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Sexual Healing

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You called out in response to the front door of the apartment you and Momo shared opening, and then closing loudly, almost causing you to drop the mug you were holding in the kitchen. You hadn’t expected him back, not because he was coming home earlier than expected, but because you didn’t even realize he had been gone for hours. After all, he could be very quiet when he went to work on the transceiver, preferring to do so in another room of the apartment rather than force you to watch him becoming increasingly frustrated and ultimately kick it across the room. Before you could wonder how he managed to slip out of the house, he put a hand on your shoulder, the smell of oil permeating the air as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

“Sorry, I,” Momo paused as he watched you turn to him, trying to gauge whether you were just startled by his abrupt introduction or if you were about to chew him out for what he was going to admit to you.

“Momo, where were you?”

Well, he didn’t need to guess anymore. And judging by your furrowed brow, his answer would not be particularly well-received.

“Bar…” was all he managed to slur out before you shifted your eyes downwards towards the floor, unable to look him in the eyes.

“I can see that,” you spoke with subdued anger, gesturing towards a noticeable oil stain on his shirt, most likely the result of him becoming well-lubed to the point where he was even clumsier than normal which was a near-impossible record to top.

Oh God, he’d really done it this time.

“Why?” You pressed him further, knowing that he would come undone under even the slightest amount of pressure. As if to prove your point, you could see that he had started to play with the hem of his shirt in your peripheral vision.

“I was just,” he stopped when you sighed in anger, knowing that you didn’t really want to hear his explanations. He knew he was going to say something embarrassing; it was a forgone conclusion given the state he was in and the fact that he had already made such an ass of himself tonight, but he didn't know precisely when.

“This silence is starting to drag on,” he noted mentally. You still hadn’t looked back up at him since you had first lowered your eyes to the floor. In his drunken stupor, he decided that now, not an hour from now when you had calmed down, right now, would be the best time to blurt out the worst phrase he could’ve possibly uttered.

“Look, I promise…I’m going to fuck you all night,” he blurted out, only realizing how inappropriate this was once he had already said it.

For the first time since the conversation began, you raised your head slightly, not quite looking him in the eyes as your brow knit even further in confusion, your arms wrapped tightly around your body in a defensive way.


Momo fell completely silent and so did the apartment, but the look on your face spoke volumes and none of them were positive.

“Momo,” you began, placing the mug down on the counter to rub at your eyes, “that’s…not the point.”

You knew what he was getting at with his inappropriately timed statement; he wasn’t exactly the king of dropping subtle hints. And this was not a new issue in your relationship. It wasn’t that he didn’t find himself aroused by you, he did, sometimes unbearably so, but every time any one of you had tried to initiate anything sexual, he would freeze up completely, savoring your lips on his neck but being frustratingly unable to do anything about it. No matter how many times you told him that it was alright and laid in his arms as you got yourself off, he couldn’t help but feel inadequate, completely useless to you, just as he had felt for most of his life.

Momo suddenly pulled you in for a hug, all but collapsing in tears, his knees buckling, as you locked your arms around him out of pure instinct.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry. I love you so much, I swear I do, I just,” he breathed into your neck between heavy sobs and warbles, cradling you to his casing as if he were mourning your accidental death. You could neither get a word in to interrupt his cries nor could you pull his body off of yours even with the full force of both of your hands pushing back against him. Your anger all but dissolved when you saw the look on his face as he finally let go of you to cup your face in his hands; you could’ve sworn you heard him ‘sniffling’ as digital tears streamed down his face.

“Hey, it’s fine. We can take things as slow as you need to,” you spoke softly to him, careful not to upset him now that you knew how fragile he could be.

“You know I love you, right?”

Something about the way he asked you made you falter in your response. This was a question that you hoped he would know the answer to by now; he hadn’t once forgotten to kiss you before going to sleep and you certainly never remember him failing to tell you how much he loved you at least three times a day. He had given you so much of himself, even from the first moment he met you, and there was no doubt in your mind that he meant every word he said to you.

“Yeah, I know,” you reassured him as you placed a kiss against his screen, “but why were you at the bar?”

“I just…I just thought that I could- I only wanted to give you what you wanted and, and, I didn’t think I could do it without…encouragement,” he was still sniffling, but his digital tears had started to dry up.

