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The Perfect Future.

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Takemichi thought saving everyone would bring happiness into his life but all he was left was with emptiness.

46 tries.

It took 46 times time-leaping into the past to achieve the ‘perfect’ future.

No one died.

Hinata was engaged to Kisaki.

Draken and Emma were married.

Manjiro took over the dojo.

Draken, Inui, and Shinichiro all work at S.S Motors.

Smiley and Angry had their ramen shop.

Mitsuya was a fashion designer.

Chifuyu was a pilot.

Baji and Kazutora co-owned a pet store together.

Pah-Chin was married and worked as a realtor with Peh-Yan working under him.

So… why was Takemichi the only one left… empty? He worked at the same movie rental store under the same manager in the same shitty apartment. It was as if the universe never wanted him to be happy… like his sole purpose in life was to make others succeed while he becomes left behind.

But it was fine! It was!

If having him around and seeing how pathetic he really was made them push him out of their lives then he couldn’t blame them. He just wanted them to be happy.

That’s why, at the prime age of 27, Takemichi Hanagaki decided he had lived enough.

There was no one to check up on him, no one to save, and he didn’t have to watch anyone die ever again.

He was being selfish. Takemichi knew that. What if something bad happened to them and needed him again? What if they just felt awkward to reach out? Or what if they were waiting for him to reach out?

All of these questions and they’d never be answered. Not anymore.

The pills he had in his cabinets were in his stomach, causing him to feel ill. He turned on his side but held back his puke. If he threw up then this would’ve been all for nothing and if he was all for nothing then what was he even doing?

He didn’t have any money to buy more and try again. He saved up paycheque after paycheque to make sure he had enough to overdose on.

This was simply the end.

It was a bittersweet feeling. He never thought this was how he’d die but it was fitting. 27 year old virgin time leaper dying from an overdose in his bathroom on the cool tile floor.

The bathtub in front of him was becoming blurry. Was that from his tears? Or because of the overdose? Did people’s eyes become blurry or tear up when they overdosed?

It’s not like it matters in the end because either way, he’d be dead and no one would be around to know or care about the difference.

The perfect future was without him in it.

He had inserted himself into Mikey’s life and it was time he forced himself out of it. Though he didn’t really have to force anything.

Takemichi whimpered. His breath hitched as it became harder and harder to breathe.

Hinata had been the reason he first time leaped but after she was sorted out, it had only and always been about saving Mikey.

And that started with saving Shinichiro.

The process was long and fucking hard but he did it.

Did he get a clap on the back? A smile? A thank you? No.

Of course he didn’t.

No one in this timeline knew he was a time leaper.

They all knew him as a background character who was in Toman and got close to Mikey but that was it. He was nothing remarkable.

He didn’t even get an invite to Hinata and Kisaki’s wedding.

It hurt.

God, it fucking hurt.

To think all this time the answer to solving everything was to remove himself from the equation.

All he needed was to stop Shinichiro from buying that toy plane and befriending Mikey young to ensure he never fell down the stairs or had his mother’s words influence him too much. He guided Mikey to success.

Maybe that’s why it hurt.

Because he went all the way to the beginning and never got to live his life.

His whole life became saving everyone around Mikey.


Just because he wanted to see them all happy?


Yeah exactly that.

So why did it hurt? Why did he go through all this trouble if he was gonna be the one to suffer in the end? Didn’t anybody care about him?

Takemichi coughed weakly as he curled up. Pink and orange dots floated around in his vision as it started to become black.


It was coming.

His death.

Death was supposed to be a scary thing but… He was tired.

So tired.

It would be nice to rest.