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Change isn’t so bad when I’m with you.

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“So are we going to talk about why you’ve been avoiding everyone?”

Steve didn’t want to talk, but Robin was insisting; multiple back-to-back calls, banging on the front door, screaming at the windows, making-a-fucking-scene insisting. So despite his best efforts to continue his avoidance in peace, they eventually made it into his living room, where Robin was standing with hands at her hips, staring at him like fessing up was his only option, else face her wrath.

And what Steve wouldn’t give to be able to explain what the fuck was going on with him. Robin wanted answers but all he had were questions. Ever since they defeated Vecna, after all the time he spent healing his wounds, he was feeling weird. Not a normal kind of weird either. He knew what a normal kind of weird was – he suffered through his teenage years just like everyone else – no, whatever the fuck was happening to him was weird weird. Bordering on the bizarre.

“Robin,” Steve clasped his hands together and shrugged. “Know that I mean this with all the respect in the world: I don’t fucking know.”

“Well, at least that’s something,” Robin sighed, flopping down against the sofa and crossing her arms. “You’ve been distant. The kids are worried – hell, Dustin won’t stop pestering me about you because you won’t take his calls – and don’t get me started on Eddie.”

Steve had to hold his breath for a few seconds because there it was again. That wave of something that made his head want to repeat Eddie’s name over and over and over – and that was just from the mere mention of the metalhead. It was worse when there were smells or, god fucking forbid, if Eddie were there in person.

The last one to try and get him to leave the house was Jonathan, spouting something about how Will said Mike said Lucas said Dustin said that you need to come hang out again or they’ll unleash Erica on you . He also droned on about how Nancy is worried and how El misses him and how Eddie wants him to play a short campaign with him and the kids. He even brought a Hellfire club shirt that Eddie said was an olive branch. It was all really kind and Steve genuinely appreciated the sentiment, but even then, the only thing his brain allowed him to do was take the shirt and rush Jonathan away with excuses. 

And that shirt smelled so good, better than anything Steve’s ever smelled in his life. It also freaked him out because that was when the leaking started, and he really hesitated to call it that – because gross – but there were no other words to describe the fucking liquid that his body started to produce. No way he could explain to anyone what perverted shit he did in his bedroom with his face buried into the scent of that shirt. 

It was humiliating.

“I really can’t be around Eddie, Robs,” Steve shook his head, pacing the length of the coffee table, gesturing wildly with his hands. “And it’s not because Eddie did anything wrong. I want to hang out with him! I want to hang out with the whole group like before. Like when everything was fucking normal!”

“What’s not normal, Steve?” Robin pressed, her brows scrunching with concern. “We finally beat the big bad and you go AWOL. That’s the only not normal thing from our perspective. You’re making me panic, dude. Is something wrong with you? Like more Upside Down BS? You have to tell us if you need help. We want to help you. I want to help you!”

“I don’t know if you can.”

“At least give me a chance to be stumped, Stevie,” Robin gave a soft smile.

Steve sighed, pacing a few more times in contemplation before dropping his head into his hands, mumbling through them a defeated, “Fine, I’ll tell you but this is like… a real test of friendship, okay? You cannot laugh at me.”

Robin nodded, making a show of it by giving an exaggerated salute, “You can count on me.”

“Somehow, that makes me less confident,” Steve chuckled, moving to sit next to her on the sofa. “So, it’s like this… ever since my wounds healed – you know, from the demobats or whatever – my body has changed.”

“What kind of change are we talking about here? Big change? Little change? Medium change?”

“Like any time I’m around anything that smells like Eddie, I essentially turn into an uncontrollably horny piece of shit.” Steve rolled his eyes, giving an irritated groan as he sunk back against the sofa. 

“Oh,” Robin nodded, shrugging like it wasn’t as bad as she thought. “Medium change.”

Steve shook his head, “I’m not done.”

“Oh no.”

