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you make loving fun

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Hagiwara is charming and delightful, the kind of person who grabs everyone’s attention easily, who falls under the spotlight, who seems to be friends with everyone. She can slide into any conversation with no problem, and knows how to get people to answer the things she wants to know with the right amount of sympathy or flattering. Unparalleled social skills, which will probably serve her well in division 1 in the future, to get information out of suspects and determine who’s lying.

She’s friendly with everyone, boys and girls alike, so when Hagiwara is nice to her and chats with her, Morofushi doesn’t think it as anything special, at first. Sure, she calls her “Morofushi-chan” during their very first chat, but from Morofushi’s observations, Hagiwara pretty much does this with all the girls in their class. This kind of familiarity isn’t one Morofushi is used to with someone she practically just met a few days ago, but perhaps it’s because of the natural and easygoing manner of Hagiwara, she finds that she doesn’t really mind.

“Is your friend Furuya-kun alright?” Hagiwara asks as she sits down beside Morofushi, while offering her a chocolate cookie. “Jinpei-chan’s never lost a fight ever, so I wanted to check on him with you - you guys are best friends, right?”

Morofushi blinks.

Hagiwara has shoulder length hair, which is not so long that it needs to be tied up but she ties it up anyway, and it adds a casual charm to her.

Morofushi has patched Furuya up last night, and while admittedly she feels like she hasn’t seen Furuya with so many bruises in a while, he’s also insisted to her that he’s fine and “you should see the other guy”. Right now, she says, loyally, “Don’t worry - Zero’s never lost a fight ever, either.”

“Ohh, looks like Jinpei-chan met his match then,” Hagiwara says cheerfully. “I guess we should keep an eye on them, Morofushi-chan.”

In their third conversation, she brightly invites Morofushi to just call her Hagi - “all my friends call me Hagi”, she says, and in their fifth conversation, she changes from calling her Morofushi-chan to calling her Hiro-chan, “you don’t mind if I call Hiro-chan, do you?” she asks, tilting her head innocently at an angle that probably could get most people to say yes to requests more complicated than this, and Morofushi, being just a regular human being, is not immune to that and hence tells her, of course, at which point Hagiwara beams at her and Morofushi thinks, wow, that’s the prettiest smile she’s ever seen.

But still, affectionate nicknames are not really that big of a deal, in the grander scheme of things, at least when very sociable people like Hagiwara are involved. When someone is friendly with everyone, that doesn’t mean everyone actually truly knows them that well. Because it’s easy to seem like you’re chatty and always sharing a lot of stories with everyone while actually not giving away too much about yourself, only letting the closest friends know certain aspects of you and keeping everyone else at a safe distance, a distance they usually don’t even notice is there.

But Hagiwara does this, Morofushi is quick to notice, mostly because Morofushi is a little like that herself, too. She’s not as outgoing and is much more reserved, but there are certain similarities in the way that they’re nice to many people but only very few can truly walk inside their hearts.

When Furuya and Matsuda become quick friends after their initial fight, Hagiwara and Morofushi naturally become closer too - not just the nicknames and affections and doorway greetings and going out to the convenience store together type of close. They start talking more, although at first mostly it’s about their respective childhood friends and subtly trying to show off. “Zero’s good with solving cases - one time we were on the trip at the aquarium and there’s a murder case - the mystery writer Kudo Yusaku and his wife - used to be Fujimine Yukiko before she retired from acting - were there too, and Zero was able to come to the correct conclusion as fast as Kudo-san did, although admittedly Kudo-san was the one who find the way to get the evidence.” “Jinpei-chan can take any mechanical device apart and put it together again easily - well, not always, but don’t tell him I told you that! He used to love coming around to my family’s car factory too and he’s absolutely fascinated with how to build a car.”

But Morofushi doesn’t talk about how she and Zero met because she moved from Nagano to Tokyo after her parents’ murder, just like Hagiwara - although Morofushi doesn’t know yet - doesn’t talk about the car factory she mentioned Matsuda used to love coming to is no longer around because her family had to close it down.

At least, not in the beginning.



But they both notice things, notice what’s said and what’s unsaid, reading between the lines.



