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Mituna was having a bad day. First, his first and seconds alarms never went off, meaning he woke up late and didn’t have time to take his meds as his dad drove him to the bus stop.


Then, the bus that took him to work was delayed, for an hour. So he had to walk the half hour walk to work, sweating like a pig by the time he got to the building.


And then the elevator was broken, so he had to climb twenty three flights of stairs to get to his floor, heaving and huffing as he was already exhausted.


His boss had let it slide as this was the first time he was late and he was a pretty good worker, but Mituna already felt so bad.


Then fucking Cronus from marketing had stolen his lunch and aten it right in front of him with a cocky smirk. Mituna had blabbed to Kankri and Kankri had chewed Cronus’ ear off for being rude and inconsiderate, as well as ableist because Mitua had issues with the texture of fast food and those were the only places near them.


Then his computer had crashed, wiping his entire code right before he had been ready to clock out for work and he had screamed in frustration, causing him to be sent home instead of left there to fix it.


And now he sat in his room, well past dinner with a throbbing headache while he tried to recover the code to finish it for work before he went in tomorrow to launch it.


Sollux suddenly burst into his room with no warning, the bright hallway light filling Mituna’s room, which had been completely dark.


Mituna flinched at the bright light that flooded his room and quickly pushed his bangs down to cover his eyes. Sollux noticed and shut the door behind him.


“Sorry.” He apologised and then began snooping around the room.


“What are you doing?!” Mituna shouted, frustrated and Sollux ignored him. Mituna frustratedly banged his hand on his desk and let out an annoyed growl. “What are you doing?!” He repeated, more loud and Sollux flinched and turned.


“I left my gaming system in here. Eridan is coming over and I need to fucking destroy him at Mario Kart.” Sollux explained and Mituna let out another frustrated yell.


“No! No people over!” Mituna shouted and grabbed at the side of his head. “It’ll be too loud! And Eridan? You guys are too loud!” 


Sollux frowned a little, brows furrowing as he looked at his brother. “Are you okay? Did you take your meds today?”


“I did!” Mituna insisted (he didn’t, he was running late and forgot them) and grabbed at his horns as he shook his head. “I did! I did! I’m having a bad day and if you have Eridan over for a hate date it'll be too loud!”


“We aren’t gonna do anything, just play games.” Sollux said, flushed in the face and Mituna huffed.


“Be quiet!” Mituna said in compromise and Sollux nodded as he gathered up the gaming system and left the room.


Mituna sighed out and dove into the coding again, finally getting into the groove as the code started bending to his will. He could distantly hear the sounds of Sollux and Eridan definitely making out, but he ignored it.


He only had a few errors but he was able to fix those quicker than he did most times. He began to relax some, fingers typing away at keys and he leaned over to his mini fridge to open an energy drink and down it. 


Mituna needed to finish this. He worked for game developers and the game was supposed to be launching at the end of the month, Mituna’s code being the backbone for a lot of it and they had gone through trials and tests and Mituna only had a few more strings of code to finish.


He could get it done this week if he tried hard enough, and he was going to.


Mituna laughed out loud as he finally finished the current one he was working on, cheering loudly to himself and his door opened, Psiionic squinting into the room and Mituna froze when he saw his father was in his helmsman jumpsuit.


“You’re up early.” Psiionic said and Mituna ignored those words as he pointed at the jumpsuit. 


“What is-” He asked, frowning and his father looked down. “Oh, Kankri, my Kankri not yours, is doing another protest against HIC trying to take over again. He wants me there as, like... Proof why she shouldn’t be trusted. He didn’t approve of this idea, but I think it’ll at least get the gold bloods on our side if they see physical proof of what she’s done.”


Mituna frowned, biting his lip harshly but he shook his head. “Okay, okay, fine, bye. I have to get started on this next line of code.”


“Have you been up all night?” Psiionic asked.


“No,” The lie came out faster than Mituna expected. “No, woke up early is all. Bye, love you.”


Psiionic stayed in the doorway for a moment but nodded and strutted over, ruffling Mituna’s hair and pressing a kiss into it before leaving, Mituna rolling his eyes before jumping back into the code.


Earlier than he expected, his alarm to get dressed for work went off and Mituna’s eyes darted to it, frowning but he saved his work, shut down his laptop and changed into a different outfit before grabbing everything and ordering an uber to work.