“Yeah, oh no,” Steve sighed, pausing again to build up courage. “And what’s makes it all worse – what makes it a very big change – is that my fucking ass is self-lubricating now, so yeah, just bury me in my grave today please.”

Robin blinked for a few seconds, giving a few slow nods like her brain was whirring to compute everything Steve revealed. “So you’re having a second puberty – a demobat-induced second puberty – and your body’s got the hots for Eddie Munson. I got all that?”

“Yep,” Steve sighed, pressing his lips into a hard line. “You got it.”

Robin shot up from the sofa. It was her turn to pace in front of the coffee table. “Okay, let’s not panic—”

“Too late for that.”

“—Well I’ll try not to panic,” She stressed, pointing a finger towards herself. “You think we should take you to the hospital? Do you feel sick? Wait, no, they’ll probably want to do experiments on you? Do you feel like you’re dying? Why Eddie? Why not anyone else? Have you called him about this?”

“You think I’m going to be able to think straight on the phone with him?”

“Point taken,” Robin clasped her hands together. “But if we think logically about this, Eddie also got mauled by the bats. So a possible connection?”

“You think this is happening to him too?” Steve wasn’t buying it. “Eddie’s been hanging out with you guys this whole time. It’s been two weeks since our wounds scarred up. If Eddie’s going through what I’m going through, trust me, you all would’ve noticed.”

“Not necessarily,” Robin shook her head. “Because you’ve been here this whole time. Eddie hasn’t been able to smell you at all.” She gasped as her idea struck, “You should invite him over!”

Steve’s head was ringing at the thought of having Eddie over; in this big empty house, just the two of them, all alone to do whatever he wanted, wherever he wanted, however he wanted… okay, Harrington, let’s calm the fuck down. He ripped himself from that train of thought with a shake of his head. “I might do something fucked up, Robs. You have no idea what is going on with my head right now.”

“Oooo, scary,” Robin teased.

“I’m serious!” Steve grinned.

“Okay, Mr. Serious,” Robin crossed her arms. “Think about it this way, if our theory is correct, Eddie might want you to do something fucked up to him,” Robin pointed out, shrugging her shoulders. “It’s worth having a conversation about it.”

“I might literally die if I have to talk about this with him.”

“You won’t. Worst case, he’s not going through what you’re going through and we’ve got to figure out another plan. Best case, you fuck Eddie and you’re fine. Plus, what kind of bi boy doesn’t want to live a lawless, lube-less lifestyle?”

Steve gasped, a smile tugging on his lips and a laugh shaking his shoulders. “What the fuck, Robs?”

“You know I speak the truth, Stevie,” Robin couldn’t help but laugh along. “I also know you’ve liked Eddie ever since he held that knife to your throat, and let's not bury the lead here, we both know that Eddie’s already said he would date you. All that flirting you guys did in the Upside Down? We’re not ignoring that, right?”

“Shut up,” Steve laughed, chucking a throw pillow at his friend. “I mean, you’re right but shut up.”

“I always am,” Robin smiled, picking up the pillow and tossing it back. “So call him and invite him over tomorrow. Try not to panic on the phone. Fuck him until one of you can’t walk anymore, or don’t. I’ll stay by my phone all day, just in case you need me to show up and run interference.”

Steve laughed once more, smiling at his best friend for saying all of the right things; all the things he needed to hear from someone other than himself. “Thanks, Robs.”

“Anytime, Stevie.”


Knock! Knock! Knock!

“Steve! It’s… uh- It’s me! Eddie!”

Steve knew it was Eddie. He knew it was Eddie the moment the metalhead was at the door, pacing around before knocking, mumbling something like he was trying to give himself a pep talk before a big show. 

