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Gods Give Another Chance

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People say that your life flashes through your eyes when you die but I didn’t have that. As if fate was having fun, I didn’t see my life but the life of Dumbledore. I watch as the manipulation begins with Tom and ends when Snape outwits him, ending his life for good. He was supposed to of survived. He had planned to hide out and come back to kill me when I defeated Voldemort. He was going to bring forth the information I was a horcrux and even if that part died it would of twisted my magic making me unsafe to leave alive. He wanted to claim all the fame for himself. Upset at needing to defeat his lover. When the memories stop there is nothing but black. It was funny, I was lying in a hospital bed dying and my so-called friends didn’t come. No one came to make sure the boy who lived, the savior of the wizarding world, didn’t die alone. My last thought is how it was fitting, I should have known I could only trust myself.

My eyes fly open, and I realize I am lying in what looks to be a white room. I sit up and look around. Come on, was I truly meant to be alone in the afterlife too?

“You will not be alone if you choose to move forth.” A voice says causing me to turn. A woman stands next to a man.

“Do not fear my chosen, I am Death and this is Mother Magic. We come to offer you a chance to fix the wrongs done to you.”

“How?” I ask. Honestly being in front of Death and Mother Magic shouldn’t surprise me. My life had always been weird.

“We have spoken to the counsel. You may go back. We will protect you from the spells and compulsions placed on you. Give you a chance to live the life you were destined to have.” Mother Magic says.

“What is the catch?” I had quickly learned nothing came for free.

“Change the world. Magic needs to flow freely.” Mother Magic says.

“We will grant you three things but understand somethings must happen no matter what.” Another woman says coming out of nowhere.

“Fate, I was not aware you would be here.” Mother Magic smiles.

“Yes, well I have decided to play with some strings.” The woman says smiling.

“What about my parents?” I ask. If I got three things, I would gladly give up two to have them.

“I am sorry, but it is necessary for them to pass. You would not like how the world turned out if they lived.” Fate says. All I can do is nod.

“If fate chooses to play with the strings than so can I.” Death says, and I want to lean back from his smile.

“Oh, why not. It can’t go worse.” Mother Magic laughs.

“First your three things you wish.” Fate says shaking her head at the others.

“I want to grow up in a loving home with Sirius, I want strong natural occlumency.” I say and have to truly think about my last one. She just smiles. “I want there to be no horcruxes.”

“Now I cannot stop all of them.” Fate says.

“Then only one, the diary.” I counter. She seems to think for a moment before nodding.

“Acceptable. Now for my payment, if you agree your wishes will be granted. You will change genders.”

“Why?” I ask confused.

“Because no one expects a female.” She laughs.

“Oh, there hasn’t been a powerful woman like that since Morgana.” Mother Magic smiles.

“I accept.” Honestly if I got my god father I didn’t care.

“Now know that this will change things. His diary will still be in play but with the freedom of Sirius and the other horcruxes not in play it will have affects.”

“That is fine.” I say not caring what changed. At the end of the day Voldemort and Dumbledore would need to be taken out, no matter the changes.

“You are correct about that my child, now for my gift. You will be blessed in a way that the wizarding world has not seen since Merlin. I cannot wait to see what you do.” Mother Magic says.

“As my chosen even before these two got involved I will bless you with the ability to call my gifts to you when you reach eleven. They are rightfully yours and when you touch them together, I will have a special gift waiting for you.” Death says.

“Now if you three are done I have things to do.” Another man says appearing.

“Ignore him, as if you don’t have all the time in the world, Time.” Fate says shaking her head. If I wasn’t positive I died, then I would think I was hallucinating.

“Oh hush, now a warning this will not be pleasant. The human soul was not meant to go back so far. I will be placing you in the time right after your parents died.” Time says holding out his hand.

“Wait will I keep my memories?” I ask standing.

“Of course, it does you no good not to have them but you will be unable to tell anyone of your travel.” Time says and I take his hand.

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Holy Salazar’s sweaty balls that was painful. My head is still spinning as I hear my godfather shouting for my mother. The moment he walks into the room I cry. I had missed him so much.

“That rat bastard. I will kill him.” Sirius sneers.

“Pad!” I scream holding up my arms. It hits me I am actually a baby. I know fate said he would raise me, but I was still terrified if he left.

“Shit, ok little pronglet, I can’t just leave you here.” He says, picking me up. I grab onto his shirt and refuse to let go. “Ok I need to figure out what to do.” He mumbles. Soon aurors arrive, wands pointed at Sirius.

“Wait!” He shouts. “Peter Pettigrew was the secret keeper. I went to check on him in his hideout and realized he was gone but there was no sign of a break in. I knew something was wrong when I was able to remember the house. Harriet is my goddaughter; we did the ritual at Gringotts. No way I could have betrayed her.” He explains.

“You got to come in until we confirm that.” Moody says.

“Please let me get her somewhere safe first. I swear you can go with me, but I can’t risk death eaters getting to her.” He pleads. Moody seems to think for a moment before nodding.

“I will let you floo call someone from my office.” He finally says and Sirius nods. He keeps a tight hold on me as we are led to the ministry and into Moody’s office. Sirius never releases me as he makes the call to his grandfather. Moody raises a brow but says nothing.

After a few moments an older man steps out, power rolling off him.

“I do hope you are looking for the true traitor.” He says looking at Moody.

“I already got men on it. We only need Mr. Black long enough to prove the godfather bond. That will be enough evidence to prove he didn’t betray them.” Moody explains. The man nods then turns to Sirius.

“I will expect you at the manor when you are released. I give you my word as Lord Black she will be safe.” He says and my eyes widen. No wonder he felt so powerful.

“Of course grandfather, and thank you for doing this. I didn’t know who else to call.”

“You are still family Sirius, but we will speak on that when you arrive.” He says and I am handed over to him. I want to cry at the loss of him, but I have to trust Fate. It was already different than what I was shown.

We arrive at a large manor, and I am set on the floor. I spot others in the room and keep my guard up.

“Do you truly think he will be willing to come back?” A young man asks who looks like Sirius. That must be Regulus. Without the locket he never died.

“I believe he will need all the support he can get raising this one. Her magic practically pours off her.” Lord Black says.

“That light lover should be put down along with the child.” A woman sneers and I glare. Suddenly she cries out as a small fire starts at the end of her dress. Regulus covers his face and Lord Black openly laughs. When she pulls her wand Lord Black stands.

“I gave my word the child would be safe.” He says, his voice cold.

“That thing attacked me!” She screeches.

“She is merely a year old. She has no control over her magic, but clearly she picked up you speaking ill of her godfather.” The woman huffs but takes her seat.

“I don’t see why you didn’t disown him when I blasted him off the tree. He has no right to the title of heir.”

“Oh, do shut up woman.” Another man says coming into the room. “If you hadn’t been such a horrible mother than he never would have left. If I hadn’t stepped in, you would have practically sold Regulus to a man who thought it was a good idea to attempt to kill a one year old child.”

“You will not ruin our chance to speak with Sirius, if you do then I will be removing you from the family. You have already lost your sons and husband do you wish to lose your magic too?” Lord Black says glaring at her.

“Then I will leave. I have no use for the boy.” She says standing. Once she is gone, I see Regulus relax.

“I don’t know why she was here in the first place.”

“I was unfortunately talking to her when the floo call came in.” Lord Black says.

“So how long until they release him?” Orion asks. I felt so confused but it was good to see Sirius had a family willing to protect him.

“If he isn’t here within the hour, I will call my solicitor. I know for a fact the godfather bond was performed. I got the notice in the change of family from the goblins when it happened.” Lord Black says.

“I still can’t believe Sirius has a kid. I always thought he would stay childless. Hopefully with her in the picture he will calm down.” Orion says.

“Or she will be raised to be a little terror like him.” Regulus laughs. An elf pops in bringing the men drinks and smiles at me.

“Would master like Mipsy to take the little one?” The elf asks.

“No, she seems content at the moment.” Lord Black says, and the elf bows before popping away.

“I am shocked she seems so content to just sit there. Most children would be screaming their head off surrounded by strangers.” Orion says.

“Is it possible her magic recognizes our own? I mean she is tied to Sirius’s magic so she would be tied to ours.” Regulus asks. I feel my magic and he is right. I could feel the familiar magic to my own. They continue to talk as I absorb every little detail I can. The floo flares and Sirius steps out freezing at the sight of the room.

“Sirius come sit down, we have things to discuss.” Lord Black says. He doesn’t look happy about it, but he takes his seat.

“What is this about?”

“Your mother had no right to attempt to disown you. You are still the heir of the house of Black. She has since been stripped of her titles.” I can clearly see the shock on Sirius’s face.

“I don’t understand.”

“I attempted to reach out to you but none of my letters were returned. While I could have forced you home, I felt it would only make things worse. When the war completely broke out and certain members of our family became involved, I knew you wouldn’t be willing to hear us out. We never supported that man, choosing to stay neutral in the war. Bellatrix has even been disowned for her acts.” Oh wow, now that was a lot to take in. I crawl over to Sirius and as if on instinct he picks me up.

“We want you as part of the family. We want to help where we can.” Orion says.

“I will not raise her how I was.” Sirius glares.

“I regret the way both of you were raised. I thought she would know best being your mother. It wasn’t until you left that I realized my mistake. I stepped in and prevented her from giving your brother to that mad man, but it was too late for you.” I can only imagine how hard this was for him, but I also didn’t want him to be alone.

“I need time to think.” Sirius says after a moment.

“Take the Black cottage. That apartment is no place to protect the child. Everyone knows it is your place. It won’t be long before people come looking for her. The wards are strong enough to protect you and her.” Lord Black says. At the mention of me in danger Sirius tightens his hold.

“Thank you, I think I will. You’re right, I can’t risk people coming after her.”

We arrive at the cottage and Regulus follows.

“So has it really changed?” Sirius asks, not looking at him.

“Yes, I wanted to tell you at school but after you left you ignored me. Grandfather is moving the Blacks to become neutral. Shit your little one there set that woman on fire, and I don’t think I have ever seen grandfather laugh so hard.”

“She was around?” Sirius asks flipping around.

“She left after grandfather told her that if she ruined our chance to speak with you, he would truly disown her. Did you not think it was weird you didn’t lose your family magic?”

“Honestly I didn’t even think about it.” Sirius sighs. I hate the uncertainty in his voice and decide to hug him.

“I can’t think of that right now. Moody said he would tell me when Peter is caught. Dumbledore arrived and tried to talk me into handing Harriet over. Thankfully magical rights count more than muggle. He wanted her to go live with Lily’s sister. I remember Lily talking about her. From what she said she is horrible and hates magic.”

“Sirius you are going to need our family. Dumbledore could attempt to push the issue and with his pull he could force your hand.”

“I know but it is a lot. I feel like I am taking steps backwards, but I refuse to risk losing her. James had doubts about Dumbledore at the end. We suspected Peter but Dumbledore kept us from changing the secret keeper. Part of me thinks he knew this would happen. I will do whatever I have to do to protect her.”

“Let the Black family help you. She is part of you and is family. We protect our own. Grandfather is powerful enough to hold off Dumbledore.” Regulus says coming over and laying his hand on his arm. I reach over and place my hand on his. “See she recognizes family.” He says smiling at me.

“Ok, I will go talk to grandfather tomorrow.” 

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Five years pass and I couldn’t be happier. While I still have my memories from my past, I still have the desires and emotions of a child. Sirius was better than I could ever imagine, and I even had the extended Black family. Leo, Regulus’s son, was quickly becoming my best friend. It was a shock when Barty showed up and it was still weird to see him young and healthy. A big change from the deranged follower I faced in fourth year. Come to find out he was Regulus’s best friend and Regulus had been able to convince him not to join Voldemort. They had married in secret hoping not to draw attention to themselves while war was still going on. They adopted Leo a month after the war. Peter had been caught a few weeks after my parents’ death and was sentenced to life in Azkaban. Dumbledore had fought to remove me from Sirius and had made plenty of enemies in Wizengamot for his efforts. Now that everyone knew I had a loving godfather who fought on the light side plus had the backing of Lord Black, no one wanted to be on his bad side. I got to see Draco a few times, but Lucius didn’t like me much and after I set him on fire, he had yet to let Draco come back over.

Lord Black made sure I had the best tutors and when it came out I was natural at occlumency, they had all been surprised. Since then, it seemed Lord Black wanted to push my abilities. I heard mention of a prodigy a few times. When I finally start reading Sirius laughs as I make my way into the Black family library and Lord Black just wards the darker books from me. There weren’t many females in the family, and I can tell the men are trying. None of them had dealt with raising a child my age, choosing to leave that to their wives.

By eight I have control over most of my magic. It had taken some persuasion, but Regulus finally agrees to teach me and Leo runes while Barty or uncle B as I call him teaches us potions. It definitely helps to learn from a teacher who didn’t hate me.

It isn’t until 9 that I learn of the special gift mother magic gave me. I had been pouting about going to another ball, I wanted to stay outside. The other men stood at the door smirking as Sirius tried to get me to comply. When he threatened to take my broom, my anger rose, and a lightning bolt landed a foot away from him. It had shocked everyone, and I had found it hard to get control over my magic. As another lightning bolt hit, I began to cry not completely understanding what was happening. Sirius had been frozen in shock and it had been Regulus who came over and explained that I needed to calm down. It was harder than I wanted to admit but the moment I did the lightening stopped. We ended up not going to the ball, instead I sat in the sitting room as the adults attempted to figure out what happened. Lord Black had finally asked an elf to bring any books on controlling lightning. The elf had returned with one book. A book over Merlin. Sirius had freaked out if it got out I would have even more people after me. The issue was that with no known wielders, I had no one to teach me to control it. It had been decided they would see if they could find anyone and by the end of the week, they had found a witch in Brazil who could control water and was a master in elemental magic. While not the same it was better than nothing.


I wake on my 11th birthday feeling a mixture of excitement and dread. I was excited for my birthday but dreaded the letter I would no doubt receive today.

After breakfast, we head to the Black manor, and I smile as I see my whole family is already here.

“There is the birthday girl.” Leo says hugging me.

“Hey Leo.” I smile.

“I swear he is the favorite.” Sirius laughs.

“Of course not Uncle Pads. I don’t have favorites.” I say sweetly, he shakes his head and when he turns around, I mouth you're my favorite to Leo who just laughs.

“I heard that.” Sirius says over his shoulder.

“You have no proof.” I say shrugging which causes the rest of them to laugh. I make sure to greet everyone else and sit down as Sirius summons the presents. Being famous in the wizarding world had its perks as I see the mountain of presents.

“You spoil her.” Orion says smiling.

“Says the man who bought her a pony at 3 because she asked nicely.” Sirius says shaking his head.

Halfway through presents two owls knock on the window. Sirius motions for us to go retrieve them and I stand but freeze as my magic flares. I grab Leo preventing him from getting any closer.

“What’s wrong?” Lord Black asks.

“Something is wrong with the letters.” I say stepping back from the owl. A benefit of learning to control the elements was I am extremely in tune with my magic. Lord Black walks over and waves his wand. The letters float through the air and are set on the table. I stand there as he casts a detection charm, and it glows more colors than I could count.

“Sirius call Madam Bones.” Lord Black says, the room filling with dark energy.

I am stuck sitting there as Sirius explains they scan every piece of mail I receive along with Leo’s. It was a good cover; I had received harmful letters along with the rest of the family. Lord Black explains the detection charm and that she had been called immediately.

“I will need to take it back to examine it to test what it was meant to do but there should be no reason for anything to be on the Hogwarts letters.” She says as aurors take the letter away.

“Hopefully we can get a magical signature. I want to press charges on whoever it was. What if other letters were tampered with?” Regulus says with Sirius agreeing. Madam Bones’ eyes widen.

“I am making this a priority. Off the record my niece got her letter two days ago and now I am concerned. I will be having her take a purging potion just to be safe.”

“That is wise, I sit on the board, and I think it will be wise to inform them. If it comes out that someone in the school did this, then a school wide purging should be suggested.” Orion says.

“If you will please hold off until the investigation is over. I agree with the school purging, but we can’t be too careful who knows about this.” Madam Bones says and Orion agrees. Once she leaves, I sit down still slightly in shock.

“Do I have to go to Hogwarts?” I ask. I know there is no avoiding Hogwarts, but I didn’t think the manipulation would start so soon.

“No but let us see what the report says. We don’t know for sure if it was someone from the school.” Sirius says and I raise a brow. Since Dumbledore couldn’t get to me through the courts, he has been attempting to constantly talk to me every time we were out. Sirius sees the look and sighs.

“I know but we have to wait for the investigation.”

“Ok.” I sigh, as Leo takes a seat beside me and squeezes my hand.


It takes two hours for the report to come in. I have never seen them so furious as when she informs them that while the magical signature couldn’t be identified the compulsions could. It had enough compulsions on it I would have lost all my free will. Things like hating anything related to the dark sector and to make me beg to be in Gryffindor. Even without a signature I knew the compulsions would have made me Dumbledore’s puppet. Leo would have hated me and became obsessed with dark magic. Orion leaves to call the board as Lord Black demands to have Wizengamot called.

“Come on.” Leo says pulling me up. He leads me out of the room and into the library. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah, I just don’t know why all this is happening. It already came out my mother had blood wards. Her sacrifice saved me, I didn’t do anything. Why does he want me so bad?”

“I don’t know but if you end up not going to Hogwarts then neither will I. We can go get our wands and just stay here with tutors. We already knew we were going to be advanced.”

“I don’t mind going but I don’t want to deal with him. I am worried he will continue to try to control me.”

“I doubt he will hold the headmaster position for long. Did you see how angry everyone was?  Even without a signature there is no doubt who did this. They will be calling for him to be kissed for such a thing.”

I take a deep breath and know he is right. My family had protected me for this long and I trusted them.



I spot Leo leading Harriet out of the room. Once the children are gone, I turn to my brother.

“I am debating about truly keeping her home. I knew she would have issues with who she is, but this is beyond anything I could have imagined.” I say running my hand through my hair.

“Honestly, I was thinking the same thing. I don’t like the idea of either of them being targeted and if you keep her home there will be no way I can force Leo to go. He has grown quite protective of her.” Regulus says and I can’t help my glare. Yeah, Leo was protective of her. “Oh, don’t look like that. It is good he wants to protect her.”

“I just worry it goes farther than family protecting family.”

“They are 11 Sirius.” He says rolling his eyes.

“And when they reach 16?” I ask, raising a brow.

“Truly they aren’t actually related. Think of it this way, at least you know he will treat her right.” He smirks and I glare harder.

“Don’t rile up your brother. There is no way for us to know at this age.” Barty says coming over to us. I watch as my brother leans into him and sigh. I had put off my life to raise Harriet. I didn’t regret it but sometimes the nights got lonely.

“I was simply pointing things out for him. Harriet isn’t going to stay little forever.”

“Oh, shut up, she isn’t allowed to date until she is 30.” I growl.

“I look forward to seeing how that turns out.” My father laughs coming into the room.

“What did the board say?” I ask. I needed to change the subject. I refused to think of my little girl with anyone.

“We will be at Hogwarts on the first day. All the children will be given purging potion.” He explains. Good, no child should be controlled like that.

“I would do it before the sorting. Harriet might not have been the only one he attempted to force into a house.” Regulus says. I can’t help but clench my fists. I knew she wouldn’t be in Gryffindor. While I had hated Slytherin while going to Hogwarts I had a feeling she would go to that house or Ravenclaw.

“I mentioned that. There is talk of a school wide resort. No telling how long he has done this. I would almost think you Sirius had a compulsion for Gryffindor if you didn’t act like one.” My father says smirking at me. The snide comments about my house had turned into good natured ribbing.

“I looked damn good in red, but Harriet will not.”

“More of a green.” Regulus smirks.

“Blue would work. She would live in the library if she could.” Barty laughs.

“No matter the house I will be proud. Never know, she might have rubbed off on Leo and he will be in blue too.” I say laughing.

“Like you I will be proud of any house but truly I worry about them anywhere but Slytherin. With their charm they will have any other house following their every command.” Regulus says. That was no lie, they had even managed to get it to work on my grandfather.

“Let's not talk about their manipulation.” My father groans causing us all to laugh. He had become their favorite target.

“Speaking of kids, where are they?” Barty asks.

“Leo dragged Harriet off, no doubt to the library. I dread when she gets her wand and is able to activate some of those runes she is always working on.” I groan. Some of the configurations she had come up with were truly terrifying.

“Blame it on this one. Leo isn’t much better. He has a whole journal full of them.” Barty says playfully glaring at Regulus.

“How was I to know they would take to it so well? I thought it was just a curiosity, not my fault they are both naturals.” Regulus defends.

“Harriet is a prodigy and Leo is a Black, what did you expect?” Our father laughs. I couldn’t deny that. Harriet picked up magic far better than any child I had ever seen. We sit there talking about smaller things until my grandfather returns.

“We were able to have him suspended as headmaster. A full investigation of Hogwarts is now underway. I stopped by Gringotts and grabbed both the children protection jewelry. I will not allow them to go to any school without a way to protect themselves.” He says and part of me relaxes. If it came from the Black vaults then it would be able to protect them.

Harriet and Leo are called in and he explains what the jewelry does. My eyes widen as he says they prevent mind control and will heat if there are harmful potions in drinks or food. The added bit of stopping smaller hexes and curses has me looking at Regulus. Jewelry like that was only given to the current Lord and Lady Black. Harriet gets a necklace that has green gems and the family crest while Leo gets a Black and silver bracelet. I had seen both of them in portraits of past lords and ladies.

“So, we will be safe at Hogwarts?” Harriet asks. She never did trust anyone outside the family.

“Yes, but be warned. Manipulation comes in all forms. Different sides might even attempt to use their children to befriend you as a way to influence you.” My grandfather warns.

“We have each other, we don’t need other friends.” Leo states and I see Regulus attempting to cover his smile.

“It won’t hurt to make friends.” I say only to have both of them look at me like I am crazy.

“You have fun with that.” My father laughs.

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When everything is finished it is decided that we will go shopping tomorrow. Part of me hated not having her close. I didn’t completely understand it but it was like my magic was on edge when she wasn’t around.

The next day we all meet at Black manor before heading to Diagon Alley. As we arrive, I inwardly smirk at everyone watching us. It was rare the Black family came out and even less that we were all together. My grandfather and great grandfather wanting to be present when we received our wands. When we pass Ollivander's, I look at my father Barty, but he says nothing as we are led down Knockturn Alley. We stop at a store and my father Regulus turns to me.

“It is tradition that Blacks receive a custom wand.” He explains. I just nod and follow the family into the store. As the adults talk to the shop owner, I step next to Harriet and grab her hand. She shoots me a smile before squeezing my hand.

“The oldest first.” The woman says and I allow Harriet to move forward. “Do not actually touch anything. Guide your magic over the wood first.”

I watch as Harriet does as she is told, and all the wood samples begin to shake before two fly in front of her. The woman’s eyes widen, and it takes her a moment to compose herself. “Now the cores.”

Again, she focuses her magic and a vial flies forward but unlike with the wood Harriet’s magic doesn’t fade from the room. The woman heads to the back of the store and comes out with a small tray. Two other cores appear on the table in front of Harriet. When her magic fades I see all the adults in shock. The woman seems to stutter for a moment before shaking her head.

“Elder and death wood along with unicorn blood, thestral blood, and thunder bird feather. You Ms. Potter will be extremely powerful in both dark and light magic. Your wand will also be dangerous for anyone else to touch. Death wood is extremely poisonous even when cut. I will need some of your blood to stabilize the combination. Unicorn blood and death wood can have explosive reactions when put together.” The woman explains.

“What of the thunder bird feather?” Sirius asks.

“More than likely for stability. Trying to combine such dark and light items together can be catastrophic but the feather will act as a channel between them.”

“And her blood?” Grandfather asks glaring. We had been taught from a young age to never give our blood freely unless absolutely necessary. It was part of our magic and could be used against us.

“With all my customers that have to give blood I will give a vow that I will destroy the blood once finished and only use it to create the wand. Death wood will require her blood in order for it to allow me to work with it.” I feel better after the mention of the vow and by the look of the adults, so do they. Once it looks like they have no more questions she looks at me and motions me forward. I hold my hand out and allow my magic to wash over the wood. Two pieces of wood land in front of me. I repeat the process over the cores. I only have two cores.

“Yew and death wood with basilisk venom and dementor cloak. A powerful wand that will be great for dueling and dark magic. Again, I will need some of his blood.” She explains.

“How much more if we do not wish to have the ministry tracker?” Sirius asks and the other adults look at him in shock. “I will not have anyone tracking her.”

“An extra 50 galleons.” The lady smiles.

“Very well, how long?” My great grandfather asks.

“A few hours.” The woman says and we head out to finish our shopping.



We finish all of our shopping. The adults allowing us to spend a little longer in Flourish and Botts to pick out a few extra books. When I turn the corner, a boy runs into me. Leo moves quickly to stand between me and the boy.

“Watch it.” The boy sneers and I realize it is Ron.

“You ran into her, now apologize.” Leo growls.

“She is just some stupid girl.” Ron sneers. My eyes widen when Leo punches him in the face.

“Leo Regulus Black, what is the meaning of this?” Regulus asks coming over.

“He ran into Harriet then called her a stupid girl. He should learn some manners.” Leo says, not taking his eyes off Ron.

“We still do not punch people.” Regulus says but I know he is laughing on the inside.

“What is going on?” Lord Black asks, coming over. Leo explains again and Ron finally gets off the floor. I spot Molly and she runs up to Ron fussing over him.

“That boy hit me.” Ron says clearly thinking his mother will punish Leo. Molly turns and glares at us.

“Your boy is a menace.” She sneers.

“Truly Ms. Weasley, do you think it is wise to step to the house of Black.” Sirius says coming over to us. It seems to hit them who I am.

“Your Harriet Potter!” Ron shouts and I step back.

“You shouldn’t allow her around such people.” Molly tells Sirius.

“That is twice you have disrespected my family. Another and you will have a blood war on your hands.” Lord Black says in a cold tone. I spot many people watching us and Arthur walks over.

“I am sorry Lord Black.” He says, causing Molly to glare at him.

“Father, may we continue our shopping. I still wanted a book on advanced transfiguration.” Leo says.

“You may.”

“Harriet, stay close to Leo.” Sirius tells me and I nod in agreement. We walk away and once away from the adults I chuckle.

“Nice punch.” I smirk.

“Very nice punch indeed.” We flip around to see the twins standing there. Leo takes a step in front of me. It takes me a moment, seeing Fred alive almost makes tears build in my eyes. He would not die this time.

“We mean no harm.”

“We just wanted to thank you.”

“For putting baby brother in.”

“His place.”

I can’t help but laugh at the twin speak.

“I am Fred, and this is George.” Fred says and I smile.

“It is good to see not all the family is as bad as the youngest.” I say.

“Well, we have a baby sister, but she isn’t much better.” George says, rolling his eyes.

“Will you be going to Hogwarts?” Fred asks.

“Yes.” Leo says, still not relaxing.

“You will love it and we will help keep our terror of a baby brother away from you.” They both smirk. Molly calls them over and they roll their eyes before walking away.

“Well at least some of the Weasley’s are decent.” Leo says, grabbing my hand and leading me to the transfiguration section.

We finally arrive to pick up our wands and she opens my case to reveal a black wand with silver wrapped around it.

“I had to use silver to help bind them. They truly did not want to mix. Now give it a wave.” She says and the moment I grab it I feel the instant connection. A bright gold light fills the store, temporarily blinding all of us. When I get my sight back, I step back and allow Leo to step forward. His wand has an onyx stone attached to the end.

“The stone is to absorb excess dark magic the wand can produce. It will also help stabilize your own.” She explains and when he grabs it the room becomes filled with shadows before fading.

“How much do we owe?” Barty asks recovering first.

“150 galleons and I will add holsters in.” The woman says. Lord Black pays for the wands, and we slip them into the holsters.


Lord Black

I meet with the adults once the children fall asleep. Even with each boy having a home they stayed in Black manor most of the time. I didn’t mind and enjoyed how close my family was.

“They are far more powerful than we thought.” Orion says taking a seat.

“I have a bad feeling this is just a sign. They won’t ever be truly safe, will they?” Sirius asks summoning a bottle of whiskey.

“I am afraid not. The world is still out of balance and until balance is restored none of us are truly safe. While we all claim Harriet as a prodigy, Leo matches her in power level.”

“I want to just keep them here. No one can hurt them here.” Barty says and I see Regulus and Sirius nod in agreement.

“They need to spread their wings. You do them no favors attempting to shield them.” I say looking between them.

“They are eleven, not adults. They shouldn’t have to worry about people attempting to use them or threats on their lives.” Sirius points out.

“Harriet is the girl who lived, and Leo is heir to the house of Black. No matter the age they will have people who wish to use them. All we can do is be there to help guide them.” Orion says. He was right. Sirius had no wish for more children, leaving Leo as heir. While we had made sure the paper didn’t print Harriet often and only with our permission, there was no hiding who she was.

“I know but we are allowed to worry. I also worry that they will only seek each other. They need to make more friends their own age.” Regulus says.

“Harriet can sense when someone is honest, Leo will look to her to make sure anyone he is around is worth their time. I think they will make friends. It might take more time, but it will happen.”

“We give it a year. If both the kids absolutely hate it, then we can figure something else out.” Barty suggests. He was far more levelheaded when it came to the children.

“Deal, but if either are hurt than we pull them.” Sirius says and Regulus agrees.

“You know they do complement each other well.” Orion smirks and I sip my whiskey to hide my smirk.

“Nope.” Sirius says shaking his head. There was truly no denying the bond between them, it would just be a few more years before we knew if it was a sibling bond or something more.

Chapter Text


We arrive at the platform, and I allow both of my fathers to fuss over me. I knew they both worried, so I didn’t mind. I glance over and see Uncle Sirius fussing over Harriet.