The elevator was fixed, thank gog , and Mituna rushed to his desk, working on the code the moment his laptop booted up.


Time felt like it was flying and his Tulip came over, pouting a little. 


“Tuna, hun, lunch break was an hour ago, you never went, are you not hungry?” Latula asked, her voice soft and caring in the way that Mituna adored because it was saved just for him. Not the cool and laid back way she spoke to everyone else.


“Hm?” He asked, eyes not moving from his screen. “No, I’m good.”


Latula stared at him for a moment.


“Did you take your meds?” She asked softly and Mituna shouted out in frustration, turning to his matesprit.


“Yes! Why does everyone keep asking? I’m fine! ” Mituna insisted and she frowned at his outburst but didn’t say much, just nodded.


“Okay hun, love you,” She said and pressed a kiss to his cheek. He hummed in response, going back to his work.


A few minutes later, which was actually an entire hour later, Kankri approached him and Mituna ignored him entirely as the mutant blood stood before him with crossed arms.


Kankri wasn’t one to give in though, he just straightened up and stared down Mituna until the gold blood shouted out again and turned to Kankri.


“What?! Whatcouldyoupossiblywantfrommethat’smakingyoujuststanttheregapinglikeanidiotwhileitryandfuckingwork?!” Mituna shouted, talking at rapid speed and Kankri blinked owlishly at that.


“I’m calling Kurloz.” Kankri informed and Mituna panicked and he jumped to his feet.


“No, no!” Mituna shouted. Kurloz would make him take a break, calm down, nap or some stupid overbearing caring shit like that and Mituna was almost done now with the second line of code. Two more and the game could launch this week if they so please.


Kankri stared him down some more.


“Mituna, you’re having an episode.” Kankri informed and Mituna angrily stomped his foot. “No! No, I feel fine and I’m doing fine and I’m not having any kind of episode you guys are just all fucking being mean!”


Kankri shook his head. “You were off yesterday too, I should’ve noticed. Did you take your meds?”


Mituna screamed, causing everyone else on their floor to snap their heads their way. “YES! FUCKINGYESITOOKMYMEDSLEAVEMETHEFUCKALONE!”


Mituna shoved Kankri backwards and sat down at his seat.


Kankri huffed and Mituna saw him pull out his phone and in panic of him calling Kurloz, Mituna snatched it out of his hands and smashed the phone, then turned back to his laptop.


The floor was silent as Kankri’s mouth dropped open but he closed it and said nothing, brushing the phone into the trash and slowly walking away.


Mituna sighed at the silence finally and went back to working on the code, fingers dancing at light speed across the keyboard, eyes glued onto the ever moving screen and ears buzzing as he tuned everything out.


Nothing else mattered except finishing this, right here and right now.


His foot bounces wildly on the floor as his head swayed, keeping every part of him active as he worked. His split tongue ran over his cheeks and his head was empty as well as his stomach but he didn’t care.


Someone dropped food next to him and Mituna paused for a moment, looking at it and tilting his head like a crow, and then looking up to see who dropped him off food.


Porrim smiled warmly at him, ever the mother for the group of adults and then ruffled his hair.


“Gak gak gak!” Mituna shouted as he pushed her hands away but grabbed the food hungrily. Porrim wasn’t phased by the random noises and just smiled once more before walking over to Kankri, chiding him for not wearing his sweater (apparently he had taken it off and it was too cold for that according to Porrim but Mituna didn’t notice).


Mituna downed the food and got back to work and before he knew it, the janitor was kicking him out of the building so he could clean it.


Mituna rushed home and into his room, finishing up the second line of code in an hour and once it was done, he stood up and cheered.


“Yes, yes yes, two down, two more to go!” He shouted and then ran downstairs to grab some snacks and more energy drinks from the fridge (Cause Jegus knows the Captors have more energy drinks in them than blood), before running upstairs.


The third line of code was easier than the others, despite how tired he was getting. But he couldn’t sleep now. One more and then he was fucking done!


Mituna was so deep in working on the fourth line of code. His brain felt foggy, his vision was blurred but it was nothing energy drinks couldn’t get him through. 


Psiionic entered his room again, this time without knocking, frown deep on his face again.


“Mituna, it’s Sunday.” Psiionic says and Mituna waves a hand.


