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you might want to play it safe, but I don't want that

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“What did you mean when you said that guy was from the love hotel?” Langa asks.

Reki thought between their reconciliation, his bloody beef against Adam and Langa’s own final race in the tournament, that particular event had been overshadowed, but apparently Langa has not forgotten.

“You mean Snake?” He answers obtusely.

“Yeah, I mean, I know who he is now—Adam’s friend or whatever—I mean what was the part about a love hotel?”

“Well, I was running from the hospital—“

“So you were there!” Langa interrupts. “I knew I saw you. I could have sworn I—“

“Do you want me to tell you or not?” Reki responds petulantly. He elbows Langa in the gut, knocking him slightly off balance from where they both lean against the counter at Dope Sketch. They’re supposed to be cleaning up before close, and they are, just taking a moment to chat before Langa sweeps the floor and Reki counts the till.

“Sorry, I’m listening,” Langa wheezes apologetically.

“He hit me with his car and—“

“You were hit by a car?” Langa cries out. This time Reki eyes him with a warning glare but keeps talking.

“I must have passed out so that guy—Snake—took me to a love hotel to recover.”

“But a love hotel, isn’t that, like, for sex?” Langa had been pretty sure what it meant when Reki said ‘loveho’ and he looked it up afterwards too. “Why, uh, why did he take you there?”

“He just wanted a discrete place to pay me off,” Reki explains casually. “He didn’t recognize me from S at first. He tried to give me money so I wouldn’t publicize the accident. He said it would be bad for his employer—Adam, I guess—so he wanted to make sure I wouldn’t talk.”

“How much did he give you?” Langa leans in, sparkling with curiosity.

“Well, I wasn’t going to take it,” Reki continues. “I was really pissed off—that was when I felt like I couldn’t skate anymore so I yelled at him and said I got hurt way worse skating. Honestly getting beat up that day was way rougher than getting hit by the car.”

“You got…beat up?” Langa asks, eyes widening and his voice going dull. “The same day?”

“Yeah, uh. Earlier I ran into these shitty guys I used to skate with.” Reki finally looks a bit ashamed of himself, awkward scratching the back of his head and looking away from Langa’s worried gaze. “I kind of picked a fight and they jumped me.”

Jesus, Reki. Were you going to tell me about any of this?”

“It’s not that big a deal,” Reki grumbles. “I went and found you after and we made up. There was more important stuff going on.”

“Okay…” Langa processes, pursing his lips in a cute little pout. He’s way too cute for an alpha, seriously, it’s just not fair. “Just, don’t keep stuff like this from me in the future, Reki,” he implores, “I know you don’t need me to protect you, but I want to help when things are bad. You don’t have to hide anything from me.”

“I promise,” Reki blithely agrees. “And it wasn’t that bad anyways. With how it ended, it was a pretty good day.” 

He smiles and offers a dap, letting their hands linger in their little infinity symbol. It was probably the most intense day of his life, but he was talking to Langa again by the end so…not all bad.



“I kind of wish you took the money though, we could have done something fun." Langa muses as he sweeps the floor a little while later.

“Oh, I do have it,” Reki corrects. “I didn’t notice at the time but, uh, he put it in my sweatshirt so I found it later. I’m saving it for after graduation though! I’m not gonna spend it all feeding you burgers.”

“You didn’t notice him put it in your pocket.” Langa's voice is dripping with suspicion. Reki’s hoodies aren’t that baggy.

Reki scowls back, his face flushing pink.

“I said it was a really rough day!” He shoos Langa back to his closing duties.

It’s true that he intended to turn down the money and he didn’t notice the man sneak it into his pocket.

But Reki is keeping a secret about that day.


Maybe it started when his old skate crew attacked or maybe the shock from getting hit by a car. Honestly his hormones were all over the place that day. He was already depressed and panicked, stress spiking from suddenly seeing Langa at he hospital and bolting. Abandoning Miya, the pup he had started to adopt as pack. Running and running. All of it culminated in the moment he grabbed Snake’s jacket and slammed their heads together.

All that plus the scent of a powerful alpha clinging to this guy, an alpha scent Reki had instinctively filed away under THREAT; one minute Reki was ready to fight and the next he felt a rush of slick flood his boxers and his knees buckle under him.

He was in heat.


Reki hadn’t had a proper presenting heat yet. He’d been developing omega traits since puberty, adjusting to sensing pheromones and the physical changes his secondary gender brought, but he didn’t have the slow ramp up of pre heat. He didn’t have the chance to prepare his nest or start taking suppressants to lessen the burn. 

He was struck with a sudden, violent heat—the kind designed to save him from life or death situations by distracting his attacker or attracting a protector. After the nonstop onslaught of the day, his body got one whiff of Adam, not even fresh off the alpha himself and said STOP FIGHTING.

So Reki had his first heat in a love hotel room without comforting scents from his pack or the loving attention of a mate or even the privacy of his own company.  He had Kikuchi Tadashi.

The older man, scent too suppressed for Reki to identify his dynamic, stripped off his clothes and put him in a warm bath. He was attuned enough to realize what was happening, so probably an omega or experienced beta. Snake took off his suit as well when Reki complained about the smell. He was so pitiful the guy finally started stroking his hair and rubbing his neck. His scent was so muted and weak it didn’t really do anything, but the touch was soothing. 

When Reki cried and moaned, the man dutifully fingered him to orgasm in the bath but it wasn’t enough. The warmth of the water didn’t subdue his feverish chills or mimic the embrace of a lover. The skilled fingers in his cunt and softly caressing his neck did not calm his heat.

Looking back, Reki can hardly classify what they did as ‘sex’ even though it was. The interaction was mechanical despite the intimate situation—he was being cared for, not fucked. The dark haired man with a solemn face dried Reki after his bath and brought him back to the large round bed. He showed Reki the vibrators and dildos the room had to offer. He held them when the omega was too overwhelmed to maintain his grip and fucked the largest, knotted dildo into him until finally Reki was spent.

He awoke wiped clean and tucked in bed with puffy red eyes and an aching crotch.

Stress heats never last long; they’re the body’s last resort, an omega’s savior. It’s an extreme reaction, a desperate instinct rather than the result of a healthy estrus cycle that’s prepared to do nothing but fuck for a day or two. So Reki was sore, dehydrated, and awake only a few hours after he arrived. He left the love hotel with a heavy stack of bills in his pocket and a card that read: 'Kikuchi Tadashi, personal aide to—' the name was heavily scratched out but there was a phone number. Apparently the guy felt responsible enough to give Reki his name and contact info even though he easily could have left nothing.


Reki told no one about his heat. Pregnancy wasn’t a concern as the man he now knows as Snake used only his fingers and toys. He vaguely remembers hearing assurances that everything in the room was very clean and he didn’t have worry about catching anything. When he went home and learned Langa had come looking for him, his heat was the last thing on his mind as Reki raced to the skatepark.

A few days later he did casually ask his mom if they could schedule an appointment with his dynamic specialist. He’d just turned eighteen, which was late to go without starting his cycle. She agreed and he lied his way through the appointments and tests, just saying he felt kind of different and scents seemed stronger—which was true. According to his hormone levels, the doctor diagnosed him as a mature omega. They couldn’t tell when his next heat might be, but that's expected for at least the first year before he evens out to a regular three month cycle.


Reki finishes counting the till and locks the deposit in the safe in the manager’s office. He and Langa are not often left to close unattended, but Oka left early for a date and entrusted Reki with the keys.

“Are you done?” Reki calls out.

“Yep,” Langa promptly replies. He idly checks his phone, waiting for Reki to finish in the office.

Reki shuts off the light, checks the lock and pulls down the grate across the front of the store.

“We’ll go out the back, okay?”

Langa nods and dutifully grabs their backpacks from the storeroom, meeting Reki in the workshop.

Reki gives the darkened room a final look over before pulling open the heavy exterior door. They pass through into the alley and Reki locks the door behind him. The air outside is a bit chilly, the narrow alley lit yellow from the street lights. Langa hovers close behind him as Reki checks the door and zips the keys safely in his backpack. It’s kind of difficult since the alpha is practically on top of him.

“Are you cold or something?” he asks.


Langa leans in even closer before sharply pulling back. He swallows hard and, though it’s difficult to tell in the dull light, his cheeks look rather red.

“You okay?”

“Do you uh…do you smell different?” Langa’s voice sounds oddly strained.

“Huh? I haven’t noticed anything." Reki lifts his arm to sniff at his jacket. "Wait—you can smell me?”

Langa nods jerkily, leaning away now and breathing shallowly through his mouth.

“What, is it that bad?”

“No, Reki,” Langa stifles a whine in the back of his throat. “I’m just not used to it.”


Right. Langa mentioned back when they first met that he couldn’t smell well. No one ever seemed interested in Reki’s scent so he hadn’t thought much about it. If Langa’s senses are developing now though, can he smell that Reki’s had a heat? He is supposed to be producing stronger pheromones.

“I’m sorry, Reki.” Langa takes another step back.

“What are you sorry about now?”

Reki turns to start walking towards the main street. Langa seems intent on talking so he doesn’t immediately jump on his board. They usually walk or skate partway home together before Langa branches off towards the apartment he shares with his mom.

“I can’t help but think," Langa begins hesitantly, "if I could smell better, I might have noticed how upset you were before.”

This isn’t the first time Langa has said something like this. Ever since their fight and reconciliation, he’s been sensitive to how he could have handled things differently, flighty and weird with the fear of upsetting Reki again. "I knew something was bothering you and you weren’t telling me, but I didn’t know what else to do. I thought it would be better to keep skating, even in the tournament, and you’d come around again. I had no idea that skating and people at S were making you feel…not good enough. A better alpha would have realized how bad you felt.”

“You don’t know that,” Reki counters brusquely. He can feel his temper rising.

Reki was around other alphas. He was around his mom and sisters, all attuned to his scent and nobody recognized how upset he was. Even Oka, an alpha who knows him pretty well didn’t sound the alarm when Reki skipped work and got roughed up. If none of them noticed with working noses then why would Langa?

“It’s not you, Langa,” he concludes glumly. He drops his board and takes off. His friend follows with a clatter and scrape of wheels but Reki doesn't look back.




Langa arrives home to a fridge full of leftovers and a stale, empty apartment.

He knows Reki isn't telling him something and based on his mood tonight, he’s not likely to open up any time soon. How can one guy be so exuberant and so closed off at the same time?

Langa can only partially blame his lacking social instincts on nose blindness. Plenty of betas have little to no sense for pheromones and get along fine with alphas and omegas. Reki’s words and demeanor are sending such mixed signals though, being able to scent him properly would definitely help.

He briefly scented Reki tonight, rudely getting close to sniff the omega’s neck enough to convince himself that the smell wasn’t just a new shampoo or something. It was Reki. A deep, complex scent that tickled something in the back of Langa’s brain, lighting up his sinuses with smokey sweet peach hot salt lemon bright

It felt like if he could breathe in indefinitely, the scent would just keep unraveling endlessly.

It was rude to do that out of the blue though. Reki’s probably gotten accustomed to being casually close with Langa because he can’t smell well. It was one of the first confessions that brought them closer together as friends.

Langa is prone to oversharing once get gets started, so he ended up telling Reki the same day he talked about his dad. He was seventeen when it happened and his development as an alpha stopped short. He had been sensitive to pheromones since sixteen, physically developing as an alpha and then just…stopped. He stopped being able to scent others, stopped producing pheromones. A few months after the funeral he had what the doctor’s called an ‘incomplete rut.’ Like his body knew what it was supposed to do but couldn’t follow through.

He kept the details of his rut from Reki. As Langa remembers it was a thoroughly unpleasant experience and he was incoherently feverish for over two days. His mom had to sedate him after he rubbed and scratched at his scent glands so much they bled. He has odd blotchy scars to prove it, thankfully most severe on his thighs and not his neck or wrists where they would be more noticeable. Apparently it was an instinctive response to try to stimulate pheromone production; the doctors were just glad he hadn’t developed claws or fangs to cause worse damage.

Occasionally he picks up on a personal scent—like with Reki tonight—but he still hasn’t had another rut.

Overall Langa is an unimposing alpha and most people clock him as a beta. It’s no wonder an omega like Reki isn’t threatened when his presence is underwhelming despite his height and athletic build. Without sensing the pheromones of others he’s not compelled to react with growls or aggressive posturing. He’s no danger to an omega he can’t scent.

He’s not fit to be a mate either, unless his maturation as an alpha starts up again.

Just this evening, by the time they said goodnight he couldn’t smell Reki anymore. He lost the thread somewhere as they skated through chill night air and the salty breeze of the ocean. 

Langa brushes his teeth, taking in his pale visage in the bathroom mirror. Only a few faint marks remain around the scent glands on either side of his neck from his ill-fated rut. The glands themselves weren't damaged but they still don’t work. He trusts that Reki or his mom would tell him if his scent spiked or if he needed to start wearing patches.

After rinsing the toothpaste from his mouth, Langa opens wide to examine his teeth. Maybe his canines are a little longer? It's difficult to tell. He presses the pad of his thumb against the sharp tip and hopes someday they'll be enough for a mating bite.



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Reki is nesting. The urge started soon after his first hurried heat, like his instincts are telling him to DO IT RIGHT NEXT TIME! His sense of smell seems to have sharpened as well.

The occasional alpha or omega stranger who isn’t effectively masking their pheromones hits him harder than it used to. Blocking soaps and patches usually keep all but the most banal identifying notes or extreme reactions out of public airways, but they aren’t always remembered or effective.

He’s noticing pack scents more as well and not just among his family. He can sense undercurrents of emotion from Joe, Cherry,  and even Shadow sometimes. He’d already started big brothering Miya like a pup in his pack, but now he can scent the spike of fear when the younger boy falls off the ramp from across the park or catch the glimmer affection under the scathing remarks.

It sucks that he can’t feel that with Langa though. They’re as close as ever but Langa just smells like Langa: minty shampoo, maybe something eucalyptus-y, a flowery detergent that might be lavender, lingering fry-smell if they’ve been to A&W.


When Langa offers a shirt for Reki’s nest he accepts, tucking it beside his pillow. He can pick out a whiff of sweat, which is weirdly pleasant only because it’s Langa’s, but nothing else. He doesn’t get that buzzy safe happy feeling he gets with a hug from Joe or from the elegant handkerchief Cherry gifted him. Stupid omega instincts.

He’ll take the shirts though. Reki starts finding the odd t-shirt or sock left every time Langa spends the night and they all find a home squirreled into Reki’s sheets and pillows. Langa’s a part of his pack with or without functioning pheromones.

He wonders if Langa realizes that worn clothing usually indicates a more intimate courtship in Japan though. An item like Cherry’s handkerchief, new and lightly scented from his wrists is customary for a pack alpha to gift an omega member. A used shirt that’s been worn and sweat in…is the kind of thing a mate might offer. Maybe Langa is just making up for the fact he can’t scent something with pheromones like Che—Kaoru-san can. Reki has to remind himself he’s allowed to use given names now they’re a pack, so long as they aren’t at Crazy Rock.

He needs to ask Joe for something too, he wants something from everyone in his nest before his first ‘real’ heat.




“Do you think your heat is coming soon?” Langa questions cautiously.

Reki has been testy and snappish all day, but physically clingy. He’s leaning close to Langa on the roof at lunch. He only ate about half his food before giving the alpha the rest and dozing against his shoulder.

“Hmm?” Reki blinks sleepily up at him. “Oh, uh…it’s been a few months—I mean, yeah. I’ve been feeling kind of weird and the symptoms are normal for preheat.”

“Is there anything I can do?”

“Um, the clothes and stuff are nice, I don’t think I need anything else though.”

“Oh, okay. I’ll scent a new shirt for you then. I’m leaving in a few days anyways so I won’t be around.” Langa had kind of hoped Reki might invite him to spend his first heat together, but maybe it's too soon for that. At least Reki keeps accepting his offerings.

“You’re leaving?” Reki asks sharply. His whole body stiffens as he jerks away from Langa.

“I’m going to Canada, remember? Over Christmas and New Year’s.”

“Oh, right. It’ll probably happen while you’re gone then.” Reki relaxes back into him.

“I can still text you…”

The offer is a hollow help. Langa will text him regardless, but nothing he can say over text will ease Reki’s heat.

Maybe Langa should confess to him properly and give him a real courting gift. He intended to wait until after they graduated. His mom mentioned a tradition of trading buttons or other pieces of their school uniforms as a token of affection. And with Christmas and Valentines Day coming up, he has opportunities to woo Reki with other gifts. He was already planning to purchase some souvenirs for Reki so he can just look for something that signals his intentions.

“Are you gonna do the amateur competition when you get back?” Reki asks, obviously eager to change the subject. “It’s at the end of January, so you have to practice while you’re gone.”

“Reki, it’s gonna be cold and snowy the whole time, I’m not going to skateboard over winter break.”

“Well you better practice seriously when you get back then.”

“Of course, Reki. And you’ll help me right? I wanna skate my best for you.”

“Sure.” Reki chuckles quietly at that. He ruffles Langa’s hair and stands with an exaggerated sigh, offering his hand as the bell rings.




Langa stops to say goodbye on his way to the airport, leaving Reki with a warm hug and a freshly scented sweatshirt. 

He goes into heat later that day, a proper long one that lasts all weekend. He spends the endless miserable hours sweating into Langa’s stagnant oversized shirt.

He thought it would be better in his nest, peaceful at home with a selection of toys and pack scents around him. He even takes the low dose of suppressants prescribed for him, but Reki misses skilled hands fingering him. He aches for a partner to touch him and comb back his sweat damp hair and whisper soft reassurances. He needs someone, anyone to help. He feels so alone, abandoned and empty and hurting. He can’t even feel ashamed of the way he clings to Kaoru’s handkerchief as he comes or rubs the scarf Kojiro gave him against his neck.

He thought nothing could be worse than a stress heat with a stranger in an unfamiliar place, but Reki would give anything to not be alone right now. Fuck. He just has to go through this every three months until he finds a mate.

Or not. 

He doesn’t need a mate to help him through heat, he just needs someone.


