest of him incapable of functioning. He gulped as he looked through the viewfinder, he then nudged Taekwoon's shoulder a bit to move him a bit further back for a better angle.

"Happy anniversary honey." Hakyeon licks his lips & answers back huskily, "Happy anniversary." Taekwoon fights the urge to smirk at how the other sounds as it would not fit the scene, "It's great to come back here every year. Our first date, a picnic under the stars." Hakyeon coughs, "The picnic today wasn't under the stars though." Taekwoon nods, "True, but I had something else in mind for tonight?" Hakyeon had forgotten how this scene ended, he barely skimmed his own lines earlier. "Oh really, what would that be?" Taekwoon smirks, one of his hands moving to caress Hakyeon's jawline, "How does sex on the beach sound?" Then Taekwoon grinds his ass down roughly & Hakyeon groans loudly at the friction against his hard cock. He pants, placing his camera down on his chest so it doesn't hit him in the face. Then he tackles Taekwoon down onto the towel & growls, "Such a naughty kitten." Taekwoon's eyes glaze over & he nods with a big grin, "Yes, I am" he says breathily, "You should punish me & make me your good boy." Hakyeon grunts as he thrusts up against the other's ass & Taekwoon moans loudly as he arches up.

Suddenly arms wrap around Hakyeon's waist & pull him away, Hakyeon growls feroiciously in irritation & Taekwoon whines in frustration, "Hyung, you're in public. You can't be doing this." Hakyeon blinks in recognition of their surroundings, the other people on the beach & blushes bright red all over then nods before he stumbles to his feet. He goes off with Hyuk to take a break to cool down.

Taekwoon pulls himself up & glares daggars into the back of Hyuk's head. Fucking cockblock. Hongbin whispers to Wonsik, "Do you think he is contemplating murdering the kid?" Wonsik eyes Taekwoon & says "Nooooo" with uncertainty "'s not like they could have fucked here on the beach with all these people around." Hongbin scoffs, "They didn't seem to notice anyone." Wonsik sighs, "You know what I mean. Someone would have caused a scene that they'd either notice or called the cops." Hongbin laughs, "Imagine the headlines, popular model Leo arrested for gay sex on the beach.....I wonder if Hakyeon even turned off the video or if it was still recording when he tackled him. Oooooh even better - a sex tape!" Wonsik shakes his head, "Aren't you the one that is tired of all his thirst trap antics? Yet you're joking about him having a sex tape." Hongbin shrugs, "He finally gets laid by who he has been trying to seduce. Maybe then I can just do my actual job - styling & makeup rather than be his 'hotographer'." He emphasizes the last word with air quotes & visibily shudders in disgust, a term that Taekwoon came up with out of the blue & thought was a stroke of brilliance that he would not shut up about.

Hakyeon breathed in slowly then out slowly, over & over again as he went off to the bathroom to splash his face with water. His erection had faded rather quickly after realizing how bad that situation could have gotten had he been allowed to let his dick do all the thinking. He came out of the bathroom to see Hyuk waiting for him, "Thank you for saving me from a potential indecent exposure arrest." Hyuk nods but then Hakyeon smacks his stomach & Hyuk pouts, "That's for letting it get that far to begin with! What the hell took you so long?" He points at the bathroom behind him, "I went to the bathroom, how was I supposed to know that you were going to try to mount him in public?" Hakyeon glares at him, "He....brought me down on him & & then he sat on my lap when he knew I was....." Hyuk searches the other's eyes, "Well, did he seem to want it at least?" Hakyeon sighs dreamily with his hands on his jawline, "Yes." But then he shakes his head, "I still can't fuck a client though." Hyuk chuckles, "If the client wants to fuck you too then why not?" Hakyeon's brows pull downward, "It's not professional." The younger chortles, "You just thrust your hard dick against his ass in public & made him moan like a virgin touched for the first time. I think you're past acting professional." Hakyeon visibily deflates, shoulders slumping, lips pouting, "Why did he of all people have to be my first client? My biggest temptation. It's not fair." Hyuk rubs his shoulder, "Sorry hyung. Maybe at least try to wait till we finish all the photoshoots & then try to get in his pants." Hakyeon sighs, he knew he was going to end up rubbing his dick raw tonight with all the jacking off from this little incident.

Taekwoon flops down on the towel face first & kicks his legs into the towel repeatedly. He finally got a taste of what Hakyeon's dick felt like against him. His mouth waters at the thought of how it would feel inside of him. To finally hear him call him 'kitten' with his smooth voice, he wanted to melt right there. He had never thought that word in a sexual connotation would have done anything for him until he saw Hakyeon calling him that in comments, it seemingly unleashed a new kink he hadn't been aware of. He desperately wanted to explore that but only if it were with Hakyeon. It had to be him. He was weak for that man. Gorgeous, tan & kinky bastard - who also managed to seem like the physical embodiment of gentle sunshine kissing your skin. God damn that child for interrupting their perfect moment, it was clearly revenge for yesterday. Audience be damned , he didn't care - it would have been worth it.

When Hakyeon finally returned, it was time to go to the ferris wheel for the optimal sunset pictures. Wonsik & Hyuk packed up the picnic supplies to bring back to the car while Hongbin touched up Taekwoon's makeup. The walk over to the ferris wheel on the pier was quiet. Taekwoon kept staring at Hakyeon, the other seemingly curled in on himself even more than he was prior to what happened earlier. Instead of progress, it felt like cold ice water had been splashed on both of them setting them further back. Taekwoon couldn't hide his frown. Did he push too far? Was it the public embarassment that was an issue? At least now, he had made it blatantly obvious that he wanted to get fucked by him & even begged him for it. But would the other ever act on that without prompting from him?

The others stay on the ground, leaving Hakyeon & Taekwoon alone to go into a pod on the ferris wheel together. Hakyeon sits across from him at first to collect some shots with the sunset behind him. He switches to sitting beside him as Taekwoon looks out to the ocean. The mood has certainly soured greatly & Taekwoon wasn't acting as well to cover up his upset. Once all the really aesthetic pictures at the top had been taken, the model couldn't take the silence anymore. "Hakyeon..." The other gulped but lowered his camera, "You're attracted to me, aren't you?" The photographer blinks at the question, "I think it has been long established that I am....considering you remember my comments...." Taekwoon smiles widely & lets out a dreamy sigh, "I miss those comments. I missed seeing your username pop up in my notifications." Hakyeon's mouth drops open in surprise, "I hadn't realized you even kept track of my interactions with your posts.......not until you mentioned the cat cafe." Taekwoon reaches over to take one of Hakyeon's hands to hold in his, making the other blush a little, "You were my favorite." He spoke softly & Hakyeon gave his hand a gentle squeeze. Taekwoon stared directly into his eyes, "Why did you stop? Do you know how hard I tried to get you to come back?" Hakyeon's eyes widened, "I.....m-my mentor said that it was unprofessional of me to leave those kind of comments especially if I used that account for work.......what do you mean you tried to get me back?" Taekwoon had considered that as a possibility, at least it wasn't an issue on his end. He licked his lips nervously, "I started posting more pictures that I knew you'd like, that would garner those comments but......there was nothing. I didn't know what I did wrong." Hakyeon slowly takes in his words, those increasingly sexy pictures were meant for him! He shakes his head, "You didn't do anything wrong." Taekwoon looks up at his eyes, "What about now? What am I doing wrong?"

He was about to ask what he meant when they had reached the bottom & the employee was trying to get them to leave, "Can we stay for another turn please?" The employee relented with a sigh. Hakyeon turned back to Taekwoon, "What makes you think you're doing something wrong?" He pouts, "Because every time I try to lure you in, you pull back." Hakyeon shakes his head, "It's not what you think.....I're a client & I don't want to be one of those photographers that tries to fuck all their models." Taekwoon releases his hand & both of his go up to mess with his hair, "Are you fucking kidding me! I came up with this whole photobook concept to get you & you're saying that you won't fuck me because I'm a client!" He wanted to cry, this plan had taken months. Convincing his company of the concept & the use of an unknown photographer. Hakyeon takes a few seconds to digest this, "You mean......this whole photobook was your idea.......& you used it to meet me?" He was very flattered & surprised by this revelation but at the same time, was the other only interested in sex? Was he? They barely knew anything about each other to really to determine if there was more for them. Taekwoon nods, "But it was all for nothing." He was about to break down into tears & Hakyeon shakes his head, "No, no it wasn't. I-I we...we can't yet." Taekwoon looks up, "Yet? So you're saying we will?" Hakyeon smiles softly at him, "Yes, I am." Taekwoon eyes him with disbelief, "Prove it! Show me you want me & that you'll actually fuck me at some point."