“Now I expect both of you to write often. The board will be there when you arrive.” Grandfather says. We agree and with final hugs I pull Harriet on the train.

“For a moment I thought Uncle Sirius was going to make you go home with him.” I laugh.

“Like uncle Reg is much better.” She smirks. We find an empty compartment and take our seats, our trunks safely in our pockets. As we take off Harriet leans against me and closes her eyes. I wrap my arm around her and allow her to lay her head in my lap. Pulling out a book, I decide to read as she sleeps.

Halfway through the ride the door slams open causing Harriet to jump up.

“Have you seen a toad?” The girl asks in a demanding tone.

“Have you seen your manners? That was extremely rude.” Harriet glares. The girl rolls her eyes.

“A boy named Neville lost his toad.”

“Well then Neville should go to the prefects. They can summon the toad. Of course, with your attitude they are likely to not help at all.” I say and wave my hand to shoo her away. She stares at us for a moment before huffing and leaving.

“I am going to hurt someone if everyone is as rude as her.” I say shaking my head.

“I will help.” Harriet smirks and I laugh.

We arrive at the castle and take the boat with two other people who while polite don’t seem up to talking. When we stop at the great hall doors, I spot Draco glaring at Harriet.

“Mind your place Malfoy.” I growl catching the attention of the other kids.

“What are you going to do about it, Black?” Draco sneers.

“Unlike you I don’t need my father to solve my problems. You don’t want to make an enemy of the house of Black.” I say and Harriet stands beside me.

“Did your father ever heal from me setting him on fire. Truly I have never heard a lord squeal like a little girl.” She smirks. Draco goes to say something, and I hold up my hand.

“Remember we are your head family.” I remind him. His mother was a Black and we had more power than the Malfoys. Draco continues to sneer but says nothing. The door opens and Professor McGonagall steps out looking between us but says nothing.

We are led inside, and I spot my grandfather standing at the podium.

“While not normal the board of governors has discovered a heinous crime. All students will be purged before we sort the first years. After that we will be resorting the whole school.” At the outraged murmurs my grandfather holds up his hand. “It was brought to our attention that some students might have been forced into a house they were not meant for. This is nonnegotiable.”

Healers come into the room and stand four to a table with two standing with us. The doors open again, and my eyes widen when I see my great grandfather come in with others from Wizengamot along with aurors.

“We are here for the investigation into Hogwarts. Do not fear, the school will not be closed.” He tells the room. The healers have the students line up by age as they administer the potions. When I get mine, I shudder at the taste but after a few moments of no signs I am ushered off to the side and an elf hands me a glass of water. Harriet goes after me, and we stand there watching as the school undergoes the purging. I count 20 kids who begin to shake as the purging potion removes whatever is in their system. A small girl steps to the healer but doesn’t take the potion. I see Harriet watching her closely.

“I cannot take that.” She says and the healer scowls.

“You have to.” The healer says firmly.

“I can’t, it will have bad effects on me.” The girl insists. Great grandfather walks over.

“What is going on?”

“The girl is refusing.” The healer says giving the girl a disapproving look. The girl motions for him to bend down and she whispers something in his ear. When he stands his eyes are wide.

“I will have the head healer deal with her.” He says, leading the girl away.

“What was that about?” I whisper.

“I don’t know but I don’t think her magic is normal.” Harriet whispers back. I keep my eyes on the girl as the head healer seems surprised at whatever is being said and asks the elf to retrieve something. The girl is given a different potion which she takes no issue. After a moment she is released to come stand with us.

“Hello, I am Luna Lovegood.”

“Hello, I am Harriet Potter.” Harriet says smiling.

“I'm Leo Black, are you ok?”

“Oh yes, I just did not wish to have to have a purging potion purged.” She chuckles. I raise a brow but don’t ask.

“You know you both are remarkably free of nargles. Most peoples’ heads are filled with them.”

“Thank you.” Harriet says sounding genuine. I had no idea what a nargle was but whatever it was I was glad to not have them.



I don’t know what changed to have Luna in our year, but I wasn’t going to complain. She had been like a sister in my past life, and I vow she will not go through the bullying like last time.

“So what house are you hoping for?” I ask her.

“I thought Ravenclaw, but I believe Fate has other plans for me, Harry.” She smirks and my eyes widen.

“Well, I think I will be in Slytherin.” Leo says smiling. Even though he didn’t mention it he always felt the need to prove he was a true Black.

“Oh, I think you will look good in green. Will you be allowing the hat to put you in your house this time?”

“I think that is the best. The hat knows the best house for all of us.” Did it count if I didn’t actually tell her, I mean clearly she already knew, and I would need to get her alone to figure out how much she knew.

“Hey who is that?” Leo asks.

“Oh, that is heir Lestrange.” Luna answers and my eyes widen.

“Bellatrix had a son?”

“Oh no, Rabastan did.” She shrugs.

“How do you know that?” Leo asks, raising a brow at her.

“The wrackspurts told me.” She says and I chuckle.

“Well, if they told you then it must be true. I wonder why I have never seen him at any of the balls.” I say smiling at her.

“This is just going to be a thing, isn’t it?” Leo asks, looking between us.

“Some people see more than others.” I say my voice low. His eyes widen and he looks at Luna.

“Why yes, it isn’t good to ignore the word of a wrackspurt.” Luna smiles.

“No, I would imagine not.” Leo says snapping out of it. I just smile at him.

When the purging is finally over, we finally get to the sorting. While most stay the same as in my time, Leo makes Slytherin along with Luna and Jasper Lestrange. Neville and both Crabb and Goyal make Hufflepuff. I am finally called and like last time the room goes quiet.

Ah Ms. Potter, I see you have returned. You will do far more this time around, but the question is are you finally going to listen to me?

Of course, Alistair.

“Better be Slytherin!” He shouts and I ignore the outrage from the Gryffindor table as I take my seat beside Leo. The rest of the sorting carries on and I clap for our other house mates. Once the last first year is sorted the second year is called. It takes a long time to go through each student and as predicted there are some in the wrong house. When the twins make Slytherin they just smirk as their family shouts in outrage.

“You know I did always wonder why they weren’t in Slytherin.” One of the older years says.

“Maybe we will stop being the targets for their pranks.” Another says. I just give a small smile as I watch the others. The twins would look better in green anyways.

The feast is far less rowdy than it had been at the Gryffindor table, and I couldn’t say I minded. A few of my housemates look suspicious of a Potter in Slytherin but I ignore them. I wasn’t that ignorant kid like last time.

When we are dismissed and lead to the dungeons I marvel at the sight. I might have seen it once in my last life, but I didn’t take a moment to truly enjoy the beauty of the common room. I stand between Leo and Luna as Snape explains how our house works. I don’t miss the glare every time his eyes land on me, but I act clueless. You would think with me in his class he would lay off.

When we are released, I say a quick goodnight to Leo as I walk to the girls’ dorms. When I find my name I smile, realizing I am only sharing a room with Luna. I sure wouldn’t complain about that. As we prepare for bed, I listen to her ramble about the creatures only she can see.

“Hey why did you ask if I was going to let the hat pick this time?” I finally ask. It was eating at me that she might know about my travels. She turns and just gives me one of her dreamy smiles.

“Oh no reason. Sometimes the wrackspurts have me ask things.” She shrugs as if it is no big deal.

“Have the wrackspurts told you anything else about me?”

“Yes and no but it doesn’t matter. They tell me a lot of things, but I can only speak about it when they say it is ok.” Oh, this was going to be interesting. I wonder if it is the gods speaking to her, but I don’t know how to ask that without sounding completely insane.

“If it was something important you would tell me, right?” I ask, it would be better than nothing.

“If I was allowed. Now I think I will shower before it becomes too late.” She says and skips off to the bathroom. Well, I guess that answered that. After a moment of staring at the closed door I shake my head and decide to write Uncle Sirius. I would never hear the end of it if he didn’t get a letter soon.

When we get our schedules the next day, I notice it is the same as last time. I see professor Quirrell with his turban. Hopefully without Dumbledore here I won’t have to deal with the stone. It wasn’t like he could get it anyways. It would be nice to have a normal year in this school.



The first classes are boring. We had learned most of this stuff already. When we arrive at potions and Snape targets Harriet it takes everything in me not to lash out. By the time we leave the class I vow I will get even. He was a grown man bullying students.

When we finally arrive in the common room that night, I sit next to Harriet who leans against me.

“Aren’t you two related?” A girl asks sneering.

“No and even if we were what is it to you?” I ask her glaring.

“That just doesn’t look appropriate.”

“Ah, are you just upset you didn’t get the contract your father practically begged for. Like he would want a whiny little girl like you.” Harriet says sitting up. The girl jumps up and it hits me who this is.

“Merlin with the way you look I am forever thankful my father didn’t sign.” I smirk. She screeches and causes the others in the house to look at us.

“I am better than that whore!” She screams and Harriet jumps up pointing her wand to her throat.

“Say something else, and I will be meeting you in the dueling room. Come on, let’s see how well the house of Parkinson does against the house of Potter and Peverell.” Harriet says, causing the room to crackle with energy. Parkinson’s eyes widen before she whimpers and lowers her gaze. “No, then I suggest you leave me and Leo alone.”

Harriet lowers her wand and Parkinson practically runs out of the room. She looks around the room to see if anyone would step to her before the energy calms and she takes her seat again.

“That is one way to keep others from challenging you.” I laugh.

“It would of came out eventually.” She shrugs.

Chapter Text


By Yule I have fallen into a routine. Luna, me and Leo helped each other with homework each night and spent most of our free time together. On Fridays Luna and I would go see the local thestral herd. Luna seemed to have a special connection to them. Leo claimed because he couldn’t see them, he didn’t want to go. I played it off like I couldn’t either, mostly out there to make sure Luna didn’t get hurt but I truthfully, I loved looking at the animal. Their dark beauty always fascinated me.

On the train heading home I again sit with Leo, but this time Luna joins us. We spend most of the ride talking about random things before finally slipping into silence as we read the rest of the ride. The moment we arrive we say goodbye to Luna making sure to promise to write before stepping off the train and heading over to where Sirius, Regulus, and Barty are standing. The moment they spot us they begin fussing over us and I can’t help the smile. This is the thing I had missed out the most in my past life. A family that truly cared about me.

“Alright you two, we want to know everything.” Barty says the moment we land at the manor.

“We met a girl named Luna Lovegood. She is the sweetest.” I tell him. We had already written them all this, but I knew that wouldn’t matter.

“I will forever be thankful you taught us potions. Our potions professor can’t stop bullying kids to teach us much.” Leo says rolling his eyes. Snape had found that Leo had a vicious streak and had already woken to everything from lime green hair to being bald with a slight orange tent to his skin. I had asked Leo a few times how he did it, but he had yet to spill his secrets.



I watch as Harriet and Leo go on about their adventures at Hogwarts. I remember doing the same with Regulus the first night I was back home. We had to wait for our mother to go to bed but it hadn’t mattered. Seeing how even my grandfather smiled at their stories made everything I had gone through worth it. Harriet would never know what it was like to fear someone who was meant to protect her being the one to hurt her.

Once the excitement of their return dies down, I motion for her to follow me, and we head to the drawling room. Once inside I take a seat and smile at her.

“I know I have said this in letters, but your parents would be so proud of you. They wouldn’t have cared about your house and Lily probably would have told James it was karma for some of the things we did while in Hogwarts.” I say chuckling. I could hear her exact words that it was only fair that she made Slytherin and green matched her eyes anyways.

“Thanks uncle Pads. I had planned on talking to them when we did our Yule visit to their grave.” She says giving me such an innocent smile. We always went twice a year to their graves. The day before her birthday and the day before Yule. We spent all day out there retelling stories that had happened and just spending time with them. Harriet loved it and as she got older would write little notes to them to leave, saying they could read them when she couldn’t be there.

“Sounds good, you know they love hearing from you, and this year I have a present from them to you. I have been holding it this whole time under strict instructions only to give it to you after you started Hogwarts.” Her eyes light up and my heart clenches. It shouldn’t be me giving this gift, but James would never let me live it down if I didn’t.

“Will Uncle Moony be there?”

“Yeah pronglet, he said he was able to take some time off.” I say trying to keep the smile on my face. I understood why he wasn’t around more often, but it still hurt. Dumbledore had made him believe he was a danger to be around her, it had taken a week to convince him to at least come to the grave with us twice a year. He also worried that Dumbledore would make him out to be a danger. If that happened there would be no way to protect him as every auror and bounty hunter would be after his head.

“Good, I miss him.”

“Me too.” I say pulling her into a hug. She is soon running off to find the others, but I stay in my seat. She was growing up too fast and I felt like moments like this wouldn’t last. One day she would have a life of her own and a family she wanted to take to the graves, not spend a whole day hanging out with her two uncles.

“You ok?” My father says, coming into the room.

“Yeah, just wondering how long she is going to let me hold on.” I shrug.

“That girl will let you hold on longer than you think. No matter what is going on in her life she will always need you Sirius, don’t forget that.” He tells me coming over and taking a seat beside me. “You know I remember sitting in this very room with my mother as she told me all about the family. While I will never regret my lessons, I am glad that my grandchildren do not have to endure such a thing.”

“I will agree with you on that. The family has changed, and we are closer than ever. We have a name I am proud to have.” He looks at me for a moment before smiling.

“Come on before Barty spoils the kids' dinner with sweets.” He says patting my leg and I chuckle. He wasn’t the best at showing emotion, but he was trying.

“Your right, or worse they will talk Regulus into allowing them to ride the brooms in the house again.” I say shuddering. It had taken hours to fix everything they had broken. He just shakes his head as we walk out to go find everyone.



When we arrive at the grave, I see Uncle Moony sitting on the bench Sirius had built when we first started coming here. The moment he spots us I smile and run over hugging him. Once we take our seats, I start telling him and my parents everything that had happened since my birthday. He listens patiently not interrupting me. It means a lot that he risks coming out twice a year.

Once I finish with everything I wait for his assessment.

“Sounds like you are having fun and I’m glad you are making friends. I know that people are trying to control you but you're just like your mother, you show them that you need no one to lead you. Your dad would be proud of you. I want you to keep up your studies because it only gets harder after this year. Don’t forget to have fun and explore, just keep the detentions down.” He says smirking.

“At least Slytherin is sneaky. I'm not trying to beat Uncle Sirius and dad’s record for detention.” I laugh.

“Hey, we proudly earned them.” Sirius tries to defend, and I just shake my head.

“Alright well your dad told us about this. He said it had been in his family for a very long time and is always passed on when the oldest child turns 11.” Sirius says after our laughter calms down. He hands me a wrapped gift and I open it, already feeling the brush of death’s magic. The moment I see it I have to play off that I am confused before they tell me to put it on. This is how I should have received it the first time and I lament that I can’t have those firsts in this life.

Once the excitement of the cloak dies down Remus pulls out a small wrapped box.

“Your mom was one of my best friends. I want you to have this to remind you that she would have loved you.” My hands begin to shake as I take the box and slowly unwrap it. I open the box and see a ring with a tiny ruby on it. I just look up at Remus, hoping he will explain.

“Your mom used to wear that ring everyday while at Hogwarts. She said her parents had gotten it for her during winter break, her first year. I figured if James had a tradition of passing something on, we could start something for Lily too.” He explains and I can’t stop the tears filling my eyes. I had plenty of my mom’s stuff, but this was before she was a Potter. Remus just wipes my eyes and motions me to put the ring on before using a spell to make it fit.

We spend the rest of the day with them telling me stories of my parents. By the time we arrive home I am worn out. This day was perfect and as I run my finger over the stone of the ring, I feel closer to my mom than I ever have. I plan to call the Hallows to me tonight. I hadn’t wanted to ruin Sirius giving me the cloak.

I sit on the bed and pour my magic into the cloak, calling the other Hallows. The moment they appear I feel my magic respond to the familiar feeling. Laying them all on the bed I call out for Death.

Shadows surround me, blocking out even the tiniest bit of light before forming into Death himself.

“My chosen, it is good to see you well. Now for my gift.” A black necklace appears. “This will help you when it comes to dark creatures and my children will not harm you.”

“Thank you, Death.” I say as I slip it on.

“Change is needed. Issues this world has will present themselves to you. Remember that we are behind you, and you will be able to make the change as long as you are willing to fight for it. Lean on your family when it becomes too much. They are here to help you reach the potential we have set for you.” He explains but before I can ask any questions he fades. Well, that was interesting. I knew I needed to change things, but I thought it would be later when Voldemort returns, then it hits me. If the wizarding world is in a better place before he returns, then it will put him at a disadvantage.

Now you are getting it my child. Death whispers into my mind. I would just need to be prepared for the first problem to actually present itself.

Chapter Text


The rest of the school year flies by. While Dumbledore had enough pull to keep him in the school, everyone knew he had been the one to mess with the letters and now they would be checked before being allowed to be sent out. By the end of the year Quirrell is gone. Dumbledore looks disappointed in me, but I just act clueless. On the last night I am sitting in the common room when Jasper comes down. He freezes at the sight of me.

“Sorry.” He mumbles as he turns around to go back to his dorm.

“The common room is big enough for both of us.” I say smiling. He didn’t seem to speak to anyone, and my curiosity was eating at me. He looks unsure but comes to sit on the couch across from me.

“I don’t blame you for what your family was.” I finally say breaking the silence.

“I love my father, and he told my mother he never wanted to join. I hate he is in Azkaban.”

“I'm sorry for that. Do you get visits?” I ask.

“Would have had to have a trial to get visitation.” He says clenching his fists. Oh, hell no, I would not let any person rot in that place without a trial. I had seen what that place did to people and even if guilty they deserved a trial. We don’t say anything else, but I have a plan.

When we arrive at the Black manor I smile as Sirius fusses over me and asks a hundred questions. When he finally finishes, I ask to speak to Lord Black. He looks surprised but leads me to his study. Lord Black was the only one who could bring something up to Wizengamot.

“Did you know not all supposed death eaters got trials?” I ask, no point dragging this out.

“I was unaware, but it was a hectic time.” He says.

“Is there any way to push for them to get trials?”

“I suppose but why?”

“Rabastan Lestrange has a son. His son can’t even visit because there was never a trial. A child should not suffer for their parent’s choices.” He seems to think for a moment before nodding.

“I will make you a deal. I want you to write up a proposal. If I approve it, I will support you going to Wizengamot to present it.” He says and my eyes widen.


“Why not? There isn’t an age limit on when someone can present a bill, as long as you have the backing of a Lord. It was your idea and as the savior it will show you hold no ill will to those families. Prove you want balance, not the light to rule as Dumbledore has tried to suggest.”

“Ok, I can do that.” I say a proposal already forming in my mind. He smiles and leans back.

“You will do great things one day Harriet.”

As I step out of the office I head to my room and flop onto the bed. Change needed to start somewhere.


I spend every moment researching everything I needed. I would already have a disadvantage because of my age. Leo jumps at the chance to help. I even get permission to invite Luna over to help. It takes a month to have everything together and one trip to Gringotts to speak to the goblins. Their magic worked differently and with their help I knew I had an air-tight proposal. The day I present it to Lord Black he reads over it surprised.

“I don’t think I have ever seen a proposal so well written. Some of this none of us would have thought of but the proof is here.” He says handing it to Orion. The adults had stayed out of it, only helping if we asked specific questions. Sirius was nervous about the publicity this would bring me, but he was being supportive.

“There will be people against it simply because it is death eaters, but even they can’t deny the proof.” Orion says allowing Regulus, Barty, and Sirius to read it.

“Got us some future politicians on our hands.” Barty smirks.

“If this is what you do at 11, I can’t wait to see when you are of age.” Regulus smiles at me and Leo.

“I guess you are going to Wizengamot.” Sirius says shaking his head.


Lord Black

I sit in my seat as Orion sits beside me as heir. The rest of the family had to sit in the visitor section. When Harriet’s proposal is announced I smirk at the murmurs. She walks out looking every inch as powerful as I know she can be. A bill could be suggested by a civilian as long as they had the backing of a member of Wizengamot. The minister had asked if it was a joke, but I assured him that Harriet would hold to the Black family standard while presenting. With her being heiress Potter and the last remaining tie to the Peverell line I knew the minister would want her support. She would one day sit just as high as the Blacks in power. Once her packet is passed out the minister motions for her to begin.

“Esteemed members of Wizengamot I come today with the proposal of trials for those in Azkaban. As you will see in my packet, I have proven that the goblins have a ward that will prevent lying. As we all know this is used frequently in the bank when it comes to sensitive matters. I propose the use of the ward along with purging potion to prove once and for all who truly followed you know who and who was forced into such heinous acts. We as a wizarding community cannot risk having willing followers walk free but we should not condemn those who wanted no part in such acts. We stand as a pillar for many other communities and with this we show them that we do not rest until the truth is found.” She says and I couldn’t be prouder.

“You wish for us to possibly release those monsters!” A member shouts.

“No, I wish to free those who did not want to follow a mad man. We are all aware of the tactics used by him to control people. What would you have done if given compulsions or had your family be held against their will to make you comply? We cannot condemn someone if they had no control similar to how people plead the imperio curse or those simply doing what must be done to protect their families.”

“They still killed!” Another shouts.

“As did many aurors but we are not condemning them. War is never pretty, and we should never forget those lost but let the true criminals take the punishments.”

“Why are you pushing for this?” Lady Longbottom asks but I see she isn’t as opposed as I thought she would be.

“Because I was always told my parents believed in not judging those without proof. I see the damage it causes to the children in my year whose parents were locked up without trial, denied their given right to visit because of this. I know how hard it is to lose your parents and I could not imagine having a parent alive yet still kept away from them. That breeds resentment in the ministry.” She says and I have to bite back a chuckle. The dead parents thing didn’t work for many but for her I can see many rethinking their beliefs.

“Yet they are still dark, tainted by the dark magic he held.” Dumbledore says. I truly hated that man.

“Are you suggesting that the ministry approved healers are not capable of dealing with such a thing? If you had read my proposal, you would have seen where I suggested a mental evaluation for all found innocent.” She says holding his gaze. There are plenty of murmurs, some for and some against.

“If that is it for the questions we will vote.” The minister says. When no one speaks up the voting begins. When asked all for I smile as even Lady Longbottom raises her wand. The people against are mostly Dumbledore supporters and those who lost many during the war.

“Motioned passed. The goblins will set up the wards and trials will begin next week.” The minister says and I want to groan. I hadn’t thought about it before, but I was about to spend a lot of time in Wizengamot.

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We celebrate my first win in Wizengamot, and I couldn’t be happier. The minister even invited me to sit in on the trials. I was happy to watch them. I wanted to know who was truly innocent and who was guilty. The reporters were all over me when we stepped out but thankfully Lord Black had prepared me for that.

When the first trials begin, I sit next to Sirius and Leo, who insisted on being with me. They start with the lowest ranked members. Hearing the true damage done by some of them was heart breaking and I hold Leo’s hand through it. I was no stranger to war, but it was still hard to hear. Five out of the twelve trials proved innocent. The minister and members of Wizengamot looked appalled as it came out the true ways Voldemort used to control his members. Everything from potions to forcing husbands to watch as their wives and daughters were passed around. At the mention of this Sirius grabs my hand. When we finally leave after setting up the next trials for tomorrow, we don’t stop to talk to reporters as we head home.

“I don’t want you there tomorrow.” Sirius says.

“Please, I want to see this through.” I say practically begging.

“You are too young to be hearing that stuff. If that was the low ranking then I can’t imagine the high ranking.” He scowls.

“I still want to be there.”

“It will look bad if she doesn’t go.” Orion says.

“I don’t care.” Sirius growls. “It was bad enough hearing what some of them did but hearing…”

“Please Uncle Pads. If it becomes too much then I will tell you. I want to be there. Yes, it was bad but now five people who lived that are able to go home.” I say hugging him.

“Fine pronglet but the moment it becomes too much we leave.” He relents. I pull back and give him a beaming smile.

“Thank you.”

“He is right though, it is bound to get worse, and you need to be mentally prepared for that. I never realized how strong those wards are.” Lord Black says.

“Yeah, makes me nervous to go to Gringotts again.” Regulus admits.

“Thankfully they are only usually used for bank dealings and not digging out your deepest secrets.” I smile and the adults shiver causing me to laugh.

The next few days are filled with trials. The public in outrage to learn innocent people who already went through horrible things were imprisoned. It takes a week to get to the inner circle members. Bellatrix is brought out first and I see most of the family tense. She might no longer be a Black, but it was still hard to see her like that. As the wards take hold and she describes in detail the torture of the Longbottoms, I see Lady Longbottom shed a tear. She looked truly pleased with what she had done. By the end of it she is sentenced to be kissed due to the true ruthlessness of the crimes. A break is taken to allow everyone to calm down. As we walk out, I spot Lady Longbottom.

“Lady Longbottom I am truly sorry for what was done to your family.” I tell her.

“Thank you dear, because of you they will be brought to proper justice and allow us all to sleep better knowing true villains are dealt with.” She says giving me a sad smile. I just nod, not knowing what else to say. Lord Black walks over and rests his hand on my shoulder.

“Lady Longbottom if you need anything let me know. While she had been disowned, I still cannot believe my blood would do such a thing.”

“Thank you, Lord Black. It seems your family has done enough for my family. It was found out my grandson had blocks on his magic when purged. We tested my son and his wife, and they too had potions. While they are still working on a cure, they seem to now have moments they recognize us.”

“I am truly happy to hear that.” He says nodding at her. Once we leave her, he leads me over to the family. I spot Jasper standing in the crowd with a woman I assume is his mother. I nudge Leo.

“There is Jasper.”

“I hope for his sake his father didn’t do some of those things.” He whispers. I just nod, it would be devastating to learn your father did something like that.

We are called back in and Rodolphus is brought out. I glance to where I saw Jasper sit. He looks tense and I want to go support him.

The trial goes on and I truly feel sick to my stomach, but I vow to finish this. To hear how his father had sold him to Voldemort at the age of 13 was heartbreaking but hearing what was done to him was downright disturbing. He had already proven to be under many compulsions. When it comes out that if he failed a mission or disobeyed Bellatrix in anyway Rabastan was brutally punished I look to Jasper to see tears running down his cheeks. The last blow is how Voldemort himself tortured his two-day old son to death, claiming he was a distraction. He is immediately released, and the healers take him.

“Are you ok?” Sirius asks.

“Yeah, Jasper’s father is next. He was the reason I started all this.” I whisper back. Sirius just nods and turns back as Rabastan is brought in.

He is similar to Rodolphus and claims that when he met his wife they met in secret. After witnessing what happened to Rodolphus’s son Rabastan sent her away to protect their child. The anguish in his voice at never getting to meet his child brings tears to my eyes. The moment he is freed, Jasper and his mother are led out of the room by an auror.

Antonin Dolohov is another proved innocent. Controlled due to his talents in spell creating and warding. They had been right, the inner circle was the worst and by the end of all of it, four are released while two more besides Bellatrix is sentenced to be kissed.

Once over the minister stands.

“I would like to propose we expand on Ms. Potter’s proposal and have retrials for all those believed to be under the imperio curse. After hearing everything I do not feel right to not know for sure and to let people who would do some of those horrendous crimes continue to walk free.”

The vote is almost completely unanimous to do retrials.


Lord Black

When we arrive home the children run off and I stop the others from calling them back.

“Let them be, that was hard for even the adults in the room, much less the children.” I tell them.

“Merlin I can’t even wrap my head around it.” Sirius groans sitting down. “Yeah, I fought in the war, but I had no idea.”

“None of us did. I couldn’t imagine going through all that only to end up in Azkaban.” Regulus says.

“Harriet will have many praising her for her idea. While some were against it no one can deny now it was needed.”

“I am just worried about his supporters who were never caught. When people who originally got away with it are locked up it could also make her more of a target.” Sirius points out.

“We will be there for her, and she will have Leo in school.” Orion says.

“Along with Rabastan’s son. I caught a look of adoration on his face when he looked at her after his father was released. I wouldn’t doubt it if many of the children whose parents were released feel indebted to her.” Regulus points out causing Sirius to groan.

“Leo is bad enough, no more boys.”

We all just chuckle as I have an elf bring us some whiskey.

“Will you check on the children?” Sirius asks the elf.

“Oh, little Miss and master are asleep in little miss’s room.” The elf says causing us to laugh again.

“If they hadn’t gone through so much today, I would have your son by his ears for sleeping in the same bed as her.” Sirius glares at Barty and Regulus.

“I don’t think you have to worry about other guys.” Barty smirks. We all enjoyed riling him up when it came to Harriet and boys. He was still determined to keep her single and pure till thirty.

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We finally get our letters and decide to go shopping with Luna, who would be meeting us there. We arrive at Diagon Alley and instantly see the Weasley clan.

“Releasing those foul things back into society. They should of all been kissed.” Molly says loudly.

“I hope ignorance isn’t contagious.” Harriet fires back and I can’t stop myself from laughing.

“Harriet, you are above such things. If they wish to remain ignorant to proof, there is no hope for them.” Great grandfather says and I just laugh harder.

“Come on, before you start a blood war.” I tell her.

“Oh, I would like to see that.” Harriet laughs and the adults just shake their heads.

“May we go look at brooms?” I ask trying to regain my composure.

“After we collect your books.” Uncle Sirius says. I sigh but nod as we are led away from the Weasleys. Harriet and I take off in the bookstore, wanting to pick up a few new books for our collection.

“Harriet, Leo, good to see you again. This is my father.” Luna says walking up to us.

“Hello Mr. Lovegood. I love the quibbler.” Harriet says smiling.

“Thank you, Ms. Potter, I have heard quite a bit about you both from my Luna.” He says smiling.

“We couldn’t ask for a better friend.” I tell him. Luna had grown on me, and I now saw her as a little sister. Luna is allowed to walk around with us as we talk about our summer.

