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Temptation on His Lips

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나를 부드럽게 죽여줘
너의 손길로 눈 감겨줘
어차피 거부할 수조차 없어
더는 도망갈 수조차 없어
니가 너무 달콤해 너무 달콤해
너무 달콤해서






With a midori sour in hand, Hoseok turns and leans with his elbow propped against the bar top behind him, surveying other clubgoers as they begin to fill the space. Red lights dance around the otherwise dimly-lit room as a downtempo mix of a new wave track plays, and the dancefloor is a mass of writhing bodies, most of which are clad in some kind of goth or BDSM gear, as is the theme for the night. 

Hoseok wears a simple black crop top and tight black jeans, accentuating his taut, muscular frame, bringing the look together with a thick black choker around his neck. His overgrown hair hangs over his forehead in waves, black eyeshadow accents the sharp outer corners of his eyes, and a sticky sweet imprint marks his glass from the strawberry lip gloss he applied in the cab ride over. Hoseok doesn't exactly have anything to wear that would make him blend in, but his hope is that he doesn't stand out too much, either. 

Club Arson came recommended by Hoseok's best friend Jeongguk after Hoseok was on yet another of his drunken rants about how everyone he fucks is too vanilla and how, for once, he'd like some hot dominant man to absolutely blow his fucking back out. Kink night is just once a month, and he waited anxiously for the night to arrive, only to nearly chicken out at the last minute and call the whole thing off. 

From where Hoseok stands, the dance floor is to the left, with a walkway that snakes around a counter on the right, leading to the entrance of the club. Ahead of him is an area with large couches and chairs, all of which are black, and to the right, up a short ramp, is a second bar off to the left and a stage in the back. Jeongguk had mentioned something about stage shows, usually performed by a dominant or dominatrix, where people are tied up, and a number of things are done to them. This fact was the tipping point to both urge Hoseok to come and to nearly make him talk himself out of bothering at all. 

Aside from late-night scrolling through porn sites, Hoseok has never watched anything that has come close to a dominant doing anything to another person. And while he doesn't necessarily expect to find someone to hook up with tonight, he at least wants to witness the scene and decide how he feels about dipping his toe into the kink pool. He knows some things—terminology, tools used during different types of play, and so on—but he's never experienced any of it firsthand. 

Curious about how much longer the club night transforms from a typical event to one where the dominant is on stage doing something to a submissive, Hoseok checks the time on his phone. 10:39 PM. Twenty-one more minutes until the show starts. 

With time to spare, Hoseok slams back the rest of his drink and makes his way to the bar closer to the stage. There are a few people lingering in the area, and only one man at the bar, so Hoseok bets on getting one more drink in his system—liquid courage to stand and watch whatever it is he'll have the pleasure or horror of witnessing.

Hoseok orders another midori sour and stands with his elbow against the bar, taking in the area with the stage. A large wooden X stands in the center with cuffs on each end and a small black table to the left, and Hoseok imagines being bound to that—imagines what someone might do to him. 

"Come here often?" a rich, mellow voice asks, breaking Hoseok from his thoughts. 

The voice belongs to the only other man at the bar, and Hoseok finds his eyes roving over the man's form in such a frenzy he feels his cheeks turn bright pink in an instant. Under an unbuttoned black blazer, the man wears a sheer top with a plunging v-neck that buttons just above his waistband before it tucks into black slacks. The top leaves very little to the imagination, revealing a gorgeous valley of golden skin and well-defined pecs.

Hoseok tries not to stare at the man's exposed skin nor the hints of muscle, and he certainly does his best not to even notice the thick gold chain necklace sitting high on his collar, accentuating his long neck so perfectly. The real kicker, though, is the man's face. Between his sharp jawline and exposed forehead are deep brown almond eyes that bore into Hoseok's soul and plush, full lips pulled into a smirk. The man is, in a word, devastating. 

"Cat got your tongue?" the man asks, straightening his posture and turning to fully face Hoseok. His short, dark brown hair is perfectly styled off his forehead, giving Hoseok a clear view of one curiously raised eyebrow. There's a confidence in the way the man carries himself that makes Hoseok glance nervously around the space, finding it hard to hold eye contact.

"N-no," Hoseok finally responds, returning his gaze to the man. "First time."

The man hums and blinks slowly. "I figured. You look a bit like a fawn caught in headlights."

"Ah," Hoseok responds, looking down at the vibrant green drink in his hands.

"I'm Seokjin," the man says, holding out a hand. Hoseok reaches to accept, surprised by how firmly Seokjin grips onto him. 

"Hoseok," he mutters in return.

"What brings you here, Hoseok? Hoping to find a hookup? Or just scoping out a new scene?"

Hoseok is surprised by Seokjin's candor, and he lifts his glass to his lips, sipping his semi-sweet cocktail before responding. 

"Maybe a little of both," Hoseok admits, noting the way Seokjin's eyebrows raise. "I don't have high expectations for finding a hookup, but it's on the table."

Seokjin hums. "What qualifications would a hookup have to meet to entice this pretty little fawn?"

"Uh—I g-guess someone experienced in the scene who seems trustworthy. Someone I'm attracted to."

"A dominant," Seokjin assumes, cocking his head to the side. 

"Y-yes. Is that obvious?"

Seokjin nods softly, and the edge of his mouth lifts ever so slightly. "It is. How much experience do you have in the scene?"



Hoseok shakes his head. Heat rises to his cheeks once more, and he looks down at his drink, feeling a wave of shame wash over him. He half expects Seokjin to make fun of him or tell him he shouldn't be at a club for kink if he has no idea what he's getting himself into. But as he lifts his gaze back to Seokjin's gorgeous face, he finds a soft smile greeting him. 

"Brave of you to come to a place like this with no experience, fawn," Seokjin says. "But you need to be careful. Not everyone has the submissive's best interests in mind. You have to make sure you meet someone who you're confident you can put your trust into."

Hoseok nods and takes another drink. Of course, he knows this to be the case. In any sexual encounter, there needs to be some amount of security and preparation; he can only imagine how much is required for an encounter with any kind of dominant and submissive dynamics. Still, he is here with the hope of at least meeting somebody to get to know and build a bond with. 

"You should also beware of anyone who simply announces they're a dom or that they would like to take care of you," Seokjin continues. "It's one thing to be able to identify your dynamic, but throwing it out there so plainly is tacky. Actions speak louder than words, fawn. You'll know whether there's a connection when you've met someone."

This makes Hoseok grin. The friendly advice that almost sounds like a genuine concern for his well-being, the way Seokjin has given Hoseok his undivided attention since their conversation began. He can't help but wonder if Seokjin is attempting to hint at the fact that he would like to take care of Hoseok. His body language and the way he watches Hoseok certainly make him seem interested, and Hoseok believes he feels at least a hint of a connection. 

Sure, Hoseok may look like a shy woodland creature, evidently, but he knows he looks good. He knows he will have no trouble meeting new people once he eases into the night. And with the way Seokjin's gaze flits down to Hoseok's exposed tummy, to his neck and back to his eyes, Hoseok feels enough confidence to hold firmer eye contact.

"Know anyone who fits the description?" Hoseok asks, knowing it's a silly question—silly but cheeky, at least. 

Seokjin leans in, placing his elbow on the bar, bringing the two of them to eye level. "Someone who is attractive—to your standards—and trustworthy enough to take care of a pretty little inexperienced fawn?"

Hoseok smirks and nods. "Exactly."

"And what's your type, fawn? What do you find attractive?"

Hoseok makes a show of letting his eyes slowly drift from Seokjin's eyes, down to this belt and back up again. Seokjin's smirk grows into a grin, and Hoseok opens his mouth to speak, only to be cut off by a man on stage tapping two fingers against a microphone. 

"Are you deviants ready for a show?" the man asks into the microphone, cutting over the music. 

Hoseok glances between him and Seokjin, but his mind is so overrun with thoughts of the interaction that had been interrupted that he can't say for certain what the man on stage looks like. A crowd begins to form in front of the small stage, and Seokjin continues to lean against the bar with his eyes on Hoseok.

"Let's get our man of the hour up here then, shall we?" the man asks into the microphone, met by cheers and applause of the growing audience.

Hoseok watches as Seokjin's face brightens with delight—as he nibbles on his bottom lip, and Hoseok's mind races, trying to figure out why. Seokjin appears to be in on some secret that Hoseok is not, and he squints at Seokjin and cocks his head, waiting for the man to say anything.

"Let's welcome to the stage the devilish debonair who can tame even the brattiest of subs! The man who you may only refer to as master or sir! Master Seokjin!"

The man on stage elongates the 'i' in Seokjin, dragging it out several beats, and in all that time, Seokjin's smile grows. Seokjin winks at Hoseok and mutters, "Enjoy the show, fawn," before turning and making his way through a small section of the crowd to a short set of steps and onto the stage. 

All thoughts evaporate as Hoseok watches Seokjin welcome a man to the stage with him. The man is small and pretty, with pastel pink hair and a pouty smile. He shrugs out of a black silk robe, stands before the audience in only a pair of matching pink briefs, and turns away so Seokjin can lock his wrists and ankles into the cuffs on the large wooden X, with his back facing the crowd. Then, he turns his head to the left, making it so Hoseok can see his facial expressions perfectly. 

Seokjin turns to the crowd to flash everyone a smile, and Hoseok could swear his eyes land on him for a split moment before he removes his blazer and tosses it aside. Seokjin reaches for something on stage, turning away, and Hoseok's breath hitches at the sight of large black and grey clouds covering Seokjin's back, clearly visible through the sleeveless mesh shirt. Hoseok wants to reach out and touch him—wants to trace each line with his fingertips until he knows them by heart. 

The audience is quiet and attentive as Seokjin leans in and whispers something to the man he has shackled on stage, and whoever was on the mic seems to have left, leaving the two of them alone. Seokjin's fingers gently caress the man's back, and Hoseok watches as the man shivers under his touch and bites his bottom lip. 

Seokjin takes his place behind the man on stage, lifts a flogger, and slowly begins striking the pretty man's back with it. At first, the man jolts whenever the leather touches his skin, but then he must settle into the feeling as he smiles and takes each gentle strike. Hoseok cannot hear over the music, but he can see the man's lips tug into a smile at times, and whenever his bottom lip trembles, Hoseok imagines the man must be whimpering. 

Gradually, Seokjin begins to strike harder and faster, and he steps off to the side to give Hoseok a clearer view of the man's back—pretty pale skin covered from shoulders to waist in red streaks, some crossing others. The more Seokjin strikes the same place again and again, the more the man's head falls back, and he moans. And this time, Hoseok hears it—deep with a pitchy, desperate lilt at the end—a sound Hoseok is certain he has never heard himself make before. 

