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Effective Immediately

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Chad and Ryan have been dating since the week before school let out. He and a few other Wildcats are working late in the kitchen when they overhear an unfamiliar voice matching pitch with a dangerously low Ryan Evans in the other room.


"C'mon, now. Lemme get a look at what's under that shirt."


"Trevor, stop," Ryan demands. "If this is what you came sailing down from Rhode Island for, you just wasted a trip. I'm taken now."


Trevor scoffs. "Please. You're practically begging for it. Bet you want some nasty new bruises too, huh? Match your pretty scars."


"Scars last forever, dollface. Bruises fade away like a bad dream."


In the kitchen, Zeke turns to the others. "Is he flirting with that guy, or...?"


"I don't think so," Chad answers. "He's sarcastic, sure, but"


"It's not Ryan's brand of sarcasm," Kelsi adds.


She's there for moral support since her shift hasn't begun yet. Just beyond the doors, the teenagers hear rummaging and Trevor's voice growing lower. Chad looks between the door and Kelsi, silently asking if he should go in there.


"Aww," Trevor coos, "Did someone get a new security piece from Mommy?"


"It's insurance," Ryan's voice hardens. "Ensures that oil-slicked bastards like you don't try to piggyback their trust-funded asses to the Evans family tree because the prancing twin dresses like a twink."


"Fuck you, Twinkle Toes."


Trevor storms into the kitchen, making dishes clatter. He looks initially shocked to find workers still around. When Ryan follows him, he makes eye contact with Chad, and Trevor sees it. He roughly grabs Chad's face in his meaty grip and shoves his face over the grease trap. The Wildcats are startled, and Taylor makes an aborted move to turn off the stove.


"I'm sure you want to let him go," Ryan speaks in a controlled, faux-sweet tone.


Trevor doesn't listen and traps Chad's flailing arms behind his back.


"Bet you've been plowing into this black ass, huh, Twink?"


"Let him go," Ryan doesn't answer, but he reaches into his pocket. "Or I'll put a hit out on you."


"You're too much of a pansy to pull it," Trevor sneers, calling Ryan's bluff.


Trevor grips Chad harder and lowers him into the grease. Ryan removes his pistol from his pocket and is a crack shot, shooting Trevor dead between the eyes.


"Effective immediately."


The Wildcats scream, but Ryan is focused entirely on his boyfriend, who coughs and sputters on the floor. Taylor is in shock but manages to unplug the stove. Kelsi is the only one who doesn't freak out... because she's seen something like this happen before. Ryan hands her his mobile while checking over Chad.


"Here. Call Fulton to clean this mess up."


Ryan holds Chad when the shaken boy falls into his arms.


"It's okay, Baby. I've got you."