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i want to wear his initial on a chain around my neck

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“okay i’m going to tell you both something and you have to promise you aren’t going to judge me or say something weird or anything you just have to hear me out,” team’s voice cuts through the once peaceful quiet of pharm’s apartment.

“team if you don’t want to do your english work just say that, you don’t have to ask, we already know,” manaow doesn’t even look up from her textbook to look at him.

“honestly i think you might like what i have to say for once, but again please for the love that is all peaceful on earth don’t laugh,” team closes his book with a loud flourish as he feels two pairs of eyes burn through his forehead.

“hia win wears this necklace, like all the time…like … all the time,” manaow gestures for him to keep going, but it seems that his brain has disconnected any type of function to his mouth and is now gaping his mouth similarly to a fish out of water.

“is the necklace ugly,” pharm offers. “maybe it looks ugly on him and team is too nice to say… i can’t even finish the thought because i know i’m wrong,” manaow and pharm go back and forth to come up with reason why team would ever have a single reason to hate on a stupid necklace.

“look i don’t hate the necklace,” team finally says something after a full 10 minutes. “good because i was really going to start judging you if THIS was the thing that is causing you so much trouble,” manaow pulls out a picture win posted to instagram not too long ago.

just a simply picture of him and the other seniors from the swimming club out at a club, bar, whatever. win, however, with his deep aversion to never buttoning up his shirt all the way has his full chest out with, once again, the stupid necklace on full display.

team flops face first onto pharm’s bed, kicking his kids like he is throwing a tantrum. “team i really don’t see the problem with this, i mean,” pharm gives manaow her phone back and sits at the corner of his bed.

“team if he wasn’t your boyfriend and i didn’t have my very own insanely hot swimmer boyfriend the things i would be saying about him and that specific necklace would rightfully deserve a kick to my face,” manaow pats him gently on his calf.

“i give you permission, i promise i won’t tell p’pruk,” pharm gives manaow a cautionary look as she exhales.

“i’m just saying if p’pruk had a necklace like that i would let him fuck me six ways ‘til sunday.”

team lets out a gut wrenching scream onto a pillow.

“oh.” manaow says

pharm is the first one to let out the most hearty laugh and full on squeals.

“team are you saying that…” pharm perhaps has the biggest smiles that takes up half is face.

“that he wears the necklace while we are having sex and i literally cannot control myself, because if that is what you are asking you are one thousand percent correct,” team curls onto himself as he hugs a pillow.

“you are freaking out because you have a hot boyfriend with whom you are very intensely sexually active with,” pharm hasn’t stopped laughing and honestly it’s getting a bit concerning.

“eww stop you would like you are thirty five,” team throws a pillow at pharm and turns to lay on his back.

“i’m just saying that it is very distracting when we are at lunch break and i turn to look at him and see the stupid necklace and suddenly remember it dangling on my face the night before,” team says.

the room once again going back to a peaceful quiet.

“have you told p’win about your very real and totally reasonable problem,” manaow feigns concern.

“why would i,” team kicks manaow’s hand away.

“because maybe your boyfriend would like to know when something turns his boyfriend on,” pharm chuckles.

“no he doesn’t know and he can’t know because this is totally mortifying and both of you should keep your mouths shut about this,” teams sits up against pharm’s head board, gripping the pillow.

“i’m once again confused as to why you wanted to tell us this and not expect us to completely miss your point.” manaow sits next to team and leans her head onto his shoulder.

“i don’t know i just needed to let it out, okay, my stupidly hot and sexy boyfriend is going to be picking me up in like 20 minutes and i don’t know how to keep from jumping onto him because of a stupid necklace,” team throws his head onto the pillow.

pharm, being the ever loving best friend he is, flicks team atop his head.

“what you need to do is to be honest to p’win about your totally relatable problem,” pharm smiles softly as team lifts his head.

“if anything p’win will understand where you are coming from,” manaow nods and turns her body to face team.

“come on team, he won’t be weirded out or anything in fact he will probably like it,” pharm situates himself next to team.

“i didn’t expect this to get all sweet,” team laughs and gets up to pack his things up.

“to be fair i was laughing at you but you actually did get upset, i’m sorry,” pharm makes his way to the table to put away his things and gives team a little hip bump. team smiles down at his textbook and give pharm a hip bump back.

his forgotten phone lies face up on the coffee table as it lights up with a line notification.

winnie the pool <3
i’m outside
please tell me pharm made you desserts and you saved some for me
i will be very sad if you ate them without me ☹️

╰(*´︶  `*)╯♡
didn’t even make them for me either :(
i’ll be down in a few minutes, can you wait for me pls?

winnie the pool <3
of course

“okay hia win is outside, should i wait and just tell him now or what should i do instead,” team stops in his tracks and lets go of his last bit of dignity.

“i think … you should wait in case p’win has other ideas,” manaow, not so gently, pushes him out the door of pharm’s apartment.

“okay okay i’ll tell you both how it goes,” team leaves with one final shut to the door.

“i kinda don’t want to know how his talk is going to go,” pharm returns to the bed and lays down.

“yeah we both know what’s going to happen after,” manaow stuffs hee book in her bag and retrieves her phone.

“do you think i have enough money to buy p’pruk a necklace similar to p’win’s?”


the talk went well!

pharm 🐣
and after the talk?


i don’t want to talk about it