“Ok, but you can’t just leave the apartment without letting me know where you’re going. I didn’t even know you were gone! What would’ve happened if you hadn’t come home at all, and I had no idea where you’d gone?”

Sensing your anger, he lowered his face onto your shoulder.

“And, things will happen naturally. It’s ok.”

He was reinvigorated by that comment, taking you by the waist and explaining to you with exasperation that these things should’ve happened between you already, that he should’ve been taking you as often as he could, making you scream so loud that the neighbors would start to complain. Every time there was a brief pause in the conversation, you tried to calm him down only to be interrupted with more of his drunken ramblings about how badly he wanted you.

Eventually, you kissed him if only to get him to stop talking and take some action for once in his life. In a rare display of courage probably spurred on by his night of drinking, he pushed you up against the kitchen counter, the edge of it digging into your spine as he hungrily pushed his hips into you and began to grind them against yours. As baffled as you were by his sudden shift, you couldn’t be more pleased. You let him know exactly how you felt by guiding his hand beneath your shirt, letting him start to gingerly push it up with two of his fingers, stopping only when he cleared his non-existent throat and told you that he had to tell you something important.

“That…took all of my courage,” he admitted, reverting to his old nervous habit of rubbing his neck.

“Better late than never. Let’s just start this slow, ok? If you don’t want to do this anymore, then we can stop.”

Almost as soon as you got the words out, he emphatically told you not to stop, despite anything he said to you during the night. You relished this statement, knowing with certainty that you would be holding it against him by the end of the hour if everything went according to your plans.

You stood in the kitchen with his arm wrapped around your waist, unsure of how to start with such a nervous partner, for what felt like an eternity, the only noise coming from the rattling of Momo’s fans inside his casing.

“It would help if we got comfortable somewhere,” you finally suggested.

“Oh! R-right.”

With a little prompting, he guided you to the couch. While you sat motionless next to each other, not even touching your legs, Momo’s mind was racing. His arousal and inebriated condition made it hard for him to focus, but he knew that the burning, pulsing desire under his plating could only be resolved by you in his lap, kissing him, touching him and…and…

He couldn’t hesitate any longer, his eyes drawing to your clothed body, staring with such a deep need behind them that it was impossible for you to not pick up on. As you began to remove your shirt, he lunged on you, nearly knocking the both of you to the floor in the process.

“Jesus! Calm down!” you yelped as he straightened himself out from his, one of his legs pressing between yours and his hands pinning you to the couch below.

“S-Sorry! I just…I need to fuck you so badly.”

“We’ll get to that, don’t worry.”

In an effort to get him to relax, you instructed him to flip over and let you climb on top of him, wasting no time placing a kiss on a few wires that ran down his neck from his screen. Before you had even placed his lips against him, he shuddered and let out a wild moan. You were going to treasure this moment for all it was worth. Your tongue wrapped itself around his wires, drops of saliva falling against his overheated neck as you focused your attention entirely on teasing him. You could've lied and said that this was your way of getting him to loosen up a bit, but it would be much more accurate to say that you merely enjoyed the act of driving him to insanity with lust for you.

While your tongue worked away with diligence and care, you brought your hand down to his sensitive plating, bringing him the temporary relief of your palm pressing against his sex.

“Aaa~ please…”

You took a brief moment to remove the rest of your clothing, allowing him to sit there with his burning need for you now on full display and it didn't take long for him to start to beg for your hand. To keep him busy while you twisted your way out of your shirt, you gave infrequent strokes to his thighs, watching his screen glitch every time you did so. God, he really was needy, wasn't he? When you were totally bare before him, you began your rhythm again, rolling a sensitive wire around in your fingers while tracing another with your tongue, stopping only to place a few calming kisses along his chest and neck.

“P-Please…I-it’s too much!” The companion whined, his arms shaking from the sheer force of his grip on the couch. He would’ve grabbed onto you, but he feared his own strength, enhanced by his lust. If he had taken a handful of your hair, there was a fair chance that he’d crush your skull, especially when your teasing picked back up again.


He placed a hand against you to push your tongue off of him, but you kept at it despite his protestations, slowing down and speeding up every so often to bring him down from the brink of orgasm and then push him right back towards it with no hesitation. You were speeding up again, but you didn’t intend to make him cum so soon. Momo started to feel that familiar chain reaction in his body, one that would soon be unstoppable if you didn’t let up, accompanied by a feeling of dread, the feeling of hurtling towards a cliff with no way to stop. The soft caresses of your tongue and the feeling of his cock, pressed up against your belly, leaking onto you, were maddening. Perhaps, too maddening.