Reki washes Langa’s things several times over before returning them when he gets back. The alpha probably wouldn’t be able to pick up on lingering heat pheromones, but there’s nothing stopping him from noticing stains.

Langa showers him with gifts from Canada: a big cozy hooded sweatshirt from the ski resort he went to, unfamiliar sweets and snacks, a cute yellow beanie—"in case they go somewhere cold together"—and leather cuff bracelets with matching silver plates. They’re engraved with the word ‘infinity’ in English with a little snowflake on Reki’s and a hibiscus bloom on Langa’s.

It’s sweet, and when Langa leaves his sleep shirt behind after their reunion sleepover, Reki tucks it away in his nest. But having a taste of Langa like this is so frustrating! Bonding with his pack can only help so much.

Kaoru and Kojiro have started lightly scenting him whenever they see each other, brief swipes of their wrists against his. Shadow keeps his touches to rough hugs around the shoulders and messing with his hair, but that much regular contact with any alpha is enough to mark him as pack. Manager Oka doesn’t need contact for his scent to layer over the Reki’s with how much time the omega spends in his territory. As pack leaders, Kaoru and Kojrio scent Reki’s neck on S nights, so any roaming alphas will know he is under their protection. Miya joins in the group scenting, touching wrists with the alphas and Reki, though his immature scent is faint. Reki’s nest takes on the impression of all of them, transferring from his skin to the sheets.

All of this complex marking is clear to Reki’s post-presentation senses, but after another heat, his instincts are crying out. He doesn’t just need alphas to accept him, he needs someone to satisfy his burgeoning omega urge to be claimed.



January passes in a blur. Reki was serious about training with Langa before his competition. Langa’s extraordinary talent shines at S, but he needs technique drilled into him, time to adjust to a standard board and Reki’s structured feedback to put together sets of tricks that will garner him high scores.

Of course he does amazing.

He places first in the amateur competition and immediately gets an offer from Miya’s coach to train for a spot on the national team. If all goes well, he’ll get an official offer after competing in another even right after their graduation. Until then, he has practice a few times a week with his ‘real’ coach at the indoor facility where Miya trains.

Langa enjoys a decadent cheat day for his nineteenth birthday at Sia la Luce, but otherwise he mostly follows his instructor’s diet plan and trades his shifts at Dope Sketch for rigorous training.


Reki tries to spend his time studying since he can no longer skate with Langa every afternoon, but it’s a little late to markedly improve his grades. He feels more useful picking up extra shifts at Dope and working on board commissions.

The commissions are an exciting development as Reki is finally getting attention for his artwork and designs at S. He’s even attracted some followers who meet up to chat with him at Crazy Rock; he’s always eager to share knowledge about skating and help newcomers improve their skills. He’s been racing more often as well, accepting low stakes challenges from lots of different skaters. 

Langa can’t come along every night like he used to. He’s busy with practice, pushing time for schoolwork later into the evenings At least Reki has his packmates and recent acquaintances to keep him company—he needs to go to every gathering of S if he wants to keep up with new clients.



Reki’s at Crazy Rock on a quiet Langa-less Sunday night. There aren’t any major beefs scheduled so Shadow is the only other pack member here. He and Reki get along fine, but they don’t usually hang out with just the two of them so Reki’s chatting with a girl he’s gotten to know over the past few months. She’s an alpha named Hayashi Akemi in her first year of college. She hasn’t been skating long but is improving quickly and seems to soak up Reki’s technical knowledge and advice with interest. Tonight she brought a friend and former kouhai from secondary school. Kaneshiro-kun is Reki’s age, a beta boy who wants to learn to skateboard too.

Reki is occupied walking the beta through the basics, holding his hand gently as the other boy finds his balance. Akemi watches from the fence, taking a break from practicing kick flips after scraping her shin.

Reki suddenly notices the scents around him sharpen and blend together all at once. He feels flushed even through the early spring night is breezy and cool. He can smell Kaneshiro’s light floral scent, like gardenias and green tea, the dusty race track, the sugary cola Akemi is drinking mixing with her own spicy sweet scent.

A warm weight settles in Reki’s belly, heavy, stifling, and much too soon. 

It hasn’t even been two months since his last heat! He knew his cycle would be irregular for a while, Reki was just hoping that meant more time between heats, not less.

“You okay?” Kaneshiro asks, stepping off the beat up popsicle board he brought.

“Uh, yeah, give me a minute.” Reki swallows down the dizzy feeling swelling inside him.

He dashes off for the restrooms in an outbuilding near the top of the track. How the fuck is his heat coming on this fast? Last time he had days to prepare but he’s already feeling arousal and not just cramps in his gut, preheat rushing towards the real thing.

He leans heavily against the sinks, running cool water over his wrists.


The heavy door clangs shut as someone enters the bathroom.


It’s Snake, dressed innocuously as any other capman so it takes Reki a moment to recognize him.

“Are you alright?” He asks. Reki is once again struck by how heavily suppressed his scent is, while others at S are more likely to let their pheromones fly free.

“I’m going into heat,” Reki admits through gritted teeth, head hanging low so his loose hair covers his face. Being an omega sucks. There are so many alphas at S he’ll probably get harassed if he stays any later tonight and he’s not looking forward to another heat cooped up alone in his room.

“Ah, I thought as much. Do you need an escort home?”

“Actually, uh.” Reki blushes fiercely, but blood is gathering in other parts of his body as well, giving him the impulse to quickly ask, “Would you help me again? We could go somewhere else and um, do more than last time.”

“I’m not available at the moment,” Snake replies simply.

“But last time, you—“

“Last time you were distraught, in need. A stress induced heat won’t break unless you feel safe. I couldn’t leave you alone.”

“Oh, right.” Reki wilts. “Uh, sorry, I should have known you weren’t interested.”

“I can give you a ride home,” Snake offers again. “It’s not safe—“

“Forget it,” Reki cuts him off. “Thanks, but I have a friend who can take me home.”

Reki leaves, low anger bubbling in his gut along with shame and lust and hunger. Of course a guy like Tadashi doesn’t want to have sex with an omega like Reki. He’s rough, unappealing, young and inexperienced. It’s not like their previous encounter was based on attraction, although Reki recalls Snake’s pale slender form was well muscled under his boxy suit. His solemn face and pretty green eyes were kind and reassuring. He remembers the man’s quiet, tender voice soothing him and the heady satisfaction of his fingers and the way he fucked toys into Reki’s wanting cunt. He had felt safe, like Tadashi said, taken care of.

Akemi has a car though, Reki remembers since she drives in from her nearby college. She can take Reki home. Maybe he can ask if she—no. Why would Reki think she might like him like that either? Just because he’s presented doesn’t mean he’s suddenly a desirable omega. 

He stalks back to where Akemi and Kaneshiro are skating, the alpha having taken over as teacher, guiding the beta pushing his board along. They both look up abruptly as Reki approaches. His scent must be more noticeable now.

“Um, could you give me a ride home, Akemi-senpai?”

“Of course, are you feeling alright?”

“Yeah, uh, sudden heat.”

“Um—“ Kaneshiro begins.

“Is it okay if Chi-kun comes too? I drove him here.”

“No problem.” Reki forces a smile, trying to ignore the cool sweat coating his face. “Thanks guys.”

“I only have alpha suppressants or I’d offer you some.” Akemi grabs her backpack and all three carry their boards as they head down the mountain. Reki stumbles suddenly and Kaneshiro catches him around the waist, hooking Reki’s arm over his shoulders.

Reki leans into him, dreamily breathing in the beta’s gentle scent.

“You smell nice,” he hums.

“Uh, t-thanks,” Kaneshiro stutters, “um, you too.”


“Yeah?” He blushes, casting his eyes away from Reki’s gaping face.

“Reki, even without the heat, you smell delightful,” Akemi chimes in. They’re mostly down the hill now, heading towards the scrubby parking lot where her little car is waiting.

“Oh,” Reki replies blankly. No one has told him something like that before, but Akemi and Kaneshiro both said it easily, like a common fact. “Do you—“

Reki was about to ask them to scent him, but that…they probably wouldn’t want to do that. They were just being nice about his scent, right? Now that they’re close together again with Akemi opening the door to the backseat and tossing in her backpack…he can smell an edge to her sour cherry scent. Under the cinnamon and sweet fruit, there’s an aroma like dark wine, intoxicating and spicy.

He hasn’t sensed an alpha’s arousal like this before, certainly not directed at him.

Both alpha and beta wait patiently for him to finish his thought, Kaneshiro taking a step back once he is certain Reki can stand on his own.

“Um, Akemi-senpai—“

“Just Akemi is fine.”

Reki blushes. Kaneshiro is right here too, but he has to ask.

“Would you want to help? Um, with my heat?”

“Hmm,” Akemi hums, stepping forward and sifting her hand through Reki’s hair. She’s a little taller than him, leaning down to touch their cheeks together and whisper in his ear, “I thought you’d never ask.”

She lets her heavy scent settle over him, stroking the gland on the opposite side of his neck with her thumb.

“Just a few questions though, Reki-kun.” She cups his chin, focusing his gaze at her dark eyes, “Can we go to your nest or do we need to go somewhere else?”

“Um.” Reki’s mom never had a problem with Langa staying over, but he sleeps on a futon on the floor and they aren’t having sex. Even though he’s eighteen and graduating soon, she probably wouldn’t react well to an alpha joining him for his heat. “Is there somewhere we can go?”

“I’ll take care of you,” she coos, petting his hair and Reki relaxes into her. He’s falling fast into full heat and Akemi’s touch is so soothing on his face and neck, tenderly stimulating his scent glands so Reki can taste his own pheromones in the air. “Can Chiaki-kun join us?”

“Huh?” Reki looks to where Kaneshiro leans against the car, watching the exchange. He’s pretty, with soft looking skin and dark hair cut bluntly just above his eyes.

“Chi-kun’s my boyfriend. We’d love to join you, Reki-kun, but it would be a heatshare only, okay? I’m not looking to date anyone else.”

“Oh, yeah.” That’s perfect. Reki likes Akemi, but he wasn’t planning on asking her out or anything, he can’t really imagine anything that happens after his heat right now. “That’s perfect.”

Akemi turns Reki in her arms, letting him press against her front and holding him around the waist. He can feel a slight bulge in her shorts and he backs his ass into it, earning him a squeeze and a chuckle from Akemi. Kaneshiro, comes closer, stroking Reki’s scent gland just as the alpha had done. He leans in to kiss Reki on the cheek, letting Reki scent his light floral fragrance deepening into a greener herby aroma.

“Ah, Kaneshiro-kun,” Reki sighs as the beta presses a soft kiss to his neck, followed by a series of fluttering licks.

“You can call me Chiaki, okay?”

Reki hums his assent, melting under the attention.

“Want to keep him company in the back while I drive?” Akemi suggest, cupping Chiaki by the back of the head and bringing him in for a kiss on the lips.




Akemi drives them to a love hotel, thankfully not the same one he went to with Tadashi. Reki can’t tell if the ride lasted ten minutes or an hour, he spends it entirely wrapped up in Chiaki. They make out in the backseat, the beta exploring Reki’s toned stomach with soft hands and biting his lips teasingly. He half carries Reki out of the car since his legs have long since turned to jelly, supporting him while Akemi pays for a room and retrieves their key from an automated kiosk.

The room is humbler than the ornate underwater themed one, no flashy decorations or colored lights, but the large bed is inviting and everything smells clean. Chiaki lays him out on the bed and Akemi lounges on her side next to him.

“So, Reki-kun,” she presses a chaste kiss to his lips, “can we help you out of these clothes?” Her voice lilts playfully and she walks her fingers down Reki’s sweatshirt-clad chest.

“Yes, please.” 

Akemi sits him up and pulls the shirt over his head along with the tank top he’s wearing underneath. Chiaki kneels at the foot of the bed, untying and slipping off Reki’s sneakers.

They move as a team, unzipping and lowering Reki’s jeans and tugging down his boxers, damp with slick. His erection plops heavily against his stomach, drooling pre-come.

“Have you done this before?” Reki asks breathily, head light as his and Akemi’s pheromones fill the air.

“With a third? No,” Akemi clarifies, “but we’ve talked about wanting an omega to take care of.”

“Akemi and I have been together for almost two years,” Chiaki adds, “we’ve only been with each other.”

“We’ll use protection if you want us to fuck you though,” Akemi chimes in, her voice sweetly contrasting with the dirty words.

“Are you a virgin?” Chiaki asks, stroking his palms up and down Reki’s legs.

“Not, uh, not exactly.”

The beta rests his head on Reki’s upper thigh, nosing at the soft golden red hairs while Akemi pets both hands over his chest.

“Can I suck your cock?”

“Can I take off my top?”

Their eager questions overlap, both eying Reki with eager expressions.

“Yes.” Reki lets out a laugh.

Fuck. He can still feel his heat building, a low boil steadily rising up, but he feels good. They’re both so sweet and attentive, excited to be with him. 

Akemi kisses him again, deep and languid before sitting up to tug off her shirt, quickly followed by the sports bra underneath. Reki barely has time to appreciate her breasts spilling free as Chiaki lands a wet kiss on the tip of his cock and licks down the shaft.

“You taste so good, Reki-kun,” he moans appreciatively. He kisses around the base, then spreads his legs to lick over the scent glands along his inner thighs. “Can I bite?”

“Ah!” It feels so good, Chiaki’s breath ghosting over his soaking cunt, it takes Reki a moment to process the question. “A—a little.”

The beta can’t scent mark him like an alpha could, but the little licks and nibbles send shocks through Reki’s entire body. Akemi leans over to kiss him and toy with his chest, pulling at his nipples until they’re puffy and sensitive. She grins down at him as Chiaki bites at his thigh, causing Reki to twitch and cry out, a dribble of come leaking from his cock.

“That feels good, doesn’t it Reki-kun?” She licks and sucks at one of his nipples, twisting the other between her fingers. Reki moans loud as Chiaki wraps his lips around Reki’s dick completely, taking half in his mouth and beginning to bob up and down. He groans a little, the vibrations engulfing the head of Reki’s cock with buzzy pleasure.

“Fuck!” He cries out, tears pricking his eyes and flooding the beta’s mouth with sticky sweet cum. He can feel a gush of slick from his pussy as well, drenching the pristine white coverlet on the bed.

“Good boy,” Akemi croons, turning her attention to his neck where she licks ticklish stripes up and over his scent glands. She sucks a little at the front of his throat and then just below his ear as Reki whimpers and Chiaki holds his pulsing cock in his mouth.

Reki takes a minute to catch his breath, recovering from his fast but very intense orgasm. 

He weakly props himself up, taking in the scene around him. Akemi is smiling softly and petting his hair, her own chin length bob loose and messy around her face. Sweat glistens on her collarbones and down her chest. Her other hand is tucked into her shorts, presumably wrapped around her own cock. Chiaki is shirtless now as well. He’s laid out on the bed beside Reki, idly trailing his fingers up and down the omega’s side with an obvious erection tenting his jeans.

“Fuck,” Reki breathes. He doesn’t miss his nest and the comforting scents of his pack. Is everything he’s learned about heats a lie? Apparently all he needs is to be fucked. His head feels clear, unclouded by desperate misery. The dizzy arousal flooding his body is telling him his heat has truly arrived, but his insides aren’t cramping, just empty and waiting to be filled.

Chiaki tilts Reki’s face towards him, surging into a deep kiss. He can taste his cum on the other boy’s tongue, sweet and thin with his heat. Soon he’s sandwiched between the two of them, kissing Chiaki with Akemi lapping at his neck, the heat of their bodies somehow relieving despite the bubbling warmth inside him. The alpha’s breasts are squished into his side, one leg stretched over him so her erection is pressing against his thigh. Attempting to wriggle his arms free, Reki tries to get his arms around both of them.

Akemi stills him with the gentle press of her teeth against his shoulder.

“So, which one of us do you want to fuck you, Reki-kun?” She asks.

“First?” Chiaki adds hopefully as he pulls away from sucking on Reki’s lower lip.


“Perfect.” She kisses Reki, deep and full, before sliding off the bed. Momentarily bereft of her warmth, he reaches limply after her. “I’m just taking off my shorts, okay?” She chides playfully.

Chiaki stands as well, pulling down his jeans and briefs. Reki lies spread-eagled as he whispers something to Akemi and gives her a quick kiss.

“Scoot back on the bed, Reki-kun,” he directs.

Reki had stayed near the foot, so Chiaki only had to bend over to suck him off, but now the beta sits up by the cushioned headboard. He gestures for Reki to slide up towards the pillows. Akemi rummages through the bedside drawer, pulling out a box of condoms, a bottle of lube, and a small vibrating wand.

“Is this okay?” Chiaki asks. He’s lounging next to Reki, both of them propped up against plush pillows. It takes a moment for Reki to figure out what he’s asking before he realizes the beta’s lap is right near his face, erection loosely fisted in one hand.


This close Reki can take in the muted, musky scent of the beta’s cock. His pubic hair is trimmed close and everything looks smooth and delicious from the velvety skin of the shaft to the reddish tip. Chiaki gives himself a few strokes, sliding the foreskin so it stretches up and then gathers back below the head.

“Enjoying the view?” Akemi asks. She hops on the bed, quickly situating herself between Reki’s legs. Her own cock bobs in the air, pearly pink. The head is less defined than his and Chiaki’s, though it’s quite thick and curves up, pretty and wet with pre-come. She bends Reki’s legs up toward his chest, admiring his flushed pussy below his still soft cock.

She lightly drags a finger over his folds, parting them to slip one easily inside. She presses in, letting him open around her.

“Mmm, so wet for me.”

“Please,” Reki groans. The teasing is getting to be too much, he needs that cock inside him or maybe in his mouth and he needs someone touching him RIGHT NOW.

She pushes two fingers inside, testing him as his cunt spasms and squeezes around her.

“Chi-kun?” She reaches a hand towards her boyfriend and he passes her a condom from the bedside table. Akemi tears the wrapper open with her teeth and rolls it down over her erection, stopping with her hand firm around the base. 


“Please, Akemi, fuck me, I need it.” He’s never wanted something so much in his life.