Hakyeon bit his lip briefly, this man was really testing his patience or lack thereof. He suddenly pulled him onto his lap, one hand on his ass pulling the other man closer to his body & the other threading into his hair as he crashes his lips onto Taekwoon's. The model moans softly & melts in the other's arms. He had waited so long for this, Hakyeon's lips were so soft. Hakyeon sighs into the kiss, to finally feel those pouty lips on his own after all this time. He nibbles on Taekwoon's bottom lip, pulling a small moan from Taekwoon. Hakyeon slips his tongue into the other's mouth to tangle with his & Taekwoon shifts in his lap, Hakyeon gasps as his cock twitches with interest. The kiss quickly devolves from the initial slow tease into a burning frenzy, eager to taste each other. Hakyeon's hands grope Taekwoon's ass & scrunch up his hair. Taekwoon whimpers as he grinds down into his lap, the hard dick underneath just felt so damn good. He slid his hand around Hakyeon's neck, his nails scraping the skin & Hakyeon bucked up with a loud growl. Taekwoon smirked into the kiss as he continued to scrape his nails over the other's neck, pulling whimpers from the tanned man. Taekwoon's other hand went to start undoing his pants & Hakyeon broke the kiss, "Don't. I won't be able to stop." Taekwoon smiles & asks huskily, "What? Don't wanna fuck me on a ferris wheel?" Hakyeon pants, "Not the first time." Taekwoon's eyes shine brightly, "You're promising me more than once?" Hakyeon stares straight into his eyes, "I'll fuck you as long as you'll have me." Taekwoon grinds down roughly & Hakyeon shudders, "Then fuck me now." Hakyeon shakes his head & pulls on Taekwoon's hair, tilting his head back - the move resulting in a long moan from the model "We can fuck on a ferris wheel another time." Taekwoon pouts, "Then fuck me tonight." Hakyeon shakes his head again, "No, kitten. Not tonight either." Taekwoon whimpers, "Then when are you going to fuck me?" Hakyeon releases his hold on the other's hair, "Next week." Taekwoon pouts & whines, "But I've been so horny." Hakyeon places his forehead against the other's "So have I. You make me so weak, kitten."

They reach the bottom again & Wonsik is waiting for them, "Okay, both of you out now!" Taekwoon pouts & gets off of Hakyeon's lap, Wonsik notices Hakyeon's pant's button is undone then side eyes Taekwoon before whispering to him, "Please tell me you didn't fuck him on the ferris wheel." The model nonchalantly puts his hands in his front pockets, "Not today." Hakyeon comes out of the ferris wheel & buttons his pants back up. "What do you mean not today?" Taekwoon just laughs & Wonsik rubs his face.

Hyuk is waiting for them on the beach with the sparklers & hands one to Taekwoon. He quickly notices the swollen lips on both the model & photographer, his elbow nudges Hakyeon's side, "Have a little self-control hyung." Hakyeon blushes, "He's a menace to my sanity." Hakyeon takes hold of his camera & Hyuk lights the sparkler then backs out of the shot. Hakyeon snaps multiple pictures of Taekwoon waving the sparkler around with a bright smile on his face. He looked so happy & it seemed like he even had a faint blush at times whenever he looked directly at him.

Over the weekend, Taekwoon had other activities to attend to & Hakyeon needed to sort through all the pictures taken so far to determine the favorites. He color tagged them to easily discern which pictures had to be used, which were possible options for filler & what wasn't worth considering. He thankfully didn't have many that needed to be discarded & had a decent amount that were so beautiful that there was no denying them entry into the photobook but there were also plenty that were so-so. Considering these are boyfriend aesthetic style, most lovers wouldn't be actual photographers so some mediocre shots would actually blend in more with the concept than the absolutely gorgeous shots.

He also worked on cutting the videos & adding in the subtitles while muting his own audio. The video from the beach made him blush tremendously especially when he realized that he hadn't turned off the filming when he tackled the model. He gulped as the video shook & swung as he loomed over Taekwoon. He looked so sexy with glazed over eyes as he begged to be punished & the loud moan, damn, it sounded so good. Hakyeon licked his lips as he cut out the frisky behavior from the video content he would send the company & saved it to his computer instead. He couldn't help himself, he had to keep that.

Hakyeon had been trying to fall asleep & had seemingly started to drift off when his phone started chirping at him. He picked it up bleary-eyed & saw that it was Leo contacting him. He barely realized that it was a phone call when he accepted it. He placed the phone to his ear, "Leo, why are you calling me at this hour?" He could hear panting from the other end & a small moan, "Ha-Hakyeonie, call me kitten. Tell me that I'm a good boy. I need to hear it." Hakyeon's eyes widened as he realized what was happening, "Kitten, are you having fun all by yourself without me?" Taekwoon whimpered & huffed into his phone, "Y-yes. I want you to fuck me, this vibrator isn't good enough." Hakyeon groaned as his dick began filling with blood as he thought about Leo fucking himself with a vibrator while talking to him on the phone. "Kitten, why must you tease me like this?" He reached his hand down under his covers & slid it into his boxers to take hold of himself with a moan as he started to jack off. The panting in his ear grows faster, "I ...hear y-your voice. Tell me I'm a good boy........please." Hakyeon's own breathing starts to become labored as he jacks off quickly & he growls, "Would a good boy call me like this late at night? Get me worked up as they moan in my ear." Taekwoon whimpers, panting, begging him "P-lease. Pl-ease. Please!" Hakyeon licks his lips as his hand works faster over his length in a firmer grip, "Kitten, you owe me for this." Taekwoon whines, "I'll do whatever you want, just pl-ease call me a good boy. I need to hear it. Punish me later." Hakyeon sighs, precum slicking up his cock as pumps himself in his hand, "You are my good boy kitten. Mine." He hears a loud gasp & a high pitched whine from the other end, mutterings of "fuck" over & over then silence. Hakyeon keeps stroking himself, going faster as he realizes that Taekwoon just climaxed to his voice. He wasn't far off either, having worked himself into a frenzy but there was continued silence on the other end which made him whimper. He continued to imagine the other man fucking himself with a vibrator over the phone as they spoke, how nice it would be to see him beg for his cock to take him. Before long, Hakyeon was arching up with a cry as he came all over himself. The other side of the call still silent & he huffed in annoyance at the lack of interaction. Unknown to him but the other man had cum so hard that he blacked out & fell asleep incredibly well sated.


The company rented a house for them to use for a week, they were even welcome to spend the week sleeping there if they so choose. Though the temptation of not having to make any commute to work was certainly there, the fear that Leo would stay too - Hakyeon didn't think he could manage to stick to his promise to himself to wait till the photoshoot was over to finally give in to his desires.



Hakyeon & Hyuk arrived at the house, Hakyeon takes a few deep breaths before he enters the house. They both take off their shoes as they come in, Hongbin greets them & Taekwoon smiles brightly at Hakyeon. He was in a gray cardigan with some sweat pants, simple clothes for lazing about at home. The photographer gulps, attempts to keep himself from blushing but fails, he just simply nods in return. Taekwoon tilts his head to the side in confusion, after they made out on the ferris wheel & had phone sex, he had expected a warmer reception. His shoulders slump as he pouts which Hakyeon quickly gets a picture of but that just makes the model glare at him & cross his arms. Even upset, he still looked cute so Hakyeon snapped some more pictures.


Leo had other schedules to attend to for the first three days of the week so time for shooting was limited. He laid out on the couch for pictures. Hakyeon scolded him a few times for posing too much as that defeated the purpose of the concept. He had to readjust his position, coaching him to look more natural. This concept really did go against what models typically did so it wasn't a surprise for it to occasionally become difficult.

Hakyeon lifted Taekwoon's feet to sit down on the couch & placed his feet in his lap once he positioned himself to face the other. Both of them with their backs to their respective sides. Taekwoon opted to start rubbing his foot along the front of Hakyeon's pants, his eyes closed as he shuddered from the sudden stimulation. He took in a deep breath then smacked Taekwoon's foot before he held it still against him, at least to keep it from rubbing against him. The model pouted, "You're no fun." Hakyeon's eyebrow rises, "You're a very bad boy doing things without permission." Taekwoon licks his lips, "So punish me." Hakyeon smirks & stifles a chuckle, "Maybe I already am." Taekwoon eyebrows pull together in confusion.

He switches to film mode, "What should we watch today?" Hakyeon hums in thought, "We have more time today so we can pick a series." Taekwoon smiles, "Something comedic, romantic, thriller or serious." He pauses as if to think, "Perhaps a that series we tried to watch before we....." Taekwoon smirks, "Oh, you actually want to watch it this time? Think you'll be able to keep your hands off of me." Hakyeon tries not to blush, "You were the one that got carried away, not me!" Taekwoon frees his foot & starts to move across the couch towards Hakyeon, "Are you saying you objected to it?" Hakyeon gulps as the other looms closer to him, "No." He smirks, "We could always continue from where we left off." He says huskily in a whisper then places his hand on Hakyeon's crotch, rubbing it firmly through his pants. Hakyeon's eyes close as his head is tossed back with a small moan while his cock begins to respond to the stimulation & Taekwoon licks his lips.

