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A Deal With A Little Witch

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The man counted the minutes patiently. He had bags full of rare metal, suitcases filled with computer chips that contained state-of-the-art programming languages used by governments, and even  materials to help the girl out with her witch magic, which he no longer doubted after seeing the way she came to and from his room.  His patience paid off when the space in front of him opened up, making room for a portal that showed the small, navy blue-haired girl wearing a white T-shirt, blue shorts, white socks, and a red ribbon to keep her ponytail tied together. Her teal eyes, weirdly enough, complimented the gentle touch of tan on her small stature. She was a very beautiful lady all around, and was quite happy she took him up on his offer.

"Well, I got everything you requested," he told her, pointing to the hard-to-collect collection of goods on the ground. "It's a real hassle to get these things, but it's definitely worth it in the end." Every product he delivered worked well and brought fantastic results. Constanze trusted the man, but still wanted to check just to be sure. She walked to the suitcase and bent over, poking her round, perky butt out at the man. His eyes couldn't seem to stop staring her luscious bottom, which he reached out to grab through her clothes. The girl tensed up as he felt his hands on her bottom, just like she did many times before. "It's so soft... You've got a really nice body for someone so tiny. Actually, you being tiny is what makes you sexy in the first place."

The statements made the girl blush. Her teachers and even a few of her classmates were usually seen as the apple of most men's eyes, but very few people showed any kind of interest in Constanze's body. She didn't smile from his words or his touches, but there was definitely a feeling of joy in knowing she was wanted by a man so much that he was willing to risk so much just to spend a night or two with her. She continued going through the items, carefully expecting the metals and using her magic affinity to check the magic in each stone. It was enough to supply herself and her machines to keep her going for an extensive amount of time, and to perform feats that would even blow her instructors out of the water.

It was a good haul, as always.

The girl looked behind her, gently swaying her hips against the man's grabby hands.  She felt his fingers push into her buttocks through her shorts, causing her to groan briefly. Despite the lack of a smile on her face, the look in her eyes hinted that she enjoyed his touches, even more so when he pulled down her shorts, showing off the bare bottom and smooth, naked pussy that came with it, the slit already as wet as a lily pad. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she was becoming more honest with how she felt about this. She had been anticipating this, hoping for it deep in her heart.

"Your pussy never stops looking so good," he told the girl before pushing his face towards it, parting his lips and letting his tongue squirm and wiggle against her soft petals. The witch shut her eyes, grunting a little while he tasted her up her delicate sex. Her heart fluttered like wings of a sparrow as he felt that wet muscle drag along her folds in circles, causing her to shiver in pleasure. He pressed his lips against her pussy, giving it a gentle kiss that was enough to stir her up even more. She pressed her pussy further against his face, shaking her little round butt against him while he pushed his tongue into her. She felt as if she were being enchanted, his tongue moving about inside of her walls practically filling her with a magic that no spell ever had before. It slammed about within her wet, convulsing caverns like a blind snake.

The feeling of that pink intruder  dancing against her sensitive innards made the witch's eyes dilate with ecstasy. Her legs shook as his licking heated her up all the more, the pleasure inside of her throwing her mind in a frenzy, like a hurricane. He grabbed onto her butt, pushing his fingers into those malleable asscheeks while he jabbed her insides with his tongue, enjoying the sweet nectar that it was giving him. She let out higher-pitched grunts as she was quickly brought to her climax. The girl let her mouth hang open as her  wet tunnel tightened around his tongue before gushing an explosion of her fluids all over his face. Her body shook, as if tremors were let loose inside of her, and she let out a loud, lust-ridden sigh as she squirted all over his face, something that he didn't seem to mind. The taste of her nectar practically got him drunk, and he couldn't bring it to himself to stop licking right away; he pulled his tongue out and lapped at her pussy just a bit more before he stood up for a  moment.

