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What It Means To Date The Strongest

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The man couldn't have been more thrilled. There was a local legend of a fairy that loved to play pranks coming around every now and then for the past seventy years.  Skin as beautiful as snow, though  this was the season where she'd be as tan as salted caramel, and eyes as blue as a clear ocean.  For the longest time, he thought it was just a legend. At least, until now. Some sweet ice cream that Gensokyo wished it had was enough to lure the seven-decade old fairy into a conversation, which resulted in the man confessing the feelings for her that resulted from the rumors he heard. And, luckily enough, she accepted them. 

She walked with him, sucking on a white popsicle while holding his hand. She opened her mouth a little wider as she took in more of the frozen treat, her fingers interlocking with his. "Mm..." She pulled the pop from her mouth, looking up at him. "You have good taste, Mister! Everyone in Gensokyo is always oogling over the likes of Reisen and Yukari, but it takes  someone with a good eye to know how sexy Cirno is!" she puffed out her flat chest, which Anon's eyes were intensely glued too. "My boobs are just as good - no, better than theirs! Isn't right, right?"

Once they got to his home, he opened the door, letting the tanned  girl in before stepping inside himself. She looked around, smirking a little. "Well, not a bad place you have here! It'll make for perfect place to sell my water flavored-shaved ice!" She turned around to look at the man. "So, where do you keep the ice cream -Mmmph?" She was immediately met with a swift kiss on the lips. With a snarky look in her eyes, the ice fairy returned the kiss, feeling a warm sensation build up in her chest. She closed her eyes, returning the kiss happily. He moved his hands out to her chest, pinching her nipples through her dress, forcing a moan to slip from her little lips. He pushed his palms along her clothed nipples while his tongue slipped into her mouth, wrapping his tongue around hers for a second. He could taste the sweet flavor of vanilla the girl was experiencing just a moment ago. He moved his left hand behind her blue hair, which was as soft as snow, while he his right hand traveled down her body to squeeze her butt through her dress. His kisses continued as his member tented through his pants, desperate to break free to meet the girl herself.

Soon enough, Cirno pulled back from the kiss a bit. "You're really excited to see me, huh?" She panted, her own body lit up from his loving touches. She reached over to his crotch, running her fingers along the man's clothed shaft. "You're dating the strongest woman in Gensokyo now, so you shouldn't expect anything but the best sex in the world, okay?" With a lustful curiosity to see what he was packing, Cirno pulled down the man's zipper, reaching her soft hand into her pants. Her eyes dilated when she felt a hard, pulsating shaft in her grasp, and pulled it out so she could meet it properly. With a lick of her lips, she dropped her popsicle on the ground in front of him. "Amazing... It looks nice and strong!" she cheered before stroking the length of his cock. She  crouched down on the floor in front of her, then moved her lips around the crown of his mass, giving it gentle kisses while  her other hand gripped onto his balls lightly, fondling them in her hand while she flickered her tongue on the tip, causing the man to moan gently. 

"You like that, Mister? I'm just getting started!" She  grabbed onto his shaft with both hands, then parted her lips wider as she slid her face down on the upper parts of his length. She bobbed her head back and forth slightly, still stroking what wasn't in her mouth with her hands. The flavor of his dick and the texture it came with began to flood her mind with unyielding surges of lust. The longer she kept even just this much of his shaft in his mouth, the more she felt herself melting from ecstasy. One set of fingers gently scrunched up beneath the man's rod while the other one kept rubbing. Muffled moans echoed around the man's length, causing it to vibrate inside of her stuffed mouth. She threw her face forward with more force, humming around his length as she sucked him harder, taking him deeper and deeper into her mouth for a little while, moving her hands so her lips could slip down towards the further inches of his manhood. She stopped for a little while, keeping her mouth lodged on his shaft for a little while before ever so slowly pulling her mouth back. She closed her eyes as she shimmied her head side to side, pressing her inner cheeks against his dick and causing it to bulge briefly on either side before she pulled her mouth with a loud Pop! 