Steve knew because it smelled like him, and that scent – holy shit, that fucking scent – it was making his mind swim. Even with a door between them, he was already starting to feel the heat swirling in his body, already blushing over the slick wetness he hoped was unnoticeable through the black sweatpants he so carefully picked out. His entire body was on fire and like a stuck record, his head was a mantra of Eddie, Eddie, Eddie

“Get it together, Harrington,” He whispered to himself, taking a few deep breaths as he placed a shaky hand against the doorknob. “You got this,” He breathed one final time before pulling the door open. “Hey Eddie! Thanks for-”

Steve couldn’t finish his sentence before Eddie was tripping back, near recoiling away from him like being too close was painful. He didn’t know whether to be upset or relieved that he wouldn’t have to struggle inside with that scent so soon.

“H-Hey Steve!” Eddie waved, awkwardly twiddling his fingers from his spot halfway down the driveway, his eyes darting everywhere except for Steve. “What.. uh, wow Harrington… um… shit, how are you?”

Wow? Steve thought, flashing a smile. I should be the one saying that. He mentally thanked the open air for the semblance of self-control he had. If they weren’t outside, he probably would have dropped to his fucking knees by now. “I’m okay, how are you?”

“Fuck!” Eddie spun around, hands in his hair like he was being driven crazy. “You’re okay? Like genuinely okay? Or like, am I losing it? Am I the only one who can smell you right now?” He spun back around, finally locking eyes with Steve. “Do you realize how good you smell?”

Steve giggled, arms clutching his sides and face going a bit redder than before, because yes! That’s exactly how he felt. Eddie understood him. He wasn’t the only one going through whatever the fuck this was. “Do you realize how good you smell, Munson?”

“You’re laughing,” Eddie grinned, taking a few careful steps toward the front door, toward Steve. “Has this been happening for you this whole time? Is this what Robin was talking about?”

“What did Robin say?”

“She said you had a really good reason to be avoiding us,” Eddie stopped a couple of strides away. “Which I fucking understand now, considering how my brain short-circuited when you opened the door.”

Steve smiled, his head was starting to feel a little fuzzy, like a soft high settling in as Eddie’s scent got closer; more intense. “Do you want to come inside?”

Eddie’s face lit up but then fell just as quickly. “Uh… no,” He shook his head, taking a step backward. “That’s probably not a good idea.”

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t know what’s going on with my head right now, or other parts of me, to be honest,” Eddie mumbled that last part, but he kept his voice as steady and clear as he could for the rest. “I feel like if I went in there I would forget how to be a gentleman, and I still want to take you out on that date, you know.”

“I know, and I want to go on a date with you too.” Steve had to lean against the doorframe because his knees were literally shaking beneath him. “But what’s going on in your head has been going on in mine for weeks. I don’t think I could sit through a movie or go grab a bite to eat with you if I’m like this.”

“Don’t blame you,” Eddie laughed, taking another two steps forward. “Don’t think I could last around you either, sweetheart.”

“Don’t think I’d want you to last, babe.”

Then Eddie made a sound that caught them both off-guard. It had Steve taking a step back in toward the house. Had Eddie clasping a hand over his mouth and shaking his head with wide eyes, completely shocked.

“Did you just growl at me?” Steve asked, cautiously stepping back into the doorframe.

“I- well, fuck, I think so… I mean like yes, but not on purpose,” Eddie was panicking, already taking more steps back and shaking his head. “Holy shit, no – Eddie the freak Munson is at it again – I am so sorry, Steve! I really should go-”

“Eds, wait! Please come inside,” Steve was starting to feel more emotional than before – the thought of Eddie leaving now was painful – like he’d been wandering a desert and found an oasis that was only a mirage. “You don’t have to be a gentleman. I’m okay with you growling or doing whatever, and we can go on a date once we figure this shit out, so just don’t go.” He felt kind of pathetic, begging like this, but he was so on edge that it felt like all he could do. “Please.

“Hey, woah, Stevie, baby,” Eddie was suddenly rushing towards the door, his hands gently cupping Steve’s face despite the strong scent. “Don’t cry.”