“I am glad the truth is out. It helps bring balance.” Luna says when we talk about the trials. Her father hadn’t let her come watch them with us.

“Hey Harriet.” Someone calls out and I turn to see Jasper standing there.

“Hey Jasper.” Harriet smiles.

“I just wanted to say thanks.” He says looking down.

“I am glad you have him back, if you don’t mind how is he?”

“They said he should be able to be released by Yule. Uncle Rod hopefully a few months after.” He says smiling.

“Glad to hear it.” I say.

“Yeah, I just wanted to say thanks.”

“No need for thanks, would you like to look at books with us?” Harriet asks. I was glad he had his father back, but I didn’t like the idea of another guy around her.

“Sorry but my mother is in the other isle. Not everyone is completely happy with the verdicts, and she worries.”

“Oh, I understand that. I think if uncle Pads could find a way to send guards to Hogwarts he would.” Harriet laughs. She wasn’t even lying. Uncle Sirius had gotten far more protective after we received death threats on helping death eaters escape. Jasper leaves after saying he will see us at Hogwarts, and we continue our shopping.

When we make our way back to the adults, we see Mr. Lovegood waiting with them.

“We saw Rabastan’s son.” Father Regulus says.

“Yeah, he came over and said thanks. He said Rabastan should be released by Yule and Rodolphus a few months after.” I explain.

“I'm glad.” Father Barty says.

We continue our shopping with either people thanking us for helping their family get justice or sneers at helping criminals escape. By the time we arrive home I am so over it.

“Your next proposal better not bring this much attention.” I groan looking at Harriet.

“Ah but where is the fun in that.” She laughs.

“How about you let this cool down before you go trying to change the world again.” Sirius says matching my groan.

“Don’t worry, my next one will take longer to get all the facts and a working plan to fix it.” She says and I know she is serious.

“I am blaming you for this.” Sirius tells great grandfather.

“You got to admit she was good.” He says smiling.



The kids head off to go pack for Hogwarts and we take our seats.

“Any idea on her next idea?” Barty asks.

“No, but no doubt it will lead to more death threats.” I say shaking my head.

“That is the cost of change.” My father says.

“Yeah, but can’t she wait until she is of age?” I say groaning.

“I believe that girl was born with the drive to change the world, whether we are ready for it or not. Leo is just along for the ride.” My grandfather says.

“And here you were worried about boys. You should be worried about her taking over. She is 12 now, imagine when she is old enough to claim her seats.” Regulus laughs. I did not want to think about that but truthfully part of me is proud. I know James and Lily are looking down and proud of the young woman she is becoming. She reminds me of a perfect mixture of both of them. Her outspokenness from James, and her drive from Lily. I would forever be thankful they trusted me enough to grant me the godfather bond. I couldn’t imagine my life without her.

“Ok I concede she might be planning a takeover.” I admit.

“Couldn’t be worse than what we have now.” My father says and I had to agree.

“All we can do is stand behind them as they work to change things. I am curious what her next idea is though. It would need to have my name on it.” My grandfather says.

“Let’s find out.” I say calling an elf to go get the kids. They walk in and Harriet is holding a folder.

“I see you came prepared.” I smirk.

“I figured you would ask what I was working on, so I brought the work I have.” She shrugs and Leo shakes his head.

“I’m just here.” He says and I chuckle.

“So, what is the next project?” Grandfather asks.

“I have a few but this one is the biggest one and will take the most planning.” She says. Of course, she had more than one. I just needed to accept she would never be a normal child.

“Alright explain.” My father says.

“Were any of you aware that there is no orphanage in all of Great Britain for magical children? If a child has no family, they are sent to a muggle orphanage.”

“I was not aware, are you sure?” I ask surprised.

“Yes, I met a girl in Ravenclaw whose parents were killed in the war. She mentioned being in a muggle orphanage and I decided to look into it. What I found was shocking. Magical children don’t do well in orphanages. They are usually abused and there are reports of children even being killed because the muggles don’t understand them.” She says handing over the folder. I look over it and notice she already has a good start.

“I was unaware this was even an issue. Seems we should start taking more notice of the children in Hogwarts.” Grandfather says.

“This says using a Peverell property.” Barty points out.

“Yep, I asked the goblins when I went to talk to them about the ward. The Peverell line has 24 properties just in Britain. I will never need that much, and it takes away the biggest argument over where to place it. It also has ancient wards, insuring all the residents are protected.” I just nod, it made sense.

“What else do you need to figure out?” Regulus asks.

“Things like care takers and a way to help have the children adopted. While an orphanage is good, it should only be temporary. Children need loving homes. The land I chose also has a few green houses and Abraxan breeding. I figure the green houses could produce food and the money from the Abraxans can then be funneled back into the orphanage. Also, if there are older children it will give them something to do.” She explains.

“It is a good start. The proposal as it is would likely be approved but I agree with the details already figured out it will speed up the process.” Grandfather says handing her back the folder.

“What of the other ones?” I ask smiling. She truly was magnificent.

“Well, the other two need a lot more work. It is harder to get the information.” She says not quite meeting my eyes.

“What are they?” I ask raising a brow.

“I will say these are her ideas but once fully explained they are brilliant.” Leo adds.

“Why do I have a feeling these are going to be far more controversial?” Regulus groans.

“So, I have these two. All I ask is you keep an open mind. They are a long way off before anywhere close to being ready.” She says pulling out two more folders. She hands them over and I am shocked silent when I read them.

“Ok, now my question is how do you know this is an issue?” I ask holding up one of the folders.

“Um because I have…” Her voice tapers off and I raise a brow. Leo rolls his eyes at her.

“Harriet here has eidric memory and remembers everything.” I don’t even have words for that. It hits me how she knows this is an issue.

“Oh Pronglet.” I sigh.

“It’s fine, and I understand why he hid it, but I want to help.” She says. Leo reaches over and squeezes her hand.

“We will be lucky to have that one ready within two years. She is really trying.” Fuck, she shouldn’t have to. She leaves the folders with us as Leo leads her out of the room. The others turn to me slightly confused.

“Remus hasn’t told her about him being a werewolf. She has always been told he works abroad doing odd jobs. She has never questioned it or even hinted at knowing. I had her there the day he told me that he couldn’t be in her life because of Dumbledore. It was right after the trial where the minister said he would strip Dumbledore of his titles if he continued to attempt to take Harriet from us.” I explain. I would need to go see him once she returned to Hogwarts and explain what was going on. He wasn’t going to be happy that she knows but there isn’t much we can do about it.

“So now she wants to work on giving them more rights so she can have her uncle back.” Regulus says in understanding.

“Do you think she remembers that night?” Barty asks nervously.

“She hasn’t said anything.” I say but I had the same fear.

“She will need to talk to different werewolves to make this work.” My father says.

“That will be interesting.” I groan.

“How about we focus on the orphanage first. These other two will cause an uproar.” Grandfather says. Shit, I forgot about the other one.

“What is that one about?”

“Having muggleborns brought into our world earlier. This way they learn our traditions and it lessens the exposure to muggles.” My father says.

“And I thought the death threats were bad now. If it gets out, she is working on any of these than she will have an even bigger target on her back.”

“We did say she was going to change the world.” Barty adds causing me to glare at him. “Hey, our son is right there with her.”

“I know, but it feels so much more real to read these.” I say sighing.

“All we can do is help guide them and protect them when the time comes.” Grandfather says and we all nod in agreement.

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I sit on the bed trying to calm down. I hadn’t told any of the adults about my memory. Seemed I didn’t just get elemental magic. Leo comes over and pulls me into a hug.

“It’s ok, I'm here for you.” He says and I try to relax. It wasn’t just Moony who needed help. I needed to have the werewolves in a better place before Voldemort’s inevitable return. It was one of the only reasons they followed him. They had nothing else to lose. A thought hits me and my eyes go wide. How had I forgotten? I can remember the potion that helped them. While there was already one out there it didn’t do as well as it was made to believe and would be years until a new one was made.

Fix what has been wronged. Death whispers into my mind and my smile grows.

“Leo, I have a project.” I say jumping off the bed.

“You know I got you.” He smirks standing.

“I want to fix the wolfbane potion.”

“Why not.” He says, shaking his head. I smile and grab his hand pulling him to the library.

We spend hours and finally Barty comes in to drag us out when we ignored the elf. He walks in and freezes at the sight of all the books laid out.

“Do I want to know what you two are plotting?” He asks.

“Not yet, but we will tell everyone soon.” I smile.

“Ok, well it is dinner time.” I groan but stand.

Dinner is filled with Barty trying to figure out what we are doing.

“You know I think we should limit the library use.” Sirius smirks.

“No!” Both Leo and I shout causing the adults to laugh.

“Is it world changing?” Regulus asks.

“Of course.” Leo smirks.

“We will actually need uncle B when we finish the research. I figure we will have the base down before we go to Hogwarts.”

“I hope it is potions related then.” Barty says.

“Yep, it will be groundbreaking.” I say and Leo nods, still smirking.

“You know maybe we shouldn’t leave them unsupervised. No world domination until you graduate.” Lord Black says, and I chuckle.

“Truly, domination is such a strong word. More like reform.”

“Because that makes it better.” Sirius says shaking his head.

“Aren’t Blacks known for doing great things?” Leo points out.

“They have you there.” Orion laughs.

That night I close my eyes and try to go over everything else that would need to be changed. Now that I started changing things, I felt like I wasn’t doing enough.

My child, you are doing well. Remember you are not alone.

It takes me a moment to recognize the voice but as my magic relaxes, I know it is Mother Magic.

I just hope I am doing enough. I admit. It felt like with one problem solved another hundred appeared.

Lean on your family and remember that we chose you for a reason.

I sigh and nod. I was the savior and this time I would do it right.



School starts and I make sure to not let Harriet get far from me. She had become quite popular in Slytherin due to her proposal and I didn’t like so many around her. Every time I stepped between her and a guy or pulled her to the other side of me Luna would just smile and give me a knowing look. I could admit I had a slight possessiveness problem, but Harriet never complained.

When quidditch tryouts arrive both Harriet and I sign up. She went for seeker while I much preferred the beater position. Tryouts are grueling with Flint pushing us to our breaking point. Even with Harriet freeing his dad he didn’t take it any easier on her and I knew Harriet wanted it that way. She hated special treatment. When we arrive at the common room after tryouts, I flop down on the couch preparing to stay here until my body stopped hurting.

“Think we did it?” Harriet asks, flopping down beside me.

“We better or all that was for nothing.” I groan.

“I think both of you made the team, now me? I have no idea.” Jasper comments flopping down on the other side of me. He quickly picked up that I didn’t like people between me and Harriet and made a point to keep a slight distance from her.

“I think all three of you did wonderful and I can’t wait to cheer you all on.” Luna says coming over and passing out mild pain reliever potion.

“All we can do is wait for tomorrow when they are posted. Now I think I am going to go freshen up before dinner. Luna, you coming with me?” Harriet says standing. Luna walks over to her, and I watch as they both head to their dorms.

“Dude you are staring.” Jasper says nudging me.

“Shut up.” I say standing. I didn’t need people pointing out the obvious.

The next day we are all sitting in the common room waiting for the positions to be posted. The moment Flint walks in Harriet grabs my hand and I send her a small smile. The moment he steps away from the board it gets rush with people checking. We don’t move, choosing to let it calm down. It wouldn’t change our position if we were the first or last to see the posting. Once it does calm down, we stand and walk over. I hold my breath as my eyes search for the beater listing. It had been one of the more sought-after positions. The moment my eyes land on my name I can’t help the smile

“I made it.” I tell the group.

“I made chaser.” Jasper says and I turn to look at Harriet.

“Looks like all three of us are on the team.” She smirks and I pull her into a hug.

“I told you all, now let's go celebrate with some pudding.” Luna says, grabbing Jasper as she skips away.

“I could go for some celebratory pudding.” Harriet says chucking as she grabs my hand, pulling me along to follow after them.



Yule arrives faster than I expected. Between studying and games, along with still working on future proposals, the time seemed to fly by. Sirius along with the rest of the adults came to every one of our games. The Lestranges also came but it wasn’t hard to see the tension when some of the other parents saw them. Dumbledore added a section of seating just for the Slytherin parents, claiming it was because of the increase in visitors, but we all knew he was trying to keep them away from the other students.

We spend most of our free time during break working on the potion. While the recipe I remember would work Uncle B suggested we work to make it something that could be taken once a year instead of having to rely on being able to brew the potion monthly. By the time it is time to meet up with Uncle Moony I am both excited and nervous. Sirius told me that he had already explain what I was trying to do but he didn’t tell me how he had reacted. I never wanted him to feel ashamed of what he was with me.

When we arrive at the gravesite he is sitting on the same bench as usual. He stands when he spots up and I walk over hugging him.

“Missed you Uncle Moony.”

“I missed you too.” He says hugging me back. I notice Sirius is standing a little ways away and figure he was trying to give us some sense of privacy.

“I'm sorry I didn’t say anything.” I whisper as I take my seat on the bench.

“Hey don’t feel bad. I have been this way for a long time. I didn’t say anything because I never want you to fear me.” I look up and smile at him.

“I could never fear you and we should have the potion done by this summer. I want you to be the first one to have it.”

“You don’t have to do that, but I will take it.” He says and I smile.

“Anything for my Uncle Moony.”

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Our first night back at Hogwarts Snape informs me Dumbledore wants to talk to me. I should have known it was all going too well. Leo keeps close to me as we walk to the headmaster’s office.

“I will be right here when you get out.” He says when we make it to the statue.

“I'm going to be fine.” I assure him before I head up the stairs. The moment I enter he offers me a lemon drop but I decline.

”Sir is everything ok? I hadn’t realized I had done anything to warrant a visit to the headmaster’s office.” I make sure to keep my tone polite.

“My girl I am just concerned about you. I fear you are getting close to dangerous people, and I want you to know that I am here if you need help.” I want to bang my head on the desk at his grandfatherly tone.

“I don’t understand sir, who is dangerous?” I wasn’t going to make this easy for him and would enjoy playing clueless.

“You are getting close to the Lestrange boy, I worry his family will try to pull you to the dark side.”

“Jasper wouldn’t do that and I'm not worried. I am neutral and they all know it.” I say smiling.

“You need to be prepared.” He says but his tone is far less patronizing. I was actually having fun with the way he was getting frustrated.

“Prepared for what sir?”

“I fear darkness will rise again.”

“Then we should let the aurors know.” Now it is his turn to look like he wants to bang his head on the desk.

“No need for that my dear.”

“But if the darkness is bad then isn’t it the aurors job to deal with it?” I ask tilting my head.

“I think that will be all for today Ms. Potter. If you ever need anything my door is always open.”

“Thank you, headmaster.” I stand and walk out, attempting not to laugh. The moment Leo sees me he pulls me into a hug.

“What did he want?”

“Darkness is on the rise, and he fears for me.” I say rolling my eyes. “I did enjoy acting like a completely clueless small child. Even suggested we call the aurors if something bad was coming.”

“You still need to let the family know he called you in but I’m glad you had fun with it.” He says, grabbing my hand as we walk to the dungeons.


The rest of the school year Dumbledore still watches me but hasn’t called me back to his office. Sirius was furious I was called in and I didn’t even want to know what the letter to Dumbledore said.

When Draco decides to target me for his father being locked up Slytherin retaliates. His attempt at hexing me when my back was turned landed him in the infirmary because of Flint. His father had been among those released. Draco truly got lucky I grabbed Leo before he could hurt him. I didn’t need Leo expelled or worse. When Draco continued along with the kids whose parents were in jail, I was no longer allowed to be alone. I didn’t mind, it wasn’t like I was alone much before this. I was just enjoying the show. They didn’t realize they were turning their own house against them.



I step off the train trying to hold onto my laughter. My father Regulus looks at me brow raised but says nothing until we arrive home. The moment I step out of the floo I burst out laughing.

“What is so funny?” Grandfather asks.

“The Weasley twins decided they wanted in on targeting Malfoy. He got stuck with pink hair.” I say trying to calm down.

“Why is Malfoy being targeted?” Sirius asks.

“Because he tried to hex me when my back was turned. Flint sent him to the infirmary and when he still decided to spout off on how I got his father locked up for no reason, he became a target for Slytherin. You should have seen what Nott did to him. His lips were glued shut and Madam Pomfrey took three days to get them unstuck.” Harriet says smirking.

“Why didn’t you tell me what Malfoy did?” He asks her, brow raised.

“Because it was so much more fun to see his own house turn on him. He shares a room with Jasper, and he is so terrified he attempted to stay in Hufflepuff.” She says laughing.

“Oh, don’t deny them that.” Father Barty laughs.

“I would have been ashamed to even consider thinking about staying in Hufflepuff.” Grandfather says shaking his head.

“Jasper enjoys scaring him. The funniest thing is Jasper hasn’t even actually done anything. Just the threat is enough to have Malfoy running for the hills. If he comes back next year, I will be surprised.” I say smirking.

“Safe to say Harriet is protected in school.” Father Regulus says.

“Can’t argue there.” I say shaking my head.


The summer seems to fly by with work on the potion and her newest proposal while also still practicing for quidditch. While hectic we were all enjoying it until we get the notice Peter Pettigrew had escaped. Suddenly the adults are on high alert as the wizarding world goes ballistic. It is believed he will come to finish what his master had started. I would kill him if he got anywhere near her. Harriet keeps saying she isn't worried and has far too much to do to stop because of him. When the potion is finished Sirius and Harriet go to take it to Remus. I had never met him before, and Harriet hoped that if she could get the laws to change then he would be willing to come around.

When it is time to present the proposal, I again watch as Harriet works the floor. Did they not realize they were being manipulated by a 13 year old? Either way it worked in our favor. The motion passes with the only objection coming from Dumbledore, who suggested she was too young to understand such matters. It was Lady Longbottom who pointed out that it was that same girl who brought true justice just a year ago and that it was good to see someone her age taking action to change our world for the better. That had shut the old man up. It would still take time for everything to pass, and Harriet had asked Grandfather and Lady Longbottom to help oversee it while she was in Hogwarts. She admitted she would have asked great grandfather, but he had a lot on his plate as Lord Black, and it had been decided it would work if grandfather did it. Lady Longbottom was suggested to make sure the light didn’t think she was playing favorites. I almost laughed when one of them asked what sector she supported. She just smiled and said that she supported magic and what was best for the wizarding world no matter which sector suggested it. That had stumped plenty of people, and I caught the look of respect in a few others. When we left the minister joked that this was becoming a yearly tradition to which Harriet just smiled and said she was already working on the proposal for next year. That had his eyes widening but he said he couldn’t wait.

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I arrive at the property set up for the new orphanage. Lady Longbottom spots me and I walk over. Today the builder was coming to approve the building then we could move onto hiring. Thankfully Harriet had everything planned, all we needed to do was make sure everything ran smoothly. We planned to have it open in a little less than three months.

“You must be proud of your granddaughter, Mr. Black.” Lady Longbottom says as we wait for the builder.

“I am extremely proud. While my grandson doesn’t stand up there with her, he is right beside her in her plans to better the wizarding world.” I say smiling. She was my granddaughter no matter what anyone said.

“I hear they are both ones to look out for in magical abilities also. I do look forward to next year. I heard her telling the minister she is working on next year's proposal.”

“Yes, my father has limited her to one per summer to make sure she doesn’t slack in her studies.” I say laughing. It seemed with each win she got more ideas.

“I don’t blame him but from what I hear she does well in her classes. My own grandson mentioned the offer to help him in potions in trade for helping your grandson in herbology.”

“I hadn’t heard of that, but it isn’t surprising. Leo never was one for herbology but takes after his fathers in potions and runes.”

Our conversation comes to a halt as the builder arrives. It won’t take much to prepare the manor and with the plans signed off, I head to the ministry to meet with the minister. As I am walking in I almost bump into Rodolphus.

“Mr. Black, my apologies.” He says.

“No worries, good to see you up and about.” I say smiling.

“Yeah, it is good to have control over my own mind. I am on my way to see the minister to hand in my papers from the healers so I can claim my seat as Lord Lestrange.”

“I am heading there to hand in the signed paperwork over the new orphanage.” I say as we both start walking towards the minister’s office.

“I heard about the new proposal your granddaughter put forth.” He chuckles.

“Yes, if all the proposals were written as well as hers it would save us all.” I say chuckling.

“I also hear my nephew is quite taken by her.”

“Oh, don’t let Sirius hear that. He is still demanding she stay away from boys until she is thirty.” I say. Oh, I will get much enjoyment from telling him about this.

“Mark my words, the day that girl turns 16 he will get flooded by betrothal offers.”

“Oh, I can’t wait for that.” I chuckle as we make it to the office.

“Ah Mr. Black, Mr. Lestrange, what can I do for you gentlemen?”

“I have the signed papers from the builder. Lady Longbottom said she wasn’t coming in unless she had to.”

“That is fine.” He says, taking the papers then turning to Rodolphus.

“I have the papers from the healer, giving me the all clear to claim my title.”

“Very well, we will be happy to have you in the next Wizengamot meeting so you may claim them properly. Do you have an heir you wish to list?” The minister asks and I see the shadows pass in Rodolphus’s eyes. Some wounds would never heal.

“My brother will be my heir.” He says his voice slightly gruff. The minister looks at him for a moment. If he commented I would step in. No one would be ok seeing their child killed in front of them. It shouldn’t stop them from claiming their title.

“Very well Mr. Lestrange. I will see you in a month.” He finally says and I see Rodolphus relax. When we leave, I turn to him.

“How is everything going?”

“Truthfully slow. My family lost most of their alliances, and it is rough starting from the bottom.”

“Why don’t I speak to my father? Our families have always had an alliance. I don’t see why he wouldn’t consider one now.”

“Honestly, that would be great. There are a lot who won’t even speak to me.”

“It will take time, but just remember you were proven innocent.” I say and he nods.

“Thank you, Mr. Black. I will be awaiting your owl on your father’s response.”

We part ways and I head to Black manor. Harriet might have set them free, but now it was up to us to help them reclaim their former glory.



I arrive at the school and thankfully this time the dementors didn’t attack me. When they passed our compartment, I felt the necklace hidden under my robes heat and they quickly left. I still didn’t like them but at least they couldn’t attack me. Sirius was not happy to hear dementors were at Hogwarts, but it was ministry approved.

As the year passes, I get even closer to Leo who refuses to allow me to go anywhere alone. I also get closer to Jasper and Luna. She still made small comments about the differences, but anytime I tried to ask she just smiled and said she didn’t know what I was talking about. Part of me was still in shock that I was having a mostly normal school experience, but I wasn’t going to complain. Next year would change everything and I refused to waste a second of the peace.


The summer arrives faster than I thought it would, and I am again on top of my classes. Leo being right behind me which seemed to anger Granger to no end.

Two days into summer I am surprised to see Rodolphus, Rabastan, and Jasper arrive at the manor.

“We have business to attend, would you show Jasper around.” Lord Black says, and I lead him out of the room.

“So how are you two doing?” He asks me and Leo.

“Good, doing the finishing touches on the newest proposal.” I smirk.

“More like obsessing over it even though it is already done.” Leo laughs.

“I will leave the law making to you two. My uncle tried to explain things to me, and it makes no sense.” He says, shaking his head.

“It isn’t that hard. They require hard evidence to back up claims, and then you must be prepared for all the questions. While it is no guarantee, Harriet here seems to have a knack for it. Two for two right now, hopefully by the end of the summer she will have three laws under her belt.” Leo explains.

“It is the sectors that are confusing. I mean most of it is the same thing just worded differently.” He says and I stop my eyes widening.

“You are right, their views are similar. I wonder if I can use that.”

“Oh, now you got her going.” Leo laughs.

“No, I think this is just what I needed for my new proposal. I just need to word it in a way it works for both sides. You are a life saver Jasper.” I say smiling at him.

“Glad to help, I guess.” He laughs.

“The more you are around the more you will learn her mind doesn’t work like ours. She is similar to Luna.” Leo says and I stick my tongue out at him. He glares which only makes me laugh harder.

Chapter Text

Lord Black

The elf watching the children tells us Harriet has them both working on the new proposal.

“Well at least he is starting to understand.” Rodolphus chuckles.

“Fair warned, she will rope you into it, if you let her.” Orion laughs.

“So, what is this year’s proposal?” Rabastan asks.

“I can’t even explain it as well as she can, but she wants to help lessen the attacks from werewolves while giving them better opportunities.” I explain.

“That will be interesting, I can’t imagine the backlash from something like that.” Rodolphus says wide eyed.

“Yes, the agreement for my backing on this law is she cannot go out without at least two adults. The girl gets enough death threats, but it doesn’t stop her.” I explain.

“Have you thought of security?” Rabastan asks.

“We have, and we figure she will outgrow us tagging along, but for now it should be enough. We are not out in public often.” Orion says.

We go over different deals that I was looking to invest in and wanted to see if they wanted in. It would take time before people went to him directly for deals. It takes a few hours and once we are done, I lean back.

“I did have one more thing to speak with you about. While I understand this is a touchy subject, I wanted to let you know Harriet is working on a way to permanently remove the mark. She spoke to a few healers who got a chance to study the mark and is almost complete in creating the potion to remove it.” Both men freeze at the mention of the mark.

“She is positive it will work?” Rodolphus asks recovering first.

“Yes, she has been working on it since putting the motion forth to do retrials.”

“What else does she need?” Rabastan asks, looking scared to hope. I didn’t blame him; I couldn’t imagine having a brand like that.

“She figured the mark was done in parseltongue but without examining one she won’t know for sure. Harriet is very in tune with magic.” I say making sure to watch my words. They might be allies but I would not risk her.

“You want us to let her look at them?” Rodolphus asks.

“That is up to you. I have others I may ask.” I say, I didn’t want them to think they had to. Rodolphus sighs,

“If it will help then I don’t mind. I just worry that if she goes messing with it then it could hurt her. It is far more than a mark.” He explains.

“We are aware, and while I do not like her in danger, she seems to always find it. She might be in Slytherin, but she has Gryffindor blood running through her.” I say smirking.

“Ok, do you wish to do this now or later?” He asks.

“If you wish to do it now, I can call her.”

“Let’s do it, but please just her. I do not wish for Jasper to see the mark.” Rabastan says and I nod in understanding. I have an elf retrieve Harriet. She comes in and I smile at the folder in her hand.

“I told them about you working on getting rid of the mark. They have agreed to let you look at it.” I explain.

“Good, the potion is almost done but I am missing something.”

“Just be careful, last thing we need is it to attack you.” Rodolphus warns her. Harriet nods and he rolls up his sleeve showing off the mark. I had not seen one up close, but Harriet acts like it is completely normal. A gold light forms on her palm as she runs it over the mark. She seems to be studying something before the light fades.

“Did you realize the mark slowly drains your magical core. Not enough to notice at first, but it is causing an affect.” She says and they both stare at her wide eyed.

“No, I didn’t, I wonder if the effects are reversible?” Rabastan says.

“Should be, but you would need a healer to look at it once the mark is removed. I was surprised I was missing scorch beetle. Should take 30 minutes tops. Do you mind if I call uncle B to assist me?” She asks turning to me.

“Go on.” I say smirking. She leaves the room, her mind already on the new project.

“That was the weirdest feeling in the world.” Rodolphus says once she leaves.

“How so?” Orion asks.

“It felt like she dismantled whatever spell used to hold the mark on, before putting it back together. It wasn’t painful but felt weird having something outside my own magic messing with my body.” He explains.

“Are we sure that girl is 13?” Rabastan asks smirking.

“I swear her mind is well beyond her years.” Orion says. It was the first time I thought about it, but she was. We all just accepted that she could do all this, when normally I would have never approved of a child presenting something to Wizengamot, but I had done it repeatedly. We all seemed to just accept that a child so young had the life experience and wisdom to truly change things. She had done things that with anyone else would seem impossible, but no one thought anything of it when it came to her. As I listen to the others talk my mind just won’t seem to let it go.



I finish the potion with Barty’s help and walk back to the office. I knew it would work so I didn’t have the fear of hurting one of them. While it would feel weird it would completely remove the mark. When I walk in, I see all of them looking at me.

“Three drops, one on the top, one on the center, and one on the bottom should release the hold and dissolve it. It is possible you feel nauseous afterwards due to the type of magic the mark is, but it shouldn’t be painful.” I explain. The brothers look between each other before Rodolphus holds out his arm. With surprisingly steady hands I apply the drops and wait. The snake seems to attempt to slither away from the potion before shuddering and fading completely. Rodolphus runs his hand over his now bare arm.

“It worked.” He says in wonder. I turn to Rabastan allowing Rodolphus a moment. He rolls up his sleeve and I repeat the process. It isn’t long before they leave, and Lord Black asks me to stay behind. Once we are alone, he leans back.

“You are doing remarkable things. Not just for your age, but as a whole.”

“Thank you.” I say smiling.

“It was mentioned, off handedly I might add that you seem far older than your age. It got me thinking. You handle things better than most. Regulus mentioned Leo had nightmares after the worst of the trials, but you didn’t have that issue, as if you already had an idea of what they did. Now regardless you are part of this family, but I need to know.” He says and I tense.

Time what do I do! I shout in my head.

Not yell at me for one and ask Fate.


Tell him, I have already seen this and better than the question coming from someone outside your family.

What about if he wants to tell others?

He will be unable to tell those who don’t need to know. Somehow that didn’t make me feel better.

“I don’t know how to explain it.” I sigh.

“I would think time travel, but I clearly saw you as a baby.”

“Kind of but I didn’t travel back by a time turner but by Time himself.” He just raises a brow and motions for me to explain.

“In my last life I became death’s chosen. I collected all the Hallows but didn’t use them to bring me power. Death, Mother Magic, Fate, and Time agreed to send me back to fix the wrongs done in my life. I went back to right after my parents died. Fate said I couldn’t save them.” I try to explain.

“That is a lot, did they tell you anything else?”

