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across rooftops we run

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The first thing Midoriya Izuku thinks upon seeing the Underground Pro Hero Eraserhead is oh, fuck, I’m about to get mugged. The man is slumped partially against a dumpster, glaring Izuku down from across the alleyway. He freezes in his tracks, wide green eyes meeting the man’s red gaze through his messy hair. The man makes no move towards Izuku, who glances behind him at the alleyway he came from, the pounding footsteps of his bullies coming closer.

He makes a split-second decision and lurches forward, darting past the man, who growls under his breath as he passes. He trips over his feet, sprawling across the ground where the alley meets the street. He hisses as he scrapes his elbow across the ground, casting a fearful look at the disheveled man he’d passed.

The man chuckles, a dry, hissing sound, shoulders shaking and red eyes piercing straight through him. It’s then that Kacchan skids around the corner, flanked by Tsubasa and Kariage. The boy makes a dash for him, shouting “ Deku!!” as he does.

It is then that the homeless man makes a move, so fast that Izuku almost doesn’t see it happen. The man is languidly leaning against the dumpster, and then in the next moment, he is standing between Izuku and Katsuki, hair floating and growling, a deep rumble. 

“What the hell!?” Kacchan exclaims, hands opening and sweat collecting in his palms. Izuku braces himself, closing his eyes and cringing into himself.

The explosions never come, Kacchan’s strangled cry of confusion ringing out. Izuku cracks an eye open, and the man is advancing on the three. Kacchan is the first to take a step back, a fact that shakes Izuku - Kacchan has never once stepped down from a fight - but Tsubasa and Kariage don’t. Kariage steps forward, taking a long drag from his cigarette, and then he coughs, loudly and violently, eyes bulging in surprise. 

His quirk, Smoke, allows him to inhale smoke without consequences and manipulate it, Izuku thinks, so why is he coughing like it’s his first cigarette?

The boys turn, then, and flee the way they came. The man’s shoulders drop, and he quiets, no longer growling. He spins on a heel, looming over Izuku, who flinches and snaps his eyes closed once again. When he doesn’t feel the strike of a palm he’d assumed was coming, he cracks an eye open, zeroing in on the stretched-out palm in front of him. The man is still as a statue, calculating eyes searching his, but doesn’t move, even minutely. Izuku eyes the hand, knowing there’s a very, very large chance that this is just a ruse, and that once he takes that hand there will be hell to pay.

But then he thinks of the man, who looks like one of Kacchan’s explosions would take him out, who stepped in between him and his bullies friends, who protected him without even being asked. His eyes meet the man’s, and ever so slowly, he puts his hand in the man’s. 

He moves slowly, like Izuku is a feral cat (and isn’t that thought funny, that Izuku is the feral one) who will be scared away at the slightest motion. As he’s pulled to his feet, Izuku catches a close glimpse of the dirty, once-white scarf that encircles the man’s neck, and realizes it isn’t cloth like he’d originally thought. It reminds him of chainmail, almost, the way each tiny piece of metal is interlinked, but on a much smaller scale.

The man absolutely towers over him at this close distance, Izuku barely reaching waist height at his meager 3’6” (significantly smaller than his other 7-year-old peers), but it’s easier to look the man in the eye as he takes a slow step back from Izuku. His fingers wrap around Izuku’s wrist, and Izuku panics as the man reaches into the belt he hadn’t noticed, once again sure that he is about to be mugged, but the man doesn’t pull out a knife. Instead, he growls again, stilling Izuku’s frantic tugging, and pulls out a small alcohol swab. He lifts Izuku’s arm, swiping the swab over the raw and bleeding skin of his elbow before disposing of the swab in the dumpster. 

His fingers loosen, but Izuku trusts, now, that this man isn’t going to hurt him. He reaches once again into his belt, this time pulling out a large, fabric bandage that he applies with nimble fingers to Izuku’s scrape. He then releases Izuku’s elbow and perches back on the dumpster, watching the boy.

Izuku touches the bandage, eyes watering at the simple kindness of it all, squeaks out a “Thank you!!” and dashes out of the alley, sprinting the whole way home. He fumbles with his keys for just a moment before slamming the apartment door open. His mother is out, and won’t be back for nearly a half hour, having stayed a little late volunteering at the Women’s Shelter she spends her afternoons at. He takes the chance he has to use the family computer without supervision and combs the internet for mentions of scarf support gear. His mother is nearly home and he’s well past the tenth page of Google when he finally finds one mention of a scarf and connects the name “Eraserhead” to the man he saw in the alley. 