Hoseok is unsure how long he stands leaning against the bar watching Seokjin flog the pretty man, but he feels dizzy, somewhat electric, and needy. He also feels foolish. Clearly, there is chemistry between these two that Hoseok cannot dare to achieve with Seokjin—not that Seokjin would have any want or need for Hoseok anyway, since he seems to already have a submissive to take care of. 

But that doesn't deter Hoseok, and he keeps his eyes on the men on stage, intrigued by how the pain from the flogging seems to be turning the pretty man into a pliable mess of limbs as his head rocks from side to side. Hoseok wonders if the man's cock is hard—if either of their cocks are hard—feeling a familiar throb of arousal in his jeans.

Seokjin sets the flogger aside, turns to the audience and says, "Pretty," as he delicately rubs his fingertips over the marks on the man's back. The crowd claps and cheers, and the other man responds under his touch, shivering and whimpering as if Seokjin is digging more welts into his skin. Then Seokjin reaches for a bottle of something, pops the cap open, and holds it above the man's shoulders, slowly squeezing it and letting clear liquid drizzle onto his skin. 

The man's hands ball into fists, then loosen as he reacts to the feeling of the liquid on his sensitive skin. Gently, Seokjin rubs in the liquid, getting close to the man as if saying something to him—perhaps praising him for being so good and so pretty, or commanding him to thank Seokjin for what he's done. 

Suddenly, everything feels too intimate, and Hoseok turns away, slams his drink and waits for the bartender to come by to take his order. Hoseok gets a third midori sour, and he spares a few glances back at the stage before staring down at the bar top and studying the lines and knots in the wood until his vision blurs and he spaces out. 

The sounds of the crowd erupting into cheers and praise pull Hoseok from his reverie, and he glances around to find the pink-haired man uncuffed and wrapping his silk robe around himself. Seokjin holds his blazer in one hand with it slung over his shoulder, and he stands still while the other man waves and smiles at the spectators. They turn to disappear somewhere off to the side of the stage, and folks disperse back to the other sections of the club while some approach the bar for a drink. 

Hoseok is certain Seokjin will not be coming back for a while; he probably has more aftercare to provide for his pretty submissive. Perhaps they might find some dark corner to fuck in, to finish what they've started, or leave the club altogether and go home. So, Hoseok sighs, turns away from the bar, and begins to walk toward the dancefloor. 

There's a different kind of energy in the club now—an electricity buzzing in the air, making all of Hoseok's senses feel extra alert. He walks down the short ramp and glances around at others grinding against walls, chatting while sitting on the couches and chairs, and people-watching just as intently as he is. Hoseok wonders if he has the nerve to approach anyone should anyone seem approachable. 

But for now, Hoseok settles on chugging back the rest of his third drink so his hands are free to dance. Intoxication washes over Hoseok and hugs him tight, and he sways to the synth-heavy music as he approaches the other bar. Hoseok sets his empty glass down with a careless thud, then takes a step back and slams into a firm body. 

"S-sorry," Hoseok mutters as he turns and faces Seokjin. "Oh, h-hey."

"Leaving so soon, fawn?" Seokjin asks as he holds out a hand to steady Hoseok on his feet. His blazer is nowhere to be found, and Hoseok drinks in the view up close, noticing hints of cloud tattoos at the tops of Seokjin's shoulders. 

Hoseok shakes his head and chuckles. He's not drunk enough to imagine Seokjin is standing before him—and anyway, he's not aware of any ingredients in a midori sour that could have hallucinogenic properties—so what is Seokjin doing here?

"Shouldn't you be with your pretty submissive, sir?" Hoseok says with a bite on the last word, smiling to himself as if he's just told a hilarious joke. 

Seokjin studies Hoseok briefly and smirks. "As a matter of fact, Jimin's dominant is taking good care of him as we speak."


"The pretty submissive," Seokjin says, raising his eyebrows at Hoseok. "His name is Jimin. He and his dominant are close friends of mine, and sometimes we borrow one another for stage shows."

Hoseok nods and absorbs the information. Then, satisfied with this development and ready to move on, he blurts out, "Wanna dance with me?"

"I would love to," Seokjin responds. It takes Hoseok by surprise; he was half expecting him to say no, despite his effort to seek Hoseok out after his performance. 

Without another word, Hoseok steps in the direction of the dance floor. He doesn't look back to make sure Seokjin is following; his drunk confidence assures him that he is. As the crowd becomes dense, a hand grabs onto Hoseok's bicep, warm, steady and secure, and Hoseok guides them to the center of the area, where there's an opening in the energetic throng of bodies, then spins around to find Seokjin standing close. 

Seokjin's arms fall to his sides as he sways slowly to the music, and he doesn't take his eyes off Hoseok. Hoseok feels warm and fuzzy, and he smiles at Seokjin, lifts his arms over his head, and begins to let his hips dip and grind as the bass reverberates through his body. Shy as Hoseok may still be, he feels confident dancing. The alcohol helps. 

"May I touch you?" Seokjin asks, leaning close enough to ensure Hoseok will hear him. 

Hoseok wraps his arms around Seokjin's neck and grins. "I was hoping you would ask. Thought maybe you would make me beg."

Seokjin's arms snake around Hoseok and gently pulls him close. There's a faint, floral musk that finds Hoseok's nose, and he inhales deeper, chasing the scent. 

"Would you like me to make you beg?" Seokjin asks against the shell of Hoseok's ear, sending a shiver down his spine. 

Hoseok nibbles on his bottom lip to keep himself from blurting out a response despite being absolutely sure that the answer is yes. Yes, he just met Seokjin, and accepting any sort of offer is taking a risk; he knows this. But after seeing the way Seokjin handled Jimin, and feeling the electricity that sparks between them as Seokjin's fingers trace idle shapes on the exposed skin of Hoseok's back while Hoseok tangles his fingertip in the hair on Seokjin's nape, there is absolutely nothing else he could possibly need. 

"Yes, sir," Hoseok whines, breathy and desperate, with a smile at the end.

Seokjin hums and drops his voice even lower. "Do you mean that, fawn?" 

"Yes, please."

In a flash, Seokjin grips Hoseok by the hips and spins him around, pressing Hoseok's back against his chest. His hands dance over Hoseok's hips and tummy delicately, tentatively, as if testing the waters of what Hoseok will allow, and Hoseok gladly allows him to do as he wishes. Hoseok continues to grind his hips and sway to the music, rubbing his ass over Seokjin's crotch without pressing hard enough to feel too much. 

"We have some things to discuss," Seokjin says against Hoseok's ear. "Can you hear me like this or should we go somewhere quieter?"

Hoseok grins and turns his head. "I hear you, sir."

"I need to know what you want, and I need to know your limitations," Seokjin states, wrapping his arms around Hoseok. Hoseok still has room to sway, but his movements are limited. 

"I'm not sure exactly what I want," Hoseok admits, "but I know I want something more than the vanilla experience that I'm used to."

Seokjin nuzzles his nose behind Hoseok's ear, sending a calming chill through him. Hoseok relaxes in Seokjin's hold and sways his hips slower. "I need you to be a little more specific, fawn."

"I want—" Hoseok begins, trying desperately to make his jumbled thoughts form into words. "I want to beg and be teased and called names. I want my limits to be pushed."

"Begging, humiliation and overstimulation?" Seokjin clarifies, and Hoseok nods. "Use your words, fawn."

"Yes, sir," Hoseok responds, closing his eyes so that only he and Seokjin exist in this moment together.  

"Impact play?" Seokjin asks, tightening his hold until Hoseok's only range of motion is grinding his ass against Seokjin's bulge. 

"Like spanking?"

Seokjin chuckles. "Spanking, slapping, flogging, et cetera."

"Yes, sir."

"Anything else?"

"I'm not sure, sir."

Seokjin presses his lips into Hoseok's neck, kissing down his pulse point below his ear. A shiver quakes through Hoseok, and he tenses in Seokjin's hold, letting out a gasp that grows into a moan.  

"Should we get out of here, then?" Seokjin asks against Hoseok's skin.

Hoseok already feels breathless and dazed and eager to discover more. "Yes, sir."

Seokjin takes Hoseok by the wrist and guides him off the dance floor. They snake through the crowd, past the bar, to the back of the club, and Seokjin mutters, "Wait here," near the stage before disappearing around a dark corner. Hoseok feels giddy and nervous, and he shifts around as one leg bounces too fast to be in time with the music. 

When Seokjin returns with a black duffle bag, he takes Hoseok's hand, laces their fingers together, and leads him through the club once more, toward the front door. A few people wave to Seokjin on their way through, and Jimin—who wears his robe—hugs Seokjin as they exit and looks Hoseok up and down with a mischievous smirk before waving them off. 

Hoseok's heart races as they get into a black sedan, and Seokjin waits for Hoseok to buckle his seatbelt before he takes off. The drive to Seokjin's apartment is short and quiet. Seokjin seems to have a tune in his head, and he gently taps his fingers against the steering wheel. Although there are many things Hoseok wants to say to Seokjin and many questions he would like to ask him, his nerves get the best of him, and he watches city lights go by in silence. 

The building Seokjin lives in seems unassuming enough, but Hoseok recognizes the neighborhood and is not wholly surprised when, on a floor close to the top of the building, Seokjin opens his door to reveal a spacious unit with a view of the not-too-distant skyline. 

"Water?" Seokjin offers.

Hoseok nods as he slides his socked feet out of his black laceless boots and mutters, "Yes, please."

As Seokjin toes out of his shoes and swiftly turns a corner toward where Hoseok assumes his kitchen is, Hoseok makes his way toward the living room. Seokjin's apartment consists of dark woods and black upholstered furniture, and Hoseok sits on a large couch and looks out the window at the river in the distance. Seokjin joins him a moment later, setting a glass of water in front of Hoseok before sitting beside him. 

"How are you feeling, fawn?" Seokjin asks gently, extending his arm and holding his hand out to Hoseok. 

Hoseok scoots close to Seokjin and lets himself get wrapped in a loose embrace. He feels comfortable with Seokjin like this and smiles as he says, "Nervous. Really fucking nervous. But also really good."

Seokjin nods. "Good. I was worried I had scared you away when I came off the stage, and you were gone. Thank you for giving me another shot."

"Ah," Hoseok mutters. "Yeah, s-sorry, I just thought you and Jimin...I thought it was silly to wait around for someone who might not be interested in me."

"Did our earlier conversation not make it clear that I was interested in you?" Seokjin asks softly with a hint of sadness in his tone. 

"Honestly..." Hoseok begins, reaching for the water. Seokjin's hand slips from his shoulder, and Hoseok takes a drink, sets the glass back down, and settles into Seokjin's hold once more. "I thought for sure you were into me, but when you went on stage I...I guess I got worried that maybe it was all just a game or something. And that you had someone else."