“Did you hear what I said?” Psiionic asked, entering with arms crossed.


“Frack frkaic fuckl.” Mituna scrambled out nonsense and Psiionic sighed deeply. “Your last day of work was Thursday. You didn’t go in on Friday and you hadn’t left your room on Saturday.”


Mituna paused.


No, it’s only been a day. Today was Friday, last night was Thursday. Or was it? He was so sure working on the third line of code had gone so quickly. Had he actually worked on it at a normal rate and time just flew?


No, he was fine, everything was fine and he was almost done with this.


Psiionic’s jaw tightened.


“I called the Makara boy.” He informs and Mituna lets out a wail, turning away and jumping to his feet, rapidly shaking his head.


“Nonononono! NoKurlozcausethen- Acgk!” Mituna was speaking too fast and making no sense, but rapidly shaking his head. Psiionic sighed.


“Be honest with me, honest , Mituna. How long has it been since you took your meds?” 


Mituna was silent and then began counting on his fingers in his head. He held up his hand with all fingers up and Psiionic sighed.


“Jegus, five days? ” Psiionic asked. “Kurloz will be here soon. You will stop okay? You need to take a break.”


“You’renotmylusus.” Mituna grumbled and Psiionic frowned deeply at that.


“I’m your father , Mituna. Just- Just let your moirail do his thing.” Psiionic then confiscated the unopened energy drinks with his psionics and left. He was going to lock the fridge again, something he did anytime he or Sollux got manic. It was hypocritical though because when Psiionic got manic nothing ever got locked.


Mituna slumped into his seat and stared at the code and grumbled before going back to finishing it.


Seconds later, Kurloz was entering and effortlessly picking Mituna up and out of his seat.


“No Agk! I gotcha hafve tooth finish!” Mituna screamed, words not coming out right but still getting his point across.


Mituna suddenly felt the tingle of Kurloz’s voodoo magic and heard his voice in his brain.


“Shoooooosh ,” came the soft voice and Mituna struggled in his arms but Kurloz grabbed a bottle of water and Mituna’s meds before dumping him in Mituna’s sloppy pile, climbing in after and wrapping his arms around him tightly.


“Letmego!” Mituna cried out, arms flailing and Kurloz stroked his back.


Shooooooosh. Shooooosh.”


Mituna screamed out and then felt Kurloz’s soft hand pap his cheek.


Much like a cat when you grab the back of their neck, Mituna went limp. He pouted, brows angry and Kurloz pulled the limp Mituna to be comfortably snuggled in his arms, papping his cheek and shooshing him.


Mituna huffed but leaned into Kurloz’s touch, biting his tongue angrily and staring at his still lit computer.


Kurloz smiled when Mituna seemed calm enough and offered him the water and meds.


Mituna stared at them, then glanced at his work and then back at Kurloz. Kurloz’s pupil-less eyes stared at him, soft and caring and Mituna groaned in annoyance but grabbed the meds and water. 


Kurloz chirped at that and once Mituna downed everything, he pulled him in his lap so Mituna’s back was pressed to Kurloz’s chest. Kurloz buried his face in Mituna’s fluffy hair, the gold blood pouting with his arms crossed and Kurloz began to purr, the soft rumbling shaking Mituna some.


Mituna began to relax some as the med took effect and Kurloz’s comfort soothed him and then he frowned and turned in Kurloz’s arms, eyes watering a little.


With hypomanic highs always came the crash. When Mituna’s little sleep and little food ingestion caught up with him. When he realises what he’s done. And he buried his face in Kurloz’s shoulder, hiccuping sobs shaking his body and Kurloz stroked his back.


“Shoooosh .” 


“I broke Kankri’s phone.” Mituna choked and clutched at Kurloz. “He’s probably so mad at me.”


Kurloz shrugged a little, silently telling Mituna he didn’t know what Kankri felt and Mituna turned so Kurloz could sign clearly (his vow of silence made him uncomfortable using his powers to mind speak, so he limited it a lot, mostly using it for “shooshs” and such).


Porrim said it was time for him to get an upgrade anyway. What with his motherfucking nokia


Mituna giggled wetly a little at that and nodded slowly. “Yeah, yeah, stupid old phone.” He shook his head. “‘Loz, I’ve been working on these stupid codes for days and they’re basically all done but-”


Mituna huffed in frustration, mad at himself. “Ugh, they’re probably actually shit and don’t work meaning I’ll have to redo them all. I might just barely get them in by the end of the month.” 