"I-I can't take it anymore..." He pulled down his pants and shorts, and the girl looked over to see that hard, thick mass that she had grown well-acquainted with at this point. It was still a shock to see that there wasn't any technology or magic involved with how hard he was; he was just that horny for her from the get-go. She definitely wasn't complaining, despite the somewhat grouchy look on her face. She crawled onto the bed, lying down on her back and spreading her legs for the man, still blushing at the seams for doing this, despite it not being her first time. "Look at you... Even with that pouty look, you still look sexy."

He grabbed onto his thick, hardened member and guided it over to her folds. The girl felt a surge of lustful anticipation run through her for a second before he pushed the crown past her pussy, sliding the length of his hardness into her slowly, her lips releasing a subtle gasp as he entered her. She looked over at the length moving in and out of her slowly, the feeling of it filling her leaving her wanting more of it almost immediately. She couldn't help it; she'd grown to love having his manhood invading her slick, warm caverns as if searching for some deeply-hidden treasure. His hands moved to the bottom of her shirt, lifting it up to expose the completely flat chest that she usually wouldn't be too proud of. However, his hands slid up her soft, slender body and moved against her pretty pink nipples, fingertips pinching at them like they were a pair of buttons. She let out some louder grunts as he felt his mass sink further into her, the wet noises of his rod penetrating her growing louder inside of the room.

The man looked into her teal eyes, smiling at how she looked. Her eyes, filled with a lustful gaze, were half-open, and the corner of her lips were leaking drool. "Mm... I love it when you look like that," he said to the girl before he moved his face down, kissing her lips constantly while he pinched her nipples, tugging on them softly as he sheathed his rod with more force into her, his hips swinging back and forth with vigor. "I want more of you... God, I want to fuck you more and more!"

His words continued to flash her cheeks pink. Out of everything, she didn't expect him to like her tits so much - if one even wanted to call them that, with how flat she was. She was almost certain she could only wear a pair of swimming trunks on the beach and no one would figure it out. This man, however, absolutely adored the minuscule size she had to work with. He even went as far as to lean in to lick her left nipple just as feverishly as he did her pussy. He planted his lips around her nipple, giving it a hard suck while he sucked it hungrily. Her mind was going white, yet her body felt like it was shining like a star, the dopamine of being fucked so intensely catching up with her body. She reached her hands to his shoulders, clinging onto them dearly as he gyrated his hips with each thrust forward, making sure his hot shaft rubbed against all of the sweet spots along her trenches. Without much warning, the witch let out a loud, surprised gasp as she wrapped her legs around the man's waist, heels digging into her flesh while she let out a brief cry, her cunt tightening around his feverish dick, convulsing and letting out another round of warm, clear juices all over his shaft. Her feelings of lust and ecstasy popped around in her head like bubbles as the nearly-suffocating sensation of her orgasm took her under.He gave her nipple another lick before he leaned up, moving his left hand to her soft cheek and stroking it slowly, becoming lost inside of her eyes filled with unbridled joy, her mind practically melting from his eager motions.

"I'm... gonna keep going." The man definitely slowed down for sure, but didn't intend to stop in the slightest. The sound of his dick striking deep into her practically made both of them go crazy, and the way his palms pressed against her little nips made her swoon. Her dilated pupils showed him how good he was doing in taking care of her like this. He pulled his hips back slowly, only to quickly lunge them forward, his ballsack slapping beneath her warm, moist pussy while his rod churned the inside of it. More than anything, Constanze felt incredible. Still sensitive from her earlier climax, the girl had yet again felt as if she were flying with a magic completely different from one she had used for so long. Her head wasn't just in the clouds, but far above the cosmos from how his dick was plowing her. Almost as if it were a miracle worker, feeling the man's shaft push so deep into her tight, convulsing sex made her do something that he hadn't seen up until that point.

For the first time since meeting her, Constanze smiled. Maybe with the lust of a sex-crazed demon, but it was mixed with the warmth of a rising sun.

