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Life and Literacy

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When HG joined the Warehouse, Myka wanted to teach her about the new world she'd woken up in. Show her that life had meaning outside the warehouse. Help her adjust to all the changes in society.

She'd seen HG fumble the laptop, but Claudia already had that well in hand, giving HG one of her older machines, leaning over her in the den to show her how to code. Myka shook her head. From thinking a computer was a hefty paperweight to coding the warehouse system in weeks. Such an intelligent woman, what could Myka teach her?

Pete took over pop culture. He and HG pored over old comics together, stayed up late watching movies, starting with black and white and moving through genres. He brought her home nachos and tacos and sushi with all the enthusiasm of a golden retriever.

Artie wouldn't have anything to do with her, but he did turn a blind eye when she fixed a number of pressing issues with the older technology inherited from Warehouse12.

Leena was cautious of her, probably seeing some of that pain and anguish inside her, but she taught HG financial literacy, helped her claim her inheritance and file her taxes. No one there really worked for the IRS, but Leena had once, and she got everyone sizable returns.

What could Myka possibly offer her? HG was happy and healthy, well-fed, rich and entertained. Myka was the one HG had approached and now here she was all alone. She picked up her book and glared at Pete before turning back to the story.

"Do you... I'm sorry to interrupt, but would you happen to have a spare book? Or even a recommendation, it's been so long since I've been involved in literature." HG was sitting next to Myka on the couch, looking longingly at Myka's book for a long moment before dragging her eyes up to Myka's face, the look unchanging and overwhelming.

"I, uh. I have a lot of book? Books. I have a lot of books."

"In your room?" HG asked hopefully, and Myka swallowed, her eyes wide, unable to answer except in the form of a nod. "Would you mind? I feel so... old-fashioned, but I'd love to reread Frankenstein if you have it." Myka nodded again, getting to her feet, HG following along behind her with a satisfied smile.