“FUCK! Fuck…mmmf-” His entire body jolted as he came back down from his near-release again, one hand covering his speaker to stifle all of the noise he was making and the other threading through your hair as gently as he could.

“P-please…no more…” he begged as his body ached for you to the point where it became painful, every touch grabbing onto him with an iron fist and holding him entirely at your mercy, desperately horny for you in a way that he had never felt before.

“What’s wrong?” he could hear your smile as you traced your fingers between his thighs, ignoring where he needed them the most.

“You’re not giving up already, are you?”

“I just- I can’t take it anymore! Please, just fuck me,” he leaned his head back.

“I will. But remember what you told me? That you were gonna fuck me all night?”

He cursed himself for making such a promise to you, knowing that you would be drawing this out for as long as you could. He awaited what new torture you would inflict on him as you moved down his body, kissing his stomach and laughing.

“Honey, I’m not done with you at all.”

You had kept some lube hidden near the couch just in case Momo had gained enough confidence to start an impromptu quickie with you, so you finally put it to use and slicked a few hefty drops against your entrance.

To say that your position was intimate would be an understatement. Momo was laid out horizontally on the couch with you straddling his lower abdomen, your soft, warm thighs pressing up against his cold metal, strings of precum pooling onto his belly. You desperately wanted to close the gap between the two of you and start putting your body to use but you also wanted to give your partner a nice, long look at what was his. Sentimental talk was not something that came easy to you, especially not during sex, but you couldn’t deny that your feelings for Momo ran deeper than you ever anticipated they could. Something about his sweetness blended perfectly with your more closed-off skepticism. Getting truly intimate with him for the first time only cemented how attracted to him you really were, how much you liked him. No, *loved* him.

Momo was too busy taking in your lovely body, letting his fingers fall gently with the force of gravity down your chest, to hear your quiet question.

“You ready?”

“Hm?” His eyes shifted up to your face, looking like he had just been caught doing something he wasn’t supposed to.

“Distracted by something?” You shifted slightly forward while you moved to take off his hat, pressing your body into his in a fluid motion. Momo silently marveled at the impressive amount of control you had over your body. You didn’t buckle once as you held yourself in such a contorted, exotic position, starkly contrasting with his shaking form. You weren’t unlike a viper, perched above your prey.

“I don’t want you to lose this,” you smiled as you placed his hat onto the side table, your face brushing by his as you leaned further over his body, so close that he was just mere centimeters away from the warmth of your skin. He could feel it radiating off of you. If it were physically possible, his jaw would’ve hit the floor.

“You’re stunning,” was the only reply the flustered companion could breathe out.

“Hey, honey, let’s talk about that after,” you chuckled.

Momo watched as you closed the distance between your thighs, cinching his legs together like a soft vice, as you lifted your body up into a perfectly-aligned position with his neglected cock.

“Oh God, please,” Momo sighed as he felt the very tip of his sex press into your warmth only for it to be a false alarm. Your body lifted back up, leaving Momo and his pleasure in limbo. Fevered with anticipation, he couldn’t help but grip onto your sides and gently push you back down until he felt himself entering into you for real. With one stifled moan, you took him inside you quickly. The sudden overstimulation made Momo cry out loudly, throwing his head back over the edge of the couch.

“How’s that?” you purred, shifting yourself on top of him as you began to make slow, shallow movements, letting him fully drink in the moment of his first coupling with you.

“R-really good…”

You placed both of your hands on his casing when you received that satisfactory answer, slowly and gently riding him as if to give him some time to adjust before you showed him what you were capable of doing to him. The constant friction of your tightness around him was enough to drive him insane, even at the slow speed you insisted on going at. Almost subconsciously, he began to thrust upwards into you, feeling your walls barely parting to accommodate his length. With every move, he lamented over having never fucked you like this before, bitter over the divine pleasure he had been missing out on all this time.

His warbles began to change, sounding more strained, almost tortured, laced with the kind of desire that was hard to nail down. Momo began to increase his speed, testing the waters. Apparently, it was much appreciated. The harder and faster you brought your hips down onto him, the closer he found himself to release. Although Momo wasn’t as much of an active participant as he wanted to be, he somehow knew exactly how to angle himself to press up against your most sensitive spots over and over again.

