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Drawing in circles around the spots where you were.

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There’s something to be said about the way one feels when they wake up after they thought they wouldn’t, but you’re too groggy to say it.

You stared at the ceiling, locked in an observation room with the only light coming from behind the blinds of the nurse’s station. The blanket around you was far too thin, and knowing there was eyes on you made it hard to sleep. It’s funny, suicide was decriminalized however long ago, yet this place feels an awful lot like a prison. In that moment, you acutely felt the collective misery of those that came before you; the mentally ill of ages past, made to suffer because people didn’t understand. At least you weren’t chained up, you couldn’t say as much for people of the past.
Just hours previous, you had wanted to die so badly, but now you just wanted to go home. ‘72 hours.’ you thought; the minimum amount of time you were stuck here, and that was if you were lucky. You laid on your side. What if you begged to go home? Promised you wouldn’t hurt yourself? What would convince them? Nothing, probably. These people won’t let you wear clothes with strings on them, they obviously have very little faith in you.
The only real question was… how are you going to pass these next 72 hours? You have no work to do, no free access to your things, no freedom period. A worker warned you that there wasn’t much to do. You could draw, read, or talk to people. Truly a vast array of activities. They really are just keeping people locked in here with nothing to do, and expecting them not to get worse? Why?

The door opened, light from the hallway flooding in. “Good morning. We’ve got a free room for you.” The person said.
Now free from observation, you dragged your things to your new room. Thank fuck, you don’t have to share. Also, holy fuck, this place is bare. What’s the point of having so much storage when they take half of your stuff from you anyway?

Shuffling into the main room, several people already littered the place. Seeing how many people were here made this place feel deceptively big. You sat at the table, eyeing everyone as you sized them up. Who would you choose to talk to? Because otherwise, you were gonna be bored as hell. Most of them seemed occupied, hopefully they won’t get mad at you.

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