She grips him firmly by the backs of his thighs and pushes in. It’s tight. Despite how turned on and wet he is, Reki doesn’t usually masturbate with toys so the stretch pulls to the edge of pinching pain. But it feels so good to be filled, so right.

Soon Reki is twitching under her hands, urging her to move with little shifts of his hips, whining high in his throat.

“I think he wants you to move, Aki-chan.” Chiaki’s voice is low and breathy now too, jerking his cock with his eyes glued to where Akemi sinks into Reki.

“Please,” Reki moans, squeezing his eyes shut tight. He takes in their overlapping scents, his own heat mingling with Akemi’s sharpening alpha smell and Chiaki’s soft fresh scent.

Akemi answers with a grunt and a rough push forward, bending Reki at the waist and bouncing him back on her cock as she kneels on the bed. It’s like nothing he’s felt before, not just the stretching full sensation of a cock inside him, but the warm body holding him and the sweet scents of sex filling the room. Akemi lifts his legs higher, pounding into him as he scrabbles for purchase on the bed. He reaches for Chiaki to grasp his thigh, his hand, some tether to keep him grounded.

The beta rubs his thumb along Reki’s neck, stimulating the scent glands and letting loose a wave of heavy omega pheromones. Reki leans into him, nosing at his hand until he can pull those fingers into his mouth, tasting his own heady scent on them. Akemi’s face goes slack, jaw dropping wide so she can capture the scent in the back of her throat.

“So delicious, Reki,” she purrs, licking up his sweaty calf.

Reki sucks on Chiaki’s fingers, happy and soothed to have something in his mouth. The boy gazes down at him, face pink and eyes glazed over as he pumps his cock in his lap.

“Can you—ah, can I—“ Reki can barely gets the words out between Akemi’s fucking and the sloppy fingers trailing out of his mouth. “I wanna suck your cock.”

“Fuck yes, Reki-kun.” Chiaki stops jerking off and wipes his fingers on the sheet. “Hang on,” he gestures to Akemi, “let’s change position Aki-chan.”

Reki sinks into fuzzy bliss, melting into their hands as the other two position him. Akemi flips him onto his hands and knees and Chiaki sits in front of him so Reki can lean forward into his lap while Akemi fucks him from behind. She lines up with his sopping hole, resting her hands on his waist while he dips his head to take Chiaki’s cock in his mouth.

Akemi slips easily back inside, resting as she pets Reki’s sides and he licks over Chiaki’s dick. He wraps his lips around and lowers his head, pulling it inside and tasting salty pre-come against his tongue. He starts bobbing up and down as the other boy did earlier and the alpha gradually matches his pace with slow thrusts.

It feels so good from behind, like she’s hitting deeper or pressing up on all the right places. She drapes herself over his back, licking and biting at his shoulders as Reki acclimates to the feeling of a dick filling his mouth like Akemi is filling his cunt.

He feels used, in a way, but it feels so right. They’re both giving him so much pleasure and it feels like he’s only repaying it a little bit, acting as a willing hole, opening his body for them to fit inside. Reki had no idea sex could feel like this.

Akemi’s breath hitches as she humps harder and faster. Chiaki is letting out sweet little moans as his cock knocks against the back of Reki’s throat.

“Fuck, I’m gonna come, Reki—I—“ he warns, loosening his grip on Reki’s hair, “Reki!”

Reki keeps his lips tight around Chiaki’s cock, letting the momentum from Akemi push him forward and back, letting the beta fill his mouth with a sudden rush of cum that drips out with gobs of spit onto his waiting belly.

“So good, Reki-kun.” He holds Reki’s chin, keeping the omega from simply dropping his face into the mess they made.

“Chi-kun.” His voice is raspy and wrecked, tears streaming down his face as he looks up into Chiaki’s adoring eyes. Akemi wraps a hand around to circle his cock, slippery with slick and cum and she tugs in time with her thrusts.

“I’m close, Reki-kun, will you come for me?”

Fuck. Reki wants to know how it feels to be filled to the brim with cum. He can imagine the surge of warmth matching the burning heat inside him, clenching around her cock and milking it, tightening around a fat alpha knot. Akemi doesn’t have a knot and she’s wearing a condom so he won’t feel her release either, but he can let the fantasy take over.

Reki whines high in his throat and Akemi slams into him, collapsing them both flat into the mattress as she lands a bite deep on his shoulder blade. He comes, a sudden release into the sheets and around the pulsing alpha cock inside him. They lie piled in a sweaty heap, coming down from the rush. Reki almost feels like he blacks out for a moment, coming back to himself when Akemi peels herself away from his back.

Chiaki brings out damp towels to wipe them down and Akemi soothes the bloody bite with her tongue.

“Sorry about that one,” she says timidly, “I got a little carried away.”

“It’s okay, I liked it,” Reki assures her. His heat isn’t over, but he feels relieved for now, refreshed even. “Thank you.”

“Our pleasure,” Chiaki smiles, snuggling into Akemi’s side.

Reki takes this moment of lucidity to use the bathroom, rinsing excess slick from his bottom with the well equipped toilet. As he reenters the bedroom, Reki stumbles over his discarded pants. Shit.

He fumbles his phone free from the pocket of his jeans.

It’s past 3:00am. There are messages from Shadow asking if he got home, messages from Kaoru and Kojiro asking where he is. Messages from his mom asking if he’s staying over with a packmate. Messages from Langa, first asking how S was and then asking where he is since everyone else is asking him.

Shit. He doesn’t really want anyone to know he’s at a love hotel, having just hooked up with some acquaintances during a sudden heat—but he can’t say he’s with someone else since everyone he knows is asking for him.

He quickly drafts a message and sends it separately to his mom and Kaoru.


Reki🌺: sudden heat while skating, I got to an omega shelter. i’m okay, i’ll let you know when it’s done.


He types up a different message to Langa.


Reki🌺: S was fun, making some new friends. Hope practice was good. Staying at a heat shelter tonight. See you when it’s done.


Satisfied his pack won’t call the cops, he cuddles into bed with Akemi and Chiaki, comfortably warm despite throwing off the soiled comforter. The alpha soon shuffles around, positioning him between her and the beta and burying her face in his neck. They manage to sleep for a while before the next wave of heat envelops Reki. 

Even that brief nap was an improvement from his last heat. Then, he barely slept over two and a half days and he never felt half so satisfied. 

He licks and kisses around Akemi’s neck and jaw, whining in her ear until she wakes. First she leisurely eats him out, Chiaki waking up to play with his sensitive chest and cock. Then they pull him to the edge of the bed so Akemi can ride him while Chiaki fucks his cunt. Reki lies back, enjoying the view of the alpha bouncing on his cock, her boyfriend’s hands coming around to massage and squeeze her breasts. Reki comes first, emptying himself into the condom, and she jerks off with him still inside, splattering his stomach with her own release. Chiaki keeps fucking him slow and steady until Reki comes again around his cock and the beta pulls out to add his own mess to Reki’s chest.

They melt into a cuddly purring puddle, Akemi only getting up only to call for delivery which goes uneaten until after their next session.

By noon the following day Reki wakes up sweaty and crusty, but no longer thrumming with heat and his partners sleeping soundly beside him. His entire heat passed in less than a day.


They bathe together and bandage the worst of Reki’s bites—mostly from Akemi but a few from Chiaki. None of are very deep and both took care not to pierce the skin around Reki’s scent glands, but Akemi’s sting less with the aid of her alpha saliva, designed to soothe mating marks. Reki had also scratched them up a bit, but his blunt nails didn’t do much damage.

He leaves the love hotel with a flurry of kisses and a few new contacts saved in his phone. 

He never wants to spend another heat alone.


Skating home, Reki sends a text when he stops at a street crossing.

Reki🌺: Heat’s done, come over?

He doesn’t get a response until later. He forgot it was Monday, Langa must have had to wait for a break in classes. 

Langa❄️: I can stop by after school before practice. 

They gave me homework to give you also

glad you’re home

At least absences for heats and ruts are automatically excused with a note from his parents. The big house is empty with Koyomi at school and his mom running errands with the twins. Reki takes another bath, hoping his family won’t smell the evidence of sharing his heat. If he had spent the night at an omega shelter like he said, there would only be remnants of his own heat pheromones. Akemi had scent marked him pretty strongly, though using protection and avoiding mated bites should leave him safe from lingering evidence.

He should wash his dirty clothes as soon as possible, the scent of his and Akemi’s mating pheromones along with a whisper of Chiaki’s scent are soaked into the fibers just from being in the same room. It smells so good though. He tosses the tank top on his bed and stuffs the pants and hoodie into the bottom of his hamper before tucking the whole mess in his closet. He dresses in a clean sweatshirt and shorts, making sure no bites are visible around the collar, then sniffs at the undershirt, breathing in their layered scents from last night and this morning. He folds it up small and stows it inside his pillowcase.

Reki settles in for the rest of the afternoon, eating some leftovers and catching up on homework. He feels fresh and energized, not exhausted and sickly like after his last heat. He’s in his bedroom working on a sketch when Langa slides the door open.

“Hey, are you doing okay?” He asks, crossing the room in a few strides to place a stack of worksheets on Reki’s desk.

“I’m great!”

“Oh,” Langa looks a bit startled by his enthusiasm, “um, I brought some snacks and that tea you like. You’re back so soon I thought you might still be feeling off.”

“Thanks, Langa. That’s really thoughtful.” He takes the proffered convenience store bag. “Um, do you have time to hang out for a bit? We could share the snacks.”

“Yeah, I have a little time.” Langa lists awkwardly in the middle of the room.

“C’mon.” Reki tugs him by the wrist to sit next to him on the bed. “A friend took some video of me skating last night! There weren’t any exciting races though so, uh, do you have any videos from practice to show me?”

“Oh, no. I could ask Miya to take some today, or you could come watch sometime.”

“I don’t know…” Reki loves watching Langa skate, but he doesn’t love literally standing at the sidelines, watching Langa improve. It’s different when they’re at the park or S together because Reki is skating too and he can offer advice and encouragement. Watching professional training, overseen by an actual coach…he’d really be just a bystander. “I should catch up on homework today, maybe another time?”


They watch some videos on Reki’s phone, munching on snacks and splitting the bottled herbal tea Langa brought. It really is nice on his stomach, Reki just isn’t feeling sick at all.

“Um, you said you made some new friends,” Langa asks uncertainly “at S?”

“Yeah! I hung out with Akemi and Chiaki last night,” Reki says brightly, “I think you met Akemi, I’ve been teaching her for a few weeks when she’s there—“

“Yeah, the alpha with an octopus on her board, right?”

“Exactly, she brought her boyfriend Chiaki since he wants to learn too.”

“Nice.” Langa chews his chips thoughtfully, “I think I can come this weekend. I don’t have practice and everyone else said they can go on Saturday.”

“Awesome, you can probably meet Chi-kun then too!”

Reki continues chatting about his friends’ progress and pestering Langa for gossip from school—which is always entertaining because the alpha has zero clue what counts as gossip. 

Langa is sitting near the head of the bed and his pillow. Even with the other scents lining his nest, any other alpha would be able to pick up Akemi’s scent from the shirt he stuffed in his pillowcase. The pheromones from their mating are strong, a distinct sign to other alphas that this one is taken, but Langa doesn’t react at all. 


He soon leaves for afternoon practice so Reki works on his homework and helps his mom with dinner and dishes. He helps bathe the twins and reads to them before bed and argues with Koyomi about the stupid drama she’s watching about fated mates, where the omega doesn’t present until her alpha lover confesses after years of will-they-won’t-they nonsense.

He returns to his sketchbook, doodling furiously, too wired to sleep right away. He finally remembers to check his messages, scrolling through all the notifications in the group chat from last night until he gets to the most recent.


Kaoru/Cherry🌸: Langa told me you seemed well after your heat

Let us know if you need anything

Reki🌺: Sure mom

Kaoru/Cherry🌸: Don’t you dare call me that, brat

Reki🌺: love youuuuu ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)

Kojiro/Gorilla Joe💪🏽: don’t forget you can call us for a ride home

even though we weren’t at S we’re here if you need us

Catboy🐈: yeah, i don’t like the idea of slimes skating around alone at night

Shadow⚡️: I was THERE! why didn’t you ask me to drive you home you punk

Reki🌺: wow you guys don’t have to worry about me so much (〃▽〃)

Kaoru/Cherry🌸: there’s no reason to stay at a shelter, even with a sudden heat one of us could have gotten you home safe to your nest

Reki🌺: I’ll be more careful next time, okay

usually i’ll know it’s coming anyway and i just won’t go out

Catboy🐈 <private>: at least stick with Langa when your heat is close, he was really worried about you

Reki🌺 <private>: I told you i didn’t know it was coming

Catboy🐈 <private>: yeah well you weren’t with him when everyone and your mother were texting if he knew where you were

i’ve never seen him scared before

Reki🌺 <private>: jeez ok i’ll be more careful. you know langa’s busy though, he can’t be with me all the time

also haha you care about a slime (><)


Before he goes to sleep, Reki flips over his pillow, nuzzling into the scent from his tucked away tank top. He texts his group chat with Akemi and Chiaki.


Reki🌺: thanks for last night! it was amazing, hmu if you want to do it again sometime (─‿‿─)




Chapter Text


Aki-chan🐙: would you be up to rutshare with me?

it would just be us, Chiaki is traveling with his family

The message lights up Reki’s phone, waiting for a response. He’s seen Akemi and Chiaki at S a few times over the last couple weeks. They have a good time skating and Reki raced a very casual beef against Akemi since she’s still a beginner. They get along with Langa when he’s able to make it, and Reki loves having friends to teach. But he has also been itching for more of that easy affection they shared. The couple greets him with hugs which is pretty nice, but their arrangement was a ‘cycle only’ kind of deal so they haven’t gone farther than that.

Akemi explained that while she and Chiaki have discussed having an omega to share her rut while keeping their relationship otherwise exclusive. It’s not uncommon for an alpha/beta pair to open their relationship for ruts—volunteering to heatshare with an omega third was way more adventurous.

Regardless of the parameters, Reki can’t stop thinking about his night with both of them. It almost makes him wish for another surprise heat to wash over him. After spending his heat pleasurably bathed in alpha pheromones he can image how badly Akemi wants to experience what her rut is like with an omega partners. 


Reki🌺: Yeah, when are you due?



It’s a week to graduation. One week left of a term characterized by an overworked Langa and a commitment-free Reki and suddenly he's is too busy to spend an evening together.

Langa hadn’t even considered Reki might have other plans when he casually asked if the omega would like to see a movie this weekend. Of course the movie was also an excuse to get dinner beforehand and maybe skate after. And maybe have a nice long chat in the moonlit skatepark about life after graduation. Yes, Langa’s been busy and it’s good Reki has been spending time with friends instead of alone…but he also needs to talk to Reki soon. 

Somehow it feels like he’s running out of time. They’re about to graduate and Langa’s already nineteen since he placed a year below when transferring to Japanese secondary school. Next weekend he’s competing in his first big event and he really wants to confess to Reki now.

The omega still hasn’t gotten the hint! Langa’s kept up with the nesting materials and gifts and food. He got them customized matching bracelets in Canada! He gave Reki Valentine’s chocolates and got White Day treats in return, but Reki didn’t call him for his last heat. 

He didn’t call anyone.

Sure he said it was sudden and didn’t want to trouble anyone, but Langa hates thinking of Reki alone in a sterile room locked away from his nest and everyone who cares about him. Omega shelters are important, a safe haven for anyone experiencing an unplanned heat or without a secure place at home…but Reki has a pack, he has Langa, there was no reason for him to go through it alone.

Reki told him a bit about his first heat locked away in his room and it sounded awful. Reki loves the skinship of his family and pack, the casual closeness and company. Even if Reki didn’t want to mate with him yet, Langa could hold him and talk to him. He could be there. He could be whatever Reki needs him to be.

But Reki can’t go out this weekend because he’s visiting his friend Akemi.

Langa is trying not to be too upset because this could be really good. Reki hasn’t expressed any interest in furthering his education, so maybe visiting the nearby University will inspire him to apply. Langa is set to start classes next term as part of his potential deal with the skating team. 

So far all Reki has talked about is continuing work at Dope Sketch and making boards.

He is getting recognition for his custom commissions, but Langa worries about Reki feeling stuck. He doesn’t want a repeat of when Reki felt like Langa and the rest of their skate crew were better than him and isolated himself.

That’s when Reki was beat up and got hit by a car! 

Langa can’t let something like that happen again. Especially when Reki will still be at home and Langa will soon be living on campus an entire hour away by bus.

He should probably try to become better friends with Akemi so she can drive him to visit Reki.




Reki has to bribe Oka with working every closing shift the week after graduation in order to borrow the scooter for the weekend, but he doesn’t want Akemi to have to drive all the way out to get him and bring him back when she’s expecting her rut.

The university encourages alpha and omega students to stay in single dorm rooms equipped with heavy scent-locking doors and thicker than average walls for privacy during their mating cycles. Students are not encouraged to have guests for those cycles, but it’s not like anyone’s going to stop them.


Reki arrives early Friday evening, circling the unfamiliar campus for a place he can park the scooter overnight. It feels a little strange being here when he’s not enrolled, though he is not so out of place. Had he applied, he could be one of them in a few weeks. Students flock to wide grassy areas, lounging in the the late sunlight, either finished with their exams already or enjoying a reprieve from studying. He winds his way through covered walkways and narrow wooded footpaths until he finds the towering dorm where Akemi lives.

He texts and she hurries down to let him in, dressed casually in a t-shirt and lounge shorts. He can scent the rut on her, still light but getting heavier in the cramped elevator and even more powerful when they enter her room.

Reki hasn’t been in an alpha’s bedroom before—not soaked in territorial pheromones like this. Langa’s room just smells like Langa and a bit like his mom's cooking. It’s dizzying but pleasant since he likes Akemi’s scent.

“Ha—hmm!” Reki can’t finish his thought as she cuts him off with a deep kiss, pressing him into the door. Her mouth is sweet and insistent even as his head knocks back against the metal and she trails her tongue down his neck.

“Aah! How do you want to do this?” Reki asks.

“I scent you,” she whispers roughly, her voice edging into a growl, “and we fuck.”

“And that’s okay?”