Hongbin comes in from another room, "Gotta go dude, you've got a commercial to shoot." Hakyeon opens his eyes, the lustful haze that greets Taekwoon makes him whimper. He pulls his hand back & glares at Hongbin, "Why must you interrupt me?" Hongbin folds his arms over his chest, "You can grope your photographer another time. If you don't get up now then Wonsik will throw you over his shoulder & carry you out. He'll get bonus points from me if he farts in your face to spite you for being so difficult." Taekwoon pouts, folding his arms as well & gets up reluctantly. "Threatening biological warfare, how cruel." Hyuk coming in from another room, "How bad are his farts to be deemed biological warfare?" Taekwoon grumbles, "Depends on what he eats. But sometimes it's clear the entire house worthy." Hyuk's face contorts in fear, "Okay duly noted.........ah, is that why he's outside the house?" Hongbin nods with a strained facial expression.


The following day, they arrive at the house to see Taekwoon with tousled hair wearing a white flowy shirt with a pair of light blue ripped jeans. Hakyeon has to fight the urge to swoon, the model just looked so ethereal. Taekwoon welcomed Hakyeon into the house with a hand around his waist till it slid down to his ass for a quick squeeze making the other squeak loudly in surprise. Taekwoon just smiled, feigning innocence as his hand left almost as quickly as it had gotten there. Hyuk was amused by just how straight forward the model was with his hyung & how that seemed to knock the other off balance. His calm & composed hyung defeated by a horny model.

Another tight schedule, today's plan was to play up the domestic aspect of living together. The best way to do that, of course, laundry. Certainly not a riveting event to take pictures of but the photobook was about dating & living with Leo, naturally that included household chores. It gives a sense of realism to the concept. Hakyeon got shots of Taekwoon filling the washing machine, with the clothes from their 'shopping spree' last week, adding the various products for cleaning the clothes. The only shots Hakyeon really had any interest in were when Taekwoon was bent over but given the lack of posterior assets, it didn't exactly make for tantalizing pictures. Not that Hakyeon really cared about that, he still wanted to fuck that ass whether it had any cushion or not.


Taekwoon finishes dressing the bed in new sheets, red satin that contrasted beautifully with his pale skin. He decides this should be where the day's video would be filmed. He sprawled out on the freshly made bed & gestured for Hakyeon to lay on the bed next to him. He began filming once he situated himself comfortably on the sheets, the two of them facing each other on their sides. "It's been a while since we could spend the day in bed together." Hakyeon licks his lips, "Well, we spend plenty of time in bed together anyway." Taekwoon chuckles & nods, "Yeah, we should really buy more sheets because we have to change them out so much." Hakyeon huffs, "You're insatiable." Taekwoon smirks, "Are you complaining?" Hakyeon pouts, "No." Taekwoon places a hand on Hakyeon's waist & rubs it, "That's what I thought." Hakyeon whines, "Cocky bastard." Taekwoon's hand slides to grip onto Hakyeon's ass again, "What'd you say about my cock?" Hakyeon chokes, he didn't recall that part of the script.

Hyuk comes in from another room, "Leo hyung, you've got a magazine shoot." Taekwoon's eyes narrow at the intrusion & glares at the intruder, "Let me guess, Hongbin forced you to be the cockblock this time." Hyuk raised a finger & pointed at him, "Ding, ding, ding! You are correct. Your prize is going to your next schedule." Taekwoon gives one last squeeze of Hakyeon's ass before getting up from the bed & rushing past Hyuk making sure to smack into his shoulder with his own. The younger grimaces, "Ow! Boney broad shoulders hurt. "

This was the last of the packed schedule days but as requested, they arrived earlier. Hongbin greeted them at the door in his pajamas, apparently they came back here after his schedule concluded yesterday. "He's up in the master bathroom." Hakyeon nodded & stood in the living room, ready to wait for the other to come down. "Go up there, he's expecting you."


Hakyeon raises an eyebrow in confusion & heads up to the master bathroom. He is greeted by the sight of Taekwoon in the tub taking a bubble bath with candles set up & lit along the sides of the tub, "If you had gotten here sooner then you could have seen the bath bomb's pretty colors." Hakyeon coughs, "Well sorry, I wasn't prepared to be here at dawn." The model was still wearing makeup in the tub, waterproof naturally, but Hongbin had seemingly tried to make it look as natural & bare faced as possible. The wet hair was incredibly sexy. Hakyeon raised his camera to snap some pictures of the very wet model in a tub of colorful water with an excessive amount of bubbles. It was very picturesque. He got pictures from multiple angles & different distances from the tub, to take in the ambience with the candles as well as views of Taekwoon sprawled out in the tub.

After he got plenty of pictures, Taekwoon licked his lips, "Care to join me?" Hakyeon sighs & shakes his head, "You have a tight schedule today, remember. I'm sure your company wants more pictures from me than just of you in the tub." Taekwoon pouts with his arms over the edge of the tub, "You made me a promise last week, you still intend on keeping it right?" Hakyeon nods, "When do you plan on following through?" Hakyeon hums at the question, "Well, a very naughty kitten abandoned me on the phone after he got off. So I decided to punish you by making you wait." Taekwoon whimpers & pouts, "I didn't mean to..........the orgasm was so good I blacked out." Hakyeon smirks & sighs, "Either way, I'll decide when I take you. Be patient kitten."

Taekwoon stands up in the tub & Hakyeon blinks in realization that the model had in fact been naked this whole time. He turns away as he certainly does not have the self control for confronting a very wet & naked temptation. Taekwoon pouts when the other turns away, "Are you not interested in seeing me naked?" Hakyeon takes a deep breath, "I'll see you naked when we have sex. Until then, I need some semblance of control." He mutters the last part to himself. Taekwoon grabs a towel for himself as he steps out of the tub after he pulled the plug to drain it. He wraps the towel around his waist but makes no attempt to dry off the water droplets along his torso. He grabs another towel to work on drying his hair, "I'm sure they'd want pictures of this." Hakyeon turns around to see the other in a towel, water dripping down his skin & gulps. He pulls his camera back up to start snapping away again, getting some of Taekwoon drying his hair with another towel.

Hongbin comes around to supervise when Taekwoon starts 'shaving' as he needed to keep tabs on Taekwoon's makeup, ensuring that it holds up. Though the photobook wanted the 'realism' of dating Leo, they still expected him to have a flawless complexion which was just not entirely possible without the makeup. The model still needed to look like he had an unfairly perfect & poreless face all the time. Once the shaving the done, Hongbin did light touchups before Taekwoon brushed his teeth. Hakyeon managed to get several natural looking photos from this, harder to stage photos like this with poses as it gave Taekwoon an activity that was ingrained muscle memory. The same sort of attention was paid when he 'washed' his face.


Hakyeon decided he wanted a video that felt a little more intimate & maybe a little less like it was taken at an 'opportune' time with them both pretty still. Taekwoon was surprised by the idea but easily jumped at it. Hakyeon still looked away when the towel dropped & Taekwoon put on his boxer briefs. Once he had that on though, Hakyeon began filming as Taekwoon got dressed. "When do you think you'll be coming home tonight?" The model looked up in thought, "I would like to get home earlier tonight." Hakyeon smiles, "Got something special planned for me?" Taekwoon smiles as he turns to grab a pair of slacks from the closet, facing the camera as he puts on his pants. Licking his lips as he pulls up the zipper & fastens the button. "Indeed I do. Curious?" Hakyeon hums, "Of course. Is it a surprise?" Taekwoon grabs a button-up shirt, putting on each sleeve & buttoning up the shirt, "Perhaps it is." Hakyeon pouts, "Is there anything I should prepare for? Do I need to wear something nice? Are we going somewhere?" Taekwoon smiles affectionately, "You could wear something nice but we'll be staying in tonight." Taekwoon tucks in his shirt before picking a tie to put on & securing it around his neck. "Is it actually a date or are you expecting something else?" Taekwoon chuckles, "It's a date though something else could certainly happen later if it goes well."


After such an early start yesterday, they were given the choice to come in the afternoon & work into the night if they preferred which they did. It would be the last night in the house as they were expected to leave the following afternoon for check out. That left them with very little work that could be done on the last day as they'd need to clean up & take out the various props they've brought along.


Hakyeon sighs dreamily as he sees Taekwoon in today's outfit, that shirt was just so pretty & the pants to match, just gorgeous. He greets them as they come into the kitchen, "Great, you're here. I'm starving." Hyuk looks around the kitchen noticing all the food items on the counter & pots on the stove, "So who's cooking?" Taekwoon waves his hand, "Me, of course." Hakyeon smiles, "So what are you making?" The model smiles back, "My specialty, rose pasta."

[A/N: Old vlive of him making it.]


He fills a pot of water, grinds some salt into the water & puts the pot on the stove then turns on the burner. Hakyeon picks up his camera to start taking pictures "A white shirt, bold choice when cooking." Taekwoon chuckles, "Maybe I'm just not that clumsy." After a pause, "Also, ever heard of an apron?" The model chuckles as he grabs the long navy colored apron with white vertical stripes & ties it behind himself. Hakyeon had not been expecting the apron & wondered if that was an intended prop or if it was his own. He got a few shots of him standing by the stove in his apron as the water boiled & he put in the linguine.

