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Glad that I could spend one night awake with you

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After Oli plans out his new outfit with Katherine, (A part of him aches that she asked what his measurements were. His Katherine knew his exact measurements; even on his off days) he goes back to Sanctuary. He rows into the little dock and makes his way into the town. He never really got a chance to look around earlier so he takes his time to actually enjoy the scenery. Theres massive trees and bamboo fields. Flowers are everywhere you look but the most prominent one is the sunflower. Every sunflower is a different size and no two sunflowers have the same petals. He smiles as he sniffs a sunflower he has to stand on his tippy toes to reach, every sunflower makes him think of Pearl. He wonders what shes up to now. Moving on he walks pass houses with so many colors and streets full of people despite it being close to sunset. Magic fills his lungs as he breathes in and out. It’s weird being around so much magic after leaving Afterlife but in a way it’s comforting. It makes pride swell up in him knowing Sausage helped create this safe space for people of all shapes and sizes.

He expected to get quite a few looks for his attire but instead all he got were glances of understanding and one kind person telling him where Sausage was. Apparently he started building something new a while after he came back from Katherine’s. Same old Sausage it seems, always getting caught up in fabulous builds.

He shows up when the sun is just on the horizon (after getting lost a few times) and finds Sausage in the middle of making a moss farm. It is looking great so far but how did he get so much progress done in just a couple hours?!? Has he taken any breaks?!?? He's still a madman it seems. Oli walks up behind Sausage before he can second guess himself and hugs him from behind. He hopes this sausage isn't much different from the one he knew.

Sausage jumps but doesn't bush him off, as this feels familiar. Why does it feel familiar? The bard mutters into his sweaty back, "Have you been building since I left? That's not healthy big guy". Oli has done this many times before in many alternative universes. Sausage always gets so obsessed with builds, to the point they forgets to do his basic needs from time to time. Oli doesn't think that will ever change; no matter what world they end up in.

Sausage is still so caught up in the familiarity that he almost forgets to respond, "Ah! Well I'm almost finished! I just have to add more to roof, some decoration, a pathway, and then makes sure it works! which oh boy, sounds like a lot now that I'm saying it! Ahaha oh well once I'm finished ill take a break! Don't worry about me panda pal!". Really its not a big fuss! He's used to building late into the night anyways! Sausage waits for a response and frowns when he never gets one. Sausage goes to turn around to look at the bard when the grip tightens, and keeps him in place.

"...There's always tomorrow...Let me pretend for one night...?".

Sausage doesn't know what he means, but he now remembers the church and the bards singing. So I guess there's plenty of stuff he doesn't understand. Back to the bards question he might as well follow along. I mean what's the worse that can happen? Sausage relaxes into the hug and Oli breathes into his shoulder, "Where to, bard?"

"Wherever your house is sauce" the bard giggles as he talks, he seems happy. Good, that's good...

The two trek there way to Sausages house as the sun slowly passes the horizon. Leaving the hug for holding hands so they wouldn't get lost in the darkness settling around them. Sausage tries to catch his eye but the bard keeps looking literally anywhere else! Is his buildings that impressive? Actually on second thought can he even see the buildings?? If he wasn't holding his hand so tightly, Sausage would of thought he hated him. Maybe he should take another trip to Shelby's to find out what he's missing about this new (old? If he was the same man from the past, how long ago was that?) guy.

They eventually arrived and sausage takes him to the newly added guest room. Its nicely decorated and should be a good fit but the bard hovers in the doorframe instead of going in. Then suddenly he turns around; seemingly embarrassed. "Oh erm, where's your room? ahaha".

"Huh? Oh just down the hall, why?".

Oli face flushes, he could just sleep by himself it wouldn't be too bad-(Oli thinks of a mountain with a grave on it and the weird dreams that followed. He thinks of sleepless nights in a cage and decides he deserves to feel safe again). "Then lets go in there! Come on now my boy!" The sorta bard grabs his hand and rushes down the hall.

And now its Sausage's time for to hover in his own doorway. "Uhm this is really forward, and as much as make jokes about it, I don't actually-"

The not bard rolls his eyes "I didn't mean it like that. Cant a man cuddle his friennnnnsnnn- savior?" He seemed to have been caught up on a certain word, and Sausage ignores it. Actually now that he thinks about it, didn't Eddie and him cuddle last night too? Maybe its a bard thing. No matter, Sausage relents and hesitantly sits in bed as the familiarity comes back stronger. Suddenly flashes of moments pass through his brain. Meeting an Enderman neighbor, the neighbor getting stuck in a cave, he set height limits, the orb changed him-

He comes back to Oli grabbing his arm and pulling him back down into bed, "I wont do anything weird", he hesitates, "I can sleep alone if you're uncomfortable". Sausage feels drained. He's been having so many visions lately and every one feels like a slap to the face. Maybe he'll feel better after a good nights sleep.

" its alright. Its just been a long while is all" Oli lets out a huff at that.

"It has been a long long time indeed. Now come on I'm tired. Getting healed is exhausting". Oli turns away from him, and sausage follows almost on instinct, putting an arm around him. Everything's familiar with Oli. Its almost too much but in a kinda nice way.