“Um, Fate said I got three wishes for a gender change. Mother Magic said she would bless me in a way that hadn’t been seen since Merlin, and Death said I could call his Hallows to me when I turned eleven, and when I put them together, I would get a special gift.”

“What were the wishes?” He was taking this far better than I thought he would.

“That I got to have a happy childhood with my godfather Sirius, that I had natural occlumency, and that there was only one horcrux. I had asked for none of them, but Fate couldn’t do that.” His eyes widen at the mention of a horcrux.

“You’re telling me there is a horcrux floating around? Who would create such a thing?”

“Well, there were seven but yes, and it is from Voldemort. There is no way to prevent him from returning, but I know how to defeat him.”

“That is a lot to take in.” He sighs.

“Yeah, and if it happens like my last timeline, he will be coming back at the end of the next school year.”

“That is how you knew about the werewolf potion.” He says putting the pieces together.

“Yep, also how I knew how to remove the mark, but I needed to make a show in studying it. The laws I have passed were not in the last life, and when Voldemort returns, he breaks out his followers. Also, the werewolves follow him because he offered them a better life. I needed to fix the issue. Anyone who still has the mark when he returns will fall back under his control, whether they want to or not.”

“That is why you didn’t have any nightmares.”

“Oh, I have plenty of nightmares, but not from this time. In my old life I watched some of my closest friends die, and the others abandoned me. Sirius spent 12 years in Azkaban for betraying my parents when he never did. He escaped just like Peter did. I lost him two years later when he fell through the veil due to Bellatrix.”

“What about the rest of us?” He whispers.

“Regulus died at 18 when he discovered one of Voldemort’s horcruxes. In my time Orion did not save him from being sold into servitude. Orion died the same year. You died in 1991 and by 1996 the house of Black went extinct. Barty was killed in 1995 by being kissed, he was also a death eater.”

“I don’t know what to say to that. I feel there is so much more.”

“Yes, but some is hard for me to talk about. I will lower my walls so you can truly understand what I am attempting to prevent.” He agrees and I lower my mental walls. It feels like a lifetime as he watches a past me go through my life. He also sees the memory of me talking to the gods. When he pulls out, he looks ashen.

“I think I need a moment.” He whispers. I nod and stand. When I reach the door, he calls out to me. “While I know not deliberate, thank you for saving my family.”

“That is what family does.” I smile leaving him to sort out his mind.

Chapter Text


Grandfather calls us to the study, and I take my seat concerned. He looks like he has aged drastically.

“I spoke to Harriet over a matter that had been bothering me. I feel it will be best if you all watch the memories and I will explain after.” He says and we all nod silently. We walk to the pensive and dive into the memories.

When we all come out, I grab Barty’s hand to stop the shaking.

“No,” Sirius whispers but we all know it was real. He walks over and pours us all a glass of whiskey, his hands still shaking.

“Is there a way to prevent that?” Orion asks.

“Come to find out Harriet has already been working on it. That is what the laws she is pushing for are for. She said there is no way to prevent his return.” Grandfather explains.

“Sweet Salazar, that girl went through more than any person should. I am surprised she is sane.” Barty says.

“Because she knows no different. Think about it, even when she was young, she was working on this. I guarantee she has planned a hundred different scenarios. She is playing the long game and has been pulling us all along with her without us knowing. Think how many people will be outraged if the ministry tried to paint her as bad or a liar. She has clearly upped her magic usage and is preparing for war.” My father says and I look at him shocked.

“You're right, it hit me speaking to the Lestrange brothers that I had signed off on a young child to present a law then allowed her to continue. We are so use to her being this prodigy, no one looked at how strange it was that she was twelve. Normally laws aren’t really taught until the child is 13, and then it still takes years for them to understand.” Grandfather says.

“The joke of her changing the world feels so much more real.” I sigh. The note I had left in my past life still playing through my mind.

“My question is Leo, he matches her, but he wasn’t around in her past life.” Barty says and I nod.

“I think we should talk to both of them.” Father says calling an elf to retrieve them. They walk in looking at each of us.

“We want to know about Leo.” Grandfather says.

“Honestly, I have no idea.” Harriet says but I catch Leo look away.

“Leo what is it?” I ask.

“Look she wasn’t the only one ok, but mine wasn’t like hers. You will hate me for my past life.” He says not meeting our eyes.

“Leo, I could never hate you.” Harriet says softly.

“No matter what you are our son now. That is all that matters.” I tell him.

“Merlin, alright but please don’t abandon me.” He whispers. “My past name was Nathair…. Riddle.” Harriet’s eyes go wide at his admission, but she still reaches over and takes his hand.

“Do you care to just show us?” Grandfather asks.

“Might as well but remember I am different this time. I'm not that person.” He says and I dread what I will see.



When great grandfather goes to prepare the pensive, I turn to Harriet.

“Please, I know what I did was horrible, and I can’t claim potions. Just please don’t judge me.” I beg.

“I'm here Leo, no matter what you did I know you.” She assures me but I am still terrified. She had filled me in on her past life before we are called in and I knew I would be asked.

I place my memories in and get sucked in. I didn’t want to watch this, but for my family I would. It starts when I am 5 and my father forces me to kill my own mother. That right there was my downfall. I had given up on my humanity after that. The world only saw a killer anyways. It goes on as I am raised by the worst of the death eaters who escaped. Every day I was honing my skill on how to torture and kill. My father returns when I am 18. I sit at the head of the table with my father. I watch and laugh as men are forced to give up their wives and daughters. I get off on the violence. I even torture our own members when they annoy me. I run raids that slaughter entire families. When it gets to me keeping Harriet’s old friends hostage, I feel her tense. It goes on with the rape, torture, and murder until the battle of Hogwarts. I see the moment she realizes I was the one who killed Remus and Fred. It continues until my own father hits me with the killing curse for not protecting Bellatrix.

Similar to her I wake up in a white room. Instead of Mother Magic, it is just Death. He stands there naming every soul I took. As the list gets longer, I remember the regret. Then my mother appears. She hugs me and says that I had never been meant for that life. That she had been trying to get me out. That she didn’t blame me for killing her. Once she leaves Mother Magic and Fate arrives. I am offered a chance to repent, to fix my wrongs. I jump at the chance not caring how. Fate offers me three wishes and I ask to be raised in a loving home, to be in a position to help change the wizarding world for the better and my skills to go with me so I could use them to one day kill my father. Fate agreed but my price was until I spared as many lives as I killed, I would see those I killed in my dreams. As a reminder of what I came from, what to not become again. Mother Magic took mercy and said they would not start until I was 14. This way my mind would understand. Death then said that if I ever sent someone to him who was innocent, he would immediately take my soul and I would forever be stuck watching the world go by, with no one being able to see or speak to me.

We come out of the memory, and I look down. Even to this day I couldn’t cry for what I did. I had remorse but I couldn’t cry.

“Leo, you are not him.” Harriet whispers but it sounds like she is shouting in my ears.

“384, that was the number of lives I took.” I whisper shaking my head. “I need a moment.” I don’t wait for a response as I walk out of the room. It felt like my life was spiraling. I had done everything to avoid them ever knowing. I had recognized Harriet and when she started talking about change, I had a feeling she had come back too. She had gone through horrible things because of my father and all I wanted to do was protect her. To keep her close so nothing like that happened ever again. Even if she said I wasn’t him she would never look at me the same again. She would never again give me a look of complete trust, like I held part of her heart. My fathers would never again look at me like their son. How could they, I was the son of a monster. No more than an animal myself. I hear my door open but don’t turn. I was so in tune with her magic I could recognize it anywhere. She says nothing as she climbs into bed with me and lays her head on my chest. I can’t help the way my body tenses.

“You are still my Leo. I don’t care what you did, or who your father is. We will destroy him together." She says and I wrap my arms around her.

“I love you, Harriet.”

“I love you too Leo, don’t let go.”


Chapter Text


I feel torn when Harriet leaves the room. Part of me wanted to keep her away from him, but this was Leo. The boy who would follow her to the end of the world.

“That was not my son! I don’t care what he did, or who his father is. Leo is a good boy who is trying his hardest to protect this world.” Regulus says fiercely.

“I agree, he is clearly trying, and honestly I don’t see Harriet separating from him.” Grandfather says.

“We were given an opportunity to help both of them. It isn’t for us to decide.” Barty says and I sigh.

“I guarantee he feels like we are all going to abandon him. I can only imagine what is going through his mind.” I tell them.

“That also explains why the trials hit him so hard. He had been there.” Father points out.

“I need to go check on him.” Regulus says standing. We all nod as he leaves the room.

“How are you doing?” Father asks me.

“I just keep reminding myself they are both safe. While it is a lot to process, I know who they are now, and I have to believe Leo has changed.” I say honestly. The thought of my little girl going through even half of that has me on edge. I want to lock down the house and keep her here where I knew nothing could happen to her. Regulus comes back into the room with a small smirk on his face.

“They are curled up in Leo’s room asleep.”

“You know now I really need to worry. She was already about eighteen in her past life.” I groan.

“Technically she is mentally over 30.” Barty laughs.

“Shut up.” I growl.

“It does bring up the fact they are closer than we knew. They are the only ones who truly understand the other.” Grandfather says smirking.

“At this point I will take 16.” I sigh.

“I do wonder if they are soul mates. With the gods’ interference it is possible. It would also give Leo an anchor here.” Father says.

“Still too young to tell. They might be adults mentally, but they are both still kids.” I point out.

“You know it just hit me that Harriet went through Hogwarts before. No wonder her grades are so well. She already knows it.” Barty says shaking his head.

“Did everyone forget he is returning next year. I have half a mind to keep them both home.” Regulus says.

“Harriet says he will return regardless.” Grandfather points out.

“The question is are you willing to try to mess with fate?” Father asks and I groan.

“It wouldn’t matter, if it is already set than it will happen one way or another.”

“We wait until they wake and see what they think.” Father suggests, and I nod in agreement. It was ultimately them who would be in this war.



I wake still wrapped in Leo’s arms. His eyes flutter open, and I smile.

“How did you sleep?”

“Truthfully, I always sleep better when you are in my arms.” He says holding my gaze.

“I like being in your arms, but our fathers will kill us if we make this a regular habit.” I laugh.

“You’re right but doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it while it lasts.”

“Come on, I guarantee they still have a hundred questions.” I say trying to sit up, but he tightens his hold.

“A few more minutes before the reality of what I shared comes crashing down.”

“Ok, but they won’t hate you. You have changed.”

“You know I didn’t realize when I asked for my skills, I would have the need to hurt. I never saw it as an issue before and it is better, but it is still there.” He admits.

“Then talk to me. I am always here for you and always up for a duel.”

“I don’t play fair.” He warns smirking.

“Neither do I.” I laugh. I lay my head back down and enjoy the sound of his heartbeat. Not Nathair Riddle’s, but Leo Black’s.

After another ten minutes we finally get up and head to the study. I shoot Leo a smile before we walk in.

“I see you two are finally awake.” Barty smirks and it takes everything in me not to blush.

“Teasing later, right now we are concerned about you two going back to Hogwarts.” Lord Black says.

“Either way it is happening. While I would prefer not to go through the tri wizard tournament, we can’t stop this from happening.” I tell them.

“Honestly taken from Hogwarts is probably the safest. What about an emergency port key? This way she can get out if needed. Trust me, the ritual while horrible, wasn’t the worst of them, and most of the rest call for Harriet to be sacrificed.” Leo explains. Oh, goodie a deranged psychopath with a little decency.

“I don’t like this. I don’t like it at all.” Sirius groans.

“Look, I am Death’s chosen. He is pleased with the work we are doing. I think he would warn me if the ritual would kill me. Yeah, I will need time to recover but I will be fine.” I explain.

“Nope, you just randomly talking to Death is where I draw the line.” Sirius says throwing up his hands.

“Fate has spoken to me.” Leo shrugs.

“Back to the task. So, what else needs to happen?” Lord Black asks shaking his head.

“The marks need to be removed from those who were freed. I need to get the werewolf bill to pass and then get ready to take on a mad man. That is my current list anyways.”

“We need the ministry to believe that he is back. He grew too quickly with the cover of denial. Muggleborn students need protection. They are the easiest targets. I have runes that should be enough to protect them if put on weigh stones.” Leo adds.

“I have runes that can be used to protect others through a medallion. Regardless, we have a little while before he rebuilds. If we can get on top of this, then we can stop the worst of it. Members who were freed also need protection.”

“That is a good point, he will be furious to lose them especially his inner circle members. Shit, Jasper and all the other kids are about to become priority number one. He will want new blood.”

“Ok, slow down.” Regulus says. “That is a lot to take in, have you truly been working on all this alone?”

“Yeah, I was raised for this.” Leo shrugs.

“I lived most of my other life having little to no information, and still managed to come out on top. I figure with all the information I can keep many countless deaths from happening and hopefully end this much sooner.” They all just look at us and I sigh. “I know it is a lot to take in, and the thought of another war is terrifying, but truly our biggest issue is finding where the horcrux is. Last time it was in Malfoy manor.”

“I can’t even fathom that.” Orion groans.

“So, two-fold on that, while one horcrux is good, it also will make him saner, which means more cunning.” Leo points out.

“Shit, I didn’t think of that. If he is anything like the diary him then we need to be ready. While a mad man he is still brilliant at strategy.” I groan. Fate had warned me things will change. An idea hits me, and I smile.

“I have an idea to keep the dementors away. With them and the werewolves out of the way that cuts his army in half.” I smile.

“I don’t know how I feel about you going to talk to dementors.” Lord Black glares.

“I didn’t plan to go talk to them plus I have been able to do a corporeal patronus since 13 in my past life and I have this.” I say pulling out the necklace Death gave me. “This was my gift from Death, his creatures cannot hurt me.”

“That eliminates the inferi also.” Leo says looking thoughtful. They all look at us like we are crazy, but I am happy I now have someone to bounce ideas off of.

“Where are the plans?” Orion finally asks, and I smile.

“Mine or hers?” Leo smirks.

“Go get them both.” Lord Black says shaking his head.

We spend hours going over everything. Leo seemed to have the same idea I did and listed all known hideouts. I didn’t know where the Order would be this time, but I refused to join them. I would make my own side.



After we wrap everything up, I am asked to stay behind. Harriet sends me a small smile before leaving me standing there.

“Leo no matter your past you are a Black. We protect our own.” Regulus says.

“Exactly, you are our son, and nothing has changed.” Barty says and I give them both a small smile. It meant more to me than they knew for them to be willing to look past my past.

“I want you to know you can come to us. While I know we cannot stop the dreams, if they ever become too much we will be here.” Lord Black says. I close my eyes and sigh at the mention of the dreams. I had a week until I was fourteen and they would begin.

“I know you will protect Harriet, but I want you to protect yourself too. I don’t see him happy in losing his son.” Sirius says and I just look at him. I figured if anyone was going to push for me to stay away from her it would be him. “I know I am protective of her, but even I can admit that I can’t do it alone. We need to come together as a family to make sure we all come out on the other side, that includes you too.”

“As it sits only you, Harriet, and Sirius have seen war. It would be foolish for us to count you both out due to your age.” Orion says.

“Thank you.” I say my voice is far quieter than I had intended. I hadn’t realized how much their acceptance of the true me would affect me. I refused for them to ever see me as that man I once was.



I watch as my grandson leaves the room and turn to look at my family. While the Blacks weren’t as strong as they once were, we were closer than ever.

“I will go down tomorrow and have emergency portkeys made for both of them.” My father says with a look of determination.

“Maybe we can get Dumbledore finally removed if her name comes from the goblet. If he tries to insist she compete, then we can get him for attempting to entrap a minor in a magical contract and endangering her life.” Sirius points out.

“That is possibly the nail in his coffin. Many in Wizengamot don’t like him for how he belittles Harriet, then we can spin it as it was possible that he put her name in there to stop her from anymore proposals.” I say.

“That will depend on how this new one goes.” My father points out.

“I think it will go over better than expected. She has the advantage that everything she has suggested turns out to work even better than originally thought.” Regulus says and I nod in agreement.

“Once he returns, we need to reach out to those in high risk. It isn’t right that they are doing this alone. While yes, they have had years to prepare, we are the adults and we need to start working with them, not sitting back and letting them do it. It was ok when it was just laws to help better the world, but this is war.” Barty says.

“He’s right, we need to make sure we are doing our part. I refuse for her to feel like she can’t trust the adults in her life again.” Sirius says glaring.

“That will not happen. I think it is high time we reminded everyone why our name is to be feared.” My father says smiling. Hell yeah, it was time for them to be reminded to never cross a Black.

Chapter Text


The day on Wizengamot I am nervous. I had done everything I could to ensure it would go smoothly, but I would be attempting to change things for the better.

“Esteemed members of Wizengamot I am here to propose something that has plagued our community for centuries. In my packet today you will see the plans for a new werewolf potion and wards, proven in other countries to keep werewolves in on the full moon. I believe with a combination of them, we can eliminate the threat of the full moon. I also propose we begin building a relationship with the werewolves. If given jobs, they are more likely to begin respecting our laws. Right now, they have no incentive to listen to us. They are denied their basic rights, it leads to distrust in the ministry and resentment to those who have what they cannot, namely wizards and witches. They are not beasts as some would want us to believe, many are witches and wizards themselves cursed to feel the pull of the full moon. Small children cursed, denied proper food and shelter. Most werewolf children die, either due to starvation or people hunting them down for sport. What kind of message does that send that we are willing to let children, some as young as four suffer?” I say and hold my head high as I wait for the questions.

“My dear now this is getting out of hand. You are but a mere child, stop this foolishness.” Dumbledore says dismissing me.

“Chief Warlock, I would appreciate it if you used my proper title, and while a child yes, I have done my research. I have even spoken to multiple werewolves myself.”

“Then maybe that family of yours isn’t doing their job. To allow a child to run off with beasts.”

“Chief Warlock, refrain from this. She has every right to make a proposal and I for one am interested. We have had this issue for as long as I can remember, and nothing has been done about it. I don’t know about everyone else but I for one would like to not fear the full moon anymore and do not like it that children of any species are suffering.” Lady Longbottom says, and many others voice their agreement.

“While I agree the proof is here for the wards but where will we set them?” Another member asks.

“We have plenty of unclaimed land that can be sectioned off. Most packs already own their own land, and it would be simple to add the wards.”

“What of jobs?”

“They should disclose their status, but we should allow them to work. Some were masters in their field before being turned and those uneducated can do more manual tasks. They are far stronger than us, and what would take two or three wizards will only take one werewolf to do.” I explain.

“What about wands?”

“We have trackers for minors, why not for werewolves. It will still allow them to do magic, but make sure they are doing it responsible. Also, those who are untrained should go through schooling to be allowed a wand.”

“You want me to allow them into Hogwarts?” Dumbledore asks glaring.

“You already have once, without board approval might I add. He went his whole 7 years without incident.”

“You did what!” Someone shouts.

“Now you have no proof of that.” Dumbledore smiles.

“I am sure my godfather will be happy to show his memories of such events. He was my inspiration for animagus to be their teachers. Werewolves do not attack animagus in their animal forms. Also, Hogwarts already has wards set by the founders. I have certified copies of the original History of Hogwarts that outlines the steps taken to ensure werewolves were able to go to Hogwarts and all students still be protected but you should know this, as headmaster you have access to the wards.” I say smiling sweetly.

“What about those who do not wish to be behind the wards?”

“If they choose to be out of the wards then they are a danger. I can concede not all of them are good. This is a way to make sure we are protecting those who need it, and rightfully dealing with those who would be a threat to us and our children.”

More questions come in and I answer everyone. As I look around, I see more than I thought truly thinking about it. When it is time to vote, I have to force myself to breathe. I don’t even attempt to count the wands that go up for either passing or denying the bill.

“Ms. Potter your proposal has passed.” The minister says smiling. I inwardly sigh in relief and give him a smile. Once I am released, I begin working on my next project.

“Minister.” I say and he turns smiling at me.

“What can I do for you Ms. Potter?”

“I almost brought it up as a proposal, but I figured this was better for the minister to propose.” I say handing him a folder. He flips it open and smiles as he reads. It was a reform for Azkaban that would keep a better hold on dementors.

“This is impressive. I didn’t know this was possible, and I will definitely be looking into it.”

“Thank you minister. I figure with elections coming up next year this will give you the leg up in assuring the population knows you are the best for the job.” I say smiling. It didn’t hurt to get him in my pocket before the return.

“I am glad to have your support Ms. Potter. I do hope you will make that public.”

“Of course, I couldn’t imagine a better minister running our fine community.” I assure him. He walks away, and I have to keep from laughing at the way he struts.

“That was a perfect Slytherin move.” I turn around and see Rodolphus and Rabastan standing there.

“Never too young to build political power. Having him support me helps if I ever need something not open to the public.” I chuckle. Leo comes over and pulls me into a hug. I knew he was doing it because there were men outside the family around, but I didn’t mind.

“I hope you two enjoyed the show.” Lord Black says coming over.

“It was far more interesting than expected. Of course, now I will be dreading the normal proposals that are half written and poorly explained.” Rodolphus laughs.

“Honestly, they have gotten better. It seems that she is setting the bar for proposals, and many are attempting to keep up.” Orion says.

“I do only put one up a year.” I point out.

“To which most put one up every ten years.” Lady Longbottom says coming over. “Ms. Potter a perfect presentation as always. I wanted to let you know that while my son and daughter in law are still having issues, they have made tremendous improvements and have gotten the clearance to finally return home.”

“That is great. Oh, I bet Neville is excited. I can’t wait to hear all about it from him at school.” I say, Neville deserved this.

“I am truly happy for your family Lady Longbottom.” Rodolphus says and I catch how tense him and Rabastan are.

“Thank you, I have been meaning to talk to you about an alliance. High time people stop judging you.” She says and even Lord Black looks surprised.

“I would be happy to sit down and speak with you on an alliance.” Rodolphus says after a moment.

“Good, now I need to get home and make sure Neville has actually packed.” She says and leaves us standing there.

“I didn’t see that.” Rodolphus admits.

“With an alliance with her, it will make the light side reconsider their stance on you.” I point out.

“Yeah but….”

“Take the offer, she was right. It is high time people recognized you are innocent.” Lord Black says.


We arrive back at Hogwarts, and I was right, Neville spent most of the ride excitedly talking about his parents. Jasper looks slightly uncomfortable, but Luna just grabs his hand and smiles. Oh, that would be an adorable couple. Once we are alone Luna smiles at me and Leo.

“I see you finally listened to the wrackspurts. It is good to not have secrets. Oh, Leo you don’t have many to go. They are pleased with your work.”

“I will never get used to that.” Leo groans.

“Luna how long have you known?” I ask raising a brow.

“Since the wrackspurts told me. Just like I know that things play out this year that cannot be changed.” She says her eyes glazing over.

“Luna, are you going to be safe?” I ask concerned. I remember her being taken last time.

“I am as safe as I can be.” She shrugs.

“That doesn’t make us feel better.” Leo points out.

“Fate has her reasons for everything.” I didn’t care what Fate’s plan was. I refused for her to be hurt this time. I look at Leo and he seems to have the same idea.

The next day we are sitting in the great hall when Dumbledore announces the tri wizard tournament. I want to bang my head on the table, but I refrain. Moody is our defense teacher and when I see him pull out the flask, I just shake my head. I wonder who it is this time?

Chapter Text


The lesson over the unforgivables has me on edge. My body craving the power I once felt controlling such devastating curses. When Neville begins to panic, I jump up and glare. The imposter raises a brow at me but moves on with the lesson. After class Harriet pulls Neville off alone to speak with him.

“Mr. Black please stay behind.” I want to ignore him, but I couldn’t go causing waves.

“Yes professor?” I ask keeping a tight hold on my anger.

“Interesting display of anger. I would think the Black tempter if you were not adopted.” Fuck, this was the last thing I needed.

“I was Blood adopted. I have Black magic and blood running through me.” I say simply.

“Do you know who your parents were?”

“No, and honestly, I could careless. I have parents and even if I knew my biological parents were alive, I would want nothing to do with them. I am just fine with my fathers.” I say much colder than before.

“You are dismissed Mr. Black.” I don’t wait around as I walk out of the room. I knew I would be watched closely, and I couldn’t risk it. I was a Black, I refused to claim anything else.

A week goes by, and I made sure to tell Harriet about what the defense teacher said. I couldn’t risk writing it in a letter. Owls could be intercepted. We sit in the great hall as the champions are announced. Just like Harriet says, Fleur Delacour, Victor Krum, and Cedric Diggory are announced. I sit back and wait, when the goblet flares again and Harriet’s name is called, I clench my fists.

“I Harriet Potter swear to Mother Magic I did not enter my name or have anyone enter my name in the Triwizard Tournament, so mote it be.” Harriet says standing. Magic flares in the room and fades, leaving her perfectly fine. She raises a brow at Dumbledore who looks shocked before walking to where the other champions are. A vow like that would have left her punished if she had been lying. I hadn’t thought about it, but it proved to the school and ministry she didn’t do this.



Cedric looks at me shocked when I walk in. I mouth I will explain later, and he nods. The headmasters and ministry walk into the room.

“Harriet did you enter your name?” Dumbledore demands.

“Now Dumbledore, the girl made a vow to Mother Magic herself. We all know she wouldn’t be standing if she was lying.” The minister says.

“Right, either way this is a magical contract, and she has to compete.” Dumbledore says.

“Minister, I request my legal guardian present. I am underage and I was unaware my guardian signed such a contract. I will do it if I have to, but I want the culprit found.” I say and his eyes widen before he nods.

“Now there is no need for such a thing.” Dumbledore tries to say.

“No, she is right. She is fourteen going up against of age students.” Cedric defends.

“Exactly.” Fleur says glaring. “There is no honor in fighting someone who does not have our experience.”

“I will get ahold of Mr. Black.” The minister says and tells his understudy to call him.

“It was you who made the age line. Are you trying to give your school an advantage?” Kristoff asks glaring.

“Ms. Potter is far from an advantage.” Snape sneers.

“We all hear how she is a prodigy.” Fleur points out to which Victor and Cedric nod. Dumbledore attempts to get control of the room. I just smile as Sirius, Orion, and Lord Black walk in. Most in the room freeze at the dangerous energy pouring off them.

“I want it known I did not agree to my goddaughter competing in a competition that could very well kill her.” Sirius growls.

“The board of governors will be hearing about how a minor was entered. You assured us the age line would keep this from happening.” Orion says glaring at Dumbledore.

“Minister is there any way to get her out of this?” Lord Black asks.

“We may go review the contract but if it is true then if she doesn’t compete, she will lose her magic. Be assured I will have a full investigation on how this could happen.” The minister tries to assure.

“It is quite a coincidence that Dumbledore was so outspoken over Harriet’s proposal and even attempted to have an age limit set on who could bring a law forth and now she is entered in a deadly competition. Makes me wonder if he wished to solve the issue of her presenting anything else.” Lord Black says, and I see that most in the room are glaring at Dumbledore.

“That is a good point. Even France has heard of these proposals, and it would be a good way to eliminate the threat to those who do not want change.” Madam Maxine says looking down at Dumbledore.

“For now, how about the champions head to bed and we will go figure all this out. We will explain everything tomorrow.” The minister says.

After saying a quick goodbye to my family, I walk to the common room to see most of the house waiting for me.

“What happened?” Leo asks jumping up.

“They believe Dumbledore did it because his proposal on an age limit to present in Wizengamot got denied. I mean he is usually the most outspoken on anything I present. Sirius also arrived with Orion and Lord Black. The minister is opening a full investigation on how my name got added.” I explain.

“So, you don’t have to compete?” Flint asks.

“I don’t know, if it is true, I was signed into a magical contract than I have to or I lose my magic, but Sirius was adamant he didn’t agree to this.”

“That is bullshit if they make you compete. Dumbledore is so set to get rid of his competition, he is willing to risk your life.” Jasper glares. Most in the house have the same outrage. It felt good that I had a house who was willing to stand beside me. A big change from last time.

The next day the minister steps up to the podium after breakfast.

“The contracts have been looked over and we have four champions.” He announces. Most of Hogwarts explodes with anger on my behalf and it takes a moment to get the room under control. “I am aware that Ms. Potter did not enter this competition willingly. I assure you that a full investigation on how she was signed into a contract without her guardian’s signature is underway. Now we ask for all the champions to please meet us so we may explain things in further detail.” I stand and walk to where we are to meet. While I knew I had to compete I planned to do this better. The tournament is explained more and when we are released, I turn to the others.

“I propose we all work together. This is supposed to build unity, and while it is a competition it doesn’t mean we can’t make sure everyone is on the same footing.” I suggest.

“I like it.” Fleur smiles.

“Me too, it will be good to learn from others.” Cedric says and I look at Victor.

“While I plan to win, I will agree a victory of equals means more.” He says simply. I smile, part one of my plan complete.



I head to classes as Harriet goes to talk to the other champions. I hated she would have to do this. While I knew she could handle it, I didn’t want her to have to.

“Your little girlfriend did this just for publicity.” Ron sneers.

“Sure, she just made a magical vow for nothing. Also, she doesn’t need it. She is the youngest to ever have a bill passed and has three wins in Wizengamot. Why would she need to do this, it isn’t like she needs the money, unlike some.” I say looking him up and down.

“You tainted her.” He growls and I raise a brow before laughing.

“What did you hope to snag the girl who lived?” Jasper laughs.

“I wouldn’t touch that…” I have my wand out and to his neck before he can finish the word.

“You don’t want to go there Weasley. I won’t stand here and let you call her names.” I growl. His eyes go wide, and he whimpers.

“Come on man, he is just jealous she refuses to give him any attention.” Jasper says. I war with my head, but I can’t protect Harriet if I am expelled. I slowly lower my wand and try to take a deep breath.

“You ever call her that again, and I will fucking end you.” I sneer. Ron says nothing as he practically runs off.

“You ok?” Jasper asks.