Hongbin comes over to whisper in his ear, "He left out part of the script for today so good luck." Hakyeon blinks at the sudden voice in his ear & his face scrunches in thought over what the model could be leaving out of the script & why. He so often felt like he wasn't prepared enough for the scripts or fully read them properly so he felt blindsighted by them more than once already. For the sake of Taekwoon's makeup, Hongbin demanded that he be the one to drain the pasta into the strainer pot in the sink. Grumbling about not wanting the steam to mess with his hard work. He brought the noodles back into their original pot & Taekwoon quickly added some olive oil to the noodles to keep them from drying out while he works on the sauce.

He had already prepped the large skillet on the burner with olive oil, added vertically sliced button mushrooms, red onion & shrimp. After a couple minutes he added the pasta & some oyster sauce, stirring to incorporate it before adding tomato sauce. Hakyeon got many shots of Taekwoon focusing on his cooking & watched closely. He was getting quite hungry from watching all this food be cooked in front of him & he really wanted to try the model's cooking. After the sauce boiled down from the water, Taekwoon added whipping cream & stirred it to mix in properly. He turned off the stove & removed the skillet from the heat. He grabbed two plates from the cabinet & started adding food to each plate. Once the skillet was empty he set it aside & Hongbin quickly took it to the sink to clean it off to keep from having the sauce adhere to the skillet. Taekwoon placed some caviar on top of each bed of pasta for both plates.

Hyuk stares at the two plates & pouts, figuring he was left out. Hongbin came over with a warm plate from the microwave & hands it to him. Hyuk sees the same pasta dish & looks up with wide eyes, "He made some earlier for us, I had to reheat your plate as this was made hours ago." Hyuk smiles brightly, "I did not expect him to make food for me......thank you for uh reheating it for me I guess. I'll thank him too later, I don't want to get in their way right now." Hongbin nods, "Wise decision."



Taekwoon goes over to the dining bench with the two plates & sets them down. The dining area had fairy lights along the walls & window. Hakyeon notices a short vase with some roses on the table & several candles that were already lit. His heart fluttered at the scene before him, it was so romantic & sweet. A home cooked meal, candles & flowers, why was this just a photobook rather than real life. He'd absolutely love this as a date. Taekwoon removes his apron & sets it aside, he looks at Hakyeon with a soft smile. The photographer barely remembers to take some pictures before he sits down in front of his own plate. The chopsticks were already set for them on the table as well as a couple glasses of red wine, Hakyeon feels at a loss for words. Taekwoon reaches out to gently stroke his cheek & Hakyeon feels like he is melting. He remembers what the other said last week that this whole photobook & its concept was for him, to meet him. Was it just with the intention for sex? Seems like a lot of work & planning just for that.

The model lightly pokes the other's cheek, "Let's eat. We'll do the script after we finish." Hakyeon nods with a shy smile, picking up his chopsticks to take in some of the pasta & brings it up to his mouth to eat. Taekwoon watches closely as Hakyeon moans softly at the taste, "Damn it, you can cook too." Taekwoon laughs, "What's wrong with that?" Hakyeon groans, "You're beautiful, sexy, kinky & can cook. You really have no mercy for my sanity." He laughs again & takes a sip of his wine, "I'm also confident & shameless, you shouldn't forget that." Hakyeon laughs, "Yeah, I guess I shouldn't." They continue to eat, smiling at each other whenever their eyes meet.

He looks over the script before he starts filming, "Thank you for such a wonderful surprise Leo." Taekwoon smiles at him, "I wanted to prepare a romantic date night in." Hakyeon smiles warmly, "It's a perfect date night in. The candles, the lights, the flowers & your specialty pasta." Taekwoon looks down bashfully biting his bottom lip nervously, "Perfect? Really?" Hakyeon nods, "Yes, perfect. Any reason for all this?" Taekwoon rubs the back of his neck while biting his lip before looking up at him, "Yeah, there is." He pulls something from behind him & places a small box on the table.


Hakyeon's eyes widen as he sees the small box & the camera slips from his grasp but it just fell to his chest thanks to the strap. They really went all out on this concept! He feels his mouth go dry as Taekwoon opens the box to reveal a beautiful white gold engagement ring with diamonds wrapping the entire bands. Hakyeon gasps & feels his own eyes tearing up. What the hell is wrong with me? This is a fake proposal! But the ring is absolutely stunning & it somehow feels like exactly what he wanted if he were to get married, if only he could. With a blush gracing the model's face he asks, "Will you marry me?" Hakyeon knows this is all fake & meant for the sake of the photobook but he couldn't stop the tears from falling. Taekwoon, likely carrying on with the script, took the ring from the box then taking Hakyeon's hand & slides the ring onto his ring finger. Hakyeon gasps as it slides on smoothly & fits his ring finger perfectly. He continues to cry as he looks down at his hand with the gorgeous ring on it. Taekwoon comes closer to rub the other's back & kisses the top of his head.

After Hakyeon cries it out for a bit, he wipes his eyes, "You guys really had to go to this extent for a photobook?" Taekwoon bites his lip nervously, "I thought the scene would be great for the photobook, yes......but the ring, I actually did buy it for you." Hakyeon's head jerks up in surprise as he stares at the model in disbelief, "Not with the intent to propose obviously, we haven't even dated yet but uh I got it for you to celebrate the beginning of your career as a photographer. I even got it engraved." Hakyeon looks between him & the ring, "You actually bought me the ring? can I accept something like this, it must be expensive." Taekwoon shakes his head, "It wasn't that expensive actually.....or at least not in comparison to how much I make." Hakyeon takes off the ring to check the engraving, one band says 'strike a pose' & the other says 'take a snapshot.' Hakyeon smiles at the engraving, thinking that it was rather cute. "I.....I don't know what to say." Taekwoon bites his lip, "I just....I wanted to give you something & I hoped you'd like it." Hakyeon smiles shyly, "I love it. Thank you."

Hakyeon needed to take a break after that for the sake of heart & sanity. He opted to upload the new pictures & video to his laptop to start working on color tagging the keepers again. Hyuk helped him to determine how to categorize each picture.


Taekwoon goes over to the window seat with his long legs stretched out across the seat. The camera clicks a few times, catching his side profile as the sunset casts a gentle glow around the model. Taekwoon tilts his head towards Hakyeon & starts singing, "So what you doing tonight? Better say, 'Doin' you right.' Watchin' movies, but we ain't seen a thing tonight." Hakyeon coughs at the suggestive words. Why did they sound familiar somehow? Some sort of song, clearly, but damn, why did Leo pick such a song to sing to the camera? Taekwoon opts for skipping around the lyrics, picking the best parts to get a reaction. "I've been drinking coffee. And I've been eating healthy. You know I keep it squeaky. Saving up my energy." Hakyeon still couldn't quite place the lyrics to a particular song but the way that the model was staring at him as he sang was making him feel far too hot for all the clothes he was wearing.

He starts to saunter over towards him, camera clicking some more as the model looks like he is about to pounce on some delicious prey. He stares straight into Hakyeon's eyes as he sings, "Can you stay up all night? Fuck me 'til the daylight. Thirty-four, thirty-five. Can you stay up all night? Fuck mе 'til the daylight. Thirty-four, thirty-five." Taekwoon's eyes scan up & down Hakyeon's body, pointedly landing on the growing bulge in his pants. The model licks his lips, “You drink it just like water. You say it tastes like candy. You such a dream come true, true. Make a bitch wanna hit snooze, ooh.”

Hyuk leans towards Hongbin from outside the room & whispers, "Is he really singing a song about 69ing to hyung & staring him down?" Hongbin snorts, "Taekwoon is many things, subtle is not one of them." He shakes his head & returns to the room where he had all the makeup set out. Taekwoon brings his eyes back up & continues to mash the lyrics together to really drive his intention home. He gets down on his knees in front of Hakyeon looking up at him seductively through his lashes. & he barely remembers to take some more pictures as his cock throbs painfully at the sight before him that had plagued many of his wanks, “Can you stay up all night? Fuck me 'til the daylight. Thirty-four, thirty-five. Yeah, we started at midnight. Go 'til the sunrise. Can you stay up all night? Fuck me 'til the daylight. Thirty-four, thirty-five. Means I wanna, means I wanna, means I wanna '69' with you.” Hakyeon is panting, feet feeling like they're adhered to the floor by super glue. He closed his eyes but the view of Taekwoon on his knees so close to him still haunted him, why did he just have to sing a song about oral sex & then kneel? How the fuck was he supposed to function when it felt like all of the blood in his body drained to fill his dick? He was so overwhelmingly aroused, he felt like he could pass out. One more day, he just had to wait one more day till the photoshoot was over then he could let his body take over.