“Holy shit, Momo,” you panted out, losing yourself in your rhythm.

“W-what?” he asked, staring up at you with digital half-lidded eyes.

“It’s rhetorical, honey,” you explained as you ran your hands down his body, “I’m just letting you know how good of a lay you are.”

“Really? I am?”

Rather than answer him verbally, you guided his hand to your dripping cock. With a jump in his chest, Momo ran his fingers over your sensitive tip, unsure of how to begin but knowing that he had to do something. Within just a few minutes of his soft, exploratory touches, his fingers were dripping with precum.
“There’s your answer,” you groaned.

Momo involuntarily grinned like an idiot at your praise and approval, rubbing his soaked fingers across your throbbing shaft to continue the good work. You continued on like this, Momo quietly moaning as his body was wracked with pleasure, attempting to keep his hand steady enough to return the favor for you.

“Hey, honey, sit up a bit,” you whispered to him through the heat.

He shifted his position until he was sitting, trying to keep himself from slipping out of you during the movement.

“That’s nice, isn’t it? Now I can kiss you properly.”

Momo took the opportunity to do it first. While his right hand continued to pump you, he used the other to cup your cheek and bring you in for a passionate kiss. The sparks that formed between his staticky screen and your pierced lips caused a pleasant tingling sensation throughout your mouth. As wonderful as it was, the kiss fortunately did not distract him from his thrusts. Still, there was no way he could compete with your ambition. It seemed that you had only gotten faster and more passionate with the way you pushed yourself down onto Momo, taking him inside with little effort after nearly letting him slip out. Every time you allowed him to nearly exit you, leaving just the tip inside, Momo was well aware of the absence of your heat. He watched in amazement as you allowed him only the slightest amount of entry in those moments, making shallow moves that barely took him in halfway when you lowered yourself again. But then, the tempo would shift suddenly, and you would come down quickly, causing intense shockwaves to course through his casing at the sudden overstimulation.

“I need you to fuck me,” you spoke, directly into his auditory sensor. Something about that line, your lusty delivery, made Momo snap his hips up into you with such force that you let out a rather loud and embarrassing squeak in response. And he did not stop. He tried his best to coincide his random thrusts with your calculated, expert movements but it quickly devolved into a disorganized blur or motion and pleasure. Your moans and noises came out in puffs of air, fogging up his screen as they blended with his.

“I’m close,” Momo whispered to you, pressing the side of his face into yours.

“The feeling’s mutual,” you replied as you felt the inevitable feeling of release gripping your lower abdomen, the first waves of contraction gripping Momo even tighter inside of you.

“Momo, please, I’m going to cum,” you were shaking almost as hard as he was as the constant strokes against your sex lead you to the point of no return.

Momo took the opportunity to kiss you through your orgasm, holding you still as you convulsed in his hand, spending yourself on him as you covered his fingers in thick ropes of cum. The rhythmic contractions of your body triggered Momo’s release, as well, and he came inside of you, buried deeply in your warmth as he found a comfortable position right up against your neck. His beeps and warbles intensified and reached their peak as he filled you, not wanting to stop himself from thrusting into you any time soon.

Had your eyes not been closed in ecstasy, you would’ve noticed that his screen had turned a very bright blue, illuminating your naked skin and the dim room around you. Once Momo came to, he wasn’t sure what to do with the hand he has used to bring you to completion, but he forgot all about washing himself off when you lifted off of his cock, cum slicking your inner thighs and dripping down onto him, a sign that he had finally made you his own. Marked you.

Momo had been feeling overwhelmed long before he had allowed your insides to give him one last caress. A few beads of sweat rolled down your face as you caught your breath, surveying the damage below you. Your cum hadn’t been entirely contained by his hand; his casing was covered in your essence, but you found that you didn’t care all that much about cleaning yourself up yet either. You laid down on top of him as he reclined back on the couch from his sitting position, nuzzling into the neck of your overheated lover who was only able to respond by placing one shaky hand on your back.

Once he had regained his composure, you placed a kiss on his still-glitching screen as he repeated over and over again his declarations of love for you, and you alone.

“I take it back, honey,” you drawled out as you wrapped your arms around his body, “I’m glad you went to the bar tonight.”