“Yeah, I just hate the little parasite.” He had started this year attempting to get close to her. I might have to share her with some, but I would be damned if he thought he had a chance. Harriet was mine and I would burn the world down for her, Death’s threat be damned.

I make sure to stick close to her after that. Even when she was studying with the other champions I never went far. No one ever said anything, but I saw the looks we got. Skeeter attempted the same thing as last time, but our family quickly shut it down and had a new reporter come in who was less about the gossip. Word had spread of Harriet’s unwilling entry, and most of Britain wanted to know the truth about what was happening.

When it gets out what the first task is, Harriet has to help me keep from losing it. I busy myself by making sure she knows everything she can about each dragon. While she got the horntail last time, we couldn’t count on that. Great grandfather even sent her books on dragons. I didn’t know how I would deal with all of this. It felt like this was just the lead up and truthfully it was. She would be in constant danger now.

Chapter Text


I have had enough and finally pull Leo off alone. He was panicking more than I was.

“What is going on?” I ask after casting a privacy charm.

“I hate this, I should be able to protect you.” He sighs.

“Leo, you can’t protect me from everything.”

“I know, but it still doesn’t stop the fear. The fear that you will actually die during this.” I pull him into a hug and rest my head on his chest.

“I will make it through this. I'm not leaving you.”

“You can’t promise that.” He whispers.

“I am Death’s chosen, I doubt he will let me die in some tournament, and I am more prepared this time.”

“You know I see you in the nightmares. You’re standing there as I kill, looking at me like I am a monster.” My breath catches at his admission.

“You are not a monster, Leo Black. I am with you no matter what.” I say holding his gaze.

“Don’t let go.”

“Never.” I smile.


I stand in the tent waiting for the minister to come in. Today was the first task and while prepared, I couldn’t ignore my nerves. It seems like a blur as the other champions choose their dragons before I finally choose mine. The moment I pull out the horntail I sigh. While not unexpected, I knew this one was the worst out of the four. When Fleur goes first, I make sure to wish her luck. I repeat the same with Cedric and Victor. When I am called, I take a centering breath and calm down. I walk out and quickly predict the safest route. I send a simple charm to smaller rocks to fly around the dragon’s head then charm larger ones to taunt it from the ground. I duck behind a boulder as the dragon tries to use fire to rid itself of the rocks. I quickly jump between rocks and the moment I am close enough I force the rocks to congregate at the dragon’s eyes. I take the distraction and sprint, grabbing the egg and making my way to the exit.



Leo reaches Harriet first and pulls her into a hug. I see my family smirk at me, and I just groan. She was still too young for such things. It is a mild distraction from the pounding in my chest. I had been terrified watching her out there.

“Pronglet you are going to give me a heart attack.” I say hugging her.

“I'm ok uncle Pads.” She says hugging me back.

“Well done, while I do not like you have to do this, it was quite impressive.” My grandfather says hugging her.

“Thank you. One good thing is coming out of this. I am building good relationships with both France and Bulgaria.” She smirks. I just shake my head. Of course, she would be working on political power. We talk for a little while longer before they have to return. As I watch them walk away, I see many from Hogwarts and the other schools congratulate her. She talks to most of them as if they were old friends, but Leo is never far and even moves her back when a guy is getting too close to her.

“Safe to say she has support.” Father chuckles.

“Now I am just worried about Leo hurting someone. I don’t think I have ever seen him so protective.” Regulus says shaking his head.

“More like possessive.” Barty chuckles.

“No possessive.” I glare. I knew I just needed to accept that they had a bond, but she was still my little girl. We are about to leave when one of the younger Weasleys walks up to them. My eyes widen as Leo has his wand out and against his throat before anyone can react. Multiple Slytherins come to stand blocking the view from the professors.

“If he gets expelled Harriet will never let him live it down.” Regulus sighs.

“You going to go stop that?” I ask.

“Nah, clearly he has enough backing.” I just shake my head again, but he wasn’t wrong. A few other Gryffindors walk over, and I groan.

“If they get into a fight, we got to do something.”

“Only because Gryffindor will lose.” Barty laughs and I glare.

“How about we just leave, before we are stuck dealing with a bunch of children.” Grandfather says.

“Sounds good to me.” Father says. While I wanted to know what was happening, I sigh and turn away from them. I would make sure to write and get all the details.



I was going to kill that weasel, but now wasn’t the time. I couldn’t protect Harriet if I didn’t have a soul. We finally walk to the common room to see a huge party going on. When alcohol is passed around, I deny. The last thing I needed was loss of control. Also, old habits would be easy to fall into, I avoided drugs and alcohol at all costs. Harriet has one drink but after that she too doesn’t drink anymore.

A few days after the first task we are called in for an assembly. When it is announced that there would be a ball, I look over at Harriet. I would be damned if she went with anyone else. It wasn’t like it would be shocking to the school. I am thankful for the dance classes forced on us when we were younger. The last thing I wanted to do was make a fool of myself. As we are released Parkinson walks up to me.

“Hey Leo, any idea who you are going to the ball with?” She asks batting her eyes.

“Um, yes, and you look like you have something in your eye, maybe you should go see Madam Pomfrey.” I say and walk away as she gasps. I spot Harriet waiting on me smirking.

“I think she was attempting to flirt.” She smiles.

“Well, she looked stupid. Also, she is stupid if she doesn’t know I would ask you to the ball.” I smirk.

“Is that your way of asking?” She laughs.

“Did it work?”

“Yes, I would love to go to the ball with you.”

“Good, can’t have anyone that close to what is mine.” I whisper in her ear, and my smirk widens as I see her slight blush.

“You, Leo Black, are trouble.” She says and I just shrug, taking her hand we walk to the great hall.


I stand at the entrance to Slytherin as I wait for Harriet. Today was the ball, and I couldn’t wait. She refused to show me her dress, claiming it would ruin the surprise. Jasper stands next to me waiting for Luna. They finally emerge, and my jaw almost drops at the sight of her. She is in a flowing silver dress that accentuates her curves, without being inappropriate. I hold out my hand and smile as she takes it.

“You look beautiful.” I say as we walk to the great hall.

“Thank you, Luna helped me pick it out.”

We are lined up for the first dance, and I love the feel of her in my arms as we spin around the room. I catch many staring at her, and I just smirk. Let them see what they can never have.

Chapter Text


The second task goes by as expected other than Fleur actually finishes. The bubble head charm works far better than the gilly weed. To say I almost lost it when I realized it was Leo was an understatement.

When the third task arrives, Leo has become clingy. We knew what was going to happen so I couldn’t really blame him. Before we are led to the maze, Leo pulls me off to the side.

“Do you have your portkey?”

“Yes, I also have the charm that allows me to notify Sirius if I am in danger. It will give him a location so he will be able to prove I am not on school grounds.”

“Fuck, please just be safe.” He says running his hand through his hair.

“I will be ok. I will come back to you.” I assure. “I need you to stick close to the adults.”

I was worried he would lose it, and he needed to be around people who could actually handle him. He gives me a short nod as I am called away.

I don’t worry about anything else as I run through the maze. I didn’t remember the way, but I knew the beasts got harder the closer I got. I finally make it to the cup, but Cedric comes out of nowhere and grabs it with me. As we land in the graveyard, I immediately pull my wand.

“Cedric, we have to leave now.” I say looking around.

“Where are we?” He asks confused.

“Don’t know, and don’t care. There is dangerous magic in the air, we have to leave.”

“Ah, Harriet Potter, we meet at last.” I hear a voice and my panic rises. “Kill the spare.”

I spot Peter and summon the cup, slamming it into Cedric’s chest. He would not die this time. As I am lifted up, I pour my magic into the charm. I had to trust they would get to me in time. The ritual plays out just as I remember, but this time I don’t struggle. When Voldemort stands, I hold his glare.

“The supposed girl who lived.” He laughs. As he calls his followers, I notice there isn’t as many as last time. I am released and the crucio is just as painful as I remember. I hear the pops of people apparating and hear Voldemort curse, before he hits me with a curse. Him and his followers quickly leave as I cry out in pain. I lay there fighting the blackness as I hear people around me.

“Harriet!” I hear Sirius shout before the world goes black.



It took longer than I wanted to get her, but I had to notify the minister, or this wouldn’t work. Dumbledore attempted to step in demanding to know what was going on, and it took my grandfather to hold me back from killing the meddling old fool. We arrived at the graveyard with the minister and four aurors. I look just in time to see Harriet get hit by a curse before Voldemort leaves. I scream her name and take off running to her. The moment I reach her, I feel her pulse growing weaker.

“Sirius allow them to take her to St. Mongo’s.” Grandfather says snapping me out of it. I hadn’t realized I was blocking others from getting to her. Two aurors take her to St. Mongo’s, and I sit there feeling like my world was crumbling.

“She is strong, she will pull through.” My father says. He was right, he had to be right. There was no other option. I refuse to fail James and Lily.

“He’s back.” I hear the minister say.

“It would seem whoever put her in the competition knew this was coming.” Grandfather says, his anger clear.

“I can see that. We need to get ahead of this.” The minister says as he starts shouting orders.

“We are going to St. Mongo’s.” I say standing.

“Of course, I will keep you updated.” The minister says and I nod before apparating away. We arrive and I see Regulus, Barty, and Leo waiting.

“They are working on her now. They called Dolohov to see if he would recognize the curse. They have no records of it.” Regulus says.

“Anything to help.” I say feeling my heart drop. We all sit there not saying anything else as we wait for the verdict. I was thankful we were in a private waiting room. I couldn’t take dealing with anyone.

It takes two hours for a healer to come out. I jump up and hold my breath at the verdict.

“She is stable, it is a miracle she survived. The curse was created to quickly drain someone’s core to the point of death. Thankfully with Dolohov’s help we were able to do the counter curse, but she will need time for her magic to replenish, right now a simple lumos can be fatal.”

“Can we see her?” I ask. I didn’t care as long as she was ok.

“Yes, but only for a little while. We have plans to administer her a dreamless sleep potion so her body can heal. She has slight nerve damage from the crucio curse.” I freeze at the mention of the unforgivable. My daughter had been through too much, and those responsible would pay dearly for it.



We walk into her room, and I finally relax when I see her. I had been unable to go with them and I had panicked. When my fathers got the word she was in St. Mongo’s, I almost had to be stunned. Cedric had arrived moments before the charm activated, he had frantically tried to explain Harriet was in danger. The only thing keeping me from apparating to that man’s hide out and killing him was Luna saying she would make it. I walk over to her and grab her hand as Sirius gently hugs her. I remember the curse used on her, and what wasn’t said was it didn’t drain your magic but ripped it out of you painfully.

“The healer said I will be in here for a few days.” She explains.

“The minister is already looking into it.” Great grandfather says.

“Good.” She nods. We hang out with her until the healer comes in claiming they couldn’t hold off the potion any longer. I kiss her hand before walking out of the room.

While I didn’t want to, I end up heading back to Hogwarts. If I sat around at home the temptation to end this would be too strong. I also knew I needed to let our friends know how she was doing. I arrive back and Dumbledore attempts to stop me, but I ignore him. I didn’t have it in me to deal with him. When I arrive at the common room, I see almost all of Slytherin along with people from other houses waiting. Cedric jumps up at the sight of me.

“Any word?”

“She is stable and will be released in a few days.” I tell the group.

“Rumors are going around it was you know who.” Jasper says and I know he is worried about his own family. I jump up on the table so everyone can hear me. “Harriet was attacked tonight by you know who. The minister and aurors witnessed him. Due to their quick action, he was unable to kill Harriet. I suggest everyone writes to their families tonight and warn them to be careful. He is out there, and we can’t risk him forcing anyone back into servitude. Lord Black said to tell you that he has rune configurations that will protect homes. Pass on the information and I will be making copies of them to hand out.” I say making sure everyone hears me. Whispers break out.

“What about those who can’t do runes?” Luna asks.

“Then ask for help. No family should fear for their safety. While I want to trust the ministry to help protect us, they can only do so much.”

“What about us muggleborns?” A girl calls out.

“I suggest finding someone to help you, and if your parents won’t agree then it might be best for you to find someone to stay within the magical world. Without the runes your magical signature is a dead giveaway. Make sure to travel in groups, don’t go out alone. For those who didn’t hear the trials, they liked to target magicals who were alone or only with one other person.”

“Leo is right, we need to do what we can to help protect our families. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to make sure my family makes it to the end of this and doesn’t get forced to do those things again.” Jasper shouts causing the room to shout their agreements.

“Us older years can help. I know I am in runes and as long as I have the diagram, I can cast them.” Flint shouts.

“Great, spread the word, if we can get the other older years to help it will take the load off the aurors who need to be out there finding him.”

“Hufflepuff will help. I know there are plenty of us who would take in muggleborns who felt it was unsafe to return home.” Cedric says.

“One more thing, Dumbledore is already attempting to control what we are told. He tried to prevent Lord Black and the minister from going to Harriet when Sirius was alerted to her in danger. I'm not claiming he is bad but be cautious. He even attempted to force St. Mongos to bring Harriet here, instead of her receiving the treatment she truly needed.” I hadn’t known the last part until we left but I was glad they turned him away.

“He has been claiming this would happen! Makes me wonder if he was part of it!” The twins shout. That has the room going. That wasn’t where I was going, but I would work with it.

“You know he pushed to have her compete, and then tried to stop them from saving her. Seems like he at least knew what was happening and chose not to stop it.” Luna says.

“Whatever it is, he can’t be trusted. I will keep everyone updated on her condition as I get the information.” I say and hop off the table. When the other houses leave Jasper sits beside me.

“This is going to get worse before it gets better, isn’t it?”

“More than likely. All we can do is stick together. There are more of us than there of his people.” I refused to lie to him.

“My father still has nightmares, and I catch Uncle Rod with a far off look on his face. I worry what this will do to them.” He admits.

“They have support, your family isn’t alone.” I remind him.

“You're right but I still worry.” Yeah, we were all worried.

Chapter Text


I am released two days later. Sirius refused to leave my side and Uncle Moony even came up to see me. It was good to get some alone time with them, even if I hated how we got it. On my last night he finally brings up the conversation I dreaded.

“So, you and Leo?” He asks, trying to sound nonchalant.

“I mean I like him, but we aren’t together.” I say trying not to blush.

“I see the way you two look at each other. While I hate the idea of you in a relationship, I know I can’t avoid it forever.”

“He understands things no one else ever will. Yeah, it is different but still he gets me.” I try to explain.

“Just keep the PDA down and no…. Well just wait until you are older.” This time I do blush.

“Oh, I am not even thinking about that.” I groan.

“Good, you might be mentally older, but you are still 14.” He says looking just as uncomfortable.

“Can we please change the subject?” I beg.

“Yeah, just know that I think you two suit each other, doesn’t mean I won’t put the fear of Merlin into him.” He smirks. I just chuckle knowing if anyone could, it would be him.

I step through the floo in the headmaster’s office when I return to school and Dumbledore calls me to take a seat. While I just wanted to get to my common room, I can’t think of a good excuse to get out of this.

“I just want to make sure you are ok.”

“I am fine, I had the proper treatment.” I say simply.

“I heard of the return. I believe I can help.”

“Thank you for your offer, but I believe the ministry has a handle on this. It is their job after all.” I say politely just as the floo flares.

“Well said Ms. Potter. I was coming to check in on you. I had meant to see you at the hospital, but I got caught up speaking with Madam Bones.” The minister says coming in with Umbridge. Wasn’t Voldemort bad enough? Her pink outfit still gave me a headache.

“I am doing much better. I was informed your actions are the reason I still stand today, and I am so sorry, but I do not know your name.”

“Dolores Umbridge, I am the senior undersecretary for the minister.” She says in her typical better than everyone voice.

“I was simply doing what must be done, Ms. Potter I am truly happy to see you up and about.”

“Thank you minister and a pleasure to meet you Ms. Umbridge.” I hated this shit, but it was necessary. If I could get her on my side next year might not be horrible.

“Now I believe Ms. Potter doesn’t want to hear all this.” Dumbledore says and I catch Umbridge’s glare.

“I am honored to speak to our minister. I do believe I have proved multiple times to be mature enough for such speak.”

“Quite right, Lord Black mentioned the runes to help protect homes. I also hear Mr. Black is making sure the students are well prepared.”

“Yes, it was hard for him to see me so injured, and he wrote me saying that anything they can do to allow the aurors more time in pursuing this mad man is for the best. Now he did mention a tiny fib on how you gave Lord Black the idea, but he didn’t figure you would mind. More support in the ministry is what we need right now. It is good for the people to see you willing to protect our people no matter what.” I say smiling. That seems to get Umbridge’s attention who until now seemed bored.

“I completely agree. The minister has been working tirelessly on making sure we are protected.” She smiles. Her happy smile seemed even more disturbing than her sneer.

“Oh, I can imagine. Just know that anything my family can do to help, we are here.” I assure her making sure to look properly appreciative.

“Thank you, Ms. Potter, your family has been at the ministry everyday helping make sure everything is ready.” The minister smiles.

“Perfect, now if you will excuse me, I imagine Leo is anxious to see me.”

“I am sure, do I happen to hear wedding bells in the future?” He asks smiling.

“Oh, my uncle won’t even consider such a thing until I am 16, but if I am given a say it will be him.” I smile. He chuckles and I walk out. At least this time Umbridge didn’t seem to hate me on sight. As long as the minister was in support of me, she wouldn’t make my life as hard. I walk to the common room and get stopped plenty on my way there by people asking if I am ok. When I walk in Leo picks me up into a hug and I laugh. I turn to see my house plus others waiting. Leo leads me to the table and helps me step up.

“My magic made a full recovery from the curse.” I say and they cheer. I give them a moment before raising my hand. “The minister met me when I can back. We have the ministry backing for what we are doing. Plans are set to secure set up owl ordered school supplies for next year for those who do not wish to attempt to go out. Lord Black along with Madam Bones and those freed are working tirelessly to help the aurors best protect us. Make no mistake, he is building his army again. Some families have already been taken. Many older families are opening their unused homes to those who are at high risk. I know for a fact Nott, Lestrange, Crabb, and Goyal have moved into new manors due to him already having ties in their family home’s wards. Antonin Dolohov is working with the healers at St. Mongo’s, so they know the counter curse to many of the darker curses possibly used.” I explain.

“Is there something for the muggleborns?” A Hufflepuff girl asks.

“I personally have two manors not in use that will be open to muggleborns. We have adults being set up to make sure and adult is always there.” It had been hard to do, but I was determined.

“Do you think we will have to fight?” Another asks.

“The ministry is trying to prevent such things, but I want to talk to the minister about implementing dueling taught next year.”

I answer a few more questions the best I can when the door opens.

“Ms. Potter, do not stand on furniture.” Snape sneers.

“Sorry professor, minister, what can we do for you?” I ask, fighting back the need to roll my eyes at Snape.

“I had forgotten to give you approved runes for personal protection. I will say it is good to see all the houses getting along.” He says slightly surprised.

“Yes, I was just letting them know the plan.”

“I am glad. It is good to see younger ones taking insinuative to help the ministry.” Umbridge says. Leo comes over and stands next to me, no doubt knowing who this is. I take the copy of the papers.

“Flint, Cedric, can you make sure the older years have a copy of these. Also, will someone please make sure the runes teacher is made aware.” I call out.

“We can do that.” Cedric says, taking the papers.

“While not public, I wanted you to know I am having Ms. Umbridge work in the school next year to prevent such things that happened this year. I will also have aurors at the school.” He says and I give her a smile.

“Then I look forward to learning from you Ms. Umbridge. I am sure I speak for most of us it will be good to have someone in the school who does not have Dumbledore’s best interest in heart.”

“I will agree with that. With the way he has been talking he acts as if he is above the minister.” Luna says.

“Oh, well that will not do.” Umbridge says glaring.

“I know he treats us as if we are too stupid to understand. We have been working to make sure everyone in the school is safe when they go home, and he has attempted to stop us multiple times. I know I had to write to my uncle because he tried to give me a month detention because I was explaining to a group of first year students that the ministry would ensure they were protected, but there were things they could do to help.” Jasper says and many others shout their agreement.

“This is good information. We were unaware of such things. I can assure you all that at the ministry we are happy with what is being done by the children. It takes pressure off offices who are needed elsewhere.” Umbridge says. As they go to leave Leo and I follow them out.

“Minister, I do not wish to alarm you but there are whispers of Dumbledore trying to turn people from the ministry. I brought up a dueling club to simply make the students feel better, but he turned it down. I think it was because Jasper offered to help younger years learn shields.” Leo says when the door closes.

“He was trying to convince me that I need his help to defeat you know who. While the girl who lived, I trust experienced aurors and the ministry over him.” I add.

“Thank you for telling us. I will ensure that you don’t receive backlash from such things. I had worried for a while now, but as chief warlock I didn’t want to believe it.” The minister says.

“I believe it will be good to have your support next year. It seems most of the school seems to defer to you.” Umbridge says.

“Anywhere I can help.” A year with her was going to be annoying, but I would do it to keep kids from being tortured. “Might I suggest a team. If you allow me and my close group, can keep kids in line and in support of you. Many don’t trust new professors due to Dumbledore’s lack of hiring skills. We already have a network in place, and I am happy to let you use it to make sure everything works out. I have been slowly pulling support from Dumbledore, now more than half the school wants him out.”

“Good to hear, how about we meet during the summer to further speak of this.” She suggests.

“Of course Ms. Umbridge, anything to help the ministry. I will see you both at my yearly proposal.” The minister smiles and I watch them leave before walking back to the common room.

“Alright listen up, I don’t want anyone to upset Umbridge. The more we comply, the more we can work.” I tell the group.

“You are far too much of a kiss up.” Jasper laughs.

“It pays to have the minister in my pocket. It means if I suggest something, it is usually pushed through without all the red tape.” I smirk.

“I think it will be an interesting next year, it will go in our favor.” Luna smiles.


Chapter Text

Lord Black

I don’t think I have ever worked this much. It feels like there is too much to be done. I arrive back at the ministry to check in and get stopped by the minister who calls Rodolphus over.

“I made a visit to Hogwarts and got to see Ms. Potter in action. Seems her along with Mr. Black, Ms. Lovegood, and Mr. Lestrange have been running the school for a while.”

“That does not surprise me, truly she was born to lead.” I say feeling proud. It was good to hear she was taking control.

“My nephew mentioned the network with all the houses, I was unaware it went that far.” Rodolphus laughs.

“Yes, she even has seventh years listening to her. I wanted to let you know that Umbridge is wanting to meet with them this summer. It will work in the ministry’s favor to have them helping her in the school. I was unaware that Dumbledore had attempted to prevent the students from preparing.”

“Yes, my nephew wrote to me about his detentions. I was appalled by it and made sure my displeasure was known.” Rodolphus says.

“Yes, Leo has had plenty of issues not just with Dumbledore but his professors. He said that it has gotten to the point they follow him around. They act like he is a threat to the school when before this he hadn’t even had a detention.” I hated he was being treated like that, and I knew it would be worse with Harriet there.

“Well, we cannot have students discriminated against for simply attempting to protect other students.” He says and I nod in agreement.

“I have heard he is trying to send muggleborns to his supporter’s homes. Even with Ms. Potter allowing the use of two of her manors.” Rodolphus adds.

“All this would run smoother if he would just work with the ministry instead of trying to build his own army. The Order did great things in the first war, but unfortunately there were many meaningless deaths because we relied on them. With the ministry taking action, we simply don’t need them, and I fear they will do more damage. They are not above the law.”

“It might be time to make the Order a vigilante group. Prevent good citizens from joining.” He says.

“I would support that motion.” I say and Rodolphus agrees.



As summer draws closer I find myself jumping between helping the ministry and spending time with Remus. With the new reforms on werewolves, we weren’t worried about Dumbledore painting him as dangerous. It feels good to have one of my best friends back in my life. I had already talked to Harriet about telling him about the future along with my grandfather. He was her uncle and had every right to know what was to come.

When I told him it had been an emotional day. By the end of it he vows to do whatever he can to help. When I take him to Black manor, I know he is nervous, and I am thankful my family no longer held their purist ways. Him and Regulus hit it off over their love of books.

When the kids return home Harriet’s eyes go wide seeing Remus standing with us. I chuckle as she bypasses me to hug him before grabbing Leo and dragging him over.

“Leo this is my Uncle Remus.”

“It’s good to finally meet you. Harriet talks about you all the time.” Leo says as he steps closer to her. All I can do is groan and shake my head as the rest of the family chuckles.

“I’ve heard a lot about you too.” Remus says causing Harriet to blush.

“Pronglet, I have something I want to talk to you about.” I say taking a deep breath. She turns and looks at me. “Remus and I want to know what you think about us getting married.” I refuse to make her uncomfortable. If she didn’t accept it, then we wouldn’t do it. I was still in shock my family accepted our relationship.

“I think it is about time you two get together.” She says, her smile growing. “I think it is a wonderful idea.”

We spend the rest of the day spending time together as she fills us in on what is happening at Hogwarts. This is what I have been missing. As long as my family was here, I knew they were safe, and Remus just completed it.



This summer has been hectic. We all had things going on and while I was happy to be helping, I just wanted a moment to relax. Harriet was checking up on her manors that held muggleborn and helping where she can. I have been helping my fathers set up runes and wards around different places. I haven’t seen much of her, and I am at my wits end with it. Sirius, Remus and grandfather went with her everywhere, but I didn’t care. I want to be able to see her. By the second week into running around I have reached my breaking point. The moment Harriet arrives home I grab her and pull her to my room.

“Is everything ok?” She asks but her small smile tells me she already knows.

“Everyone can have you later.” She doesn’t say anything as she kicks off her shoes and climbs onto the bed. The moment my arms wrap around her my body relaxes.


By the time it gets close to her presenting her newest proposal we have fallen into a routine. I can see the change in the timeline. The raids are far more strategized and stopping them is becoming harder. I sit in the visitor section as she presents an education reform. While not our original goal it worked in our favor to get ahead of the ministry doing it. When she brings up the rumor of a curse on the defense teacher and then shows how for years, we have had a new one every year people seem surprised. It was astonishing how many things most people miss. By the end of it there is a law that a professor must be a master in their field and that a team of curse breakers will go in and find out what is going on. The last of the proposal is that all children have full medical checks, to hear of students, especially muggleborns who had agreed to have her speak of their life is shocking. The abuse is horrible and then the knowledge that Hogwarts does not teach laws or anyway for muggleborns or halfbloods raised in the muggle world to truly understand how to live in our world makes it worse. When shown other communities that taught these things and how many didn’t go back to the muggle world had most people interested. Unsurprisingly she wins. Since it has come out that our family was at the forefront of preserving our community the risks have grown.

I walk over to stand next to Harriet as we walk out of the ministry. Reporters don’t take long to surround us, and she smiles as she answers the questions. I don’t get asked nearly as many, but I answer the questions asked, making sure to push that while we were the leading front of protecting people, it was the ministry and well trained aurors who were the ones on the front lines. Harriet makes sure to stress that no matter what if the ministry or aurors are asking something we need to be willing to work with them in these trying times. I can see the minister standing proud along with Umbridge. We are wrapping up when the clouds darken.

“Everyone inside! Get the minister out of here!” I shout as the first death eater lands. The screams of people have memories I would rather forget hitting me, but I can’t focus on it right now. I spot Harriet with her wand out and running up the steps to help protect the entrance to the ministry.

“Leo, get her out of here!” Sirius demands as him and Remus take on a small group of death eaters.

“Good luck with that.” I say stunning a death eater who appeared behind him. He doesn’t look happy, but he gives me a quick nod before we go back to the fight.



Even with aurors I know we are overwhelmed. When I see a group attempting to break into the ministry, I run up the steps and begin helping aurors fight them off.

“Ms. Potter, you need to be inside!” One of the aurors shouts.

“When you have enough people to stop this.” I tell him. I had a fear they weren’t here for the ministry, but they wouldn’t turn down a chance to take it. I continue to fight as I ignore the bodies falling beside me. The moment I see Lord Black get hit I lose it. I would not lose my family to these monsters. The air begins to swirl, and I spot Madam Bones.

“Get the people out of here. I will give cover.” I tell her. She looks skeptical until my hands light on fire. Her eyes widen but she quickly recovers and starts shouting orders to have the aurors help get people out. Lightning strikes between death eaters and civilians. I spot Leo moving towards me and slightly relax as Regulus apparates away with Lord Black.

“You are going to be a bigger target.” Leo says glaring.

“I will not watch my family die.” I say not breaking my concentration. Between gusts of wind blowing death eaters over and lightening keeping them from getting to the aurors getting people out, I know we have a chance. Magic fills the air making it stifling. It takes a total of 20 minutes with Leo covering my back along with the 2 aurors assigned to me to get all the civilians out and the death eaters quickly begin to leave, understanding they couldn’t get to most people. The moment Leo tells me it is safe everything calms, and I bend over, placing my hands on my knees to catch my breath. He comes over checking on me as the aurors quickly lead us inside.

“Harriet!” Sirius shouts coming in shortly after us. He pulls me into a hug and tension I didn’t realize I had releases.

“How is the family?” I ask.

“Lord Black is at St. Mongo’s, everyone else is ok.”

“Ms. Potter.” I turn to see Madam Bones coming over. “You never should have been out there.”

“I know and I am sorry, but I couldn’t watch so many die.” She gives me a hard look before sighing.

“While I am still not happy, I want to say thank you. I don’t think we would have been able to save so many without you.”

“I am just glad we could help.”

“Madam Bones I think the girl should go see her family. We can always speak with her later.” Rodolphus says coming over.

“You’re right, I do hope Lord Black is ok.” She says and I nod before being led to a floo.

When we arrive, I see Regulus waiting with Barty and Orion. They both come over hugging us.

“They are trying but at his age we don’t know.” Barty explains. My heart breaks at the idea of losing him. I take my seat and lean against Leo. Now it was just a waiting game.

