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Not Always Sunshine

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Adrien Agreste does not bruise easily.

In fact, 95% of his total bruises he's ever had have been from fights with Akumatized victims within the past two years. He's been punched, flung through walls, wacked with various things, and even Cataclysmed in the ribs once. And they've always been healed by his Lady's Miraculous Ladybug.

That's not to say that he's never had bruises before. He's knocked his knees into tables as a kid, ran into a few objects here and there, been poked a few times with fencing sabers (Kagami can be pretty brutal when she wants to be), had a few crazy fans who have gone a little far, and so on.

But he still doesn't bruise easily.

Like the time Marinette accidentally slammed a door into his face one day. She had been a mess, apologizing over and over again even though Adrien kept reassuring her he was fine. His pain tolerance is pretty high, especially after being Chat Noir for so long and his superhero traits slipping into his civilian life. It only hurt a little and it only turned a bit red, no bruise in sight.

Now though...

"Ow..." He mutters as he pokes at the blossoming reds that fade to a much darker purple on his left. His arm is one massive random splotch of bruises and cuts from the photoshoot the previous day with Lila. She had cling to his arm very tightly yesterday, despite the fact that Vincent kept requesting for her to stop. Adrien was starting to slide from feeling uncomfortable to feeling sick now with the way she would touch him and kiss his cheeks. He's told her multiple to stop but she doesn't. He still remembers the sensation of her fingers slipping under his shirt to dig into his hip. He shivers at the disgusting memory. There's only two girls he'd want to do anything like that with, and Lila is NOT one of them. He doesn't even like her, "Looks like I'm wearing a long-sleeved jacket today..."

Great. It's not like it's supposed to be one of the hottest days they've had yet. It's not like it'll be super suspicious or anything. It's not like anyone will actually notice he's in a bit of pain.

"I think you really should tell someone," Plagg says from the counter, eyeing his wounds, "This can't keep happening, kid."

"I know," Adrien stares at the limb numbly for a moment before sighing, hopelessness slamming into his chest, "But I can't. You know that..."

"Because sausage hair will whine and cry to your father who will lock you up and take you out of school," the Kwami rolls his eyes before flopping onto his back, "Yeah, yeah. You've told me that time and time again. I don't like it though. I'm serious about my offer, you know? You're not the first holder of mine who has run away from home. Pigtails would take you in without a doubt."

"I can't burden her with my problems," Adrien shrugs before hissing as pain flares in his abused flesh. This is going to suck like a bitch. He scowls as one of the scratches opens again, bleeding again some. Well, his white over shirt is absolutely out of the question today. Better go with something black, "Besides, you know my father...he's...protective. He'll probably sue them if they take me in...I can't put her through that..."

"Your father is a dick," Plagg says point blank before hissing angrily like a literal cat. Adrien can't even find the energy to defend the man at the moment, "He won't even listen to you when you told him you don't want to work with that liar. She is sexually harassing you and it's bordering into sexual assault, kid."

"I know."

"So do something about it."

"I can't!" Adrien bursts before holding his breath for a moment, letting it out. Guilt hits him, especially since Plagg is just trying to help, "Sorry. It's just...Lila could get me stuck here with only her to visit. I won't survive that, Plagg. I already want to puke when she touches my stomach against my will. I can't have her in my room again..."

"Kit, you won't survive this either if it keeps up," Plagg cries with an uncharacteristic softness, floating up to rub against his cheek. Adrien can't help it as tears gather in his eyes. Sometimes it feels like the mini god is the only one who cares about him in this lonely cold house, "I wasn't kidding. You are the best Chat Noir I've ever had. I can't lose you, kit, to this witch or yourself. I've never bonded with any of my holders as well as I have with you. None of my previous humans have been able to purr in their civilian forms. You let me go wherever I want to. You mean so much to me, Adrien."

"You do too," he sobs slightly before crying more. He's safely in his bathroom so he can afford a few minutes of weakness. He's never attracted a butterfly anyway, despite frequently feeling bad emotionally. The Kwami brushes his tears away as he finally calms down more, "I love you, Plagg. I don't know what I would do without you."

"Well, starve for one," Plagg snickers weakly before scoffing a bit, "And not order all that delicious cheese. It's practically calling my name. 'Plagggg, come eat ussss!'"