Taekwoon stared up at Hakyeon, whose eyes were still closed but his body was swaying. Why wasn't he offering his cock for him to suck on? He made it very clear that he wanted it & was waiting for it. His face scrunched in frustration, he should be fishing out his dick from his pants & fucking his face properly like he wanted but he was just......standing there.....quietly. When it was clear that nothing was happening or going to happen, Taekwoon grunted & got up from the floor. Knocking his shoulder into Hakyeon's harshly as he stormed past him angrily leaving the bedroom.

How much more would he need to do just to get him to finally take some damn initiative? He's been throwing himself at him at every turn & he knows Hakyeon wants him. He sees the sexual frustration that is barely being kept in check. He finds Hongbin in another room, organizing the beauty products. He pushes open the door & goes to plop down in the chair, pouting angrily. "Why won't he fuck me?" Hongbin sighs, "I don't know. Maybe he is still in the closet & hasn't actually had gay sex yet." Something about that didn't quite sound right. He doubts that Hakyeon would be virginal. "I've been trying so hard to seduce him & he.....he just doesn't follow through! I even got on my knees for him! Do you know how many times a man has turned me down after seeing me on my knees in front of them? LITERALLY ONLY HIM!" Hongbin shakes his head, "I didn't need to know that."

Hakyeon runs his hands down his face in distress, after that phone call the other day, he had tried to remain patient. The model leaving him hanging after he came, he wanted to get a little revenge. Punish him for not helping him to reach his own climax. He's been trying to keep himself together to last till the photoshoot is done in its entirety but he was barely hanging by a thread. The man was baiting him whenever he could. There was only so much more he could take before he gave in to his desires. He takes in a few deep breaths then pouts over at Hyuk, "Hyuggie, can you go check on him? Bring him back so we can finish up for the night." Hyuk nods, "Sure hyung, now do you want me to check on him because you're his photographer or because you still hope to fuck him someday?" Hakyeon scowls at him & folds his arms over his chest with a pout, not knowing how to answer the question. Hyuk just chuckles, shakes his head & goes off to find their model.

Hyuk hears voices from a room down the hall, the voices coming from the open room. He listens closely as he approaches, "Tomorrow is the last day of the shoot, if he doesn't fuck me then I'm stealing Wonsik from you." Hongbin smacks his shoulder harshly, "He's mine! You can't have him. He's the best fuck I've ever had, if you steal him then with your libido - I'll never get him back!" Taekwoon glares up at him, "Then HELP ME get Hakyeon to fuck me!" Hyuk chuckles as he enters the room, giant grin plastered on his face, "Might I offer a suggestion?" The two snap their heads over towards him, blinking in surprise at his prescence. "You want the boyfriend aesthetic for this photobook. Well, you're missing something that would really.....elevate that, make it obvious that you have been claimed." Hongbin thinks over the words & starts laughing, "You tall devil, you're a GENIUS!" Taekwoon looks between the two skeptically. Hyuk sighs & decides to put him out of his misery for being clueless, "Hickies." Taekwoon's face lights up, "I can get him to mark me up, to finally touch me. God damn it, why didn't I think of that sooner!" He leaps out of the chair & barrels into Hyuk for a tight hug which he accepts. "Thank you! Now this better fucking work or I'm punching both of you." He pulls back from the hug, "Trust me Leo hyung, he's been wanting to mark up your pale skin for years. I don't think he'll have much control left once he finally has marked you all over."

Taekwoon bounces out of the room, mischievous smile on his face. Hyuk just shakes his head, "How long has it been since he got laid?" Hongbin looks up, trying to recall, "I can't remember, I don't really keep tabs on him. He certainly has guys he can call up if he wants to but he has been set on getting Hakyeon for months." Hyuk's brows rise at that, "Months? How? They only met three weeks ago." Hongbin chuckles, "He came up with this whole photobook idea to get Hakyeon specifically. He missed having his fanboy praise him on every post." Hyuk doubles over laughing, "Ah, Hakyeon's mentor chastised him for his thirsty comments on instagram & told him to stop doing that so that it wouldn't reflect poorly on him for his career." Hongbin hums in understanding, "Taekwoon has been making me take thirst trap pics of him for instagram for months trying to lure Hakyeon back in. He really thought the post-climax glow pics from the day they met would have riled him up & has been grumpy that he still hasn't fucked him yet." Hyuk continues to laugh, "Oh, he ran out of the room to jack off when he saw those. Trust me, they worked on him. He's been jacking off multiple times a day since they met." Hongbin places a hand on his forehead, "God those two are hopeless. Taekwoon has been the same. His favorite vibrator died on him yesterday, he got so mad that he threw it at the wall. We are so not getting our security deposit back now."

Taekwoon walks back into the bedroom that he left Hakyeon in, his facial expression neutral. Hakyeon asks quietly, "Is everything okay? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you." The model looks up at him, "I realized that there was......something missing to really....make an impact with the theme." Hakyeon pauses in thought, "Is that why you were upset? Was there something lacking on my side?" Taekwoon walks towards him, "No, that wasn't why.....but with this revelation, it can certainly turn things around." He couldn't help but smirk then walked a few steps back & made a camera clicking gesture with his fingers to let Hakyeon know to resume. Hakyeon took hold of his camera to start taking pictures again. Taekwoon began to unbutton the rest of his shirt, Hakyeon gulped as he took shot after shot of what was starting to look like the model was going to strip in front of him. This evil temptress will be the death of him. Taekwoon pulled his shirt out from his pants, slowly letting the shirt slide down his arms until it fell to the floor, making sure to eye fuck the camera as he does this. Hakyeon bites his trembling lip as he holds back a whimper threatening to spill from his throat as the model becomes shirtless in front of him all while staring him down with seductive bedroom eyes. He smirks as he slowly starts to undo his pants & hears Hakyeon gasp as the clicks of the camera continue to sound off.

The model licks his lips as he palms his crotch over his pants & hears Hakyeon mutter, "Oh fuck." A whimper finally slipping past those trembling lips. Taekwoon squeezes himself & emits a small moan, while staring at Hakyeon's bulge. He looks up at Hakyeon before pushing his pants down to just leave him in a pair of tight boxer briefs. He steps out of them, the camera slips from Hakyeon's fingers & falls back against his chest thanks to the strap he was wearing. Taekwoon approaches the flustered & blushing photographer, "I know how we can take this to the next level." Hakyeon is struggling to remember how to even breathe as he pulls his gaze back up to the model's face, "H-how?" Taekwoon smiles & lifts an eyebrow suggestively, "If you & I were dating, how would you make sure everyone knew I was taken?" Hakyeon's eyes widen at how the question started off, but then he realizes exactly what his answer would be & what Taekwoon was implying. He gulps, blushing even deeper as his eyes focus anywhere but on Taekwoon's face. "I'd mark up your pale skin" he says breathlessly.

Taekwoon steps in closer & carefully pulls the camera off from around Hakyeon's neck, setting it on the dresser. Taekwoon whispers softly & seductively into his ear, "My body is your canvas Hakyeon, touch & sketch my pale skin. Mark me up wherever you like." Hakyeon's barely restrained control & patience snapped, he threw Taekwoon onto the red satin sheets & getting up on top of him.

"Theoretically, I was supposed to help keep Hakyeon hyung from jumping Leo hyung." Hongbin laughs then says seriously, "You interrupt them again & Taekwoon will eviscerate you." Hyuk gasps, "He is that desperate for some dick." Hongbin shakes his head, "He could certainly get dick from someone else easily but he has been craving Hakyeon's even before he knew he was big. Being the size queen that he is, naturally that just made his mouth water more." Hyuk scrunches up his face, "I so miss the days when I wasn't seeing hyung's bulge on display all the time. I really didn't want that to scar my innocent & formerly virginal mind." Hongbin chuckles, "Innocent my ass. Jaehwan looks like a screaming power bottom." Hyuk smirks, "And scream he does."

Hakyeon lays on top of Taekwoon while his arms graze up & down his sides, latches his lips onto his neck just below his ear to start marking him & the other smiles as he wraps his arms tightly around him to keep him from leaving his body. He moans as he sucks firmly on the skin, how he has wanted to mark his pale skin for years. He moves to another spot on his neck while one of Taekwoon's hands slides up into his hair to scrunch between his fingers as he gasps from the attention that he has been anticipating for so long. He litters hickies of various shades all over his neck, collar bones, shoulders & chest. He stops marking for the chance to play with the model's nipples, tugging on one & sucking on the other. Taekwoon arches up beneath him with a whimper from the stimulation to his sensitive nipples. He pulls on Hakyeon's hair with a whine as one nipple is twisted sharply & the other is being tugged on by his teeth. He looks up into the other's eyes to see them glazed over as he gasps.

He continues to move down the other's body making more marks along his abdomen then his hip bone before pulling off the model's boxer briefs & tossing them to the floor. Taekwoon pants while looking down at the other positioned in front of his hard dick but instead of going there, Hakyeon spreads his legs to make himself more comfortable to make a particularly dark mark on his upper thigh, then another making the other man whimper. Hakyeon lightly smacks his thigh, "You said that I could make you my canvas & mark you all over, I intend to do that." Taekwoon groans, "You still have more you want to make?" Hakyeon smirks, "Indeed I do." He creates a few more on his thighs before he comes back up to suddenly suck on his balls & the other shudders with a loud gasp.