“You look like you haven’t slept well, Hiro-chan,” Hagiwara slides up next to Morofushi, holding out her water bottle filled with hot water, offering to let her take a sip. “Nightmare?”

“Yeah. I’m fine now, though.” She smiles gratefully at Hagiwara.

“Mmm, would it have to do with whatever you’re researching in front of the computer that’s got you all agitated every time you walk out of that room?” Hagiwara asks lightly.

Morofushi freezes, which she will belatedly realize that for someone as good at reading body language as Hagiwara, it’s literally a confirmation. Hagiwara holds up her hands in surrender, “Of course, if that’s private, you don’t need to tell me. But if you ever want to talk, I’m here.”

Morofushi gives her a tight, polite smile. “Thanks, Hagi.”

Hagiwara gives Morofushi a nod - sincere and serious. She’s not smiling her usual cheerful smile now, and somehow, that successfully mollifies Morofushi.

They go to class.



“You sing praises about Matsuda-kun’s skills, but you’re pretty good at dismantling bombs yourself,” Morofushi remarks one day, when Hagiwara’s teaching her with a particularly hard design they were assigned to study that week.

Hagiwara grins easily. “I did learn from the best, after all.” She pauses, “And it was my family who owned the car factory.”

“If you don’t mind me asking - you seem to only talk about that in past tense,” Morofushi says carefully.

“That’s not a question,” Hagiwara replies with a deceptively easy smile. Then she says, more seriously, “We used to have one, but had to shut it down - money issues. The economy’s pretty bad around that time for everyone,” she shrugs a little. “That’s kind of why I decided to enter the academy and become an officer, actually. No risk of going out of business. Plus, I can stay close to Jinpei-chan.” She smiles a little. “Hey, what about you?”

Morofushi is not ready to talk about her parents’ murder. But luckily, she has a way out. “A little bit like your last part - I think it’d be pretty cool to stay close to Zero as well.”

“A little bit? What’s the other part?”

She’s prepared for that follow-up question. “My brother - he’s a police officer too.”

“Oh cool! So is my older sister,” Hagiwara beams. But then she holds Morofushi’s gaze, as if she’s considering saying something, but then ultimately doesn’t. Morofushi wonders if Hagiwara’s seen through that what she just said are far from all of her reasons.

But Hagiwara doesn’t push, and Morofushi is grateful for that.



Things change, when Matsuda mentions having seen someone with the goblet tattoo at the store and Morofushi loses her cool and almost demands to know more details from him. Matsuda seems startled at her outburst and probably not very used to a girl grabbing him so suddenly, but luckily Hagiwara’s there to smooth things out for everyone, placing her arm around Morofushi’s shoulders to calm her down while saying to Matsuda, “Jinpei-chan, do you remember what the guy looks like?”

They end up going back to the store together to see if they can get more information from the store owner, although at this point neither Hagiwara nor Matsuda knows why exactly is that tattoo so important.

When they’re alone at Hagiwara’s room at night, Hagiwara asks Morofushi why exactly she wants to find the man with the goblet tattoo.

“I know it’s probably something you don’t really want to talk to anyone about,” Hagiwara says, giving her a very sympathetic and understanding look. “And you don’t need to tell us everything - or if you don’t want Matsuda to know, I promise I’ll keep your secret if you only want to tell me. But maybe you can select a few things that you feel comfortable sharing, just to give a little more context, which might help solve your problem quicker?”

“I …”

Hagiwara looks at Morofushi, the purple eyes meet the blue ones. Perhaps it’s the phrasing, perhaps it’s those purple eyes of Hagiwara’s that seem to have some magical effect that can make people want to share things with her that Morofushi isn’t immune to because she’s just a regular human being, after all, or perhaps it’s because Hagiwara has previously shared a part of her past with Morofushi, about her family’s car factory - Morofushi ends up telling Hagiwara the whole story.

Hagiwara listens to the story with her full attention, reaching out to squeeze Morofushi’s hand in comfort during the scarier parts that Morofushi finds more difficult talking about, and pulling her into a hug as she finishes the story, the two of them staying in that position for a few moments. Then Hagiwara suggests that Morofushi stay over tonight in Hagiwara’s room, insisting that “you shouldn’t be alone tonight after having to remember all the details again, Hiro-chan.”