Hoseok looks at Seokjin to find him frowning. Seokjin lifts his hand and gently rubs the back of his fingers against Hoseok's cheek, and Hoseok lets his eyes flutter closed and leans into the touch. 

"No games, fawn. I promise. Moving forward I'll be perfectly clear, okay?"

Hoseok nods and smiles, and Seokjin's fingers move to his neck and rub down and up in a slow, soothing motion. When he opens his eyes, Seokjin is watching him with a soft smile that makes Hoseok's heart pound. He wants to initiate something, but he also wants Seokjin to have full control, so he waits for instruction. 

"We should discuss boundaries and expectations," Seokjin says softly, and Hoseok nods.

"At the club, you agreed to impact play, begging, overstimulation and a little humiliation. Is that still what you want?"

Hoseok's cheeks warm, and he smiles as he softly mutters, "Yes, sir."

"What if I want to loosely restrain you with my hands, or something else that you can easily slip out of?"

Hoseok likes the sound of this, and his lips tremble as he replies, "Yes, sir."

"Do you want to have sex during this play?"

This question takes Hoseok by surprise, and he feels foolish for assuming there would be sex. Seokjin must sense his hesitance and says, "Something the matter, fawn?"

"Oh, no," Hoseok responds. Seokjin's gaze is so steady and calm, Hoseok finds it disarming and looks down at the gold chain around his neck instead. He sounds nervous as he admits, "I guess I...assumed there would be sex involved."

"Ah," Seokjin says, and Hoseok lifts his gaze back to his face. "That's a common assumption, but sex isn't always necessary to enjoy the play. It depends on many factors, though, including what you like and how much you like it. And how good I take care of you. Some submissives even get gratification without orgasm, but if you hope to cum, that's something we can do."

Hoseok likes the idea of submitting to Seokjin and letting him work him up without sex being involved, though he also very much wants Seokjin to fuck him, despite not knowing him very well. There's something so alluring to Seokjin—not to mention Hoseok finds him very sexy. And, after all, he wants Seokjin to make him beg. 

"I would like to have sex," Hoseok says, "but I would like it if we just do the impact play first to see how much I enjoy it."

"And kissing?" Seokjin asks with a soft smile. 

"Yes, sir," Hoseok all but whispers. "I definitely want you to kiss me."

The tips of Seokjin's fingers touch the underside of Hoseok's chin and tip his head slightly upward, causing something in his tummy to swoop. Instinctively, Hoseok's mouth falls open as he lets out a shaky exhale. 

Seokjin leans close and touches the tips of their noses together with a smirk, and Hoseok tips his head up a bit more but holds back. He wants Seokjin to kiss him so badly it makes his head spin. 

"Before we begin, I have a few rules for you," Seokjin says.

Hoseok sighs quietly, already on the verge of begging, and only for something as simple as a kiss. Seokjin's rich, floral musk fills his senses, intoxicating him. 

"I will be checking in periodically asking for your color, and I expect you to respond with either green, yellow or red. Do you know what these colors mean, fawn?"

Although Hoseok thinks he could guess what they mean, he shakes his head and mutters, "No, sir," gaze razor-focused on Seokjin's lips. 

"Green means you like what we're doing and wish for me to continue. Yellow means you like what we're doing, but you need me to ease up, slow down, or change it up somehow. If you tell me yellow, I will ask what you need, and we will adjust as needed. And, finally, red means we stop, no questions asked. It doesn't have to mean that we are done, but it can if that's what you need."

The idea of doing anything that may require them to suddenly have to stop fills Hoseok with trepidation. As if reading Hoseok's mind, Seokjin says, "I know it sounds scary to have a hard stop option, but I assure you, I will do everything I can to make sure it does not ever come to that. It's just there to let you know that you're safe with me no matter what. But if, at any time, you do need me to slow down or stop, I need you to say yellow or red. Please do not wait for me to ask."

Hoseok tries to nod, though his movement is stifled by Seokjin's fingers, which still hold Hoseok's chin in place. Seokjin is a stranger. He has no reason to believe that he will take care of him the way he says he will, with the exception of watching him bring Jimin pleasure from flogging him on stage. Of course, someone's behavior in public may vary from their behavior in private, but there's something about Seokjin that comforts Hoseok. Not to mention, Hoseok wants him. He wants him really bad.

"One last rule," Seokjin says after a pause, and Hoseok widens his eyes, eager to hear what he has to say. "You must address me as sir. If you do not, you will be punished. Understood, fawn?"

"Yes, sir," Hoseok responds softly. 

Seokjin grabs Hoseok by the throat and grips him gently but firmly, and Hoseok gasps, feeling a wave of fear and excitement rush through him. 

"I didn't quite hear you," Seokjin says with a bite to his voice. "What did you say?"

"Yes, sir," Hoseok blurts eagerly.

Hoseok wonders if Seokjin can feel his heart pound in his neck. He wonders if he's trembling or if he's just imagining things—if he's quite literally vibrating from excitement. 

The grip on Hoseok's throat stays firm but is never too tight. Seokjin slowly begins to stand from the couch, and Hoseok sits, keeping his eyes on Seokjin, waiting to be told what to do. 

"Stand for me, fawn," Seokjin instructs in a stern voice that sends a shiver through Hoseok.

"Yes, sir," Hoseok mutters as he stands, keeping his eyes on Seokjin.

Seokjin cocks his head and squints at Hoseok as if he's disappointed by what he sees, and Hoseok instantly feels aroused by the faint but obvious change in attitude.

"Is there anything you are not comfortable with me using while humiliating you?" Seokjin asks.

"Like what, sir?"

"Your intelligence, perhaps?" 

Hoseok shakes his head. "No, sir."

"You're okay if I tell you what a dumb little slut you are?" 

Hoseok nods; he likes it a lot. "Yes, sir."

"What about your useless little cock?"

Arousal tickles between Hoseok's legs, and he decides he'll have to unpack this later. "I don't mind, sir."

There's a pause while Seokjin searches Hoseok's face, clearly in thought. Then, with a smirk, he says, "Sometimes I use physical appearance as a form of mockery, but you are just too fucking pretty, fawn."

Hoseok's stomach does another swoop. Then, at risk of being punished, Hoseok says, "But neither smart enough nor endowed well enough?"

Seokjin's smirk breaks into a grin, and he scoffs. "If I stuck to telling truths, I would have no way to humiliate you, darling. Plus, I haven't had the pleasure of seeing your cock yet, so we can pretend, can't we?"

"Yes, sir," Hoseok responds with a grin. 

"Good," Seokjin says as he turns away and tugs Hoseok along by the throat. "Come with me."

Seokjin leads Hoseok through his living room, down a short, dark hallway, and into a dark room. He stops them in the doorway and fiddles with something until, slowly, the room is lit with a dim glow from several wall sconces. The room is spacious, with a bed to the left. Hoseok can't make out much beyond that, both from Seokjin blocking his eye line and from the lack of light. 

Hoseok is led to the bed, and Seokjin drops his hand from Hoseok's throat and tells him to stay put. Then he walks to a large wooden armoire just to the right of the bed and pulls two wooden doors wide open, surveying what's inside. From where Hoseok stands, it's mostly shadows and silhouettes, but there appear to be leather items hanging that resemble floggers and crops. 

The sound of Seokjin delicately reaching into the dark armoire and pulling out what appears to be a small black box seems loud. Louder than such soft sounds should be, and Hoseok wonders if his senses are heightened from excitement or if he is just imagining things. Seokjin turns to Hoseok with a smile and brings over the box, giving Hoseok a pensive look. 

"I don't usually do this for people who I haven't played with before; I save it for when someone commits to being my submissive." Seokjin opens the thin black box, revealing what appears to be a black leather collar. 

"But," Seokjin continues, pulling the collar from the box, "You look stunning with a choker, and I think you'd look even better in a collar, and I want you to know how it feels, if this is something you would like."

Hoseok nods and cracks a smile, feeling a swell of affection over the gesture. "I would like to wear the collar, sir."

Seokjin smirks and gently tosses the box onto a small table beside his bed. "Good. When you wear this collar, you are mine, little fawn. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," Hoseok responds, feeling his heart pound. 

Seokjin walks around Hoseok and unclasps his choker, letting it fall to the floor. Then, he brings the collar to his neck, then begins to fasten it. "If you disobey me, I will punish you. Do you understand?"

There's something about the act of being collared and the heaviness of the leather accessory around his neck that makes Hoseok's head spin. He wants to be obedient—wants to be so good for Seokjin. "Yes, sir."

Two warm, firm hands rest on Hoseok's shoulders, and his eyes flutter closed as he relaxes under the touch, allowing his head to angle to the side as if inviting Seokjin to admire his new accessory. 

Seokjin's voice is deep and soft in Hoseok's ear. "But, remember, fawn, that does not include using your safe colors. Saying yellow or red is never considered disobeying me, understood?"

"Yes, sir," Hoseok mutters dreamily. 

"Good," Seokjin says, voice more assertive. "Now strip for me."

Hoseok's eyes snap open, and he turns just enough to search Seokjin's face for any hint of mirth, finding only a straight expression. Seokjin lifts an eyebrow and says, "Did I not make myself clear?"

With a quick, nervous shake of the head that becomes a nod because Hoseok is not quite sure how to respond, he springs into action and begins to undo his belt buckle and shove his jeans down. Hoseok wears small black briefs that barely contain his semi-hard cock, and Seokjin walks around him, smiling as he watches him step out of his pants and kick them aside. 

Then, Hoseok reaches for the bottom of his black crop top and begins to remove it. Seokjin catches the material just as Hoseok brings it over his head and has his arms in the air, and Seokjin tightens the shirt around his fist, binding both of Hoseok's arms. A gasp leaves Hoseok's lips, and he rests his restrained hands atop his head rather than fighting it—wanting to be held captive.

"Look at you," Seokjin coos as he runs his fingertips delicately over one of Hoseok's pecs, grazing softly over his nipple. The light touch sends a spark of arousal through Hoseok, and he lets out a pleased huff of air.

"You sure are pretty, fawn. I can't wait to mark you up and make you mine. Is that what you want, darling?"

"Yes, sir."

Seokjin's fingers trail lower, past Hoseok's ribs, down to his tummy, stopping at the waistline of his briefs. "If you're lucky, maybe I'll play with your pathetic cock. Does that sound good, darling?"

Hoseok wants to be touched now—wants it so badly he's practically panting. "Yes, sir."

Seokjin releases his hold on Hoseok and walks to his armoire for a tool, then to his bed. Hoseok drops his shirt to the floor as Seokjin grabs two pillows clad in light blue cases and stacks them in the center of the bed atop a deep blue comforter. Then, he gets onto the bed, sits on his knees beside the pillows and pats the top one with his hand. 