Taekwoon leans down to tug at Hakyeon's shirt, "Get naked, damn it!" Hakyeon chuckles, moving away to get off the bed. He pulls his shirt off over his head & sees the other lick his lips as he sees more tan skin on display. The other had been so covered up this entire time, it was nice to finally see what he was hiding underneath. When Hakyeon starts to unfasten his pants, Taekwoon's breathing speeds up in anticipation, as the other smirks at him. He pushes his pants & underwear down to his thighs, hearing the moan from the bed. He chuckles, "Like what you see?" Taekwoon salivates at the sight of the big tan cock that has been plaguing his sexual fantasies since they met. "I want to be fucked by it, rough." Hakyeon pushes his clothes off completely & rejoins the other on the bed. "Well that can be arranged." Taekwoon nods enthusiastically, his eyes pleading for just that.

Hakyeon leans down to kiss the other for the first time since the ferris wheel makeout, Taekwoon parts his lips to invite the other's tongue inside. Their tongues tangle together, small moans released into each other's mouths. Taekwoon's hand wanders down to take hold of the other's shaft, Hakyeon bites his bottom lip with a growl as the hand strokes him. He pulls back from the kiss, "Naughty kitten, I didn't say you could touch that." Taekwoon pouts & his hand retreats, "Now that it is out in the open finally, how could I not touch it?" Hakyeon chuckles, nibbles on the model's ear making him whimper, "Be a good boy for me & I'll make it worth the wait." Taekwoon nods, "I'll be your good boy. Please, please I need it."

He moves back down to the other's cock, sliding his tongue up the underside from the base to the tip then he runs the tip of his tongue along the edge of the head. Pressing a teasing kiss to the tip as it twitches against his lips, the model whimpers at the sight & the teasing. He swirls his tongue around the head before taking just the head inside his mouth for a soft suck. Taekwoon clutches onto the satin sheets as he cries out in pleasure. He descends further on the shaft until it is fully encased in his mouth & he gives a firm suck, Taekwoon moans his name loudly as his hips cant upward on reflex. Hakyeon pulls back slowly as the other pants the word 'fuck' over & over. "Hakyeon, though your mouth is sinful & I love it. I want you to fuck me."

The photographer chuckles & smirks, "Does my kitten happen to have any lube?" Taekwoon slides a hand underneath one of the pillows & pulls out the bottle of lube then hands it to him. "Someone was certainly prepared." Taekwoon huffs, "It's been there all week you bastard." Hakyeon laughs, "I had intended to wait till the photoshoot was over especially after you left me to jack off alone on the phone." Taekwoon pouts, "That wasn't intentional! I told you what happened." Hakyeon moves forward to peck his lips, "I know kitten. Now, turn over for me." Hakyeon pulls back to give him space allowing the other to get in position on his hands & knees.

Hakyeon presses a hand down on his back to let him know he wanted his face in the sheets & Taekwoon obliges. He runs his hands up & down his sides as he places his body against the other's to suck on his shoulder blade to create another mark. Taekwoon whimpers, "Really?" Hakyeon chuckles, "I have some more marks to make on my beautiful canvas. I think they'll photograph nicely. You did say you wanted spice for your photobook." Taekwoon grins wickedly, "Nude shots too, I like the way you think." Hakyeon playfully bites his shoulder, "Semi-nude, your dick will be spared but the rest of you will look quite nice in some scandalous shots especially with all these hickies."

He makes a few more marks on his back then one on each cheek which has the other whimpering, a couple on his upper thighs & one right under the swell of his ass. The model wiggles his ass, "FUCK ME ALREADY!" Hakyeon smacks his ass making the other emit a small moan, "Still need to lube you up." Taekwoon grumbles "THEN USE THE FUCKING LUBE ALREADY, DAMN IT!" Hakyeon spreads his ass, licking around the rim making the other shake from the sudden wet stimulation. He claws at the sheets whimpering as Hakyeon's tongue licks out from the rim all the way around. Taekwoon pants & curses.

The other pulls back, uncapping the bottle of lube & pours out some lube onto his fingers, some falling onto the satin sheets to create a wet spot. He smears some lube on his rim, Taekwoon presents his ass for the other proudly. Hakyeon smirks before pushing a single finger inside the pale man that sighs in pleasure as the finger pushes in fully, after a few thrusts then another finger presses inside to twist around. Hakyeon uses his other hand to rub the perineum firmly, Taekwoon's legs shake as he moans loudly then the fingers inside him start to prod at his prostate. The internal & external stimulation has the man screaming, "FFUCK! F-FUCK! FUCK ME ALREADY!"

"Such a demanding kitten." Hakyeon chuckles & Taekwoon whines as the fingers continue to tease him from both sides. His cock throbbing between his legs as he pants out, "I'm going to cum if you keep doing this." Hakyeon hums, "What's so bad about that?" He asks as he slowly massages his perineum & gently taps his prostate internally. "W-want you in me. P-lease, I'm begging!" Hakyeon pulls out his fingers & takes his hand away, pressing a soft kiss to his ass, giving the other a chance to calm down & recover a bit.

He picks the lube up again, pouring some into his hand to slather on his hard cock that has been extremely patient all this time with so little direct stimulation. He moves to settle outside the other's entrance then slowly pushes his way inside, he groans in pleasure as the hot & tight walls hug his dick perfectly. Taekwoon's breath hitches as he is breached, he takes calming breaths as the other slides into him slowly until he bottoms out. Taekwoon sighs happily, licking his lips, "Finally." Hakyeon presses gentle kisses along his neck & shoulder as he waits for the other to adjust to his length & girth inside of him.

Taekwoon takes a deep breath then clenches around the shaft inside of him pulling a growl from the tan man. Hakyeon pulls back with a groan then slowly thrusts back in, they both whimper. He does a few more slow thrusts to savor the sensation before he pulls back to ram back in roughly pulling loud moans from both of them. He starts thrusting forcefully at a fast pace, Taekwoon's mouth is open wide against the satin sheets mewling in pleasure as the other grunts. He adjusts his hips a bit & with the slight angle change, he manages to hit the other's prostate with more precision making the man moan his name loudly as he claws at the sheets he is drooling on. Hakyeon continues to ram into him like this until he feels that the other is likely close then he pulls out & Taekwoon cries, "NO, NO, NO, NO! GET BACK IN ME, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!"

Hakyeon flips the other over & lays on the bed beside him, "Ride me kitten." Taekwoon grumbles "Fucking bastard." But climbs on the other's lap & quickly impales himself on the other with a satisfied smile. Licking his lips as he starts to fuck himself on the hard dick inside of him, believing that he'd finally get a say in when he climaxes. Hakyeon slowly adjusts his hips then starts to thrust up powerfully which has the other panting his name & whining as he rubs against his prostate again. Taekwoon can no longer get himself to move over the other's lap because he doesn't want to mess with the position that feels like absolute heaven. He reaches down to take hold of his own cock but the other smacks his hand away, "No, that's a bad kitten." Taekwoon whimpers, "I WANNA CUM, DAMN IT!" Hakyeon chuckles then pulls the other down to be flush against him before flipping them over so he is on top, "Soon kitten, just be a good boy."

Taekwoon whimpers but his arms wrap around the other & he sinks his nails into Hakyeon's shoulders. He pulls the other's hips up just enough off of the bed to get the perfect slide for his cock to thrust against his prostate. Taekwoon pants out the word 'fuck' over & over paired with 'please.' Hakyeon's hips snap into him harder with rapid thrusts, the slapping sound of his body against the other's grows louder as does the noise from the bed quaking under them. Taekwoon is panting, his hair thoroughly disheveled, skin red, eyes glazed over with lust & unable to see anything as his brain is overwhelmed by the fog of pleasure. He feels pressure coiling up inside of him quickly then the dam bursts & he cums between them with a scream after being edged for so long, feeling it send shockwaves through his veins. His toes curl as his nails claw down the other's back while he clenches down on him. Hakyeon manages a couple more deep & hard thrusts before he cums inside the other with a loud moan. The euphoric bliss cascading throughout his body as he slows to a stop still inside the other.

They both pant as they try to recollect themselves from their intense climaxes. Taekwoon licks his lips, "Okay,......that was definitely worth it." Hakyeon laughs lightly then lifts his head to peck the other's lips, "I told you." Taekwoon smiles at him, "Glad I didn't pass out like I did on the phone." Hakyeon playfully bites his shoulder, "I'm sure I can manage that feat another time." Taekwoon caresses his cheek, "I'll hold you to that." Hakyeon pecks his lips, "So, am I your fuck buddy now or something?" Taekwoon traces the other's lips with his finger, "You gained notoriety through your boyfriend aesthetic pics when you were single, now I intend to make an honest man out of you." Hakyeon's eyes shine at the comment, "Really?" Taekwoon pulls him down to kiss him softly then lightly bites his bottom lip, "Yes, really." Hakyeon looks down at him with a bright smile, seeing the model like this - it was another level of beauty that was just so intoxicating. "How spicy did you want those pictures?" Taekwoon giggles, "You want to get pictures of me in my freshly fucked state, don't you?" Hakyeon licks his lips, "You look like sinful eternal damnation." Taekwoon hums, "Worth going to Hell for?" Hakyeon growls, "Without a doubt."