"You and your stomach," Adrien chuckles in amusement. He is genuinely happy he has Plagg. He might not be good at giving advice (that's Tikki's area apparently) and he might be lazy and a bit rude and blunt. But Adrien really likes him. He knows exactly what the blond is going through even if they've really never talked about the Kwami's past. Adrien is a bit naive but he knows the black cat has had cruel holders before. He's there to comfort the boy and give him attention he desperately craves. He even encourages Adrien to be more reckless as well, Adrien.

"What can I say?" Plagg teases with a small smirk, "This stomach is in looovvvveeeee!"

"Haha," Adrien rolls his eyes before giggling a little, developing into full laughter. He can picture cheese running from Plagg in a panic as the god chases it with a wide grin, "Plagg...I'm going to be late if you keep this up..."

"Yeah, yeah," the Kwami waves nonchalantly before flying through the door. Adrien rolls his eyes before quickly cleaning up his arm, applying a bit of cream he's bought recently over the aching bruises. He makes his way to his closet, sliding a different jacket on. Before too long, he's out the door with his bag, Plagg in his pocket clenching some smelly cheese to his chest, and an okay mood.


As soon as Adrien walks into the room, he knows something is wrong. The seating arrangement is different once again. Everyone is in different spots, probably flipped across rows. Well, except for Marinette who still sits in the back. That bothers Adrien but he can't exactly protest about it.

Chloe and Sabrina sit closest to the door where he used to sit (where Nino used to sit too, at first). Alya and Nino are in the second row like normal but closer to the windows. The rest all sit like that. Dread grows in his stomach when he realizes that he's going to have to sit in the far corner. With Lila. With his injured arm right next to her.

That can't be a coincidence.

Friday, they were in their previous spots with no mention of swapping. He knew he could power through if she grabbed his right arm. But now he's really thinking otherwise. Yeah, he might have a higher pain tolerance but his arm still hurts like hell and he's too tired to put up an act for hours on end so no one suspects he's hurt.

And Lila is really starting to creep him out to uncomfortable levels.

"Hey, Miss Bustier?" Adrien wanders up her desk cautiously. The Literature teacher looks up at him curiously before smiling softly, "May I switch my seat to the back?"

"What reason do you need to do that?" Miss Bustier asks, not unkindly, clearly worried about him. Adrien can practically feel Lila's eyes on him. She just noticed him there. He gulps silently because he can't tell the actual reason. Instead, he comes up with something that isn't all that untrue.

"I hate being locked in spaces like that," Adrien says a little too honestly, shivering while remembering the Sandboy incident and how Lila has pinned him in multiple times by now so he can't get away, "You know how I'm always pretty much first out of here when an Akuma attacks. I don't do very well in locked in spaces. I feel a lot better with access to the stairs. I...I won't be able to pay attention to class over there."

He's telling the truth, really. He's always had cleithrophobia, but it's only gotten worse since that nightmare Akuma came. He really can't handle being boxed in and unable to escape. Especially here at school. This is supposed to be a safe place for him because the mansion isn't.

Plagg purrs against his chest, automatically settling the upcoming panic attack that may or may not be on its way. Miss Bustier looks him over with concern, looking ready to probably tell him to go to the nurse instead. After a moment, she nods.

"Okay, go sit with Marinette," the woman smiles before turning to the chalkboard. Adrien sighs exhaustedly with relief before making his way to his friend's side. She's thoroughly focused on her sketchbook, drawing what looks to be a hoodie or short cape or something. It looks really cool and seems to be...Chat Noir-themed.

"May I join you?" He asks softly, trying not to scare her. He succeeds as bluebell eyes gaze up at him before widening as she quickly gazes at Lila and then Miss Bustier and back to him.

"Yes!" She yelps before coughing a bit, "I mean, yes. Sit. You can sit. Down that is. You know because chairs are for...I'll shut up now..."

"Hah," Adrien chuckles warmly before settling down, feeling a lot more comfortable than he had minutes ago. There's something about Marinette that he loves. She's very strange but he likes it. She's definitely the best person he knows, "Okay. Thanks."

"Pro noblem," she says before groaning softly, "No problem."

He sends her a genuine smile before pulling out his work and listening to the lesson. He pretends not to notice the glares Lila sneaks the two of them.