As he's thinking he feels Oli's ribs. He rubs his hand over them and frowns. Man, he really needs to talk to Fwhip about how much humans actually need to survive. What was he doing? Giving him one porkchop a day? Suddenly Oli turns around facing him. The room is dark but the moon that had just risen gave him some light to look at Oli's face. He's hit with how much older he looks due to the random scars dousing his face and even if those weren't there he has the eyes of someone who has seen many things in his life. He looks tired and Sausage feels something settle in him as he realizes he found him in time. Oli stares at him with a sense of fondness and Sausage wonders what he looks like to him in this dark room. "I've missed this. Thank you for tonight. I know this is all confusing but just...Thank you", Oli then snuggles back into Sausage's arms, and simply passes out.

Sausage just stares at his face. Confusing is the understatement of the year. Maybe he'll explain more in the morning? Sausage sighs and tries to actually sleep while not worrying about the man next to him. He's safe now. The last thing he thinks before drifting off is what the neighbor could of looked like, as he never saw their face.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
(Oli wakes up in the middle of the night still cuddled up against Sausage. With the moon high up in the sky he can clearly see his face and he finally looks just as he remembers. His face is soft like all his worries have disappeared and Oli huffs a smile at that thought. Suddenly going down the path of reminiscing he remembers soft days of hanging off their shoulder while he organized his chest. Soft days of waking up early but staying in bed till the sun was high up in the sky admiring his platonic lovers face. Soft days of setting "height limits" and complaining about how good his buildings were.

But those soft days are gone. And this is not the same Sausage as before. He has to remind himself to not get too comfortable.

Oli sighs and carefully sits up in bed putting his face into his hands. He's a mess. Still wearing the clothes he showed up in this world. Sausage is the complete opposite of him. Laying in his new clothes that don't smell like salt water but instead dirt and flowers. He cant stay here he realizes. He's intruding on this Sausages new life. He's intruding on everyone's lives here, on their empires (even though HE was the first person here, the FOUNDER of these lands). He needs to leave.

He slowly scoots off the bed but freezes when the body next to him whines. Another wave of nostalgia hits him as he remembers every world where this exact scene has happened. He huffs and grabs one of the fallen pillows and places it where he was laying. Sausage sighs contently, and snuggles into the pillow. At least he's still somewhat same old Sausage.

He finally walks down the staircase, and tries not to think about how much he will miss this. He is thankfully distracted and a little bit spooked to see someone in the kitchen this early. Eddie laughs, his ears perking up, and its a wonderful deep laugh that has Oli blushing. He has these tiny little circle glasses on his face and he's wearing a loose tang top with the words "Best dad!" scribbled onto it with crude handwriting with also some fluffy pants with snowflakes on them. He looks quite nice.

They chat for a bit before Eddie finally brings it up. "So you're leaving?", they're standing next to each other while leaning on the kitchen counters with only the moon to light up the room. Eddie is looking away from him, out the window, and Oli tries to imagine what he sees when he looks around the place his son has built for people like him.

"I cant stay here. Its not right of me", he sighs and looks down into his cup. Eddie made them hot chocolate without even saying anything. When Oli asked why he did that, Eddie replied saying he looked like he needed some comfort. He doesn't even remember the last time he's had good hot chocolate (He does remember when he tried making hot chocolate when he was celebrating his afterlife "win". His mouth tasted like ash for days after). "I'm going back to my old house to gather what I can then leave off to somewhere else".

Eddie looks over at him and Oli has no choice but to look back. Eddie has been nothing but kind to him and Oli isn't going to displace that kindness just because he's being all self pitying. "Look, Oli. Sausage hasn't been this bright in a while. He looks content now, no longer missing a puzzle piece. And that's thanks to you. We might not know you but you clearly know him, so don't abandoned what you know. Don't abandoned what you're just learning about. " Eddie leans in close to his face, "You will always have a place here Oli."

And the way he says his name makes his heart swoon and makes him want to stay here in the comfort of their arms forever, but he has already made up his mind. He doesn't belong here. Seeing his stubbornness Eddie sighs and leans back to his spot, "At least leave a note for him. He would be devastated if you just up in left with no word".

So Oli does just that. He wanted to write all about the two of them but he figured if he didn't remember there was no point. So he kept it plain and simple. With a scribble of a question at the end, for straightly curious reasons only. And when he happens to leave one of his most prize possession with him, something he's had since afterlife, he doesn't hesitate. He knows Sausage will take good care of it even if he doesn't know what's so important about it. He takes one more look at Sausage sleeping comfortably and impulsively kisses his forehead as a parting gift. He's going to miss him.

