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Something in the water

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Minjeong wonders if fall really is her favorite.

She can cross that out. The cold autumn wind is not enough to make her shiver, although, it is enough for her mother to make sure she doesn’t leave without a sweater. The brunette doesn’t mind because she has another excuse to tuck her hands into her her pockets, watching leaves fall gracefully to the ground.

Thinking about winter does make her a little anxious. There is only a few weeks before she can accept the reasonable red cheeks she receives from the freezing weather they call winter.

Never has she ever have to worrying about the cold interrupting her goal of making it onto the national team. (well, except when she’s late for practice because she can’t seem to get her car out of the few inches of snow.)

However, this fall seems discrete. Maybe something—someone, is missing because her hand is cold.

The pure warmth of skin tingles on her own skin as if it’s a memory. She feels her thumb rub at her the side of her pointer finger, aching for fingers to slip between her’s with a reassuring squeeze. Again, there’s something off with a day of fall. And no, it’s not Ryujin telling her that the normal cold look has yet to disappear.

Minjeong watches as children skip around while holding their parent’s hands. It’s a delightful sight, the look of content… happiness. Does Minjeong feel content? Yes No, not really. But it’s easy hiding it in the curves of a smile. Even without purity, it’s not able to seem genuine.

She took it for granted. A pure safe touch.

Her lips press against eachother as she enters the shop. Almost immediately, she chuckles at Mr. Shin’s hasty self.

“Good morning to you too?” Mr. Shin peaks at the corner of his eye.

Minjeong bows, soon leaning her body over the counter. She grins brightly at the current piece he is working on.

Something like that.

The man soon rolls his eyes. “They’re in the same spot you’ll always find them.” He points behind him.

Minjeong jumps up, shuffling toward the back as the front door open. In the matter of a minute, the brunette finds Yuna and Ryujin knocked out in the huge office. She heaves a particular sigh, causing the two sleeping girls to immediately stand to their feet, Yuna stumbling a bit. The blonde nervously giggles, her hair all over the place. Her sister on the other hand looks down, her fingers crossed as she silently whispers.

“I’m not mad. I knew you guys were probably helping out. But now, I need your help.” Minjeong says, watching the two flop against eachother on the couch.

Ryujin groans when Yuna’s head makes way onto her lap, the blonde immediately falling back asleep. The raven ushers for her to continue, rubbing at her eyes.

“Technically, I want to get her a necklace.” Minjeong blurts, the sleeping blonde now wide awake.

Yuna stares at her with shock. “How long have you been thinking about this?” The blonde asks.

The brunette scratches her head, pursing her lips. “It was just a slight ‘what if’ last year. When I wondered what it’d be like for us to be friends. Either way, I still owe her a lot.” Minjeong responds genuinely.

The blonde shakes her head. “Minjeong, there’s no guarantee you guys will even get to be together.”

The brunette understands that, obviously. But her cold fingers that’s numb in her sweater pocket convince her otherwise.

She looks down, swallowing. “I know. But, she’s still my friend. Before anything. I want to give her something she can be reassured by, that I promise to stay by her side no matter what…. As friends or not because even when we hated eachother, she was still there for me. I want to do the same.” Minjeong lets out all at once.

Ryujin chuckles, looking over to her sister. “She is a girl in love.” The raven says, tapping Yuna.

The blonde lets out a breath, standing up and pulling her sister up with her. “You’re lucky I’ve been waiting for this moment since highschool.” She walks toward the door.

“You’re telling me you’ve just had this here?” Minjeong stares at Yuna.

The blonde shrugs. “Me and Inhyuk had good feeling it’ll eventually come in handy. But it was a silly bet he lost.” Yuna carefully places the necklace into the box, her dad watching her carefully.

Yuna lets the chain carefully drop into the box, pulling and dragging it behind the cushion. She turns the box around so it’s facing Mr. Shin. The man takes the box, shutting it closed before taking it for more examination.

Minjeong stuffs her hands into her pockets. “Fine. I’ll get you two food.”

Ryujin and Yuna high five eachother, obviously happy to be earning a free meal. After some time, Mr. Shin comes back with a small bag. He hands it over to the brunette, the girl bowing her head in gratitude.

