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head over heels

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How hard could it be to invite someone to prom? It's just a stupid dance, after all. Not sure what people find so special about it.

That's what Chad Danforth thought to himself when he first joined East High and witnessed some Seniors panic about their dates and outfits and whatever the hell else happens at prom. Then, he met Ryan Evans. He hated to admit, but it was kinda a love-at-first-sight scenario, though unfortunately they didn't bond until the summer before Senior Year, when he got to work at Lava Springs. They started talking, and he quickly found out just how fond he is of the blond theatre kid.

Then, school started, and although at first Chad was scared it'll go back to normal and he and Ryan won't get along as well, the opposite happened - they bonded even more, attending one another's practices, sitting together at lunch, making plans for every weekend, studying together, and eventually, sneaking out of classes to "hang out" in the bathroom, or Chad waiting until the locker rooms were empty after his basketball practice so they could mess around, and all the secret kisses when no one was looking-

To put it short, they started dating. If Ryan was the Earth, Chad was a satellite, constantly orbiting around him and admiring his every move. When they came out to Troy and Gabriella, they even went on double dates together.

Chad was sure that he wanted to take Evans to prom, obviously, but it wasn't until the start of the second semester that he realized how nervous he actually was to invite him, like, officially, with flowers and shit. Asking Troy for advice wasn't very helpful, either. He didn't want to "keep it simple" and "just do it" - he wanted to make it special, because special is the exact word that he'd use to describe Ryan.

He ended up asking his mom to help him pick a nice outfit out, but not like, a tuxedo, something more casual but still formal - one of his nicer pairs of pants, a fancy shirt, a bowtie, and his best jacket (which he really hoped to gift to Ryan in case it was a cold night). Troy got him a bouquet of flowers which he took and hid behind his seat in the car. Then, he rang Ryan's doorbell, and the blond boy quickly opened, delighted to see his boyfriend, but his glee was quickly replaced with surprise as he examined Chad's outfit.

"Did I forget about something?" He asked nervously, unable to take his eyes off Chad. His face had gone very red.

"No, I just wanted to take you to a... Surprise date...?" The jock looked at his feet, fidgeting with his fingers as he cleared his throat.

"Oh, god, I have to change! I'm not prepared, like, at all-"

"No!" Chad quickly interrupted the other boy, taking his hand to stop him from backing away. "I-I mean," he stuttered. "You look great like this, as always, of course... We can just go, else we'll miss the sunset..."

Ryan's grin returned to his face as he squeezed Chad's sweaty hand, nodding his head, very excited at the thought of whatever Chad had prepared for the night.

Chad drove them to a nice, secluded place, a cliff with a nice view at the sky, and after 15 minutes of inner monologue, he finally had the courage to ask the big question. Ryan was shocked at the bouquet and fancy scenery, taking the flowers and staring at his boyfriend, and he looked like a deer in the headlights of love - with a dreamy sigh and everything, he finally answered. "Of course I'll go with you, dummy."

Now, Chad was waiting on Ryan's porch to pick him up. Troy was there with him, Gabriella waiting in his truck. The brunet had already fixed his bowtie a dozen of times and kept asking if his hair looked okay, and he kept fiddling with his watch.

"Dude, you're fine," Troy gently hit his shoulder, smirking at his best friend. "I can't believe you're so nervous about this. Remember Freshman Year? Oh, I don't get what all the fuss is about," he mocked Chad. "Now look at you. Down bad."

"Shush," Chad interrupted Troy, blushing furiously because, as much as he hated to admit this, yes, he was, in fact, down bad for Ryan. And every so often, when he remembered that he's dating Ryan fucking Evans, he wanted to scream and jump and dance and cry because even after all this time, he was absolutely smitten.

When he heard the door open, he quickly spun around to look in that direction, and when he saw his boyfriend, his jaw dropped. Ryan walked out, grey tuxedo and a grey fedora in his hands, his hair slicked back just the tiniest bit, his eyes glued to the ground as he smiled nervously. Chad's throat had gone dry. For a second, he shifted his gaze, and it met Chad's - he saw Ryan's green eyes, noticeably diluting and shining like they always did, and it was when he realized.

He realized just how much Ryan meant to him, how happy he made him, and how much he loved spending time with him, even if it was complete silence. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with Ryan. To study somewhere close to him, or, fucking hell, even go to Juilliard of it meant he got to see Ryan every single day. To get down on one knee, when they finally finish their colleges and move in together to a nice house somewhere, or an apartment, whichever Ryan preferred. To get a cat, maybe a dog. Maybe one day even adopt a cute baby. To do absolutely everything together. To grow old with him, to watch 'Phantom of the Opera' 27 times and play basketball with their maybe-grandchildren. He realized that he was absolutely head over heels for Ryan Evans, and his heart would actually stop if he ever had to let him go.

Troy's quiet "Chad, breathe," brought him back to life, because for a considerable amount of time, he actually forgot to inhale and exhale. When he did, he cleared his throat and reached his hand out, beaming at the man before him.

"You look," he looked up and down before gazing into Ryan's eyes once again. "Absolutely beautiful."

"Thank you," the blond giggled as he took Chad's hand, and then placed a kiss on his cheek, causing him to melt on the spot. "You look very handsome too, Wildcat."

Troy backed out and got back in the car with Gabi, and Chad thanked him internally, because it meant he could go in for a kiss with no hesitation, and that's exactly what he did. Closing his eyes and leaning in, he put his lips on Ryan's, grabbing him by the waist as the boy wrapped his arms around his neck and returned the sweet gesture, pouring all of his love into it.

Before the kiss could get any more steamy, Chad pulled back, lips swollen and panting slightly, opening his eyes to look at Ryan with a smile once again.

"Fucking hell," Ryan muttered, wiping his lips and looking back up at his boyfriend. There was nothing but pure love in the look. "I love you, Chad."

"I love you too, Ry. We should probably go now."