When his mother finally comes home, he’s scribbling a homemade thank you card on the coffee table in front of the TV, which is playing Hero Fight Clips in the background. She comes over to ask what he’s working on, as it’s clearly not the homework he’d been assigned today, and he regales her with the tale of the man who saw he was hurt and bandaged his elbow who was a Pro Hero, Mom! and pointedly doesn’t mention how he’d gotten said injuries. 

She helps him finish the card, and when he’s done, she adds her own little thank you note underneath his. His is scribbled in crayon, simple kanji words taking up the page, and hers is beautifully scribed in emerald green ink. She gives him a plastic bag to put it in (“for safekeeping, dear, so it’s still intact if you meet him again”) and tucks it in one of the inside pockets of his backpack. 

Izuku goes back to the same alley the next day, but it’s empty.

It’s nearly two months before Izuku runs into Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead again, and once again, he’s being chased. His hero-watching hobby has extended well into the evenings (with permission from his mother, of course) and tonight had been no different. 

He’d just been leaving his last hero fight of the night, notebook tucked safely back into his All Might backpack when he’d turned the street straight into an actual mugging this time. Izuku tightens his grip on his backpack, backing up ever so slowly, but trips far too easily over a bottle in the road behind him. He falls with a thud, diverting the mugger's attention between the boy and the victim. 

The mugger's quirk seems to be some type of telekinesis, he thinks, based on the knives floating around him. He knows instinctively that now is not the time to analyze quirks, but he can’t help but wonder if it’s specific to knives, and if so, what constitutes a knife? The man widens his stance, knives pointing at Izuku too now, and one of the knives begins to fly at him when, all of a sudden, they all clatter to the ground. 

The mugger looks confused for only a moment before he looks flattened to the ground, Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead dropping down from the roof of the shop above them to tackle the man. The man is unconscious the moment his head strikes the ground, and Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead deftly binds his hands in what Izuku recognizes as Quirk Suppressant Handcuffs. 

The victim runs off quickly, ducking away, which Izuku can understand. Western Mustafu isn’t exactly safe, for criminals and civilians alike, and many of the lesser-known heroes who patrol will arrest anyone involved in an altercation, regardless of their role. 

And, once again, Izuku finds himself sprawled against the ground, looking up at Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead, who looms intimidatingly several feet away. He moves forward to help Izuku up but stills when Izuku flinches unconsciously. The boy’s eyes widen, and he scrambles to pull his backpack open, removing the plastic bag that contains the thank you card and all but throwing it at the hero before bolting off. 

He watches the man's brows furrow as he reaches down to pick up the bag off the ground. The hero opens it, carefully pulling out the paper that was the only undamaged item in Izuku’s backpack. He reads it, folds it closed ever-so-carefully, and tucks it into one of his belt pockets. 

He turns to Izuku, who’s halfway down the street now, and bares his teeth, and - oh, god, Izuku thinks, is Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead trying to smile at me?

He tentatively returns the gesture, with a little less teeth and a little more grin, before taking off back down the street towards home. When he gets home, he bursts through the door with an abruptness that causes Inko to drop the tea she’d been holding, the mug shattering on the linoleum of the kitchen. He apologizes profusely through heaving breaths, helping her sweep up as he tells her about Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead.

“Did he like your card, Izuku?” She asks, dabbing up the spilled tea with a towel.

“I think so!” Izuku laughs, “I think he tried to smile at me! But I don’t think he really knew how.” 

Inko smiles softly, shooing her son away from the gathered ceramic shards and depositing them neatly in the trash. “Well, next time you run into him, you’ll have to bring Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead home so I can properly thank him for keeping you safe, hm?”

Izuku laughs a bubbly, happy sound. “As long as you promise not to call him that to his face!” 

Two years pass, and Izuku is nearly ten by the time he runs into Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead again. He’s gotten much better at running, and at navigating Western Mustafu, the knowledge of his home growing as he explores the city. 

The third time he sees Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead, he’s in the middle of a fight, and Izuku is tucked safely around the corner, peeking his head out to feverishly take notes on the man’s fighting style. He fights like an ambush predator, Izuku has found, luring his victims (villains, Izuku reminds himself) into a false sense of security before getting the drop on them. 

When that doesn’t work, he fights back with the ferocity of a cornered animal, capture weapon flying, his movements violent and calculatingly unhinged. Izuku watches as Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead lives up to his moniker and sinks his teeth firmly into the shoulder of his opponent, causing the man to scream and collapse. 