Steve didn’t even realize he was crying, and now he definitely didn’t. His mind nearly whited-out at the sudden touch, the scent at its strongest like it was choking him. It was intoxicating and arousing, and all the blood rushing south made that abundantly clear with the tent so unceremoniously pitched in his sweatpants. He swallowed thick, lips trembling, flashing his big teary eyes up at Eddie, “Wanna go to my room?”

“Oh, you’re gonna be the death of me, Harrington.” Eddie whispered, pushing against Steve’s upper arm, crowding him into the house and slamming the door behind him. “You’re making it so fucking hard to breathe,” He smiled, pressing a kiss against Steve’s forehead before hungrily capturing his lips.

And the kiss was pure magic. It had them both sighing pleasantly into it like they were finally given some reprieve. Like it freed up some space in their heads to be in the moment even just a little. In that small window of clarity, Steve’s embarrassment was catching up with him but he was confident with kissing. Not too wet, not too dry, rhythmic and playful, biting lips and just enough tongue to have fun; his King Steve days were pulling their weight. Nothing about kissing changed – on his end, anyways. 

Eddie was different. He was growling again and holding onto Steve’s waist in a possessive way; not quite harsh, but definitely firm. Like if Steve tried to get away from him, Eddie would dig in claws that he didn’t have. It had Steve’s heart racing as they broke the kiss.


Steve nodded, allowing himself to be tugged along by his hand as Eddie led them up the stairs. “Over here,” Steve gestured to his bedroom door, guiding them the rest of the way. Into his room where Eddie was doing that thing again; that dominant push against Steve’s upper arm, yanking him around and slamming doors that didn’t belong to him. 

Steve felt a drip of slick run down the back of his thigh when Eddie kissed him the second time. It took up so much of his brain that he couldn’t stop the way he gasped and whined against Eddie’s lips. Couldn’t stop the way his body reactively curved into metalhead’s hold, letting his hands fall against his shoulders.

It was when Eddie’s hands started gliding up beneath the hem of his shirt that Steve really started feeling hazy. The touch alone was making goosebumps ripple across his skin, but paired with that eager kiss? Yeah, Steve’s brain was becoming mush.

Eddie pulled away with a smirk. “You good, Stevie?” He asked, tugging Steve’s t-shirt up.

“Yes,” Steve moaned, letting his shirt be pulled off before dropping his head against Eddie’s shoulder. “I feel good.”

“Me too, baby,” Eddie whispered against Steve’s cheek, smiling at the peach flush that traveled up to the tips of his ears. “Your whole room smells so good that my head's pounding,” He laughed, peppering impatient kisses down the side of Steve’s neck. “And you taste so fucking sweet,” He growled again, dragging his teeth against Steve’s neck. He was pretty insatiable; sucking marks into Steve’s skin, pinching and pulling at Steve’s nipples, whispering things that made Steve shiver.

And Steve was so drunk on Eddie’s scent that the gentle sting of hickeys bruising his skin barely registered. The scent only got worse when Eddie pulled away to kick off his shoes and strip away his jacket and t-shirt. It was like a filter being taken off, bombarding Steve to the point of being overwhelmed. “Fuck, Eds, I-” He muttered, running his hands down Eddie’s chest. “I need you so bad.”

“You have me,” Eddie smiled, pushing Steve towards the bed and shoving him down against the sheets, settling in the space between Steve’s thighs. “I practically belong to you.”

Steve could tell that Eddie was exaggerating but the thought was enough to have him dripping again. This time from his ass and his dick, which was a new sensation to say the least. And as Eddie was tugging at the waistband of his sweatpants, Steve was also suddenly hit with the realization that the weirdest part of his body’s changes was set to be revealed.

“Eds, wait," Steve weakly protested, his hands gripping at Eddie's where they pulled against the fabric. "The smell isn't the only thing."

