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from when your brooklyn broke my skin and bones

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Amy got up, and walked downstairs. She then poured a coffee for herself, "If all chiefs of police look like this, then..."

Jake walked over to her, and kissed her cheek. "Ideally, try not to scare me on my first day. And, I'm still not used to that. I was just getting used to being a Sargent, and woo! I'm now the worst chief of police... ever."

He kissed her cheek, "Don't ever say that. You're going to be the best chief ever, and never forget it."

She blushed, and smiled. "How are you such an amazing person?"

Then, he smiled back. "It's all you, babe, all you." He then kissed her, this time on the lips.

Afterwards, she kissed him back and they fell on the ground. "Ewww," they turned to the little voice. They got up, and looked at their son. "Are we staying home today?"

Mac pouted at what she said next, "No, sorry. I have to work, but I'll be back before you notice I'm gone."

He hugged her, "Yeah, I will. I can't not miss you, and you know that."

She sighed, putting her head in her hands. She looked up, and nodded. "Are you feeling decent, Amy?"

Raymond Holt saying her first name was one of the few things that could bring a tear to Amy Santiago's eyes, but of course it did. "Oh, yeah, I'm fine. Super chill, y'know me."

He sat down, "Amy. I know you miss McClane, but he has Jacob as a father. I know it seems like a nightmare scenario at first, but in the eight years I've known him, I've noticed he's massively matured."

She smiled, "I'm gonna tell him that you said that honestly."

That caused him to laugh, "I told him I'm proud of him when he left."

At 2 pm, she walked in. Mac ran to her, "You're home! I was watching a cartoon with Dad, how many episodes can I watch?"

Amy thought to herself, "Two more if they're ten minutes long. One if they're any longer," she said.

Jake walked in, and picked her up. "I was cooking while Mac was watching TV, it's almost ready."

She looked at him, "Cooking? As in, cooking frozen junk food?"

He laughed, "Yeah, pretty much. Do you want mac 'n' cheese or pizza?"

Then, she picked up their son. "Both of them, because I'm tired."

Yet again, he laughed. "It's 2 pm, Ames."

Afterwards, she shrugged. "Yes, it is, but I am the busy chief of the NYPD. Your 'boss' is a two year old who only has a wide ranged vocabulary because his parents are two amazing detectives/geniuses.