"G-Gotta say," she  uttered with a drunken smile, "you've got a pretty nice dick on you, Mister. I won't blame you for wanting to cum right now," she told him before she told him before leaning in to brush her tongue against that pre-leaking tip. She wrapped her lips around his tip again, the excitement of sucking the man's cock running through her whole body; her folds even tingled, dripping with joy while she slowly slid her entire maw down his dick until it reached her throat. She gagged a little, but otherwise kept his dick lodged in it before she began to move her head a little faster, bobbing her  from the tip of his shaft all the way to the base of his rod, her wet, smiley tongue licking the underside of his throbbing shaft. Her sucking got a little harder, too, like a hot vacuum trying to suck out the man's spirit. Her throat continuously tensed up around the man's rod each time she went down on it, and her hands reached up to his hips, squeezing them desperately while she looked up at the man, her eyes practically begging him to let that pent-up stress out. 

Suddenly, the man grabbed onto her head and began to move his hips, pushing his hardness down her mouth eagerly while she grunted around her mouth. "Gllurk! Grrk! Nngrrk! Gggkk!!"  Going from intensely sucking him off to having her mouth and throat used like a toy, Cirno's eyes widened as she felt the invading member bulge her throat somewhat notably, his balls smacking her chin while she nearly choked on his shaft. He thrust his dick into her  throat with every intention to make sure she remembered the shape of it. She could have stopped him, but the oxygen was rapidly fading from her lungs. Her mind was already on a high from how well he used her, too, so she was left to do nothing but enjoy the flavor of his dick and the wonderful feeling of it racing down her throat.

He kept this up, pushing the girl's head down his stiff, wet shaft while he swabbed her throat with his hardness desperately until he pulled his mass from out of her mouth, grabbing  the length and giving it a proper squeeze. Cirno gasped for air when she was suddenly hit with a barrage of hot, thick cum that stuck onto her face. The little dick-sucker winced as she felt that hot spunk hit her cheeks before she opened her mouth around the tip, letting the rest of his cum fire off into her mouth. The taste of his seed quickly hooked Cirno; she didn't swallow it right away, but let it soak onto her taste buds while she gently sucked on the man's length again. It was such a pleasant flavor for her that she hoped to suck a few more drops of it before she pulled her mouth off of his cock for good. She looked up at the man, the white cum on her face contrasting with the tan skin beautifully. She opened her mouth wide, showing him the thick cum he had fired away into her mouth. "Aaaaaaaaah...." And with that, she closed her lips and gulped it down, loving the way it ran down her throat, and going down her belly.

"That was really good... Perfect, even," said Cirno before she moved her hands over to the base of his mass, which was covered in her warm saliva. "But it's not over yet. We still have more work to do!"  She walked over to the couch, reaching down and taking off her dress in the process, along with the blouse beneath it, showing her naked behind that caught the man's attention rather well.  Sitting on it and leaning back against the back of it, she lifted her slender legs and spread them apart, showing her naked, dripping pussy that was practically calling out to him. "You have to feed the mouth down here, too! So let's get to it!"

She watched the man walk up to her, leaning down and grabbing onto his restiffened mass, stroking the drool-covered length in his hand before guiding the tip over to her delicate folds. She shuddered in pleasure, her eyes glued to the thick meat prodding at her sex. "I can't wait to see what it's like having that big boy inside of me," she uttered before its head slipped into her. She gasped, and then moaned out as more of his rod slipped into her hot, soaking pussy. The man wasted no time in moving, quickly falling in love with how great her cunt felt around his shaft. "Ah... Yeah, I don't blame you. This is the best pussy in all of Gensokyo, after all," she bragged in between moans, clearly enjoying the man's shaft pounding her right off the bat. His hands reached down to her flat chest, pinching those hard, dark nipples while she cried out in ecstasy, his thrusting and nipple-tweaking melting her heart and mind with a lustful heat. She cried out louder and louder as he continued spearing his dick into her, her toes curling in pleasure as he drove his shaft faster inside of her, his rod brushing against every inch of her tunnel. It was like being hit with magic, over and over again. 

