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Second First Kiss

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“I know we technically kissed before but I’d like to do it properly this time.” Harrow said as she lowered herself onto Gideon’s lap, her Cav clearly taken back and unsure of herself. It was kind of nice seeing Gideon be so bashful for a once.

“You wanna kiss me? Like right now? Here?” Gideon looked around the lavish room, almost like she was expecting for something, someone to come in and ruin this moment for them.

Harrow rolled her eyes, “Obviously Griddle.” By her dad, Gideon missed that nickname. She used to hate it, and Harrow knew it, but now when Harrow said it, she spoke with more devotion and love than any of her prayers. And now... it would have made Gideon’s heart skip a beat. If it still worked.

Thankfully the gaping hole in her chest was no longer there but it did leave a scar, one that Gideon was quite proud of actually.

“Would I be offering if I didn’t want it?” Gideon sighed. Harrow’s tone was so gentle, she longed to hear it for so long and now it seemed almost too good to be true. Not only that but to have Harrow here with her, loving her back just as much as Gideon loved her, it was real, they were finally allowed to be happy. And it was scary.

“I guess not.” Her hands dropped to Harrow’s thighs, slowly massaging up and down, trying to ground herself here, in this moment, with Harrow.

The necromancer took notice of this, of course she did, apart from just sharing a Lyctor bond, they learned to read each other pretty well over the years of growing up together and even more since getting reunited with each other.

“That’s right.” Harrow cupped Gideon’s face in her small but not as fragile hands. She’d been eating more lately, which Gideon loved. It meant that she no longer passed out after prolonged use of necromancy and could really tap into more of her potential. Gideon’s eyes widened at the gentle touch, she almost wanted to cry from it. But all she focus not was the fact that Harrow’s lips were approaching her own.

Oh. This was happening. For real this time. Her first real kiss with Harrow.

“Wait.” Gideon’s said a little louder then needed. It made Harrow jump a little, their faces almost colliding into each other. Good thing Gideon spent a lot of her life dodging Harrow’s blows. Harrow didn’t even look angry, she looked confused and maybe a little hurt. “I wanna kiss you real bad Harrow. I’ve wanted to kiss you since... that night at the pool. The last time we kissed, well it wasn’t really you in your body, and I wasn’t really myself either. Harrow I hated you back then, at least I convinced myself that I did. The existence I had before was so empty. I was empty without you.”

Upon hearing this Harrow lightly touched her nose against Gideon’s before touching their foreheads together, “One flesh, one end. I meant that. I wasn’t me without you either. I couldn’t be me without you. I love you Gideon Nav, with everything that I am.”

That was too much for Gideon’s overstimulated emotions, she started crying, big, heavy tears running down her face and being wiped way by Harrow’s fingers.

“I love you too, Harrowhark Nonagesimus, I will always love you.” This was getting to beyond cheesy and embarrassing for them both, so they did the only thing they knew how to do at this point, they kissed, clumsily, slowly and a little sloppily, but for them in this moment, it was the most perfect kiss in the universe.