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Gods Give Another Chance

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People say that your life flashes through your eyes when you die but I didn’t have that. As if fate was having fun, I didn’t see my life but the life of Dumbledore. I watch as the manipulation begins with Tom and ends when Snape outwits him, ending his life for good. He was supposed to of survived. He had planned to hide out and come back to kill me when I defeated Voldemort. He was going to bring forth the information I was a horcrux and even if that part died it would of twisted my magic making me unsafe to leave alive. He wanted to claim all the fame for himself. Upset at needing to defeat his lover. When the memories stop there is nothing but black. It was funny, I was lying in a hospital bed dying and my so-called friends didn’t come. No one came to make sure the boy who lived, the savior of the wizarding world, didn’t die alone. My last thought is how it was fitting, I should have known I could only trust myself.

My eyes fly open, and I realize I am lying in what looks to be a white room. I sit up and look around. Come on, was I truly meant to be alone in the afterlife too?

“You will not be alone if you choose to move forth.” A voice says causing me to turn. A woman stands next to a man.

“Do not fear my chosen, I am Death and this is Mother Magic. We come to offer you a chance to fix the wrongs done to you.”

“How?” I ask. Honestly being in front of Death and Mother Magic shouldn’t surprise me. My life had always been weird.

“We have spoken to the counsel. You may go back. We will protect you from the spells and compulsions placed on you. Give you a chance to live the life you were destined to have.” Mother Magic says.

“What is the catch?” I had quickly learned nothing came for free.

“Change the world. Magic needs to flow freely.” Mother Magic says.

“We will grant you three things but understand somethings must happen no matter what.” Another woman says coming out of nowhere.

“Fate, I was not aware you would be here.” Mother Magic smiles.

“Yes, well I have decided to play with some strings.” The woman says smiling.

“What about my parents?” I ask. If I got three things, I would gladly give up two to have them.

“I am sorry, but it is necessary for them to pass. You would not like how the world turned out if they lived.” Fate says. All I can do is nod.

“If fate chooses to play with the strings than so can I.” Death says, and I want to lean back from his smile.

“Oh, why not. It can’t go worse.” Mother Magic laughs.

“First your three things you wish.” Fate says shaking her head at the others.

“I want to grow up in a loving home with Sirius, I want strong natural occlumency.” I say and have to truly think about my last one. She just smiles. “I want there to be no horcruxes.”

“Now I cannot stop all of them.” Fate says.

“Then only one, the diary.” I counter. She seems to think for a moment before nodding.

“Acceptable. Now for my payment, if you agree your wishes will be granted. You will change genders.”

“Why?” I ask confused.

“Because no one expects a female.” She laughs.

“Oh, there hasn’t been a powerful woman like that since Morgana.” Mother Magic smiles.

“I accept.” Honestly if I got my god father I didn’t care.

“Now know that this will change things. His diary will still be in play but with the freedom of Sirius and the other horcruxes not in play it will have affects.”

“That is fine.” I say not caring what changed. At the end of the day Voldemort and Dumbledore would need to be taken out, no matter the changes.

“You are correct about that my child, now for my gift. You will be blessed in a way that the wizarding world has not seen since Merlin. I cannot wait to see what you do.” Mother Magic says.

“As my chosen even before these two got involved I will bless you with the ability to call my gifts to you when you reach eleven. They are rightfully yours and when you touch them together, I will have a special gift waiting for you.” Death says.

“Now if you three are done I have things to do.” Another man says appearing.

“Ignore him, as if you don’t have all the time in the world, Time.” Fate says shaking her head. If I wasn’t positive I died, then I would think I was hallucinating.

“Oh hush, now a warning this will not be pleasant. The human soul was not meant to go back so far. I will be placing you in the time right after your parents died.” Time says holding out his hand.

“Wait will I keep my memories?” I ask standing.

“Of course, it does you no good not to have them but you will be unable to tell anyone of your travel.” Time says and I take his hand.