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New school, new you, it was your first day at this new school. At roll call, you choose a seat near the back of the classroom, not wanting to draw too much attention to yourself. Dark and mysterious, maybe that will get you friends? Probably not.

You sit down and start playing with the sleeve of your jacket and watch all the other kids sit down with their friends. You hear a thud and you see a latina girl with the widest smile had dropped her school bag full of binders (why did she have so many???) on the floor.

“OH MY GOD WE HAVE A NEW STUDENT!” The girl squealed. The class went silent. So much for dark and mysterious.

“Uh, hi?” You replied, leaning back into your chair. Everyone’s eyes were burning through you and you could feel yourself redden, you were never one for attention.

“Hi, I’m Amy Santiago, nice to meet you! What’s your name?”

“I’m Y/n Y/l/n and yeah, nice to meet you too,” you mumble.

“Amy, just shut up,” you looked over to your left and saw a girl with straight, brown hair. She was on her phone and hadn’t looked up when she was talking. “And I’m Gina B-T-dubs.”

Thankfully, the teacher walked in and Amy had found a seat at the front of the classroom. The teacher was a tall, muscular, dark-skinned man. He was also bald. And there was a tarantula on his head. But why?

“Ok class, time for the roll,” he said. You glanced at Gina and saw that she was recording on her phone.

“Hey Gina, why does he have a spider on his head?” You ask. Surprisingly, none of the class had said anything about the spider, not even Amy and you could tell she would be one to snitch.

“Because he’s boring and we want to prank him. He’s gonna start crying soon.”

“Ok? Anyways, what’s his name? I hadn’t looked yet.”

“His name’s Terry”

“No, his last name. Isn’t it Crews or something?”

“No it’s Mr Jeffords.”

“Girls,” you both look up and see that Mr Jeffords was looking at you. “Please refrain from any talking until after roll. Now where was I?”

He continued through the roll and once he had finished he asked you to introduce yourself. You did so, but when he told you to sit down, you said one more thing.

“Uh, sir?” Scrap being dark and mysterious, you were going to make a ruckus. “You have something on your head.”

Gina was grinning wickedly behind her phone, ready to post her video on instagram.

Mr Jeffords placed his hand on his head and touched the spider.


The room was filled with hysteria, everyone was laughing while Mr Jefford was jumping around screaming and wacking his head. Tears were falling out of his eyes as he tried to get the spider off.

A brown haired boy in the middle row of desks suddenly jumped up and yelled “BOO-YAH!”

“JAKE PERALTA, MR HOLT'S OFFICE! NOW!” ordered Mr Jeffords. He somehow managed to get the spider off by using an empty coffee mug to trap it inside.

Jake left the room with his head hung low but when he was at the doorway, he turned to Gina and gave her a goofy grin and two thumbs up.

“Gines, did you get it?”

“Duh,” she rolled her eyes and went back to scrolling on her phone.

“Hey new girl, thanks for starting that,” Jake smiled and left, then the bell went for first period. That was only roll call and it’s already chaotic.

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Two periods had gone by, first was maths and second was spanish. Let’s just say maths sucks. Now it was time for lunch, so you went to the cafeteria.

You stood in line and got an apple juice, a banana and a plate of what was supposed to be mac ‘n’ cheese but if you were being honest, you had no idea if it was (there was something swimming around in it, why is cafeteria food so nasty?).

You looked around the room looking for a free spot to sit. There was only one left at a table that had Jake, Amy and Gina, and two other people. One of them was a short and stubby boy that was talking about who knows what. He had dark brown hair and was wearing beige clothes. The other was a girl with black, curly hair and a scar on her eyebrow. She had on some black jeans and a leather jacket, making her look very intimidating but at the same time, she was the most beautiful girl you had ever seen. No, you reminded yourself, you’re new, you shouldn’t do anything ‘til you get to know them.

You walked up to their table and stood next to the ravenette. “Hey, mind if I sit here?”

The girl looked up at you with a cold expression. “Yeah, I do actually.”

“Rosa! Don’t be rude! Let her sit, she’s new,” Amy defended you. She smiled at you and motioned for you to sit down next to her.

“Why can’t she sit somewhere else?”

