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Late Night Prayer

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The demon purrs his name in a saccharine-sweet voice, like honey dripping from red-bitten lips. Zhongli shuts the bible in his hand and sets it down on the nightstand with a sigh. He watches impassively as Ajax steps out from his bedside shadow like a spectre, a pout on the demon’s face as he settles his hands and knees on the motel bed. He crawls forward on all fours, tail swinging behind him like a cat. Ajax fills the space in Zhongli’s open arms and straddles his waist, effectively trapping the priest against the creaky headboard.


Outside, the sound of a dog barking can be heard, a couple’s shrieking argument, a room door slamming shut—ambient sounds of the shitty motel.


“You didn’t feed me today.” Ajax sulks with all the maturity of a child denied their favourite dessert. His hands creep up Zhongli’s chest and paws at the hard ridges of the priest’s muscles, fingers tugging at the man’s clerical collar until it slips free.


“We have a job tomorrow.” Zhongli replies flatly. The small town had reported a case of demon possession, one that prayer and holy water couldn’t solve, and in the morning he had a meeting with the local reverend to discuss it. Feedings always left him exhausted; he was doubtful a night of rest would be enough to recuperate. And he had to be firm about these things. “When it’s finished, then.”


“You’re awful, I haven’t eaten all week!” Ajax gripes indignantly, tail still oscillating behind him like a metronome. Left, right, left, right, left—


“If you weren’t such a glutton,” Zhongli catches the end of the swaying tail in his hand. He rubs his thumb into the sharp tip, and feels the oddly leathery texture. Though they’ve been partners for a few weeks now, he hadn’t noticed that detail before. “Maybe I’d feed you more regularly.”


“I can’t— ah— help it...” The demon squirms, pressing his cheek to Zhongli and nuzzles, he smells sweetly of overly ripe peaches and vanilla cream as he noses down Zhongli’s neck after undoing the first button. A hint of sharp teeth grazes Zhongli’s jugular. He roughly grips the tail in warning, and earns another shocked gasp.


“Be gentle,” Ajax whines, fidgeting on his lap. “It’s sensitive…”


“Mhm,” is his noncommittal response. He caresses the length of the leathery rope, noting the way it starts as thin as a pinky at the top and flares towards the base—almost the girth of a slender wrist. Connected to the demon’s body, the black tail melds in with pale skin. He touches the junction curiously, Ajax mewling against his ear in reactively. “You were saying?” Zhongli urges with a light tease, “You can’t help it because...?”


“H-huh? Ah— mgh—” The demon shudders, pushing back against the hand still stroking the base of his tail. Pellucid blue eyes blink away the sheen of unshed tears, hips jerking forward without a shred of shame. “Because you taste so, so good—” Ajax pants, beginning to rut mindlessly against the priest like a bitch in heat. A litany of shuddering gasps escape parted lips, eyes shut and focused on chasing the delicious friction, a slave to his own desires.


Zhongli grabs the base of the tail, and cruelly pulls.


That earns a pitched shriek, Ajax’s claws digging into his shoulders where the demon had been holding onto him.


“Infernal creature,” he sneers. “I said you feed after the job has been finished.”


Ajax bites his bottom lip, brows furrowing as he glances at Zhongli testingly. He has met plenty of holy men in his lifetime, and almost all could forego their celibacy in the face of true temptation. Zhongli is certainly not an outlier, but he is one with exceptional restraint. 


Then he feels the hard line of something nudging his thigh and glances down, perking up as he notices the priest's dilemma. He shuffles backwards, leaning down to nuzzle the chubbing bulge. The cock slowly thickens against his cheek, growing in size as he kisses it, forked tongue lapping at the cloth. Zhongli growls, threatening to pull his tail again. 


“Just a little snack, please?” Ajax begs, batting his eyes up at him with his nose buried between Zhongli’s thighs. “I’m so hungry. What if I faint from starvation tomorrow?”


“Serves you right.” Zhongli grouses back, but it isn’t a rejection. He undoes the button on the priest’s pants, pulling the zipper down between his teeth with practiced ease. Ajax licks, nibbling at his crotch with only the thin barrier of his boxers stopping him.


The hum of arousal builds under his skin, that prickles to an itch at the sight of Ajax under him—wide eyes almost black from his blown pupils. The shy hint of sharp, white teeth and puckered lips whetting his underwear, the area growing humid from Ajax’s puffs of hot breath. Zhongli exhales an audible, a shuddery sigh, the hold on the demon’s tail slackening somewhat to a tender stroke.