“Thank you for giving me a break from these two.” He glares at the shin sisters, both of them gleaming.

Yuna and Ryujin drag the girl out of the shop, waving goodbye to their father before she can respond.

It’s a bad habit, staring at the screen of her phone. Even the small tint of light for the screen is enough for the girl to reach over, swooping down for notifications. But to no avail, there’s nothing. She should be used to it by now, not getting a response from the raven. Although, it makes just a bit anxious.

Minjeong can’t believe she misses Jimin this bad. If it was months ago, the brunette would’ve been celebrating that she was gone. But, now—her chest squeezes uncomfortably. It’s a weird feeling, because it’s familiar, but the last few times, she ignored those feelings, laughing it away.

However, her feelings have only grown, but she thinks running away from it isn’t an option anymore.

She watches the two girls in front of her devour their food, Minjeong encouraging them to order as much as they want. To her, the two girls are like little sisters to her, many people assume that because she spends so much time taking care of them. Truthfully, she’s thankful for them both.

“It’s been like a week. Does she usually stay over there for that long?” Minjeong asks curiously, taking a nervous sip of her drink.

Yuna shakes her head. “Heejin told me she’s usually only there for 2 days. One day for meetings, second day actually working in the law firm. Hell, she’s been there since she was just turning into a teenager.” The blonde responds, wiping her mouth.

With that, Minjeong breathes out through her nose, mixing her drink with her straw. “I’m guessing we’ll just see her when we see her? The school has been working on the situation…. I don’t think it’s fair to sabotage Jimin like this.”

The brunette spent a lot of time thinking like she usually does. Her mother had to beg the girl to catch her breath from how anxious she’s been. At this point, it just comes natural when it comes to the raven. Minjeong won’t deny it at all.

Ryujin lets her chopsticks back onto the table, looking toward her best friend. “Minjeong, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you care this much about anything or anyone. I think you need to calm down a bit.” The girl tells her.

The brunette opens her mouth to speak but Ryujin places her finger against her lips. “Just enjoy this time with us, okay? Everything will be okay.”

Minjeong sinks into her seat, deciding to listen to Ryujin.

The water is her second home. The amount of time it takes for Minjeong to adjust to the water’s temperature is enough to prove it.

Coach Seohyun walks back and forth as the brunette swims. So far, her trainings have been harsh and intense, just in case she makes qualifiers. Her coaches have been telling her that her speed for each stroke is getting a lot faster and they’re impressed with the progress the brunette has been making. Minjeong thinks it’s due to her mix of determination and passion for swim that pushes her to want to become better. It isn’t everyday people tell her she’s good enough to make it onto the national team.

She was once given one opportunity. She’s sure she won’t dash over the second chance.

Falling in love with a sport sometimes comes with benefits, as well as consequences. There’s so much she’s sacrificed, so much time lost. Sometimes she gets so lost in swim that she comes out heaving at the edge of the pool. Whenever she was, Jimin usually examined her trainings, diving in when Minjeong panicked a bit.

It’ll take time for the brunette to calm down, but at the end, the coaches let the raven do what she needed to do. Minjeong would be fine, taking Jimin’s gentle words of encouragement and reassurance. At those points, the brunette realizes that she never had to do everything alone, not matter how stubborn or selfish she was sometimes.

Even if they were rivals, Minjeong owes a lot to the raven for being the one reason she ever wanted to be first. The driving force was the raven taking jabs at her skills, making the brunette want to prove the older wrong. And it did work, because her teammates would be surprised to see her doing extra rounds in the 200 meter pool after full trainings.

With ease, Minjeong has gotten down backstrokes, Coach Seohyun marking down her time with a proud smile on her face. The brunette swims over to the edge, resting her chin at the edge of the pool.

She looks up at her coach. “So?” Minjeong raises an eyebrow curiously.

Her coach skims her sheet. “You’ve increased by 3 seconds. That’s huge.” Coach Seohyun juts something down with her pen. “How often have you been swimming in your free time?”

