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Caged Birds - HSMTMTS Caswen - 18+

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AN: Here is a preview, the first chapter will be posted on October 3rd, 2022

Trigger Warning: A Friend Being Killed, Murder, Bullying, Homophobia, Racism, Eating Disorder, Bulimia

July 4th, 2005

12:20 AM

Lily's Girls were all out in her backyard shed drinking some wine she jacked from her father's wine cabinet. All her friends were here, and she loved them, ugly and unmanageable. Ricky and her Cousin Ashlyn were her favorite. They had so little self-respect and self-image that she could bend them to her will. Nini and Kourtney had a bit more of an attitude and questioned her motives. That's why she had everyone over. They were surprised that she wanted company after just flying in from her vacation in the Florida Keys.

"My moms and dad will kill me... but I will just have a sip," Nini said, and all of the friends giggled as Lily tipped the bottle further up so she would have more to drink. "Lily!" She coughed and laughed as Lily turned on the radio, and they all began to dance.

"Girls, you will never believe who showed up on my porch asking if she could hang out with us tonight?" Lily cackled as her friends looked at her in awe. She was so beautiful, and they had no idea what she would want to be their friend.

Ricky was the only out boy in school. It didn't help when Lily referred to him as one of her girls... but he just wanted some friends. He wasn't the only gay in Rosewood Middle. He was the biggest too. His mother has tried putting him on weight watchers and tried to get him from box dying his hair fuchsia pink, but Lily told him that he was beautiful and should stand out. Ashlyn and Kourtney were curvy, too, but that wasn't where their insecurities lay. Ashlyn was madly in love with Lily, and Lily told her that she couldn't help whom she was attracted to. Kourtney was an outcast because she was one of the only black kids in Rosewood... she took it hard when her parents split, but Lily made her realize that she wasn't at fault for her parents failed marriage. Nini was the only girl at School with three parents. She also was dorky and wore glasses. Lily had set her up an appointment with the optometrist to get contacts without her parent's knowledge. Dana told her that if God wanted her to have good eyesight, he would have given it to her and that her glasses made her look sophisticated.

"Geeky Gina!" Lily answered after they all ran out of guesses

"No way," Nini laughed.

"Guys, she means well," Kourtney said. Gina was a little off, but she felt bad for her.

"Kourt, just because you two have divorced parents and buy the same mocha foundation doesn't mean you have an alliance," Lily sighed, and the girls all nervously laughed. This was the hard part of being friends with Lily. You had to deal with her tongue. If you didn't laugh with her, you would be the subject of her abuse. "Ricky, honestly, if you have too many handfuls of the doughnuts, you will go into cardiac arrest," Lily snapped at Ricky, "You and Killer share the doughnuts with the others," She said, referring to Ashlyn. She started calling Ashlyn Killer when she realized she would defend her no matter water because she was in love with her. Lily rolled her eyes at the awkward silence and turned up the stereo. The rest just followed along with her, hoping she would be done.

"Lilian, seriously, knock it off," EJ stormed into the shed startling all of them. Lily put a hand on her hip and centered herself, "I told you to keep the music down, or we will get another complaint, and Mom and Dad won't leave me in charge anymore.

"I am sure that is just what you and Troy want to happen," She smirked, and EJ glared at her, "Can it, or I will tell everyone that you and your friend take pictures of-"

"Okay, fine! Just keep it down," EJ snapped, looking at all of her misfit friend group. Ricky blushed and looked away. He didn't compose himself before Lily looked back at him. She smiled and crossed her arms.

"Richard, Do you have a little freaky gay crush on my brother?" She asked

"N-No..." Ricky stuttered

"Y-Yes, you do," Lily mocked his stutter that she knew he was sensitive about, "Oh, calm your panties... I won't tell a soul, will you girls?" Lily smirked, and their friends agreed. "Besides, you don't have much of a chance... EJ like tits and not man tits," Lily said, and Ricky's face wrinkled up, wanting to cry, but Ashlyn put a hand over him for him not to let Lily see it.

"I think I am going to call my Mom to come to pick me up..." Ricky muttered.

"She is probably busy with her student," She smirked, and Ricky glared at her to keep his families secret. Not too long ago, they found his mother in the back of one of her student's cars. The girls all looked at them, confused, not knowing what was happening, but then Lily smiled like nothing was happening. "None of you can leave because I missed you so much," She said, and all of them cheered up a little, even Ricky. "I have a story to tell you all," She smiled, "It is scary... Ricky, you might want to 'purge' your bladder. I don't want to clean up your piddle again." Lily told him, and he obeyed.

Lily seemed genuinely concerned the day she found Ricky crying in the mall. He couldn't fit in some jeans he liked, and she showed him a trick to keep off a few pounds. He hated doing it... but he hated being fat anymore. He entered the house and dodged the living room where EJ, Troy, and Zacky Roy were. He walked into the guest bathroom in the basement and locked it. He did his routine by turning on the sink to mask the sound of gagging himself and throwing up in the toilet until he felt empty. He ensured he didn't make a mess before washing his face and hands. He coughed with a sore throat as he patted himself dry and unlocked the door. He jumped back, startled when the door opened.

"Are you okay?" EJ asked


"You were... upchucking?" EJ said, confused. He had come to get another beer when she heard the sink going and Ricky gagging. "Are you sick..." He took a step back, "Do you need me to call your parents,"

"Oh um... no, Believe it or not, I am just a lightweight," He lied, then made a joke about him being heavy.

"Huh?" EJ asked confused

"I had a couple of glasses of wine...."

"You guys are drinking?" EJ grabbed his hair exhausted, "You are 13! I am going to kill Lily,"

"You are drinking...." Ricky pointed out, "you're only like two years older...."

"Yeah, but that isn't the point...." EJ threw his hands at his sides and stormed out of the basement. Ricky was just glad he wasn't caught. He decided to take the door out of the basement so he would run into EJ again. He froze when he heard shouting.

"Lily, I could strangle you!" Troy growled, putting his hands around her neck.

"I will scream, then EJ and Sharpay will no you have been doing to me," Lily threatened. She was wearing a look on her face that Ricky had never seen before. She was afraid.

"What are you talking about...."

"You know what I am talking about," Lily said, showing him a camera. Troy began to grab the camera, but Ricky stepped on a loose step and broke it. Ricky jumped to the grass, and Lily came over to him as Tory jogged off, "How much did you see...."

"I don't know... are you okay? Why was he trying to strangle you?" He asked, and Lily cupped his face.

"Nothing you need to worry about." Lily hugged him, masking her fear, "I'm sorry I was hard on you...." Lily kissed Ricky on the cheek.

"Lily... Troy looked really-"

"It's fine, Ricky. The girls are waiting.

Lily and Ricky returned to the shed, where Lily told them about the Jersey Devil. They all had trouble going to sleep but didn't notice Lily leaving the shed. When they woke up, they were surrounded by cop cars. That night was the last night that anyone saw Lily Caswell alive.