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Chad's hoodie

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"You're out of touch!"

"I'm out of time!"

The two boys sang loudly over the radio, laughing as they kept messing up or completely forgetting the lyrics, Chad trying his best not to completely lose it and drive Ryan home safely, without crashing due to his laughter.

"I'm adding this to our mixtape later," Ryan wheezed after calming down, wiping the happy tears from his eyes. The other boy approved enthusiastically.

"Dude, we're gonna kill it at the karaoke next week," Chad glances at his best friend, his smile almost as bright as the full moon tonight. There hadn't been a moment tonight that he wasn't smiling.

Ryan couldn't help but snicker, imagining them together with two microphones, completely off beat, but not giving a single fuck. The thought made his stomach turn a bit, in the good way, of course. "Definitely. You be the backup singer, though, and maybe we'll win."

"Hey, my singing voice is great, too!" The brunet pretended to be deeply hurt by Ryan's words, making him giggle again.

"I mean, I'm not saying it's not true."

"Right? I'm like a siren."

Ryan kept giggling, his stomach hurting from laughing so much that night. Unfortunately, Chad's truck was pulling up to the Evans' driveway, so they had to say goodbye.

Ryan unbuckled his belt and looked at Chad. "Thanks for tonight, it was great."

Danforth grinned, his eyes sparkling with joy as he nodded his head in agreement, and good lord, Ryan wasn't sure whether it was the smile or the way Chad looked at him, but his heart skipped a beat and he forgot how to breathe for a while. "Are you kidding? It was perfect!"

"Isn't it always?" Ryan said a bit quieter, feeling his cheeks go red.

"It is. The same tomorrow?"

"Ugh, I have to study for math," the blond boy groaned. He had a test coming, and he really wanted a good grade.

"We can study together then," Chad offered with a sly smirk, and he knew Ryan wouldn't say no. He was irresistible, and he abused his charm. Not that Ryan minded.

"Study, Danforth. I'm not gonna let you distract me."

"We'll see about that."

The two friends quietly giggled again. Refusing to part their ways, they sat in silence, enjoying one another's presence, the radio nicely accompanying them on a low volume. Just the Two of Us was about right.

"So," Chad spoke, his tone way softer now. His hand sneaked its way to Ryan's, delicately touching it with his small finger. Ryan reciprocated the gesture, brushing his fingers on the back of Chad's hand, feeling his stomach flip and face heat up uncontrollably. If his eyes weren't playing him, Chad was blushing, too. "I'll text you when I get home."

"Okay," Ryan muttered, absolutely loving the warmth of Chad's shaky hand. He pulled back, even though he didn't want to, and after giving the other boy one last smile, he finally opened the door, pushing it open to step out-

"Wait," Chad stopped Ryan, raising his voice by a bit. The blond looked back at his friend, raising an eyebrow. Chad quickly stripped out of his maroon Wildcat hoodie (his shirt went up just the tiniest bit, revealing a section of his stomach, and Ryan could see his abs and happy trail, which made his brain short circuit as he quickly looked away to avoid an embarrassing situation), and then handing it to the surprised Ryan. "It's cold outside."

Ryan wanted to point out that his house is literally right there, but when he saw the nervousness on Chad's face and realized that, god damn, this is literally his hoodie, he decided to take the gift and shut up. "Thanks."

Finally exiting the vehicle and shutting the rusty door close, he waved Chad goodbye before going inside his house. Immediately, he put the hoodie on, the smell making him woozy.

He examined himself in the hallway mirror - the hoodie was big, the sleeves long enough that he could hide his hands in them, and he absolutely loved it. Chad wasn't getting it back anytime soon. It also had a number 8 on the back, and something about the fact that if anyone saw him, they'd immediately recognize the previous owner of the clothing, made him really giddy.

Smiling to himself, he kicked his shoes off and, after locking the door, he headed straight for his room, almost dancing more than walking.

"How was your date with Danforth?" Sharpay suddenly spoke up from the couch as Ryan passed the living room. He stopped to look at her smirking face.

He was about to deny it being a date, but... Everything about tonight was pretty much the textbook definition of a date. Bonus points for the hoodie. "It was good."


Ryan was now sitting in his room, at his desk, the lamp illuminating his workspace - his journal was open, and he was busy gluing all of today's polaroids in. He also signed them all, smiling throughout the process as he recalled today.

Chad took him rollerskating, and it was... Magical, honestly. They danced to all the songs playing at the rink, and it felt like it was just the two of them even though the place was pretty crowded. And they even shared a milkshake, with two straws and everything. Chad's hand also kept brushing against Ryan's, but he wasn't sure whether it was on purpose or not.

Ryan was snapped out of his trance as his phone vibrated. He immediately reached for it, and the notification displayed a text from Chad.

goodnite <3

Ryan giggled and covered his face with his hand, blushing furiously. God, how old was he, 10?

He replied instantly.


He sighed deeply, tossing his phone onto his bed as he looked up at the ceiling, still smiling like an idiot. The room suddenly felt really hot.

He decided to call it a night, so he closed the notebook and turned the light off, and on his way to bed, he opened the window to let some fresh air in.

He fell on the soft mattress, and as he stared at the moon on the night sky, he could only think about one person.


God, how long has this been going on for? Nearly two years? And it wasn't going to go away anytime soon, because every single day, Ryan found more and more things that he loved about Chad.

He closed his eyes and inhaled the scent of the hoodie - Chad's perfume. He always used a gentle fragrance, and he couldn't quite describe it. He didn't know the proper perfume jargon, but it was... Masculine? And when mixed with sweat, good lord, absolute womanizer. Or manizer, I guess. Ryanizer, to be precise.

He groaned, reaching for a pillow and hugging it close, hiding his face in it as he curled up his legs, rolling into a ball.

He was doomed. Chad was like a toxin, but at the same time, he was the antivenom.

He looked so perfect all of the time and with no effort at all. And he was so funny and easy to like.

Ryan thought of everything that made his heart beat faster, like whenever he stared at Chad in class, and Chad looked back at him with a smile, god. Or when he smiled, literally anytime at all, it was so beautiful, no matter if it was a playful smirk, or a toothy grin, or a shy smile that was pretty much exclusive for Ryan-

Or Chad's sleepy face, whether in Miss Darbus' boring class or at a sleepover, or at an especially uninteresting movie... It was so rare to see him calm and relaxed like that, and it was also a great opportunity for Ryan to take a closer look, examining every freckle on his cheeks and nose, admiring his kissable lips and occasionally seeing a lock of his fine, brown hair cover his eyes before Chad tucked it away-

And the way he moves on the basketball court, his muscles working so wonderfully, or when he used his own shirt to wipe the sweat from his face and Ryan could get a really good look at his toned chest, and it was so god damn hot that it deserved to be its own marble sculpture-

Oh fuck, and that one time Chad caught Ryan staring and winked at him?

Ryan let out a noise that could be best described as a squeal and kicked his legs slightly, all the emotions bubbling inside of him getting a bit too overwhelming, but in a good way.

That night, it became clear to Ryan that he was in stupidly love with Chad Danforth.