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very short ftnr mommy fic

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“Look at yourself.. so stiff, throbbing in excitement. You want my pussy this badly, hm?”

The older woman teased a loose hold around her lover’s cock, stroking lazily, rather harboring her focus on the younger’s expression and the way she trembled. The girl whined,

“Fuck, m-mommy… Yeah, so badly..s-so badly, mommy.”

“Hmm. Desperate little girl. Tell me now, sweetheart.. tell me what you want to do with my pussy.”

The younger moaned aloud, the woman’s palm tightening around her cock without warning. Following a loud, shoddy gasp, the girl rambled.

“I wanna f-fuck your pussy so hard.. I wanna cum inside, I-.. Nnghm, please! Please, mommy… I promise I’ll be good.”

“You’ll be a good girl for me, baby?”

She jerked off her cock faster.

“Yeah! Y-yes, I’ll be-.. f-fuck..I’ll be a good girl, mama..”

The woman’s strokes cover the whole shaft now, gliding skillfully across the younger’s length and tightening her grip just slightly with every drop. The girl stuttered, drooling. Her cock felt so good, she wanted more.

“That’s my good puppy.”

Without initial warning, the woman spits on her cock, saliva pooling at her tip. Lathering it across her length, the girl is enthusiastic and bracing herself, muscles straining when she feels a hot warmth against the head.

“Show me this big dick isn’t just for show, baby.”