"Steve," Eddie growled, moving to grasp Steve's wrists and yank them upward, pressing them into the mattress above Steve's head, hovering, putting his body weight into the hold. "Listen to me," He leaned his face down, speaking close enough for Steve to taste his breath. "If you want me to stop, tell me right now. Please, because I'm not strong enough to fight against whatever this is, especially not when I'm fucking you."

"You don’t have to stop. Please don’t stop. It’s just-" Steve shook his head, a blush erupting on his face. "I'm just embarrassed."


"My body changed a lot and- um, everything’s so new and well, I guess we won't… need lube."

A look of confusion flashed across Eddie's features but then it softened in understanding. "Okay, can I see?" He asked but his hands were already back to the waistband, guiding the sweatpants and boxers up and off Steve's legs.

And as Steve let his legs fall back open, he hid his face in his hands. His cock was painfully hard and his asshole felt sloppy from all the slick. His heart couldn't race faster if it tried.

"Oh," Eddie's voice cracked as he ran a hand against the inside of Steve's thigh, pausing as his fingertips caught in a drip of that clear liquid.

Then it was silent for a few beats, just the sound of breaths and the soft hum of suburbia from outside the window. It was a suffocating silence to Steve because he was so worried about this part. The weird weird part that he could barely bring himself to explain, let alone accept. It was all too much, until something dripping against his cock compelled him to pull his hands away from his face.

Eddie was drooling, and judging by the amount and that euphoric look in his half-lidded eyes, Steve guessed that it was involuntary.


Eddie blinked, catching himself in the act with a wipe of his arm against his mouth. "Fuck, sorry, I don't know what the fuck that was." He swallowed thickly, "Just got all wrapped up in your smell, Stevie. Got all excited about shoving my dick inside you without needing to prep. I'm really starting to lose it here, baby."

Steve's cock jumped at Eddie's words, spurting a drop of precum down the shaft. "It's fine. I liked it. I like you, Eddie."

"Yeah?" Eddie grinned, trailing his hand further up Steve's thigh. "Even if I'm growling and drooling all over you?"

"Yeah," Steve moaned, shocked by the sudden finger slipping inside of him. That felt different too. It was way more sensitive – almost to a scary degree – and more mind-numbingly pleasurable than before. He whined, his body quaking at the push, pull, and drag of it all, as Eddie made sure he was wet enough. 

"Eddie," He choked out from all the unfamiliar bliss. "That's too much."

"That's too much?" Eddie scoffed, pulling his finger out and giving a playful grin as he shuffled off the bed to kick off his jeans and briefs. "Just one finger, and that was too much?" He taunted, stroking at his own length as he shifted back into his spot between Steve's thighs. "You're not gonna make it, sweetheart."

Eddie was probably right. No way Steve was going to make it; not with Eddie's scent putting him on edge, not with Eddie's size pressed into him as deep as Steve knew it would reach, not with all the new sensitivity or his fucking crush on Eddie that was making him nervous and excited all at once. He was probably going to come the second Eddie was inside him, but Steve was a fighter. 

"Neither are you, babe."

Eddie grinned at the challenge, chuckling as he leaned down to press a kiss against the center of Steve's chest. "You have my fucking heart, Steve."

And Steve could barely think of a reply before Eddie was pressing into him. So suddenly, like all the air got punched out of his lungs. With each swift inch digging deeper and deeper inside, he lost control of himself. That little mantra of Eddie's name in his head very quickly morphing into something more desperate, more carnal; made him want to beg Eddie to come inside of him… breed him. 

That was new as well.

"Fuck, baby, you're clenching," Eddie groaned, his hands tightening where they grasped at Steve's waist, adding leverage as he began rocking his dick in and out, gliding easily with all the slick coating his length. He looked just as out of it as Steve was; muscles flexing with each thrust, body already starting to sheen with sweat, hair clinging to his forehead, eyes looking lost in pleasure – Eddie was practically high on it all.