“Yeah?” She backs off for a moment, eying him cautiously, “as long as you’re still good with it.”

“I mean, like with Chiaki?” Reki clarifies. “it was different when he was here too…”

“Oh, yeah.” Akemi smiles, softly rubbing his shoulders with her warm hands. “You haven’t really dated anyone have you, right?”

“No. I’ve only, uh, slept with you guys.”

“Chiaki and I are good together and I love him, but he understands that as a beta there’s some things he can’t really do. He’s helped with my rut before and it’s great, but he can’t make pheromones like you. With him, my ruts are longer, they can be more difficult, that makes it even harder for him to keep up and I don’t want him to have to put up with me like that every time. You’re the first omega I slept with, but I can tell you’re really gonna help me relax, Reki, you’re really good at that. And because he’s gotten to know you, Chiaki trusts you to take care of me too.”

I can already tell that having you here, scenting you, is taking the edge off.”

“Okay.” Reki relaxes, the little knot of anxiety in his stomach fading as he joins her on the bed. They sit close and Reki leans his head on her shoulder, twining their fingers together.

“We can start just hanging out,” she offers, “I’m on the edge but we can wait a little before it really starts.”

Cuddling together on the narrow bed, Akemi pulls up a movie to watch on her laptop. They take off their shirts partway through to let their scents muddle as they rub skin on skin. 

Not clouded by heat, Reki can time to admire her body. Akemi plays on the volleyball team as well as skating, her athleticism evident in the muscles carved under skin smooth and tan like his. Warm freckles darken her arms, shoulders and chest over her paler breasts and stomach. A lighter sprinkle of freckles runs across her nose and cheekbones and her wavy hair is pulled back in a headband much like his own. A few loose strands frame her long oval face, dark eyes accentuated by thick eyelashes and dark eyebrows.

“You’re really beautiful,” Reki murmurs.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” Akemi grins back. Her scent spikes with a spicy heat, cherry wine warmed and smoky.

Reki leans to kiss her, holding her face and letting their bodies shift as the laptop slowly slips away, threatening to fall to the floor.

“Can I try—“ Reki pauses to kiss her jaw and lap at her neck where the scent rises, bitter against salty sweat, “going down on you?”

“Be my guest.”

Reki scoots to the edge to slide off his jeans, taking a moment to safely move the computer to the floor. Akemi shimmies out of her own shorts, revealing her cock barely contained in a pair of skimpy black panties. Reki positions himself knelt around her knees, toying with the hem of her underwear.

Maybe Reki should try wearing panties too, it’s really hot to see the glistening damp head poke out the top, popping free as he tugs them down. Her cock curves upwards, pale pink and smooth down to her shaved mound and ruddy pussy. She doesn’t have balls like he does—female alpha's have internal testicles that only produce sperm during rut—they probably could have forgone condoms when he was in heat but it’s probably better that they were safe since Chiaki was fucking him too. As a newly presented omega though, Reki’s reproductive organs might not be ready to conceive for a while after his first heat. Even if he is fertile, it’s especially rare for male omegas to become pregnant outside heats so he probably doesn’t need a condom now either.

He must look like an idiot spacing out staring at her dick and thinking around how and why she should fuck him raw.

She watches him, lazily toying with her breasts and biting her lip in anticipation.

He nuzzles into the shaft, letting it rub against his cheeks until he kisses the tip with soft lips. Her scent is heavy down here, excited by her rut and the friction of her thighs as she squirms under his hands.

He went down on Chiaki so this shouldn’t be that different. Though when he was in the throes of his heat with Akemi fucking him, he hardly had to do anything besides let their bodies move him around. 

He licks up the smooth skin, measuring the weight and girth with his lips. This dick was inside him.

He can have it in him again, relive that night now or whenever. Even if Akemi and Chiaki aren’t gonna fuck him outside heat…someone else probably would, right?

Reki mouths at the tip, letting spit pool and drip down, chasing it with his tongue, loosening his jaw to take her deep inside his mouth. He almost chokes around the thick head bumping the back of his throat, swallowing around as Akemi jerks upwards. He grips her hips firmly, fingertips digging in until she moans low and wanton.

Oh this is nice—drawing those sounds out of Akemi, usually so composed, friendly but teasing—he wants to make her cry and scream.

She reaches down to sift fingers through his unruly hair, tightening with a sting that sends a jolt of liquid arousal running down Reki’s spine.

He takes her deep, keeping his lips tight as they pull up and down and running his tongue along the underside. He can feel slick gathering in his underwear, sticking where his cock rubs up against Akemi’s leg. He drags his nails down from her hips to her thick thighs and up again, higher up to her ribs and she shivers.

“Ah, Reki, can we—can I put it in? Please.”

Ah, that was fast, but then, ruts are a little different. When he’s in heat, the urge to mate is there but a lot of the instinctive satisfaction comes from having an alpha close. He wants attention on his pussy, but having their scents mix and having his partner mark him with their teeth, saliva and seman is equally vital. In heat, he needs to feel claimed. An alpha in rut needs to breed. She’ll want to mark him too, but the act of mating eclipses everything else.

“Where are…?”

“I’ll get ‘em.” Akemi flips them, swiftly sending Reki bouncing on his back against her pillows. She slips her panties off all the way and grabs a condom from a bin next to the bed, tearing it open and smoothing it over her erection. Propping herself over him chest to chest, Akemi wiggles into position. Reki’s legs part around her, cock pressed between them as she slides into place.

It’s tight at first. Reki’s turned on but not really prepped. He can feel his body relaxing and opening up in the presence of a rutting alpha. Soon she’s easily pumping in and out with short sure strokes, head tucked into his neck where she licks and nibbles.

Akemi speeds up, humping vigorously so Reki’s cock is enveloped in the warmth of their close pressed bellies, wet with leaking slick and pre-come. That plus the stretch of her cock inside, driving back into his prostate leaves Reki breathless and gasping, tickled by her teeth at his throat and her sharp nails gripping his shoulders.

“Agh! Can I—“ Akemi grunts, forcing the words out between her steady thrusts, “can I come on you?”

“Yes, please,” Reki whines unabashed, “come in me. Come.” He chants, “come in me, Aki-chan, come in me.”

“Fu—fuck,” Akemi stutters, hips faltering as her pace quickens before she suddenly pulls out, wrenching off the condom to spatter Reki with her release. She wraps Reki’s dick in a loose grip and with a few pulls, he’s coming too, spilling onto his stomach.

“Fuuuck,” Akemi groans, flopping down beside him. “Thank you.”

She nestles into the crook of his neck, sniffing and licking over his scent glands, running a finger through the mess sticking in the hairs on Reki’s stomach and up to his chest.



Turns out having 'normal' sex isn’t all that different from heat sex. He’s a healthy young omega with a robust libido so keeping up with Akemi isn’t a challenge. Her rut fades by the following night but Reki’s not about to leave at 4am. He wakes up sticky and satisfied on Sunday morning, cuddled up with Akemi in her soiled sheets.

At some point they stopped bothering with condoms since she was pulling out to mark him every time, coming on his chest, his face, his upturned ass. One time she came inside his ass and Reki imagined the hot pulsing spurt filling his cunt instead.

Akemi squeezes her arms around him, gently nosing at the rough red marks along his neck and shoulders. She runs her tongue over his scent gland, already swollen and tender from aggressive licking.

“You taste so good, Reki-kun,” she murmurs.

“You too, Aki-chan.” He yawns, stretching out to root around the mess of blankets and clothes on the floor, searching for his phone.

Oh, there are texts from last night.

Langa ❄️: Are you guys coming down for S tonight?

I’m gonna go with Miya since we don’t have practice tomorrow

I guess you’re staying there, how do you like the university?

You’ll have to tell me how the dorms are, they only showed the newest building on the tour and I probably won’t be there as a freshman

Texts from this morning too…

Langa ❄️: Do you have time to hang out when you get back today? You didn’t say when you’d be coming home.

I don’t have practice today so we could skate

Reki🌺: I’ll be back this afternoon! I think

We’re gonna get breakfast in a minute

I have to cram for finals though, can we study?

Langa❄️: Sure! let me know when you’re back and I can come over.


Reki doesn’t get home until almost dinner, caught up in showering with Akemi, then breakfast and a tour of the campus so he has something to tell Langa about. Then they want to get a late lunch before leaving, both achingly hungry after the previous day and night’s activity. Driving home is slowed by traffic, then picking up some pheromone neutralizing soap at the drugstore and waffling over whether he should get a morning after pill as well.

He does, taking it more to appease Akemi than because he’s worried about the risk. She sends him off with a discreet kiss after making sure they’re out of sight beyond the walls of the Kyan family home.

Thankfully everyone but his grandma is out, so he can stuff his clothes in the washer and take another quick shower before texting Langa to come over.

Not that the alpha would smell anything, but the rest of his family might.


The final week of school passes with two mind numbing days of exams and then a few more days of classes where they do nothing but stress over waiting for their results. The graduation ceremony on Friday passes with congratulations and a party in the garden at Reki’s house, joined by the Hasegawas. 

At this point he’s more excited about Langa’s tournament and the celebration they’ll share with their pack the following day.

It’s not like finishing secondary school is changing Reki’s life that much. He’s working all next week, shifting to full time with one day devoted to custom work at the shop and however much he wants to work on commissions at home. Langa’s the one essentially guaranteed an offer to skate professionally. He’s the one starting college in a few weeks, packing up his little room and moving into the dorms.


Langa sweeps the competition. This event is larger than the last one, so not only does it end with Langa officially joining the National team, he also gets several offers for sponsorship deals he’ll be going over with his coach in the coming weeks.

They celebrate with a pack dinner at Sia la Luce, but only Reki and Langa go to S afterwards. They leave Kojiro and Kaoru chatting over wine at the bar and Shadow passed out in a booth. Miya’s curled up too, half-asleep with his switch after a long day of skating. Of course Langa still wants to skate after a day of pro level competition and eating his body weight in spaghetti.

He lets Reki drive them up to Crazy Rock on the scooter, arms wrapped snugly around his waist.

“Want to race me tonight, Reki?” he asks, bright blue eyes reflecting the yellow floodlights of the track.

“Haven’t you won enough for one day?” Reki laughs. “Maybe next time dude. Let’s just watch some beefs.”

Langa sags like a disappointed puppy.

“Haven't you won enough for one day? Let’s just watch tonight.”

“Okay,” Langa pouts. “I wanna go on the big ramp later though.”

They watch a few races and skate down back trails and on the ramps, enjoying each others easy company. Soon it’s late enough that skaters begin gathering in the factory as the last racers finish for the night. Cherry threatened to ban them if he and Langa stayed at S after the races before graduation, but they’re technically high school graduates now…

“C’mon, let’s check out the afterparty!” Reki suggests, pulling Langa down the empty track. He knows people drink and dance there, partying until early morning sometimes. 

“Ah, okay. Just for a bit though," Langa agrees.

The abandoned factory shakes with the loud music and raucous dancing. Langa stalls at the entrance, stopping short.

“What’s wrong?” Reki asks.

“I shouldn’t be here."

“But we—Cherry said we could after graduating?”

“With my contract and stuff, I can’t risk being somewhere like this—with drinking and uh, probably drugs and stuff. Even if I don’t drink, if someone found out I was here I could lose my place on the team and my sponsorships.”


“I’m sorry, Reki, I should go. Do you want to come with? Or you—you can stay if you want to.”



Reki stays. Maybe Akemi and Chiaki will join him next time and they can dance together. Akemi texted earlier about having a date with Chiaki to celebrate his graduation so they aren't here tonight. 

No one bats an eye when Reki helps himself to a beer, joining the crowd dancing in the pulsing lights of the factory floor. He runs into a couple guys he’s raced before, meshing into their movements and letting the music rattle his bones and pound inside his chest. 

He retreats to the edges, rooting around in a cooler for a second beer. Standing with his prize in hand he bumps against someone behind him, stumbling and almost falling back into the melting ice water.

Reki twists in midair, numb hand fumbling with his thankfully unopened beer as an arm shoots around his waist, catching him.

“Careful, Red.”

The man lets go as Reki gains his footing though they still stand close together. Looking up, Reki recognizes him as a skater he raced a while back, winning twice his usual rate to paint the guy’s board. Draken—definitely his S name—is tall and slender for an alpha with short dark hair and pale skin shadowed with stubble this late at night. He’d pass as professional young businessman if it weren’t for the tattoos wrapping around his biceps.

He smirks, hazel eyes tracking recognition as it blooms over Reki’s face.

They find a quiet spot to talk, tucked away from the crowd of dancing skaters. Reki met with him briefly to get a sense for his board design, but now he learns that Draken is a sophomore college student and he got the tattoos when he spent a gap year in California. They talk about skating, obviously, but other stuff too. Draken recommends books and music, eager to see Reki light up when he describes something intriguing.

Reki doesn’t get a third beer but he feels intoxicated all the same, leaning closer as he and Draken build their own little world in a dark corner outside the warehouse. They’re pressed together now, Draken stroking his hair and teasing his fingers over Reki’s neck, massaging the muscles and ghosting over his scent glands. 

His scent is heavy and masculine, rather musky with a hint of woodsmoke and the tiniest whiff of apple sweetness. 

“Feels good,” Reki mumbles, letting his head loll as Draken scratches his scalp. He nuzzles closer, bringing them face to face. The alpha’s fingers tense and tighten in the folds of his sweatshirt, clutching him closer as Reki presses a tentative kiss to his neck.

Stubble scratches his skin as he makes his way towards soft lips. Their kisses quickly deepen, hands grabbing and stroking each other. Reki carefully skates his hand down Draken’s stomach, slipping it into his pants to palm his cock.

“Fuck, Red,” the alpha groans, “you wanna?”

“It’s Reki, and yeah.”


The following day Kojiro and Kaoru take Langa shopping to furnish his dorm. Reki and Miya tag along.

Maybe Reki should have gone home with Langa and just stayed up playing video games or watching a movie. They could have spent the morning lazy in bed and eating breakfast together instead of Reki trying desperately to sleep until the last possible minute and still waking up exhausted.

Hooking up with Draken feels different from hooking up with Akemi and Chiaki. Without a heat or rut, he was just seeing where the night took him. It was fun, but Reki probably wouldn’t have done anything if Langa had stayed with him.

They’re adults now though! He doesn’t have to stay in every night just because Langa cares about his reputation. People already think Reki’s more of a delinquent than he is so he's not really losing anything.

It’s easy for Reki to distract himself from memories of last night, sitting on all the sofas and touching every blanket, pillow and curtain.

Langa just needs some basics for his room but Kaoru is careful to get everything on the list he and Nanako prepared. Kojiro picks out simple cookware Langa can use in the shared kitchen and promises to teach him some recipes and techniques for cheap cooking to supplement his dining hall meal plan. 

The pack takes a break from shopping to eat lunch in the cafeteria. The atmosphere suddenly changes when Langa and Miya excuse themselves, Miya for the restroom and Langa to grab another dessert. Kojiro and Kaoru's easy mood evaporates as soon as the other boys are out of earshot, staring Reki down from across the table.

“So, Reki…” Kaoru begins pointedly, “is there anything you want to tell us about?”


“Are congratulations in order?” Kojiro chuckles, “I figured you’d ask me for advice before you started dating someone, but, seems like you didn’t need my help.”

“Oh.” Reki blushes bright red.

He totally forgot. Langa might not smell any of Reki’s partners on him but his pack alphas certainly can. He and Draken only jerked each other off last night so he hadn’t been particularly careful cleaning up.

“Um, not dating.” His voice cracks, suddenly dry as dust. “I just uh—hooked up with a guy at S last night.”

“Wow, Red’s a player.” Kojiro whistles low.

“Reki,” Kaoru addresses him, hands folded and eyes serious behind his glasses, “while I’m not your guardian I want you to know that you can come to me or Kojiro with any questions or—anything you need.”

“It wasn’t uh, my first time,” Reki admits. Wow, he cannot keep his mouth shut.

“You’ve had a few heats now, yes?” Kaoru asks.


“I have noticed you spending time with Hayashi Akemi at S as well, were you hoping to pursue her?” Of course he noticed that, the tech nerd probably spies on everyone with Carla or hacks into Adam’s drones.

“Um, kind of. We’re friends—she has a boyfriend—we spent her rut together though—with his permission.” Reki is babbling. He’s pretty good at concealing information but he sucks at lying. Once he starts talking it’s better to just tell the truth. He can't mention the heat he spent with them or Cherry will surely pick up on his lie about the omega shelter.

“Hey, as long as you’re all talking about expectations and boundaries,” Kojrio waves his hand casually. His smile is equal parts smug and encouraging. “It’s okay to want to experiment too."

“Would you like me to schedule a sexual health checkup for you? Perhaps you’d like to speak with a provider about birth control or have some tests done—”

“Ah, thanks, but, I can handle that on my own, Che—Kaoru-san.”

“Just, be careful. Okay, Reki?”

“Yeah.” Reki can feel Kaoru’s sharp golden eyes boring into him. “Yes. I will—I am!”

He would say more, but the others are back at the table.

“What are you sitting around for?” Miya scolds, “Clear the table and let’s check out already.”

“We still have to stop for the flat pack furniture,” Langa reminds them. He watches Reki curiously, no doubt wondering what sort of conversation left Reki red faced and sweaty.

"Lets go find it then!" Reki takes Langa's hand with what he hopes is a disarming smile and leads him away from his glowering packmates. 



The break between graduation and Langa’s first college term passes quickly, racing by in a blur of training for his next competition and Reki working full time. He’s working mostly late shifts because of his stupid deal with Oka, plus some board commissions, so they don’t have much time to skate together. Soon Reki and the pack are helping him move into his dorm.

Langa opted for a roommate since he doesn’t really need to pay extra for the single when he hasn’t had a rut in years. There are campus rut rooms he can use if the need arises. He briefly floated the idea of rooming with Chiaki, figuring he’d probably spend all his time with Akemi, but the beta’s actually living at home since his family lives nearby. Halfway through unpacking, Langa’s new randomly assigned best friend bursts into the room, loudly announcing himself as Nanami Kenjiro.