Ajax hums in approval, the outline of Zhongli’s hard cock strains against his underwear, wet patch clinging from where the demon he’d licked. Ajax presses his nose against the bulge and inhales the thick scent of Zhongli’s musk. The priest's arousal is mouth-watering to any demon. Ajax strips back the boxers slowly, delighting in the slight curve to the hard cock that springs out of its confines.


He tongues a long stripe up the shaft, then suckles on the tapered head. He tastes the salty pre that beads at the tip with a moan. Zhongli grunts as Ajax takes the head into his mouth, and winds his snake-like tongue around the hard length as he bobs his head back up. Wet sucking sounds accompany the movement as he takes the cock down a second time, moaning filthily with his lips stretched around the girth.


Zhongli enjoys the engulfing warmth surrounding his cock with a reluctant exhale, tingles of pleasure dancing up his spine, stroking the underside of Ajax’s tail where it connects to the skin as a reward.


Ajax bares his teeth lightly, sharp canines just barely grazing the hot flesh, then flinches at the feeling of his thin-fabric shorts pushed aside. Skimpy material exclusively for the purpose of quick access. The pad of two thick fingers rub circular motions around his twitching hole, then push on the flared base of his plug, a gasp escaping Ajax as the thick bulb shifts deeper.


“Dirty thing,” Zhongli chuckles, low bass reverberating in his chest. “How long have you had this in you?”


“It keeps me company,” Ajax replies, coy. For a demon that required as much sexual stimulation as he did, the ingenuity of human toys would inevitably catch his interest, and on days he couldn’t get Zhongi to… cooperate at least he could have his own fun. “For you know, when you can’t get it up.”


Zhongli makes a sound of annoyance as he grips the flared end of the plug and roughly yanks it out, then discards it somewhere on the dirty motel carpet. He replaces it with two fingers, and sinks into the empty heat of Ajax’s twitching hole. 


Ajax’s eyelids flutter against the sudden intrusion, his puckered ring parting easily. It’s been days since the priest last touched him and he welcomes the stretch of the fingers, so much more satisfying than impersonal silicone. Ajax takes the cock back into his mouth, moaning around the pulsing girth with a relish. Zhongli fingers him, index and middle moving in a scissoring motion around the rim, spreading his hole wider. The priest's free thumb strokes the space between the demon’s tail and ass, just shy of the junction to his swaying appendage. 


Ajax hollows his cheeks, his eyes water as the tip hits the back of his throat. The priest groans, thick fingers slipping out of his hole to grip his head, pushing Ajax’s mouth further down, nose right in the bush of trimmed, black pubic hair. Ajax gags, throat constricting around the cock as Zhongli holds him down for longer than absolutely necessary.


(Were he human, he would’ve passed out.)


When he’s finally satisfied with the sensation of the frantic fluttering of Ajax’s throat milking his cock to the edge of orgasm, the hold around his head relaxes, and Ajax immediately pulls back to cough. A trail of saliva leading from his mouth to the tip of the leaking head following him. He blinks back the tears and glares half-heartedly up at the priest.


“That was mean of you.”


“If I was trying to be mean,” Zhongli scoffs, stroking under Ajax’s chin. “You would know. Now get back on my cock.”


“Mmm, and you were just saying you wouldn’t feed me until aft—” He isn’t given a chance to finish the sentence, mouth shoved down to swallow the length again. His throat flexes as the priest grunts in approval, snake-like tongue coiling around the girth. He deepthroats with a new vigour, feeling the heavy pulse of the cock down his mouth, and traces the underside of a bulging vein as he suckles the tip.


Zhongli comes with a groan. A sigh of relief leaves his mouth as he pushes Ajax to the hilt again. He empties straight down the demon’s throat, with Ajax swallowing every pump of thick, hot seed with appreciation. When the priest finishes he lets go of the demon’s head, and Ajax pulls off with a slurp. He dutifully cleans off the sides of Zhongli’s cock in kittenish licks, and bats his eyes cloyingly at the priest.


“That’s enough, you had your fill.” Zhongli gruffly says with the full intent to push the demon off. He knows how Ajax will be once he starts to get his way— give an inch, take a mile —as tempting as the apple of sin was for Adam.