The hero keeps his teeth in the man's shoulder as he binds his opponent’s hands behind his back, and when the man is properly restrained, finally lets go. The police come moments later, and Izuku wonders if there’s some sort of communication network because he hadn’t seen Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead use a cell phone - does Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead know how to use a cell phone? - and jots that down to look into later. 

When he looks back up, the criminal has been loaded into the police car, and - oh god - Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead is looking directly at him, face covered in blood and hair whipping around his head. He growls loudly at Izuku, who finally realizes that the man is actually speaking underneath the terrifying, animalistic noises he makes, but can’t make out exactly what is being said.

He takes a tentative step toward the hero, and the hero mirrors him, and oh god, he’s so much scarier covered in blood.

This time, though, he’s close enough to hear the scratchy “Go home.”

He doesn’t move for a second, thoughts scrambling to catch up. Then Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead takes one more lurching step towards him, and he bolts, sore muscles already aching, and doesn’t stop until he's safely back in his apartment. He is wide-eyed and panting, leaning heavily against his front door as if it will protect him from Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead ( he knows it wouldn’t ). 

Two weeks later, he’s pinned to the ground by Kacchan in the hallway of their Elementary School, and he sinks his teeth into Kacchan’s arm. He doesn’t draw blood, but it has the effect he wanted. The blond lets go of him with a yell, setting off his quirk right next to Izuku’s ears, but he stumbles away from the prone boy. 

“He fucking bit me!” Kacchan yells, catching their teacher's attention. “Quirkless people really are closer to wild animals than humans, aren’t they, shitty Deku?”

He has detention for the next week, but when he sees Kacchan think twice about hurting him at school, he thinks it was worth it.

He’s twelve before he finally finishes finding Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead’s patrol route. His mom has had to take a part-time job to cover his father’s declining checks, and the grocers only schedule her for nights, so Izuku stays out far later than he should most nights. 

He has an entire analysis notebook (number six) dedicated to Eraserhead since the man fights without a flashy quirk. It’s the closest he’s seen to a quirkless hero, and sometimes, when his mom isn’t home, he practices the motions of the way Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead fights. He’s learned, at this point, how to take a punch (and give one in return), and has grown his nails out and sharpened them. He’s learned, in the safety of his own home, how to scratch and bite and fight

He realizes, one night, that he feels a little more animalistic than human, but if it keeps him safe like it does Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead, well, he doesn’t mind. 

When he leaves school, he heads directly home, dropping off his brand new backpack (the last one got destroyed in a villain attack) and switches it out for a pair of red and blue washable markers. When he watches heroes, now, he takes tiny notes on his skin and uses a pair of old 3D glasses to isolate the red from the blue when he decodes them into his notebooks. His arms are always covered, at night, and sometimes he’ll pull up a pant leg to give himself a little more room for notes.

Tonight is no exception, except for the fact that his red marker had given out not long into his own patrol (and isn’t it odd, now, that he’s basically got his own patrol route? He’s not a vigilante, he doesn’t fight, but he does call in what he sees).

He doesn’t run along the roofs like he knows Eraserhead does, still too scared of falling to try, but now he’s tall enough to reach the fire escapes that scale most buildings, and he loves the view he has of the slums. Most nights, when he’s done chasing hero fights and when the darkness covers his city, he sits up on one of the taller rooftops and stares into the starless sky, reveling in the feeling of feeling small in an important way.

It’s one of those nights when he hears the sound of shoes on the gravel rooftop. He shoots up, ready to run, and finds himself face to face with Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead for the first time in years. The man has not become any less scary, in fact, he’s only become more so as he’s increased his effectiveness in combat tenfold. 

Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead is crouched low, red eyes tracking Izuku’s every movement. and he growls wordlessly at him. The man is poised to pounce, and Izuku feels every bit hunted. This time, though, he decides to try something different. Instead of turning and running, he plants his feet, makes eye contact with the hero, and growls back.

The hero is clearly startled by this turn of events, given that his eyes widen, but then they narrow and Izuku only has a moment to think oh, shit before the hero is lunging toward him and Izuku is running as fast as he can. He’s not as small as he was the last time he stood face to face with Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead, but he feels small in the only way he can: like prey. 

He only realizes he’s on another roof when he lands, rolling in a clumsy way that has definitely hurt his shoulder, and he pauses for a moment. He looks at the gap separating him from the hero and grins, mostly teeth, reveling in the feeling of adrenaline and excitement coursing through his veins. Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead grins back, and then he’s moving forward and Izuku is sprinting and the chase is on. 