“I would but there’s nowhere to sit,” you look around.


The other boy, who for some reason always looked excited, introduced himself. “Hi! I’m Charles Boyle, nice to meet you!”

You smile and tell him your name before sitting. You sit down in between Amy and Gina, and listen to their conversations. They were talking about a marvel movie that you hadn’t seen yet and Jake was going on about how he is secretly spiderman.

“See? I have a spider bite on my wrist, it’s only a matter of time before I must conceal my identity,” he said that last bit in a deep voice.

“More like only a matter of time til my ears bleed out,” Gina. “I uploaded the video on youtube and we already have 500 views.”

“Wait actually?” Now this conversation is something you can join in.

“Don’t get too excited, it’s not that much.”

Amy frowned and looked down. “I still can’t believe we did that, it was so mean.”

“Amy, stop being a prick.”

Everyone got back to finishing their food and they all stood up to leave.

“Wait where are you guys all going?” You ask. Surely you’re not getting abandoned again.

“Sorry, I’m helping the lunch ladies clean up” Amy said apologetically, she genuinely looked upset.

“Oh wow, she’s actually sad she has to do chores at school,” Gina looked up from her phone and apologised as well. “Yeah, soz but I have to deal with some drama in the girls bathroom. Cassie Howard is crying because her bff Maddy Perez found out that she dated her ex, Nate Jacobs. It’s gonna be amazing.

“What’s everyone else doing?”


“Cooking club.”

“Oh okay, that’s fine,” you smile sadly and sit back down. “I guess I’ll see you all later.”

They all said goodbye and left, except for one. “Funny, the one who doesn’t like me is the one I’m stuck with,” you mutter

“What did you say?” She stood up and stared at you angrily, her fingers lingering near the plastic knife.

“Uh, nothing, nothing at all.” She sat down. “Hey, I didn’t catch your name.”

“It’s Rosa Diaz but you can only call me Diaz, okay?”

“Yep, cool cool.”

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It had been about three weeks since you had first met everyone and since then, you had become close friends and a part of their group. Except there was still someone who didn’t like you, Rosa. By now you knew all your classes and who you were with. Roll was with Jake, Amy and Gina, you were also in Maths and English with Amy, PE with Jake, Science was with both Gina and Charles, and finally Spanish, History and Geography with Rosa.

You still hadn’t figured out Rosa yet, it would be a lot easier if she would open up and talk to you. That’s going to take time but you’re willing to wait for it, you’ll get your chance.

It was currently English and you were getting bored so you asked the teacher to go to the bathroom. Mrs Wuntch gave you permission so you went ahead and hid in the bathrooms for a bit. You looked around and wondered how the hell someone was able to stick up a picture of Dwayne Johnson on the roof. Of all the people in the world, they choose him, but why? Who knows.

One of the cubicles was locked and there were soft sniffles coming from behind it. You hesitated for a second, not knowing whether it was your business or not. But on one hand you don’t want to go back to class…let’s just give it a try.

You approach the door and knock softly. “Hey, are you alright?” You ask.

The door slammed open and out came Rosa who quickly grabbed you into a headlock. You twist and turn, trying to slip out from her grip, only to fail and stay trapped. “What are you doing?! Let me go!”

“Are you spying on me, Y/l/n?” She asks.

“No, I swear! I just needed a break from class so I came here but then I heard you crying. I just wanted to help!” You explained and then felt her grip loosen.

“I wasn’t crying, it was just, uh, hay fever,” she lets go and you stare at her. You look at her facial features, like her dark, mysterious eyes that were faintly red from crying and her scarred eyebrow, furrowed in annoyance. “Now get out or I’ll slit your throat.”

“Geez, chill, I was just tryna help,” you put your hands up in surrender. “I’m sorry that I care.”

“Oh my god, just shut up!” She starts to yell. “No one asked for you to come here! Stop sticking your nose up everyone’s ass, you’re being fucking annoying! Just shut up and LEAVE ME ALONE!”

There was an awkward silence as you froze to the spot. There were tears welling up in your eyes and you turned slightly to hide them. All you had been trying to do this whole time was to become friends with her and all chances of that had ended. It didn’t matter now. If Rosa didn’t want to be your friend then that’s okay but she didn’t have to yell. You had already had that at home, you don’t need it here. You turn and leave.