Minjeong diverts her eyes. “Well…. everyday.” She replies nervously, waiting for her coach’s response.

Coach Seohyun doesn’t say anything, instead slowly nods. Minjeong takes it as a sign to get out of the pool. Relief flows through her body as the brunette takes off her goggles and cap.

A water bottle is thrown, Minjeong catching it and taking a swig out of it. “Thank you.” She smiles at her coach.

Coach Seohyun rolls her eyes. “Your mother does not like you dehydrated so you better finish that up.”

Minjeong nods as she continues taking gulps from the bottle. Once she’s done, she starts packing up, glad to be done for the day. A warm shower was practically falling her name.

“Minjeong, look.” Coach Seohyun calls for her, handing her phone.

The brunette looks at the screen, her eyes skimming through the words. “No way?” She looks up, her eyes widening.

Olympic trials swim meet, Jimin and her get participate.

Minjeong suddenly starts sobbing, Coach Seohyun immediately pulling her into a tight hug. “You did it. I told you you’d make it.” Seohyun strokes her hair.

She did it. All her hard work paid off, and now she might have a chance.

[Minjeong]: [attachment sent]

[Yves]: OH MY GOSH

[Yuna]: guys I already knew they were going to go, pay up

[Hyunjin]: Yuna anybody could’ve predicted this

[Ryujin]: congratulations Min❤️❤️❤️

[Aeri]: so proud of you

[Minjeong]: thank you guys☹️

Minjeong tiredly walks into her dorm,knowing at the back of her mind that Ryujin isn’t present due to her everyday outing shoes being gone by the doorsteps.

Her bag is neatly set into the shelf before she turns to make way into her room. She opens the door, sighing in relief that she sees her lovely and wonderful bed waiting for her. Minjeong immediately walks over, sitting at the edge of the mattress.

After a moment of staring at her bathroom door, she feels hands cover her eyes, startling her. “Ryujin, do not jump on top of me.” She warns sternly.

The skin of her cheek is pinched, causing her to groan lowly, whacking the hand that pinches her. “Ryujin, stop. Seriously, that hurt.” Minjeong whines, gently removing the hands from her eyes.

When she turns around, her chest pools.

“Hi.” Jimin greets, a bright smile on her lips.

Minjeong jumps from her bed, running to the other side to pull the girl into a tight hug. Almost instantly, familiar perfume wraps around her. The raven chuckles, hugging the girl back.

The brunette doesn’t hesitate to dig her head into the older’s neck. “You’re really here.” Her voice is muffled.

“I was gone for only a week, Minjeong.” There’s teasing in her voice, and oh, how the brunette has missed it.

Minjeong pulls back to finally take in the raven’s face. “It felt like the worst 7 days of my life.” The brunette frowns.

Jimin rolls her eyes. “You are the most dramatic person I’ve ever met.”

Minjeong steps back a bit to grab the raven’s hands, warm skin finally making contact with her’s again. She looks down at their hands, watching as their fingers loosely intertwine with each other’s.

Like always, the brunette finds herself nervous in front of the older. “I’m being serious. My hands were cold because there was no one to hold them and I had to go to class early because I didn’t have to walk you.” Minjeong swings their hands, pout taking place on her mouth.

The raven lifts up their hands, stepping closer. Minjeong looks up, brown eyes connecting with each other. Jimin’s gaze is gentle, enough to make the brunette’s insides tingle.

Before she knows it, their lips connect softly, Jimin’s lips pressing against her’s. Their fingers play together, Minjeong pulling the raven a bit closer.

“If that’s your way of saying you miss me, I’ll take it.” Jimin says in between, smiling when she hears the brunette whine.

They pull away for bit before leaning into each other again, obviously missing the feeling of each other’s lips because it turns into a bunch of loving presses. Their lips linger, a sense a longing following along.

After a while, Jimin’s hands release from her’s to cup her cheek, pulling her into a long kiss. Their eyes flutter close as the brunette’s arms latch around the raven’s waist, unable to fight the wide smiles that make her cheeks hurt.

Almost like muscle memory, their lips move against eachother, after being apart for some time.