He doesn’t bother casting a look back at the hero, both their footsteps echoing in the quiet of the night, until he realizes Eraserhead has stopped following him. He casts his eyes around frantically before he realizes he’s alone. He relaxes for a moment, gasping in deep breaths, and then his breath is suddenly ripped out of him as he’s bowled over. 

Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead is crouched over him, lips pulled back in some grotesque amalgamation of a snarl and a grin. This is it, Izuku thinks, this is when Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead finally kills me.

And then Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead is pulling back, giving a light bop to the top of his head and a low, grumbled: “Go home.”

Without taking any time to catch his breath, Izuku springs back up and away from the hero. He realizes, in a slow, dawning horror, that he’s led Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead directly back to his apartment building. Clearly, the hero recognizes the fact, based on his wild, triumphant expression. 

Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead knows where I live. How long has he known? Izuku thinks, breath stuttering in his chest. Oh my god, I’m never safe from Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead.

And then, Oh, god, how did Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead know I lived here?

Izuku is fourteen when he first gets his hands on a communication device that can access the Pro Hero communications channels.

Subsequently, Izuku is fourteen when he first realizes that Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead knows more words than just “Go home”.

The comm crackles to life one night as Izuku is walking home, late from school, after getting locked in a supply closet until a clearly underpaid janitor took pity on him and lets him out. It’s long past ten, and he knows Mom will be frantic when he finally gets home, but when he hears Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead’s frantic, gravelly voice call out “Outnumbered, requesting backup” on the hero comm line, he turns on his heel and sprints to the nearest building. 

He knows where the location is, and he scrambles up the side of the building frantically. It’s only a few alleys away, and Izuku is there, standing over the fight in moments. He doesn’t want to get in the hero’s way, knowing one mistake could mean the difference between life and death. He’s already injured from school earlier, anyway, he’d just be a liability.

But then he hears the call again on the comm line.

Without a second thought, Izuku is taking off his backpack, weighing it in his hands, and the moment one of the villains gets close enough to the wall of his building, he hurls it straight down. It’s nearly twenty pounds, he knows, and he’s worried about killing the man, but he’s more worried about Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead. The hero doesn’t even give a second glance at the downed villain before he takes out the remaining three, the tides finally turned in his favor.

In moments, the fight is over, and the villains are bleeding and prone on the concrete. Once they’ve been properly restrained, Eraserhead glances up. Upon seeing Izuku, he lets out an amused huff. He gestures to Izuku to come down, and at the prospect of not getting chased away by the man (and, hopefully, his backpack back), he clambers down the side of the building. 

The man is intimidating even when he’s not trying to be, still looming almost a foot over Izuku. Izuku is reminded of the last time he stood so close to the pro without being chased when he last only reached the hero’s hip. Now, he stands roughly at the height of the man’s shoulder. 

His eyes sweep calculatingly over the man for the first time in seven years, and he realizes Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead looks a little less feral than when he was seven. The man looks cleaner, his capture weapon is clean and white, and he looks well fed. And then Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead grins, and Izuku realizes, no, he’s just as Feral as before.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” The man says, his stern tone not matching in any way with his expression. Realizing this might be the only chance he has to have an actual conversation with Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead, Izuku throws any caution out the window.

“You called for backup.” He says, tapping the comm device snugly fit in his ear. Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead lifts a single brow at Izuku, a grin dropping from his face. 

“Vigilantism is illegal.” The hero says. 

“It’s not vigilantism,” Izuku replies. “That requires me to have a quirk.” 

Several expressions cycle through Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead’s face in quick succession, from confusion to surprise and amusement, each slightly more unnerving than the last. The hero lets out a quiet “huh” before a slightly more audible, growled, “Go home”.

This time is different, though. Izuku can hear the gruff affection in the man’s voice, and he salutes before grabbing his backpack and scaling back up the building he came from. 

He races across rooftops to get home, at a less frantic pace than usual, a warmth in his chest he hadn’t felt before. 

It felt like home.

Izuku is fifteen when he meets All Might on a rooftop and gets his dreams crushed.

Izuku is fifteen when he inherits a centuries-old quirk, and with it, a centuries-old rivalry.

Izuku is fifteen when Present Mic shouts “GO!” and he tears off, flying from one robot to another, tearing out wires in a frenzy and only partially aware of the growls ripping from his throat as he does so.