"Come, fawn. I want you on your knees, bent over this."

Hoseok pauses, takes a deep, shaky breath and says, "Yes, sir," as he climbs onto the bed and bends over the pillows. 

"Take your time to get nice and comfortable, fawn."

Hoseok lays forward on his elbows with his ass in the air as he says, "Yes, sir."

"So obedient already," Seokjin purrs. 

A large hand touches Hoseok's lower back, making him flinch from anticipation. Then, Hoseok eases into the feeling, relaxing under the warmth that radiates from his palm. 

"Are you ready, fawn?"

"Yes, sir."

"This is a flogger," Seokjin says softly as several thin leather tails rest against Hoseok's lower back. He has seen a flogger before the stage show earlier in the night and has some idea of what touches him, but he has never felt one before. 

The leather lifts and falls against his skin, tickling at times, and Hoseok breathes through it and resists the urge to wiggle around. Then it lifts, and Hoseok takes in a deep breath, anticipating what is to come. 

"I'm going to strike gently, now," Seokjin says, and Hoseok fists the blanket below him and lets out a shaky exhale. 

The first strike against Hoseok's lower back is so light, he feels silly for expecting it to hurt. Then, Seokjin strikes Hoseok again, still so soft it nearly tickles, and then again and again, alternating left and right in a slow, steady rhythm. With each gentle strike, Hoseok lets out a soft puff of air. Despite it being too delicate to hurt, the skin is beginning to feel a little warm, and each strike is making the skin more sensitive. 

"Color, fawn?"

"Green, sir."

Seokjin snaps the flogger a little harder on Hoseok's right side. The sound makes Hoseok flinch, but the actual pain is still so minimal, he almost feels silly for reacting. Still, with each snap, the skin becomes more and more sensitive until it begins to sting. Hoseok is a bit surprised by how good it makes him feel—by how arousal tickles between his legs with each snap of the flogger.


"Green, sir."

"Does it hurt at all, fawn?"

"It's beginning to feel sensitive and sting, sir. But it doesn't really hurt."

Seokjin moves up Hoseok's back, striking higher left and higher right, up to his shoulders and back down, just above the original strike zone. It feels good, relaxing, even, and Hoseok sinks into the feeling, letting his head hang low while Seokjin flogs up to his shoulder blades and back down. 

"Ready for me to try harder strikes, fawn?" Seokjin asks as he runs the tails of the flogger up and down the center of Hoseok's back. The feeling tickles once more, and Hoseok shivers under its touch. 

"Yes, sir."

"If you want me to ease off, what do you say?"

"Yellow, sir."

The flogger lifts and is replaced by Seokjin's hand, which rubs from the small of Hoseok's back, up to his neck. "Good pet," he praises. 

Seokjin lifts his hand, waits a beat, then strikes Hoseok much harder on his lower right side. The crack of the leather against Hoseok's skin is loud—much too loud for how little it hurt. But it does sting—a sharp, delicious feeling that spreads into the numbness throughout the sensitive skin that had been previously stricken. 

Hoseok moans. It comes out rather involuntarily—his body tenses and relaxes so quickly he sinks forward as a deep sound of pleasure spills from his lips. His cock responds—slowly, the blood flows—and for the first time, Hoseok gets it

"What a pretty sound you made, fawn," Seokjin purrs. 

Seokjin strikes Hoseok again, just as hard on the opposite side, and Hoseok moans as he says, "Th—ohhh—thank you, sir."

Hoseok thinks he hears Seokjin groan, but he isn't sure. He would like to think he's having an effect on Seokjin—likes the idea of turning Seokjin on as much as Seokjin turns him on. His nerves are on fire, skin ablaze, and he desperately wants to be wholly consumed.

The flogger strikes Hoseok at a steady pace, cracking against his skin so loud, stinging him so good, Hoseok gasps and moans and writhes against the pillow. His hips twitch each time the leather licks his sore skin, forcing it to become more and more sensitive to the touch until, finally, it hurts. 

"Color, fawn?"

"Gr—ahhh—green, sir!"

Seokjin changes where he strikes, hitting fresh spots that have never been touched, then returning to used plots of skin that feel angry under the leather. Hoseok's moans and whimpers alternate between sweet and soft, and deep and needy, depending on where the leather touches down, and the more unpredictable each strike becomes, the more Hoseok's head begins to spin. He wonders if his skin looks as pretty as Jimin's had looked, with pretty red streaks and raised white welts.

This is heaven, Hoseok thinks. This is joy and pleasure and everything he has ever wanted. All of that and so much more. 

Then, all at once, Seokjin stops. Hoseok trembles against the pillow, grips tightly to the sheet below him and resists the urge to whine. He wants more—wants his skin to break open and for the tails of the flogger to entwine with his guts and become him. 

"You like this a lot, don't you, fawn?"

Hoseok nods his head and mutters a weak, "uh-huh."

A hand crashes against Hoseok's ass—open palm and firm—smacking him harder than he's ever been spanked before. Hoseok squeals and squeezes the pillow below him, and it occurs to him what he has done wrong.

"I didn't quite hear you, fawn; what was that?"

"Yes, sir!" Hoseok responds eagerly. "I love it, sir."

"Now that I've warmed you up, the real fun can begin," Seokjin says in a deep, playful tone that makes Hoseok nervous and so terribly excited. 

"Would you like that, fawn? Do you want to have some fun?"

"Yes, sir," Hoseok says, turning his head to the left in a feeble attempt to look at Seokjin. 

"Turn around for me and sit up on your knees," Seokjin commands. 

Hoseok sits up on his knees as he mutters, "Yes, sir," and shoves the pillows away toward the head of the bed before turning around to face Seokjin. 

A pleased smirk greets Hoseok, and deep, blown-out pupils. Seokjin is still dressed in his sheer sleeveless top and black slacks, sitting high on his knees, and Hoseok mimics his posture and sits the same way. 

Seokjin's eyes rove down Hoseok's body, stop at the hard bulge in his small black briefs, and then raise back to Hoseok's gaze as an eyebrow cocks. He crawls forward on his knees until he's directly in front of Hoseok, saying, "You really liked that, hmm, fawn?" 

Warmth floods Hoseok's cheeks and spreads down to his chest. Never has he been so blatantly looked at before—not like that. "Y-yes, sir."

"May I touch you?" Seokjin asks softly. 

"Please, sir," Hoseok all but whispers. 

Seokjin's left hand raises to Hoseok's jaw before he has a chance to comprehend the movement, and Hoseok gasps, feeling arousal and anticipation quake through him. Seokjin cocks his head to the side and sneers at Hoseok, and Hoseok wonders if he might shrink under his gaze.

"Such a pretty little slut, aren't you?" Seokjin teases bitterly as he gently squeezes Hoseok's jaw. 

"Yes, sir," Hoseok whines.

"I can't believe your useless little cock is already hard, just from flogging. You must be really desperate, hmm?"

Hoseok trembles. Never before has his cock been berated, and he cannot quite comprehend why he finds it so appealing. "Yes, sir," he says softly.

"Arms up, over your head," Seokjin commands, and Hoseok does as he is told, responding, "Yes, sir."

They watch one another, eyes searching between eyes, falling to lips and floating back up. Hoseok wants Seokjin to kiss him so badly, he thinks he might go crazy. 

Seokjin must read the desperation on Hoseok's face, and he pouts, pushing his plush lips out as his eyes widen and downturn. It's a mocking expression that makes Hoseok feel small—makes some small part of him feel embarrassed. Then, Seokjin lifts his right hand and twists the flogger, gently striking Hoseok's pec, grazing leather over his nipple, and Hoseok shakes under the impact as a shattered moan punches through his lips. 

"Color, pet?"

"Green, sir."

The grip on Hoseok's jaw tightens just enough to hurt ever so slightly, and he continues to gently flog Hoseok's pec, down over his ribs, against his tummy, and up to his clavicle. Each strike makes Hoseok tremble and gasp—the particularly good ones make him moan.

"So responsive," Seokjin teases and grins. "So needy."

"Needy for you, sir," Hoseok groans, shaking as leather kisses his nipple. 

Seokjin hums, but it sounds more like a growl. "My pretty, pretty slut."

A devious grin tugs at Seokjin's lips, and he spits on Hoseok's lips. Hoseok is too stunned to gasp, though light sounds do pass his lips as the flogger continues to strike his skin, on his chest and ribs, in no discernable pattern.


"Green, sir," Hoseok says, resisting the urge to lick the spit from his mouth. It runs down to his chin, leaving a cold streak in its wake. He keeps his eyes on Seokjin.

Seokjin picks up the pace and strength of his strikes and flogs Hoseok's sides, down his ribs and over his hip, to the side of his thigh. The leather wraps and hits sensitive skin on the back of his thigh, and Hoseok trembles and hisses, squeezing his eyes shut.


"Green, sir," Hoseok mutters, opening his eyes. Seokjin grins. 

"You really do like the pain, hmm, fawn?"

"I do, sir."

Seokjin stares at Hoseok's mouth as he flogs him, and Hoseok wonders what he sees. Is it the way his lips tremble with each strike? Is it how he drags his lower lip between his teeth when it really hurts? Hoseok wonders if he likes the view—if perhaps Seokjin wants to kiss him just as badly. 

The weight of Seokjin's grip on Hoseok's jaw is beginning to feel like home—like Seokjin's hand is an extension of Hoseok's body, right where it belongs. Hoseok leans into it as his legs begin to shudder, too tired to hold his weight any longer. 

Seokjin halts flogging and presses down on Hoseok's jaw as if telling him to sit. Hoseok sits, crashing his ass against his ankles before spreading his legs and landing on the mattress. His jaw is still in Seokjin's grasp, which lets up only a little.

"I want to kiss you," Seokjin says so softly, Hoseok wonders if he imagined it. 

"Please, sir," Hoseok mutters anyway.

Seokjin cocks his head. "Please, what?"

Hoseok doesn't miss a beat—doesn't think twice. "Please kiss me, sir."

A smile tugs at Seokjin's lips before his tongue darts out to wet them, and Hoseok watches each movement intently. 

"Please, sir," Hoseok tries again. "Please kiss me."

"You're really enjoying yourself," Seokjin says, towering over Hoseok. 

Hoseok attempts to nod. "Yes, sir. I am."

Seokjin must drop the flogger as Hoseok feels fingertips feather-light graze his cock. He moans and quakes in Seokjin's grasp, eyelashes fluttering, pleading with his eyes. 

"Please, sir," Hoseok whines. 

The touch travels up, along Hoseok's hip, over sensitive skin on his ribs, to his nipple. Seokjin's hand on Hoseok's jaw is the only thing tethering him to reality—keeping his body from melting like hot wax and his soul from escaping and floating through the ceiling and out into the warm summer night. 