He reluctantly pulls out which elicits a whimper from both of them but then he goes to grab his camera & puts it around his neck. He turns on the camera as he gets back up on the bed, he gets some shots of the model's face as he licks his lips. He pulls back to lay on his side for some side profile shots then tells the other to face him before rolling onto his side too. "Is this all going to be the same photobook or will there be two versions?" Taekwoon hums, "Hmmm, you mean an innocent safe for work version & a 19+ rated not safe for work version? Possibly, I guess that depends on how much my company likes the spicy pics & thinks about how well they can monetize them." Hakyeon scans the model's body, "I'd probably pay $200 or more for the spicy photobook." Taekwoon smirks, "If you weren't the photographer or even though you are." Hakyeon hums, "If I weren't, obviously. But even as the photographer, I think the concept overall was rather well thought out. From the style of photography to the otome style video clips & the different dates as well as playing up the living together aspect - I think many fans would pay a lot more for all of that than your typical photobook. Plays up the fantasy more." Taekwoon blushes with a big grin, Hakyeon snaps another picture because he was so adorable, "Thank you, I put a lot of thought into the planning."

Hakyeon gets off the bed, pulling the top sheet out from under the model to then drape it over him to cover his lower half but still dangerously close to showing more than they want to. He takes several shots like that, admiring his work with the marks painting the pale skin while the model stares at the camera seductively. He instructs the other to flip over to show off his back, he shifts the sheet a little lower so that his ass is fully on display but ensures that no other parts can be seen then takes several shots.

He tells the other to flip back over & he does with a yawn. Hakyeon had realized that the earlier pictures were probably too explicit thanks to the cum on his stomach. He went to the ensuite bathroom to grab a hand towel & run it under some warm water then comes back in to wipe his belly clean. He repositions the sheet then takes some more pictures before realizing the model had fallen asleep with a sated smile. He takes a couple pictures of his happy face before turning off the camera & setting it aside. He climbs back into bed, wrapping an arm around the other man who then curls into him with a happy hum. Hakyeon gently pets his hair until he too falls asleep.


Hakyeon woke up first, he saw the other snoozing peacefully & smiles as he slips out of bed to go to the bathroom. He washes his hands & rinses his mouth with some mouth wash before he grabs the beauty products that Taekwoon had brought for his bath the other day, taking them into the shower. He turns on the shower, adjusting the water to his preferred temperature before standing underneath the waterfall showerhead & hums as the hot water rolls down his body. He picks up the body wash, pouring some into his hand, setting the bottle aside to lather the lemon scented body wash all over his skin. He moves on to the shampoo, he sniffed the product in his hand & couldn't quite place what fruit it was but it smelled pleasant. He massaged the shampoo into his hair, lightly scratching his scalp then washes it out.

He was about to put in the conditioner when his sleepy bed partner appears, blinks his eyes several times. "How dare you try to deny me this glorious view." Hakyeon grins widely, "Good to know that you like what you see." Taekwoon comes over to peck his lips, "Why wouldn't I? A beautiful tan man, naked & wet in the shower. Said man also practically radiates sunshine." Hakyeon smiles shyly, "Radiates sunshine?" Taekwoon playfully bites his shoulder then states with an adorable pout, "Yes, something about that damn smile of yours, tan skin & aura I guess - it's like you've got sunshine trapped inside of you to make you glow so beautifully." Hakyeon gently holds onto his chin as he moves in to give him a soft kiss then whispering against his lips, "That's the sweetest compliment I've ever gotten." Taekwoon smiles, "I didn't just want to meet you for sex, I thought you were gorgeous & wanted to see if your personality matched your aura." Hakyeon hums, "So does it?" Taekwoon nips his bottom lip playfully, "Naturally, there is more to you than just the sunshine you radiate but I have no complaints about what I've seen from you so far." The other smiles, "Not sure if I could manage a compliment as sweet as yours. You're a model so you probably have plenty of people call you beautiful." Taekwoon nods as he wraps his arms around him, "Yep, though they didn't say that as much when I was a rookie. I was too quiet & shy to really provide a variety of facial expressions so people thought I was scary." Hakyeon shakes his head, "I thought you were absolutely adorable back then. How'd you interact with other models, small gestures & small expressions that were super cute." Taekwoon's eyes widen, "Cute? You thought I was cute then?" Hakyeon nudges his chin up & nods firmly, "Ridiculously cute. I had a crush on you even back then & would squeal to myself whenever I caught some small smile, pout or gesture towards the people around you." Taekwoon blushes even more & lets out a little shy exhale.

He reaches for the conditioner to pour into his hand, setting it back then starts working the product into Hakyeon's hair. "What scent is this?" The other gently massages it into his scalp & lathers up his hair, "Apricot." Hakyeon hums, "It smells very nice. I think I'll buy these products too. They smell so good & I wouldn't mind smelling like you either." Taekwoon grins, "You've always smelled good too but I wouldn't object to us both using the same stuff considering we both like it." Taekwoon bites & nibbles on the other's neck, pulling a sudden moan from the man. He smirks, "How about I finally give you a mark." Hakyeon blushes as he gets under the water to wash off the conditioner quickly before turning off the water. "My sensitive." Taekwoon gently drags his nails down the side of his neck making the man shudder, "It's also quite beautiful & long, not surprised that such a great feature of yours would be sensitive."

Taekwoon latches his mouth onto the base of his neck, sucking firmly on the skin trapped under his mouth which pulls a sinful moan from the other man as he clutches onto him tightly. He tilts his neck more to give the other full access to his neck, the suction on his neck intensifies making him cry out as his cock twitches with interest before it starts to harden. Taekwoon pulls on the bruising skin with his teeth, gently gnawing on it & pulling on the skin lightly with his teeth. The model looks down at the hardening length, "One mark & you're like this already. You really are that weak when your neck is toyed with." Hakyeon is panting lightly, eyes already hazy, licking his lips as he nods, "Yes, I am." Taekwoon takes hold of his shaft, giving it a few firm strokes pulling a moan from the tan man. "Do you want another mark & a handjob or........would you like my mouth somewhere else?" Hakyeon's shaft twitches at the implication & Taekwoon raises an eyebrow, "Sounds like your dick answered for you." Hakyeon chuckles & nods, "Yes, please." Taekwoon laughs lightly, "What nice manners you have."

He gets down onto his knees, licking his lips as he stares up at the other that was eagerly awaiting this. "I got down on my knees for you yesterday & you didn't budge. That was very rude of you." Hakyeon blushes as he thinks back to that, "Ah, I was still trying to wait till after...." Taekwoon rolls his eyes, "Yeah, I know. were the first to ever reject my offer of a blowjob, let you show why you should never do that again." Hakyeon gulps, Taekwoon's fingertips graze along the underside of his shaft as his teases the edge of the head & swirling the tip of his tongue around it slowly while staring up at him. The other man pants more as he tries to hold back whimpers as he flattens his tongue to slowly slide back around the head in the opposite direction.

Taekwoon presses a light kiss at the tip before his tongue circles along the slit. His fingers still ghosting along his shaft as he takes the head into his mouth with a small moan elicting a whimper from the man above him. He sucks gently on the head before pushing it up to rub against the roof of his mouth, Hakyeon cries out as his legs twitch from the ridges teasing him. He pants as he stares down at the other, his own eyes blown with lust as his fingers thread into the other's hair. Taekwoon gives a sudden firm suck while moaning around the head of his cock & Hakyeon emits a high pitched whimper then mutters the word 'fuck.'

The model pulls off from the head then slowly blows air all over the slick skin making Hakyeon tremble, "I get it. I don't think I'll ever have the strength to reject a blowjob from you again." He pants out as his dick twitches, Taekwoon's fingers flutter along the sensitive vein on the underside feeling it pulsate as precum spills from the tip in reaction to the ticklish sensation. Taekwoon chuckles, "Even if I offer on a ferris wheel?" Hakyeon laughs & licks his lips, "As long as you're not asking me to whip my dick out on the street for everyone to see & call the cops on us." Taekwoon laughs, "Come on, one indecent exposure arrest can't be that bad." Hakyeon pets his hair, "You want us to get arrested." Taekwoon feigns innocence, "You see......I do quite like handcuffs." Hakyeon bites his lip & growls, "We can play with handcuffs without being arrested." Taekwoon jokes, "Now where's the fun in that?"