Izuku is fifteen years old when he walks into the homeroom for Class 1-A for the first time. The classroom is filled with his new classmates, including Kacchan, who doesn’t bother to spare a glance his way. 

Uraraka Ochako and Iida Tenya introduce themselves to him, and he realizes for the first time that the warmth that had taken a seat in his chest a year ago was from having friends. 

He notices the door slide open out of the corner of his eye, and the yellow sleeping bag inch into the classroom. His body is on high alert, muscles tensed at the unknown intruder, who stands up and - 

Izuku has hefted the window open before he even realizes it, one leg already out. The rest of the class is glancing back and forth in confusion between Izuku and Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead, who introduces himself to them as “-your homeroom teacher, Aizawa Shouta, Midoriya, sit down-”

Izuku shivers in horror. His name does not belong in Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead’s mouth. 

Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead erases Izuku’s quirk during the quirk apprehension test with a glare that pierces Izuku. He gulps, throws the ball, and when Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead Aizawa-sensei reads his score of 705.3 meters, he has the distinct thought of I am going to die, Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead is actually going to kill me this time.

He is dismissed to Recovery Girl’s office, where she heals his finger with some protest. She lets him go when he promises to try harder to control his quirk. He puts on his backpack and heads for the school’s front doors when he sees it.

Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead is standing in between him and the exit, quirk already activated and scarf hovering threateningly around him. It is then that Izuku is introduced to the thought of Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead has been going easy on me this whole time, oh god.

He doesn’t even get to turn around entirely before he’s pinned by his teacher, red eyes shining in that predatory way of his, hissing through his teeth, “You lied to me.”

Izuku barely chokes out a denial through the fear coursing through him and the weight of his teacher on his chest.

“Explain.” Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead hisses, crouched on Izuku’s chest. 

Izuku chokes out a “can’t breathe” and Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead steps off, glowering at him in a way that reminds him that he’s cornered, and for the first time in three years, he feels like prey again.

“I got this quirk the day of the entrance exam,” Izuku rasps out, breaths heaving. “I didn’t have it before. I wasn’t lying.”

The hero takes a deep breath, shutting off his quirk, and suddenly it isn’t Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead standing in front of him but Aizawa-sensei. He drags a hand down his face with a heaving sigh, before speaking.

“That makes sense, with what little control you have. Are you busy after school?” Izuku shakes his head, and Aizawa-sensei continues. “Starting tomorrow, you’ll stay late with me. We’ll get that quirk of yours under control.”

And then he’s gone, and Izuku’s alone in the hallway, with the dawning excitement of Oh my god, I’m going to get to train with Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead!   followed by the dawning horror of Oh my god, I’m going to get to train with Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead.

Not for the first time, Izuku thinks, I’m going to die.

The USJ looms ahead of them, and Izuku is taking in every possible detail he can while Normal Pro Hero Thirteen gives an explanation of the facilities. He can already tell that the landslide zone and the flood zone are going to be the most difficult for him, with neither of them containing the urban territory he’s used to scaling. 

And then there’s a shout, and there are villains, and Aizawa-sensei melts into Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead. There’s a warp villain, and then Thirteen is injured, and he finds himself not ten minutes later, soaking wet, thinking I guess the flood zone wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Eraserhead is pinned, held down by a creature Izuku really only can describe as horrifying and unimaginable (though it must have been if Shigaraki had it made). He feels detached, almost, operating entirely on instinct as the villain lunges at Tsuyu but instead gets a handful of Izuku’s face. 

Instead of disintegrating him, though, the villain turns to address Eraserhead. A terrible mistake, really, Izuku thinks detachedly as Feral Hero-In-Training Deku sinks his teeth clean through two of the villain's fingers with the kind of ease that comes from a predator. 

The villain screams and vomits, leaving Feral Hero-In-Training Deku an opening to sink his fingernails into the already-injured flesh of the man’s throat. He’s growling, Izuku realizes in a short moment of clarity, as he mauls this man the only way he knows how. 

Suddenly, as quick as they appeared, Shigaraki and Kurogiri are gone, leaving most of their group behind (as well as Shigaraki’s fingers, which Feral Hero-In-Training Deku finds are still in his mouth). 

Someone is standing in front of him, and he growls a warning. After a few moments, through his haze, he realizes it’s All Might and he relaxes into Izuku again. The hero is mumbling reassurances to him, and Izuku spits a glob of blood and two fingers onto the ground in between them. The hero freezes, eyes moving frantically between the fingers, Izuku’s hands, and his face. 

