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Total Drama: Island Rewind

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As a camera turns on showing an all too familiar island. A charming man in a turquoise shirt and cargo shorts walks into frame with a bright smile alongside a larger man wearing a chef’s hat, a not entirely tan shirt, grayish slacks, and a white apron. “Welcome to the latest installment of the all-time favorite, hit tv show Total Drama” the shorter man said. “As you probably know, I am Chris McLean and this is Chef Hatchet. Welcome back viewers, to Camp Wawanakwa, and looking now, we welcome back our lucky contestants. Let’s see who is in it to win the million dollars!” Chris says while the camera pans over to the incoming flurry of small boats.
As the boats near, they gather in a line waiting to drop off the contestants one by one at the dock. “First to arrive is classic competitor DJ! Welcome back!” A bigger than average man stepped onto the dock, and waved back at Chris saying "Hey man."
“Following DJ is… Hello?” Chris says with confusion. An intern steps off the boat and is seen dragging out a girl on a two wheel dolly with orange hair, a pair of glasses, restrained in a straight jacket and face mask muffling her words and restraining her from moving on her own. “Ah, a not-so-great island contestant Scarlett!” Scarlett was then wheeled over to the waiting area on the dock next to DJ.
“Another classic contestant, Gwen!” A pale skinned girl stepped onto the dock “Hey DJ, good to know there’s someone who I recognize already here.” Gwen said as she walked over to him and gave him a high five.
“From the most recent show, the Ridonculous Race, spoiled brat Taylor!” A brunette girl with a yellow top, a pastel yellow skirt and black boots stepped off the boat. “I’m not a brat! You wouldn't know, since no one probably said anything, but I'm actually trying to be better!” The brunette said as she walked past Chris who was chuckling a little.
“Next up on the list, a Revenge of the Island rat, Scott!” A redhead walked up to Chris, stuck a finger to his chest, and angrily said “No one calls me a rat McLean!” and walked over to the group.
Before Chris could get to the next competitor, a loud cheer was heard and a bigger guy wearing a white shirt with a turquoise Canadian leaf on it, and cargo shorts ran over to the group and forced everyone into a giant group hug. “Gosh, it’s so good to be back with you guys! I’ve missed you all so much!” the contestant said and Chris laughed at the other’s clear lack of comfort. “Classic Owen!” Chris said as he continued to laugh.
A boat that looked a bit different than the others was next in line, and stepping onto the dock was three new competitors. One with longer blonde hair, a beanie on, a white shirt and black undershirt, blue shorts and a chain. Another with shorter blue hair, a purple shirt and jeans followed. Finally, following the two guys was a shorter girl with purple hair, a white tank top, and gray cargo pants. Chris smiled at the three and then faced the group already waiting “Here are three new competitors, just to spice things up a bit. Beanie there is Jude, blue hair is Jonesy, and the girl is Nikki!” Jude greeted the group saying “What’s happenin’”, while Jonesy seemed to greet only the ladies. Nikki just gave a simple “Hey” and the three joined the group.
After the odd-boat-out left, the boats were back to normal, dropping off a darker skinned guy, slim, followed by a shorter girl with red hair and a flower in her hair. “Joining the rat in his Revenge of the Island family, Mike and Zoey!” The two greeted the others before joining them while holding hands.
Despite her restraints, Scarlett continued to move as much as she could to try to get out of her jacket. Noticing the increasingly aggravated girl, Chris gave a small smile while taunting the girl by saying “Calm down Scarlett, I know you’re excited to meet the others, but there will be time for that later. For now, you’re just gonna have to sit and wait, er, stand and wait.” This only strengthened the girl’s desire to escape from her confines more, but before she could make any more attempts, she saw a platinum blonde haired girl wearing a green sweater. She stopped suddenly and her eyes grew wide as the girl gave a smile and squeaked out a hello before Chris announced her as ‘Dawn’. The girl walked over to the group and stood in front of Scarlett. Fortunately for her, Dawn turned around before she could see a blush running across the mastermind’s face.
“Joining us now is princess wannabe, and Gwen’s cousin, Ella!” Chris said as a girl in all pink stepped onto the dock. She waved happily at the group and in a sing-song voice said hello. As she walked over to the group a couple birds flew over to her, surprising most of the group, and wowing the animal lovers DJ and Dawn.