The bed is designed for one person only, so they have to squeeze a bit. At this proximity, Morofushi can feel the heat coming from Hagiwara’s body. It makes her feel surprisingly safe.

She doesn’t have any nightmares that night, sleeping soundly till the morning.

Morofushi wakes up just a little earlier than Hagiwara. When she opens her eyes, she can see the sunlight coming in through the shutters, illuminating part of Hagiwara’s face, and a strand of Hagiwara’s hair rests across her nose, falling down her cheek. Morofushi knows that Hagiwara is good looking, but seeing her so up close really makes her appreciate how neat Hagiwara’s facial features are.

She’s really, really pretty, she thinks, studying Hagiwara’s peaceful face.

And then, Hagiwara opens her eyes. She blinks a few times, and says, “Morning, Hiro-chan.” And - “Have you been watching me sleep?”

“No! I mean, well, yes, but - only for the past minute or two - ” Morofushi blushes furiously.

“Easy there, Hiro-chan,” Hagiwara grins, charmingly. “It’s fine - from you, I’m gonna take that as a compliment.”

Morofushi feels compelled to say, “Well, you are very pretty.”

Hagiwara’s eyes look very bright. “Thank you,” she beams. And then she smirks a little. “Flattery,” she drawls. “Will get you everywhere.”



The next time they have the chance to share the bed again is after the murder of Morofushi’s parents have finally been solved, and Hagiwara is checking on Morofushi’s injuries from earlier that day. Luckily, those are not severe and just a couple of bruises. They end up chatting about their respective older siblings in Hagiwara’s room. As midnight draws near, Hagiwara invites Morofushi to simply crash in her room for tonight, so she won’t have to walk all the way back at this hour.

“We’ve fit into this bed with no problem last time,” Hagiwara says. She ruffles Morofushi’s hair, “You’re pretty tiny, after all, Hiro-chan,” she adds slyly.

“Hey!” Morofushi protests with mock indignation, throwing the pillow at her. She’s not tiny, Hagiwara’s just taller than most - almost as tall as Squad Leader Date.

Hagiwara laughs, catching the pillow. “So tiny,” she grins.

Later that night, Hagiwara wraps her long limbs around Morofushi as they’re about to sleep, getting a protest of “just because you’re taller that doesn’t automatically make you the big spoon” from Morofushi, to which Hagiwara smugly replies, “but it does , Hiro-chan.” Morofushi entangles herself from Hagiwara and turns her body around so they’re face to face and that she can glare at her.

“You’re so cute,” Hagiwara says fondly.

You’re cute,” Morofushi retorts automatically, though as soon as the words are out of her mouth she thinks that’s the lamest comeback anyone can think of.

Hagiwara beams. “Why thank you!”

Morofushi sighs. But it’s fond, too.



They wake up roughly around the same time the next morning.

“If I’m going to keep waking up to you looking at me with such intensity, I think I’m going to end up kissing you,” Hagiwara sighs wistfully.

“Really?” Morofushi asks, still a little sleepy, which is why she thinks she can be forgiven for her next words that didn’t really go through her brain. “Is that a promise?”

Hagiwara’s eyes sparkle. “Only if you want it to be,” she says lightly.

Morofushi considers. “I’ve never kissed a girl before,” she says, finally.

“I have,” Hagiwara says easily. “I can teach you, if you like.”

“I - okay, then,” Morofushi says. “Um, thank you?”

Hagiwara leans closer to her and kisses her square on the lips. “Not too hard, right?” She smiles at her afterwards.

Morofushi blinks, half-dazed. Hagiwara’s lips are soft, and the kiss is tenderer than she imagined it would be - not that she’s ever imagined kissing Hagiwara before, she corrects herself in the head. “I guess?” She replies.

“We can practice more in the future, if you want,” Hagiwara offers. “But right now, we should get up and go to class.”

She climbs out of bed and holds out a hand to Morofushi, which Morofushi takes. “Thanks, Hagi.”

“Thank you, Hiro-chan.”