Chapter Text


I watch my family as we wait for the verdict on my father. What most didn’t know is he had already been dealing with failing health. We had worked hard to make the inevitable transfer easier. Part of me felt he would want to go out defending his family and community, but it didn’t make it easier. While prepared I wasn’t ready to lose him.

After a few hours of waiting a healer comes out and I stand to hear the verdict.

“I am so sorry. We did what we could, but his body isn’t responding. We were able to slow the progression long enough to let you say your goodbyes.” She says, giving us a sad smile. I hold tight to my emotions as I nod.

We make it to his room and all I want to do is turn around. My father always had an intimidating air around him but now he looks so weak. He gives me his signature look and I smile as I finally make my way over to where the family is standing around his bed.

“I want to let you all know I am proud of what our family has become and know the family will only grow with you at the head Orion. I could not ask for a better family.” He says, his voice is weaker than I had ever heard. While I attempt to fight back my emotions, I can’t help the tear that falls.


We have the funeral the weekend before the kids return to Hogwarts. With everything going on we didn’t have the funeral we wanted but I made sure that even with less people we honored Lady Magic.

As I sit in what is my new study I look around, feeling like I was a small boy playing in my father’s study again. A knock on the door brings me out of my musing. I call out and see Sirius and Regulus walk in.

“Is everything ok?” I ask.

“Yeah, we just wanted to see how you are doing.” Sirius says taking a seat.

“I am doing ok. The transfer was mostly complete, so it saved work. It just still feels weird, I am half expecting him to come in and get on to me for sitting in his chair.”

“I know what you mean, it doesn’t feel real.” Regulus admits.

“There was one thing I wanted to talk to you about. I was thinking of giving the heir position to Regulus.” Sirius says and my eyes widen.


“He has been learning everything right alongside me. We all know I am far too impulsive and impatient to deal with Wizengamot. I don’t mind helping the family, but I never did like laws.” He explains. I think about it for a moment, he was right, but I had always imagined him sitting beside me.

“How do you feel about this Regulus?” I ask.

“Honestly, I don’t mind. I have always enjoyed politics.” He shrugs.

“Ok but Sirius you understand that there is no going back. Once I announce Regulus as the heir, I can’t change it.” Only if an heir was disowned or killed could it be changed.

“I understand, I have been thinking about it and I want to get my masters in defense. I have the newt scores for it.” He says and I smile.

“I will support that. It is good to see you have plans. We have a meeting in Wizengamot two days after the children go to Hogwarts.”


We sit in Wizengamot, and I listen to the names that were lost. When my father’s name is called out my heart clenches. He was the only Lord that died in the raid.

“Lord Black will you please announce your heir.” The minister calls out.

“I am announcing my son Regulus Arcturus Black as my heir.” I call out. Many give me a strange look, but I ignore them. As the meeting comes to an end I stand and walk out.

“Lord Black, I wish to speak with you over something.” The minister says. I follow him to his office with Regulus. Once we enter, we see Madam Bones. “It was decided we would give your family time before anything was addressed but we need to know about Ms. Potter.”

“We were aware of her abilities and found her a mentor in Brazil. We did not mention it for fear of someone wanting to use her for her abilities.” I explain. We had talked about this and decided instead of downplaying it we would simply explain that she was properly taught.

“Our concern is that many death eaters witnessed this, and it will make her a target.” Madam Bones says.

“Truthfully, she was always a target. Even ignoring what she had done for the wizarding world herself she is still the girl who lived. I do not believe he will stop until she is out of the picture.”

“That is what we worried about.” The minister sighs.

“We worked with both her and Leo at a young age, fearing his supporters one day wanting to hurt her. They have both worked with tutors from all over the world and in multiple different styles. We never expected something like this, but I do feel better they are both well trained.” Regulus adds.

“I will agree with that. They matched and even surpassed some of my aurors in battle. Truthfully even before she used her ability, they had saved many people.” Madam Bones says and I can see the look of respect.

“The issue is that some people are trying to claim she is dangerous.” The minister says and my anger rises.

“If anyone there asks, she never harmed civilians and she didn’t even kill any death eaters. Her and Leo both stuck to stunners because they understand that even in a situation like that, they should do their best to stay within the laws. Even her ability simply blew them over and the lightning was struck between people.” I say trying to keep hold of my blank mask.

“I am aware Lord Black and I have aurors who are happy to explain how she saved their lives along with multiple Lords and civilians but there is a push for a trial. They want her to be locked up in Azkaban. You have our backing on this but by law I can’t stop it. I suggest you get a good solicitor. I was able to prevent a big show in arresting her at Hogwarts and with Umbridge and aurors in Hogwarts she will be allowed to stay until her hearing.” Madam Bones explains.

“I assure you that I have a press conference set today and I will be making it known that me along with the ministry stands behind her and she should be counted as a hero, not a villain.” The minister adds quickly.

“Once she is proven innocent, I want to press charges on whoever is pushing for this for defacement of her name. I have a good idea who is pushing for this, and he is becoming a true threat to her.” I say, my voice cold. I couldn’t blame them, they had to follow the laws also, but I was furious.

“With pleasure, I feel we will have a riot on our hands when it comes out.” Madam Bones sighs and I feel bad for her. It would be her department that got most of the backlash from this trial.

“What if we are at the press conference, it will show we hold no ill will to the ministry itself. Maybe even a reporter speaking with Harriet to get her side of things. This could very well be a way to also get people to lose trust in the ministry and turn to someone else.” I say and I know they catch the meaning.

“Wonderful, also while not normal we pushed for a Wizengamot trial. It allows us to use the wards and it will give us more of her supporters.” The minister explains.

“Thank you minister. Now I need to go see my solicitor to make sure we are ready. Madam Bones do you happen to have a list of people willing to speak on her behalf?”

“Yes Lord Black. I myself will even be willing to speak on this.” She says handing me over a parchment. I nod and walk out.

“Sirius is about to flip.” Regulus says once we are away from them.

“Him and most others. While I talk to the solicitor, I want you to start reaching out to our alliances.” I tell him and he nods.

Chapter Text


When I am called to the headmaster’s office, I know something is wrong. Umbridge walks me up looking angrier than I think I have ever seen her. The moment I step in I see Orion with another man.

“Harriet this is our solicitor, Mr. Lynx. He needs to speak with you.” Orion says and my eyes widen.

“How about some privacy, it is her right to speak to them alone.” Umbridge says glaring at Dumbledore.

“I do not have such a place at the moment.” He says smiling.

“Then my office.”

We walk to the office, and I sit down as the trial is explained.

“So, for saving multiple lives I am being painted as evil?” I ask shocked.

“I am so sorry Harriet. The minister and Madam Bones is doing everything they can to help but they too must follow the law.” Orion explains.

“What if they are able to convict me?” I couldn’t do anything if I was in Azkaban.

“The likelihood of that happening is slim. You have multiple people who are high up supporting you.” The solicitor says.

“When is the trial?” I had never imagined saving people’s lives could end up with the threat of Azkaban. I knew not everyone liked me, but this was taking it to the extreme.

“Tomorrow at 2. Umbridge will come to get you and bring you to the ministry. We were able to prevent the big show of them arresting you.” Merlin, this was ridiculous.

After my interview with the reporter, I am released and head to go find Leo. If he found out any other way, he would lose it.

The moment I tell him, like predicted he is furious. What I wasn’t expecting was him dragging me up to my dorm. It seemed to of become our thing to lay in bed cuddling when everything became too hard.

As I sit outside with Leo the next day, I watch the students. When the post arrived this morning and people saw the daily profit the great hall had exploded. It had gotten so bad that classes were canceled for the day. Dumbledore ended up heading to his office and had yet to come out. While it didn’t say who was pushing for this everyone knew. He was mad I wasn’t falling in line. I had spent all day answering questions and my group hadn’t gone far from me. When Umbridge comes out and motions for me to follow Leo sticks close.

“I am sorry Mr. Black, but you are not able to go.” She says when we reach her office.

“I will see you when you get back.” He says hugging me.

“It will be fine. I trust the system.”

We step through the floo, and I am led to the court room. Madam Bones is waiting for me at the entrance and requests my wand.

“I am sorry, but it is made of death wood. I don’t mind putting it into a box for you, but I don’t want to see you hurt.” I say and she looks surprised.

“Thank you for the warning.” She holds out the box and I set my wand down and close the lid. I am led into the same room I sat in to watch the trials. Looking around at the Lords and Ladies I have seen at least once a year feels different. My solicitor walks over to me and smiles.

“We have this Ms. Potter.” Well shit I hope so.

“The case between the wizarding community against Harriet Lily Potter is now in order.” Madam Bones calls out settling the crowd. I catch glimpses of flashes from the reporters, and everything feels so much more real.

“I wish to have it truly explained for everyone what my client is actually being charged with.” My solicitor says.

“Ms. Potter is accused to being a threat to the civilians of our community and… The use of extremely dark magic, not natural to the cycle of magic.” Madam Bones explains already looking over this.

“I wish for an explanation how a gift given from Mother Magic is not natural to the cycle of magic.”

“There is no proof the child was born with such a gift. It is more likely that she used a dark ritual to gain such abilities.” The solicitor who no doubt was hired by Dumbledore says.

“Do you have any proof she was born with this ability?” Madam Bones asks.

“I have her mentor and master in elemental magic here today to verify the claims.” I almost smile as Madam Rile walks into the room and takes a seat within the wards.

“As a master would you be able to determine those born with a gift and the use of ritual?” Madam Bones asks.

“Yes, the elements do not like to be controlled by those who were not blessed. The ones who use a ritual are never able to completely control them and are only able to work with one.” She explains.

“Do you believe Ms. Potter has been blessed?” My solicitor asks.

“Yes, her family reached out to me when she was nine. The elements instantly complied to her once she learned to trust her magic not to harm her or others.”

“But can you ensure that Ms. Potter will not use that to harm others?” The other solicitor asks.

“Ms. Potter even when her elemental magic first presented without any training, did not hurt someone. Most with the gift do end up accidentally hurting someone upon first manifestation. Her magic not hurting someone indicates that her magic was not meant to hurt people. She has since got complete control and I can say with certainty that unless there is absolutely no other option, she would not harm someone.”

“But she could.” He presses.

“As can any of us. We can all agree that in a life or death situation we do what we have to but even faced with a group of death eaters she did not actually harm someone.” My solicitor points out.

“In your personal belief Madam Rile, do you believe Ms. Potter is a threat?” Madam Bones asks.

“No, she has enough control to go for her masters in elemental magic if she was of age. I truly believe her magic was not made to harm but protect.” Madam Rile is dismissed and I feel a little better.

“Now onto the matters of her being a danger to the community.” Madam Bones says.

“Esteemed member of Wizengamot Ms. Potter might seem like an innocent child, but no one can deny she already holds great influence in our community. She claims to want the best for the wizarding world, but she leads an army. Most of Hogwarts would follow anything she said. Add in the now fear of her abilities she could easily take to you know whose side and turn people against us.” I stare wide eyed as does most in the room.

“There is no proof of such claims. Ms. Potter has made multiple proposals to better the community and has even offered up her own land, free of charge, I might add to give muggleborns a place to stay that provides true protection. She has repeatedly been quoted to encourage people to listen to the ministry and comply with aurors. She has helped bring unity to Hogwarts that has never been seen before, with clear proof of higher grades and lower attacks on students.”

“Yes, but she herself did not listen to aurors when told to leave the scene.”

“And in doing so saved many lives, including many members here.” My solicitor points out.

“The fact is she believes she is above the law and able to manipulate people into allowing a child to do things most would not get away with.”

“What has Ms. Potter done that would be considered breaking the law?” My solicitor finally asks.

“She has repeatedly gone against those in authority. I also have someone here who will happily explain an incident.” Molly walks into the room and I want to groan. “Ms. Weasley, do you care to explain?”

“Yes, my son along with others who do not worship the ground Ms. Potter walks on has been targeted repeatedly by her group of friends under her order. Anytime anything is done about it she covers it up. It has gotten to the point my son and many like him do not feel comfortable going to Hogwarts.”

“Ms. Weasley, can you elaborate on the attacks and who is all involved?” Madam Bones asks.

“Of course, Leo Black and Jasper Lestrange are the two biggest ones, but she has many others who will follow her command. They have done everything from smaller hexes to threatening to kill them for not falling in line.” They were blowing this way out of proportion.

“Wouldn’t it be on the headmaster to deal with such things?” My solicitor asks.

“Anytime he tries the late Lord Black and Lord Lestrange become involved.” Molly defends.

“So, what is truly being said is the headmaster has no control over his school and are you truly insinuating that two esteemed members of Wizengamot went against the law and covered up crimes?”

“Late Lord Black and Lord Lestrange are nothing but dark supporters! They have no right to be free!” Molly shouts.

“I will not sit here as my father’s name is drug through the mud without solid proof of such things.” Orion says causing many around him to tense at the coldness in his tone.

“Ms. Weasley, do you have proof of these claims?” Madam Bones asks.

“Lord Lestrange is a death eater, and the Blacks are secret supports of you know who!” The room becomes outraged, and Madam Bones has to call in the aurors to regain control. Molly is dragged out of the room still screaming about the ministry controlled by death eaters.

“In light of that display her testimony will not be valid. Do you have any other proof?” Madam Bones calls out. The solicitor looks momentary rattled before straightening his robes.

“I call Albus Dumbledore as proof.” Oh, this will be good.

“Yes, I will admit that since Ms. Potter has begun coming to Hogwarts, I have lost some control. Students and professors alike fear her. Nothing can be done in the school without her approval.” I want to bang my head against the wall at his grandfatherly tone. It wasn’t my fault that the students and most of the professors were tired of him.

“I ask senior undersecretary Umbridge to come speak. She has been monitoring the school.” My solicitor calls. Umbridge steps down from the podium where she was next to the minister.

“Ms. Potter has done great things in Hogwarts along with writing proposals and still keeping a perfect O average. Her and her group have started study groups and even went so far as to set up a donation center for students to give robes and coats that no longer fit to students who without such things would go without. Her along with her group, are the first to jump in to help others in their class who do not understand, taking stress off professors. Many younger years feel safer with them around because they know that they are protected from bullying. The school just this morning was in outrage of this trial, many speaking out on how she had done more for Hogwarts than even the headmaster.” She explains.

“Yes, that led to classes being cancelled because they refused to go to class.” Dumbledore points out.

“Yet no threats were made, or damage, simply students wishing to support one of their own. Support in the ministry is at an all-time high.” She points out barely concealing her sneer.

“We would not tolerate such things from anyone else. Even after being asked to desist and allow aurors to handle things, under her orders students have taken arms.” Dumbledore insists.

“Madam Bones if I may, Ms. Potter spoke with me about having older students help the aurors with runes on protection and while she offered two manors there were still too many muggleborns. Mr. Leo Black suggested other students speak with their guardians about taking in muggleborns. Everything that was said or done in helping students who do not remember the protocol in the first war to prepare what was going to be asked of them and help take pressure off aurors was approved by the ministry.” The minister adds.

“Thank you minister.” Madam Bones says then turns back to Dumbledore. “Mr. Dumbledore even the auror department was aware of such things and was happy to have such help.”

“No true proof has been provided. At the end of the day Ms. Potter has done great things and helped save many lives. She has not once stepped out of the law and has avidly supported the ministry. She is a gifted young girl who has already done great things. This trial is a simple ploy to destroy her name and in turn have people turn away from the ministry.” My solicitor calls out.

“I think we have heard enough.” Madam Bones says. I listen as the voting begins; thankful I wasn’t actually called to the stand. I didn’t know how I would answer certain questions without giving away I had come back.

“In the case of the community against Ms. Harriet Lily Potter. Ms. Potter you are here by innocent of all charges.” Madam Bones announces smiling. “Now as requested by Lord Black we are having the trial of the Black family against Albus Dumbledore for defacement and attempting to wrongfully convict Harriet Lily Potter.”

An auror leads me to the visitor section, and I take a seat between Sirius and Remus who grabs my hand. I didn’t know about this, but I was happy to witness it.



I pace the halls waiting for the verdict. I was in no mind frame to be around other people. While I always felt the pull to hurt, I had never felt so close to my old self. I have had to force myself to not grab my wand a few times as our friends try to check on me. I knew there would be riots if she was locked up but that didn’t stop the possibility. I wasn’t even this frantic when she had been in the hospital. Luna had been unusually quiet, and it only set me more on edge.

It feels like a lifetime passes when she finally emerges from Umbridge’s office. The moment she is in my arms I feel my body relax.

“Ms. Potter, I feel it would be best if we did an assembly in the great hall.” Umbridge says.

“Sounds good, they have a right to hear what happened today.” She says pulling away from me. I huff and grab her hand. I was far from ready to let her go. Umbridge says nothing to me as we walk towards the great hall. It doesn’t take long for the school to make their way to the great hall. Even with people speaking to her I don’t let go. Jasper just smirks and shakes his head but doesn’t comment.

“Students I know that many were not pleased with the trial today. I want to inform you that Ms. Potter has been cleared of all charges and the one to make such claims has been punished.” Many cheer and she gives me a look to say that isn’t all. Umbridge allows the hall to settle before calling for attention again.

“As of this day Dumbledore is no longer your headmaster. When in the wards preventing lying, he admitted to wanting the fame and power Ms. Potter holds and was willing to do anything to achieve it, even going so far as to attempt to claim she is working with you know who. I will assure you all that these plans have been stopped and he has been stripped of all of his titles. More will come out in tomorrow’s paper, and I wish to warn you ahead of time. He admitted to knowing of you know who returning and choosing to not only not prevent it but did not warn the proper authorities of this attempt, choosing to allow and even assist in his rise.” That has the room in outrage. I can see the small group of his supporters attempting to shrink back.

“Well, that is one threat dealt with.” I whisper to her.

“Yep, his trial was set right after mine. Also, Molly Weasley has two blood wars on her hands.” She smirks.

“What?” Jasper asks clearly listening in.

“Oh yeah, in front of Wizengamot she decided to claim that the late Lord Black and your uncle are secretly working for you know who, claiming they should have rotted in Azkaban along with the whole dark sector.” Now that catches the whole table's attention.

“That is so not our mother.” Fred says with a look of disgust.

“Yep, the woman was always delusional. I am thankful we are of age and left that Dumbledore loving house.” George adds.

“Don’t go disowning her, you two are twins, you have the right to claim the Prewett line.” Harriet tells them and they just stare at her in shock.

“Did you not know that only magical twins can take the Prewett seat?” I ask.


“We didn’t.”

“How would,”

“We do it?” They ask.

“Simple, when you graduate you just go to the ministry with proof you are the last living magical twins of the Prewett line. I am kind of surprised your brother Bill didn’t take his Weasley seat, when your father denounced his seat, it left it open to Bill.” Harriet explains.

“I doubt he knew. We weren’t taught about Wizengamot at home.” Fred explains.

“That is horrible, you could help do great things.” Luna says smiling. “Wrackspurts say you should speak with your brother.”

“Always listen to them.” Me and Jasper say in unison.

“Ok little moon, we will write him.” George smiles.

“Yeah, maybe he can help give our name a better reputation.” Fred adds. That would just add two more votes that supported us.

When we are finally dismissed Luna claims she is going to stay with a friend in Hufflepuff before giving us a knowing smile. Shit I wasn’t going to turn that down.


The rest of the year goes by surprisingly smoothly. All the teachers undergo an evaluation and while some get fired others are given better equipment and in the case of Madam Pomfrey a few understudies to help with the smaller issues. Along with the wards for werewolves finally being fixed. Dumbledore claimed he couldn’t activate them, but it had been fairly simple when McGonagall took over. Umbridge at the end of the year announced she would be returning to the ministry but would make regular visits along with other members.

On the ride home Harriet leans against me and I pull her down to lay her head in my lap. It would be a big summer and I hope it went well.

Chapter Text


When the kids arrive home Harriet runs off with Remus as Leo asks to speak with me. I knew this day would come but I dreaded it. No longer did I have a little girl but a beautiful young woman. Leo sits across from me, and I sigh.

“I know why you asked to talk to me.”

“I love her.” He says holding my gaze. I truly believed he did, but I didn’t want to think of this.

“Have you spoken to her about it?”

“Didn’t see the point if you turned me down.”

“She is my little girl and always will be. I have always done what I thought James and Lily would have wanted and honestly… I think they would have been proud to call you their son in law. Yes Leo, I will allow a contract between you and Harriet.” I say giving him a small smile. I did truly think they would be happy with whoever she chose but you would have to be blind to miss the way they looked at each other. At the end of the day, I knew he would let her shine as brightly as she was always meant to while standing beside her.

“Thank you, Uncle Sirius, you won’t regret it.” He smiles.

“I know I won’t.” He leaves the room and Barty comes in.

“Finally agreeing she is growing up.” He says smirking.

“I hate it, but I haven’t seen two people more meant for each other. They remind me of Lily and James in a lot of ways.”

“For what it is worth I think they are proud in how you raised her. They couldn’t have picked a better godfather.” He says giving me a genuine smile.

“Thanks Barty, you and Regulus did a fine job too. Leo is powerful and loyal to those who earn it. I can’t wait to see what they do with this world once this is all over.”

“Maybe even get us some grandkids.” He laughs and I send a stinging hex at him as I glare.

“Hell no, I don’t care if they marry but none of that.” I couldn’t handle even the thought of that.

“Who riled Sirius up?” My father asks coming into the room with Regulus.

“Sirius here agreed to a contract between Harriet and Leo. I just commented on how we might get some grandkids.” Barty laughs as he attempts to use Regulus as a human shield.

“Hopefully more than one. It also wouldn’t kill any of you to have a few more.” My father says looking between us.

“Ask them, Barty is the one hung up on kids.” I say glaring.

“Ah you don’t want another little girl.” Regulus laughs.

“Hell no, I can’t do this shit again.” I say shaking my head. Harriet was bad enough.

“You never know brother, I bet Harriet would love siblings.” Barty laughs.

“Leo would too.” I didn’t need any more kids.

“Actually, we have been looking into it but with everything going on we didn’t want to risk a baby.” Regulus says seriously.

“What?” I ask shocked, my father looking just as surprised as me.

“We love Leo, but we always wanted a big family.” Barty shrugs.

“Well, I don’t.” I tell them.

“What about Remus?” Regulus asks smirking.

“He has never mentioned kids.” I say shaking my head.

“Wouldn’t hurt to talk to him.” Barty shrugs and I attempt to ignore them. I didn’t need any other kids as long as I had Harriet.



The first week back feels like everything is at a standstill. I was happy Sirius agreed to the contract, but the war cast a shadow over everything. I did feel better knowing he had someone to call his own. Even in my past life I always thought Remus and Sirius would make the perfect couple.

Jasper and Luna were excited when I write them about the contract. It was getting too dangerous to be out, so we were stuck with letters. We use our free time to practice our dueling. While I had expanded my magic use, I didn’t want to slack.

As the attacks pick up, we do what we can. My manors were still in use and runes were always in high demand. Leo and I fall into a routine but it feels like we aren’t doing enough.

When the raids move to kidnapping muggles and muggleborns we do what we can to help. I tried everything to figure out why they would kidnap them and not just kill them, but I can’t figure it out. While most of the muggleborns who went to Hogwarts were safe in either my manors or in approved houses we had nothing planned for the small children who showed accidental magic. The ministry was going through every employee. The only way they would get notice of accidental magic was if they had someone on the inside.

Friday morning, we are called into the sitting room, and I see everyone already seated.

“There is an issue. With us attempting to take any child showing magic the orphanage is becoming overfilled. The minister is going to push to have people come in to adopt but with the war most are not willing to take in a child.” Orion explains.

“I mean didn’t Barty say they wanted more kids.” Sirius says.

“You two can always come with us.” Regulus smirks and I look down to hide my smile. With everything going on it would be nice to have something good happen.

“It wouldn’t hurt.” I say not looking at him.

“I don’t want more kids. I love you to death kid but no.” Sirius says shaking his head.

“Come on Siri, come with us.” Regulus smiles. I can see his resolve crumble and chuckle.

“I don’t mind going.” Remus says looking at him.

“Fine but I'm not coming home with one.” He huffs.

“Good, we will set you four up a meeting to visit.” I say and Orion just chuckles.

“Are you two coming?” Barty asks.

“Nope, kids are not even on our radar right now.” Leo says and I nod. I loved kids but now was not the time.


It doesn’t take much to set up the meeting and with the Lord of the house supporting them I had a feeling things would be changing in the house. The same day we receive a letter from Luna saying the wrackspurts were pleased with them going to the orphanage. At this point I didn’t even question how she knew and was thankful we were on the right track. That night I relax, laying my head on Leo’s lap.

“Do you really think now is a good time to send them?” While I was excited, I knew we were also at war.

“If any family can protect a child, it is ours. Luna said the wrackspurts support this.” He says. He was right about that, but it didn’t stop the fear. I refused to see a child hurt.

“A few more years and it will be us planning our ceremony.” I say smiling.

“I can’t wait to officially call you mine. When all this is over, we are taking a month to just travel.” He says. I liked that idea. While it felt so far away right now, I refused to put my life on hold for this war. I did that my last life and look where it got me.

Chapter Text


We arrive at the orphanage, and I already have a bad feeling about this. A young lady greets us at the door and leads us to a large playroom.

“This is all our younger ones. If you are looking for older ones, they will be at the stables, but most come through eventually. Wards are set to prevent all types of dangerous magic and will not allow you to leave the property with a child without proper clearance. We ask you not give the children anything unless you plan to take them home so as to not build bonds. Your backgrounds have all passed so I will leave you to walk around. Oh, also the second floor and up are off limits. Even children deserve privacy. If you find a child you wish to have more information on, please ask an elf to retrieve one of us and we will be happy to help.” She explains before walking away.

“Harriet set us up.” I groan.

“She isn’t forcing you to get a child, just giving you the option. Sirius you have lived for Harriet since she was a baby, but she is growing up. It wouldn’t hurt if you and Remus started a family.” Regulus says. I hated when he was right.

“Let’s go look at the babies before moving onto the older kids. I want another little one, but I think we will know when we meet them.” Barty says. I grab Remus’s hand and walk along with them as they look at the babies. I watch as they play with them but find no need in messing with babies. If it hadn’t been for the elves and them, I wouldn’t have gotten Harriet to 2 years old. As they begin playing with a little girl no older than 3, I decide to wonder off.

Remus and I wonder outside and see older children running around. Some come up to us, but I feel nothing like I did when I first held Harriet. If I was to even consider it, the child would have to pull at me just as she had and still does. It was like I always knew she was meant to be with me.

We make it to the stables, and I freeze when I see a little boy sitting near a stall. Remus nudges me to go to him and I release his hand walking over to the boy.

“Hey what are you doing?” I ask. The boy jumps and I see the look of fear flash in his eyes.

“Um nothing, sorry sir, I did not mean to be in the way.” He says shuffling away.

“No, you weren’t in the way, and I am sorry about startling you. My name is Sirius Black, and this is my husband Remus. I was just curious what you were doing.” I say bending down to his level. I still remember how at his age I hated adults standing over me. Remus bends down next to me and gives me an encouraging nod.

“My favorite Abraxan passed last night.” He whispers as if he worried we would criticize him for such a thing.

“I'm sorry, I never had a pet growing up. My mother hated all types of animals.” I find myself admitting.

“Mine did too.”

“Looks like we have that in common. My dad wasn’t a fan of animals.” Remus says and I reach over squeezing his hand. I hated his dad for what he put him through.

“If you could have any pet, what would it be?” I ask attempting to lighten the mood.

“An Abraxan, when on them I feel so free, but I would settle for a dog.” He smiles before seeming to realize and shrinking back.

“I’ve never been on an Abraxan, but I love dogs. Can I tell you a secret?” I ask whispering. He nods and I smile. “I am an animagus and my animal is a dog.”

“That is so cool.” He says getting excited again.

“Thanks, I think so.” I smile.

“He is really fluffy.” Remus chuckles as he sits on the ground. I roll my eyes and take a seat beside him as we listen to the boy explain how to ride an abraxan.

When the boy is called for lunch, I turn to Remus.

“Call the elf.” He says and I don’t need to be told twice. I call for an elf and ask about the information on the boy. The same lady meets us just outside. Shit, I didn’t know where Regulus or Barty was, but I needed the information on the boy.

“His name is Jaxson and is 7. He was brought in two months ago when his parents attacked him so bad he ended up spending a month in St. Mongo’s.”

“We want him.” I tell her.

“Mr. Black, Jaxson will require quite a bit of work. I don’t want to discourage either of you, but I want you to be prepared. He cannot handle adults shouting or sudden loud noises. The reports show abuse for most of his life.” She explains.

“We are prepared.” I say. I didn’t care the work it would take.

“Is my status going to be an issue?” Remus asks. I hadn’t thought about that, and I pray I hadn’t gotten his hopes up. We had wards put in the manor so he wouldn’t have to go to one of the community warded lands for the full moon, but I didn’t know if that would be enough.

“That won’t be an issue. Your paperwork shows you have never had a complaint and have followed all guidelines.” She says and I see him relax.

“When can we do it?” I ask.

“Ok, we can go through the paperwork. Lord Black has already given his permission on blood adoptions, so that won’t be an issue. Now you are able to change his name, but it is not necessary.” She explains.

“Let’s speak to him about it. I want him as comfortable as possible.” Remus says and she smiles.

“Very well I will have an elf go retrieve him.”

“Do you happen to know where my brother is?” I ask, I really wanted to tell them.

“They have found themselves quite attached to a set of twins. I believe they offered to help feed them.” She says and leads us back to the playroom where I see Regulus and Barty both holding what looks like toddlers.

“I see you two are attached.” I smirk.

“I want you to meet what will be Adhara and Scorpio Black.” Regulus says smiling.

“They are two and the sweetest things. We couldn’t bear to separate them.” Barty explains.

“I'm happy for you two.”

“What about you two?” Regulus asks brow raised.