Reki wishes he had the option for privacy. His savings from work and the money from Tadashi would be enough for the deposit on an apartment and rent for a few months, but his current income would barely cover the payments after that. He doesn’t want to move out if it means scraping by after his buffer runs out. He needs to pay for food and gas, maybe save up for his own moped. He’s already split the price of a love hotel once with Draken and it was worth it but…he’d rather hook up in a secluded niche off the track at S then pay for that every weekend.

The older alpha wants to keep things casual, so Reki’s only been seeing him after S, but what if he wants time with a partner more often? He can’t bring them home and maybe it’s some weird instinctive omega thing, but home doesn’t feel so welcoming now. Like his chemistry has fully switched to adult independent omega and being around his family’s scents are abrasive and overwhelming rather than comforting.


Visiting Langa on campus is a pain. The bus ride is long and they only have the shop scooter between the two of them which, Oka reminds him, is meant for deliveries. He’s only been lenient with them using it to go to Crazy Rock since S is so tied up in Dope Sketch business.

They’re never alone either. Hanging out in the dorm means hanging out with Kenjiro too, a bubbly excitable beta. He loves asking Reki about skateboarding since Langa is a pro and barely talks about it. They hang out with Akemi and Chiaki too, visiting nearby coffee shops or late night restaurants. Langa’s only made it to one S night all month and he left right after the races to catch a ride back with Akemi.

It’s not like Langa has a lot of time to spare for socializing, he’s always training or studying to make up for the time he spends training, so Reki gets that he spends the time he has with as many friends as possible, but Reki would kill for some one on one Langa time. Instead he's wasting away behind the counter at Dope.


One afternoon in late May, Reki realizes his feeling of burning frustration may actually be preheat and not a combination of general orneriness and pent up horniness.

He texts Chiaki and Akemi but they’re both swamped for the next few days with a group project and volleyball training. Fuck it, he was planning to go to S tonight…so he’ll either meet up with Draken or find somebody else.

Reki wears scent suppressing patches, hoping they’ll keep his incipient heat from alerting his pack alphas. Kaoru, Kojiro, or Shadow would definitely make him go home and stay in his nest. He can remove the patches after they leave.


People tend to get handsy at S when the lights dim and music reverberates through the shaky metal structures of the factory. While most skaters prefer the cover of darkness and trees, alcoves in the rocks or ramshackle outbuildings for more intimate encounters, tonight Reki has two alphas and an omega worshipping him in the middle of the dance floor. The taller alpha kisses at his exposed neck and grinds against him from behind. Reki took off his scent patches and ditched his sweatshirt, leaving only a thin tank top and letting his pheromones bleed into the crowd. A smaller alpha dances close with the other omega, one hand on him and the other on Reki.

Mixing heat with alcohol might be too much though; Reki’s only had one drink and his head is spinning. The omega boy tugging at his tank top is saying something but Reki can’t understand the words. It’s so loud, the beat pounding between his ears, that’s probably why he can’t hear. Reki whisper screams that he’s going for water and stumbles through the crush of dancers.

Fuck, this was stupid. His heat is coming and he’s drunk off one rum and coke and S is deafening and hot and loud with rampant pheromones.

“Well well, looks who’s popular, little Red,” a melodious voice cuts through the din.

Fuck, it’s Adam.

“It’s always such a pleasure to see you,” the Matador smiles, fanged grin glistening under his mask. Reki must have said that last part out loud.

“You know, my sweet puppy told me you propositioned him when you were looking for a heat companion some time ago. Guess you didn’t find a keeper.”

“Well I’m not asking you,” Reki growls, baring his teeth at the alpha.

“Oh no!” Adam scoffs, dismissing the suggestion with a wave of his gloved hand. “While I enjoy their company during my rut, I can't abide omegas in heat!” He sneers with exaggerated shiver of disgust. “So pitiful and clingy.”

He leans down, face suddenly close to Reki's with his hands on his hips.

“I was simply wondering why little Langa wasn’t with you,” Adam intones with a suggestive silky voice. “Or one of your other alphas, you have a whole pack full haven’t you?”

“Langa’s busy,” Reki huffs.

“He must be if you’re out here in preheat letting anyone cop a feel. I suppose I could lend you puppy,” He taps his chin in mock thoughtfulness, "but..."

“Fuck off, Adam.”

“Such an attitude!” He claps his hand in delight. “It’s alright, I like puppies who bite.” Adam brandishes a plain white business card, offering it to Reki with a bow. “If you want to monetize that enticing scent and pretty face, I’ll put in a request for my next rut appointment.”


Reki stares at the card in his hand as Adam waltzes away.



elite alpha and omega companions

for heat, rut or whenever you need!


Did Adam just tell him to be an escort?

How much does Adam pay omegas to share his rut? Reki’s heard high end companions rake it in and Adam’s a wealthy guy—he has to be to afford those costumes, run S and hire a personal assistant like Tadashi who can fly a helicopter. PARΩDISE must be classy as fuck if Adam has a standing appointment with them.  Does his request count as a reference? Is Adam trying to schedule a fuck with him?


“Hey, Red.” One of the alpha’s from earlier sidles up beside him. “Did you get your water?”

“Um, yeah.” Reki stuffs the card in his jeans pocket.

“Do you wanna go back and dance some more?” She leans in, grinning wickedly. “Or did you want to go somewhere else?”




It’s Tuesday. Reki had to take Monday off, scrambling to text Oka about his heat after he woke up in an unfamiliar apartment. The short alpha girl made him pancakes and brought him orange juice in bed. He doesn’t remember her name, lost somewhere on dance floor if she’d ever told him at all. It seems weird to ask now after fucking their way through his heat. It was fun though. Rough and kind of wild, but fun.

Also distracting enough that Reki is halfway through his shift before he remembers he’s supposed to hang out with Langa after work today. He's in town so Nanako has to drive him to the airport in the morning so they made plans to get dinner and catch up before Langa spends a week on the mainland for another skating event.

Reki 🌺: still on for dinner tonight?

Langa❄️: Yes! meet at Dope?

Reki 🌺: sure, ramen ok?

Langa❄️: always

missed you

i’ll show you the highlights from training this weekend

They text throughout the afternoon, Langa sending videos instead of waiting till Reki’s done with work. He’s at the apartment already but his mom is working until late. He’s supposed to be studying before missing classes for a few days. In fact, they should probably stay in so Langa gets some schoolwork done because if they go out they'll just end up skating.

Reki 🌺: Hey, want me to just pick up food and bring it there?

Langa❄️: Sure, if you want to! I’m good either way.

Reki 🌺: I’ll get curry then, it's better takeout

Reki leaves Oka to close the shop and picks up dinner, cruising along with the food bags balanced in one hand and drinks from the convenience store in the other. Not that long ago this was a route he skated nearly every day, but he hasn’t had a reason to come this way for a while. Almost two months have passed since they graduated and it already feels like so much longer.

Langa greets him at the door with a warm hug, almost knocking Reki off his feet and fully dislodging his precious cargo.

“Watch the food man!”

“Don’t care.” Langa snuggles into him muffling his voice in Reki’s hoodie “Need Reki hugs.”

Langa’s only gotten a little taller since they met but he seems much bigger—probably due to the all exercise and training as a pro athlete. Reki relaxes into him, smelling the soft Langa smell that’s mostly laundry and a little like mint.

“Did you get hurt?” Langa asks, gently brushing his thumb along the edge of the bandage at the base of Reki’s neck. His shirt must have gotten pulled down with the hug.

“Oh, yeah, it’s nothing.” Reki clamps his hand over the gauze hiding a swollen red mark.

“It—it’s on your scent gland,” Langa’s face creases with concern, “did someone bite you? Or…” he falters, voice dropping to a hoarse whisper “are you seeing someone?”

“No! No, I just. It’s just this girl from S and we got a little carried away.” Reki sheepishly pulls the neck of his sweatshirt up to hide the bandage again. The bite wept clear fluid all day and stings like hell. He already had to change the dressing twice. “It’s stupid,” he mumbles, “I just had my heat and…I told her to do it.”

“Oh.” Langa swallows, taking a step back. “Um, are you dating her though?”

“No, Langa, I’m not seeing anyone,” Reki replies sharply. “I’m single. We just hooked up for my heat.”

“You slept with her?“

“Why are you so surprised dude? You think I can’t get someone to spend my heat with me?”

“No, Reki, I just—“

“I can take care of myself, okay.” Reki scowls. “I don’t need you doing the protective overbearing alpha thing and who I sleep with is none of your business.”

“I didn’t? Reki—”


“Am I interrupting?”

Hasegawa Nanako appears in hall, the door left open and forgotten with Langa’s eager embrace. At least Reki still has his shoes on. He bows hurriedly, avoiding Langa’s piercing stare.

“Good to see you, Hasegawa-san. I was just dropping off some food for you guys.”

“Wait, Reki—“

“I’ll see you when you get back,” he says gruffly.

Reki stalks out, leaving Langa with his mom in the genken along with their curry dinner.



All his anger evaporates on the way home, walking slow to stew over what just happened.

Why was he so pissed off? It’s his own fault Langa was shocked.

Reki’s told him about partying at S, but not about Draken or Akemi and Chiaki. Not about Tadashi or wanting to hook up with anyone else.

Of course Langa was surprised by the bite, he probably thought Reki was assaulted or something. It’s just…the pity that flashed across his ocean blue eyes when he recognized the injury was like he saw something broken or dirty.

When Langa asked, flabbergasted, if Reki slept with someone like it was an impossible fact…that spark of self loathing inside him burst into flame.

Of course Langa wouldn’t think anyone would want to sleep with Reki. Of course Langa would pity the pathetic omega who begged for a bite in heat.

Langa’s always been so cautious and distant when it comes to treating Reki like an omega, like he can’t understand how his friend could be desirable or sexual at all.


Reki arrives home to an empty house. His family must have gone out for dinner themselves, knowing he had other plans. He dutifully washes the bite on his neck again and changes into pajamas even though it’s only 19:30.

He opens an incognito tab on his phone and searches: PARΩDISE Okinawa.


Chapter Text

Langa returns from the mainland stale and grumpy, dumping his luggage across the bedspread in his apartment bedroom. He’ll do laundry before his mom drives him to the dorm tonight, but for now he needs to shower and brood.

Langa skated like shit in Kitakyushu. He scored alright but it was a far cry from his best. Thankfully no one really expected the new guy to win every event so only his coach was around to be disappointed. Thankfully Miya didn’t skate in this event so he couldn't badger Langa about his piss poor mood. Langa’s too distracted by his argument with Reki to give a shit either way.

Was it even an argument? Why was Reki so upset? Langa knows he failed to hide his shock when the omega admitted to hooking up with some girl over his heat, but Reki’s reaction was so strange. Why did he seem mad at Langa?

At least he replied to some of Langa’s texts with terse messages, cagey and distant. Come to think of it, he’s been like that since before Langa left as well…

He just needs to talk to Reki and everything will be fine.

Langa mulls over the best approach while he takes a quick shower. Reki’s usually home on Sundays tinkering with boards in the garden shed, he could just casually drop by without making a big deal out of it. 

He skates the familiar route to the Kyan home, kicking up his board when he reaches the entrance. Langa can hear scrambling toddlers through the door and the fuzzy burble of television, probably some ludicrous game show entertaining Reki’s grandma and his papa, home for the weekend. He knocks and the sounds inside go quiet.

Masae opens the door, wiping her hands on the apron around her waist.

“Oh, Langa! How nice to see you,” she exclaims warmly. “What brings you here?”

“Um, Reki?” Langa replies slowly. Why else has he ever come? He can’t recall her ever asking that before.

“He’s not here at the moment, did you call him?”

“Oh, no,” Langa fumbles, “I just—he’s usually here for Sunday dinner?”

“Oh, he’s probably just at his apartment.”


His apartment? Langa was only gone for a week! Reki was just complaining about not being about to afford rent on his own.

“Do you not have the address yet?” Masae asks, kindly filling in Langa’s gaping silence. “I suppose you missed the moving party with your travels. Here, I’ll write it down for you.”

Reki has an apartment. Does he even want to see Langa? He didn’t tell him he moved...

Langa❄️: hey, can I come over?

your mom gave me the address

Reki 🌺: sure

Langa skates toward the city center, following Masae’s directions to a block of apartments not far from Sia la Luce.

They look nice, definitely nicer than the humble listings Reki was texting him a few weeks ago. A fourth floor walk up with no elevator, though. The pack must have had a rough time moving him up here. Reki can’t have that much furniture so maybe it wasn’t so bad, but Langa can't help but feel left out. Reki was there to shop and help prepare him for college and moving into the dorms and then he went and made this change while Langa was a thousand kilometers away.

He finds a messy ‘Kyan Reki’ scrawled above the buzzer at apartment eight and the door swings open seconds after the first droning press.

“Hey,” Reki greets him with his familiar raspy voice.

Langa looks down at the socked feet standing in the tiled genken shifting as Reki waits for his response. The room beyond is sparsely furnished, bare but tidy with a slick kitchenette off to one side. Langa shifts focus to the messy red mop of hair in front of him. Langa can't have grown taller in just one week but it looks like the top of his head sits lower than before. Finally, he meets Reki’s amber eyes.

“You moved,” he says simply. He doesn't want to sound accusing but he doesn't know what else to say.

“Yeah.” Reki breaks eye contact, looking away and scratching awkwardly at the back of his head. His loose t-shirt pulls up to reveal a span of tanned skin and dark red hair between the hem and his low slung joggers.

“I’m sorry,” Langa rushes to explain, “I should have tried to get an apartment with you or something instead of moving into the dorms.”

“Hah?” Reki stares at him with blank confusion.

“We—if I planned better we could have shared living expenses. I know you didn’t want to spend your savings on rent, I should have considered that before choosing to live in the dorms.” Langa bows stiffly, awkwardly looking up to gauge Reki's reaction.

“Oh, it’s okay, dude.” Reki steps aside, inviting him in with a sweep of his arm. “That wouldn’t have worked anyways.”


“Langa, you have to be near school for classes,” Reki explains patiently, “not wasting time on a commute. And I have to be near Dope Sketch for work and to use the workshop. I didn’t expect you to do anything different.”

“Oh, right.” Langa agrees lamely. He steps inside, propping his board up near the door.

“Besides, I kind of wanted some space to myself.”


“Don’t be. I know you’re busy. Uh, sorry for freaking out last time too. It’s good to see you.”

Reki scratches at his neck, exposed by the wide scooped neck of his shirt. The bite has healed, but his scent gland still looks a little puffy and irritated. He notices Langa looking and turns abruptly, walking over to sit on a cushion positioned near a low table.

“I guess…” Langa slips off his shoes and follows, feeling safe for now that he’s not about to be kicked out. He sets a bag with some snacks and drinks on counter. “I don’t really get what upset you before. Was it something I said?”

“Yeah—no. Um, I guess, I was embarrassed about the bite and—they way you asked if was dating or if I slept with her made me feel…” He trails off, speaking quickly and quietly but clearly making an effort to try to articulate what set him off. “Uh, like you were shocked anyone would want sleep with me and or like…obviously no one would date me.” 

Reki laughs harshly, glancing away even as Langa takes a seat next to him.

“Reki, that’s not at all what I meant. I guess I was surprised because you hadn’t told me anything. I know you’ve been meeting new people when you stay late at S, I just thought you’d tell me if you were, um, doing anything like that.” Because we're best friends goes unsaid. Because I like you.

“I was kind of seeing this guy for a bit,” Reki admits, “but we ended it. He didn’t want to date me but then he really didn’t like me seeing anyone else either.”

“Sounds like a jerk,” Langa grumbles.

“Yeah, well. It’s over now.” Reki sighs, leaning back on his arms. “It’s not very exciting compared to skating in pro competitions.”

“Are you okay?” Langa asks, wary of Reki’s topic change.

“Yeah, seriously, don’t worry about me.” Reki brightens. “Relax, tell me about Fukuoka! I watched some of the videos online already.”


They spend the afternoon catching up on little things and chatting until Langa remembers he’s supposed to do laundry before returning to the dorm tonight. He leaves with the promise they’ll see each other again soon before skating home.


So Reki was feeling left out again. Because of his skating. Again. 

Langa should have seen it coming. Reki probably feels abandoned because of the whole college thing as well. Langa will just have to try to include him more.

He was so focused on when to confess to Reki he didn’t notice he was neglecting their friendship. First he was gonna wait till after his race with Adam, then he was waiting for his birthday, or was it graduation? When he got sponsored and he was gonna tell Reki after they had a beef, but they haven’t raced since that one time after the tournament. There hasn’t been a moment that feels special or a moment alone and school and his career keep looming over every hour they carve out for each other.

And now Reki’s been with someone else—more than one someone it sounds like.

It’s fine. Reki deserves to feel wanted and Langa hasn’t done that for him. He’ll focus on their friendship first and then, maybe the time will come for him to take the next step.




Promising to see each other more often and actually doing it are very different things.

They’re getting better about texting and calling; Langa checks in with him and Reki reaches out when he feels alone. The last time he was on campus they skated and watched a movie with Kenjiro before Reki left. He said he was getting a ride home with Akemi and he did…just after spending another rut locked in her dorm room first.

He’ll definitely tell Langa if he’s dating someone, but the alpha doesn’t need to know about everything. 

At least Reki sees Langa and the rest of his pack at Crazy Rock pretty much every weekend. He usually stays later than they do, blowing off steam on the dance floor and/or finding someone to make out with. He hasn't had anyone back to his apartment yet, but just having the space to call his own is worth it. The scents from his nest permeate the whole room with subtle comfort. And his mom isn't there to ask where he's going when he's out late most nights.

A few dates during the week is enough to supplement his income and cover the cost of rent. His new job takes a little getting used to, but Reki’s a sociable guy and he adjusts quickly.

All it took was calling the number on the card and attending a few meetings with his new manager at PARΩDISE and Reki is now a professional omega companion. The friendly beta woman walked him through paperwork and various guidelines and checklists. Most clients use an app to request companions for dates or mating cycles, so Reki can easily select clients and schedule appointments. The company handles secure payments, vetting clients and checking in on his status and location on dates.