"Can't help it," Steve whined out, throwing his head back as the pleasure shot up his spine. So ruthlessly dragging him toward climax without a break in rhythm. "Oh my god, Eds!" He was becoming a mess of moans, all high-pitched and needy, and unabashed. He had no energy to be embarrassed anymore. All he wanted was for that bubble of pleasure tensing in his gut to burst. 

He was so dangerously close to it too, so close that it was almost painful. "Eddie," Steve breathed it, letting himself get swept up by all the heady ecstasy. The blending of their moans, Eddie's scent, the greedy hold Eddie kept on him that was no doubt leaving bruises behind, everything

Coming untouched was new to Steve as well. He's never been able to come from only his prostate, but this pleasure didn't feel like that pleasure. This was something entirely different, like his body had been reprogrammed, because Steve was screaming. His orgasm felt so different; it was heavy and long, and each wave had him coming thick white lines across his chest but also had him releasing more of that slick around Eddie's cock. Needless to say, Steve was fucking gone; trembling, whimpering, crying – and he must have looked so overwhelmed because Eddie was suddenly easing him through it, with panic in his eyes and slower thrusts.

"Steve, baby, you're okay," Eddie whispered, leaning down to kiss Steve's forehead, and his nose, and his chin. "I've got you," He reassured, running a soothing hand up Steve's side.

And Steve really did enjoy the comfort, but as the orgasm waned and the haze gave him some of himself back, he felt something inside that was still so unsatisfied. 

"You gonna come inside me now, Eds?"

Steve's question had flipped a switch – as if he'd disengaged something, uninhibited something – because Eddie was manhandling him again. Pulling out for just long enough to flip Steve over, forcing his head down against the sheets and yanking his hips up, driving his cock back in as deep as it could go and grinding into him to be sure of it.

The thrusts were wilder now and a bit animalistic with the way Eddie was growling, like he was chasing something. Like he was trying to erase everything from Steve's mind except for him.

And the hypersensitive sting of pleasure had Steve reeling, clawing against the sheets to keep himself grounded. Eddie's cock felt like it was getting harder – thicker? But just at the base? – Steve wasn't sure if he was imagining it. He wasn't exactly in the headspace to question anything, especially not when Eddie was pulling on him like that. Lifting him upward until his back was flush with Eddie's chest.

The angle made Steve see stars, and it was only made better by Eddie's arms locked around his chest and waist as he continued relentlessly driving his dick as deep as it could go. Pressing wet kisses against Steve's shoulder blade, leaving him shuddering between each harsh in and out.

"Eddie, please," Steve weakly choked out, his eyes stinging with more tears from all the overstimulation. "Please."

And that must have done it for Eddie because all at once, a whirlwind of sensations were taking over Steve's body. That swelling at the base of Eddie's cock popped, growing nearly double what it was, sharply locking itself at Steve's rim as Eddie pumped warm cum deep inside. It felt so right for a moment, despite the pain, like it was exactly what Steve craved. It would've been the only pain too, if not for Eddie's teeth biting into the nape of his neck, growling and drooling into it like he was feral.

"Eddie! Ow! Fuck!" Steve whined, trying to pull away but he was stuck – in Eddie's hold, by Eddie's cock, by Eddie's bite – and he was suddenly hit with the realization that Eddie was still coming. Filling Steve to the brim with heat and forcing more where it wouldn't fit. "Eds, that hurts," He mumbled, staring down at his stomach, moaning at the sight; it looked bloated except instead of air, Steve could feel the slosh of warm cum pushing his belly out. Fuck. Steve didn't want to unpack why that was such a turn on.

And once he finally stopped coming, Eddie pulled away from the bite, licking at it as he did, whispering a domineering, "Mine." All while pressing gentle kisses against Steve's neck, right beneath his ear.

And Steve loved the sound of that. 