Adrien gets to stay at school for lunch that afternoon. He's pretty happy about it, as it means he can eat with his friends and maybe sneak in some of Marinette's family's delicious creations. He's pretty hungry often, especially when he's on new diets. And the girl often brought extras just for people who need more food.

She's so kind like that...

He is super lucky that Lila isn't here. Apparently she had to "go meet with [insert famous person he didn't quite hear here] for a lunch meeting." Otherwise he'd have gotten an earful and his arm held tightly all lunch. As it is, he sits with Marinette, munching on some delicious bread, sneaking a bit to Plagg in his pocket. Alya and Nino sit not too far away, chatting with each other. The others are in various groups, but he notices one section growing louder as the time goes on. He doesn't need his sharpened hearing to hear that Kim and Alix are probably arm wrestling again, the others talking and watching them excitedly. Those two are extremely competitive. They make Kagami look peaceful.

He waits a minute before glancing at Marinette who sends him the same confused look. They both get up, walking over to watch the two.

Adrien doesn't actually know what they're playing. It's some type of card game but that's as much as he understands. He's never played cards games until recently so he doesn't know most of them.

"Hey, what are you guys playing?" He asks curiously.

"Cards against humanity," Max speaks up as Juleka grabs some of the cards they hold out and then picks a card. They all start laughing as the guy shrugs and Markov zooms back and forth in the air, joining the laughter and asking random questions, "Luckily, I convinced Kim to bring in the clean version-"

"Ha!" Kim shouts in joy when Juleka gives him the black card, pointing at the skater girl, "Yours is so lame! Mine was wayyyyy better!"

"Of course it would be," Alix rolls her eyes, "You cheated! You're sneaking in the better cards!"

"Nevermind..." Max sighs before giving them a sheepish smile.

Adrien watches curiously as they keep playing. It honestly looks like fun. Something he would definitely love to play as Chat Noir...oh that would be awesome. He could get the team together and play it. Most of them are out of commission because their identities but he could convince his Lady to get them together for some fun. If not, maybe Chat could drop in on them sometime.

"Someone give me that card, please!" Rose yelps at them as Adrien sees a card upside down by his foot. He automatically grabs it, glancing over the answer on the white card. He's about ready to hand it to the blonde girl when Kim speaks up.

"Whoa, what happened to your arm, Adrien?"

Adrien doesn't register the words for a second. When he does, he freezes for a quick moment before handing the card over, acting like nothing is wrong. Subtly, he tugs his jacket sleeve down as far as it can go, noting the slight bruising he could see before. Should have put makeup on it...

"Nothing that I know of," he shrugs before trying to divert attention off of himself, "So who-"

"Oh, no, I saw it too," Max shakes his head, keeping the issue on him as he tries not to flinch. Really, he hates the spotlight. He's perfectly happy to stick to the background, "I think Markov did too."

"Yeah, me too," Alix agrees before raising a brow, game forgotten, "Either you somehow dyed your arm with purple hair color on accident or you've got something going on..."

"I'm fine," Adrien gives them his best model's smile, which works on pretty much everyone he knows, "Really. Must have been from the photoshoot yesterday. Wouldn't come off yet."

"If you say so?" Nino gazes at him with a frown before going to pat his arm. Adrien doesn't get time to conceal his tiny grunt of pain as his best friend's hand hits a very sore spot. Nino absolutely notices, gaining everyone's attention again, "Dude. You are not okay. Something is up with your arm."

"Just a long photoshoot yesterday," he answers as honestly as he can, "It's fin-"

"Dude, it is not fine," Nino stares at him worriedly, "You're arm clearly hurts. What happened?"


"I swear if you say 'nothing,' I'm going to scream," Alya throws her hands up in exasperation, "Don't try to change the subject."

He winces. Yeah, she's definitely a reporter (except when it comes to Lila and yikes, he doesn't want to think about said person right now). Damn it. He won't be able to get away with this. Maybe it was a bad idea to eat in the cafeteria today...

He goes for a half truth...

"Yeah, my arm kind of got hurt yesterday at the photoshoot," he says earnestly before rubbing his neck sheepishly, hoping they buy it and don't ask about it, "Just a bit sore."

"Maybe the nurse should take a look," Ivan frowns softly, clearly worried. Warmth hits him that they all care. But he can't. A spike of fear slashes into him.