He starts with a simple request from an omega woman. Reki's not sure how old she is and he doesn't ask, somewhere between thirty and his mom's age? They meet at a classy restaurant downtown and Reki listens as she complains about corporate drudgery and drama while he enjoys dinner complete with an extravagant dessert. Then the omega takes him home for a cozy evening of cuddling and scenting. He honestly wouldn’t have liked to have sex with her, but she just wanted the soothing presence of another omega who wouldn’t judge her immature or needy for wanting physical comfort. She misses her family and packmates she left behind, admitting she hasn’t made any close friends or had a good date since moving to Okinawa for a promotion.

His next client is an older alpha man who also insists on taking him out for a nice meal before spending the night at a love hotel. He asks if Reki would like to keep texting in exchange for gifts, resulting in fumbling attempts at lewd selfies in the lingerie the man sends to him through the agency. Reki also earns an expensive vibrator and a few other toys and a lot of tips in exchange for more photos and video clips.

An alpha couple request him to share their rut. Mated alphas tend to have especially long and exhausting ruts without the satiating scent of a sufficiently fucked omega. One of them is a massage therapist though, so she treats Reki to a relaxing session after they’ve recovered from hours of vigorous fucking.

It feels good, like with every date he’s fulfilling some interior omega need, slotting into a place he didn’t know he fit.

Every client asks if they can see him again.

Best of all, it’s fun.



Langa hated to miss S last week since it’s the only time he reliably sees Reki but he had to write an entire midterm paper and begin working on another project. He was supposed to be researching since the beginning of term but he only just started and had to submit proof in the form of an outline and bibliography.

Tonight he catches up on S gossip as Akemi drives him and Chiaki to Crazy Rock. Apparently there’s talk of another tournament since it’s been almost a year since the last one began. When they arrive, he breaks away to look for his pack, easily spotting Shadow and Miya at the top of the track.

“Hey, do you—“

“Reki’s not here,” Miya interrupts brusquely.

“Yeah, said he had a date tonight,” Shadow gripes loudly.

“A date?”

“He didn’t say date, old man,” Miya sneers, poking the alpha in the gut before turning his attention back to Langa. “We saw him at Dope earlier and he just said he was busy tonight.”

“Why else would he skip S on a Saturday?” Shadow protests, “The kid lives for skating.”

“Um, are Joe and Cherry here?” Langa asks.

“Haven’t seen them either,” Miya replies. “Wanna race?”


“Joe might be due for a rut,” Shadow interjects. “I stopped by the restaurant yesterday with their flower delivery and he smelled kind of off. I bet Cherry’s with him.”

“They’re probably both in rut then,” Langa muses. Having ruts at the same time is a blessing and a curse for mated alphas; they get to have rowdy rut sex, but their cycles tend to last longer with just alpha pheromones hyping each other up and no omega to satisfy their instincts.

“Must be rough being mated like that,” Shadow laments. His painted face goes soft and simpering, “I’d rather wait to mate a nice omega.”

“You’ll be waiting a long time then, stinky ogre,” Miya snaps. He clutches the front of Langa’s shirt and drags him towards the starting line. “Can we race? And can you all shout up about mating.”

“If I win you can't snitch to coach this week even if I eat burgers every day,” Langa wagers.



Langa loses the beef, he couldn’t keep Shadow’s comment out of his head as they flew down the track even though Miya said the clown was making assumptions. Now he owes Miya a college tour because the teen is a huge nerd under his snippy attitude.

Reki told him he wasn’t dating anyone, and he promised to tell Langa if that changed, so…did he lie? Is he on a date tonight? Why else would he miss S and not tell Langa he wouldn’t be there?

Langa wanders towards the ramps, hoping to skate away the nagging feeling that his friend is keeping secrets from him. Again.

He should just let go. His courtship obviously failed. Reki never acknowledged it from his gifts and gestures, never acted like their promise of infinity meant anything beyond friendship. Langa never got around to confessing properly, too caught up in his budding pro skater career and starting college. He always thought he might be rejected for his lacking alpha senses, but his nose had nothing to do with this. He proved himself a worthless prospective mate when he failed to prioritize Reki during a difficult transition. 

It’s no wonder Reki has sought attention elsewhere, partying late at S and hooking up with people. Spending his heat with a girl and begging her to bite him.

Reki never asked Langa to help with his heat. Waiting for the right moment isn’t going to change that.


“Why so blue, Langa-kun?”

He stops short of tripping over Adam’s pointed boots, spooked from his dark thoughts by the looming Matador.

“It’s nothing."

“That was a rather pitiful performance against Chinen earlier,” Adam continues breezily, “nothing like your impressive accomplishments with the team lately.”

“It was just a casual beef,” Langa replies flatly.

“Loneliness doesn’t suit you, Snowflake.” 

Adam laughs, swiveling so his cape whips around as he takes Langa by the elbow and steers them along the rocky path to the park course. “You know, I’ve seen Red here a lot lately, always getting friendly with some new alpha," he say conspiratorially, "I’m surprised you haven’t claimed him yet.”

“Reki and I aren’t like that.”

“Really?” Adam gasps in exaggerated shock, “are you certain?”

“I—I can’t give him what he needs right now,” Langa explains glumly, “so…he can do what he wants.”

“You wouldn’t mind if I had a taste of the little apple then?”

“Are you kidding?” That draws a genuine bark of laughter out of Langa’s chest. “Reki hates your guts.”

“I think I could entice him easily enough,” Adam claims with a sly grin. “After all, he let Snake—“

“Are you done?” Langa cuts him off tersely, anger prickling hot in his chest.

“I bet that if I offer, he’ll say yes,” Adam boasts. “And if he says no, I trust little Red to spit in my face.”

Langa yanks his arm from Adam’s loose grip.

“I don’t want to play your games anymore,” he snarls, baring his small fangs. “Unless you want to skate, we’re done here.”

“How about a beef then,”the smiling alpha continues undeterred. “In two weeks time? It’s almost the anniversary of the tournament and I’d love to kick it off with a rematch.”

“What do I get if I win?” Langa growls.


“Knowledge!” Adam sings triumphantly. His voice echoes in the narrow path as he twirls and dances away.

"Fuck," Langa curses bitterly, kicking the loose gravel beneath his feet. 




“Fuck. Fuck, Reki, gonna knot.”

Reki moans loud in response, encouraged by the alpha’s rough, desperate voice. 

He hasn’t taken a knot before and Kojiro’s already so big. He can feel it rubbing against his labia, grinding at his entrance. The chef pounds into him, panting open mouthed and drooling as Kaoru fucks him from behind. Reki thought the other alphas he spent a rut with were athletic but they’ve got nothing on Joe and Cherry.

Kojiro’s so built he can carry Reki around like nothing, propping him against the wall in the shower or holding him up so Kaoru can suck his dick while the massive alpha moves him up and down like a toy. Reki never noticed Kaoru was hiding a tongue piercing like Shadow’s until the lithe alpha took him apart with his mouth, lapping at Reki’s wet cunt until the omega was writhing, locked in Kojiro’s muscular arms.

Reki comes with a sudden cry, spilling a meager load over his stomach and gushing slick around Kojiro’s thick cock. His cunt flutters and contracts, practically sucking in the wide bulb of muscle at the base, locking the alpha inside. Kojrio shudders and groans, rutting into Reki as he releases into the condom.

His packmates were insistent they use protection for knotting inside Reki. They’ve both come on him multiple times though, always marking him while the other fucks him. Kaoru pulls out, giving his mate a hard smack on the ass so the larger man collapses onto Reki, smothering him with warm, heavy weight.

Gripping his cock hard around the knot, Kaoru skirts around the edge of the bed so he can come with a few quick pumps, splashing the interlocked pair with his release. He settles next to them, kissing along Kojiro’s broad shoulders and combing his fingers through Reki’s hair.

It's strange how completely Kaoru sheds his detached and rational manner in bed. He’s alternately sweet and salty; bratty and cold towards Kojiro and doting on Reki like he’s trying to make his mate jealous. But the muscular alpha takes it in stride, warmly embracing his mate sharp edges and all. 

Kojiro is tender and methodical, always talking Reki through his actions, showering him with praise and gentle words. Until he snaps and takes Reki hard and fast or begs Kaoru wantonly for attention. 

Both alphas are obsessed with Reki's scent, crushing him between them to nap, hungrily trying to wedge their faces close to either side of his neck.



“It’s been too long since we shared an omega,” Kaoru sighs, sleepy and relaxed after their latest session. “Thank you, Reki.”

“That’s because you don’t like any of the ones I suggest, Kaoru!” Kojiro complains. “I love you, princess, but I’m getting too old for this competitive alpha shit every time we have a rut.”

“Who are you calling competitive! You’re the one begging me to knot your ass even though you always regret it,” Kaoru snaps.

“I’m telling you Red,” Kojiro whispers as he hugs Reki protectively to his chest, “even when we’re both in rut he tries to last longer and go more rounds than me. And people think I’m the alpha male.”

“I’m only trying to sate you, horny gorilla,” his mate scoffs.

“I can’t believe you guys are still like this in bed,” Reki mumbles wearily. At least Joe is nice to sleep on, he can get a bit of rest before they go again.




Chapter Text

Langa may have given up on his courtship but he is not about to let go of his best friendship.

He skips practice on the eighth of August and borrows Akemi’s car even though he only has a Canadian license to drive anything bigger than a moped. He conspires with Oka to whisk the birthday boy away for a day of skating. Last year Reki’s birthday passed during their fight and Langa didn’t even know he missed it until  months later. 

He’s not going to fuck it up this time.

Langa parks a little ways down the street, carefully approaching the shop. He can see Reki through the front window of Dope Sketch, propped against the counter with Sketchy curled up on the chair behind him.

He almost makes it to the door unseen but Reki looks up at the last moment, face lighting up as he recognizes Langa through the glass door. Langa’s no good at surprises or subtlety, he’ll just have to try his best to make Reki feel loved on his birthday. He straightens up and pushes open the door.

“Happy birthday, Reki,” he says, words mixing with the jingling welcome bell.

“Hey, wow! I didn’t think I’d see you until tonight.” Reki grins, bristling with energy like he’s ready to vault over the countertop and jump into Langa’s arms. “I have to work though,” he grumbles, slumping into the counter and pouting dramatically.

“No you don’t, kid,” Oka calls, appearing from the stockroom. “You’ve got the day off. Happy nineteen.”

“Wait, really?” Reki smiles brightly, bouncing up.

“Yeah, you didn’t really think I was gonna make you work today, did you?” Oka teases.

“Hell yeah! Lemme grab my stuff.”

He rockets into the back room. Sketchy yawns and stretches. He spares Langa a brief, haughty glance before ignoring him to jump into Manager Oka’s arms.

“Thank you.” Langa bows.

“No problem. Make sure he has a good time, he’s been kind of gloomy lately.”

“Of course, sir!”

“No need to treat me so formally, Langa. You’re not an employee anymore.”

Reki bustles out from the back, skateboard and backpack in hand. He changed from his work shirt into a sleeveless hoodie, showing off his leanly muscled arms. He’s wearing what look like new jeans too, his usual baggy fit but clean and undamaged from skating.

“You look good,” Langa offers, smiling and Reki blushes lightly as Langa takes his hand and leads them out of the shop. “Come on, let’s skate.”

They travel down familiar routes, letting the rumble of their wheels on the smooth pavement speak and the brilliant sun shower them with warmth. The makeshift ramp below the underpass has been cleared away, leaving the red star beyond either of them so they flip tricks and grind railings on their way to the skatepark by the beach.

After an hour or so passing each other on the half pipe and trading high fives, Langa realizes something. 

Reki is rusty.

He’s not pushing himself like usual, not trying to show off or practice something new. He’s still obviously skilled, but it seems like he hasn’t been skating.

“Want to take a break?” Langa suggests, snapping his board up to stop beside his friend.

“Yeah, sorry.” Reki sighs with relief, wiping sweat from his dripping face with his headband. “Guess I haven’t gone hard like this in a while.”

“It’s your birthday, we can do whatever you want.”

“I want to skate,” Reki mumbles petulantly. He roots around in his backpack for a bottle of water.

“You haven’t been skating much, huh?” Langa asks carefully.

“Yeah, I—“ Reki bites his lip, fiddling with the bottle in his hands. “It’s not the same without you, you know. I haven’t really felt like it.”


“It’s not—it’s not your fault,” Reki replies sharply, “stop saying sorry. I used to skate without you just fine.”

“It is my fault!” Langa insists. “I haven’t been here for you, even after we promised to skate together…I don’t care about school or my career if it means I never get to skate with you.”

“You should care, Langa. You have incredible talent and it’s gonna take you far. Not a lot of skaters get that chance.”

“You’re incredible too though,” Langa counters stubbornly. “If you had a coach like Miya and me I bet you’d be on the team too. And your boards are amazing, you must be making a lot to afford that apartment. I really admire you, Reki.”

“Thanks, geez.” Reki blushes, half hiding his face in his arms but it doesn’t work as well when he’s not wearing a baggy hoodie. He is wearing the leather cuff though, the one Langa got him in Canada. He always wears it just like Langa wears his.

Langa made the decision not to get Reki a gift for his birthday, settling for paying whatever expenses come up on their day out together which in other circumstances might be considered a date. Even if Reki never noticed or acknowledged Langa as a potential mate, not giving a gift today solidifies the end of his courtship for Langa. Tokens meant to prove his worth as a mate don't compare to time spent together as best friends.

“You’re coming to S tomorrow, right?” Langa asks.

“Yeah, I was planning on it.” Reki takes a long drink from his water bottle.

“I’m racing Adam.”

“Hah—“ Reki chokes, clearing his throat with a laugh. “I heard about that. You’re lucky he’s not obsessed with you anymore or that might piss me off.”

“I think we understand each other now,” Langa replies lightly. “Also I beat him last time and I’m an even better skater now.”

"I know you can win," Reki claims confidently, "and I'll be waiting at the finish line."


They skate a little while longer before Reki suggests they go to the arcade. Langa’s not nearly as skilled at video games as he is at skating; for all the tokens he buys he only wins some stale gummy candy that Reki graciously accepts. Reki does well though—especially at rhythm games—laughing and cheering as Langa fails to keep up and winning a cute plush shaped like a big squishy ice cream cone.

Sia la Luce is closed for the party and they enjoy a leisurely dinner with the pack. Kojiro serves a many coursed meal designed to both suit and challenge Reki’s palate. Shadow presents a beautiful strawberry cake and Reki refuses to believe he baked it until Miya shows him a series of pictures on his phone, detailing the process.

It's late when they finally walk the short distance to Reki's apartment. Things feel almost normal between them. Reki slows as they walk past Kaoru's calligraphy shop where it all started, stopping to look up at the dark windows.

"Thanks," he whispers.


"Thanks for today, Langa," Reki clarifies. He gives Langa a brief, tight hug before retreating. "It was good."

"Happy birthday, Reki."


Langa walks him to the door and they say goodnight. He would have asked to stay, or gone to stay at his mom's, but Akemi needs her car for an early errand. They'll all be back for his race tomorrow night.


Crazy Rock is packed, the energetic crowd fizzing with anticipation for the fated rematch between ADAM and SNOW. In order to make the upcoming tournament more exciting, the loser from tonight’s race will be preemptively banned from the qualifying races. Adam claimed it would be much too dull to risk ending the competition with the same matchup at last year.

Langa arrives once again with Akemi and Chiaki and they hike up to the graveyard track, so named from the theme of last year’s funeral beef. The rickety bridge has been repaired and some of the more deadly drop offs are blocked with low curving walls so it will be slightly safer than last year. The improvements offer the opportunity for new strategies as well. He finds the rest of his pack waiting at the finish line still marked by an ostentatious tombstone.

Reki sends him off with a bear hug, Miya with a sly smirk, Cherry with a dry ‘good luck’, Joe with a hearty clap on the back and Shadow with a rather hypocritical “kick his clown ass!”

Adam is once again dramatically waiting at the peak of the course.

“This again?” Langa asks.

The Matador poses, one hip cocked to show off the tight midnight blue suit hugging his narrow waist. Skeletal knobs run up his spine, though he swapped the boney visor for his usual masquerade mask.

“I look too fabulous in this suit to wear it only once.”

Rather than his usual horned longboard or the coffin-slash-cross one he used last year, Adam has a new skateboard clasped in his gloved hands. It’s similar in size but simply designed with no weird shapes or appendages and slickly covered in sparkly black grip tape with shining silver trucks.

“He made it for me.” Adam’s voice is low and teasing as his lips twist in a wicked smile. He flips the board to show off the deck, drawing his long fingers suggestively over the painted wood. It’s obviously a Kyan Reki original: cartoonish red hearts litter the background, contrasting with a realistic bull’s skull and flashy graffiti style text that reads ‘LOVE WINS’ in English.

“I suppose it’s only fair that you use one of Reki’s boards too,” Langa concedes sourly.

Adam just smirks and holds his board out in ready position. Langa follows suit. Someone must be watching for the signal because suddenly a red flare shoots up from the base of the mountain.

“On green,” Adam warns.

The next flare cracks through the air, blooming green above as both skaters bolt down the mountainside.




They trade the lead as they fly down the lower curves of the track, nearing the finish. Adam pulled a few of his moves early on and Langa avoided them deftly. Both skaters are too focused on speed to waste time with tricks, edging each other to the brink of loosing control.

Langa pulls ahead, almost an entire board length when Adam butts in with his shoulder, slowing them both down. Langa pushes off, hoping the momentum will solidify his lead when a sudden explosion of sensation floods his brain.

Like a blocked pipe suddenly blasted clear, he smells Adam. This close the heavy aggressive alpha pheromones are overwhelming, clouding his underlying dark, woody scent. But there’s something else, something enticing and bright and familiar, something like sun and peaches and salt.

He smells Reki.

Langa’s brain skitters from thought to thought, racing towards the inevitable conclusion.

Reki’s waiting at the end of the track. The only one close enough to scent is Adam.

Adam smells like Reki.

Langa’s board shakes under his feet as his knees go weak, falling behind as Adam continues barreling forward. As quickly as he rights himself and hurtles towards the finish, Langa can see the win slip from his grasp. He has no chance to catch up now.