"Please, please, sir," Hoseok whispers. 

"Desperation looks so good on you," Seokjin teases. "Look how responsive you are to my touch. How easily you unravel just for me."

Hoseok feels frustrated, like a live wire flooded with electricity. Never has he wanted anything so badly—no, not want, need. He needs to be touched—needs to be kissed and fucked and devoured before he explodes. 

"Please, sir," Hoseok mutters on the verge of tears. The collar is heavy around his throat, and he wants Seokjin to claim him. "Please, please."

Seokjin leans over Hoseok, grips onto his jaw tight enough to make Hoseok whimper, and licks over his lips in a long, slow motion. Hoseok moans, feeling pleasure burst and bloom through him while his mouth falls as slack as it can in his grasp. He needs more. More, more, more. 

"Please, sir," Hoseok tries, "I've been so good."

A soft smile plays at Seokjin's lips for a split moment, then turns cruel as Seokjin glares down at Hoseok. He opens his mouth and slowly allows a dribble of spit to fall from his mouth onto Hoseok's, and Hoseok darts out his tongue to catch it. 

"You have been so good, haven't you?" 

Seokjin's fingertips dance over Hoseok's clavicle and shoulder, and down his back. The skin is especially sensitive on his back, and Hoseok whines and gasps as pain and pleasure blend beautifully with every touch.  

"Yes, sir."

Hoseok's chest heaves. His heart pounds, and he steadies himself with both hands against the mattress beside him. His back bows as if he's offering himself to Seokjin—waiting for more. 

Seokjin releases Hoseok's jaw and repositions himself on his knees before him. "Keep your hands where they are and don't move them," Seokjin commands as he leans forward and gently kisses Hoseok's collarbone. The touch is so light, yet Hoseok's entire body responds, trembling like a leaf in the wind. 

Lips travel up, toward Hoseok's neck, and Hoseok lolls his head to the side, gasping and relishing in each touch. He's been so good, he knows he has, and he keeps his hands where they are, anchoring him to the bed despite wanting to wrap his arms around Seokjin and pull him close—he knows he has to keep being good if he doesn't want this to stop. 

The hand on Hoseok's back opens, fingers flayed, and he gently tugs Hoseok closer, gripping onto sore skin as his soft, moist lips tease Hoseok's neck. Hoseok mewls and gasps, and his neglected cock twitches and leaks in his briefs.

"Please, sir," Hoseok whispers.

"Am I not kissing you, fawn?" Seokjin teases, grazing his teeth over Hoseok's throat just above the collar and nipping at the skin. 

Hoseok feels driven mad by desire, as if slowly and carefully, Seokjin is pulling him apart and plucking away all semblance of sanity he may have. Keeping his hands in place proves more and more difficult, and he fists the comforter tightly so that he won't let go, whispering, "Please," over and over again like a prayer. 

Hands find Hoseok's shoulders, and Seokjin leans back just enough to make Hoseok open his eyes and search for him—enough to make him wonder why Seokjin has stopped kissing and nipping at his skin. Seokjin's eyes are dark and hungry, and they burn through Hoseok, making him squirm. 

"You really are the perfect submissive," Seokjin praises in a voice so deep, Hoseok fears he may drown.

"Thank you, sir," Hoseok whimpers. 

A smirk pulls at Seokjin's pouty lips. "I've barely touched you with my hands, and you're so pliant and eager for me." 

Seokjin leans in close, ghosting hot breath over Hoseok's face as he says, "Just imagine how good you'll be when I fuck you."

Hoseok can't help the moan that falls from his lips; never has he been this turned on before. "Please, sir, please," he whines, gripping the blanket so tightly his hands ache. 

"Relax, fawn," Seokjin coos with a smile, and Hoseok melts like honey, releasing his hold on the comforter and letting his shoulders fall. 

Seokjin kisses Hoseok's jaw, and Hoseok trembles, smiling beneath the touch. Perhaps this would be enough, Hoseok tells himself. This eager yet tamed bliss in Seokjin's hold could be enough. He feels good, cared for and praised; perhaps he doesn't need more. 

But he does need more. 

Seokjin flicks his tongue over Hoseok's bottom lip and sucks it gently between his teeth, and every nerve on Hoseok's body sings to life—he is certain he has never needed anything more than this. Seokjin hums a pleased sound, and Hoseok moans, low and charged, as his eyelashes flutter. Gently, Seokjin's arms wrap around Hoseok's back, pinning his arms to his sides, and Seokjin licks into his mouth, exploring and tasting and pulling more sounds from Hoseok's throat. 

Hoseok kisses back—twists his tongue in a gentle game of tug of war, eager to taste and explore the semi-sweet cavern between Seokjin's lips. Both men moan, and Seokjin pulls Hoseok close, causing his palms to lift from the bed. 

"You taste so sweet, fawn," Seokjin groans against Hoseok's lips. “Do I detect strawberry lip gloss?”

Hoseok’s cheeks warm as he mutters, "Yes. Thank you, sir." 

"Did you get bottom ready before coming to the club tonight?"

Hoseok's eyes open wide, and he nods, first humming a pitchy "uh-huh" before quickly remembering his place and muttering, "Yes, sir."

Seokjin grins and says in a deep, mocking tone, "My slutty little fawn prepped himself to get fucked tonight, hmm?"

"Yes, sir."

"Just cleaned, or did you stretch yourself too?"

"No, sir. Just cleaned."

"Good. I was hoping I would get to stretch you. Let's have a look, then, shall we?" Seokjin says, releasing his hold around Hoseok. 

"S-sir?" Hoseok stammers, leaning back against his hands. 

Seokjin cocks an eyebrow and says, "Stand and bend over the bed for me," in a rich, commanding tone.

Hoseok fumbles, practically falling back as he attempts to move with so little space to do so. Seokjin doesn't back up or give him leg room, and he ends up scooting back, twisting around, and sliding off the side of the mattress. He spins and bends over the edge of the bed with his face down and ass in the air, and suddenly, he feels nervous. 

In the past, sex has simply happened. His partner stretched him out, or he stretched them out, and everything transpired rather mechanically without any fanfare or need for discussion. But now, Seokjin is getting off the bed to stand beside him after telling him that he wants to have a look at him, and worry begins to crawl up Hoseok's throat.

Delicate fingertips dance across Hoseok's shoulders, down his back, and he trembles under the touch. His skin no longer feels as hot, but there are spots that are more sensitive than others, and he jolts involuntarily as Seokjin lightly teases those areas. Hoseok lets out a deep exhale, almost forgetting his worries, but then Seokjin's fingers snake below the hem of Hoseok's briefs and slowly tugs down, and his heart begins to pound. 

Hoseok lifts his hips so Seokjin can pull the briefs over his hard cock, and Seokjin leaves the garment just under Hoseok's ass, around his thighs. Hoseok closes his eyes and takes a deep breath as Seokjin's warm hands firmly grab Hoseok's buttcheeks and give them a light squeeze, causing Hoseok to gasp. 

"So pretty," Seokjin groans as his hands rub up to Hoseok's lower back and back down again. "And all for me."

Seokjin's words calm and reassure Hoseok enough to relax against the mattress. "All for you, sir," he mutters. 

One of Seokjin's hands lifts and crashes down, spanking Hoseok hard and loud. Hoseok jolts and moans a pitchy, pained sound, clawing at the comforter below him as his cock digs into the mattress. Seokjin rubs over the spot, soothing the pain, then smacks Hoseok again, just as hard as before, and Hoseok muffles his scream against the bed and trembles hard in Seokjin's touch.

"Color, fawn?"

Hoseok hesitates and almost says yellow, but as the pain from the spankings settles over him, he decides he wants more. "Green, sir."

Seokjin removes his other hand from Hoseok, and he seems to change positions. Hoseok can't tell what he's doing, and he doesn't want to look—he only wants to find out through touch what Seokjin has in store for him.

A hand squeezes the cheek that hasn't been spanked, then rubs over the skin before lifting, crashing in a loud smack, and squeezing again. It hurts and feels so good, and Hoseok moans and drools against the deep blue blanket. Another spanking crashes against the other cheek, sore and stinging, and Hoseok pushes out a shattered, soundless breath.


"Green, sir," Hoseok rasps.

Seokjin spanks more, alternating softer smacks with just the tips of his fingers and full, open-handed smacks that force Hoseok to squirm against the bed. He rubs and spanks and squeezes in no discernable pattern, surprising Hoseok with each movement. It's dizzying, and Hoseok pants and drools, eager for more. 

Without warning, Seokjin shoves Hoseok's briefs to his ankles, spreads his legs, forcing Hoseok to stumble out of the garment with one foot, and he rubs his hands up the backs of Hoseok's thighs and spreads his ass wide. He must be on his knees as his tongue comes from below, over Hoseok's balls, along his perineum and across his rim. 

A deep, shattered moan tumbles from Hoseok's throat. Seokjin's tongue is warm, wet heaven, and Hoseok whimpers expletives as Seokjin twists his tongue over Hoseok's ass, teasing his hole with a rich, hungry groan. Hoseok grips onto the comforter and moans as pleasure rocks through him at an intoxicating speed. 

"You taste so good, fawn," Seokjin groans as he nips at Hoseok's skin, squeezing his ass. 

"Thank you, sir," Hoseok moans. "F-feels so good."

Seokjin groans and rubs his hands slowly over Hoseok's thighs. "Is that right, pet? You like the way I lick your tight little asshole?"

Nobody has ever spoken to Hoseok this way before. It's exhilarating despite making Hoseok want to curl in on himself and hide his blushing cheeks. He loves it. 

Hoseok's voice is meek as he pants, "Yes, sir."

Seokjin's hands slide back to Hoseok's ass and spread him wide, and Hoseok holds his breath in anticipation. The tip of Seokjin's tongue teases Hoseok's rim, drawing small circles over the puckered skin, then dips inside and stretches him ever so gently. 

"F-f-fuck," Hoseok moans, letting out a breath he held in. His body sinks further into the mattress as pleasure unravels its fiery tendrils and grips him tightly. 

Seokjin eats Hoseok's ass like a man starved, alternating lapping over his hole in sloppy, hungry motions and plunging his tongue in, only to swirl around inside him before pulling out. One of Seokjin's hands crashes down on Hoseok's ass, and he chokes out a sob, overwhelmed by how good he feels. Hoseok moans and trembles as the threat of orgasm looms over him.

"Fuck," Hoseok whines, "I could cum like this."

"You could, hmm?" Seokjin groans, pulling back enough to make Hoseok feel desperate. 

Then, Seokjin blows a teasing stream of air against Hoseok's hole, forcing a shiver down his back, and he chuckles and says, "Then perhaps I should make you cum," and dives back in.

