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board games and smooches

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Ryan sighed as he tried his best to make any sense of whatever was written in his maths book, reading the same sentence over and over, but to no avail - it was Friday, for god's sake, and his brain was already turned off for the weekend. Too bad that his teacher didn't care one bit, and would probably bless his class with an algebra pop quiz. He rubbed his eyes and tried once again, wishing Taylor were here to help him out, but she was probably spending the recess with Kelsi, because of course she was.

Suddenly, someone sat beside him and snapped him out of his thoughts, startling him slightly.

"Hey, babe." It was Chad Danforth. Ryan looked up at him and if it weren't for the babe, he would shoot him a smile, but instead he cringed, snickering. "Don't forget about tonight. I'll pick you up at 5," the jock said with a smirk, wrapping his arm around Ryan's waist and pulling him closer.

"First of all, don't ever call me that again. I hate it."

"You love it."

"No," Ryan glared at his boyfriend before returning to his book. "Second, yeah, I know, I told Sharpay I'll be hanging out with you tonight."

Chad beamed. He was bursting with energy and his smile was as bright as the sun - it was obvious he was anticipating their triple date tonight, along with Troy, Gabi, Kelsi and Tay. Ryan would be really excited, too, but currently he was busy trying to memorise even the simplest things. Perhaps an easier way is to just write it down on his palm so he can cheat discreetly. What didn't help was Chad, distracting him constantly with all his touchiness and talking about basketball, whatever the words he was saying meant.

"So then Zeke passed the ball to me, and I performed the most perfect alley oop, like, ever. Trust me, even you would admit that it was impressive," the brunet carried on, smirking with bride.

"That's great, I love alley oops," Ryan muttered, and he was honest - an alley oop was the only thing he knew about basketball, and it was cool to witness, especially if it was Chad Danforth doing it.

"Speaking of Zeke, I'm supposed to help him out with something in a few minutes, so I'll get going for now," he said, unhappy to leave Ryan.

"Okay, I'll see you later," the blond boy didn't even bother to look up. Chad felt offended, downright heartbroken.

"Wow, that's how much you care? Honestly, I could probably get hit by a bus-"

He was quickly cut off by Evans' groan as he finally turned his head and looked at Chad, unamused. Hastily, he placed a quick kiss on the jock's cheek, causing him to smile triumphantly. He got exactly what he wanted. It always worked. Immediately after, Ryan looked back down at the table.

"That's more like it. See you!"

And just like that, Ryan was by himself again, praying to whomever it may concern that the maths lesson is over as soon as possible.


Surprisingly, Ryan managed to survive the excruciating pain that math class was, and even more surprisingly, the pop quiz didn't happen. He has never felt so relieved in his life.

Now, he was on Chad's floor, the said boy next to him, his arm around Ryan's waist, Ryan leaning against him.

He looked around the room - Taylor and Kelsi were also cuddled up, but Troy and Gabi surprisingly weren't. Probably because they got dared or something, just to see how long they can last without being an annoying, sappy couple.

In the middle of the circle which the teenagers formed was a Monopoly board, already filled with houses and hotels, and each player had a fair amount of properties and money. It was an intense battle.

Ryan yawned, looking at the TV mounted on Chad's wall, currently playing some god-awful romcom which everybody absolutely loved. The night was just perfect. They stuffed their faces with some pizzas they ordered earlier, they played probably every single game in Chad's possession, and they watched all their favorite bad movies.

"That's 400 bucks, Troy," Taylor demanded her rent as soon as Troy's checker landed on a spot owned by her.

"How much?!" Troy was shocked by the amount of money required, but handed Taylor the pieces of paper nonetheless. "How are you guys so good at this? I barely have money to pay you all, let alone buy any houses for myself."

"You're a bad landlord," Tay shrugged, counting her money. It was now her turn and after rolling, she bought another card, and Troy was more and more certain that this game was rigged with every turn.

Ryan giggled at his friends, the rivalry being genuinely amusing. Now, Chad tossed the dice. Normally, he would have to pay Ryan, but he was a good boyfriend and pretended he doesn't see, moving on to his own turn.

Roll, move, pass the dice to the next player. But then-

"Alright, Ry, pay up."

"What!" Ryan was so surprised that he immediately straightened his back, leaning back to take a look at Danforth, who was looking back with a smirk on his face.

"I said pay up. 1200."

"Excuse me? I'm your boyfriend!"

"And that's relevant because...?" Chad messed with Ryan further, enjoying the flabbergasted look on his adorable face. He was absolutely adorable when mad.

"You never had to pay when you landed on my property!" Evans didn't give up, waving his arms around frantically. Was he taking this too seriously? Maybe. Was he going to back out of this? Absolutely not.

"That's so very nice of you, darling," Chad said, giggling as he placed his hand on Ryan's thigh, and if this thing wasn't as important, Ryan would immediately swoon and go back to hugging Chad. But it was 1200 Monopoly money plus his boyfriend basically breaking the nonexistent boyfriend rule, so he wasn't letting it slide by.

"I'm not paying you, Danforth."

"Hmmm..." Chad pretended to be lost in thought, tapping his chin, and as soon as he got an idea, his face was lit up by a mischevious grin. "Okay. Either 1200 or a kiss."

A kiss? Really? Ryan's face flushed immediately, as he looked at the brunet in disbelief. A kiss, in front of all of their friends? Was he out of his mind? They will never hear the end of it! He could hear everyone laughing quietly, exchanging knowing looks.

"No way," he said, reaching for his money.

"No, no, wait!" Chad stopped him quickly, and Ryan smirked - he really wanted that kiss, huh? As if he didn't get plenty of them on a daily basis. "On the cheek. How about that?"

Ryan looked into Chad's eyes, and he loved them so much, even now, when he was about to get absolutely scammed. And when he saw the usual tinge of love in Chad's playful gaze, he couldn't help but agree.

"Fine," he sighed, but Chad saw him smile. "On the cheek."

The jock grinned, sticking his head out and turning it so that his cheek was directly in front of Ryan. The blond boy giggled, finding it endlessly adorable - Chad was so excited to get a smooch even after all these months and smooches. He was so in love with that god damned jock.

Before his thoughts got any more touchy-feely and cheesy, he leaned in and closed his eyes, preparing for the collision of his lips and Chad's flushed cheek, but was instead met with his lips. He'd been tricked! He opened his eyes in surprise, and he saw a very happy Danforth, smiling into the kiss as he scooted closee to Ryan, enjoying the sweet embrace.

Honestly, Ryan could get used to paying like this.