“But it looks like you haven’t, Ajax lilts, fingers squeezing around his cock in emphasis. The demon sits up, he reaches back and a faint ripping sound follows. Ajax shuffles forward only to angle the tip of Zhongli’s cock to his hole, before the priest can protest again, he licks his lips as he says, “It’d be a waste to just stop here.”




The warning in Zhongli’s voice is drowned out by a moan, the demon sinking down on his cock in one smooth glide. Warm, slick, sucking heat immediately engulfs his cock. Ajax gasps, white stars dancing in the corners of his eyes from the stretch. It felt heavenly to be speared open, his muscles tense, the cock settling deep in his guts, puffy rim stretching as much as it could around the pulsing length. A shockwave of pleasure runs down his body as his blood practically sings with delight. 


He’s had his fair share of cock in his existence as a demon, and yet none have ever quite matched the priest in sheer overwhelming size.


Ajax giggles, lightheaded from the meal and drunk on the ambrosia of lust, he fucks himself down in aborted thrusts. Hips bouncing in a jerky rhythm, taut body swallowing every inch with ease. Zhongli’s face is twisted in restraint, a bead of sweat running down his handsome face that Ajax leans forward to lick, hips gyrating in a circular motion.


“You insufferable harlot,” Zhongli grumbles, reaching back again to grip the leathery rope in punishment. “I’ll rip your tail out the next time you disobey me.”


Ajax yelps, and then the sound dissolves into a pleased moan as he rides the priest. Panting against the man’s ear without care, “mmm— ah— gonna make me cry, Father?” Ajax snickers, then presses down over the bump where the impossible thickness distends his belly. “Will you— ngh— make me beg for forgiveness when— mnh— you’re the sinner here?”


Zhongli snarls, reversing their positions and pushing Ajax on his back in response. He bends the demon in half as his hips piston forward, fingers claw in, tearing the shirt on his back. His skin feels hot, his nerves set alight, equal parts furious and aroused beyond belief. If he fills up this obscene hole enough, breeds it until this infernal creation can’t take anymore, would that somehow absolve him of his crimes for being contracted to it, pumping out all of his sins?


The bed groans from the movement, headboard thumping noisily against the wall with each thrust. The air between them grows humid, hot from their mingling breaths and the sweat of exertion, wet skin slapping, the hard ridge of his cock plunging in and out of the slurping hole in rough jerks as he slams down, then crushes Ajax against the bed. With a free hand he wraps the tail around his curled fingers like rosary, tugging sharply when he shoves in hard for the final time.


Ajax comes with a shriek as Zhongli’s finishes, sharp nails digging into his shoulder as his eyes roll, a shudder wracking his body as the orgasm washes through him. Like a volcano finally erupting, a white-hot burn rushes through him, blanking his mind to anything except the high of pleasure uncoiling rapidly as the demon’s untouched cock releases into his shorts.


Zhongli follows with a guttural moan, spilling for the second time that night into the demon’s body. Cock pulsing in deep throbs, hot white spurts of thick come messily filling Ajax’s prone, twitching form. The demon lay boneless on the sheets, undoubtedly overfed by now.


He slips out with a content sigh, softening dick coated in a sheen of pearly white. It slants to a side, staining the corner of his pants where it touches. And like a stopper popping out of its bottle, dribbles of semen immediately begin leaking out of the demon’s twitching hole as soon as he lets go of him. Pink rim thoroughly used, unable to contract, a small puddle forming under Ajax where they’d just been joined.


“Don’t you dare try to sleep,” Zhongli grunts, smacking the demon’s thigh. Ajax warbles something incoherently, cockdrunk out of his mind. “Clean up the mess you made with that mouth of yours.”



Reverend Paul thinks highly of Father Zhongli. 


He is a diligent priest, if his Vatican recommendation is anything to go by. Reverend Paul watches the younger man listen patiently to the woes of the townspeople, their grief facing the unprecedented possession over one of their own. Their Leeza, just shy of a few seasons from turning eighteen. 


Father Zhongli explains the procedure for the fifth time to the harried parents, who look infinitely calmer listening to his soothing baritone murmur continued reassurance. Leeza, unconscious and in white garb, is strapped to the chair and ready for the exorcism ritual.


Although the priest himself looks a little worse for wear, slight bags under his eyes indicate a restless or a sleepless night. But it is something small, insignificant enough Reverend Paul regards as something brought about from finding a way to help Leeza, or perhaps scripture reading.


After all, no one would fault a devout man of the cloth for a late night prayer.