I’m sure you won’t have to redo everything .


“It’s code. If you have to redo one line, you have to redo the whole thing.” Mituna said bitterly and smacked his hands against the side of his head. “I hate this, I hate when I get like this but when I get like this I can’t stop and I don’t want to stop. I didn’t want anyone finding out cause I knew they’d tell you and you’d make me stop.”


Kurloz signed nothing, just reached up and held Mituna’s wrists so he stopped hitting his head. Mituna leaned back and shouted in anger before swinging forward and butting his head against Kurloz’s in anger. The purple blood didn’t even flinch.


“I haven’t even slept in days and-” The moment the words were out of his mouth, Kuroz was using his chucklevoodoos to make Mituna sleep.


Kurloz had been practising his magic, to not just manipulate someone’s dreams but make them sleep. Grand Highblood and Gamzee couldn’t do it and were insanely jealous.


Mituna snuggled into Kurloz’s arms and slept.


The days of not sleeping caught up and by the time he woke up, it was Tuesday, 2 am.


Him sitting up woke Kurloz, who had not left his side in the pile.


Kurloz smiled at the sleepy Mituna and Mituna grumbled.


“Food,” He mumbled and Kurloz’s shoulder shook, a sign he was laughing and picked Mituna up, moving him so he sat on his shoulders (Mituna’s favourite place to be, he loved holding onto Kurloz’s horns like they were a steering wheel ) and leaving the room.


Mituna sleepily tugged the horns to the left, Kurloz’s head tilting and Kurloz huffed but followed the direction Mituna wanted to go. They were in the kitchen, Sollux in the middle of getting a midnight snack when he saw them.


“Hey, out of hypomania?” Sollux asked and Mituna groaned.


“I hate myself and want to die.” Mituna replied and Sollux grinned teasingly.


“Yep, out of hypomania. Don’t forget to drink lots of water. And thanks Kurloz for fixing him.” Sollux said, grabbing his snack and leaving. Kurloz gave a thumbs up and then put Mituna down.


Mituna slumped over in his seat at the dining table while Kurloz cooked them a quick meal.


They ate in silence, Mituna pushing his food around some before inhaling it.


“Sleepy again,” Mituna said after finishing and Kurloz nodded, putting their stuff in the sink and carrying Mituna back to his room.


He placed them in Mituna’s bed this time, Kurloz being the big spoon as Mituna curled up on his side and slept again.


This time, Mituna woke up the same day at 11 pm. Kurloz had his face pressed into the back of his neck and Mituna knew that his face paint was gonna smudge off in his hair but he didn’t care.


He let out a soft and low purring noise that stirred Kurloz awake. Kurloz immediately tightening his lose arms around Mituna, who chirped in response then let out a low rumble.


Kurloz lazily lifted one hand and signed. 


You okay?


Mituna was still for a moment and then shrugged.


He was no longer manic, but now that meant he was wallowing in self loathing and frustrated with his actions. And everything was too loud and he felt overwhelmed. He wanted to shove Kurloz away just as much as he wanted to burrow into his warmth. 


Mituna sighed and shook his head and Kurloz hummed, pressing a kiss to his hair and running a hand up and down his arm.


“You’ll be okay, this will pass.” Kurloz soothed and Mituna huffed, turned and hiding his face in his chest.


“Work.” Mituna reminded and Kurloz shook his head and wrote the word “sollux” on his back.


Mituna took a second to decipher the writing. “What do you mean Sollux?”


Kurloz wrote “covering.”


“He’s covering my shift?” Mituna asked and Kurloz nodded and Mituna scoffed.


“Ugh, that means I’ll have to make it up to him,” Mituna said light heartedly and then shifted so his horns were poking at Kurloz, not that the taller man complained about them. 


They were silent for a while and Mituna gripped Kurloz’s hand tightly.


“Thanks for helping,” Mituna looked up at Kurloz, who gave him a mirthful smile and Mituna rolled his eyes.


“Yeah, yeah, I know it’s your job. I’m still allowed to be grateful.” Mituna said and Kurloz chirped again and tightened his hold on the smaller.


“Pity you,” Mituna mumbled and Kurloz nodded back.


“Pity you too.