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the lab, Agasa residence, Beika, Tokyo, Japan, Asia;

Heiji, the twins, Ai, and Harry had a meeting. They were working out their plan of surveilling Yuu.

"Do we initiate interactions?" Shinichi asked. Harry shook his head.

"Initiating contact could be disastrous," Harry said. "If he approaches, then that is acceptable."

"Got it. Let's run some background checks, too," Ai stated. Everyone groaned, not looking forwards to it.

"Easier said than done. His name could be false!" Masumi groused.

"Can we ask Mama to check in him?" Shinichi asked his twin. Masumi shook her head.

"She doesn't know what we're doing, remember?" Masumi reminded her twin.

"I'll do it." Heiji sighed.

the den, Jinpei and Hagi's place;

Jinpei and Kenji had some alone time. They rested on their couch, cuddling under their cover. They watched a re-run of some cartoons. They enjoyed popcorn and the mindless fun of the show. It was wonderful.

a restaurant;

A few days later, Kogoro took Ran and the twins to a get together with his friends. They got mixed up in a case and met another PI; Toru Amuro. Sadly, the so called murder case turned out to be suicide. It was tragic. The only good thing to come out of this was Rei finally was a step closer to his target.

He desperately hoped that his good luck would continue.