"G-Geez," winced the girl while she shut her eyes, giving in quickly to the erotic euphoria bestowed upon her. "Y-You're gonna let me pull all kinds of pranks for letting you do this, right?" Bellieving it to be an appropiate response for some reason, the man leaned in to kiss the ice fairy's lips deeply. She squeaked and cried into the kiss, the pleasure inside of her flashing like a lightning bolt through her body as his cock pummeled the very back of her sex.  Her walls clamped down on his shaft each time it thrurst deep into her, attempting to wring it dry. She moved her hands over to his cheeks, holding them as they exchanged kisses and licks, her weirdly hot breath mixing with his as he swung his hips with vigor, pounding her pussy eagerly and with such a high intensity that she could hear his slap hers with how hard he thrust his hips. Smack! Smack! Smack, smack, smack...!  She let out a small swear in a raspy voice as he felt her struck every weak spot her pussy poorly tried to conceal, his sack smacking beneath her pussy like a pair of wrecking balls.

 She felt a tension in her gut as her entire body seemed to have gone mad with how well she was being stimulated, and how his dick so aggressively occupied her insides. He moved his face from hers, instead moving it to the tanned fairy's neck and sinking his teeth into it slightly. Combined with his hands, which continued pinching and tugging on those delectable nipples, Cirno finally squealed out loudly as her pussy made a death grip on his dick. It convulsed and pulsated as her juices completely coated his mass all the way down to the base of his cock. She shook and twitched against him, arching her back the best she could as her orgasm overtook her.  She went cross-eyed as a bit of drool seeped from the corner of her mouth.
Barely able to think about nothing but the hard-fucking she was being given, Cirno, with sex-drunk eyes, looked over at the man as she wrapped her legs around his waist. "You.... Cum inside of me... Right now..." She said with her soft, youthful voice. "I want you... to melt me from the inside... so let all your dick milk out inside of me..." 

Her begging made the man wrap his arms around her waist, carrying her from off the couch so he could stand fully. With dilated pupils, Cirno watched as the man lifted her and began thrusting his shaft into her like a jackhammer. Plaplaplaplaplaplaplaplap! Her wails bounced off every wall and ceiling of the home as she was thoroughly railed. He held her close to his crotch as he drilled his meat into her, some of his fingers pushing into that plush, malleable pair of cakes she called buttocks. The feeling of being used while suspended from the ground made Cirno's head even fuzzier than it already was, her blue hair dangling upside down and swinging like a leaf from a tree. "You're cumming," Cirno noted, feeling his cock swell up inside of her ravaged walls. With an excited grin, she looked up at the man who was fucking her like a long lost lover. "Go ahead!" She yelled as her walls gripped onto his shaft. Do it! The strongest demands your seed!!"

The man pushed his cock faster and faster inside of her soaked trenches until he made one last thrust into her. He groaned, and fired off a barrage of fresh, fiery cum as thick as oatmeal. She screamed delightfully as she felt his hot cum race into the very depths of her  fairy pussy. She could feel his cock twitch with each pump of seed that filled her, the hot whiteness flooding her caverns. She smiled with ecstasy, her shuddering in joy as he came inside of her, the feelings of lust and love washing over her like a waterfall.

He slowly pulled his hips back, letting some of his load spill from her used pussy and onto the ground. Panting, her eyes gazed down at her drooling sex and over at the man, a suggestive grin painted on her lips. "So, what do you think? This is what it means to be dating the strongest!" she told him.  He was lost in her eyes for a good while, not really noticing what was happening around him. Sunflowers were beginning to grow in the space around them. She closed her eyes and sighed, smiling in contempt. "Well, judging from how these flowers are blooming... You're definitely the right one for me. That's what it means, right? ...D-Don't ask me how I know!" She shimmied out of the man's lightening grasp, hovering in the air for a second before resting herself on her side on the couch, not minding the seed still oozing from her pussy. She yawned, her eyelids lowering slowly.

"I'll freeze something or do a prank or whatever later... For now, just let me rest..."