"No!" He blurts before coughing slightly, blushing at his slight outburst as they all raise their brows, "I mean, no. It'll be fine-"

"Adrien, please," Marinette speaks up softly, watching him with her full attention, "If you won't see the nurse, show us. We want to help."

The others agree, nodding away.

"Okay..." He says after a long moment. He can't say no to his closest friend anyway. He sighs tiredly before warning them, "It's a little bit worse than you're probably thinking..."

He carefully slips his jacket sleeve off, exposing his arm. He had worn his regular black t-shirt today so it wouldn't rub on his wounds and aggravate them. In doing so, all the bruises and cuts are free to be seen.

The reaction is instantaneous...

There's gasps of surprise, horror, and pain. He glances over all of his friends, unsure of what they're thinking. He feels very awkward. He's used to being stared at like this. He's a model. But he's not used to his friends watching him like this when it's him showing his injuries.

"A little bit worse!?!" Rose yelps in fright, holding onto Juluka who looks pale, "You look like a tiger clawed you up!"

"Dude, who did this?" Nino asks automatically before his expression darkens, "Was it your old man?"

"What!?!" Adrien shouts in surprise before shaking his head, "It wasn't him. Father wouldn't do anything like that. Why do you think he'd do that?"

"Then who did?" Nathaniel asks softly from the side, staring intently on his appendage.

"I...I can't tell you," Adrien looks away. He can't. Lila will call off his deal with her and get Marinette kicked out permanently. She will restrict every single freedom he has. He can't. He practically whispers the next words, " wouldn't believe me even if I did..."

"It was her, wasn't it?" Marinette asks before standing in front of him. Her eyes shine with a very familiar gleam that tells him she's angry but not at him, "She did this to you."

"Yeah," Adrien admits after a moment, looking away. He feels weak. He shouldn't have let Lila take advantage of him. But he keeps doing it. Even after he began to understand what she was doing is wrong. He actually curses his upbringing because no one ever told him he doesn't have to deal with people who act with inappropriate behavior around him. He never knew if was an option. He's always just dealt with everything, no complaints. Complaints get worse punishments.

"The high road isn't helping," she says with concern radiating from her face, "Now you're the one suffering for it. Damn it. I thought the bullying and threats were bad but now she's harassing you."

"I shouldn't have given you that advice," he admits before crossing his arms self-consciously, trying to let her know he genuinely does feel terrible. How stupid and naive had he been? Too much, "It was really bad. I'm sorry."

"I get it," the girl sighs before smiling at him, "You've been homeschooled for 13 years. You're used to the tabloids spreading false information. But not doing anything and ignoring this isn't going to help this time. People like her don't care. She wants to hurt people."

"I know that now..." Adrien admits before shifting a bit, "...but I can't tell anyone..."


"She has my father on her side," Adrien cuts in, a part of his soul aching. He's so used to being a disappointment to his father but dismissals still hurt to some extent, "She will lie to him and get me pulled out of school."

"If you tell hi-"

"I already did, twice," he says emotionally before clenching his fists in frustration and hurt, "Two Mondays ago and then yesterday. I told him about everything and he didn't care. He didn't want to hear it. Didn't even let me show him my arm. Said I was being dramatic as usual. That she matters more to the company than I do to him."

"Then we go to the police."

"That won't work," Adrien laughs darkly before shaking his head, "This is Gabriel Agreste we're talking about, Marinette. Everyone loves or fears him. As soon as his name is associated with it and they know he's behind his muse, they won't do anything. And I'll be in trouble."

"This isn't right," Marinette defends him, moving closer until she gently touches his arm, "These are nail marks. And I know you don't bruise easily. She's been gripping your arm way too tightly."


"What else has she done?" The girl demands as the group stares in confusion and something else, "And don't say nothing. If she can threaten to take all my friends from me in the restroom, I know she's done more."

"She did what!?!" Adrien growls angrily before wincing, "I told her to leave you alone."

"Right before the high road advice," she sends him a sheepish smile, "It was kind of my fault. I never told you about that...Wait, told her to leave me alone?"

"I made a deal to be her friend if she'd lie again and get you back in school," he admits reluctantly. He never wanted Marinette to find out but now she has, "It's part of why I can't do anything. I...I don't want you expelled again. I hate when people I love get hurt."