This time, Seokjin's movements are not sloppy as he licks and penetrates, building Hoseok's pleasure faster than before. Hoseok's hips rut, rubbing his cock against the mattress and sending sparks of arousal shooting through him. Although there is some friction caused by the comforter, Hoseok has never cum untouched before, and he's shocked that he is getting so close. 

A hand crashes down on Hoseok's ass, and he sobs as his body quakes and his hips buck. The pressure on his cock is overwhelming, and he feels so close to orgasm, all he can do is lay pliant as the feeling builds. 

"S-so close, sir," Hoseok moans, gripping onto the comforter. 

Seokjin groans and smacks Hoseok's ass, then squeezes it, over and over while his lips and tongue ensnare Hoseok further and further into the depths of pleasure. Hoseok feels nervous about just shooting his load on the blanket, but Seokjin hasn't slowed or stopped or given any further instruction, so he continues to allow himself to be wholly overwhelmed. As Seokjin squeezes Hoseok's ass and spears him on his tongue, Hoseok's hips shake just hard enough to push him over the edge.

"F-fuck, sir, I'm c-cum—ahhh—"

Stars burst behind Hoseok's eyes as he sprays his release onto the comforter, smearing it on his tummy. Seokjin licks Hoseok's rim in slow, long laps as he rides his high. Once the trembling begins to subside, and Hoseok's moans fade into panting, Seokjin's hands and mouth leave his skin—leave him bent over the bed sticky with his own cum. 

"Stand, fawn," Seokjin instructs.

Hoseok's chest heaves as he pushes off the bed, anchored on his palms as he finds his balance to stand. There's movement and rustling around to Hoseok's right, near the bedside table, and Hoseok rolls his head, stretching his neck, with his eyes closed. 

"Turn around," Seokjin instructs.

"Yes, sir," Hoseok mutters as he turns. 

Seokjin is still fully clothed, and he stands before Hoseok with a bottle of lube in his hand and his chin slick with drool. Seokjin glances at Hoseok's cum-smeared tummy and smirks.

"Your pathetic cock made a mess, fawn," Seokjin teases as he steps closer. 

"Sorry, sir," Hoseok responds softly.

Seokjin smirks. "You'll just have to make it up to me."

"H-how, sir?"

Seokjin tosses the bottle of lube to the bed and gently takes Hoseok's chin in both hands, pulling him into a slow, deep kiss. Hoseok can taste tangy hints of himself on Seokjin's tongue, and he moans as Seokjin licks and sucks and claims his mouth. 

"Ready for more, fawn?" Seokjin groans against Hoseok's lips.

Seokjin never answered Hoseok's question, but he nods in shallow movements, anyway. "Yes, sir."

"That's my greedy little slut. Down on your knees, fawn."

Hoseok's breath hitches, and he mutters, "Yes, sir," as he sinks down to his knees. 

"Have you sucked a cock before, fawn?" 

"Yes, sir."

"Have you had your face fucked?"

"N-no, sir."

Seokjin hums, looking down at Hoseok with a smirk. "I figured. We'll see what you're comfortable with. How about swallowing cum?"

"I never have, sir."

This seems to please Seokjin, whose smirk blooms into a grin. Seokjin palms over his crotch, and Hoseok's eyes follow the movement, finding a sizable bulge in his slacks. Then, Seokjin takes a step forward, crowding Hoseok's space, and tugs his zipper down, and Hoseok sits high on his knees as his heart booms in his ears. 

"Show me what a good little slut you are and open your mouth, fawn. Tongue out, with your hands on your knees."

"Yes, sir," Hoseok responds, eyes on Seokjin's bulge. He obeys, opening his mouth and holding his tongue out flat while his hands gently grip just above his knees. 

Seokjin reaches into his fly and pulls out his cock—long and thick and glistening with precum. Hoseok can't help but gasp, eyes widening as he watches Seokjin stroke his length, unsure how he will fit it in his mouth, while saliva pools at the end of Hoseok's tongue and dribbles down the underside, to his chin. 

"Look at you, drooling for my cock already," Seokjin teases. "So desperate for me."

With Seokjin's free hand, he takes Hoseok by the chin and pulls him close. Drool runs down Hoseok's chin, over his collar and along his throat, and he glances up at Seokjin's face. Seokjin's mouth falls open as he angles his cock forward and taps it against Hoseok's tongue. 

"So obedient and good for me," Seokjin groans. "Greedy sluts like you are always so eager to please."

Warmth floods Hoseok's cheeks. He knows that this is all part of their agreement, but he still can't help but feel shame creep up whenever Seokjin degrades him. But more than that, he enjoys being called a slut. The feeling is so at odds with how he thinks he should feel, that it just makes him want Seokjin to do it more. 

"Yes, sir," Hoseok slurs in agreement as best as he can with his tongue hanging out. 

With a scoff, Seokjin taps his cock against Hoseok's tongue again. Then, he holds it in place between Hoseok's lips, and Hoseok does his best to hold his mouth open as wide as he can. Seokjin's cock is heavy and velvety against his tongue, and Hoseok fights the urge to swallow him down until he gags, waiting for instruction. 

Seokjin cocks his head, squints down at Hoseok and says, "Suck."

Hoseok closes his lips around Seokjin's cock and pushes his head forward, sucking several inches into his mouth before feeling the need to breathe and pulling back. Seokjin groans and gently takes Hoseok by the back of the head, tangling his fingers into his hair. Hoseok breathes in quickly through his nose as Seokjin presses his cock slowly into his mouth.

"That's it, fawn," Seokjin groans as he pulls his cock back, "breathe through your nose."

Hoseok has sucked cock before, but never with the intent to make someone cum. It's always been a means to get someone hard, a few licks up and down the shaft followed by a mediocre, half-hearted suck. It's not that he's never wanted to please someone before; he's just never had partners that were terribly exciting. Seokjin, however, is extremely exciting. 

Slowly, Seokjin begins to thrust his hips, sliding his cock into Hoseok's mouth and back out, never so deep or hard that it makes him gag. Hoseok finds a rhythm breathing in as Seokjin pulls his cock back and breathing out slowly as he pushes his cock forward. 

Then, once Hoseok is comfortable, Seokjin says, "Tap my leg if you need me to stop," pushes his cock deep into Hoseok's mouth and holds it. Hoseok has already let out his breath through his nose, but he feels fine, at first, with Seokjin's cock almost touching his throat. But when Seokjin doesn't let up, Hoseok begins to panic, feeling the need to breathe. 

Hoseok wonders if he should tap out or continue to try to hold his breath. He doesn't want to show weakness, which he realizes is a ridiculous way to look at this situation, considering his airflow is cut off. But then Seokjin pulls his cock all the way out, bringing with it thick strings of saliva from Hoseok's throat, and he rubs Hoseok's cheek sweetly as Hoseok gasps for air. 

"You didn't tap me," Seokjin says softly, gazing down at Hoseok with a smile. 

"I almost gagged, sir."

Seokjin bends at the waist bringing his face nice and low, and says, "And what if I wanted you to gag?"


With an amused hum, Seokjin stands, takes Hoseok by the head, and thrusts into Hoseok's mouth. And this time, when Seokjin holds his cock in place, Hoseok allows the urge to gag to come over him. Saliva pools in Hoseok's mouth, and all at once, his throat contracts, and he pushes back against Seokjin's hand. At first, for a split moment, Seokjin holds him in place, and Hoseok considers tapping out, but then he lets up, and Hoseok heaves as Seokjin's cock slides away, leaving him gasping for air. 

"Very good, fawn," Seokjin praises, petting the side of Hoseok's cheek as he fights to catch his breath. Saliva drips from Hoseok's chin, and he keeps his hands on his knees. 

"How do you feel?" Seokjin asks once Hoseok's breathing has steadied. 

Hoseok clears his throat, which feels a bit sore. "Good, sir. That wasn't as bad as I thought."

"Good," Seokjin says. "We're going to do it again, only this time when I pull back, I'm going to thrust forward again, so try to regulate your breathing. If you can't get it right away, tap me and I'll let you catch your breath."

"Yes, sir."

Seokjin slides his cock into Hoseok's throat, holds it until Hoseok begins to gag and pulls it out. Hoseok wants to cough or swallow down the thick saliva that pooled quickly, but Seokjin presses forward too fast, and all Hoseok can manage is a deep, gasping inhale. Tears collect in Hoseok's eyes as Seokjin thrusts into his throat, then pulls out, in, and out, and Hoseok gasps and heaves and gasps and heaves until finally, Seokjin pulls all the way out. 

This time, Hoseok pants, but he doesn't feel the urge to cough, and he swallows down the saliva that's pooled, blinking tears from his eyes. Thick strings of spit connect Hoseok's lips to Seokjin's cock, and only when Hoseok smiles do they begin to pop. 

"I think you lied to me when you said you've never done this before," Seokjin teases, bending and taking Hoseok's drool-covered chin gently in his hand. 

"No, sir; I would never lie to you," Hoseok responds, batting his moist eyelashes playfully.

Seokjin crashes their lips together, licking hungrily into Hoseok's mouth, and Hoseok whimpers, feeling arousal surge through him. Seokjin's kiss is eager and messy, and when he pulls back, he looks just as breathless as Hoseok feels. 

"I'm gonna fuck that pretty face of yours, and then I'm gonna cum on your tongue; sound good, fawn?"

"Yes, sir."

Hoseok holds his mouth open, sticks his tongue out, and Seokjin stands and slides his cock fast and deep. He thrusts, and Hoseok holds his mouth open, doing his best to find a rhythm and breathe through his nose. Then, Seokjin holds his cock in place, lodged into Hoseok's throat, and Hoseok relaxes as much as he can before the urge to gag overtakes him.

"God, just look at you with my cock shoved deep into your throat," Seokjin growls. Hoseok begins to gag, and Seokjin pulls out and thrusts forward, holding his cock in place again. 

"Look at me," Seokjin commands, and Hoseok obeys, looking up toward Seokjin with wide eyes. Hoseok blinks away tears, sending one falling down his cheek, and Seokjin grins. "Such a good little slut. So perfect for me."

Seokjin pulls out and thrusts in, out and in, and Hoseok does his best to steady his breathing, but the saliva in his mouth is beginning to feel stifling. Hoseok heaves during a thrust, feeling the sudden urge to vomit, and Seokjin stops with his cock thrust forward, but not as far as before. 

"Swallow," Seokjin commands. 

Although Hoseok understands what the word swallow means, he hesitates and knits his eyebrows as if to ask Seokjin to clarify. But then he tries it, despite feeling as though the act would be impossible, and he not only clears away much of the spit threatening to choke him, but Seokjin lets out a deep, pitchy moan, which goes straight to Hoseok's cock. 

"That's it, fawn; god, your throat feels so good."

