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The Bachelor (1999)

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Morgan and Alex are eating dinner at a dive bar. They had been friends for years now. Still hadn’t gotten around to tracking down Aphrodite’s Favour but they had the trip planned for next week.


Morgan was nervous, they played with their thumbs as they began to speak. "so, Alex. it's been X years since we first met -time has really gone by fast- and i uh, over the past few weeks I've been doing some thinking, mostly about taxes-"


The server came to ask how their meal was and slid a napkin with their number on it towards Alex. Smiling at the server cruelly, the S tier supervillain took the napkin, scrunched it up, threw it in their drink that was down to a few half-melted ice cubes and handed the glass to them. The server took it and quickly walked away.


"Anyways, with tax season coming up again, and umm... I mean, like, you aren't really interested in anyone romantically"


That got Alex's attention, "you don't think I'm interested in anyone romantically?" they asked incredulously.


Morgan blinked past their confusion, not sure why Alex had focused on that part. "umm, well no? like, the only person you've dated since I met you was the woman you married for a complicated revenge plot and you never show any interest in anyone else."


"just because i don't show interest in anyone else doesn't mean I'm not interested in anyone romantically" they replied, their frustration growing.


"well when you put it like that..." Morgan conceded, really wishing that had rehearsed this conversation.


Alex wasn't backing down, "why would you assume something like that, like you could have just asked me"


"I don't know," Morgan was tempted to shrug it off but some of Alex's frustration was making its way into their own tone, "it doesn't really make a difference to me but i figured it would play in my favour when i ask you to marry me"


"you are asking me to marry you?! and you start with you aren't interested in anyone romantically?!" The S tier looked thoroughly insulted.


Morgan fought to keep their tone friendly as their partner in crime grew increasingnly defensive. "well, I'm asking you to marry me for tax reasons. "


"tax reasons?! seriously?! why don't you just commit tax fraud like a normal villain."


"well, i mean, like, I could but taxes aren't the only reasons. i would also get half your stuff if you go hero again." oh no. that point definitely should have stayed in their head.


Alex's voice lost some of its energy as they went from feeling insulted to trying to hide that they were hurt. "you want to marry me because you think I will ditch you to go hero?"


Morgan tried to backpedal. "no! well, I mean - ya no! not really, but I'm not ruling it out as a possibility, like, you are kinda unpredictable." that was not backpedaling, that was digging in their heels.


"you actually believe I would go hero again? was the grande finale not evidence enough that i was never a hero?"


"no, of course it was but like, I'm not a mind reader and you are all powerful, you can totally just do whatever you want and if you wanted to go hero nothing could stop you but at least if we're married i would have something to show for our years before you defected." they really needed to just stop talking, they were only making it worse.


Alex's tone returned to incredulity but maintained their energy. "i can't believe you. I'm not going to go hero!"


Morgan was losing the battle to keep themself contained, they got defensive and raised their voice in reply, "then you don't have to worry about divorce! and besides, this way your parents will finally stop bugging you to propose so really, it's a win-win."


"I can handle my parents," Alex spat. channeling all their emotions into anger. "I can't handle you thinking I'm not romantically interested in anyone and would ditch you at the drop of a hat to be fucking hero! you are the most important thing to me and i thought you knew that." Alex got up.


 Morgan reached for them and made to follow, "Alex wait no."


Alex turned and stepped toward the D tier, swatting away their hands and crowding them so they sat back down. "no. Morgan. i refuse. I'm not discussing this anymore. I'm leaving." they snapped their fingers and were gone.


"fuck." Morgan got up and left without paying the bill. that server lost their chance at a tip when they hit on Alex anyways.


Despite it only being the second week of august, Morgan had already used their power this month. Alex wasn't answering any of their messages. They left their read receipts on so Morgan wasn't worried. They just needed time to cool off.