“We think we found one.” I smile rolling my eyes.

“Good for you, hope it isn’t another girl.” Barty laughs.

“Nope, my turn to tease both of you.” I laugh.

“Yeah, I'm not trying to deal with that.” Remus says shaking his head.

An elf asks for us to come into the office. and I walk in to see Jaxson sitting there nervous. He looks at us wide eyed and then turns to the lady.

“Jaxson, Mr. Black and his husband wish to adopt you.” She explains.

“Are you sure?” He asks almost fearful.

“Yes, and we wanted to know what you thought of a name change. My family has a tradition of being named after stars and constellations but if you want to keep yours that is fine.” I say softly.

“What would be my new name?”

“How about Rigel? That is in the Orion constellation, which my father is named after.”

“I like it.” He gives me a shy smile and I nod.

“Ok then, Rigel sounds perfect, when can we do the blood adoption?” Remus asks.

The ritual takes longer than I thought it would, but I didn’t mind. His light brown hair changed to the trademark black wavy hair of the Blacks and his dark brown eyes shift to be a lighter brown matching Remus’s. It hits me that this is our son. Harriet was my daughter, but I never felt right about blood adopting her. She had loving parents that I never wanted to even attempt to replace but the boy in front of me was actually ours. He now had our blood and magic running through his veins.

We walk out of the room after finishing the paperwork and allow him to go pack what little he has while we wait for Regulus and Barty.



We are hanging out with Orion when the notice comes in. I smirk when his eyes widen.

“You two knew.” He says looking between us.

“Luna said the wrackspurts were pleased with them going. We learned quick not to ignore what they say even when we don’t understand at first.” I explain.

“Yeah, Luna is special and while I don’t think she is like us I believe she sees it.” Harriet says.

“Would they be on the tapestry yet?” I ask.

“They should be.” He says and laughs as we jump up and run to the tapestry room. It doesn’t take long to see the three new lines. Next to me is a little boy named Scorpio and a little girl Adhara. Sirius and Remus’s line has a boy named Rigel.

“Looks like you got a little sister to look over.” Harriet laughs and I scowl.

“Nope, I now know how Sirius felt.” I growl.

“You will love them.” She says leaning against me. I run my finger over my name and know one day there will be a line connecting me to Harriet, finally adding her to the family tapestry and I couldn’t wait.

We walk back to the sitting room waiting for them to arrive home. Regulus and Barty come in holding two toddlers.

“This is Scorpio and Adhara.” Barty says. It doesn’t take Harriet long to jump up and take Adhara.

“Where are the others?” I ask.

“So, we have to be gentle with Rigel. He is still dealing with a lot because of the trauma and doesn’t react well to loud noises or quick movements. We agreed to come first to make sure everyone understands.” Regulus says and I clench my fists at the idea of a child hurt. The floo flares again and they step out with an older boy.

“Everyone this is Rigel.” Sirius says and goes around pointing each of us out. Rigel waves and gives out a small hello, not stepping away from between Sirius and Remus.

“Would you like me to show you to your room?” Harriet asks handing Adhara to me. Rigel looks between her and his fathers before slowly nodding. No one says anything as they walk out of the room.

“She is good with kids.” Grandfather says.

“Yeah, she wants a big family.” I say and Sirius glares. “Don’t be mad at me, go talk to her.”

“You two are going to be the death of me.” He finally groans causing the others to laugh.

“You don’t seem bad yourself with kids.” Remus says and I look down to see Adhara asleep in my arms.

“Considering this is the first time around them in both times.” I say slightly shaking my head. I never did babies; they were too easy to break.

“It will be interesting to have toddlers back in the house.” Grandfather says smiling. I know he is happy; he had mentioned being worried the family was close to dying out but with two new boys in the family it would help us keep our family name strong.



The week following the adoptions was slightly hectic. Rigel jumped every time one of the babies cried and we learned the twins hated being separated for any period of time. While I had planned to propose something this year Wizengamot had been cancelled unless absolutely necessary due to the raids. I am lying in bed, my head on Leo’s chest as I try to figure everything out.

“It wasn’t this bad last time, or if it was, I didn’t know.” I finally say.

“It is because they were mostly focused on muggles last time. We need to step up on finishing this.” Leo says holding me closer. I turn to rest my chin on his chest so I can look at him.

“I want to get to where we can actually have a life. It feels like every time we get a step closer to ending this, we are pushed back two steps. Do you think he will attack Hogwarts this time?”

“Honestly, I don’t know. He will still need to prove he can kill you. With the power you have this time I guarantee he is planning to make a show of it.”

“I just can’t risk so many lives.” I sigh and he reaches down kissing the top of my head. “No matter what we will finish this. I have to believe Fate has her reasons.”

I look at him, trying to picture a life where we didn’t have to worry. He holds my gaze and leans down, the moment his lips meet mine I relax. As long as I had him by my side, we could do this.

Chapter Text


The next school year is filled with tension. Nothing spectacular happens but the air remains tense as if even Hogwarts herself was waiting on something to happen. The bag checks and a push to learn dueling was proof of how bad it had actually gotten. I was glad if we were attacked, we would have trained help with all the aurors walking the halls, but it didn’t make me feel better. Children would still get stuck fighting. The train ride home is even worse. Many families had emergency portkeys made for their children and seventh years who could apparate were assigned younger years who didn’t have such protection. Families rushing to remove their kids from the platform out of fear there would be an attack. We had chosen to head home alone, not wanting to risk any of our family coming out.

“You will receive a letter this summer, understand Fate has done this for a reason.” Luna tells us. Jasper glares and pulls her close.

“Come on Moon, don’t do this.” He says and I feel my body begin to shake.

“Luna please tell me this isn’t about you.” I whisper.

“I am happy to call you all family.” She smiles and kisses Jasper before walking over to her dad.

“Fuck!” Jasper curses watching her leave.

“Luna is smart, we have to trust that she will be ok.” I say but even I am terrified.

“I can’t lose her.” He admits looking defeated. Leo grabs him and starts talking in a low tone. I spot Rabastan and walk over to him.

“Just a heads up, if he gets a letter this summer you have to stop him from doing something stupid. Luna just told him that Fate had a plan and I think it involves her.” I tell him.

“Thank you for the heads up. I won’t allow him to run off, but this will destroy him if she is hurt.” He says looking at his son.

“If you need us just let us know.” He nods but says nothing else as Jasper walks over and gives me a quick hug before leaving. We had agreed to stay behind to make sure everyone was safe. I push it to the back of my mind as I help students find their families.

“Ms. Potter you should be home.” Lady Longbottom tells me.

“I know ma’am, but I want to make sure the younger years are safe. Me and Leo have portkeys to travel home.” I explain.

“A group of death eaters were picked up today. Hopefully we can get closer to the end of this.” She informs us before her and Neville leave. At least we got some good news today.

Once the last child leaves, we use our portkeys to arrive home. I am immediately pulled into a crushing hug.

“Pronglet, I missed you.” Sirius says and I smile.

“Missed you too uncle Pads.” I pull away and hug Remus before saying hi to the twins.

“Do I get a hug?” I ask Rigel, Sirius had told me he was still unsure about physical contact, but he was slowly coming to trust we wouldn’t hurt him. He hugs me and I don’t squeeze him like I did the others, but I do hug him back, not taking offence to the slight tense.

“How was school?” He asks.

“It was a good year, but I am happy to be home.”

“How is your training going?” Leo asks coming over to me. While he didn’t have the control over his magic like we did at that age they were still teaching him to direct his magic. He just shrugs and Sirius chuckles.

“He was able to throw a rock across the room on purpose and call it back. He is extremely talented.” He praises.

“I want to be able to do magic like you two.” He admits looking slightly upset.

“And you will one day but we are older. Once you have a wand it will be easier. How about this summer I teach you some defense moves. This way you can physically fight and push your magic into your punches. It is less of a strain and the physical workout will help with your magic too.” Leo offers bending down to his level. Rigel’s eyes widen before a beaming smile breaks out.

“Really? Yes! I would love that!” I don’t think I have ever heard him so excited. Leo chuckles and stands as he is almost dragged away to the training room.

“I am glad to see him so excited, but I don’t know how I feel about it being because of violence.” Sirius sighs.

“He hears the whispers of war. I know at his age if I had found a family that loved me, I would have been terrified to lose them and wanted to do whatever I could to help make sure they were safe.” I say.

“She has a point, while we try not to talk about it with him around, he knows.” Regulus says. I walk over and take Scorpio who is reaching out for me.

“You're right, I felt the same way with my friends when the first war started but he is still so young. He shouldn’t have to worry.” Remus sighs.

“I heard from Lady Longbottom they rounded up some death eaters. Hopefully they will get some information from them.” I say.

“I heard of that.” Barty says.

“All we can do is hope. The tension can’t stay like this for long.” Regulus adds, and I nod, dreading when it did finally snap.



Rigel is a natural when it comes to physical combat. I have a moment when I swear, I am looking at a younger version of myself. After a few weeks I ask Sirius if I can add a dagger to his training. His magic wasn’t strong enough yet to truly defend himself and he knew it. Sirius was nervous but agreed. Watching the way, he learns to wield a dagger as if it has always been part of him has me proud, but it makes me miss my own daggers. I didn’t want to fall back into that but as the tension rises, I find it harder to avoid. No matter what I told myself I was a killer at heart, and I felt like I was letting people down by not taking him out.

“Leo if it works with one dagger what about two?” He asks when I call for a break.

“Two is fine but one day you will also have a wand. That is why we work with learning to use our opposite hand. You will need your wand arm for your wand.” I explain.

“But I don’t have a wand right now.” He points out and I chuckle.

“No, you don’t but the more you practice the more your body will naturally do the moves. If you learn with two daggers then when you are older it will make it second nature to reach for the daggers instead of your wand. While this training can help, you really want to avoid fighting up close.”

“Uncle Reg and Uncle B can’t do this, so why can you?” I stop at the question. Memories of my own training hits me.

“Same with how I can control the elements, but my parents couldn’t. Some people are born with gifts.” Harriet says coming over to us.

“Do I have a special gift?” He asks.

“I don’t know, but regardless if you do or don’t, you are still special to us. You don’t need special magic to change the world.” Harriet says smiling. He thinks about it for a moment before nodding.

“Want to watch me practice?” He asks her and she nods before stepping out of the ring.

We go over our basic routine. As we are finishing up an owl arrives, and Harriet goes and retrieves the letter. When she turns to me nervous, I call the practice and send Rigel to go play. Once alone I walk over and take the letter from her, opening it. My eyes fly over the words and my anger rises.

“She can’t be serious.” I growl.

“Luna knew this was coming. I have to believe she will be ok.” Harriet says but I see the fear in her eyes.

“We need to check on Jasper.” She nods and we head in search of the adults to inform them what is going on.

Chapter Text


I can’t believe Luna is gone. I had to find a way to get her out of there, but I didn’t know where to start looking. I am trying to stay calm but all I want to do was go find her. We find Sirius first and I hand him the letter.

“Wait, you are saying she knew this would happen?” He asks wide eyed.

“Luna told us that Fate had a plan.” I say.

“You can’t run off to go find her. I know she is a close friend, but this looks like a trap.” He warns and I sigh.

“I know, I was thinking the same thing.”

“We are worried about Jasper. He won’t think rationally when he gets the letter.” Leo says.

“I will get ahold of Rodolphus.” Sirius says and we follow him to the study. I didn’t want to think about what they were doing to her. It was bad enough last time but now I knew exactly what they did to prisoners.

Rodolphus answers the floo call and agrees to keep a close eye on Jasper. All I can do was pray he didn’t try anything stupid. He was just as big of a target as we were with being a Lestrange and close friends with us.

Two days after the letter I sit with Leo as we watch Scorpio and Adhara play. Nothing felt right, there was no headway on finding her and now it has turned into a waiting game. School is right around the corner, and I don’t want to go if she wasn’t there.

A week later, we get the news. The moment the call comes in that Luna is at St. Mongo’s, Leo and I rush to get ready. The adults are still worried about us going outside but I refuse not to be there. It is finally agreed upon that Sirius and Orion will go with us while Remus, Barty, and Regulus stay here to watch the kids. We arrive and spot Jasper with his family.

“Hey, any news?” I ask walking over to them.

“No, her father is speaking with the healers now.” Rabastan says. We take our seats and wait for the verdict.

It is another 10 minutes before Luna’s father comes out looking stressed.

“They say she will recover but we don’t know exactly what happened to her.” He sighs.

“Can we see her?” Jasper asks, jumping out of his seat.

“Yes, she is awake and asking for you.” He says, giving him a small smile. The adults allow us to go back with Mr. Lovegood and we walk in to see Luna sitting up on the bed. Jasper reaches her first and hugs her.

“I am ok.” I hear her assure him. Once he steps back, we walk over hugging her.

“How are you feeling?” I ask.

“Better now that I am home.” She smiles.

“Are you sure?” Leo asks, brow raised.

“Oh yes, I was able to accomplish what Fate asked.” She assures. We try to ask her what she did, but she just smiles and assures us it will help. Giving up, I just enjoy spending time with our friends. We talk for a little while over nothing important and I can’t help but feel relieved she was one of the few who got away.

“I can’t wait for Hogwarts this year.” She says out of nowhere and I see Mr. Lovegood tense.

“Luna are you sure you want to go?” He asks.

“Yes, this year will be one that I am needed.” She says simply. He doesn’t look happy about it but nods in agreement.

“Favorable?” Jasper asks.

“It is what is needed.” She shrugs and I want to groan. I knew she couldn’t tell us exactly but a heads up would be nice.



We end up not being able to visit Luna again before school. Harriet and I arrive early to the platform to help make sure children get on the train and those who didn’t have portkeys paired up with older years. I wanted to trust the aurors but there just wasn’t enough of them.

When the whistle blows signaling the train is about to leave, we board and make our way to our compartment. I make sure to keep Harriet close, something feels off. I listen as my friends joke around but I don’t participate, my magic was on edge, and I worry I will snap at one of them. Halfway the train begins to slow and my body tenses.

“Something is wrong. Get the older years to move the younger years.” I tell them. Our group starts shouting orders and it hits me I don’t see any aurors, even the cart lady was nowhere to be found. Dread fills me as we help herd the younger years into a single cart.

“Stay with Harriet.” Luna says and I turn to see Harriet moving away from us to check the compartments. I run after her and we start searching for any stragglers when an explosion goes off. I cover Harriet as children begin to scream.

“The portkeys aren’t working. No one can get out.” Jasper says running up to us.

“I need the older years! We are on our own! I will keep the younger years safe!” Harriet shouts as she lifts her hands. Flames begin ingulfing the train but not burning it. The flames completely surround the cart holding the younger years. At least they would be protected.

“Harriet are we actually going to do this?” Neville asks coming over.

“We have no choice. If you want to watch over the younger years that is fine. No one will judge you.” I tell him.

“No, I will not hide away as you all risk your lives to protect us.” He says his eyes going hard as he pulls his wand. Windows and doors are ripped open as death eaters rush inside. Harriet gives me a look and I nod. We knew they were here for her.

The fighting is brutal, even with dueling lessons, most aren’t anywhere near ready to be in war. Harriet is doing everything she can to keep most of them at bay, but she is already draining her energy trying to keep the younger years safe. I stick close to her, not willing to watch her fall. I catch Jasper covering Luna as she begins removing wands from those who have been stunned. I hear a scream and the little control I had left snaps. Harriet holds her side as blood pours between her fingers.

“Leo, you need to let go.” Luna says kneeling beside her, attempting to heal what she could. Fuck, I didn’t want to be that man, but I would not watch them die. I feel the blood lust build and all I can pray is Harriet doesn’t judge me for what I am about to do.



The temperature drops causing many to pause in confusion. Luna attempts to heal me but I can’t take my eyes off Leo. His dark silver eyes have turned a deep red, and magic wraps around him. The death eaters around us back up, wide eyed.

“What is going on?” Jasper asks not stopping in his attack.

“He stopped fighting his nature.” Luna says simply. I try to stand to go to him, but Luna holds me back. “You have to let this happen. Fate has a plan.”

“I don’t care what Fate has planned.” I growl. He had just outed himself and I would not lose him.

“He will hurt you. He isn’t Leo right now. Don’t make him do that, don’t make him a villain.” Luna says shoving me back down.

“Please Luna, don’t ask me to allow this.” I beg. She just gives me a sad smile as shadows surround us. I feel my heart shatter because I already know. When they fade, I look to where he was standing but Leo isn’t there. Tears pour down my cheeks as I jump up and run outside.

“Harriet, I am so sorry.” Jasper says coming over to me and pulling me into a hug. I attempt to calm my breathing as I wipe my eyes.

“We still have work.” I say and step back facing those around me. “Heal who you can. Anyone who can’t heal can help calm the younger years.” I order. Leo would never forgive me if I ran off without making sure everyone was ok. My fire had faded the moment I was hit. I move towards the compartment holding the younger years. Thankfully we didn’t lose anyone, and I push myself to take care of who I can.

Aurors arrive halfway through checking everyone out and I step away to allow them to do their job. Madam Bones walks over to me.

“Ms. Potter, I will need a report on what happened.” She says and I nod, stepping away from the others.

“We noticed the train begin to slow and we had the older years move the younger years to one cart. I believe this has been set for a while. Apparition and the portkeys didn’t work. I set a fire barrier around the younger years. I knew I would be unable to hold the whole train under such protection. We were attacked and…” My emotions hit me, and I can’t fight back the tears.

“Madam Bones, Leo was taken.” Jasper says coming over as Luna pulls me into a hug.

“We will do whatever we can to find him Ms. Potter. Right now, we need to get the children in the safety of the wards.” She says and I wipe my eyes.

“Jasper, have the older years buddy up and help get them to Hogwarts.” I say and he nods, taking off to follow the order.

“That is efficient.” Madam Bones smiles.

“It will help speed things along.”

When we finally arrive at Hogwarts, Madam Bones leads me up to the headmaster’s office. I walk in to see my family standing there. Sirius and Remus run over to me, holding me tight and I can’t fight back the sob as it truly hits me, he is gone.

“We will find him.”



I watch as they hold Harriet, thankful we were given some privacy. I couldn’t even think about my son missing. It doesn’t feel real, he was fine this morning when they left. I lean into Barty as I silently beg him to walk through the door. Harriet pulls away and looks at all of us.

“His eyes turned red before they took him, they know.” She says and my heart drops.

“We have to find him.” I say.

“We will.” She says her eyes going hard.

“You can’t become reckless.” Sirius glares.

“I will not have him punished for things he can’t control.” Shit, I hadn’t even thought of that. Barty holds me closer as the true ramifications become clear.

“You don’t truly think he will be punished for doing what he has to do to survive?” I ask clenching my fists.

“I don’t know but I plan to find out.”

“Everyone just calm down, Leo is smart, he will make it through this.” My father says but even he can’t hide his nerves.

“What do you suggest?” Remus asks her.

“I need to get to the Hallows. Maybe I can convince him to help.” I was willing to try anything right now. Nothing else mattered until our son was home.

Chapter Text


Looking around the small cell. This is not where I wanted to be but if it saved Harriet’s life then I would do whatever it took. I feel the darkness that usually sits in the back of my mind taking over. I fight to keep an image of Harriet in my mind but the screams of my past block everything else out. My magic was still on a high from the fight and I was struggling to gain control. The door opens and I see the Carrow twins walk in. They sneer at me before motioning me to follow. I keep my mask in place as I walk. When I walk into another room, I smirk at the dumbass who took my wand. He lays dead on the ground with my wand not far away from him.

“You seem to have an interesting wand.” I hear Voldemort say behind me. I keep myself from tensing as I stare straight ahead. “Do you not speak?”

“I didn’t think you asked a question.” I say still not turning around.

“You seem far less scared than most.” He comments coming to stand in front of me.

“My lord, the girl was unable to be reached.” A man says coming into the room. This is one of the few times I was thankful for my past training.

“Oh, I think she will be willing to come to us.” He says smiling.

“I do look forward to using her.” One of the twins laughs.

“You are going to be down a member.” I say and Voldemort raises a brow.

“Do you truly believe you can do much without a wand?”

“Care to find out?” I ask smirking. While I never wanted to be this person again, I couldn’t deny the rush. I was in my domain, there are no innocents in the room. He motions for me to go ahead, and I allow the darkness to consume me. It feels like I am watching myself outside my body. I flip around and use my momentum to slam my fist into the male twin’s throat. His eyes go wide as he grabs his throat, dropping to his knees. His sister screeches, but a quick kick to the temple leaves her incapacitated.

“Talented.” Voldemort says waving his wand, fixing the damage before he can suffocate to death. He jumps up but before he can attack me, he is called to halt. I turn my back on them and look at Voldemort. “Seems you hold back.”

“Never underestimate a Black.” I shrug.

“Ah but you are so much more, aren’t you?” He smirks. I say nothing as I hold his gaze. I know my eyes are still red. “You know who you are, don’t you?”

“I know who I am.” I say simply.

“I had feared I had lost you. Come, take your rightful place. I will even spare your little toy, given she is willing to bow to me.”

“I will never bow to you or any man.” I say allowing my magic to flare. I was not a simple follower anymore.

“You will change your mind.” He says dismissively. “If you choose to continue to stand against me, I will personally deal with your little pet. I do not wish to lose something so powerful, but I will not allow her to stand against me.”

“Good luck.” I taunt. It was not a good idea to push him, but I would not bow. I had done my bowing and it got me nowhere. The crucio has me dropping to my knees but I refuse to scream. He would get no satisfaction from torturing me.

“Maybe some time in the dungeons will have you reconsidering.” He says once the curse is removed. The Carrow twins drag me out of the room and slam me into one of the cells. I lay on the floor and close my eyes.

Fate, I don’t care what happens to me, but please protect Harriet. I plead before allowing sleep to claim me.



I lay the Hallows down and pour my magic into it, begging Death to answer.

“Chosen one, I figured you would call.” Death says as I am surrounded by shadows.

“Please, I can’t lose him.”

“This is needed. He needs to be there for the chance to destroy the horcrux.” Fuck, I hadn’t thought about that, but it shouldn’t fall on him. This wasn’t worth it.

“Please don’t punish him for what he has to do.” I beg. I would allow the world to burn if his soul was taken.

“He must kill an innocent for no reason other than violence for him to break our deal.” He says and I sigh in relief. “Keep my gifts on you, my chosen. The end draws near.”

The shadows fade and I am left standing there. I head out of the room and call the adults. I knew everyone worried about what would happen to him.

After I explain what Death told me I know they aren’t happy but at least he won’t be punished for doing what he has to. I am offered to stay home but I know that is a bad idea. If I stayed here, I would be tempted to go find him myself.


It has been three days since he was taken. I was now back at Hogwarts, but nothing feels right. My friends try to keep me distracted but nothing works. I need to find him, and the longer I waited the colder the trail became.

After a week I am starting to lose hope. Many after this time were found dead. I wanted to trust the gods wouldn’t take him from me, but I couldn’t even imagine the plan they had. It made it worse that Luna was getting nothing. She said the wrackspurts were unusually quiet.

Two weeks and I am done. This world didn’t feel worth saving without him in it.

Three weeks and I am called into the headmaster’s office. Madam Bones and the minister try to explain that while they had yet to discover a body the likelihood of him alive was little to none. They had done everything they could to find him, but every lead had gone cold.

“No, the tapestry would show if he had passed.” I tell them.

“Ms. Potter, I understand but we can’t keep using so many resources to find him.” Madam Bones says.

“Then I have a request. Give me permission to continue to search. I have sat here and allowed everyone else to look but I can’t keep sitting around while he is gone. I have the talent and ability to be out in the field.”

“Ms. Potter you are already high risk.” The minister says.

“Then who better to draw him out. Please minister, I am asking you to not just let me help find him but to help end this war. Everyone knows he wants me, let me draw him out and end this for good.”

“While talented, you are not an auror. Doing something like that would put you in grave danger.” Madam Bones points out.

“I am of age, but if you would like I can have my family support this decision.”

“Madam Bones, we are in a situation where we are beginning to lose this war. I think if Ms. Potter has the support of Lord Black than she should be willing to try.” The minister says and I smile.

“Ms. Potter while I could deputize you, I will still highly suggest you reconsider.” Madam Bones says sighing.

“I want to do this. I have helped behind the scenes. I believe it is time to prove I am willing to stand on the front lines.” I say and she nods. It was time to take the war into my own hands.

Chapter Text


It has been three weeks and from the lack of water and the torture I was losing touch with reality. The door to my cell opens but I don’t look up.

“Have you reconsidered?” Voldemort asks.

“I still won’t bow to you.” I growl.

“You get your stubborn streak from me.” He chuckles. “They pronounced you dead, no one is coming for you.” No, I couldn’t believe she would give up on me.

“Did you truly think that girl would continue to search for you? She is going to move on and have another man in her bed. She doesn’t need you. She clearly doesn’t even care enough to use her pull to continue the search. Those so-called fathers don’t care enough to be out personally to search for you, no one cares.” He laughs throwing the daily profit down that shows that the search for me was coming to an end.

“You know nothing.” I sneer, she would never give up on me.

“Believe what you will, they abandoned you. Stole you from the family you could have had, promised you things they never planned to follow through with. The moment you are in trouble they couldn’t even care enough to actually search for you.”

“I will still not bow.”

“You might bow to me, but my army will bow to you as my son. We can rule this world together.” I say nothing and he sighs. “Very well, maybe you need to see what you are missing. The dungeons are no place for my son.”

I am lifted by someone, but my body is too weak to fight back. I am carried to a room and sat on the bed. I hear the lock engage but I don’t care. Anything was better than the ground.

I wake in the same white room I did all those years ago and my heart drops. If I was here that meant I was dead.

“No, my child, you are not dead. Your body is recovering from the damages done to it.” Mother Magic says appearing.

“How is Harriet?” Nothing mattered as long as she was safe.

“She worries for you.” Death says appearing next to Mother Magic.

“I am sorry you must go through this. What I ask you to do is far more than I should, but it must be you. I need you to accept your place in his army. The war cannot end as long as his horcrux remains.” Mother Magic says, giving me a sad smile.

“I don’t want to be that guy. I want a life with Harriet.” If this is what was needed, then I would but I can’t help the resentment. They let me see how a real family could be. Let me find love only to take it from me.

“You have more than proven you have a good soul. You will not be punished for following our plan. Finish this war so you can have that future with my chosen.” Death assures.

“I feel you have learned. Do not worry about the dreams. You have reached your target and no longer will see them in your dreams.” Fate says coming up behind me.

“Thank you.” I say fighting back my emotions. “If that is what is needed then ok. I will do what I have to. Please all I ask is tell Harriet that I am not truly that man. I can’t bear her thinking I truly want him to win.” I tell them.

“My chosen knows, she is searching for you. You will see her again and be given the opportunity to show your true alliance. This is only temporary.” Death assures. “I will also be giving you a knife that will appear when the time is right. It will destroy the horcrux.”

“Let’s do it. I'm ready for this war to be over.” I didn’t know how I felt about Harriet searching for me, but I needed to focus on my assignment. If they needed a monster, I would show why you never cross a Black.



The minister allows me a pass to return home and I arrive knowing this would be a hard sell. It doesn’t take long to have the family rounded up and I explain what I want to do.

“No, I won’t let you risk yourself like that.” Sirius says shaking his head.

“If it was my father or Remus?” I ask, I knew he didn’t want me in danger, but I refused to let Leo suffer any longer. He looks at me and I know what the answer is.

“You aren’t alone in this.” Remus says and I give him a small smile.

“Remus is right, we have allowed the aurors to look for him, but I want my son home.” Regulus says.

“Harriet you must be sure. When word gets out you are out there you will instantly become a target.” Orion warns.

“I know but I need to do this. It was always going to be me to end this, and I can’t think of a better time.” I say holding my head high. I had accepted a long time ago that this would rest on my shoulders. Even my family couldn’t do much when it came to me being the one to kill him.

“I can’t lose you.” Sirius says sounding so defeated.

“You’re not losing me. I am going to make it through this. I want this over so we can move on with our lives. Rigel and the twins deserve to grow up without fear of war.” I say walking over and hugging him.

“We do this as a family.” Remus says, grabbing Sirius’s hand.

“Ok, I will give you my blessing on this, but I want your word you won’t do anything reckless. I want all my family to make to the end of this.” Orion says.

“No riding dragons, promise.” I say smirking.

“Pronglet, that does not make me feel better.” Sirius groans as the rest of the adults laugh.


It was agreed that me being deputized would be kept under wraps. The longer I had without them knowing I was hunting them, the better it would be. I now spend my days out in the field searching for anyone who can give me information.

Having access to the aurors' notes and far more free reign then last time definitely helps. While I wanted to focus just on Leo there was so much to be done. When the raids slow down I just know that the end is near. My family is beside me every step of the way. Sirius and Barty partner up while Regulus and Remus go out together. We figured if the worst happened, at least the kids would always have one parent there. I didn’t want to think about losing one of them, but war is war.

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This time when the door opens, I am sitting on the bed. The gods repairing my body. When Voldemort walks in I hold his gaze.

“You look far better than the last time I saw you. I want to show you what you were taken from.” He says and I stand.

“Lead the way.” I say hating how cold my voice is, but it was needed. He smiles and steps out of the room motioning me to follow.

We walk through the manor, and I realize this is going to be harder than I thought. To see it all over again was grating on me. Voldemort goes on how he is doing what is best. How he is only trying to better our world and it takes everything in me to keep me from rolling my eyes. I see a few death eaters sneer at me, but I ignore them. Even without my wand I didn’t fear them. Once I am finished with my tour, he leads me into his office.

“Now my son I will ask you a final time. Join me and rule beside me.”

“I will not bow to anyone else. If they step to me, I won’t hold back.” I tell him.

“If they are stupid enough to think they can attack my son then I have no need for them.” He assures.