They rush past the tombstone with the Matador a clear meter ahead. Adam slides to a stop with a flourish and Langa skids to a halt behind.




Reki’s shout cuts through the cheering crowd. He presses through the mass, eager to congratulate his defeated friend. Adam bows and vogues for the audience, ignoring Langa’s accusing glare.

Was the scent a trick? Some ploy of Adam’s to make Langa lose focus? Maybe he stole something of Reki’s when he got the board and hid it somewhere? Or was it just Langa’s fucked up nose misfiring at the worst possible moment?

Adam bows deeply, offering his hand for Langa to shake just as Reki launches himself towards Langa for a hug.


Reki freezes in place at Adam's low, commanding voice. Suddenly unnaturally still with his eyes glued on Langa, Reki's joyful face shatters like ice. Tears welling up, he slowing shifts his gaze to Adam.


Langa can’t even finish the word before the omega abruptly turns and bolts away. It takes him a moment to understand what just happened.


Adam issued a command. 

Few alphas these days bother cultivating this ability, but commanding words tap into a powerful instinct. The one thing Langa knows for sure is they have to be learned. No alpha can simply bark commands and cow omegas to their will. An omega has to submit and allow a response to take root inside them. 

Adam said ‘heel’ and Reki stopped. He reacted because they’ve done that before. Reki let him, must have for some reason wanted to obey.

“You—“ Langa swallows, his throat feels tacky and swollen. He can't look Adam in the eyes, fixing instead on his coyly smiling lips that just released that word. “Why do you smell like him?”

“I told you Langa-kun,” Adam croons, gleefully clasping Langa’s hand to finish their aborted handshake. “I told you Red would share my rut if I asked him nicely. It was only a few days ago. I’m not surprised some of his scent is still on me. He loved nesting with all my lovely clothes,” Adam plucks at the collar of his suit, “perhaps he got some slick on this, it does get everywhere.

“Or is that not something you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing, little Langa?” He asks innocently.

“No—I,“ Langa chokes, “I haven’t had a rut in years.”

“Oh, is that what this is about?” Adam’s facade drops. It’s hard to tell with a mask covering half his face, but the smug glitter of winning disappears with his smile. “Come with me a moment.”

Langa follows numbly as Adam leads him away from the crowd, past a line of capmen to an empty clearing where an expensive looking black car is parked.

“Now then,” Adam begins in a businesslike tone. He leans against the car, pulling out his cigarette case and lighter. “Have you talked to Reki about not having ruts?”

“Yeah,” Langa replies dully. “Yes.”

Adam lights his cigarette and takes an elegant pull.

“Delayed presentation?” he asks.

“Something like that,” Langa confesses. “I started presenting but it stopped. I can’t smell most of the time either.”

Langa can still smell him right now though. The competitive aggression has faded, leaving only a quiet smell like fallen leaves blending with the tobacco smoke.

“Ah, typical.”  Adam nods knowingly. “It’s a common response to trauma, happens to more people than you think.”

“How do you—” Langa frowns. Adam can’t be talking about himself, he just bragged about spending his rut with Reki.

“Tadashi. He hasn’t had a rut since I left for America what, eight years ago now? He can smell alright but he doesn’t produce pheromones either. Yours seem to be waking up a bit though.”


“Yes.” Adam takes a deep breath and holds it for a moment before speaking. “Something like jasmine, maybe? It’s faint, but I can smell it.”

“Does that mean I’m better?”

“It means you’re currently producing alpha pheromones,” Adam waves a gloved hand in front of his nose. “They spiked like crazy when Reki ran off.”

“Do you think Reki would like me if I was a normal alpha?” Langa blurts.

“Christ Jesus, Snowflake,” Adam groans, “what are you asking me for?”

“Just, I can’t read him at all,” Langa admits hollowly. “You know him better than me now.”

“Sex doesn’t mean you know a person,” Adam explains with a heavy sigh. He takes a drag and lets the cigarette smoke trail lazily from his lips. “Reki’s experimenting. He’s getting to know himself as an omega and having a good time. You two share a connection beyond that.”

“You used a command though,” Langa argues, “he trusts you.”

“I built that trust with him honestly and I’ve probably lost it now,” Adam laments.

“Why did you tell him to heel then?” Langa cries.

“So you would get your prize, Langa-kun."

He pauses dramatically, examining the illuminated tip of his cigarette like it contains the mysteries of the universe.



Langa feels more defeated now than when he lost the race, his body empty and deflated as he walks back toward the racetrack. The anger in his gut is just making him feel sick rather than firing him up.

He doesn’t understand how anyone, even Adam, build up that kind of relationship with Reki and just throw it away! It takes vulnerability and trust for a command to work, more than what's necessary to share a rut or enjoy a hook up.

And now Reki’s hurting because that bond was cruelly exposed.


Hardly any spectating skaters remain, they must have returned to the mine for minor beefs. Cherry is waiting by the gated road to Crazy Rock. 


“Um, did you know Reki and Adam…?” Langa trails off as he approaches, letting his question hang in the air.

“Yes, he asked me about it before accepting the invitation,” Cherry answers matter-of-factly. He sighs, likely hiding a scowl beneath his black S mask as he turns to start walking back to the mine. “I’m guessing that face means he didn’t tell you. I suppose I’m not surprised—you try impressing the importance of transparency in intimate relationships on that boy.”

“I um, I guess I don’t know that much about sharing a rut outside a mated relationship…” Langa begins. Maybe he's taking this too personally, sex during mating cycles can be either really special or really casual.

“Plenty of people would rather spend a rut or heat alone if they don’t have a mate and that’s become the convention,” Cherry explains, only half hiding his exasperated tone. “But for some, enjoying it with a partner is a perfectly reasonable and healthy choice. For an alpha pair like Kojiro and myself, having an omega join us makes the whole thing much more pleasant. The same goes for Adam spending his ruts with an omega while not being mated to one. Human attraction spans all genders but our instincts—alpha instincts—still respond to omega pheromones.”

Langa knows this, he gets why Adam would want an omega partner in rut but that doesn't explain why Reki would want to be with him!

Cherry continues, “Besides, there is some very compelling evidence that monogamous mating actually goes against instinctive behavior. For example, before modern birth control, it was conventional for an alpha in rut to spend themself with a male omega, so long as that omega was not in heat, if they did not wish to conceive, satisfying their instincts without a resulting pregnancy—“

“Uh, why Reki though?” Langa interrupts. He really can't handle lecture on sexual anthropology right now.

“Because it’s his job.” Cherry states blankly. “He accepted Adam’s request and was paid accordingly.”


“Oh for fuck’s sake.” Kaoru pulls down his mask, face pinched in anger. “Reki promised me he told you. Reki told you he’s been working as an omega companion all summer, right?”

“Wait.” Langa stutters to a halt. A few weeks ago, Shadow concluded Joe and Cherry were in rut. Reki wasn't there that night. “Did you also…”

Langa feels like he might faint, he can’t keep walking. His face feels numb and the rocky path blurs around him.

“Langa, it’s okay, breathe.” Kaoru rests his hands on the younger alpha’s shoulders, gently rubbing.

“With Reki?” Langa croaks.

“I swear he told us you knew.” Kaoru speaks solemnly, his voice steady and calming. “I wouldn’t keep that from you as a packmate or friend.”

Kaoru guides Langa to inhale deeply, taking in the scent of fragrant cherry blossoms and green tea laced with a sharp acidity like wine. Kaoru smells of ink as well but that may simply be ingrained in his skin. Langa breathes deep and slow as he can, lips parting to taste pheromones in the back of his throat. He’s never been able to appreciate his pack alpha releasing a comforting, affectionate scent before. He can feel air returning to his lungs as the scent settles like a heavy blanket around him.

“Let’s find the others, alright?” Kaoru suggests, keeping an arm wrapped around Langa's shoulders.

He nods, picking up his board and following. He smells Joe and Reki before he sees them, immediately recognizing their scents even though he couldn’t put a name to Joe’s before this moment. It’s like his brain has been filing away the information all along and he simply couldn’t access it. Joe’s scent is all comfort, swaddling Reki’s distress.

He spots them a little ways off the track, the omega wrapped in Kojiro’s jacket, snuggled in the alpha’s arms with his face pressed into his broad, bare chest. 

Kojiro strokes a large hand through Reki’s messy hair. He notices Langa and Kaoru approach and presses a finger to his lips.

They stay quiet as they get closer and Langa can hear a soft rumbling purr.

Reki is purring.

He feels safe and protected with Kojiro, enough to fall asleep purring in his lap. What comfort can Langa offer compared to that?  Seeing him now will only make Reki more distraught. 

“You'll take care of him?” Langa whispers, clenching a fist to his chest.

“Of course,” Kaoru assures him and Kojiro confirms with a nod.

“Good night.”


Langa leaves.

He skates down the mountainside, he'll crash with his mom tonight.

How the fuck is he supposed to fix this now?



Langa ❄️: I’m sorry I left without saying goodbye

I’m not mad at you

But I wish you told me

Cherry explained some things. He thought I already knew

so you can’t be mad at him either.




Chapter Text

Reki doesn’t reply the next day. He doesn’t reply on Monday or Tuesday. He cancels a date he had scheduled for Wednesday but he doesn’t reply to Langa.

What is he supposed to say? Sorry I fucked your rival? Sorry I keep lying? Sorry I can’t stand for you to know what a huge slut I am? Sorry I’m such a disappointment?

Sorry I'm such a shitty friend it hurts to watch you succeed so I had to cling to something I felt good at? Sorry you were wrong and we’re not a good match after all?

And those are the good thoughts. After he wears himself out trying to think of how to reply, he turns to dissecting Langa’s messages from that night.

Sorry I left without saying goodbye

Sorry that he left? Sorry he didn’t say goodbye? 

Sorry because he’s not coming back? 

Sorry he didn’t say goodbye so he doesn’t even know what their last words together were?

And what did Kaoru tell Langa? He wouldn’t say anything embarrassing about sex with Reki, right? Just something about PARΩDISE or the rut with Adam? He did talk to Kaoru and Kojiro before accepting Adam’s request. Kaoru also gave him a thorough scolding the morning after Langa's race. He'd gone home with them, comforted by Kojiro's soothing presence and fell asleep between them, only to wake to the alphas arguing over whether they should have shared Reki's companion status with the pack before spending a rut with him. Reki left.

He hasn't texted them back either.


He can’t avoid his appointment with the agency on Thursday—a brief meeting and routine STI screening—he cancels another date though.

Reki still doesn’t reply.


Langa doesn’t message him either.

Fuck it. Reki has enough saved up to buy the used moped he’s been eyeing.

He drives himself to campus after his shift on Friday and knocks on the dorm room door. Langa should be there, he usually stays in with schoolwork on Fridays since he doesn’t have practice and he tries to go to S on Saturdays. Reki drums his fingers on the doorframe, hoping Langa’s not plugged in to one of the podcasts he somehow listens to while studying, claiming the English speaking voices provide comforting background noise.

Finally, after what was probably no more than a minute, the door swings open.


It’s Kenjiro, sleepy and staticky like he just woke from an after class nap.

“Is Langa here?” He asks, eyes darting over the empty, cluttered room behind the drowsy beta.

“No?” Kenjiro answers uncertainly. “Didn’t you see him today?”

“No?” Reki parrots. “Where is he?”

“He went, um, your friend Miya came to visit for the day?” Kenjiro continues, “he’s a little young but he said he’s a prospective student and he’s Langa’s teammate and stuff. His mom came to pick him up this afternoon and Langa went with. I thought he was going to see you?”


Reki checks his phone. He missed some texts on the drive here.


Langa ❄️: Are you home?

where are you reki?

You’re not at work and I checked your apartment

I got a ride with Mrs. Chinen and you’re not here


Reki 🌺: you dumbass

i went to see you

i’m at your dorm now


Langa ❄️: oh


Reki 🌺: stay there

if you have your key you can go inside

i’ll come back

wait for me


Langa ❄️: ok



“Um, bye Kenjiro-kun.” 

“See ya.”



Langa has the spare key Reki gave him. He didn’t want to risk finding the apartment occupied even after knocking and ringing the bell. What if Reki was with someone? He said he wanted space. Really, he should have texted Reki earlier to avoid confusion.

He hadn’t thought Reki might go to see him, certainly not after the omega left him on read all week. Apparently they had the same idea though…they really need to talk.


He unlocks the apartment door and steps inside, the space dim and dull without Reki.

A desk and bookshelf have appeared since the last time Langa visited and Reki’s art supplies and some of his tools are neatly organized in plastic chests of drawers lined up under the window. A low bed sits pushed against one wall, slightly larger than the one he had back home, piled with plush toys, cushions and blankets to form a cozy nest. A few dishes rest in a drying rack over the sink and the kitchen counter is clean and tidy.

The whole room smells a bit like Reki, a lingering impression of sweet peach and salty sea air. Langa’s sense of smell hasn’t faded all week, leaving him reeling from the constant influx of scents and pheromones.

Thank god he rooms with a beta. Fortunately Kenjiro’s nose isn’t very sharp or he would have complained about Langa’s blossoming alpha scent. Miya’s senses are still developing, so he attributed Langa’s unusual scent to the general cloud of hormonal young adults and aftershave permeating the dorms.

Fuck, should he have worn patches today? He added scent blocking soap to his daily routine but he's not usually worried about stinking up an omega’s private space with his alpha smell.

He can’t stand just waiting for Reki to get might take a while.

He spends a few minutes loitering in the genken before he takes off his shoes, swapping them for a pair of guest slippers and pads into the bathroom. 

Washing his hands, he notices a bottle of alpha neutralizing spray sitting out on the counter. He doesn’t love thinking about why Reki has it so readily accessible, but the omega would probably be grateful if Langa used some. 

Ugh, maybe he should shower first, he’s been nervously sweating for at least half and hour already.


The powerful spray of the shower is relaxing as he quickly washes. He hastily dries off with a clean towel folded under the sink—it still smells like Reki.

He’s just reaching for the spray when a knock on the bathroom door startles him, sending the can flying to the tiled floor.

“Can I come in?”

Langa yelps. That was fast. 

“Are you decent?” Reki’s voice is light and playful, muffled through the thin door.

“Um, yeah,” Langa adjusts the towel around his hips, checking that he’s suitably covered. His attempt to diffuse his scent definitely made this encounter way more awkward than it had to be.

“Hey.” Reki steps in, greeting Langa with a hesitant smile and a gust of cool air from the larger room.

“Hey,” Langa croaks. Reki lets the door close behind him, sealing in the damp, stifling heat.

“Oh what?” Reki blurts, eyes wide. “Dude, I can smell you.”

“Reki!” Langa flushes as Reki leans embarrassingly close to his bare neck and sniffs.

“Jasmine,” he says dreamily, taking in the scent without touching as Langa flails his hands, unsure where to rest them with Reki crowding in to his naked chest. “Of course you smell like cake, kind of sweet but lemony.”

“Sorry, I showered so it wouldn’t be too strong,” Langa explains, finally able to breathe as Reki takes a step back. “Is it okay if I use some of the blocking spray—“


“Huh?” Langa stares at him. Reki’s cheeks are pink now too, maybe from the humid washroom.

“It’s um, nice.” Confusion and curiosity are at war across Reki’s face. “Is this new?” He asks delicately.

“Yeah, it’s only been about a week…”

“Wait, can you smell me now?” Reki’s hand slaps over his lips, too late to stop the rude question.

“Yeah.” Langa is trying keep his breaths shallow, mouth slightly parted. The scent is all around him, coming bright and fresh off the omega only a few feet away. A light sheen of sweat coats his arms and his collarbones peaking out from another thin sleeveless hooded shirt. Reki crosses his arms over his chest, shivering slightly as the warmth from Langa’s shower fades.

“It was hot out, driving in the sun,” he explains, “feels cold in here now.”

“You borrowed the scooter?”

“No, uh, I bought one. The—did I tell you about the used one I was looking at? I went to get it and, no lie, the guy selling it was Harry! From S!”


As happy as Langa is to be chatting casually like this, he’s still moist and mostly nude, standing in Reki’s tiny bathroom.

“Can we—“

“Oh shit, of course dude, we can sit down and you can get dressed. You don’t need to use the spray though, you smell nice.”

“Ah, okay.”


A few minutes later, Langa is dressed again in his jeans and sleeveless collared shirt and sitting at the low table. Reki made tea for them, though both cups stand steaming, untouched.

“So…” Langa begins.



“I didn’t—“

“I’m sorry—“

“DON’T APOLOGIZE!” Reki cries out, sinking his head in his hands with an angry huff.

“But—“ grumbles Langa.

“Stop.” He says, decisively cutting Langa off. Keeping his face between his knees, he growls,“ I’m sorry. I didn’t tell you about Adam, or working as an omega companion.”

“Cherry told me about um, their rut too,” Langa adds.

“Or Kaoru and Kojiro. Um, there’s been a lot of people with work and um, I still feel bad I didn’t tell you about Draken or…Akemi and Chiaki.” Reki’s voice goes high and thin at the end.

“Akemi?" Langa's stomach drops. Back when they first started hanging out he'd been jealous of how easily she got along with Reki and their quick closeness. He got over it when he learned about her boyfriend though, he hadn't considered... "um, both of them?”

“Yeah. I had my heat at S and asked them, and then I’ve spent a couple ruts with Akemi too.”

“Are you…”

“I’m not dating them! I—I didn’t lie about that,” he mutters defensively. “I’m not involved with anyone.”

“Okay, s—” Langa stops himself from apologizing again. “Uh, when did that happen?”

“That time I said I went to an omega shelter.” Reki winces as he rushes the words out.

“Oh, all the way back then?”


“I didn’t notice,” Langa admits, low and hollow.

“Of course you didn’t,” Reki snaps bitterly. He finally looks at Langa, golden amber eyes wide and leaking angry tears. “I lied to you.”


“I wanted to ask you out,” Langa confesses.


“We were still in school then, I thought…I was trying to court you.”

“What?” Reki sputters, “y—you didn’t say anything.”

“I didn’t think I had to,” Langa huffs, “I was giving you gifts and stuff for your nest.”