Either way, it through the man over the edge. He wrapped his arms around the bottom of her thighs, hunched himself over her, and proceeded to pull his hips back once before rapidly ramming his rod into her pussy like a steam engine, drilling his shaft straight into the back of her sensitive cunt like a piston. It felt like lightning was striking into her hot caverns, the ballsack that acted as meteors threatening to cratering below them.  Her moans got harder to contain, and she soon enough just gave up altogether. She let out a loud, lustful cry as she managed to tense up again while being rammed into. She gripped onto his shoulders again as she felt him swell up inside of her. She knew what was coming, and she was ready to accept his affection to the fullest. Her sex squeezed around the mass that seemed be getting closer and closer to the brink, until...


The man moaned out the girl's name as he buried his dick deep into her pussy. His rod pulsated as his tip unleashed a flood of thick, hot seed deep into the girl's depths. Constanze's eyes widened as his warm cum raced into her yet again, the warmth of his essence practically making her head spin in all the best ways possible. The man pressed his rod further into the witch, wanting to make sure every last drop of his cum filled her hole.  All Constanze could do was lay beneath him, letting him pump as much of it into her as he deemed fit.

After a few seconds of savoring being inside of her, he slowly pulled his hips back, his member slipping out of her chute. A glob of his cum oozed from out of her hole while she tried to collect herself, her breathing ragged and her body shaking from the white fluid poured into her. Her lips sort of hurt from all the smiling she did, not being entirely used to expressing her joy in such a way.

"S-Sorry... Watching you smile like that really got me going for some reason," he told her. She glanced down at the seed pouring from her hole, but wasn't worried; she had magic that could take care of any unwanted problems. It was a lot, though. She could see it. She could feel it. She was still on the high of being railed so roughly, but he demeanor started to revert back to normal. She blushed when she realized how much she was grinning ear to ear earlier, and  buried her face in the pillow.

"Don't be so ashamed of it," he told Constanze. "You have a really beautiful smile, and I'm glad I finally get to see it. I think I'm gonna aim for seeing that more while we're still under these... Conditions..." He noticed that Constanze wasn't just burying her embarassment away, but also taking out a chalkboard - where she got it from was unknown, even to her. What was known, though, was that it was her main way to communicate. She scribbled along the chalkboard, blushing a little before turning around and showing the man what she wrote.

Actually, I have a different proposition.

"A different proposition? What do you mean?" The girl went back to writing on the board, then flipped it to him, pointing too him and herself.

We can keep doing this... Having sex and what not, in exchange for you giving me my goods. But... Would you be okay with being my partner?

"Of course I would!" said the man. "I think with my connections and way of collecting things, you'd be the world's best magical engineer!" The girl blushed from the idea, still pouting while  writing in the chalkboard again.

Well, I say partner... But as long as you keep it a secret, would you mind being my boyfriend?  She looked down at the bored, then wrote in it again before looking away, presenting the extra content written. It's obvious that you've gone to some extremes to get what I need. That says a lot, so I'll reward you by making it a do-  She wiped the board clean with her wrist, then wrote on it again before presenting it to him. ...By making it a double deal. ...It'd also make me happy.

He looked  at the mute girl with eyes filled with so much joy it could fill up the entirety of outer space and beyond. "If you're giving me the chance, then I'll happily love you for as long as I live. ...That's a yes, by the way."

For a second, him answering with the words she'd hope for most made her smile. But it seemed that despite now having a boyfriend, she wasn't willing to show it so willingly. She erased the writing with her wrist again, tapping her chin at the man that agreed to go out with her. For a while, she didn't write anything. The serious Constanze, who was bad at making friends, has charmed a man into fucking her in exchange for hard-to-obtain goods, and even made him her boyfriend. Naturally, this wasn't something that she'd tell anyone, but it was so jarring that it was all happening. Anyone looking in would say that this wasn't like her in the slightest. And maybe they're right, she thought. But even someone like her couldn't shake the feeling of wanting someone especially close to her deep down. Still, Engineer, Witch, and now Girlfriend. After a few nights, the girl gave herself another thing for her name to live up to.


She finally figured out what to ask him. For the longest time, she only knew him by his position, the seller. But now that everything lead up to this... she looked into the man's eyes, showing her question that, now more than ever, was floating in her mind.

What's your name?