As the next boat arrived, loud bickering was heard and two people fell out. A dark haired girl a darker skinned guy with black hair as well. “Two of the most ruthless competitors, and manipulative masterminds, Heather and Alejandro, or Al for short.” Heather turned up her nose and walked to the group, while Alejandro gritted his teeth at the sound of his nickname, but greeted everyone with a nice simple “Greetings amigos'.”
As with the last boat, there was bickering heard, but suddenly a darker skinned guy with white hair ran out and got to the group first, and barely behind him, a dirty blonde, short haired girl. “Sha-Bam! Looks like I won this time Jo!” the jock said to the jockette named Jo. She retaliated quickly saying “Yeah, just had to let you win one so you don’t feel too bad.” Chris laughed and introduced the two as Lightning, or “Bright-ning” as Jo put it, and Jo.
The next boat housed two guys, one with a bigger guy, brown skin tone. The other a not as big but still sizable darker skinned guy with poufy black hair and goatee. Chris welcomed the two saying “Ah, the two contestants who don’t actually speak! Welcome B, and welcome Beardo!” B simply smiled and gave everyone finger guns, while Beardo did a quick beatbox, using air records and ending with finger guns as well.
As Chris was introducing the next contestant, he slowly grimaced and said “Topher, is next.” Topher, who adorned scarily similar clothing to Chris walked across the dock to the group and said “Alright, looks like my shot at fame isn’t over. Maybe this time I can help you host the show Chris. Help you out when you start to tire out from old age and-” Topher was suddenly cut off by Chris talking over him saying “No one asked Topher.” and looking mildly irritated at the copycat’s jab.
Chris looked at the final boat that was arriving and announced the final four to arrive. “And now, we have from the Ridonculous Race, One half of the goth duo, Crimson, one half of the genius duo, Ellody, and one half of the ice skating duo, Josee, as well as everyone’s favorite classic brute contestant, Eva!” Crimson appeared similar to Gwen but with a red and black palette instead of turquoise and black. Ellody was a bit taller with brown skin, almost black brown hair, and glasses. Josee had black hair in a ponytail, with a mostly pink outfit. Finally, the classic contestant Eva, had her black hair in a ponytail and wore a dark blue shirt and shorts. Before any of the final four could contest as to why they didn’t get their own boat (at least Josee and Eva), Chris was already down to business. “Alright campers! Gosh it feels good to say that again, it’s challenge time. This will be an important one since there are no teams yet.” Before Chris could continue, he was interrupted by Topher. “Chris, do we not get a chance to rest in the cabins first, because this face needs its beauty rest.” The copycat said as he motioned to his face while smiling. Chris looked at him with a deadpan stare and continued on, much to the dismay of Topher. “Anyways, in a sort of nod to the season 2 challenge of collecting eggs to determine the leader, you will be looking for mini Chris totems. There are four hidden around the island, the first ones to collect them, and make it back to the campfire win, and we will sort out the teams, but beware! The totems could be hidden in trees, on cliffs, in the water, anywhere really AND there is one fake.” he said with a sinister chuckle as Chef smiled behind him. “Alright campers, any questions before we get started?” he said, seeing as the two of the three newbies raised their hands. “Alright, no questions! Good luck campers! And… Go!” he yelled as Chef held up and blew an air horn.
As the campers started running in a panic, Zoey noticed that Scarlett couldn’t move. Feeling sympathy for her Zoey quickly got Mike and Dawn's attention saying, "You guys, I feel bad for her, she isn't able to move" and pointed to Scarlett. The two looked at each other for a moment before Mike spoke up saying "I do feel bad but, I feel like she's in that jacket for a reason." The two girls looked back at the red head and then at each other. Zoey sighed and said "I guess you're right. Dawn? What do you think?" The smaller girl closed her eyes for a moment before looking at Scarlett. "Even if something did happen, we should help her. She might need someone to be there for her later." Dawn said running over to her. As Scarlett was violently shaking, trying to escape her confines again, she looked up as she heard approaching footsteps, and she once again froze. As the smaller girl started wheeling her with their group, Scarlett’s face became reddened.
The camera zooms back into Chris and Chef on the dock. “Are there already alliances starting to form? Who will find the mini Chris totems? What teams will be set? All that and more, when we come back. To Total! Drama! Island Rewind!” The camera fades to black.