“Also, if Harriet is captured, I speak to her first. I will kill someone for hurting her. I can convince her to switch sides. Like you said she is powerful and would be beneficial to your movement.” I couldn’t watch her be tortured, no matter what the gods said.

“I will accept that but if she refused to bow, I cannot allow her to live. Power does me no good if it is fighting against me.”

“Acceptable.” I knew if she was captured, I could convince her to do what was needed to end this. If they hurt her, I would burn the world down and drag out their deaths. His magic would have nothing on my fury.

“Then bow and accept your mark.” He says standing. I grit my teeth as I bow and hold out my arm. All that I can think of as the mark is burned into my skin is my future with Harriet. Let the games begin.



I watch as Harriet works herself to the bone. It feels like she is rarely home anymore and while I had to believe she was being safe I knew the risks of war. I walk into my bedroom after putting Rigel to bed and see Remus lying in bed reading a book.

“You look stressed.” He says, not looking up from his book.

“Just worried, part of me feels like James would be disappointed I am letting her do this. I always vowed to protect her, but I can’t protect her from this.” I sigh. It had been bothering me since his return. How did I protect her if the gods themselves said she had to do this. He looks at me for a moment before closing his book and opening his arms. I relax as I lean against him, and he wraps his arms around me.

“I think James would be proud of how you raised her and the girl she became. James and Lily would have done anything to help those who needed it and Harriet is doing the same. I truly believe they are looking down and cheering her on. You did good Sirius, don’t ever forget that.” He says and I give him a small smile. It hit different when he said I did a good job with her. He knew James and Lily, if anyone knew what they would say, it would be him.



The days seem to blur together as I keep searching for any signs of Leo. I knew he was still alive but there was no sign of him. Even the death eaters who were captured had no knowledge of him. I knew I needed someone closer to Voldemort to give me the information, but it was getting harder to capture them.

As winter break drawls near I am losing faith in finding him. The nagging voice that says it has been too long and my Leo was gone was just getting louder. I knew he was alive due to the tapestry, but I didn’t know if I was still dealing with my Leo or Nathair. Voldemort could be persuasive, and I didn’t know what he would do to sink his claws into him. I wanted to believe he would come back to me as my Leo but there was no guarantee.

I lay in bed, tears running down my cheeks. I refused to break in front of anyone, but I couldn’t hold onto my mask when I was alone. Suddenly the door opens and Rigel walks in. I quickly wipe my eyes, so he won’t notice.

“Are you ok?” He asks, stopping at the door.

“I'm fine.” I attempt to assure.

“You know I know Leo isn’t normal, I know you’re not normal either. Do you want to know why my old parents hated me?” He asks and I sit there shocked he just said that.

“Sure buddy.” I say, still trying to recover. He comes over and sits on my bed.

“I started seeing things when I was little. At first, they thought it was my imagination but some of the things I said came true. They thought I was a freak and that I should hide it but sometimes I thought it was better to tell them. They hated it, then it turned to them asking me specific questions. They used to hurt me if I didn’t see anything. I eventually stopped talking about it. I hoped if they thought it went away, they would stop hurting me. When I went to the orphanage, I was told I would be ok, that people would come who would love me, but I didn’t believe I was loveable. Now I have two amazing dads and the best sister in the world. I don’t want you to treat me like a freak. I had promised myself I wouldn’t say anything about it so you all thought I was normal, but I can’t ignore the voices. They tell me Leo is ok. He has no more nightmares. That no matter what he is doing now, he loves you and will come back to us. That he is just doing what the voices asked him to do and for you not to judge him for it.” He says and I cover my mouth as a sob leaves me.

“Rigel, I love you so much and couldn’t ask for a better little brother. You have a very special gift and you’re right, me and Leo aren’t normal. I know what it feels like to be called a freak and feel like no one can understand you. I promise you are no freak. No one in our family would ever call you that. There are others who can hear those voices. We can find you someone to help just like I found my mentor in elemental magic. Thank you for telling me about Leo. I really needed to hear that and I'm going to bring him home.” I say attempting to stop the tears. No child deserved to be called a freak and I refuse to ever let him feel like that again. While male seers were extremely rare, they did happen.

“Do you mind if I stay in here?” He asks, looking down at his hands.

“Yeah buddy, you are always welcome to come sleep with me if you need to.” I say gently placing my hand on his. I couldn’t imagine what he had been going through all alone but no more. He would get the guidance he needed. I would find Leo and end this just to make sure that he had the life he deserved.

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I sit next to Voldemort in the meeting room as plans are gone over. It had taken time for me to build Voldemort’s trust, but I was doing it. I try to ignore what I had to do to earn that trust. I needed him to allow me free rein. For the first few weeks of me getting my mark I always had someone with me when I left my room. Most didn’t believe I could change my loyalty so quickly, but I had earned my freedom. I finally was given my wand back and now I was able to walk around alone. I had even gone on my first raid. Thankfully the masks prevented anyone from noticing me. I could only imagine my family’s devastation if they knew what I was doing.

“It is time for us to take the ministry. This needs to end and with us in control of the ministry we will be able to take complete control. The army is finally complete.” Voldemort informs us and I start paying attention.

“What of the girl?” Someone asks. I hadn’t bothered learning anyone’s names. I didn’t believe all them were doing this willingly but there was no way for me to know who they were so it was better to treat them all as if they were true death eaters.

“I will deal with her.” I say before Voldemort can respond.

“Remember our deal. She bows and receives her mark or dies.” He says looking at me.

“She can’t be trusted!” Someone shouts.

“She knows no better. I know how to turn her to our side. If you try, she will just kill you. Don’t underestimate her power.” I say glaring.

“I will be allowing him a chance to attempt to pull her to our side. She would be valuable to the movement.” Voldemort says causing his minions to shut up. “One week and we attack, prepare for war. We are ending this.”

This was what I had been waiting for. The deadline was set, and I needed to complete my task.



I am in the auror department going over maps with Madam Bones when the sirens go off for an attack on the ministry. With a shortage of aurors we had people signed up to be notified of any major attacks. I couldn’t risk us losing due to shortage of fighters. We rush out of the room as she starts shouting orders. While we all knew an attack was likely I didn’t think it would be on the same day the kids came back from Hogwarts.

When I make it outside my eyes widen at the sight of small children brandishing wands along with a wall of death eaters. I don’t know how I am going to do this. I had accepted killing a long time ago, but these children had no choice. As spells start flying all I can do is be thankful I am proficient in disarming and stunning. Out of all the things we theorized he was doing with the children kidnapped, soldiers never crossed my mind. The death eaters are using them as human shields and it just gives me more of a reason to kill Voldemort. I try to tune out the sight of the kids as I fight. Right now, I needed to get to the true enemy.

“Figured you could use some help.” I jolt at the sound and see Jasper along with Luna standing beside me.

“Neither of you should be here!” I couldn’t risk them getting hurt.

“Come on, you can’t expect us to sit out on this. We heard Uncle Rod get the notice. Let’s show some death eaters why they should fear us.” Jasper smirks as he fires spells.

“We will be fine. It is time to end this.” Luna says and I nod as I go back to stunning children. They were already here and the only thing I could do was trust they wouldn’t put themselves in danger.



We are sitting in the family room watching Rigel play with the twins when the notice of the attack comes in.

“Go, I will watch the kids.” I tell them. I knew none of them wanted to sit out of this.

“Are you sure?” Sirius asks as he grabs Remus’s hand.

“Yes, Harriet will need all of you.” I say looking over my family. They would make it through this. They hug the children before leaving. Once all of them are gone I look at Rigel. “Are you ok?”

“I know Harriet will protect them.” He says wiping his eyes. He should never have to worry about his family. I pray that he doesn’t see any of the battle. He had slowly opened up about his gift and I didn’t want him to have nightmares. He was far too young to truly understand what war truly looked like.

“They will be fine.” I attempt to assure him. There was no other option. He nods and sits down. Adhara and Scorpio walk over to him, and I smile as he holds them close. While I wish I could be out there with my family, the children needed me. We would all do our part to make it out of this.



I had to trust the kids would be fine as we apparate to the ministry. I don’t see Harriet through   the fighting but figure she is closer to the entrance. As I fight alongside my brother, I briefly wonder what would have happened if we had been given the chance to do this during the first war. My grandfather always did say together we would be unstoppable.

I spot Rodolphus and Rabastan fighting, and we move closer to help as they get overwhelmed.

“Have you seen Jasper?” Rabastan asks once we deal with the swarm close to us.

“No, have you seen Harriet?” Sirius asks.

“No, I just hope they are together. Luna and Jasper apparated the moment they heard me get the notice.” Rodolphus says. I pray they all make it out of this. They were all too young for war, but I knew they were loyal to Harriet and would want to support her.



I don’t think about the lives of the people as I fire curses at anyone in death eater robes. Word had traveled that death eaters had children fighting and all I can picture is Rigel. I had to admit it was a good distraction technique. I refuse to hurt a child, but the adults weren’t innocent. I spot Cedric with the Weasley twins fighting alongside a few others I remember going to school with Harriet. Seems like none of them were willing to let her fight alone. I just pray she is ok.



I end up losing sight of Regulus, but I can’t worry about that right now. I knew my family was a target, but I didn’t expect them to come at us in large groups. As I slip into an alley to avoid the killing curse, I almost slam into someone. My heart skips a beat until I realize it is Dolohov.

“Shocked you aren’t with your husband.” He says as he fires spells.

“Lost track of him.” I say rejoining the fight.

“Well stay close until we find him. Better to have a partner.” He says and I nod. I couldn’t handle the group following me alone and wouldn’t turn down the help. A group of children run towards us, and I push away the image of the twins as we stun them. The gods would make sure the children and my family survived this.



The smell of death is almost too much on my already heightened senses. Tonight was a full moon, and my wolf was closer to the surface than I preferred. I spot Greyback in the fray of things and have to stop myself from freezing up. The moment he spots me he gives me a sadistic smile. It hits me I have my chance; I could get the revenge for myself and all the children who had been hurt by him. Even with the new wards and laws he had avoided capture. As he charges me, I brace myself for the impact. I would rip out his throat if it was the last thing I did.

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I try not to think of the bodies piling up. Voldemort still hasn’t been seen but I should expect nothing less. A coward sending his people into battle when he himself wouldn’t fight. The death eaters fall back, and I feel like I am standing in Hogwarts during the final battle all over again. People are assigned to start taking the children out of the danger zone. I lean against the wall knowing I need to find my family, but my emotions were all over the place.

“This can’t keep going on, for Merlin sakes they are just kids.” I say attempting to get control over myself. No matter what I did I couldn’t stop children from fighting in this war.

“We will get through this and find loving homes for the children.” Luna assures coming over to me. I hear my name being shouted and look up to see Sirius. He runs over and pulls me into a hug.

“I was so worried.” He whispers, refusing to let go.

“Where is everyone else?” I ask, I needed to make sure my family was ok.

“I lost sight of them.”

“Well let’s go find them before another wave comes.” Luna says and all I can do is sigh.

“She is right, this is far from over.” I tell Sirius. He finally releases me, and we go on the hunt for our family.

Thankfully when we find everyone, the injuries are minimal. After assuring everyone I am fine we move to helping where we can. The sun was starting to set, and I know we are about to be in trouble.

“If you can’t handle this none of us will judge you for going to the wards.” I tell Remus. He might be able to keep his mind when he changes but there were still risks.

“Greyback was here, there will be more and the best thing to take out a werewolf is another werewolf.” He says not quite meeting my eyes. I nod and flag down Madam Bones.

“We need a way to show what werewolves are fighting for us. I will not have my uncle hurt.” I tell her. I knew there were a few others around here and if they were helping, they shouldn’t worry about being attacked from both sides.

“I hadn’t thought of that. It will need to be noticeable during battle.” She says.

“Change their fur color.” Luna suggests and I can’t help laughing at Remus’s shocked expression. “What no one attacks a pink werewolf.”

“While maybe not pink, changing the color of the fur would work.” Madam Bones says.

“What about white? This way they are easily identified.” Sirius suggests while poor Remus still looks torn about the color changing fur.

“That will work. We need to spread the word and round up any werewolves fighting for us.” Madam Bones says before shouting orders.

“Better than the time we turned you blue.” Sirius smirks at Remus.

“Yeah, my issue is the color didn’t fade when I turned back. I guess white is better than pink.” Remus groans.

“You got to show me the memory of that.” I laugh.

“The moment we get through this pronglet.” Sirius says giving me a small smile.

“We will get through this.” I assure. I would accept nothing less.



I stand next to Voldemort as the next wave is put in place. I wanted to find Harriet, but I needed to keep my cover. The only reason I was holding strong was the reports Harriet was still alive.  The first wave had been sent in to take out who they could, and I prayed they were ready for what was to come.

“It is time.” Voldemort says as the last of the sun fades. The horde of inferi and werewolves rush towards the ministry. I had to believe they would be ok. We were so close to finishing this. I had the horcrux with me, Death helping to hide the dark magic signature. It was too big of a risk to destroy it before he was distracted with fighting. We would be going in after the inferi and werewolves took out who they could.

I clench my fists at the sounds of screams. This was getting out of hand.

“My son you will get your chance for blood.” He says smiling at me.

“Just ready for all this to be over.” I say relaxing my hands.

“Soon, we will rule them all.” I don’t reply but he doesn’t seem to mind. He is already focused on the last group and making sure everyone was ready. He was right about it being over soon just not the way he wants it.

As he signals the charge, I feel Death brush against me.

It is time.

I feel something appear in my pocket and make it look like I am branching off to take out some of the stragglers as I slip into an alley way. I pull out the diary and plunge the knife through the center. Now we had a chance to finish this.



When I spot the inferi my heart drops and I see Barty step closer to Regulus. Well now we know where the muggles went to. I step forward and call upon my fire. I might have protection against them but no one else did. The snarls and howls from werewolves fighting sends shivers through my body. The white on our werewolves while a good way to tell them apart also made them stand out more.

I burn through as many inferi as I can while my family sticks close. Sirius having experience with werewolves helps take out any that get too close.

As the army starts to dwindle down, I spot death eaters begin charging. I feel the cold hand of Death brush against me.

Finish this my chosen.

I take a calming breath and pull out the elder wand. I refuse to fail.

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Before I can leave the alley, someone grabs me. As I flip around, I narrowly miss attacking Luna.

“Let me see your arm.” She says not seeming fazed I almost hurt her. If anyone else asked I would have questions but with Luna, I just pull up my sleeve and show her the mark. She pulls out the potion to remove it and applies the drops. “There, as far as anyone knows you used the battle as a chance to escape. You were being held to draw Harriet out of Hogwarts.”

“That won’t work if I am put in the wards.” I didn’t know what was worse, admitting what I did or lying and having to admit it anyways.

“It will work, the wrackspurts will make sure of it. Now go find Harriet. The end is near.”

“Ok, be safe.” I tell her before running off to go find Harriet. I couldn’t let her do the final battle alone. As I exit the alley, I spot a group of death eaters walk over to a group of aurors and place their wands on the ground. The aurors look just as shocked as I am but don’t pass up the opportunity to take them into custody. Shaking my head, I go back on the hunt for Harriet.

I figure she is closer to the entrance of the ministry and begin fighting my way through the crowd. I raise a brow at the sight of white werewolves but figure they are already distracted with the other werewolves. When I reach the inferi I spot flames and know that has to be Harriet. Thankfully Voldemort was nowhere in sight, but I knew that wouldn’t last long.

The moment I spot her, the vice that has held my heart captive since taken releases. The rest of the family isn’t far from her, and I pray my appearance isn’t too big of a distraction.



With most of the inferi taken out we begin working on the death eaters. Even with their numbers depleted we couldn’t risk them getting too close to the ministry. If they got control, we would be done for. I had lost sight of Luna but couldn’t focus on that. I had to believe the gods would protect their messenger. A figure has me almost losing control over my fire. When he gets closer, I can’t hold onto the flames as emotions hit me. Leo smiles at me, taking his spot beside me.

“We will talk when this is over.” He assures and while I wanted to argue, now was not the time. I take a calming breath as I call my fire back to me. Now I had more of a reason to end this quickly.

As we are fighting a group of death eaters practically falls from the sky. Unable to keep our position near the entrance we break off as we all attempt to avoid the multitude of curses flying at us. Leo sticks close but there is no way to stick close to the family. Buildings begin crumbling with the amount of spells hitting them and Leo grabs me just in time to avoid a large chunk of a building from landing on me. I call the winds to keep the debris from landing on aurors and others on our side, but I can’t be everywhere at once.

“Where is he, we can’t keep this up.” I say as I begin feeling the strain of using my magic for so long.

“I don’t know, it looked like he charged with the others.” Leo says dodging another spell. The battle was just pointless deaths if we couldn’t kill him.



The joy of seeing Leo is short lived as we are quickly separated. As I take cover it hits me, I can’t see anyone on our side. My eyes widen when I realize what they are doing. We are too powerful together. A deep growl has me freezing in my tracks. A large werewolf steps in front of me, the brown fur indicating this was no friend. While I could fight a werewolf, no one wizard could take them out. My spells and curses seem to only succeeds in pissing it off. Another growl comes from behind me and all I can do is pray my family knows how much I love them.



While I am able to keep my mind it doesn’t stop the urges from my wolf. As I notice my family splitting off my wolf’s protective instincts go crazy. It doesn’t take me long to rip out the throat of the werewolf I am fighting, my instincts driving me to find my mate and cubs.

I take off in the direction I think Sirius went. I had spotted Regulus and Barty but no Sirius. As I turn the corner I freeze as I hear a werewolf growl. Pushing myself to move faster I finally spot Sirius facing off with a werewolf. I step closer and release a growl of my own. No one threatened my mate and lived. The moment the other werewolf gets ready to pounce I jump over Sirius, almost landing on the other wolf.

It doesn’t take long to take him out and I turn to look at Sirius.

“I love you Moony.” He says and I brush myself against him before nudging him. I still needed to find my cubs.



I move around the battle stunning who I can and removing wands. It was not my place to judge a soul. I refuse to kill unless I have no choice. As I turn the corner I fire a knockback spell at Fred, pushing him out of the way of the falling debris. He looks stunned for a moment before giving me a grateful smile. No point in losing him this time around. I smile back before moving on. The voice of Fate directing me to what needed to be done. I couldn’t see Jasper, but I knew he was safe with his family. I would not hear the end of it for running off, but this was bigger than us. My time being held captive had given me a chance to break the hold of those who needed it, and most had turned themselves in already.

As I finally spot the person I have been looking for, I can’t help my fear. While I trusted Fate it didn’t mean I truly knew her plans. Taking a deep breath, I fire the spell to cause him to glow.

You have done well my child. Fate tells me and I smile as I slip back into the shadows. No missing a glowing Voldemort.



We continue to move as we search for Voldemort. Leo nudges me and I turn to see someone glowing.

“That’s him.” Leo says. I don’t know who did it, but I wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity.

We fight our way to him. The moment we are in range I begin firing at him. I didn’t need this to be a big show like it was last time. He deflects my spell and glares at me.

“You could have everything your heart desires if you stand with me.” He says looking between me and Leo.

“Already have everything.” I shrug and begin firing more spells. Leo guards me from any of the death eaters attempting to attack me. As the spells grow darker, my body begins to weaken. We have been fighting for hours and I am feeling the effects. I know I can’t do this for long and push myself harder to end this. As I am hit in the leg by the cutting curse and cry out but hold my ground. I didn’t know if I had it in me to finish it.



I do what I can to help Harriet, but it doesn’t feel like enough. When she cries out in pain, I know I need to do something. We are too close to finishing this for me to lose her.

The killing curse flies towards her and I do the only thing I can. I send my own curse and they clash together. I push everything into the spell. As they grow in intensity, I know one of us isn’t making it out alive. My father Regulus pulls Harriet out of the way, and I know it is now or never. Tightening my hold on my wand I take a step forward. It seems fitting that this was how it ends. My arms begin to shake with the strain before the spell breaks. The shockwave sending me flying back. My last thought is Harriet is safe.


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I break free of the hold Regulus has on me but fall the moment I try to run towards Leo. My heart shatters when he doesn’t get up. Barty reaches him first and pulls him close.

“He’s alive but his pulse is weak!” He shouts but it doesn’t stop the fear of losing him as I watch him apparate away.

“Go with Barty, I got her.” Sirius tells Regulus as he walks towards me. Regulus nods and apparates away as Sirius starts healing my leg. I look over at Voldemort’s body but feel no satisfaction. The ground is littered with debris and the dead from both sides. So many countless deaths for no real reason.

“Come on.” Sirius says helping me stand.

“I want to stay here. I need to help out.” I can’t sit there and wait for the verdict. Just standing here already has my heart rising and I need to keep busy.

“Are you sure?” He asks surprised.

“Yeah, go home and check on the kids. I am sure they are worried.” I say pulling on the familiar blank mask. Memories are blending with the now and I need something to take my mind off of it all. He looks unsure but nods and goes to find Remus. With the moon still out, the werewolves couldn’t shift back.

I allow the praise and questions if I am ok to wash over me as I help clean up the battle ground. Numbness sets in as I help lift children’s bodies so they can be buried. At some point Luna and Jasper join me but they don’t try to talk to me. Madam Bones stops me once, but she must recognize the look on my face because she doesn’t order me to leave. Remus helps with moving the rubble but continues to glance at me.

It isn’t until the sun begins to rise that Luna lays her hand on my arm. I turn and look at her.

“He will wake soon, and you need to be there. No one will blame you for leaving. You are not letting them down by not staying to finish cleaning up. You did good and you couldn’t have saved them. It isn’t your fault.” Her words hit me like a ton of bricks, breaking my blank mask. I hit my knees as tears run down my cheeks. Arms wrap around me, and I turn my head into Remus’s chest.



I hold her tightly as she cries. I remember holding her mother the same way as she cried over the thought of her daughter in danger. She had screamed and cried over how it wasn’t fair, how we were too young to be dealing with war. Now I am holding Harriet and once again I am hit with how young she is. Yeah, she came back but that didn’t matter. In both lives she had fought in war far too young.

“I’m here, no matter what happens or what emotions you have, I'm here. You won’t go through this alone.” I promise, holding her just a little tighter. I allowed others to push me away after the last war, but I refuse to go anywhere.

Once her tears begin to fade, I help her stand and apparate us to St. Mongo’s. We are quickly led to a waiting room where the rest of the family is waiting. Rigel reaches me first and hugs me. No longer was he fearful of our touch and it helps lessen some of the pain.

“How is he?” Harriet asks as Rigel moves to hug her.

“Hopefully we get news soon.” Orion says. I take my seat next to Sirius and grab his hand. Fate wouldn’t be so cruel to take him from us.



I occupy my mind with playing with the twins. It is likely they won’t remember this and for that I am thankful.

It is another ten minutes before a healer comes out and we all stand.

“He is fine, a little magically exhausted but should make a full recovery. He is lucky, with the spells he shouldn’t be alive.” She explains and I smile.

“When can we see him?” I ask, I needed to see him with my own eyes.

“He is actually awake right now if you want to come back.”

The moment I walk into the room I run over hugging him. He holds me close as he whispers he is ok. I don’t want to let go but I know everyone else wants to see him. Finally stepping back, I watch as the rest of the family hugs him. Adhara and Scorpio cling to him and I chuckle as they settle down beside him. Seems they missed their big brother.

We spend the rest of visiting hours talking about anything but the war. While there is still so much to do it can all wait. My family was safe and together. Right now, that is all that matters.



I am released the next day and spend my first night home just enjoying time with everyone. Hearing what Rigel is was a shock but it doesn’t matter, I love him regardless.

The next day we are called to the ministry and while the twins didn’t want me to leave, I promise I will return. I am questioned about the time I was held captive, and I tell them the story Luna had told me to tell. They don’t question me much once they think I was being held to lure out Harriet. I wasn’t going to complain, it would be hard to explain something I hadn’t actually gone through.

It moves onto talk of press conferences and rebuilding and I lean back. This was more of Harriet’s department. There were now even more children that needed not only homes but mental help for the things they witnessed. Raids on homes of death eaters were already underway and the trials for those who had turned themselves in were the first on the books. We were in for months of work and while we are offered to go back to Hogwarts to complete our education, we opt to just take our newts at the ministry. School held little value when there was so much to do.

When we finally make it home, I pull Harriet to my room and we lay on my bed, her head on my chest.

“You know nothing mattered when I was captured as long as you were safe. The gods spoke to me again. I was willing to do anything as long as you made it through this.” I tell her.

“I waited as long as I could but when they told me they were stopping the search I was done. I got deputized as an auror. I was out there everyday looking for anything that would help me find you. This world didn’t feel worth saving without you in it.” She admits.

“Well, I'm back for good. We will get through this rebuilding and continue to make sure nothing like this can happen again. As long as you are by my side, I know we can do it.” I say and lift her chin to kiss her. I needed nothing else as long as she was beside me.

“I love you.” She says when we break apart.

“I love you too, never again will I leave you.” I had done my job, now I wanted the future.

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The weeks following the battle feel never ending. We are at the ministry from sunup to sundown attempting to fix everything. More had been found still held in dungeons when houses were raided. Mind healers had been brought in from other countries because we just didn’t have enough to treat everyone. Leo had opened up about some of what he went through during his time with Voldemort and while I hated he had to go through that, I would never judge him for doing what he had to. I still had nightmares of both wars but between my family and a magically bound mind healer I am learning I wasn’t responsible for saving everyone.

Rigel is now with a mentor for his gift and Luna very much enjoyed having another seer around. Jasper didn’t get far from her; still upset she had run off during the battle. Leo wasn’t much better, but I didn’t mind. I liked knowing where he was.

Barty begins working at the orphanage while Sirius works to get his masters in defense so he can become a professor. Remus has started a program to help children affected with lycanthropy and it has only built traction. Now he has adults who not only are willing to take in children who had it but were werewolves themselves. Regulus is still working to take over as lord Black one day.

I have been offered a junior minister position but turn it down. There was no point to just change Britain. I have plans to bring the wizarding world together and looked forward to the challenge.



I sit back in my chair as I look at my family as we celebrate Rigel’s 11th birthday. It is days like this I miss my father the most. He should be here to see how we were now not only powerful but a true family. Our alliances have become just like family, and it makes me proud to be a Black. My family is still working on implementing changes our community so desperately needs. Leo and Harriet had been married six months after the battle and moved on to building relationships with other countries. While it required them to travel, they always made time for the family.



I smile down at our newest addition. A little girl had been born and unfortunately her mother hadn’t survived. It had become apparent shortly after birth she was a werewolf, and I couldn’t say no when Remus had called saying he was bringing home a child. Rigel is now 13 and acts just like we did while in Hogwarts. I swear if McGonagall didn’t love us so much, she would have quit by now. The twins were growing like weeds and while Scorpio was reserved, preferring to watch a room, Adhara was very much a jump first kind of kid. Regulus still blames me for that, but I don’t mind.

Remus comes over and wraps his arms around me as he looks over my shoulder.

“Ready to deal with another girl?”

“Shut up.” I groan, this one will be making it to 30 before she is allowed a boyfriend.



I hold my son close to me as I walk around the party. Leo like always, not far behind. It has been 9 years since the war and our son was now two months old. We named him Arcturus Leo Black. We are celebrating the twins turning 11. Leo and I now sat on the international magical protection board. It had taken work to have it set up, but we had done it. All sentient creatures had a representative on the board. Now schools all over allowed not only werewolves but different creatures. Muggleborns were taken the day they were born and replaced with a muggle child in an orphanage. While we still taught about muggles, there was now complete separation and better wards to keep communities hidden.

“Give me my grandcub.” Sirius says coming over.

“You know grandcub only works for Remus right.” I say laughing.

“Hey leave me alone. I can call him my cub if I want to.” He says taking him from me. I just shake my head and take the opportunity to catch up with some of the people here. I spot Luna and Jasper standing with their newborn daughter, their three-year-old son running circles around them.

“How are you?” I ask walking over to them.

“Good, enjoying my last month of break before Hogwarts starts again.” Luna says smiling. She had become the divination teacher and I couldn’t think of anyone better.

“Uncle Rod is around here somewhere with his new wife. She is truly a sweetheart, and they are talking about adopting. My parents are probably with them trying to wrangle my brother. He has learned to con people out of sweets.” Jasper says chuckling.

“Did you hear the Weasley twins opened their tenth shop. They have truly grown.” Leo tells them and I smile. The twins had not only taken the Prewett seats but also opened their joke shop. They had taken off and was now the largest joke shop in the world.

“I heard; I also hear you two are thinking of finally settling down.” Luna smiles.

“No fair, you have a direct line to Fate so there is no surprising you. Yes, I am finally getting my masters in elemental magic and Leo is going to be preparing to take over. With Regulus taking the head of house position soon we figure it is time. Also, with Arcturus we want to be closer to family.” I explain. Orion while still in good health, planned to pass on the title to enjoy his retirement.

“About time, it will be good to have you closer.” Jasper tells us.

“Well, we will still need to travel but not near as much as we have in the last few years. We eventually want a large family, and it is hard enough to travel with Arcturus.” Leo tells him.

That night after laying Arcturus down I climb into bed and lay my head on Leo’s chest. No matter how long we are together this will always be my favorite place to be.

“Are you ready for this?” He asks running his fingers through my hair.

“Yeah, it is time we settle down. We did what the gods sent us back for and now I want more time to enjoy the future we worked so hard to build.” I tell him.

“I look back on our life and would go through it a hundred times over to end up in this exact place.” He says and I lean up kissing him.

“I think we have done enough.” I tell him smiling.

“Yeah, we have, but I still wouldn’t change a thing.” He smirks.

“I wouldn’t either. I couldn’t imagine not having the life I do. Even if I could go back and never have to deal with him, I wouldn’t. We now have a world to be proud of and the best family in the world.” I say giving him another kiss.

“I guess we can thank the gods for giving us another chance.”