Hoseok swallows once more, and Seokjin trembles, then he bends forward and lightly slaps Hoseok on the cheek as he says, "That's my perfect little slut."

This time, when Seokjin thrusts, his movements are hard and fast and Hoseok struggles to keep up. Breathing becomes a challenge, and he can't find a good time to swallow down any of the spit that collects. Seokjin's cock is thick, and sucking it for this long is making Hoseok's jaw sore, but he doesn't mind that part; in fact, he likes it. 

Seokjin's fingers grip tightly to Hoseok's hair, tugging painfully at the strands, and Hoseok whimpers and moans as Seokjin fucks his face. Then, Seokjin's thrusts become sloppy and deep, throwing Hoseok off what little rhythm he has, and Hoseok nearly lifts his hand to tap out and catch his breath when Seokjin mutters, "Hold your mouth open," and pulls all the way out. 

Hoseok sticks his tongue out flat as he breathes heavily, and Seokjin keeps his cock just about his mouth as he strokes his length in slow movements. Seokjin's hand tightens in Hoseok's hair once more, and he moans as his release shoots from his cock and onto Hoseok's lip and tongue.

"So good for me," Seokjin groans as he squeezes the tip of his cock to get the final drops of cum. "Keep your mouth open."

Seokjin's cum is thick and tangy on Hoseok's tongue, and he holds his mouth open, staring at Seokjin through tear-clouded eyes, waiting for instruction. When Seokjin finally says, "Swallow," Hoseok closes his mouth, resists the slight urge to gag, and swallows Seokjin's release. 

The room falls silent, save for the sounds of both men catching their breath. Hoseok admires the sheen of sweat over Seokjin's forehead and neck; the man is devastatingly pretty. Seokjin undoes the button on his slacks and pushes them down to the floor, then removes his tight black briefs and his mesh sleeveless shirt. 

Despite having more than enough opportunity to admire Seokjin's broad shoulders and firm muscles, seeing him shirtless makes Hoseok gawk. If he wasn't already drooling, surely the sight of Seokjin nude would have gotten his salivary glands going. 

"Like what you see, fawn?" Seokjin asks teasingly, pulling Hoseok's attention to his gorgeous face.

"Yes, sir," Hoseok rasps, throat sore from being fucked. 

"Good," Seokjin says with a soft smile as he motions with his hand for Hoseok to stand. 

Hoseok stands slowly. His toes tingle and his muscles are sore from sitting on his knees for so long, so he lets out a little groan as he gets to his feet. Seokjin holds out a hand in case he needs assistance, but he makes it just fine on his own. 

Once Hoseok is standing, Seokjin pulls him into another slow, deep kiss, groaning as he licks into Hoseok's mouth, and Hoseok wonders if Seokjin can taste himself on his tongue. Drool streaks down past Hoseok's pecs, turning cold before drying to his skin. 

"You're doing so well, fawn," Seokjin says against Hoseok's lips. "Do you need to take a break?"

"No, sir," Hoseok responds, opening his eyes to look at Seokjin, who is too close to be in focus. "I need you to fuck me."

Seokjin sucks Hoseok's bottom lip between his teeth, and they moan in tandem. "My greedy little slut needs my cock, hmm?"

"Yes, sir," Hoseok whimpers. 

"Bend over for me."

"Yes, sir."

Hoseok turns to the bed and bends over once more, taking handfuls of the comforter to hold onto. Seokjin, however, has other plans. 

"Hands on your ass, fawn. Spread yourself for me."

"Yes, sir," Hoseok mutters as he reaches back and grabs onto his buttcheeks with both hands. Seokjin grabs the lube bottle from where he tossed it—beside where Hoseok has laid his head—and Hoseok hears the sound of the bottle clicking open and being squeezed. 

Cold, slick fingers graze Hoseok's asshole, and Hoseok flinches, nearly letting his grasp on himself slip. Seokjin circles Hoseok's rim with the pad of one finger and slowly pushes it in, nice and deep.

Hoseok gasps and moans, letting out a deep, shattered exhale. Seokjin's tongue opened him enough to be able to handle his finger, but he still has to catch his breath from the sudden intrusion. 

"Color, fawn?"

"Green!" Hoseok chokes out, already eager for more. 

Seokjin pushes his finger further and pulls it out, in and out, and Hoseok's legs tremble from the sensation. Just one finger feels so good, Hoseok struggles to keep his hands on his ass. 

A second finger presses in slowly, then pulls out, and Hoseok chokes out a silent gasp. Seokjin doesn't give Hoseok much time to catch his breath, though he does take it nice and slow, and Hoseok reminds himself that he can say yellow or red if he needs to. Seokjin twists his fingers as he pulls them out, and the sensation is so overwhelmingly good, Hoseok nearly begs for him to slow down, but he breathes through it and grips onto his soft skin tightly. 

Seokjin twists and scissors two fingers, getting Hoseok nice and stretched. And finally, when the sensation stops feeling so intense, Hoseok begins to beg for more. 

Seokjin hums, twisting his two fingers in and out of Hoseok's ass a little more roughly. "Greedy, greedy."

"Please, sir!"

Hoseok's cock is hard once more and pressed against the mattress as it had been before, and he desperately wants to feel Seokjin's cock before he makes another mess of himself. "Please, please, please," Hoseok begs under his breath. 

A hand grabs onto Hoseok's hair and yanks his head from the comforter, and Hoseok cries out from the pain of strands pulling. Seokjin's hot breath is close to his cheek, and his fingers are lodged even deeper into his ass, fucking into him with loud squelching smacks. 

"Is this what you want, fawn? Hmm? Want me to fuck you nice and hard? You're so slutty you can't wait for me to stretch you properly?"

Hoseok whines and moans from the pain mixed with pleasure. Pulled taut like a bow, he struggles to whimper, "Yes, sir."

Seokjin pushes Hoseok's head into the mattress and holds his palm over his cheek, pressing painfully as he pulls his hand out and inserts a third finger. The stretch makes Hoseok squeal—it's rough, and he needs more lube—but he feels so good, he doesn't call for Seokjin to slow down or stop. 

The hand eases from Hoseok's face, however, and Seokjin pops open the bottle of lube. He squirts it directly onto Hoseok's ass and lets out a deep, sardonic chuckle when Hoseok writhes and whines from the sudden feeling of cold liquid hitting his skin. Then, the hand returns to Hoseok's head and presses him down as three fingers begin to stretch him. The feeling is so incredible, all Hoseok can do is gasp and drool. It's too much, yet he so desperately wants more. 

Although he's rough, Seokjin is careful, twisting and penetrating in ways that never scrape or poke with his fingernails. Hoseok's once more neglected cock leaks precum onto his tummy, and he digs his fingers into his skin, doing his best to hold himself open. Then, Seokjin inserts a fourth finger, and the intensity is so great that Hoseok's body shakes, and his hands slip from his cheeks. 

A loud, heavy smack lands on Hoseok's ass, and he cries out and scrambles to hold himself spread. "I gave you an instruction, fawn! Spread yourself for me!"

"S-sorry, sir," Hoseok whimpers, digging his fingers into his soft flesh.

The fourth finger nearly breaks him. Hoseok gasps and pants and whimpers with each slow thrust. And yet, he never calls for Seokjin to slow down. By the time he's finally stretched on four fingers, Hoseok is covered in sweat and speaking in tongues. 

Seokjin chuckles, twisting his fingers in and out. "How will you take my cock if you're already this delirious from my fingers, pretty fawn?"

"N-need your cock, sir," Hoseok mutters through drool-covered lips.

Slowly, Seokjin pulls his fingers out and smears them across Hoseok's stretched hole, and Hoseok whines from being empty, clenching around nothing.

"On the bed," Seokjin commands.

Hoseok scrambles, practically flinging his limbs in an effort to get onto the bed as quickly as he can, muttering, "Yes, sir." 

Seokjin approaches the head of the bed, moves some pillows out of the way, and gets into the center, sitting with his back against the headboard. Hoseok gets to his hands and knees and waits for instruction. Seokjin's thick, long cock sits hard and slick with lube against his tummy, and Hoseok's mouth waters, as if by pavlovian response. 

"Come here, my pretty little slut," Seokjin instructs, tapping fingertips against his thigh. 

"Yes, sir," Hoseok responds eagerly as he crawls between Seokjin's spread legs and straddles his hips. 

"Have you ridden a cock before?" Seokjin asks sweetly as he gently takes Hoseok by the face with both hands and runs his fingers through his hair. 

Hoseok places his palms on Seokjin's and shakes his head. "No, sir."

Seokjin pulls Hoseok down for a kiss and mutters, "How did I luck out with you?" against his lips before licking into his mouth. Hoseok swoons and moans, letting his mouth fall open for Seokjin to do as he pleases, lazily darting his tongue to taste Seokjin's lips when given the chance. 

When Seokjin pulls out of the kiss, Hoseok is gasping for air. Kissing Seokjin is so intoxicating, Hoseok wants more, and finds himself chasing after Seokjin's lips, which pull into a smirk. 

"I love how eager you are. You're a lot of fun, Hoseok."

Hearing his actual name on Seokjin's tongue makes Hoseok's tummy swoop and twist. He speaks softly, with a smile. "Thank you, sir. I'm having a lot of fun with you."

"I'm glad. Now be a good little slut and sit on this cock."

Hoseok angles his hips upward and reaches between his legs to grab onto Seokjin's cock. He hisses as he rubs the blunt tip against his ass, gathering lube that's been slathered and left behind. Then he sinks his hips down and, with a deep moan, penetrates himself with Seokjin's tip.

"That's it," Seokjin groans, grabbing Hoseok by the waist. "Nice and slow. You're so fucking tight, fawn."

Seokjin's cock is far bigger than his fingers could have prepared him for, and Hoseok takes deep, shattered breaths as he lifts and drops his hips, over and over, impaling himself a little more each time. His fingers must be digging painfully into Seokjin's chest, but he never says a thing, only gently holding onto Hoseok while he works himself down Seokjin's length.

By the time Hoseok is fully seated, he's gasping for air and covered in a sheen of sweat. Seokjin wraps his arms around his waist and pulls him against his chest, saying sweet words of praise about how good Hoseok is and how amazing he feels. 

Hoseok nuzzles his face into Seokjin's neck, feeling the cold metal of Seokjin's necklace against his cheek and tasting salty sweat on his lips. Seokjin's musk is alluring, and as Hoseok begins to catch his breath, he places soft kisses against his skin, tracing his lips over the hints of black cloud tattoos on Seokjin’s shoulders. Seokjin rubs a hand up Hoseok's back, then gently takes him by the hair and slowly tugs Hoseok's head back until he's sitting up straight and staring down at Seokjin. 

"Remember your safe words, pretty fawn?"

Hoseok attempts to nod, but his head is held still. "Yes, sir."