“But that—we’re best friends.”

“I gave you my clothes! All the time!”

“Yeah, everyone in the pack was giving me stuff when I started nesting,” Reki argues. “You gave me worn stuff cuz you couldn’t scent them!”

“I gave you worn clothes cuz that’s a mate thing!” Langa counters petulantly.


“Oh.” Reki finally looks chastened, slouching back into his cushion. “Sorry.”

“It’s fine, obviously you don’t like me like that,” Langa concedes. “It just took me a while to figure it out.”

“No, Langa—”

“Seriously, I’m over it. I just want us to be friends again.” Langa carefully lays his hand on Reki’s knee, “I miss you so much, Reki.”

“You really—" Reki’s raspy voice cracks. "You really wanted to court me?”



“Re-kiii,” Langa growls, frustrated. “Because you’re the most important person in the world to me. You’re so fun and sweet and talented and you’re really cute…of course I like you.”

“Oh. I didn’t think—I never thought you might feel that way,” Reki admits bashfully.


“Um,” Reki scoots a little closer so their legs press up against each other, “do you still?”

“Reki, I can’t.” Langa can’t help the whine creeping into his voice. Reki’s so close, scent so damn tantalizing, he wants to taste it so bad. He swallows hard. “I don’t think I can do sex like you, without, like, feelings. Not when I—not if you want me to get over it.”

“You don’t have to.”


Langa wants to tell him to stop teasing him, stop tempting him, but the omega slides into his lap, all warm skin and light touches, sweet smell dizzying. This close Langa can admire the long lashes painting shadows across his cheeks and the fullness of his pouting lips.

“If we do it with feelings,” he suggests slyly, “you don’t have to get over me…” 

Langa kisses him. Their lips meet soft and lingering and Langa’s lost in a steamy haze, his skin fiery hot everywhere he connects with Reki. One insistent press turns into gentle smooches, breaking apart and reconnecting with different angles. Langa tangles his fingers in tousled red hair and Reki opens his mouth, pulling Langa’s lower lip inside. He groans and they break apart. Reki silently, coyly takes Langa by the hand and leads him across the room to sit on the edge of his bed.

“Do you really want me?” Reki asks, “still?” He punctuates the words with kisses peppered along Langa's jaw.

“Yes, Reki. Always. Do you?”

“Fuck yeah.” He threads his fingers through Langa’s silky hair, voice rough and face blushing with desire.

“Even if I’m not always...” Langa croaks, “what if I can’t smell again or—”

“Dude, I don’t care if you scent me or if you’re an alpha. I like beta guys too.” Reki cups Langa’s chin, looking him firmly in the eye. “I like you. You’re my favorite person too.”

Langa surges forward to answer with a kiss rather than words and they tip onto their sides, twining together blissfully in Reki’s bed. This has to be a dream. Langa feels too happy for it to be real, too euphoric for him to stop and think. He can’t stop skating his fingers over the smooth skin of Reki’s arms or rucking up his shirt to reach his muscular back. Reki is panting and making the sweetest little moaning sounds like he's never felt anything so divine.

Langa licks over the glands on either side of his neck, slightly swollen with arousal and sensitive as he teases them. He can feel his body respond, a warm pressure under his skin as he pumps out excited pheromones.  Reki swoops in to carefully lap at them.

“You can go harder,” Langa urges, “the scars are old.”

Reki responds with a gentle suck, still avoiding the puckered pink skin at the edges.

“You taste so good, Langa,” he coos. “Let me take care of you.”

Langa goes limp, sinking into the fluffy blankets. Reki unbuttons his shirt and coaxes it off Langa’s shoulders, greeting the alpha’s chest with gentle hands. He bites his lip, showing off one small omegan fang as he runs his fingertips through the pale hair coating Langa’s chest and forming a thin line down the center of his belly. 

Reki peels off his own shirt, flinging it away and Langa drinks in the sight of his lean, tan torso. Langa runs his hands down Reki’s sides, cupping his narrow waist and marveling at how large his hands look in comparison. 

He shouldn’t be surprised, his dad was a big alpha and Langa is on his way to catching up, but Reki’s presence seems so much larger than his compact frame. He was one of the taller guys at their school but compared to Langa and the alphas in their pack, he’s tiny. The red hair trailing down from his belly button is thick, wiry, and dark against the paler skin of his stomach, dotted with moles. His dark nipples already look perked up and puffy.

“So pretty.”

Reki’s breath hitches at the praise. Langa reaches up to pinch his nipples and Reki squeaks and squirms, grinding down over his lap.

Langa abandons his nipples and pulls the omega down into a hungry kiss. Reki sighs into his mouth, rutting against his groin with teasingly light pressure.

Langa reacts swiftly and without thinking, gripping Reki tight around the waist and flipping them. He tugs at the hem of Reki’s shorts and the omega eagerly lifts his hips, allowing Langa to pull them down. He shuffles clumsily off the bed, having to stand in order to get them all the way off when they catch around Reki's ankles.

Oh. His underwear came off with the shorts, leaving him splayed fully nude on the bed.

“Reki,” Langa breathes, low and awed.

The omega’s cock rests heavily in the crease between his thighs with a tuft of reddish hair at the base and a glistening red tip peaking from the foreskin. Langa quickly strips off his own pants, leaving his tented boxer briefs on for the moment. Reki watches him eagerly as Langa gently pries his knees apart. 

He nuzzles Reki’s cock, flipping it up onto his stomach to access the wet lips below.

He licks up, tasting slick and sweat, tracing over the bulge of his balls and up his shaft before pulling the tip into his mouth.

“Fuuuuuuck,” Reki moans.

Langa grunts, gathering more of Reki into his mouth, tasting pre-come that’s a little salty but mostly sweet like his slick. He groans around Reki’s cock, letting it fill his mouth and nudge the back of his throat, taking in a short breathe through his nose as he starts to gag.

The scent of Reki is overwhelming, the glands between his thighs are musky and the blankets and sheets and soaked in pheromones. He never noticed hanging out on Reki’s bed back home, but now he can smell the strong imprint of Reki: Reki’s nest, Reki’s territory, Reki’s safe space. 

It spikes something possessive in him, both protective of Reki and elated that he is the alpha invited into this special domain. Even with the faint hints of pack scents from the edges of the nest, Langa can tell Reki hasn’t had another partner in this bed. His chest rumbles with a satisfied growl.

He can smell as much as feel the burst of slick released from Reki’s cunt as he swallows around his cock, the omega jerking against the bed and tugging at his hair.

“Langa, too fast, dude. Too much,” he scolds. “Slow down.”

Langa releases him, lips popping off with a lewd smack.

“Don’t wanna,” he pouts, nuzzling into Reki’s thigh. He sucks briefly at the scent gland there, releasing heady, aroused pheromones.

“Lan-gaaaa, come here.” Reki limply raises his arms, making grabbing motions. “Wanna kiss you.”

Langa obliges, draping himself over Reki so his partner is completely caged beneath him.

“Wanna make you feel good,” Langa says, now nuzzling under Reki's ear.

“You do,” Reki assures him, “so much.” He snakes his hand into Langa’s underwear, cupping his warm palm over the thick shaft. Langa curls into him, kissing and nibbling at his neck as Reki starts stroking.

“I’m gonna come so fast, Reki,” he admits, too blissed out to be embarrassed. 

“Don’t worry, I got you.”

The sensation is intoxicating despite Reki’s slow and steady pace. Langa's cock is rubbing against his stomach, trapped inside the humid confines of his boxers. The tip drags against the soft skin of Reki’s forearm and his hand keeps pumping up and down the shaft, wet with pre-come.

“Ah.” He comes suddenly, his release coating Reki’s hand and up his arm.

“So much.” Reki squeezes the budding knot at the base and Langa’s entire body seizes up as a little more cum spills out. Reki locks him in a deep kiss, holding Langa in a firm, sticky grip as he gradually comes down. 

Slowly, he starts licking deeper and more aggressively into Langa’s mouth, sucking and nipping at his lips. He drags Langa’s boxer briefs down, freeing his hand and wiping it messily before tossing the garment aside. He straddles Langa, kissing him and rutting their hips together so the slick slide of his pussy kisses the alpha’s still hard cock.

Langa clutches his shoulders, tangling his hands in messy curls before trailing them down to fondle Reki’s ass. Usually hidden by baggy clothes and long shirts, it’s surprisingly plush and round on his lean frame. Langa kneads the flesh with rough fingers and Reki moans into his mouth. Langa can feel spit dribble down his chin from how wet and greedily Reki kisses him.

“Please,” Reki urges breathily, “please.”

“What do you need?”

“Can you fuck me? Please.”

Langa keeps one hand on Reki’s ass and uses the other to direct his dick, angling it as Reki keeps humping against him until it catches and slips inside. Reki stills when he’s partway in, gradually lowering himself to fit Langa inside, crushing tight around him. Reki lifts up a little and Langa chases the movement with his hips.

“Slow,” Reki cautions, teasingly. He raises himself up painfully slow before rocking back down, sinking Langa’s cock inside. He sits tall as he rides, hands planted firmly on Langa’s pecs as he shifts and bounces, knees tucked tight against Langa’s ribs.

“Hmmm, so good for me, alpha,” he sighs.

“Ah, Reki!" Langa gasps, "my name, please.”

“So good for me, Langa. You fit just right, so perfect for me.”

“Reki, fuck. Reki,” Langa can’t think, his senses overloaded with Reki. Reki’s scent flooding his system, Reki’s wet ripe cunt pulsing around him, Reki’s cute cock bobbing against his belly. His little grunts and low moans sound so deliciously raw and genuine. His head is thrown back so Langa can follow the tense line of his neck from his jaw down his heaving chest.

Langa reaches up to brush his thumbs over dark puffy nipples and Reki shudders in response, curving to look down at Langa, amber eyes hazy and warm and his lips softly parted.

Langa scrapes his nail over the tip; he tugs on one little bud while pushing at the other. Reki pinches one of Langa’s in retaliation. He alternates between squeezing and petting the soft muscle of his chest and toying with his pink nipples. One particularly firm pluck sends a jolt of pleasure racing down Langa's spine. He jerks up, driving his cock in deep against Reki’s rhythm. He clutches Reki’s hips, holding him firm and humping up until Reki collapses over him, letting Langa drive the pace and rutting weakly, rubbing his cock against the firm plane of Langa’s stomach.

He buries his face in Langa’s neck, sloppily licking and nibbling across his shoulder to his collarbone and up the front of his throat.

“So good, Langa,” he groans, “perfect. I can’t believe it.”

Langa pulls him in crushingly close, arms wrapped around his back.

“Fuck, Langa. Gonna come.”

Reki bites at the front of his throat, sucking a deep bruise and he comes, cunt clenching and cock spilling between them. Langa shoves in and his newly formed knot pops inside, expanding to lock them together. He comes again with a loud, hoarse groan. Pulsing inside Reki it feels like he comes even more this time, a long stream spurting deep and dribbling out around his knot.

“Dude, are you…” Reki asks blearily, “I think you’re in rut."




Langa’s still hard when he finally stops coming and his knot deflates. He doesn’t fall asleep but his eyes are glazed over as Reki soothes his scent glands with soft licks.

“Sorry,” Langa murmurs, “I didn’t know—I haven’t had a rut—“

“Don’t worry,” Reki soothes, combing his fingers through Langa’s hair.

“Can we do it again?”

“Yeah.” Reki smiles. “Hang on, let’s clean you up a little first.”

He untangles himself from Langa and the clinging twisted sheets to grab some towels. He wipes Langa down with a wet cloth, soothing his heated skin and rubbing a lightly scented ointment over the glands on his wrists.

“If this feels okay I’ll put some on your neck and thighs too,” he explains. “Tell me if it stings.”

The ointment leaves a pleasant cooling sensation against Reki’s massaging fingers.

“Feels good,” Langa sighs.

“Your glands are really swollen, this will keep them from getting inflamed.”


Reki applies the same treatment to the scent glands on this inner thighs, working delicately around the scarred skin.

“You’re so pretty, Langa.” He admires the long pale form laid out on the bed. He traces his fingers up the length of Langa’s legs, along his side and up to his armpit before trailing them down again. “So perfect.”

“Mmm, Reki,” Langa whimpers, face scrunching as he bites his lip. His cock twitches, still hard with the swell of his knot beginning to bulge at the base. Reki circles it with his hand, squeezing slightly and Langa releases a choked off moan and the dribble of pre-come.

“Did you ever knot before?”

“No, hah. Never,” Langa groans, squirming under Reki’s tough. “The rut I had before was messed up, and it’s never happened when I touch myself.”

“Hmmm,” Reki squeezes again before pumping his hand up the shaft and down with increasing pressure. His hands are soft under the calluses, he started moisturizing after Draken complained that his dry, cracked skin was scratching him. Now he has a jar of luxurious lotion from Kaoru, the same brand the calligrapher uses himself.

At some point he and Langa will have to talk. They need to define their relationship and decide if Reki will keep working or what kind of clients he’ll take. But if Langa wants to keep doing this, he’ll definitely no longer be looking for casual hookups at S.


“How does it feel?” Reki asks, leaning other to watch the alpha's reactions.

Langa whines, eyes shut tight and his cheeks blushing deep pink. He ruts into Reki’s hand, grinding his ass into the sheets and Reki gives him a particularly firm stroke.

“It feels—ah,” Langa begins, mouth lolling open as Reki keeps stroking him. “I feel full, like I have so much to give you and the knot is tight but like, it needs to be tighter. It needs to be locked inside you, breeding you, Reki. Fuck.”

“I want you inside too,” Reki coos. He shuffles over to straddle Langa’s hips, positioning himself to ride Langa’s cock again.

“Can I be on top this time?” Langa asks.

“Oh, fuck yeah.” Reki lies down on his back and Langa lifts him by the backs of his thighs, pushing his knees against his chest to expose his leaking cunt.

The tip of Langa’s cock skates across the slippery lips before he pushes the head inside, slowly feeding in his length as he folds Reki in half. His growing knot rests outside, grinding against his mound and the sensitive skin on the underside of his balls.

Langa thrusts rough and eager, planting his hands on either side of Reki’s head and gazing down at him, face slack and flushed. His pupils are so dilated there’s only a sliver of crystalline blue around the edge, but even dark with hunger there’s a look of pure, lazy adoration in them.

He pants open mouthed, a strand of drool beginning to form at the corner of his lips. His fangs look long and dangerous, more prominent than they were a year ago.

His friend is so often cool and calm, offering sweet smiles and only unhinging his jaw to eat that Reki didn’t notice the change. Or has it been so long since he saw Langa laugh open mouthed and unabashed he didn’t have the chance? On the surface, Langa got a little taller and more bulky with muscle. His hair is cut shorter in the back, spiky under Reki’s fingers as he scratches Langa’s scalp with his nails.

Sometime in the last year, Reki stopped seeing Langa. He was too focused on the exceptional skater going pro, the diligent student on his way to a successful future, the dear friend who deserved to move on to bigger and better things.

But Langa is right here looking at him like he’s the only person in the world.

Reki’s been with alphas in rut before and they don’t all look at him like this.

Langa growls, low and rumbling through his chest and it sparks a rush of heat through Reki’s body. He suddenly lifts Reki into his lap as he sits back on his knees. Reki wraps his legs around, heels digging into Langa’s backside as the alpha lifts and slams him down on his cock.

“Reki,” he moans, sucking a bruise below the omega's collarbone, "can you bite me?”

“What?” Reki squeaks.

“Bite me, please,” Langa pleads, burying his nose in sweat-damp red curls.

“Lan-ga," Reki weakly scolds, not when you’re in rut.”

“It’s different with you. There’s no one else I want.”


“Please, Reki, bite me.”

Reki licks over his scent gland, tasting sour lemon and burnt sugar, running his tongue over the little pink marks he’s already left.

“Please, Reki," Langa begs. "I’m gonna come. Gonna knot. Please claim me.”

Fuck, hearing those words are as hot at the throbbing cock inside him, the large arms wrapped around him, the broad chest pressed close and the chiseled abs rubbing against his weeping erection.

“Langa,” he whispers. He kisses and nibbles from the earlobe, down the side of his neck towards his target.

Langa grunts and pistons his hips, driving his knot inside as Reki bites down. He holds until he can taste blood mixing with the sweet scent and bitter pheromones. Langa gasps and Reki can feel a rush of come flood inside him. His pussy clenches around the knot, spurring an ecstatic orgasm that leaves him trembling and spent. 

Reki keeps his mouth latched over the bite as the bleeding slows, licking over the indented dips when he finally releases. He admires the marks, stark white against hot, blood kissed skin.

Langa lowers them onto the mattress, relaxing over Reki’s body.

He’s warm and heavy, huffing soft breathes in Reki’s ear, loose hairs tickling his neck while the alpha's dick still pumps him full of come.





Reki is sleepy and comfortable, he tries to reach up and rub his eyes but a weight keeps his arms pressed close to his sides.

“Reki, wake up.” Soft fingertips caress his cheek and Reki’s eyes flutter open.


Oh. Langa is still lying on top of him, lower now so his head rests on Reki’s chest where he looks up with brilliant blue eyes.

“Good morning,” Reki says huskily. He doesn't know what time it is, he's not entirely sure what day.

Langa scoots off and inches up the bed so he’s on his side, level with Reki as he shifts to match him face to face. Langa rests a large hand on the dip of Reki’s waist.

He glances down, pale lashes shielding his eyes as his mouth twitches anxiously.

“Um, about last night…”


“Did you mean it?” Langa’s voice is quiet and a little cracked.

“Did I mean what?”

“That you liked me—that I’m your favorite. You said a lot of things, like…we could do feelings?”

“Oh,” Reki lets out the anxious breath caught in his chest. A warm smile splits his sleepy face. “Yeah.”

“Does that mean I can court you?” Langa asks eagerly.

“I think we’re a little bit past courting now,” Reki teases.

“Um, will you be my mate then?”

Reki answers with a deep kiss. His lips feel swollen and sore against Langa’s chapped ones. He licks into Langa’s mouth and brings a hand possessively to the back of his neck, thumb running over the prominent bite mark on the side.

“Yeah. And you’re mine?”