"Yeah, I'm yours, Eddie. I'm yours," He nodded, running his fingers across Eddie's arms where they were still locked around him. He desperately wanted to be in the moment, but panic was already starting to fill his chest. "But I need you to pull out, okay?"

The nerves in Steve’s tone seemed to bring Eddie back down to reality, suddenly forcing him to face all the ungentlemanly things he had done. "I fucking bit you," He sounded stunned, like he wasn’t there when it happened, but he also didn't immediately make a move to let go. "I'm sorry, I- I really didn't know what I was doing.” He took a breath, so clearly trying to keep his emotions at bay. “Are you okay?"

"I think so," Steve smiled, grabbing Eddie's hand and guiding it across the bump of his stomach. "This is a problem though."

Eddie paused for a beat, his breath catching in his throat, "Right, wow, that's super fucking hot but definitely a problem, let me try pulling out—"

"Wait, wait, wait, stop!" Steve panicked as the pull burned around his rim. "You'll rip it, stop!"

"—okay! Sorry! Stopping!” Eddie was just as panicked. “It's alright, baby. We'll do what you want. You're okay." Eddie placed a kiss against Steve's shoulder. "I really am sorry, Steve. I don't know what the fuck is happening to me. I'm so sorry that I hurt you."

"Don't be sorry. Stop saying sorry," Steve leaned his head back against Eddie's shoulder, taking a deep breath. "I don't know what's going on either but I feel safe, alright? You're making me feel really safe, so don’t apologize."

"You're giving me too much credit, Stevie," Eddie gave a light laugh. "You're the one making me feel safe."

"Now you're giving me too much credit," Steve giggled, groaning at the way it made his stomach clench. "Maybe it'll go down eventually? Can we just like… lay down for a second? Don't think I can hold myself up right now."

"Yeah, anything you want, baby," Eddie braced Steve's body against his own, taking their weight slowly down to the bed, being extra careful to prevent any pulling. Grabbing a pillow and tucking it under Steve’s head, snuggling against his back, and running a hand softly down Steve's belly. "Is it fucked up for me to be enjoying this?"

"No," Steve calmly whispered, somehow feeling relaxed despite every new thing that happened to him. "For me, it is weird but it just feels right – you feel right – like you’ve been what my body wanted this whole time. I should've called you over sooner."

"That’s no fair, babe," Eddie playfully whined. "You got to figure out your shit first. I didn't even realize anything was happening to me until I smelled you."

"I barely figured anything out," Steve shook his head, whimpering a little as the pressure started relaxing and the swell began to shrink at his rim. "Oh my god, I'm gonna make such a fucking mess."

Eddie inhaled through teeth as his erection waned, feeling the cum beginning to ooze out. "Don't worry about that," He said, pressing a kiss to the bite mark he left behind. "I'll clean everything up. I'll take care of you so just relax, okay? I told you that I've got you, and I meant it."

And something about that just made Steve feel so vulnerable like he didn't have anywhere to hide. He was dreading each second the swell faded because Eddie was going to pull out soon, and Steve wouldn't be able to stop it.

"Should I try again?"

"No- yes… fuck, I don't know, Eds," Steve muttered, already mortified by how wet his inner thighs felt. "Yeah," He groaned, "You should probably try."

Eddie nodded, testing Steve’s rim with a slow pull and this time, he was able to pop himself out. So he did, letting a rush of cum free as he pulled the shaft completely away, his breaths panting heavy once they were apart.

"Eddie," Steve sobbed, covering his face with his hands as it all so obscenely flowed out of him, drenching and pooling against the sheets, completely soaking the underside of his thighs, gushing everywhere and making the mess that Steve feared. 

"Oh my god, Stevie, you're so fucking pretty like this."

And that was music to Steve's ears; Eddie's genuine adoration for what Steve perceived as so gross about himself. Like Eddie could make all the worry Steve had about these changes evaporate. As if the metalhead could make Steve fall any further for him.