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we go out, we go out on a tuesday

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Mark's head was spinning.

Well, technically still is as he watches Eduardo grab another beer from the mini-fridge in the... living room? Common room? He doesn't know, nor doesn't really care as Eduardo walks back into the room, stripped down to just a button-down and slacks.

"We hit 300 sign-ups in the past few hours alone," Mark mutters, tearing his eyes away from Eduardo back to the brightly lit monitor. They had gotten back from dinner just an hour earlier.

Eduardo half lays, half flops back down onto Mark's bed, careful not to let the cold beer spill onto his white shirt. "Do you think the trend will continue?"

Mark shakes his head. "No way to tell. The board took away my hard-drive that contained the Facemash data, so I can't look at the statistics." Mark lets out a soft sigh. "I hope it does," He says in a small voice.

A rush of cold air blows in from the open window. It had just started snowing out, a big storm predicted to roll in later that night. A shiver runs through both of them, Mark surprisingly so. He was still wearing the hoodie that he put on this morning, an old fencing sweatshirt he had gotten from Exeter.

The dorm was silent for a moment, save for the hum of the desktop's still currently running, before Eduardo says something.

"It'll be fine, Mark," Eduardo murmurs, sitting up. "You did great. This will be great."

Mark's computer chair squeaks as he gets up, striding across the room to close the open window. "It could also be a trend. Within a month we could trickle down to one or two signups a day." It could all be for nothing.

The padding of socks on the floor was almost silent, a contrast to Mark as Eduardo reaches across the room to grab Mark's arm. "But it could also explode and we get almost the entire student body signed up within the first week. C'mon, lay down. You should sleep."

Mark shakes his head again, this time more nervous than defiant. "How do you know? How can anyone know if this will take off--"

It's a surprise how easily Eduardo manages to get Mark to sit down on his bed, Mark's head tilted up as if Eduardo was the answer.

“What I know is that you were up until 6 am last night, woke up at 8:52 am, pulled on shorts and a hoodie so you could run across campus to a 9 am OS lecture that you slept halfway through, and then proceeded to pass out in a nearby lab with a half logged in computer,” Eduardo says firmly, using his palm to push Mark back onto the rather uncomfortable bed. Being friends with the ever-talkative Dustin has its perks sometimes, it seemed.

Mark glares at him with half-opened eyelids. Eduardo tries not to think of how hot that was. “And you aren’t going to get anywhere if you stare at that monitor all night.”

If it weren't for the fact that Mark was starting to approach the delirious state of sleep deprivation, he would’ve thought that Eduardo was putting a child to bed. He thinks it's a sign that he’s hit the delirious state when he thinks about unbuttoning Eduardo’s shirt.

Chris and Dustin would also get back soon, he thinks, so maybe it isn’t such a good idea that he’s trying to mentally strip his best friend that’s standing right in front of him -- wow , really close in front of him, almost bending over to meet Mark’s eyes.

“I think this is going to become really fucking big,” is all Mark says, his voice reduced to a whisper. He doesn’t know what he’s referring to anymore.

With all of the strength his arms had left, he reaches up and grabs Eduardo by the collar, smirking to himself as the other complies.

“I’m proud of you,” Eduardo manages to choke out before Mark’s lips meet his, melting into the other's touch and crawling into the small twin bed. The once unoccupied bed had never seemed smaller, especially in this moment.

Mark breathes in deeply, running a hand through Eduardo’s hair. “I’m proud of us.”

It’s no surprise to them as they meet in the middle once again, uncoordinated but passionate, all limbs and the bite of cold air fading around them. All thoughts of Facebook, servers, whatever the hell he was worrying about before fades away, only focused on the boy in front of him, running a hand up his hoodie. Maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea to take off Eduardo’s shirt, it was kind of cold in here…

Their impromptu kiss turns into a make out session, sleepiness all but forgotten before the doorknob suddenly turns.

“C’mon Chris, it was bound to happen! My ID is just more real than yours--”

“Dude, you copied yours from a Costco membership! I’m just glad you didn’t go for the cheapest shit there is--”

The sound of the clink of beer and groceries fill the small dorm room as the door opens, a sense of camaraderie following. “Fuck,” Eduardo hisses, quickly removing the hand that had managed to make his way into Mark’s hoodie and laid back. “Wait, Dustin managed to get his fake to work?!”

Mark lets out a little whine before realizing that their friends/roommates were back, eying the door warily. “Chris, stop being a prude about what booze we get--”

Both Mark’s and Eduardo’s eyes meet for a moment, realizing this was probably the end of their little moment tonight. Chris rolls his eyes.

“You’ll thank me when it doesn’t take 3 bottles to get tipsy, asshat,”

Eduardo whispers into Mark’s ear. “My dorm next time, okay?”

Mark nods. “And we lock the door.” He gets up to see what new flavors of pop-tarts Dustin managed to find this time. 

They go out next Tuesday.