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you’re my, my, my, my lover

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Gina looked at her two friends, laughing at each other. "That's it, we're gonna find out what's going on between those two."

Rosa nodded, agreeing. "We'll force it out of them, because they will otherwise keep lying to us."

Charles propped up on the seat that was free. "What are we talking about?"

They both looked at him, "We're talking about those two and how they're so clearly dating."

She got angry, "Gina! You know full well Charles can't keep a secret, especially from Jake."

He scoffed, "I disagree. I can keep a secret, I'll have you know."

She just got up, and walked over to them. "Hey you two, wanna play a game?"

Amy got up excitedly, "Can you win it?"

She shook her head, "No. But, everyone else is playing."

They both got up, "Okay. Let's start, woooh!"

Jake sat down almost opposite her, 'just to be on the safe side'. "Okay, what's the game?"

His best friend, of course, sat next to him. "The game is Never Have I Ever, and basically if you've done it you drink and if you haven't you don't."

He nodded, "Okay. Who wants to ask the questions first?"

Rosa then nodded, "Okay... I'll go first. Never have I ever been in a relationship with someone I now regret to have been with," she said.

Everyone drank, except her. "Okay, me next! Never have I ever kissed someone more than twice in 24 hours that I wasn't in a relationship with, yet or not at all."

The two of them looked at each other, then drank at the same time. "Ooh, doesn't seem like a coincidence to me." They glared at Charles, and he put his hands off. "Okay, okay, fine!"

Two hours later, she smiled at him. "I love you, y'know."

Then, he smiled. "I love you more, and before you say 'Impossible'; I'll have you know I've loved you for seven years, you've only done so for one."

She rolled her eyes, "That doesn't mean I love you less. It just means, I've loved you for a shorter amount of time.

He laughed, "That may be... But, I still stand by what I said."

Amy sighed in annoyance, "I hate you."

Jake kissed her, and of course she kissed him back. "I love you too, Ames."

A smile appeared on both of their faces, "I still love you more, though."