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Mass Effect: Treasure Planet Style

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Late one evening, a young pale gray turian only in his fifth summer was laying comfortably on his stomach on his nest of pillows with a holobook in his tiny three fingered hands. His icy blue eyes were beaming at the gift his father had given him. Talons traced the title on the cover and his tiny mandibles flared out in an excited smile. Not wanting to wait any longer, the young Garrus Vakarian opened the book and watched as the tiny lights in the corners of the book flickered to life and began its tale starting with what looked to be a massive cruise galleon, with massive solar sails unfurled flickering with solar life and the thrusters on the rudder pulsing, sailing through an endless sea of stars.

On the clearest of nights, when the winds of the Etherium were calm and peaceful, the great merchant ships with their cargos of arcturian solar crystals, felt safe and secured. Little did they suspect that they were pursued by...” The book seemed to pause as a black flag with white markings resembling a turian’s skull enshrouded in faint planetary rings emerged into view behind the merchant ship. “Pirates!” A small sloop came into view of the fledging’s vision with its dark ruby red sails, one would think they dyed in blood. The vessel was so quiet and gained up to the merchant quickly. In comparison, one would think the merchant ship would be able to handle this tiny nuisance, however, the captain of this particular ship was no ordinary pirate. Dressed in an all-black, almost regal looking pirate’s attire that billowed in the nebular winds was a turian with piercing green eyes and white markings along his face.

And the most feared of all these pirates was the notorious Captain Nihlus Kyrik.” The book informed its audience whose brow plates shot up when the turian’s image turned towards the fledging. His scarred mandibles flared downward in a snarl revealing terrifyingly sharp fangs as he shouted an order to his crew. The Reaper opened fire upon the merchant ship. Cannons firing plasma cannonballs along the broadside of the ship as though targeting specific points. From within the belly of the merchant ship, screams of terror, confusion and disbelief could be heard as the lights flickered off. Nobles were clinging to each other while the ship’s soldiers were scrambling to get topside and defend their charges and cargo below. Garrus smiled childishly as he watched the pirates battling the merchant guards doing his best to keep his secondary vocals from squealing in anticipation and excitement. “Like a Tuchankan Thresher Maw over taking its prey-

“Garrus Vakarian!”

The tiny fledgling whipped his head towards the door as it was opening and he slammed the book shut, laying on top of it trying to look innocent as an older turian with battle-ship gray plates scolded the youngster. “I thought you were asleep an hour ago.”

“Ah Solana, I was just getting to the best part.” The fledgling whined as he sat up, pulling the book close to him. He gazed up at his big sister with big wide eyes, his secondary vocals pleading loudly. Please??? Oh, could those subvocals get any louder? The older sibling sighed then chuckled before patting her little brother’s still growing fringe then she gestured for him to scoot over and make room for her on the bed. Garrus trilled excitedly as he opened the book back to the page, he was currently on and the narrator once again picked up where it left off.

Like a Tuchankan Thresher Maw overtaking its prey, Kyrik and his band of renegades swooped in out of nowhere.” The two siblings watched as the image of the Reaper slammed its spiked blades into the keel of the ship and allowed the crew of pirates to swarm the merchant like a vorcha infestation. Krogan barreled into several guards, there were turian and drell on the Reaper’s masts sniping stragglers and humans disabling the merchant ship’s masts to prevent escape. Garrus gasped when he saw Nihlus engaging the captain of the ship and effortlessly overpowered the drell captain. Once they took out the security, Kyrik barked another order and his crew descended into the lower decks bringing up massive amounts of chests, satchels of gold and jewels and other priceless artifacts. Solana and Garrus watched as the Pirate King gathered his crew, his spoils and returned to his ship. The Reaper disentangled from the deteriorating merchant vessel and raced off to the distance.

And then, gathering up their spoils, vanished without a trace.” The book explained eerily and the two siblings trilled spookily in response as they turned the page. “Kyrik’s secret trove was never found, but stories have persisted that it remains hidden somewhere at the farthest reaches of the galaxy, stowed with riches beyond imagination. The loot of ten thousand systems, Treasure Planet.

Solana closed the book, placing it on her little brother’s night stand and crooned for him to get comfortable under the blankets. Garrus, ever the inquisitive turian, questioned his sister on how she thought Kyrik managed to amass such a trove. He wondered how the old Pirate King managed to swoop in out of nowhere only to vanish without a trace. Sol laughed stating she was unsure how he accomplished such a feat. She made a low chirp reminding that Garrus needed to get some sleep. “Do you think anyone will ever find Treasure Planet?” The young fledging trilled curiously.

“Garrus,” Solana shook his head with amusement, “I think it’s more like a legend.”

“I know it’s real.” Garrus pouted flicking his mandibles into an adorable frown. Sol chuckled once more before tucking her little brother under his blankets, relenting before leaving the room, only turning back to make sure he was indeed falling asleep. She closed the door after making an affectionate trill to her little brother smiling when he returned the sentiment. Once the door was closed, Garrus waited several minutes watching the light creeping through his door flicker off and he snatched the book off his nightstand. He buried himself under the cover of his blanket and once again opened the book, jaw plates flared out in a massive grin. “There are nights when the Etherium winds are so inviting with the promise of flight and freedom, made one’s spirit soar!