“Y/n, wait, I didn’t mean that…” you hear her calling for you but you ignore her and go back to class.

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The next few days you had avoided Rosa to try and avoid the tension. Thankfully no one else had realised there was something off so you pretended everything was fine.

During PE, you had to play basketball and you and Jake were on the same team. Jake seemed to know Rosa better than anyone but it didn’t really matter as he still knew very little. You thought that maybe if you talk to him you’ll understand why Rosa doesn’t like you.

“Jake,” the ball was on the other side of the court so you had some time to talk. “How come Rosa is so…reserved?”

“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “She’s always been like that, no one’s even been to her house before. I think it’s something to do with her parents.”

“Oh,” parental issues. You could definitely relate to that. “What’s wrong with them?”

“YOU TWO! PLAY THE DAMN GAME OR I’LL PUT YOU IN DETENTION FOR A YEAR!” You heard Mr Dozerman yelling at you.

“They’re really religious and strict so you want to be really cool in front of them, just pretend your uncle’s the pope,” he grins at that last statement. Sometimes you do wonder about that boy.

“HEY, I’M OPEN!” He yells and gets the ball passed to him, only for it to hit him in the face.

“Ooooo, are you okay?” You help him up and see that blood has leaked out of his nose.

“Yeah, I’m fine!” He leaves and continues playing.

“GET UP AND PLAY, ELEVEN!” Mr Dozerman shouts. Did he not see that Jake already did?

«««««««««««« »»»»»»»»»»»»

Your next best option to talk to was Gina. Drama queen and always ready to spread the latest gossip. It was only a quick chat in between classes but at least it was something.

“Gina! Wait up!” she stops walking but still stares at her phone while you catch up.

“Hey, boo, what do you need?” she asks.

“I was wondering about Rosa…”


“Okay?…anyways, I want to become friends with her but she won’t let me. Why doesn’t she like me?” you look at her and walk beside her.

“Hun, I’m sure she doesn’t hate you, she just hates people who are really friendly and who she doesn’t know yet.”

“Oh…” that sounds exactly like you so far. Maybe Gina wasn’t the best option. You leave her and go to your next class.

«««««««««« »»»»»»»»»»

It was the end of the day and you just exited the school building. You spot Rosa walking ahead of you and run up to her.

“Why are you following me?” she says as she stares ahead.

“Because we’re neighbours?” you roll your eyes at her. How had she not noticed this by now?

“Well could you walk on the other side of the street then?”


“What’s your damn problem?! Why are you always around me?”

“Well why do you hate me?” you had finally asked what’s been on your mind this whole time. “You don’t even know me and you just hate me for no reason. I want to be friends with you because I’m friends with your friends too. You can’t just ignore me forever.”

Rosa stayed quiet and kept walking.

“I guess you can ignore me forever then, huh,” you shook your head at her.

“It’s not you,” you perk up, finally getting something from her. “I mean it is, but it’s not your fault. Listen, you can’t tell anyone what I’m about to tell you, okay?”

She stopped walking and looked you in the eyes. She had tears welling up in the corners of her eyes. Well, shit.

“I’m bi,” she whispered and the tears had finally fallen.


“So? What do you mean, so?” She said angrily.

“I mean so as in it’s not a big deal. At my old school half the school was queer.”

“To you it might not be a big deal but for me it is. You probably have some perfect family with only having bad marks as your only problem,” yeah, that was wrong, your parents were far from perfect. “My parents are catholic and they don’t believe in this kind of stuff.”

You soften your expression. You hadn’t come out to your family yet so you understand how she’s feeling.

“I know how you feel. I’m lesbian and I haven’t told my family yet.”

“We can both suffer together then.”

“Yep,” you both stand there thinking for a while. You’re surprised that Rosa came out to you, she was usually the most private of everyone but somehow she was comfortable enough to tell you. You break out of your trance and break the silence.
“If you ever need to talk, I’m right next door, you know?”

“I know.”

“Do you need to talk?”


“Look, my house is right there, wanna come?”

Rosa looked around, searching to see if someone was watching them. “Yeah, sure.”

“I’m always here, I hope you know that.”