"I'm going to fuck you nice and hard. If you need me to slow down, say..."

"Yellow, sir."

"Correct. And if you need me to stop..."

"Red, sir."

"Perfect. You are such a good boy."

Seokjin keeps Hoseok’s hair pulled tight and moves his other hand to the underside of Hoseok’s thigh. Then he scoots into a slightly new position, bending his knees, and begins to drill into Hoseok with his cock. 

The air is punched from Hoseok’s lungs as Seokjin spears him hard and fast on his length. The blend of pain and pleasure is dizzying, and Hoseok digs his fingers into Seokjin’s shoulders. 

Sobs and moans and a euphony of miscellaneous syllables fall from Hoseok’s lips as he crashes his hips into his ass. Hoseok’s cock slaps against his tummy, and he gasps and cries, feeling his pleasure crescendo to new heights. 

This is what it is like to be fucked. This is pleasure in the way Hoseok has always craved, and he’s not sure how he will go back to fucking anyone else after this. 

“Look at you,” Seokjin huffs between thrusts. “Just letting me use you like the greedy little cocksleeve you are. So fucking good for me.”

“Th-thank you, s—ahhh—sir!”

Seokjin stops his thrusts and releases Hoseok’s hair, and Hoseok falls forward against his chest, attempting to catch his breath. Seokjin’s skin is warm, but the sweat between them feels cool, giving Hoseok goosebumps. 

“Ride me, fawn. I want you to cum twice more before I’m finished with you.”

“Tw—“ Hoseok swallows a mouthful of saliva and tries again. “Twice more, sir?”

“That’s right. Show me what an obedient pet you are.”

“Yes, sir.”

Hoseok sits up and grips into Seokjin’s shoulders, leans forward, and lifts his hips. The slow lift drags Seokjin’s thick cock along his walls, and Hoseok feels every inch, moaning and trembling before letting his hips drop. Both men moan, and Hoseok lifts again a little faster this time, feeling confident about the movement. 

Before, Seokjin merely grunted as he speared Hoseok on his cock, but with Hoseok in control, he moans pitchy, nasally sounds. Hoseok speeds his hips, up and down, up and down, matching Seokjin's pretty noises with his own as he finds a steady rhythm. 

Seokjin wraps a hand around Hoseok’s cock, and Hoseok’s hips stutter as a surge of pleasure catches him off guard. With his palm, Seokjin gathers the precum that’s dribbled from Hoseok’s cock and begins to stroke him in time with the rise and fall of his hips. 

“F-fuck, sir, I’m gonna cum soon,” Hoseok whines. 

“Kiss me,” Seokjin instructs, grabbing Hoseok’s chin with his free hand.

Hoseok’s movements become a bit shallower as he leans forward and slots his lips with Seokjin’s, sucking on his bottom lip. Their kiss is sloppy with clashes of teeth, and the closer Hoseok gets to orgasm, the messier his movements become. Hoseok whimpers and moans into Seokjin’s mouth and stares down at Seokjin’s nose and lips, hoping to commit every detail to memory. 

“I’m gonna cum, sir,” Hoseok whimpers into Seokjin’s mouth. 

Seokjin meets Hoseok’s thrusts halfway and drives his cock in deep, and Hoseok writhes and moans as his release spurts onto Seokjin’s fingers and tummy. Hoseok’s orgasm is so intense he stops moving his hips altogether, and Seokjin wraps an arm around Hoseok and thrusts into him while his fist continues to milk his cock. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Hoseok sobs uncontrollably. He feels oversensitive and ready to explode. 

“I’m going to lay you on your back,” Seokjin pants, and Hoseok lets go of his tight hold of Seokjin's shoulders to be lowered on his back. 

Hoseok stares at the ceiling as Seokjin shifts above him with his cock still buried deep in Hoseok’s ass. Seokjin sits up straight, grabs Hoseok’s legs to speed them around his hips, and begins fucking into him at a punishing pace. Hoseok is unsure whether his cock ever softened as it continues to slap hard as ever against his tummy.

Everything in the known universe could disappear, save for Hoseok, Seokjin, and the mattress below them, and Hoseok would have no clue. All he knows is their bodies and a level of bliss he never imagined possible. Hoseok feels like he’s floating in the clouds.

“Fuck, you’re so perfect,” Seokjin groans. 

“Th—ah—“ Hoseok attempts. He lifts his arms to grab onto Seokjin, but they’re too heavy and fall back to his sides. 

“What are your safe words, fawn?” Seokjin asks sweetly. 

“Ye-yellow and re—ah—red,” Hoseok stammers with a smile. 

Seokjin leans forward, driving his cock even deeper, and Hoseok’s eyes roll back. With one hand, Seokjin gently takes Hoseok by the side of the head, and with the other, Seokjin lightly slaps Hoseok on the face. 

The gentle slaps get Hoseok’s attention, and he opens his eyes wide and moans, “Ha—ahhh—harder, sir!”

Seokjin slaps Hoseok on the cheek hard enough to sting, and Hoseok squeals and smiles wide. Hoseok begs for more, and Seokjin slaps him again, then slides his hand to Hoseok’s mouth and shoves his fingers between Hoseok’s lips. Hoseok sucks eagerly, licking over the pads of Seokjin’s fingers and dribbles drool from between his lips. 

Pleasure begins to crescendo, and Hoseok moans loudly around Seokjin’s fingers. The thought of having a third orgasm nearly makes Hoseok want to cry; never has he had more than two at once, and he feels so sensitive and overwhelmed, he worries his heart might seize. 

“You look close, baby,” Seokjin groans, and Hoseok gasps from the new name. “Cum with me.”

Hoseok attempts to nod with Seokjin’s fingers between his lips, and Seokjin slams his cock onto Hoseok impossibly faster. Hoseok squeals and sobs and sees stars, and Seokjin leans down and captures his lips once more in a haphazard clash of teeth and tongues. 

Deep, raspy moans fall between Seokjin’s lips and Hoseok swallows each whole, returning desperate sounds of his own. Seokjin’s hips stutter and become still—Seokjin’s cock is buried deep as he fills Hoseok with his release. Hoseok wonders if he could cum just from the feeling of Seokjin’s cock pulsating and emptying inside him, but Seokjin pulls out before he can find out.

“Since you’ve been so good for me, I’m going to reward you,” Seokjin mutters against Hoseok’s lips. 

Hoseok opens his mouth to ask what Seokjin intends, but Seokjin crawls down Hoseok’s body and nestles himself between his legs, making his intentions clear. 

With his arms caging in Hoseok’s hips, he dips low, licks over Hoseok’s balls and up the length of his shaft. Hoseok uses the last ounce of his strength to anchor himself on his elbows and watch as Seokjin—who stares into Hoseok’s eyes with a smirk—swallows his cock from head to base in one slow movement. 

“Fuck yes, sir.” Hoseok groans. 

Seokjin slurps and sucks, hollows his cheeks and swirls his tongue, all with his gaze trained on Hoseok. Hoseok resists the urge to lay back, eager to watch Seokjin perform this one last mind-blowing act. 

It takes Hoseok practically no time at all to reach his high, and he moans and gasps as his pleasure builds and builds. Seokjin’s talented mouth does things to Hoseok's cock that he has never experienced, and with so much enthusiasm, his sanity doesn’t stand a chance.

All at once, Hoseok feels as if he’s plunging deep into new depths of pleasure. “Sir!” is all he can squeal before he falls against the bed and shoots his cum down Seokjin’s throat. 

Seokjin swallows Hoseok into his throat, milking him of every last drop, and all Hoseok can do is tremble and whimper with his eyes on the ceiling. When Seokjin finally releases Hoseok’s cock, Hoseok lifts his head and arms and reaches for Seokjin in a lazy plea for affection. 

A soft, deep chuckle rumbles in Seokjin’s throat, and he crawls back up Hoseok’s body with a smile. Hoseok wraps his arms around Seokjin’s neck and pulls him in for a kiss. 

Both men hum in tandem as their lips slot lazily together. Seokjin flicks his tongue against the creases of Hoseok’s lips, and Hoseok opens his mouth slowly and laps at Seokjin’s tongue, tasting hints of his own cum. 

“Let’s get you into a bath, fawn,” Seokjin suggests, still connected to Hoseok by the lips. 

“Join me,” Hoseok whines. 

Seokjin smiles against Hoseok’s lips, gives him one last peck, and rolls onto his side. Hoseok slowly rolls toward him and gawks openly at how messy and sweaty he’s become. 

“I was going to make us a snack while you soak,” Seokjin admits with a soft blush rising to his cheeks. 

Hoseok raises his eyebrows and cocks his head. “Is that so?”

“And I thought, maybe, if you…wanted to stay…”

The thought of falling asleep beside the man who made him feel such unimaginable pleasure feels too good to be true, and Hoseok nods as his smile blooms wide and affectionate. 

“Do you ask all the cute submissives who you break in to stay the night?” Hoseok chides. 

Seokjin stares at Hoseok incredulously and scoffs. “I made you cum three times, and this is how you talk to me? I should punish you.”

Hoseok quirks an eyebrow and says, “Careful, sir; I might enjoy it.”

With a chuckle and a shake of his head, Seokjin mutters, “Would you like to stay or not?”

“I would like to,” Hoseok responds, dropping the act. 

Seokjin leans in, pecks Hoseok on the lips, and in a deep, low voice, says, “I don’t bring cute submissives home.”


Seokjin shakes his head. “I haven’t been looking for one. But then you came along, and I couldn’t resist.”

Hoseok hums and nibbles on his lip, unsure if he wants to voice what’s on his mind, before deciding he would rather not leave anything in the air. “And when you slipped and called me baby…”

More pretty pink blush rises from Seokjin’s chest to his cheeks, and even paints the tips of his ears. “Alright, let’s get you into a bath,” he grumbles, sitting up. "We need to rub some oil on your back, too, so it isn't too sore in the morning, and so that it heals nicely."

Hoseok laughs, full-bellied and amused, and falls to his back. “Sure, sir,” he says in a teasing tone, “let’s get me into a bath.” 

Seokjin walks ahead to an ensuite and runs a bath while Hoseok begins to get up, and when he returns, Hoseok is standing slowly from the edge of the bed, sore and thoroughly fucked. Seokjin scoops Hoseok into a bridal carry and whisks him away toward the sound of running water. 

“It slipped, but I meant it,” Seokjin admits shyly about calling Hoseok baby. “But only if you’re okay with it.”

“I’m okay with it,” Hoseok responds without a second thought, feeling warmth and affection bloom in his chest.

Hoseok pecks Seokjin on the cheek and adds, “Baby,” and as Seokjin’s cheeks and ears become a darker shade of scarlet, Hoseok swoons and rests his head against Seokjin’s chest, already feeling at home in his arms.