And he does. He loves Marinette. As a friend. As something more. He never thought he would love someone other than Ladybug, but here he is. Absolutely head-over-heels for his classmate and friend. Because she's kind and strong and helpful even when it doesn't help her. She genuinely loves the people around her and is just as creative as his Lady.

How had he not seen it before now? Plagg is right. He's blind to his own feelings. Because he's in love with Ladybug and Marinette.

Marinette's face is red with a blush. Adrien stares at it in confusion and amazement. He's always loved her blushing and stuttering. Very cute.

Wow. He's in deep.

His friend quickly composes herself before looking at him. She gently brushes her fingers over his hands, so he holds onto them. He doesn't mind Marinette's touch. It is worlds better than his co-model's. Any time.

"What else has she done?"

"She's handsy," he admits after a few seconds, keeping his eyes locked on bluebell eyes. He wants to tell her the truth. Out of all of the people in his life, Ladybug and Marinette are the ones he trusts the most (except Plagg but Plagg knows everything), "And it makes me feel gross. I've told her to stop. She won't. She keeps sneaking in touches I don't want. It's getting worse."

"We have to do something about this," Marinette says with a determined expression, "Or she'll do much worse."

"I know..." Adrien nods before looking to the side.

"Okay, girl, who are you two talking about?" Alya snaps them out of their conversation. Adrien looks at her before sighing inwardly, just holding back a grimace. They aren't going to be taking it too well, "Because if someone is hurting you both, they need to be stopped."

"It's..." Marinette glances at him in silent question so he shrugs, "Lila..."

The group predictably goes into an uproar. Adrien feels sad and sick as most of them jump to defend the liar. He's spent months being fondled and kissed against his will. Marinette notices his unease, holding his hands better. He sends her a grateful smile before wincing as the group gets worse. Someone is spouting off about jealousy and Marinette (why would she be jealous?) and Adrien snaps.

"WILL EVERYONE JUST SHUT UP!" He yells at them angrily, feeling overwhelmed. Everyone falls silent with shocked looks. The blond teen clenches his forehead, feeling exhausted already, "You guy really need to stop defending her."

"She would nev-" Alya begins and Adrien finds that he's had enough. Fuck the high road. They all need a reality check before someone else gets hurt too. Because despite what he thought before, people are getting hurt with her lies. Have been. He was so so so wrong. So so so naive and stupid.

"She's been lying from the moment she came here," Adrien hisses before glaring at the group, eyes finding each and every person as he talks, "I know because Ladybug called her out in front of me. Lila isn't her best friend. She doesn't come from a line of superheroes. She tried to get Ladybug killed multiple times. She has been bullying Marinette and successfully turned you against her, just like she threatened to-"

"Says Marin-"

"Says me," Adrien growls, literally growls as a bit of his Chat side slips in place, as the others back up with wide eyes, "How are you all so blind? Marinette is your friend. You've known her for years. She would never do the things Lila said she would. Never. Marinette is the nicest person I've ever met. She'd never take her anger or jealousy out on someone like that. Come on, guys. Pushing Lila down the stairs? Cheating on a test? Stealing someone's personal property?"

"Well, Marinette stole your phone once," Alya hurries on before registering what she said, eyes widening. Marinette tenses against his side. He glances over, seeing tears gathering in her eyes, "Shit...I didn't mea-"

"But you said it!" Marinette yells at her with anger and pain in her voice, "I know I've done stupid things because of my crush on Adrien. I've basically stalked him. I stole his phone to delete a voicemail I accidentally left him. I've been jealous of him and Kagami. But I have been working on it. And I know him a lot better now. I would never do anything Lila does to him, Alya. But all you've ever accused me of is jealousy. You won't listen to me whenever I try to explain why she's a liar. And that wasn't yours to tell!"

Alya does look regretful and ashamed. Adrien doesn't get time to respond as the group goes on.

"It's got to be a misunderstanding," Kim says with a frown, "Lila is not like that. She's not interested in you that way."

"Really?" An icy tone slips into his voice. Memories slam into him. Lila is definitely interested in an object, not a person.

"Yeah, she told me she didn't have romantic feelings for you myself, dude," Nino says before starting to look very uncertain. Adrien knows his best friend doesn't mean anything bad by it, neither do their classmates. But their ignorance hurts more than an Akumatized victim's weapon to the back. No wonder Marinette has been so mad, "Back when she told me she needed to be tutored a bit..."