He licks up the precum with a happy hum, savoring the taste. His hands slide down to his thighs as he moves to take in Hakyeon's length, slowly descending till he reaches the base then he looks up at the other with his mouth full as he sucks on it firmly. Hakyeon's hips jerked as his legs spasmed from the tight warmth wrapped around his dick as his breath hitches. He whimpers at the view as Taekwoon pulls back to moan loudly around the head, his fingers scrunch up his hair. He goes back down the length to the base & sucks more firmly as he pulls back then twirls his tongue around the head in his mouth before he flicks the tip of his tongue on the slit. Hakyeon starts rocking his hips forward without realizing, drool sliding down from his bottom lip, his eyes closed in unrestrained bliss. Taekwoon looks up at the other as he accepts the rocking of his hips into his face, letting the other establish a rhythm.

Hakyeon pants his name with his head against the wall, the hand in his hair tightens its grip as it starts directing his head over his length. He licks his lips, maneuvering the other's head at a steady pace. Taekwoon hums happily as the other takes over, noticing just how blissfully the other seems to be savoring the stimulation & how he throbs on his tongue. Taekwoon moans loudly at the thought of him releasing in his mouth & how much he wants to drink it all up. The other groans from the vibrations & he speeds up his guiding hand a little more, feeling the tension in his abdomen building. "Such a very good boy, a very good kitten." Taekwoon's cheeks flush as he moans louder at the praise, whimpering for more. Hakyeon's fingers clench in his hair as he reaches his peak, muscles in his legs tensing, a long moan spilling from his mouth as he fills Taekwoon's with his release that he happily drinks up with a moan of his own. Once Hakyeon's hand falls from his hair, Taekwoon pulls back to suck softly on the head seeking to get every last drop of his cum before pulling off.

Taekwoon looks up at the other with a smile, Hakyeon pets his hair gently "My kitten did a very good job. More than a good boy, you're the best boy." Taekwoon's skin turns a brighter red, loving the praise. Hakyeon nudges his chin to signal for him to get up & Taekwoon wobbles a bit after being on his knees for so long. "How should I reward you kitten for being the best boy?" Taekwoon licks his lips, "Your fingers....I want them to tease me again like yesterday." Hakyeon smiles, kissing the other softly as he gently scratches his scalp "I'd be glad to."

He eases the other onto the floor to lay on his back, he shivers from the wet floor, his hips are hoisted up onto Hakyeon's spread legs. He slowly pushes two fingers back inside of him while his other hand works on gently massaging his perineum, the fingers inside start to rub up against his prostate. Taekwoon whimpers his name, licking his lips. Hakyeon wanted to give the other the chance to really bask in the sensations, both the internal & external stimulation was slow, wanting to let the pleasure build over time. The gentle pumps of his fingers inside paired with firm massaging on the outside was making the other man writhe as he tried to grind into the sensations teasing him. His legs squirmed as the tension within began to climb. Taekwoon wanted to cum so badly but he knew that the other planned to make this an orgasm that would shatter him in the most delicious ways.

The fingers inside of him thrust into his prostate at the perfect angle over & over, driving him crazy as the fingers outside massaged him a bit more firmly. He panted the other's name as he felt the flood gates were ready to burst, his dick jolted as it shot out his release. His thighs trembling as his toes curled & back arched, gasping the other's name. Hakyeon's fingers came to a stop so as not to overwhelm him. He slowly retracted his hand & then both hands began to caress his upper thighs as he took some time to come back to himself after his climax.

Hakyeon hums as he smiles down at the other, "Such a patient kitten." The other blushes, "I knew you'd make it worth it." He nods & smiles, "Of course, my kitten deserves the best for being the best!" Hakyeon helps the other back up & onto his feet, "How does my kitten feel about some more spicy pictures?" Taekwoon chuckles, "This is quite a nice shower, make for a beautiful background." Hakyeon laughs, "As if they'd pay much attention to that when you're naked & wet." He kisses the other softly, "How's my makeup?" Hakyeon shakes his head, "Absolutely ruined, I can grab some makeup remover & you can show me your beautiful bare face, certainly more realistic for shower pics though yet again most won't focus on your face." Taekwoon scoffs, "Time to ruin the model facade." Hakyeon shakes his head, "I'm sure you're still beautiful without the makeup."

He goes off to the sink to thoroughly wash his hands then comes back over with the makeup remover products & handing them to Taekwoon, who quickly wipes away his face makeup. Thankfully the makeup was rather basic the previous day with very little eyeliner to struggle with removing. Hakyeon smiles at him & pecks his lips, "Just as I thought, you're still insanely gorgeous even without makeup." Taekwoon laughs & shakes his head with a big grin on his face. He turns the water back on & adjusts the temperature to his liking.

Hakyeon comes back in with his camera, "I'll still keep it above the hip bones. No need to show more unless you're trying to transition into porn." Taekwoon hums in thought, "Hmmm hadn't really considered it before but now that you mention it." Hakyeon tilts his head in question, "Ehhhh? You kinky little kitten." Taekwoon laughs & Hakyeon snaps a picture of him laughing under the rainfall of water soaking his hair. He licks his lips, "Maybe there will be offers after this photobook." Hakyeon narrows his eyes, "You want us to date & now you're thinking of fucking other people on video for money?" Taekwoon smirks, "You could always be my partner, you've certainly got the dick for it." He looks down at the other's dick without shame. "How about we go on a real date before we start discussing filming our sex life for public consumption." Taekwoon just laughs again & nods. He gets several shots of body wash sliding down the model's body, from the front & the back though he was able to get a fully nude shot of his back.

They pack up the clothes & food props that they brought, setting them by the door. They find a large plastic bag to put the soiled satin sheets to wash later. The sheets being props too. Hakyeon gathered up his photography gear & laptop to place in their bags when the front door opens to reveal Wonsik, "Oh phew, I didn't have to physically pull you two apart to pack up & leave." Taekwoon laughs, "Nope, you were spared. Congratulations." Wonsik nods then starts collecting the bags to bring to the van.

Jaehwan pokes his head in "I heard you two last night, you were very loud." Hakyeon points at him, "Yah, what the hell were you doing here?" Jaehwan shrugs his shoulders feigning innocence, "Oh, I was looking forward to a very cute date night with my boyfriend." Hakyeon narrows his eyes, "You were planning to use this house to fuck him." Jaehwan shakes his head then says proudly, "No, of course not. He was going to fuck me." Hakyeon charges towards him & Jaehwan runs outside shireking dramatically, "Hyuk save me, hyung is going to kill me!" He giggles as Hakyeon chases him around the yard. Hyuk catches Hakyeon, "Hyung, I thought you'd be in a better mood after finally ending your dry spell." Hakyeon grumbles & tries to break free but fails, "He defiled you! My poor innocent baby ruined by a harlot!" Hyuk laughs, "It was & always has been consentual & I'm an adult, I'm allowed to have sex." Hakyeon pouts & crosses his arms.

Taekwoon laughs at the three of them then nudges Wonsik's side, "Do you think we can manage two versions of the photobook?" Wonsik side eyes him, "Why?" Taekwoon smirks, "An innocent version & a shall we say spicy version." Wonsik hums in thought, "Guess that depends on the amount & quality of pictures." Taekwoon giggles with big smile, "Oh, I think they'll like them. Besides, imagine how much of a mark up you can do with a 19+ version."

Taekwoon saunters out into the living room fully nude, proudly displaying a couple dozen hickies littering his neck, shoulders, chest, abdomen, hips, thighs, back & ass. Hongbin looks up while taking a sip of water & chokes on it as he sees the marks adorning his friend's body. While coughing on his water, "God damn it, Taekwoon!" The model just floats about blissfully, "We get it you fucked, you don't have to show us proof." Taekwoon smirks, "Mission accomplished. I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it!" Wonsik looks around all the little love bites, "Damn, was he trying to give you spots like a leopard? They're everywhere!" Hongbin shakes his head & looks away, "Guess Hyuk was right, Hakyeon desperately wanted to mark you up." Taekwoon hums happily, "I am a masterpiece, I know. He was an incredible tease but damn, he's the best I've ever had!"

Hongbin sighs, "Hey, now that you're fucking a photographer - am I relieved of your 'hotographer' duties? Would really like to no longer be part of posts that look like you're auctioning yourself off for sugar daddies." Taekwoon looks up in wonder, "Do you think the company will let me make an OnlyFans account?" Hongbin smacks his own forehead, he just had to bring up sugar daddies & now Taekwoon wants an army of them . Wonsik raises a hand to his chin in thought & looks over Taekwoon's naked body, "Your twink ass could probably make a LOT! I'll see if they'd consider it." Taekwoon beams brightly & throws his arms up triumphantly, "YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!" Hongbin groans as Taekwoon disappears into his bedroom, "You shouldn't have encouraged him, he's probably making an account right now." Wonsik shrugs, "Honestly, as soon as he thought of it - we were already screwed." Hongbin growls, "Hakyeon is going to be the photographer & videographer - I quit." Wonsik mumbles, "He might even be a co-star."