When he returns downstairs he tries not to be disappointed when he doesn't see Eddie. He thought they had bonded a little but it must have been all in his head. Both cups still sitting on the counter painting a picture of belonging that Oli tries to ignore. He's determined to leave now. He starts making his way to the dock he had just arrived at yesterday. He almost hopes there's someone out to see him leaving. Someone to drag him back to bed and to stop overthinking. But atlas everyone is sleeping comfortably in their own houses. He wishes now that he looked at Sausage as they walked to his house instead of being on the verge of tears. Even though Sausage didn't remember him he still absentmindedly rubbed his thumb over his hand to try and comfort him like he used to. He wishes he didn't have to leave so he could see his soft awake face and giggle as he just snuggles deeper into his shoulders. He wishes he never found that stupid orb and payed more attention to his sausage before he was gone. Oli wipes away some stray tears as he makes it to the dock. He goes to set up a boat when he's scared for the second time that night as he hears some pounding footsteps behind him. Jumping back and grabbing a stick from the ground, that is surprisingly sturdy, he gets ready to do something when big ol Eddie pops out of the shadows huffing and puffing.

Oli relaxes immediately "You...What the heck are you doing running around at night! You almost gave me a heart attack!". Eddie's still in his pjs and Oli realizes he's not wearing any shoes. Did he run all the way over here without shoes??

Eddie interrupts his thoughts by speaking "I thought you left already", he's panting as he tries to explain himself, "I was getting stuff prepared for you and when i returned you were gone". Oli has the decency to feel a little ashamed. Maybe he should of left a second note for him instead of assuming he didn't care.

Eddie brings out a shulker box in his hands and steps closer so Oli can see what's in it, "It has lots of food as I didn't know what you'd like, a change of clothes to keep warm out in the ocean, bandages for any scraps you acquire, and a compass pointed here, to Sanctuary, so that you can come back home". Oli takes the bag and goes to say thank you a million times before he realizes-

"Wait what? I told you I'm not coming bac-" Eddie leans in and kisses him on the corner of his lips causing him to stop mid sentence.

"Don't keep me waiting pretty boy" Eddie laughs out of breathe as he watches his increasingly red face. "You were great in bed, good manners too" Oli splutters.

"I didn't- we didn't even- I abhaahaaaa" His face must be boiling by now as he's frozen in place. While he's questioning everything, Eddie takes the time to set up a small boat for him. When they meet eyes again Eddie is grinning and he swears its contagious because he's also slightly grinning as Eddie helps him onto the boat.

Before he rows off he asks Eddie to lean down, and when he does Oli presses a quick peck to his cheeks. Its not the same but Oli hopes Eddie gets what he's trying to promise. Slight blush rises to his fur cheeks and Oli matches him as he inwardly curses his impulsiveness. In the end they're both giggling as Oli rows off.

Looking down at the compass and everything else he has gotten, he thinks he may have a place he belongs in after all.)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Sausage wakes up to the faint smell of saltwater and the sun high up in the sky feeling well rested for once. His hair is a mess and he tries blowing it off his forehead (spoiler it doesn't work). He stretches in his bed before he realizes it feels emptier than normal, like its missing something...Did a pillow fall off? He doesn't really want to get up as that was one of the best sleeps he's had in weeks. But he does have stuff to do, so he sighs and sits up when something catches his eye. On his bedside table is a piece of paper and a picture next to it. Still sitting in bed he grabs it and starts reading the contents.

"Hiya Sausage! This is Oli, I just wanted to apologize for last night, I don't know why I let myself get carried away. Sorry for making you uncomfortable!-"

Oh. That's what he was missing. Looking down at the other half of the bed now its clear two people were sleeping on it; every pillow is disarranged. It looks lived in for once.

"-I've decided to go try to find my old house ( OLIPOLIGO :) ), if you were wondering where I went. It cant be too far from these nations so ill be back in no time! (Tell Katherine I'm sorry for leaving before I got my new outfit, I was in a rush)-"

A rush? Sausage frowns at that. Was something wrong here?

"-Thanks again for healing me by the way I don't think I could of made it any longer without you. Thank you my angel <3
From ya boi,

At the bottom of the page there is a slightly erased question. It looks like Oli didn't know whether to keep it in or not. 

"P.S is Eddie single?????"

Sausage normally would of laughed at the ending, but right now he just feels disappointed. He thinks a part of himself knew he was leaving and that's why its not as shocking as it should of been. He doesn't know why he feels uncompleted. He usually only feels that way after a vision. Sighing he puts the letter back down and turns his view to the picture, it has certainly seen better days. It has a few rips and is bended at some parts but its clearly been loved by someone. He finally looks at the subjects in the photo and has to double take because-What-he- what is he looking at???

The photo is a group of people (? Monsters?) standing together smiling at the camera. Staring in shock at the photo Sausage flips it over to see what's this all about. Written in ink is a couple of words stating "Keep a hold of this for me old pal! <3". That's it. No explanation on to why he was in a rush or what this photo even is! Grumbling Sausage flips it back over and actually takes a good look at it. This cannot be right because HES in it. Him, Sausage, or at least the Sausage that was an angle? In the church with the not so bard? Actually now that he looks closer, he sees most of his friends too! Gem, Jimmy, Joel, and literally everyone! There's some people he doesn't recognize (he wish he knew the big fox giant) but one person keeps catching his eye. The thing he cant take his eyes off is the person standing next to him. Its HIS NEIGHBOR! From the vision! The Enderman with the stained arms, and without a shirt...Its the neighbor, but its also...