Adrien's eyes widen before he clenches his fists.

"Well, she lied to you," he shakes his head, "She lied her way into my room. She got Natalie and Gorilla into trouble. She took a selfie without my consent and sent it to all the girls on my contact list, leading to Kagami getting Akumatized."

"But maybe-" Someone else starts before Adrien cuts them off. They're going to kick themselves when they finally wake up.

"But maybe what?" He asks coldly, feeling his friend squeeze his hand. He feels like falling apart. The others all back up some in fright and surprise at his attitude. That's right. He's not always sunshine, even if he tries to be, "Maybe I imagined all the times she's gripped my arm so tightly it's left bruises and open cuts? Maybe I've made up all the times she's touched my stomach and hips to the point I wanted to throw up? Maybe I'm lying about the fact that she will go to my father and ruin what little of a life I do have?"

Silence echoes around them. He pushes on, starting to shake a bit.

"Marinette told you multiple times, and I only stopped her because calling her out wasn't working. In fact, it was making everything worse," Adrien stares them down, "I was stupid and naive to think Lila could change. I thought she was like me. Lonely and wanted friends and thought the only way she could do that is lie. How wrong I was..."

"Why didn't you say anything-"

"Why do you think?!" He snaps angrily, feeling Plagg bristle in his pocket, barely holding in a Cataclysm, "Marinette has known most of you for years. I'm new here. If you wouldn't believe her, why would you believe me? And I have been dropping hints but no one notices them. I hate watching Marinette having to deal with this crap but I didn't know how to help. I'm not exactly good with social situations."

He sighs softly before looking away.

"I can't be here anymore today," he says before turning away from his blind friends, "I'm leaving."

"Me too," Marinette nods before grabbing both of their bags. He wants to protest but her look shuts him down. He just smiles weakly at her, "Have fun with your bestie, Lila. Clearly she's the true friend you all need."

They rush out of there, barely remembering to check in with Miss Bustier before leaving, claiming both of them feeling ill, which is true. Adrien practically begs her not to tell his father about it as they both hurry to the bakery.

Tom and Sabine clearly can sense something is wrong as soon as they arrive. They send them up to Marinette's room so they can finish selling and close up. Adrien doesn't care, clinging to the girl who hugs him back for a long time. When the two parents come up, they tell them everything and head out to the police station.

Everything goes okay until his father is brought into it. Just as Adrien feared, they don't want to take action against him. Marinette takes her report back, saying if they won't take his, they can't help her either.

To make things worse, as they're leaving (Tom and Sabine are amazing parents and people but there's only so much they can do, Adrien knows that) the building, Adrien sees Lila walking down the street. Her green eyes find him, widening in surprise before she smirks. And then she disappears from sight. Towards his house.

He panicks, bolting the other way. He hears the Dupain-Chengs call out for him but he doesn't stop. His thoughts quickly spiral out of control as he flees anywhere away.

Lila was going to tell his father some type of lie. And then he'd lock Adrien up so tightly he can never sneak away again. Which means no more being Chat Noir. Which means being stuck in that empty room and being by himself and getting his lessons from Natalie and more suppers where his father doesn't even care enough to show up. It means even more depression and self-hatred and-


He can vaguely hear the sounds of something coming at him. He can't make it out all the way but he does see that it's probably a train? He can't recall when he got into the subway or when he decided to step onto the tracks in front of the moving object. He can feel something small tugging and begging and screaming in his ear but he can't make out words.

But maybe this would be better.

He's so so so tired of that house that hasn't been home for years. He's so so so tired of trying his absolute best in everything he does only for his father to punish him for the smallest mistakes. He's so so so tired of being alone and no one caring about whether he's really okay or not. He's so so so tired of never being enough, of never being wanted or needed, as either Chat Noir or Adrien. He's so so so tired of being perfect Adrien Agreste. He's so so so tired of existing.

He has time to jump out of the way. He knows it. Especially with his feline abilities seeping into his civilian body. He could throw himself out of its path fast.

But he doesn't...

Because he can't go back to that place. He won't go back. And they'll make him. His father has the right over him. And it's better this way-

Something slams into him, sending him flying with a small yelp. He crashes into the wall as the train streaks by them, someone gripping his body tightly. He stares in shock and dread for a long moment before his eyes slide to blue ones. They're wet and angry.