It takes a moment before All Might speaks, checking his successor over for injuries (he has none) and generally making sure Izuku is alright. The fingers are placed in an evidence bag by a police officer - when did the police get here? Izuku wonders - and All Might pulls him into a tight hug. 

When he finally lets go, the number one hero speaks again. “Midoriya, my boy, I’m so glad you’re okay. But I must ask, where in the world did you learn to do that?” 

“Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead says that there is no fighting dirty when you’re fighting for your life.” He says, the words feeling foreign in his mouth. He’s still detached, but with the weight of All Might’s hand on his shoulder as he’s steered towards the entrance of the USJ, he’s beginning to feel more like himself again.

“Feral Pro- What?” All Might chokes out, wheezing around a mouthful of blood. Huh, Izuku thinks, we match. He says as much out loud, and All Might is suddenly laughing so hard it’s dissolved into coughing, and Izuku is laughing, and he slots right back into his body as if he’d never left. 

“Sorry, All Might,” he says, feeling the need to apologize for his violent and unhinged behavior. All Might shakes his head once he’s regained his breath, and pulls Izuku into a hug.

Never apologize for doing what you need to survive, my boy.” He says, cradling the back of Izuku’s head so that he’s pressed against the number one hero’s chest, and suddenly Izuku is sobbing, and All Might is comforting him. 

They leave the USJ unceremoniously, and Izuku is loaded into an ambulance - “My boy, you bit off a man’s finger, we need to make sure he didn’t have diseases” - that brings him to Mustafu General Hospital. The nurse that draws his blood is kind, but clearly on edge. She probably heard that he’d bit a man’s fingers off, and felt like she should be wary around him.

He’s sitting in his bed, the privacy curtain pulled closed when he hears another bed be rolled into his room. The occupant of the bed is quiet, but the visitor who comes in with him is very much not.

“Hizashi, I’m fine.” The occupant says, and his visitor lets out a strangled protest.

“You’re literally in a full body cast, Shouta!” The visitor yells, exasperated. 

Izuku leans off his bed, grabbing the privacy curtain to get a look at who was just brought into his room. He’s just about to pull it to the side when he leans too far, toppling off his bed and sprawling across the tile floor. His eyes are just past the curtain, and he looks up directly into his English teacher’s eyes. 

“Uh… hey there, little listener! Need some help?” Present Mic says, looking directly downward into Izuku’s eyes. The boy lets out an “eep!” and vanishes back under the curtain, tucking himself back into bed as fast as he can. The curtain slides aside, and he can see Present Mic, and just beyond him- oh.

Aizawa-sensei is laying in the bed next to him, completely wrapped up in bandages and casts. The man clearly can’t move very much, and yet he manages to glare at Present Mic before turning his gaze on Izuku.

“Midoriya? What are you doing here? I thought they said all the students were uninjured?” Aizawa-sensei asks, concern evident in his gaze, and oh, god, that’s so weird, Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead shouldn’t look concerned, ever.

“I am!” Izuku says, hurriedly, “Uninjured, that is.” When Aizawa-sensei lifts an eyebrow - and how does he do that while his everything is broken? - Izuku continues. “They just needed to, ah, do some tests? To make sure I didn’t get a disease?”

“A disease?” Present Mic repeats, and oh, god, he’s going to have to explain it, isn’t he?

So he does. “I may have, ah, bitten off the main villain’s fingers?” He cringes into himself, searching both teachers’ gazes for any sort of anger. He finds none, instead watching Present Mic fold over, grasping the rail of Aizawa-sensei’s bed as he wheezes. 

“Shouta, you didn’t tell me you had a mini-me in your class! Shit, kid, where’d you ever learn that?” 

Aizawa-sensei is glaring at Izuku, daring him, but Aizawa-sensei is contained within a full-body cast, so Izuku doesn’t even hesitate before chirping out, “Oh, I learned from Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead.”

And then Present Mic is crouched on the ground, heaving and wheezing in between guffaws, sputtering as he tries to get words out before inevitably giving up and succumbing to his laughter. Aizawa-sensei tries to protest, but neither of the two will hear it, and eventually, he rolls his eyes at their antics.

When his mother shows up at the hospital, not half an hour later, fussing over him, he sees an opportunity to introduce the two without Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead ever seeing the inside of his apartment.

And if he gets to watch Present Mic absolutely break down the moment Midoriya Inko calls Aizawa-sensei ‘Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead who saved my son several times’? Well, that’s just the cherry on top.