It’s a while until they pull away from eachother again, slightly heaving. Minjeong’s content, her nose nuzzling against Jimin’s.

“Yes, I did miss you.” Minjeong admits, taking in a breath. “Did you miss me, though?”

Jimin instantly nods, puckering her lips. “Maybe even more than you did.” She challenges.

The brunette narrows her eyes. “Yu Jimin, I don’t think that’s possible.” Minjeong replies, a proud look on her face.

Although, the raven refuses to back down. “It very much is.”

The brunette rolls her eyes, earning a peck from the older who giggles in between.

Minjeong suddenly remembers about the necklace. Her eyes lock onto the box on her desk. She walks over to her desk, taking the box out of the bag. The brunette then walks back to a confused raven who looks at the girl.

The brunette carefully opens the box, rotating it around to show the raven. “It’s a necklace. I want it to be reassurance, that’ll you always have me, no matter what. No matter how far we are from each other.” She lifts up the necklace, gleaming bright.

The charm is a small heart, decorated precisely.

Jimin covers her mouth, almost sobbing. “Minjeong.” She wiped at her tears.

The brunette walks around the raven to help her out it on. Jimin lifts up her hair so Minjeong can put the silver necklace on. Once she’s done, she turns the raven around by her shoulders, smiling at how pretty it looks on Jimin.

Jimin looks down at the heart, carefully running her fingers over it. “It’s perfect, Minjeong.” She tells the brunette before looking up to hug the girl.

As they hold each other, the pure touch of the raven finally allows the brunette to relax.

Jimin groans as she places her notebook down. “I think they forgot I’m still a student in college.” She grumbles, grabbing a chip from the bag of lay’s.

Luckily for the girl, it wouldn’t take long to finish her notes and assignment, but it’s still a pain in a ass having homework for the first time in a while.

Minjeong grabs the pencil from the raven, twirling it between her fingers. “They’re not going to make your younger brother do all this law stuff, right?” The brunette asks.

Jimin tilts her head in thought. “Jiwoo? I don’t think so. Taeyang likes law alot so I’m not sure why my dad looks toward me for that type of stuff. Wearing a bunch of business attire is something I don’t want to do the rest of my life.” The raven says, grabbing another chip from the bag.

Minjeong turns to the raven. “Did they tell you?”

The raven looks at her with a confused look. “Tell me what?” Jimin asks, watching as the brunette reaches for her phone.

For a minute, all is heard is the roar of the tv from some show Minjeong is watching. The brunette hands Jimin the phone, waiting for the girl’s reaction.

“What the fuck! Minjeong, we-” She jumps to her feet, showing the younger the screen.

The brunette smiles brightly. “We’re going to the trials.” She stands, opening her arms.

Jimin practically jumps on top of her, Minjeong catching the raven as she laughs. The brunette holds her tight while the raven cries into her neck.

“You did it.” Minjeong turns to face the sobbing girl, laughing again when she spots the raven’s slightly red face.

Jimin wraps her arms around the brunette’s neck, lifting her head to look at the younger. “We did it.” She whispers, her eyes glassy.

The raven rests her forehead against the brunette’s, taking in Minjeong’s gentle words of praise. They’re rocked back and forth in each other’s arms.

“Thank you for always being with me.” Minjeong warmly smiles, finding the raven doing the same.

Jimin nods, wiping at the remaining tears. “Thank you for doing the same. For continuing to be by my side.”

At that moment, Minjeong finds herself never wanting to be apart for the raven, ironic to the Minjeong from a few months ago who despised her. She realizes what is to want to love someone.

Because hugging in the middle of the living room makes the brunette simply at awe at how far they’ve come. They might be going to the trials together. Minjeong wonders if she even had any plans of even going without the older.

(No, she really didn’t.)

She believes the raven deserves nothing but the best, that she deserves the world. Something Minjeong would give Jimin if she could.

Whatever the situation might be, Minjeong’s willing to work with it to make sure that Jimin gets a chance at achieving her dream. Especially when the raven’s worked so hard to get to the moment.

The raven pulls away, deciding to just stare at the girl.

“What do you think about making that call?”