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Small Things

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Small things, Lancelot reminded herself. Anything she purchased, in Moronstad or Darley City or anywhere else, she'd have to carry until she returned home. She'd sent letters, of course, and trusted they'd arrived in both His Majesty Arthrur and Gwen's hands, but simple letters were far different than pieces of jewelry and old books and a very fine dagger. Just her own additions to her wardrobe, many at the advice of her growing circle of acquaintances, made her pack a bit unwieldy.

No, they were friends, she supposed, and they all meant well and Lancelot knew she truly did need the advice, especially as the weather changed. Friends she hadn't expected to make along the way, and company she'd never expected to keep- But perhaps..?.

Lancelot shook the thoughts from her head as she walked by a market stall with beautiful sparkling rings and bracelets and colorful scarves and small things. She'd already bought three rings for Gwen, but perhaps another? Lancelot knew Gwen's fingers like her own and could easily select the correct size. And a scarf for her hair on windy days, or just to have a touch of something foreign, oh-

Though a few of the rings were simple and masculine, and the bracelets as well. But when had she last seen Arthur without gauntlets or gloves? Would he wear such a thing if she gave it to him?

If she gave it to him.

It would be something different from a book or dagger, at least. And it would be small.

Lancelot knew Arthur's hands as well as she knew Gwen's. She knew his wrists, his arms.

"See one you'd like, Miss?"

"Y-yes!" Lancelot hadn't meant to get lost in thought and surely, she was blushing, but she grabbed for a silver ring and quickly sized it on her own fingers before handing it back. It'd be perfect, as long as it was given cautiously, slipped inside a dagger case.

Or on the ribbon of an old book.